Massage and Pilates for Glossophobia

The word glossophobia has nothing to do with a gear of glittery makeup and lip gloss. It actually refers to a fear of public speaking. The word is derived from the Greek “glossos,” meaning tongue, and “phobos” meaning fear. If you suffer from glossophobia, you probably freeze up in front of any audience. Giving a toast at a wedding sends you into panic mode, and answering questions in school makes you want to hide under a rock.  Although the exact causes of glossophobia are unknown, psychologists speculate that childhood traumas or low self-esteem might trigger the phobia.


When asked to speak in public, even under non-threatening situations, some people have distinct physical symptoms, which include dry mouth, vocal weakness, shaking and breaking out into a sweat. Others actually experience heart palpitations.

Even if are not planning a career on the stage or in politics, at some point, you will have to speak in public. Imagine your embarrassment if you are afraid to say your marriage vows at your wedding. Your unwillingness to speak up during your university classes might result in lower grades, which will eventually harm your career. If you can’t speak up at company meetings, nobody will hear your brilliant ideas, and you will never get that coveted promotion.

While we do not mean to gloss over – pun intended – the seriousness of this anxiety disorder, a combination of Clinical Pilates and massage therapy might help you manage the symptoms of this condition.


Massage therapy helps lower stress levels and alleviate muscular tension. In some cases, relieving the physical symptoms of stress can help mitigate the mental effects. Your massage therapist focus on the chest, shoulders and neck regions, which often become tense during periods of extreme anxiety. The slow, rhythmic strokes of the massage therapist can relax the sympathetic nervous system, which is often associated with the iconic fight or flight reactions. Certain types of essential massage oils can also induce a state of deep relaxation. So effective is massage therapy that many people who experience public speaking anxiety always book a session on the day of, or the evening before the event.


Clinical Pilates improves postural alignment, while toning your muscles, enhancing your breathing mechanisms, helping you find your center and increasing your sense of concentration, relaxation and control. Regular session can increase your self esteem and self-confidence, making you proud to stand up in front of an audience. The improved breathing, combined with the efficient use of your breathing muscles, will improve your vocal quality, making your audience enjoy looking at you and listening to you.

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