Mum n’ Bub Pilates

The birth process is an athletic event in its own right. Now that you have surpassed that hurdle, there is always something you have to do. Meanwhile, as fatigue sets in, hormonal changes might produce overwhelming emotions. Your doctor has given you the okay to start exercising again. Whilst a good workout could help you cope, you would have to hire a sitter to get to the gym. Who has the time or money for that?

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Your Postpartum Body

After the ordeal of the birth process, your body makes every attempt to readjust itself. Your uterus shrinks back to its normal size, and relocates itself within your pelvic cavity. Since the weight of your baby probably created alignment changes, so you might experience some back pain. Furthermore, the act of carrying your baby around might cause an upper body slouch.

The Postpartum Pilates Solution

Pilates provides an ideal postpartum workout. It is a safe exercise mode for new mums in varying stages of post-natal recovery.  The Pilates method strengthens the deep core control and pelvic floor muscles, thereby creating a muscular corset to support your spine. You will learn a series of exercises that strengthen and lengthen your back muscles. Your newly-developed strength and flexibility will alleviate the back pain that often accompanies the repetitive movement patterns associated with pregnancy. By focusing on balance, posture and breath, you will re-discover your pre-pregnancy body awareness. by focusing on balance, posture and breath to facilitate movement.  Pilates exercise also stimulates circulation, which in turn hastens the reduction of excess water weight retained after delivery.

But What About My Baby?

Your baby comes with you to Mum n’ Bub Pilates. Unlike exercise classes that simply allow your child to stay in the classroom, during Mum n’ Bub Pilates, your baby is an active participant. During some exercises your baby acts as a weight. As your child gets bigger, you are getting stronger, so you can lift more weight. It’s the most natural form of progressive resistance training. Mum n’ Bubs Pilates benefit your baby by:

·         Helping them stimulate their physiological development

·         Giving them a chance to interact and play with other babies

·         Preparing them for crawling and standing

·         Reducing stress levels, which helps them sleep better

·         Improving balance

Benefits For Postpartum Mums:

·         The opportunity to get a good workout whilst spending time their babies

·         Post-natal recovery of the lumbar region and pelvic floor muscular

·         Strengthening of the core muscles

·         Jump-start your weight loss program

·         Network with other mums

As if these benefits were not enough, having your child exercise as an infant will enhance movement confidence, while allowing them to experience at an early age the joys of an active lifestyle.

Give Your New Born The Best Start in Life and Become A Yummy Mummy At The Same Time 🙂

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