Massage Therapy For Lupus Patients

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects muscles, joints, the skin and other organs throughout the body. Its symptoms include muscle pain, fever, and kidney dysfunction. Some medications help keep lupus symptoms in check, but many patients benefit from massage as an alternative or a supplementary form of treatment.

Your body produces natural painkillers known as endorphins. Massage, under the right circumstances, releases these endorphins, which can help alleviate chronic pain in lupus sufferers. Aside from offering muscular tension relief, massage might benefit a lupus patient’s internal systems.

For example, manipulation of the body during massage increases circulation, which cleanses the liver and kidneys and helps improve their overall functionality. Massage can also assist in delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s tissues, which in turn enhances the body’s ability to function at a higher level.

Physical and emotional stress might be a fact of life for the lupus patient. The stress causes tension, the tension triggers inflammation, the inflammation increases pain and the increased pain heightens the stress. Massage, by releasing tension, can help break the pain cycle.

Caveat: While most lupus organizations recommend massage, doctors warn against under the following circumstances:

  • A lupus flare up with fever
  • Open lesions
  • A rash

Additionally, be sure to tell the massage therapist know if you have been on corticosteroid therapy or any other type of lupus medication. Deep tissue massage might exacerbate lupus, especially if your massage therapist has no knowledge of the subtleties of the condition.  Here at Happy Physio, our licensed massage therapists work in conjunction with physiotherapists and physicians.Call us on (08) 9272 7359 today and we can help you devise a program of massage and Clinical Pilates sessions. Pilates can strengthen important muscle groups, and help the lupus patient enhance balance, coordination and range of motion.