How to Keep Running Pain Free – Part 2 with Perth Running Expert Dan D’Avoine

Last week I wrote about optimizing running performance and efficiency. I specifically focused on how running biomechanics has a significant influence on both performance and injury prevention. I hope you took something useful from this article, and I will be happy to hear any questions that you may have (


Following on from last week’s article I have listed several points that help keep me running.


  • Running assessment. Have you ever focused on how you run? Minor biomechanical flaws whilst running can be hard to identify with the naked eye. With the aid of slow-motion videos these issues can be identified, and rectified, to facilitate a return to running. For the pain-free runner, our focus will turn to preventing these biomechanical flaws from progressing and optimizing performance.


  • Foam roll every day to improve your mobility and release muscular tension. Include as part of your warm-up and cool-down, to prepare your body for exercise and enhance your recovery, respectively.
    • *Great tool for postural correction

perth running expert physiotherapy

Foam rolling calves


  • Spiky ball – one of my favourites! The benefits are very similar to a foam roller, but the smaller surface area enables a targeted release of built-up tension. If you ever go travelling be sure to pack yours!
    • *Try rolling out your buttock


  • Resistance training at least twice a week to build and maintain muscular strength and endurance, plus rectify muscular imbalances. You will notice improvements in your running performance whilst reducing your risk of future injury. I always include single leg exercises to make my sessions running-specific. Rest assured, when designed correctly, strength training will not turn you into a bulky runner!


  • Develop core strength – not sit-ups! A strong core ensures a solid foundation for the rest of your body to function at its optimal level. My favourite core exercises comprise a mixture of Pilates, Swiss ball, Bosu and rotational movements.

perth running physio expert swiss ball planks

Swiss ball planks


  • Sleep well – whilst we’re sleeping key hormonal adaptations are occurring, more so after a training session. Overall, these nightly adaptations are crucial to maintaining a healthy body, as well as enhancing both performance and body composition.
    • *Turn off your phone, TV and tablet. Get in the habit of performing deep breathing exercises and enjoy a restful night of sleep.


  • Optimize your nutrition – How do you think your car will function with low-grade dirty petrol? Just like a car, our body needs the right fuel to be in peak state. If green leafy vegetables and fresh ingredients form the basis of your meals, you’re on the right path. Choose the right foods and your body will love you for it.


  • Hydration – just like a plant needs H2O to blossom, so do our bodies!


  • Include a rest day – walk, foam roll, stretch.


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Happy Running 🙂


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