How to get a Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned Program for free

Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

We received some great news from the WA Government this week that as of tomorrow it is safe for all members to return without any restrictions.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Toned soon to 200 people (and offering a super special membership deal).

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) and our $1500 6 Week Toned Program to two winners: I’ll choose the winners on Monday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership and our life-changing Toned Program.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  • How you think a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help you right now? (If you’re a current BB member, feel free to share your journey)

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.

On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Tuesday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at any Best Body studio for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body and life you love.
  2. Access to our Toned program designed to help people lose 4-6kg in 6 weeks and wake up feeling energised with a clear mind
  3. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!


P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in Toned and a super special membership deal.

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1,251 responses to “How to get a Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned Program for free”

  1. Sarah Clews says:

    The Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program would help me reach my goal to increase my core, butt and overall strength faster. This would make it easier for me to run which is something I enjoy and am only just getting back into after 2 months of not being able to. I think it would also give me greater confidence and energy to complete tasks associated with my new coaching buisness which helps people dissolve negative behaviours and/or thoughts.

  2. Sarah says:

    Having recently started my bb journey, the biggest take away is the difference it has made in my day-to-day life. I am overweight which exacerbates back pain caused by scoliosis and bulging discs and the flow on effect of tight muscles, knee issues. At times, it has been so bad I cannot get out of bed or walk around the block, often having weeks at a time off work and heavily relying on pain medication to “get me through”. My experience physically with BB has meant the more I do it, the less pain I have felt. I feel “stretched out” and despite initial fears I would injure myself during sessions, have never had an issue with recovery after class. In addition to the physical aspect, it is the first time I have not felt deeply intimidated or uncomfortable being in a group exercise situation. The instructors have been wonderful, creating an inclusive community where all are welcome. For me, BB has been a game changer where It has the positive flow on effect to my day-to-day life. Eg- not being in pain, means more movement, social engagement and increased sleep. Which in turns means I am more productive at work, less inclined to emotionally eat and a lot happier within myself ( albeit still a lot of work to do). How I think the membership could help me right now would be to assist in dietary education which I believe is my next biggest hurdle and by having the 6months, 4 times a week free, would mean I could afford to buy additional classes per week. I really want to turn around my life, have freedom of movement and confidence again and believe this opportunity could be a life changing experience for me.

  3. Annette Gelok says:

    As a widowed single mum, work commitments and looking after Miss 4.5 leaves me little time for myself. Pilates really helps with my sciatica and overall general well-being, and is the perfect program for me – severe arthritis in my knees limits the types of exercise program I can manage. And of course, a little help to lose 4-6kg wouldn’t go astray.

  4. Geoff Miethe says:

    Because I’ve worked quite hard to get fit, I thought I was doing everything required. Then someone told me about Pilates. I tried it 2 days ago. There were muscles that I have completely neglected, that were used for rhe first time in years. Tje more i can wotk my muscles, the more flexible ill become.

  5. Charlotte Cameron says:

    I’ve done the one free Pilates session! I attended with my mum who LOVES best body and Pilates!! It was lots of fun even if it did stretch me a little and I woke up feeling a tad sore the next day (so it was obviously doing me good!). I’ve seen the improvement it’s had with my mum, she’s not only physically fitter, more flexible and stretchy but over all more happy and confident. I want to feel the same way, I would’ve loved to sign up after my initial class but being so young and on a trainee wage at the moment it just wasn’t sustainable.

  6. Silvija Rumiha says:

    Best Body Pilates is helping me rebuild my confidence, improve my mobility and reducing my anxiety as I feel better, look forward to doing the classes and I am seeing a huge difference with my daily pain from a previous injury.

    Yes that is a bit of a mouthful to read but it’s the truth! I have an ongoing L4 and L5 slipped disks pushing on sciatica and I have pain in my lower back and body everyday. I started with Best Body about 2 months ago doing 3 classes a week and love the improvements I am seeing.

    There has been some days where my injury has flared up however, the staff at Best Body are super accomodating and together we have figured which excercises flare up my injury and what excercises I need to do instead. Now I ommitt the excercises that flare up the injury and substitute with other excersises.

    I am a newbie to Best Body, after changing from another pilates studio where I did classes for 2 weeks. The difference I found is in the energy of the team, the people attending but more importantly the way I am feeling after the classes. I absolutely love the jump board that has recently been added and book in days before in fear of missing out!

    My journey thus far with Best Body has been a positive one. I would love to ramp it up to 4 days a week and try the toned body course to help me improve my strength, loose mum belly fat that I can’t seem to shift and overall feel the health benifits mentally and physically.

    I am trully grateful for the smiles Best Body is helping me achieve by feeling better in myself and improving my posture and body which inturn is easing the daily pains of previous injury.
    Thank you!

  7. Cass says:

    Having done reformer Pilates in the past I noticed a BIG difference in my body composition, activating muscles that I didn’t even know existed!
    Since the birth of my baby, I am now ready to take time out for me again and feel better both physically and mentally.

  8. Sandra says:

    I am a new member, totally enjoying my clauses. I had a accident 4 years ago and fractured my talus bone in my ankle. It’s been a long recovery I have been in plaster twice ended up having a fusion. There for I have not been active as much as I was, palates has helped me gain some positive thinking and I feel very comfortable in classes. I love the low impact and my ankle feels so much better.
    I would love to receive your 6 month membership to help me on my journey of a better feeling in my body and mind. Thank you Best Body

  9. Sharon says:

    At my age Plates is the only exercise that I love and it would keep me motivated . It’s enjoyable n I wouldn’t need to stop and catch my breath. I love how it WORKS with small movements and it strengthens the whole body to make me feel like I have done a good workout.
    I do need motivation to stay on track and plates is the only exercise that helps with my back and neck and that feeling of achievement at the end of each class while toning but most of all knowing its something I would be doing for myself and my health.

  10. Emma W says:

    It would help me build my confidence and put myself out there more than i could ever imagine. It will be a huge improvement i would be making to tone my body and feel both physically and mentally good about myself all with the help of BB. The program will be the push in the self care journey for me. Thankyou ✨

  11. Kate Irvine says:

    I have been wanting to join BB and start doing Pilates for quite a while now. I used to do functional strength training a few years ago, but found it really hard on my wrists & knees, and I often felt quite self-conscious & intimidated working out in front of the other members of my gym. My last 2 pregnancies were really hard on my body, and with 5 kids (including a baby & a toddler) it has been difficult to summon up the energy, or the time, to get back into regular exercise.
    Now that my youngest is in Kindy, and the vax mandates for gyms is ending, it’s the perfect time for me to finally focus on getting my fitness & strength back, and lose the baby weight.
    I believe that a membership with BB would not only be amazing for my physical health & wellbeing, but also my mental & emotional health, and I would love to win this prize.

  12. Ruby Weber says:

    I joined bb after having my first baby and I was so nervous because I hadn’t worked out my whole pregnancy and just felt really low body confidence and not like myself. I booked my first Pilates class and my anxiety was through the roof. I can honestly say after that class I felt so damn good, I felt welcomed and accepted and all my nerves went away. I was happily coming to the mums/ bubs class once a week and it’s been the best thing for my own confidence. Even is I don’t win this prize I just want to say a massive thank you for your welcoming vibe and amazing instructors

  13. Karla says:

    Wow! This would be an incredible. I would use this to increase my overall thoughts on my body and what my body is able to do for me, creating the self I want to see in the mirror.

  14. Rebecca Thomson says:

    I started my Best Body journey 6 months ago when I was recovering from back surgery in the hope that I could strengthen my core and decrease my back pain issues. 6 months on and I’m usually pain free. I’ve got so much more energy and I’ve finally found a form of exercise that I look forward to and enjoy. But the best thing about joining best body has been the sense of community, everyone is so supportive and friendly. The staff are so kind and knowledgeable, they made me feel so welcome and at ease. Joining Best Body is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you

  15. Alannah Kenny says:

    My biggest goal for 2022 is to becoming more flexible with my movement to help me target the muscles more. I believe the reformer Pilates would help me reach those goals and aid my movement within the gym. I have always wanted to try it out but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Working out is my release and I aim to become more confident in myself through exercise.
    Having a program to follow I’m less likely to give in and push through so I can see results.
    This offer sounds like an amazing deal to get my flexibility kick started

  16. Hayley Carr says:

    Good Morning Scott,
    Thank you for this opportunity to win an amazing prize and be a part of the Best Bodies family.

    A little bit about me:
    I started my fitness journey a little over 5 years ago now. I lost a decent amount of weight very quickly, but the reality was I wasn’t happy or healthy at all.
    Since then my main focus has been weights at the gym and I loved it however, over the past few years I have struggled with my health and fitness, both physically and mentally.
    I’d like to say Im a passionate gym goer, however it has developed into more of a love/hate relationship. Love the routine and strength. Hate the injuries and time off, then getting the motivation to start again.
    These past few years I’ve been going round in circles. My progress has gone forwards and backwards, I’ve restricted my diet and then binge ate, never achieving my goals.

    Hopefully in the next few years I will be fortunate enough to start a family, however my goals before that is to learn to love myself and my body, aim to be in the best shape I can be and find a sustainable diet that works for me.

    How reformer Pilates and toned can help me:
    Honestly, It is unlike anything I’ve tried before.
    My only experience of reformer Pilates has been using a friends machine whenever I visit. I try to work out how to use it and do different exercises. I have probably been doing it very wrong but I love it every time I try it.

    I am turning 31 this year and by golly does my body like to remind me of that. I believe reformer Pilates would help me to learn and develop my fitness to a whole new level. Remedy and strengthen aches and pains, target muscles I didn’t even know about, while getting in a great workout.
    The body is an amazing thing and learning new ways to better it and change it would be a great opportunity.

    Your Toned program caught my eye with the simple phrase “life changing”. I have tried so many diets and begun to feel that I live every day trying to diet in the hopes to shift some weight and tone myself up, with no success. I’m hoping that Toned can change all of this for me. Educate me in a way that I’ll be able to sustain a healthy way of eating, achieve goals and gain life long tools.

    I have a passion and love for a healthy lifestyle, and I feel I need to try something new and exciting, something engaging and different with a community of like minding people to reignite that passion.

    I want to learn to love myself again and the amazing things our bodies can do.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my entry.
    All the best to everyone else and whoever wins, it’ll be an incredible journey.

    Kind regards,


  17. Melanie L says:

    After seeing the transformation of friends through reformer Pilates, I have been inspired to try it but i have been a little intimidated.

    I think the program would compliment my weight training in helping me regain my muscle tone and build more confidence.

  18. Trini B says:

    I’m already an exciting member of BB and love everything about the classes. I am still a long way from where I’d like to be in my overall health and strength both physically and mentally. I’d really like to win the toned membership to loose a few stubborn kilos and as it’s just not in my budget, to win it would be fabulous.

  19. Carolyn Paterniti says:

    The Best Body Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned Program for free would be a wonderful gift for me as I am getting on in years (61 …) and have three beautiful grandchildren that I would like more energy for, so I can keep up with them !! I have only been to a couple of classes but can’t really afford to go to anymorre and I so enjoyed the satisifying feeling at the end of the class, both inside and out, of having achieved something and it only takes 45 minutes. I would like to get stronger and fitter and have a comittment and a need to “belong” to something as well run and inclusive as BB. I love Pilates and the challenges it brings. Please pick me…

  20. Sandi Kelemko says:

    As a Clinical nurse manager I feel BB will give me some me time, time to build a better body and a better mind. To take time for me, meet like minded souls, learning something new and tone in time for summer.

  21. Laurina says:

    I use to regularly attend pilates classes a few years ago back in Melbourne. Along side working as a nurse, experiencing the full blown lock downs and being a runner, pilates was a perfect addition for my muscles and my mind. Even doing online ‘reformer’ classes during lockdown at home but using sliders instead, kept my love for pilates strong. I would love this membership to get back into it because I have definitely been missing the amazing whole body feels that it was giving me.

  22. Hannah says:

    I’ve been coming to Best Body since 2018 (back in the Happy Physio days). I started coming as I was experiencing terrible hip and knee pain due to years of working on my feet for long hours. I was in my 20’s at the time and refused to feel so sore so I went all in and signed up for six classes a week and was amazed at how quickly the classes and my physio sessions helped. Despite being pain free now for a while, I continue to come as I find Pilates makes me feel strong and flexible and every time I leave a class my whole mood is lifted. I am amazed at how Pilates changed my body and mind for the better. The Best Body studio is a great environment. I love the atmosphere and the staff are brilliant. I often stay back after class as it’s a great space to stretch and relax.

    I love a challenge and would really enjoy throwing myself into the Toned program to see some results. Since recovering from Covid I find my body doesn’t really respond like it used to, so the pass would really help get back to my old self. Cheers.

  23. Mariel says:

    I have been battling chronic pain and fatigue for the last 10 years. I’ve gone through periods where I have been bed ridden and barely able to do anything. I’m lucky to have my lovely husband through my side by to help me wash my hair and cook for me when I couldn’t walk to the kitchen. Though we haven’t been able to find the source of my issues, through a tremendous amount of trial and error, my doctor and I have been able to find a combination of medications that allow me to move about and start to reclaim my life a bit. At this point though, I am the stiffest and weakest I have ever been in my life. I’ve been doing two classes a week for the last month and it’s slowly changing everything for me. I think the opportunity to have more classes would really help me turn things around. Thank you so much for your generosity and commitment to helping people to better their lives.

  24. WENDY says:

    I’m not into big long boring blurbs about myself. I simply want to get a bit toned, build up some energy and shrink the jelly belly.

  25. Rowena Scott says:

    Hi Scott – I had a best body membership for a while and loved the classes, I’ve had a lot of responsibilities (built my mum a house) to deal with recently so I had to cancel my membership. On top of all these responsibilities I got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 37 and have realised just how much it affects my life and the things I try to achieve. I’m about to start medication which will be really difficult but positive, my doctor says it will be life changing. The membership and toned program would help me stay on track and provide me with support whilst I go through some seriously rapid changes. I’m overweight and part of that is due to ADHD and how my brain functions, for me to be part of a program that would help me see positive weight loss results would be really amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. Elyse says:

    Stop the search. You have found your winner!
    My name is Elyse and I’m your newest 10/10 BB member.
    Firstly I’m never ever late to a session. Even when I had a newborn and a toddler in tow at my local gym I’d attend 4x a week and not once did I arrive later than ten minutes early.
    I won’t cuss at the instructor when things get challenging and my muscles are on fire. I thrive in a fitness challenge and even do it with a smile.
    My parasympathetic nervous system is shot and cortisol is peaking. I’m done with exercise that tricks my body into thinking we are being chased by a bear because we thrash ourselves into exhaustion (and injury) and I’ve recently discovers how badly I need mobility training in my programming.
    I have made it 36 years on this planet without ever trying any form of Pilates and often walk past the BB studio with longing eyes. I feel we’d make a good fit!

  27. Chrissy Paul says:

    Hello Scott
    I believe I could benefit in getting toned on a reformer Pilates machine for the next six months. I’ve had breast cancer, been off from work for six months and haven’t been too agile or active lately and I need to get my muscles and body back into ship shape. I was actually looking at joining Pilates within my area, a few around where I live, but need the finances, which I don’t have…..catch 22 isn’t it?
    I love using the reformer, which I once did at your practice in Mt Lawley and got so much out of it then.

    It invigorated me and gave me core strength, which is what I need now to get me back on my feet to charge on with life.

  28. Phoebe says:

    I’ve only ever taken one reformer pilates class, but it really tested my skills and allowed muscle movement in parts of my body I didn’t even know existed! I’ve started to reconsider joining a reformer pilates group recently because of some recent health issues. I’ve lost my strength and feel very weak and powerless, and want to reconnect with my body and feel stronger and healthier. I’ve been trying to tone up now for the past year, and with some guidance in reformer pilates I feel that that may become possible for me. I also believe that Best Body can help me face my health issues and work on overcoming them and just becoming overall much healthier.

  29. Tia Johnson says:

    I’m in need of a lifestyle overhaul. I’m overweight, unfit and in my 40’s. My core is a mess after 3 children, including twins and I know if I want to be around for my young children I need to change my habits and get healthy. I’ve dabbled with pilates in the past and really enjoy it so I know this is a programme I can commit to and get results.

  30. Tessa Druce says:

    9 years ago I injured my back whilst at work. I was given no support, not believed and ended up leaving with no compensation. Over a 10 month period I gained 40kg, lost all my self confidence and couldn’t walk up right. I saw 10 different types of specialists and was in so much pain that I was almost never sleeping. I finally found a physio that started to help me. She introduced me to clinical pilates and so my journey to being mostly pain free begun. I have previously been a member of BB (no longer due to financial and geography reasons) and when I was I felt strong and confident in myself and I had started to get back pieces of myself that I had lost. I am still on that journey. I am still trying to gain that confidence back and lose weight before having kids with my partner so I can be the best me for them and for me and I think that this package will be the challenge I need to do that.

  31. Leanne says:

    Hi Scott, Last year I had a number of health issues culminating in surgery in September. I turned 60 at the end of last year and am post-menopausal. I am struggling with motivation to get back into the gym or any type of exercise classes as I don’t feel confident with the way my body shape has changed since going through menopause – nothing is quite like it used to be – and I find the thought of attending classes a little intimidating now. I wonder if at 60 I will ever be able to achieve a toned body again. I am looking for inspiration or a helping hand to get my confidence back and start feeling good about myself again. I’m not the type of person to do exercise programs online and would love the opportunity to follow a structured program to help me achieve my goals and go into this next decade stronger than ever.

  32. Mudra says:


    I started Pilates as a trial run ~6months ago and instantly fell in love! It made be feel strong, toned and fit- something I had difficulty achieving with months of going to the gym- and the best part, it was fun!! Unfortunately, due to a busy shift work schedule, I lost regularity and now – I’m ready to get back into it! I’m motivated to tone my upper body, as well as strengthen my glutes and quads to improve my physique- something this program can offer me. This will also help in my other ventures as a classical dancer and I look forward to joining the BB team!

  33. Catherine Smith says:

    Hi Scott I started BB back in 2018/2019 I think…. after recovering from breast cancer surgery which included a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction. Chemo, radiation and the surgery left me tired, out of condition and some ease of movement issues. Especially in my core strength as that is where the surgeons took muscle and skin from for my reconstruction. I needed something gentle but with real multiple muscle movement. Pilates was a gift to my body. I remember telling the physio who did my assessment that my goal was to be able to go from lying on a surfboard to standing up without me having to “crawl” up. It was such a joy to be able to move again with ease after joining BB in Mount Lawley. Unfortunately I had to stop due to other commitments, Mount Lawley studio being so far from where I lived and financial pressures- but would love to get back to Pilates again especially now you have opened some studios that are closer. If I was to be a winner – my body would thank you for it.

  34. Natalie McLeod says:

    Brings out the best in my body.
    Energizes me for work.
    Stops me making excuses!
    Time to look after me.

  35. Allison Howe says:

    When I started at Best Bodies I had just finished high dose steroids these had left me overweight with mobility issues due to having a lot of extra fluid I had no confidence and felt extremely flat!
    Best Bodies got me moving in a caring non judgemental environment that made me feel comfortable, my mobility slowly improved and in November I did the six week challenge dropping 6 kg and since them dropping another 6.5kg my confidence is back and and I’m feeling great!

    This package will help me take my journey and movement to the next level.

  36. Angela B says:

    Having recently sustained a back injury I was at a point in my life where I thought I would no longer be able to remain active, which really overwhelmed me. My mum had been attending your studio for years and I finally decided to give it a go – I felt I had nothing to lose. Slowly (maybe quicker than expected if I’m honest!) but surely my symptoms have started to alleviate and that lost sense of self is making it’s way back. Winning this opportunity would help me to continue my BB journey and strengthen that core I have neglected for so many years.

  37. Rachel Cottier says:

    I am 60 sessions in to my BB journey. I am loving the classes – lots of movement and challenge and great trainers and fellow BB-ers! However, my aim to lose at least 1 dress size is not happening and so my clothes don’t fit well and my confidence is low. I was keen to do the toned program in Jan but we had a holiday and so could not commit. I am keen to ramp up and get where I want to be – with some help and guidance from the BB community.

  38. Kelly says:

    Hi! I believe the BB toned program will make a massive difference to my overall health from both a physical and mental perspective. For the last couple of years I have struggled with food/nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, trigger points/tension in areas I hold stress, poor motivation and disinterest in gym-type exercise classes. This has resulting in me loosing touch of my body and how my body can move. I feel the BB program will help me get back in touch with my body, teach me how to move my body, reduce tension in my body and make me excited about exercise to a point where it’s habitual instead of a “chore”.

  39. Jaynie Edwards says:

    I would really like to work on my core strength. After having a child, more than 10 years ago, and mid-life pretty much along with various aches and pains. I know it’s not going to get any easier and not going to fix itself but also more important as time ticks by.

  40. Lisa Ellis says:

    I’m fit.
    Well I like to think I’m fit.
    I was fit in 2012.. And fit again in 2016.
    And then I started shift work…

    It has killed all routine, my 13hr days, 6-8 day weeks mean that I never line up with a nice normal 7day ‘calendar’ week.
    I am also a mum to 4 boys so my RnR is an absolute mad rush and reset around them.

    My boys are finally at an age where figuring out where to fit time for me IS attainable. It is just taking a lot more effort and commitment to still make it work around my shifts….

    I NEED this accountability. I NEED a new way to keep fit. I NEED something to fall in love with again. Something to get me excited to be at EVERY session.
    I have been wanting to try Reformer for such a long time.
    But with my track record I have not been able justify the plunge, the investment needed just to try and fail to keep up.

    I need someone to give me a chance and help me organise my thoughts, keep me accountable and make sure I turn up at every chance possible and not talk myself out of it because life is busy. Because it will always be busy. But I don’t always want to be just ‘thinking’ I’m fit. I want to BE FIT!

  41. Suzi Francis says:

    I would love to be considered for this free membership and program as I’m really struggling to get motivated to return to a fitness regime. I used to love Pilates – in fact it was the only exercise I truly enjoyed and got results from – but I stopped when I had children for some reason (probably financial tbh). Over the years I’ve tried other forms of exercise (none of which I enjoyed) and recently rediscovered Pilates at a studio near my work in the city but had to leave as I changed jobs and it was no longer convenient. Since leaving I’ve gained weight and lost tone, along with my motivation. I’m 47 years old and I desperately want to enjoy exercise again, not only to lose weight and tone up but to feel healthy inside and have more energy. I think this opportunity would give me the kickstart I need to rejoin the Pilates community and continue on that journey in to the future. Thank you.

  42. Georgia says:

    I have always been extremely self motivated when it came to my own mental and physical well-being, however over the last 6 months I felt a significant shift and I found I was losing my drive and energy.
    After some reflection, in February, I decided to walk away from my job as I felt there was a misalignment with my values and the values of the company. This misalignment and unhappiness at work has having huge negative impact on my mental and physical health, and I had absolutely no idea just how bad it was until I walked away.
    Over the three and a half years working there I gained 6kg, lost a huge amount of positivity, confidence and energy. Since leaving I have been focusing on myself inside and out.
    For me, this opportunity to be apart of the toned with Best Body would help me in my journey to get back to the version of me that I was 3.5 years ago.

  43. Tracey FF says:

    I started the BB journey 2 months ago but unfortunately 1 month in hurt my back which is an ongoing problem for 20yrs. I enjoyed the 3 classes I did have and felt I’d finally found something that would help with strengthening my core and keep or hopefully improve the strength and ROM in my joints as I age. The injury wasn’t through attending BB I must say, but a degenerative spine issue. I intend to start over and keep the faith that this is the right avenue to achieve my goals. The extra sessions you’re generously offering as a gift would help me catch up the time I’ve lost thanks for that opportunity

  44. Penny Chapman says:

    In 2016 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis my joint pain especially in the lower part of my body has been challenging and frustrating. Winning this package will get me back into a routine of exercise, increase my mobility and hopefully losing some unwanted weight along the way and put me in the right mindset to be the best version of me I can be. It will also give me some ME time, something I am not good at prioritising.

    Good luck to everyone!

  45. Emilie says:

    I decided to give Pilates a go a little over two months ago. My initial motivation was, I was struggling with everyday tasks such lifting up my two year old up. My core wasn’t as strong as it was pre pregnancy. Since attending regular Pilates classes I have noticed I am a lot stronger, my posture is much better, my running times have improved, but I think the biggest benefit has been my mental health, the positive mindset and environment created by both instructors and other participants has been invaluable. I have managed to get so many benefits from attending twice a week, I would love to see what I could achieve attending even more classes and giving the toned program a go.

  46. Jenny Luong says:

    Hi team! I have only very recently started my health journey and have decided BB was the way to go. I am currently on my 13th class overall and have truly appreciated everything BB has offered me so far. A little background about me; I am a final year medical student hopefully graduating end of this year to start hospital internship next year. We have always learnt about promoting physical activity to our own patients, encouraging them to modify and optimise their lifestyles first and foremost for most chronic diseases and not rely on pharmacology itself. Unfortunately I have struggled to practice what I preach throughout these years, neglecting my own body in favour of study and work.

    Therefore I felt, as I will graduate soon and therefore be even more overwhelmed with work next year, it is now or never to build upon lifelong healthy habits. Such as starting my BB journey to help improve my posture first and foremost. I have noticed that I am often hunched over my desk studying, or slouching when rounding on patients in the morning. Therefore exacerbating bad posture leading to predominantly back and neck pain, and subsequently impacting upon any efficient study I am able to do.

    Additionally, my goal is also to improve my strength with BB. As previously mentioned, BB is my first introduction into the world of fitness, and so far the environment and the people have been a tremendous help to my journey. Strength is important to me because it will allow me to build a better foundation of confidence and independence!

    And lastly, being Toned and feeling great about my body will be the cherry on top for me. Ultimately, anything I can do that can help improve my mental mindset for the better will only ever help me with every other aspect of life. Building a positive mindset will ensure I can carry that mindset on through the more challenging years up ahead as a future clinician to provide the best care possible for my patients.

    And so far? There’s definitely been improvements already! If I were to win the 6 month BB membership and the Toned program, it will aid me tremendously financially as a student! Starting the Toned program early in my fitness journey will definitely also help me in achieving future fitness goal at a faster rate as well and further consolidating my lifelong healthy habits.

    Thanks for reading my story,

  47. Sandria Vallelonga says:

    I’ve started best body because I’m 52 and 1 year before received a double knee reconstruction and thought Pilates would be best to keep my knees moving and stronger I have also found out I have a bad back I would love to get get the six month extra days and to strengthen and tone my core to keep my pain to a minimum it will also help me keep up with my 3 year old daughter which you can imagine is always on the go and full of energy.

  48. Andrea Chaplin says:

    I’ve been a member of Best Body for a few years and last year after COVID lockdowns I stopped my membership and really noticed the change in my body unfortunately. I have rejoined but get the package deal as I also committed to another form of exercise. I feel that reformer Pilates is the best for me as it helps my core, women issues and general strengthening. I look forward to my classes and feel this is the best exercise program for me. I would be excited to work harder to improve on my fitness and weight loss through your program.

  49. Bianca D says:

    I was a Member during my pregnancy at the pregnancy studio North Perth and loved every single minute of it. Did classes 3 times a week and helped me feel fantastic during my pregnancy. Since having my son I haven’t been able to afford a membership so to win this would do so much for my physical health, but just as important my mental health too.

  50. Becky Roscic says:

    I have always viewed my health as a priority. Now in my thirties, not only have I noticed external changes to my body but also the physiological and emotional changes.
    I’ve always enjoyed keeping physically fit, running hiit or strength has been my usual go to, I found that ongoing anxiety and physiological changes mean that I don’t always fee I have the energy for these workouts. And I’m not always feeling the benefit from them.
    I work shift work which often leaves me tired and craving some movement that is more soothing both mentally and physically.
    I’m starting my IVF journey in April 2023 and I’ve read about the benefits of Pilates to improve your body physically and safely exercise during pregnancy.
    I hope to get the chance to experience best body Pilates!

  51. Bridget Ebeling says:

    Restore my faith in humanity whilst toning my body and mind.

  52. Agathe says:

    I started reformer last year because of constant back pain, after simply 1 month the pain was already gone, it was magical ! In the last few months I have been so surprised by the benefits of pilates on my body, with only 2 classes a week. Being able to come more often would be a dream, if it was possible for me I’d have a class every day !
    The toned program is an exciting news, I feel like winter would be the perfect occasion to give it a go !
    I am from overseas and it was difficult for me to open up and meet new people, but in the mosman park studio it is great to feel so welcome and to make friends. (Thank you as well for the Christmas parties organised).
    I enjoy being part of the bestbody community and do does my body !

  53. Robyn says:

    Having only recently started my BB membership and sessions I am very happy with the results I have already noticed. I am 54 and have had spinal surgery on my neck which has left me with ongoing pain and issues which I have learnt to live with. I have found in only 2 weeks that I have been able to improve my stretching and flexibility. The classes are low impact therefore there has been no problems with pain flareups in my neck. I have suffered with cramping in my legs for years especially at night but I have noticed a huge improvement in this and have been able to reduce medication as a result. My general well-being has improved and I feel much better within myself as a result of BB classes. If all this can be achieved in just 2 weeks I am excited about where I will be in 6 months. I’m looking forward to seeing the view from the top of Mt Murchison (which is my goal). I never thought at my age and with my medical condition that it would be possible again, but I am now starting to believe it will be possible. Thank you for the opportunity to win 6 months access to your program I of course would love to be chosen to receive this offer, but will continue with BB regardless as I am convinced that this program is giving me strength and confidence to achieve my goals.

  54. Kate J says:

    Hi Scott,
    I honestly don’t even know where to start with this response. First of all, I’ll tell you a little about me; I’m a young burnt out nurse, working x2 jobs throughout the pandemic, attempting to stay afloat. I’ve been burnt out for years now and constantly am trying to push through, but have never had the chance to “rest” because of my financial situation, and of course I work to distract myself from all my problems. In the middle of last year, I started working in an aged care home as a nurse, and I love looking after the residents but the work stretched me so thin – I was doing double shifts almost every single day because of how understaffed we were, I developed a binge eating disorder as a way of coping with my life and an attempt to feel good and get some enjoyment in some sort of way because my work was so demanding of me. Fast track to now, I still have this ED and am struggling with my relationship with food. I have gained 25kgs in the space of about 10months, which has absolutely ruined me, none of my clothes fit, my self-confidence is completely gone & I barely leave the house, except to go to work. Whilst at work, I also hurt my back. I was getting excruciating back pain almost every day, and after a long shift & sleep I would struggle to walk the next morning. I joined BB a while ago & was on an unstoppable membership because I finally felt like I was doing something for me & was becoming pain free, except I was still burnt out, I was going to quite a few classes a week & loves it but struggled with the motivation due to burn out. Fast forward to when covid got really bad in WA, we had an outbreak in the nursing home. I cancelled my membership because this was the final straw that broke me, I was working these double shifts, wearing PPE for extended periods of time, looking after COVID positive residents. Of course if you watch the news you would hear all about how awful it is in aged care at the moment – it’s even worse than what they describe. We had a lot of residents pass away & some get really sick & eventually from putting myself on the front line, I got COVID too and because of my burn out, it completely debilitated me. I am so tired, work was so awful & my binge eating just kept getting worse. Post covid, I’ve realised I really need to look after myself as I still struggle with shortness of breath. I want to do the toned challenge and be apart of BB again because I’m ready to finally put myself first, and of course the financial burden of a membership would help me greatly too. I’m ready to finally craft a life that I actually want to live and get enjoyment out of my days.
    I’ve read most of the responses & everyone is so deserving so definitely will not be disappointed if I am not picked.
    Thank you for the business you have created Scott.
    From Kate

  55. Melanie Price says:

    I became a member of Best Body in July 2019. I had been trying to get fit and lose those pesky kilos for years but I didn’t like the gym. I also had terrible pain in my hips and lower back. I needed to do something. Having just moved to the area really needing something I decided to give Best Body a go. The improvement in my hips was astounding. I had no pain going up stairs or playing golf. I work where there are a lot of stairs that cannot be avoided and have stairs in my home. Up until last year I had been going on and off but once COVID restrictions were in full swing I found it harder to make it and I had less motivation to do so. So I cancelled my membership…….big mistake. My hips are killing me.

    I have decided it’s ME time. The last of my children are finishing year 12 and they all have their licenses so I’m not needed as much for the day to day running around. This not only took a great deal of time (I have 4 girls) but also exhausted me, leading to the severe lack of motivation.

    I have just turned 57 but my brain doesn’t think that. I want to be able to still go hiking, play golf, swim and enjoy my life as an active woman.

    I know this works and I know I enjoy it. I want Best Body to give me the ‘best body’ I can have.

  56. Michael Taylor says:

    “Pilates is a life changer” I believe this maybe true but I have not had the strength and commitment to find this out for myself .
    At the age of 43 and with dealing with 28 years of on going on and off back problems, limited ankle mobility due to an old football injury, knee problems (confirmed ware and tear from an MRI ) I’m in need of this so called life changer .
    My nic name is Robbo Cop as I am the stiffest looking man alive
    My exercise fix is running and for the average Joe I do ok . I know with some Pilates I could take my running to a new level . More importantly my job as a fireman requires me to be ready for action at any minute . I believe Pilates will allow me to be in peak condition to achieve this for many years to come .
    If I am granted the opportunity to participate in Pilates regularly I know I’m the perfect candidate to show case that indeed it is a “Life changer”

  57. Sarah B says:

    Morning Scott,

    I’ve been pondering my response to find the real reason why I’d love to win the membership and toned program. There’s a couple of reasons for me!

    1. Is accountability, I’ve always struggled with exercising regularly and am a team player when it comes to work, so being part of a group program would help me to actually do something for myself. Life gets busy on the work front so I’d really benefit from being part of a group for encouragement and goal setting.

    2. I’m turning 50 this year and being, fat frumpy and 50 certainly doesn’t appeal! I want to be fit, fabulous and 50! I have done pilates in the past and really loved it. The type of resistance and strength exercise, with an instructor really suited my body and age, great way to ease back into exercise and reduce my stress. I need to balance my work life load and loose at least 6kg.

    3.I’ve participated in 1 class with a friend at BB as a guest and loved it! Loved the instructor, great class, great vibe. I was really impressed!
    I work in the health and wellness space myself and I’m a firm believer in practice what you preach. I love the opportunity to do something for me.

    That’s it. Good luck everyone there are some fantastic responses xx

  58. Roslyn Allen says:

    I joined BB when on an extended stay in Tassie. I found it to be amazing and something I could manage and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I used muscles that I did not know I had.
    I want to build a bit more muscle strength and tone the belly fat. I am so disappointed that since returning to SA, I cannot do Best Body anymore. I live in the country and would need to travel 2hrs to attend. I wish the people who win all the very best.
    Hope you get that fitness and toned body you want.
    Thank you Best Body for the wonderful experience I had with your Launceston Team. Miss your wonderful staff.

  59. Sarina Seitz says:

    I have only been in Australia for 3 years and since that time my husband decided to go back to Uni and change his profession, so I have had to go back to working not only 1 job but 2 in order for us to survive financially. I used to do Pilates every day, sometimes twice a day and since I have been working 2 jobs, going on 2 years now I haven’t been able to have any time for myself and workout. I have been to almost all the pilates studios in WA and I can honestly say that Best Body has the best programs and instructors. The 6 month Pilates membership and Toned program sounds like exactly what I need to get back into Pilates and allowing myself to fill my cup back up in all the ways I haven’t been able to over the past 2 years.

  60. Shiv says:

    This would help me out get out of my life-funk right now! I’m 6 years into an 7 year degree – so close to the finish line. With this has come back issues, failing to put my health first and not prioritising down time enough. Having a 6 month membership would really push me over the line and help to start focusing on me. I could keep myself accountable for looking after me – because I deserve that!

  61. Claudine Cerda-Pavia says:

    In the last 6 years I have had two babies, three lost pregnancies, and a back surgery for a 35mm disc bulge. My youngest is 5 months old.

    I have gone from marathon running and martial arts and a high level of fitness, to barely functional some days. My goals for 2022 – the year I turn 40! – are to lose 15 kgs, improve core strength to prevent injury, and run a 50km trial run with good form. And work towards my second Dan!

    Having tried reformer Pilates before I know that this would make a huge difference to my core strength to avoid reinjury. The accountability of a team will help me lose the weight. Along with my running this would be a perfect plan for my super 40 in November!

  62. Having to temporarily cease my membership due to finances and an unrelated injury. I have not only missed the routine and friendly classes, I have suffered in both body and mind. This opportunity will help me in more ways than anyone can predict. Mental focus and strength are just the start of the benefits of this amazing offer. I’d be looking forward to being able to wake up feeling like I can take on the day physically and mentally rather than it being the effort it currently is. I will have motivation to face any challenge and the ability to function like the fit and healthy being I am desperate to become. As a passionate critical care nurse, I need to start boosting myself to be able to continue the job I love, I know from past experience that BB is the best way to achieve this with the added benefit of much needed weight loss.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity.

  63. Jasmin Fyfe says:

    A membership would help me tone and support my joints post partum. It would help keep my heart healthy and my mind.

  64. Sammy says:

    I purchased a 10 class pass to try out best body and improve my core and glute strength due to lower back issues. Winning a membership would allow me to continue to increase my strength and flexibility, multiple times a week! I love that i don’t have to “motivate” myself to turn up because it is so enjoyable, and the focus is on taking time out for yourself and feeling better

  65. After 3 kids my core strength is definitely not what it used to be anymore. I used to do MAT Pilates before I had kids and know how amazing it is for the core. I would absolutely love to have that strength back again to be able to reach my fitness goals that I can’t do due to lack of core strength. I sacrificed my body having these babies, time to put in the hard work to be the best me.

  66. Amy Murray says:

    I’ve been exercising and taking care of my body through Best Body since it was formerly known as Happy Physio. I first found it when I was working full time and wanted a way to manage back pain due to moderate scoliosis. My Physio helped me with some incredible massages for muscle release and then gently built me up to attending the reformer Pilates. Back then I attended 3 times a week and felt stronger and pain free. I went back to study and due to financial restrictions had to cut back – but boy did I miss it! Now 7 months pregnant, I’ve so happily rejoined BB with their amazing Pregnancy Studio and again have found the benefits of reformer Pilates that are safe for my body so so beneficial. I have moderate scoliosis and a relatively big bub in my belly, so it’s incredible that I am loving pain free thanks to these classes! I plan on keeping up with the membership and attending the Pilates classes for myself, as well as with bub in their mums and bubs classes. Thank you for being so inclusive, so consistently good and helping to support mothers to feel and look their best!

  67. Georgia Beer says:

    As an autoimmune disease sufferer I can easily get fatigued and struggle to maintain consistency with any fitness regime. Over the past 12 months, I have improved my pain and become stronger through starting pilates. This program would be a massive boost to my wellbeing – to me the journey is about the effort, the community and the overall feeling of being stronger and healthier – mentally and physically. I would love to be considered for this program to achieve my goals of consistency and improvement as part of my joinery to better self-care and love.

  68. Patricia WynJones says:

    I have really enjoyed my pilates classes at Best Body in 2020. Good atmosphere and pleasant and helpful staff. I have got out of shape since the start of Covid-19 and I would love to improve my fitness and win a Best Body pilates membership.

  69. Olivia says:

    I have been doing pilates for quite a few years now, and it is by far the best form of exercise I have found for myself. I’ve tried gyms, and it just wasn’t for me, whereas pilates genuinely makes me feel good, both physically and mentally, even if it is just for the 45min in the day I take for a session.

    Recently, I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, which has caused a wide range of problems within my body and mind for years. Pilates has always helped me through, strengthening my core and confidence, however, I still battle with my body, to feel my best and look my best. I often have a mental block, due to the way I feel, which I would love to learn to beat and to really feel good within my body and mind always.

  70. Laura Beames says:

    This kind of program would help me in several ways.
    I first started Pilates when I was battling through Chronic Fatigue and Lupus three years ago. I was weak, and exercise physiology was too expensive and having no positive effect.
    So I took a chance on Pilates. Just once a week at first. I remember the first time I felt muscle pain from that first class. I’d been feeling muscular pain for 2 years from illness, but this was the good kind. It left me feeling completely mentally reinvigorated.
    I’ve always hated exercise, but Pilates is still my happy place. My health improved, as did my mental and physical strength.
    I took about 3 months off from Pilates recently due to being made redundant and not being able to afford it, and I can feel how that has impacted my body. I miss the strength that made me feel human again once upon a time.
    So, I’m very ready to jump back into it head first. I know the motivation and support that would come from a program like this would benefit me in so many ways. My health, how I feel mentally, my strength, and how my body looks and feels.
    Pilates saved me in so many ways once upon a time. I’m ready for it to do so again.

  71. Tracey Dow says:

    After 5 years of not being able to exercise properly due to a permanent injury my physio introduced me to pilates and I have not looked back. I have finally found an exercise program that works for people with injuries. This has made me enjoy life again, it has brought my confidence back and have already seen changes in my body in such a short time. My experience with BB has been so positive, all the staff have been so accommodating and welcoming I really cant recommend them enough. I am so excited to see where this journey takes me in getting my fitness back. Thank you BB.

  72. Nina buelk says:

    Having started at Best Body Bulimba in January has been an amazing experience.

    Besides the health benefits it gives to my body and the success of muscles coming back and arms starting to show some sort of definition again it is also a tremendous win for mental health.

    The atmosphere between the staff and the members who I would say mostly is 30+ is amazing. It is a good banter and everyone is so relaxed that it does not even appear to be exercise – compared with the judgement in a lot of gyms from other members every one feels comfortable .

    It gives you confidence and such a good feeling that you have an extra spring in your step every day you go – even if your body might be sore from the day before 😉

    Thank you for having opened best body Bulimba- best decision ever !

  73. Anlie says:

    Hey, I’m Anlie 18 year of age and originally from South Africa. I think winning a 6 month access to the reformer Pilates classes and the toned program would be ideal for me as it would have a positive impact on my mental health, give me a supportive group of people around me and help me achieve my body goals. I recently got stuck into a 9-5 job while all my friends go of to Uni as I’m waiting for my approval for citizenship to go pursue my dreams and go to Uni too. Getting stuck in the 9-5 cycle this young definitely has an impact on mental and physical health and some days feels like your just in this bubble of repeat repeat repeat. Winning this membership would mean I get to add some healthy habits and positive people to my day. Just to add – I have tried and canceled so many gym memberships as I just feel like it’s not for me and I struggle to stay motivated in the gym .I did some research on different ways to stay active and Pilates was 100% recommended, hence me finding you guys and seeing an opportunity to be apart of a great group of people. I hope you will consider me

    Have a happy and safe Thursday!

  74. Louisa Volante says:

    I did a five class pass at BB and loved it! It definitely improved my core strength and body shape! This would help me prepare for my wedding and continue my Pilates fitness 😀

  75. Sue Malcolm says:

    Over the past 30 years of struggling with a Chronic illness my body has lost strength and flexibility. Recently during a rehabilitation session I was introduced to the Pilates reformer. The results were incredible in only a short period of time. As a 50+ year old woman who still has a lot of life left to live I would love the opportunity to continue my wellness journey to be at peak physical health. It’s time to reclaim the years lost and launch into the future with strength, flexibility and confidence!

  76. Liz Grimshaw says:

    I am extremely new to Best Body (& pilates!), in fact Ive only had three private sessions & my first group session yesterday.

    I’m 45 years old & used to be super active, happy & confident but now I feel about 80 which is incredibly depressing. Unfortunately I have degenerative arthritis & sesamoiditis in both big toes but more severely in my right. I am in pain constantly. Over the last two years I have had to give up horse riding, walking my dog (actually pretty much just walking in general), mountain biking, paddle boarding, swimming, wearing shoes other than one specific brand of trainers & now most of my wardrobe as I am putting on weight being so unactive. Who knew you needed big toes to live a happy life? I feel old, tired, unattractive & I have lost my spark.

    It was suggested to me by my doctor to try pilates. I wasn’t even sure my feet would be able to cope.

    So here I am ready to give it my all.

    After my three private sessions with Andrew at Mt Pleasant in WA I noticed I am walking taller with better posture, starting to feel better within myself, (ridiculously) eagerly looking forward to my next session (I’ve already booked my next four) & even being more mindful of the things I’m eating. Who knew so few sessions could achieve so much?

    I would love to be considered to win one of Best Body’s 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership & Toned programs. I really believe it will help me get back to being the positive, fun, happy, confident & most importantly active person I once was!

  77. Julie Parry says:

    After many desk jobs, some anxiety & depression, now working 5 hours per week from home (from a recliner chair) I have lost any fitness and muscle tone that I may have had. Even though my diet is reasonable I have hit 114kgs, the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am now 58 and cannot keep up with the grand children or our dog and I am exhausted after small amounts of exercise. I want to be able to live my life, be able to play with the grandchildren, walk the dog more than 100 metres and to have the energy to get out and do things. My current weight and fitness level scares me as my dad died at age 27 from a heart attack. I have joint issues that prevent me from doing regular exercise regimes but I have been told that Pilates would be something that would help me. However, being on a Centrelink benefit I cannot afford classes. It’s a Catch 22 situation, without the classes I can’t get fit enough to work – without the work I can’t afford the classes.

  78. Celine Ronce says:

    After two babies in 1 year, I need to go back in shape, not just for my body but for my mind as well. I need the time off to take care of me, and be back fuelled and energized to my family. I used to do pilates at best body before and I have been to the pregnancy studio for my First pregnancy,but for the second I could not find the motivation. After baby is born, it’ll be my turn to take care of me.

  79. Eloise Wright says:

    I love pilates so much, but am priced out by most classes/subscriptions on offer – so a 6-month membership to BB and subscription to the Toned program would help TRANSFORM my fitness level and mental health. Having explored more mat work and being 100% working from home since the pandemic I am desperate to put those quieter years behind and get into regular routine of reformer pilates! For me it’s the key to a stronger core, coordination and building confidence – I am ready to show myself what my body is capable of and would adore this membership to help me on my journey!

  80. Tarryn says:

    Hi Scott,

    I hope this comment finds you well. My name is Tarryn and I would love to win the 6 month membership and be part of the 6 week Toned Program.

    I have been a stay at home mum for almost five years now and have been mostly sedentary over this period. I have tried multiple times to start working out but have always struggled to stay consistent due to a lack of both energy and discipline.

    I have also really struggled for the last 12 years with anxiety and panic attacks but am committed this year to finding freedom and healing from that. I really believe that self care, the right changes to my diet and exercise (as well as spiritual practice) will see me heal, flourish and overcome it. I think that the 6 Week Toned Program would be a great addition to help me do this as it will hopefully give me the tools, accountability and support that I need to move forward. It’s also a manageable time frame which makes it so much more approachable!

    We just moved back to Australia after being overseas for seven years and it has been such an eye opener for me. I was very isolated and alone while we were away and did not have any family or friends around. The language barrier and our location made it difficult to connect with other people. It’s taught me how important relationships and community is and I would love to win the Reformer Pilates membership to not only take care of my body, but also to connect with others!
    I think the group setting would be wonderful as I’d be surrounded by like minded individuals. I’m sure it will also be really fun and encouraging!

    To finish, like so many others on here, I’ve struggled with lower back and knee pain. I just had a physio appointment yesterday and was advised that the best way for me to move my body right now, would be through Reformer Pilates! Need to strengthen my core and glutes to alleviate the pain

    Thanks so much for the opportunity Scott. I’m really hoping that winning this will help to build a more confident, fitter, happier and healthier me!

    Fingers crossed!


  81. Emily Hartley says:

    Hi Scott! Just been told the news I am pregnant with TWINS! First pregnancy, so utterly terrifying but exciting. I have always suffered Endometriosis sciatica and pelvic pain and benefited from Pilates. I am hoping to get a membership with Best Body so I can continue moving my ever changing body in a gentle manor throughout the entirety of this pregnancy, birth and then in the recovery. Best Body will help me not only physically but hugely with my mental health during this huge transition and I’m sure the stress that comes along with it. Thank you, a 5ft 4 women pregnant with my 6ft 5 partners babies – SOS!

  82. Taylor says:


    I started Pilates with Best Body in 2018 when I was 15. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and my spinal specialist noticed how much of a difference pilates had made in just 6 months. Since then I have been doing Pilates once a week, but would love to be able to come more times during the week as it makes such a difference to my body. Even if I don’t win I am still very interested in doing the toned program as I feel that will benefit me heaps 🙂

  83. Jessika Wardlaw says:

    Having the chance to win a 6 month membership and access to the toned program will allow me to work on myself internally and externally without the stress of money.
    After spending the last few years in Victorian lockdowns my physical and mental health took a huge hit and returning to Tasmania and the help of family I can see improvements but the biggest helper has been the reformer program and as someone who is obese it is an exercise program that I am comfortable to attend and feel no judgement from anyone there and I would love to be able to use the classes more to improve my overall health.
    Best body is helping me already to return to the happy and healthy person I was before Covid and the program and guidance will ensure I can continue on this path

  84. Su-An Barton says:

    I have always struggled with body issues and the gym. I find it so intimidating it just sends my anxiety through the roof. Now after recently having a baby, I’m struggling with my fitness so my friend suggested I try Pilates because it was low impact and can strengthen the core. So here I am! I have a consultation on Saturday and I’m finally hoping to get my physical and mental health back on track.

  85. Angela says:

    I’ve only very recently started my BB journey (just completed my second class today). The decision to take up Pilates at a gym hasn’t come easy for me.

    You see I recently injured myself quite badly in my home gym, which I’ve been exercising in for the last 15+ years. I realised once this injury healed that I needed a different approach to exercise, my body is aging and is not responding well to my usual HIIT and weight training.

    I’ve been a yo-yo dieter my whole life (loose 10kg, gain 10kg). I’ve just about signed up to every weight loss fad, pill, shake and exercise plan. I’m not scared to push my body, I know what you put in,is what you get out, so I’m very determined this time around for this to be the last time I try to shift these kilos.

    I what to reduce my weight first and foremost but I also also what to support my body through exercise and I truly believe Pilates will do that for me.

    Currently I’m signed up to the Fast800 (no doubt you’ve heard of it). This is my second time round on this plan to loose weight. The first time round, was this time last year and it was super successful. I lost over 10kgs in 3 months, such and achievement. However my emotional eating got the better of me again and I’m now back where I stared. I’m re-doing the program all over again, this time though the results are almost not existent.

    This is why I want this opportunity, I need to change things up, be realistic in what I can and can’t achieve and stick with something long enough to see actual long term ‘permanent’ results.

    I’m very committed and if I’m being honest a little skeptical too. I would really love the opportunity to give this 110% and say at the end, wow this was truly life changing.

    All the best to everyone.

  86. Aimee says:

    A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me in so many ways right now. I was born with hip dysplasia, and unfortunately it was not properly corrected when I was a baby. This has lead to many back and hip problems, and a total left hip replacement 4 years ago. Now my right hip has begun to aggravate me more and I am really keen to put off that major surgery as long as possible! Being a working mum, it is hard to make yourself a priority, but I know from my experience recovering from the last operation, that pilates combined with swimming can definitely help! Chronic pain is so debilitating- it affects every aspect of your life and can really get you down. I would be very grateful for the opportunity to put my health first and work hard to become stronger, fitter and happier overall!

  87. natalie pomfret says:

    I am just getting back into exercising after 3 years of being pregnant or caring for a baby. I love my two boys but I am in desperate need of finally getting back to having some time to prioritize myself as well, to doing something as simple as working out to make me feel happier about myself, lose some weight and tone up to not only feel better about the way I look but to be able to show up as a better mum to my boys. To have the energy to play all day, to have better mental patience and motivation to help them learn and grow, and to grow myself into the new person I need to be for them. Pilates has been that little bit out of reach for me while I was putting so much into young babies and the cost that comes with them, but I am ready to give myself the chance to thrive again too!

  88. Dani C says:

    Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program would help me get back into shape and help my body recover and strengthen back up after a really difficult first pregnancy. I want to be toned and strong again. During my pregnancy I could only walk for some form of exercise and even that was hard, I haven’t been able to do any high intensity physical activity the last 12 months when previously I would workout 4-5 times a week. I have started walking with my baby girl strapped to me and building up my strength again and ready to get back into some form of fitness. I’ve never tried Pilates and have had it recommended by my osteo and friends.

  89. Em J says:

    I was a Pilates Reformer addict before kids – I religiously attended class 5 times a week and it was my favourite form of exercise. Fast forward 5 years and 2 kids I’m missing it so much. I’m noticing the need to revisit the reformer not only for my damaged core and pelvic floor but also my general well-being and stress. I have put off doing something for myself and my health development too long. I miss the feel of knowing I was doing something beneficial for me, that after-class ache of my muscles, that awesome feeling, working those areas that we take for granted. It’s my time to shine again. I need Pilates back in my life, back in my calendar next to those play dates and daycare drop offs! I need to breathe again!

  90. Aisling says:

    I did ballet for 13 years when I was younger and was perfectly toned. Fast forward to today, now at 48 things are more round than toned. I would love to get toned again and get that kind of disapline back and maybe loose a bit of weight along the way

  91. Fay says:

    I am a fairly new BB convert, only having completed three weeks.
    I have been relatively fit and firm for most of my life, with little effort thanks to great metabolism and a natural love of walking, however in the past 2 years, I’ve been hit with a lot of challenges mainly mentally, some physically, which has seen me move less, and care less if I’m totally honest.
    My Mum past away 1 year ago, and I lost her while still in managed isolation – she passed 12 hours before I was released…this was the final straw, if I thought the previous year was listless and low, welcome to a whole new level of nothingness. The toll has been rather huge…but as I reached her anniversary – I had a chat with myself that she would have had – “get your arse off that couch and get back to living…its away too short.”
    So I booked in my assessment to see what the reformer Pilates was all about. I had to undertake the core challenge (holding a position for as long as I could) – I shook and it hurt and I managed something like 25 seconds before collapsing….I wanted to cry. I was soft all over and it broke me.
    I am on the journey though and loving it. Currently I’m 2 days a week, so I don’t over do it to start (and give myself an excuse to stop) – but I love it, I am going to increase to 3 and ultimately 4. I’ve brought my hubby along on the bring a free friend last week (he hates it when I drag him to new things like this normally), now he wants a membership!
    What would I gain from a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program – ultimately, I would regain me, a person who had a hobby outside the TV, a person who smiled more often than frowned and also someone who’s lower back didn’t ache daily through the lack of core stability.
    I would gain freedom of movement, and strength in not only my body but resilience in my soul – because when you feel a little down, a work out turns that around
    I have put on weight, and while losing it would be nice, its not the main objective, its about looking after me as a whole, not a part there of.
    I want to be strong, confident and happy – I will get there – but this prize and challenge would be an amazing booster to success

  92. Nissa says:

    Hi! So I was released from prison two weeks ago today. I am a recovering addict with 552 days sober today. In jail I spent a lot of time in the gym focusing on getting strong and healthy again. Exercise has been a form of healing for me, unfortunately we had no Pilates classes where I was but it’s something I really want to get in to and believe it will help me stay on the right path and help me stay mentally and physically healthy. Thank you for considering me for this competition. Nissa

  93. Jennifer Nicholls says:

    Hi Scott,

    My name is Jen and I would love to win the 6 month membership and be part of the 6 week Toned Program.
    I have scoliosis and have had weak core muscles along with bad poster from a young age which Pilates has helped.
    I was diagnosed as Autistic at age 42 and realise that core strength will support me to develop better balance and coordination. I would love to be able to attend classes up to four times a week to see and feel the improvements.

  94. Tiffany says:

    This would literally change my life. I joined BB after giving birth to my 3rd beautiful child a year ago. I loved the classes as they helped me ease back into gentle exercise post partum however, being a 1 income family I decided to cancel my membership after a few months as the cost was too much to justify.
    Towards the end of my pregnancy I developed a lot of pain in my hip which the physios in the hospital thought was a bursitis. Shortly after I cancelled my BB membership I discovered that the pain I was experiencing was infact a hip labral tear.
    Needless to say, I’ve been unable to resume running and high intensity workouts which I previously loved to do. I know that reformer will help to reduce the pain in my hip and increase my strength and fitness
    Also, despite following a few other health living programs, I’ve been unable to shift those last few kilos so I’d love to follow the toned program to help me get back into shape and lose those last few kilos that just won’t seem to budge.
    Im unfit and unhappy in myself at the moment as I haven’t been carving out time for me and my health. My 3 kiddos need their happy, healthy mum back

  95. Melissa says:

    At age 46 I thought that life was done. I have suffered with bad knees all my life and in my 20’s would get cortisone injections in them just so I could continue to run and exercise. After having my kids I forgot about myself and looked after everyone else before me. Over time I had given up on the thought of being happy and healthy and was diagnosed with PTSD from a work related incident. I was just trying to get through one day at a time. One day at the end of last year I woke up and decided enough was enough and I needed to try and do something about my knees and the constant pain I was in. I went and saw a surgeon and had MRI’s done. He told me that at 46 I was too young to have knee replacements and that I would need to try physio. After a bit of research I came across Best Body and decided to make an appointment with the physio and see if she could help me. She did an assessment and I started doing three days a week as of the start of this year. I started off slow and on the lowest springs and was a bit apprehensive about overdoing it and doing more damage to my knees. Roll on 4 months and I now push myself to do the harder springs. I can already feel I am stronger, I look forward to going to every class, my mental health is better and my knees feel better. I wish I had found Best Body sooner. My daughter has now joined as she suffers from anxiety and could see the improvement in me and wanted to see if it would help her and her mental health has improved too. Every opportunity I get I tell people about how good Best Body is. I can now say that at age 46 my life is just starting again. I’m happier, healthier and am starting to see a change in my body shape. I would love a 6 month membership and the toned program would be amazing to get my hot body back so I can feel how I felt when I was younger and even save some money for a new wardrobe to show my Best Body off.

  96. Carrissa says:

    This would get my backside into gear which has been in a state of pause for wayyyyy to long. Would love to be part of a community where our goals are although different for each person fundamentally the same. To be healthier, more energised and feel the best version of ourselves we can be x

  97. Katherine Waddell says:

    How I think a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now?
    I have always put my family first I have 4 children all grown up now. I am about to turn 45 and want to work on me, I wanted to strengthen my core and tone up. I am still young and want to stay that way I have just found out that my first grandchild is on its way. I want to be a fit healthy toned grandparent.
    The last couple of years have been really hard and I just want to do something for me, all about me. I want to look in the mirror and be proud of how my body looks no longer see what needs work on see progress and results. Thank you for this opportunity to put myself forward for this competition.

  98. Carlee Brake says:

    I was a member when I was pregnant for the second time and absolutely loved how reformer Pilates helped my body prepare for another newborn. Unfortunately I had to cancel my membership as I just couldn’t afford it as I wasn’t working anymore. Getting back into reformer will help me get my flexibility back and shed those last few kilos but most importantly allow me to have some much needed me time

  99. Kat says:

    I enjoy training at BB, great instructors and great workout. I also enjoy mums and bubs classes so I can be with my little one at the same time. Being one of the few activities I can do in the presence of my baby is important for me because having him see me value exercise for myself will hopefully be something he values for himself too. I’m also a surfboat rower which is a sport pilates is really beneficial for. 6 months of the get toned BB program would really help me get into shape for the surf season ahead and given Aussies will be held in Scarborough this year it will be a great opportunity to put all this preparation to the test. Not to mention the fantastic exposure Australia wide!

  100. Gavin Ives says:

    What it would mean to me after having 3 years suffering from autoimmune disease, getting postponed for my knee replacement surgery and having to take leave without pay to finally get done in the pandemic
    It looks like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel
    Being able to train and not worry about money and get back to the strong person I was, OH you have on idea what I’ve lost, it would be amazing
    Thanks for this chance

  101. Jo Anne Nowicki says:

    I think a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now because I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I have been attending your Pilates classes for a few weeks now and it has helped my mental well being as I’m not seeing myself as useless and unable to do the things I loved such as running. It’s amazing I am still able to exercise and look after my body with BB! Having a baby in our times right now is pretty expensive so it would help a lot but not only that it’s for my overall well-being as I plan to stay with you after birth and continue the journey to nourish my body and get my body back in to shape after the birth. I feel like I’m apart of a family when I attend bb and have made so many wonderful friends withy the staff.

  102. Amanda Woods says:

    Today I have my 1st appointment to start my journey with Best Body. I have been sitting on the fence for many months now and have finally taken up the courage to join a reformer class. I turn 40 next year and have a goal to loss some excess weight, get fit and feel amazing. Being a working mum, it is hard to make yourself a priority but now is my time.

  103. Penny Walls says:

    Hi Scott, wow what an opportunity, I have been enjoying the life changing experience of BB since August last year, it has changed my life in so many ways, building new friendships and connections along the way. The great outcomes for me have been weight loss and over 24cms off my body in this time , never thought I could achieve so much whilst enjoying myself . I am feeling fitter, stronger more confident and loving life as part of the BB clan .. what an amazing win would it be to be able to access 6 months free, the bonus of the toned would make me focus on the last part of my journey in building further tone and strength.
    I cannot speak highly enough about your teams and particularly for me the Bassendean staff , they are proud , respectful and kind , full of motivation and joy in seeing this member enjoy Pilates and their outcomes . I have recommended Pilates to so many friends who have been on my journey with me and are also loving the difference Pilates makes to their lives. Thankyou BB you are amazing !!

  104. Sherry Baker says:

    Wow, What a fantastic prize!
    Having completed one round of Toned already I know how good it is and the results speak for themselves. I lost 8.6kg in the 6 weeks and more after that by continuing with what had now become habit for the most part. Since starting the toned program on the 10th January I have walked to every class and I see a huge improvement in my strength and the shape of my legs particularly. I am missing sharing our recipes/meals and I probably am a little slack on my water intake so a reboot would be fabulous. I am currently in Covid isolation and the thing that I cant get out of my mind is the classes I am missing, thankfully I have a treadmill so whilst I really don’t feel like it I am still moving enough throughout the day. Cant wait to get back to the studio.
    The biggest take from the Toned program is putting yourself first, seems so simple yet most of us don’t, doing the program again and having the 6 month membership (I would love to move up to 4 classes a week) will give me the boost I need to take this success to the next level.
    When I started the toned program I was at a pretty low point, it pulled me out, picked me up and showed me how to get on track on a very sustainable path, best decision I have made in a long time.

  105. Susi says:

    Hi Scott
    I started my BB journey in July 2021after recovering from breast cancer (double mastectomy, chemo and radiation) and separating from my husband of 21 years.
    Pilates helped strengthen my body so much I was able to stop taking the medication on was on for nerve pain but it also helped me so much with dealing with the pain of separation. Most weeks the only highlight of my week were my 3 Pilates classes.
    Unfortunately for the past month I have been unable to attend classes due to covid isolation, first because my children had covid and now because I have covid. I have found that my pain has increased and I cannot wait until I am well again to be able to be back in the studio.
    I would be so grateful if I won the 6 month membership as it would ease the financial pressures slightly due to my separation.
    Thank you and good luck with trying to choose 2 winners- every post I have read deserves to win

  106. Themelina Patsalides says:

    It’s imple, for me. whether I win or not, BB gives me the opportunity to out ME first! So many times we all too often push the need to put ourselves first for our busy lives. When I go to a BB studio, this gives me the time for ME. I get the opportunity to meet beautiful people who look after themselves. What a lovely little community you have, BB. Thank-you!!!

  107. Jan Round says:

    I am a healthy 62 year old beautiful, happy lady who was a yoga teacher for 15 years and have kept fit and active all my life. Recently I had hip pain and was somewhat surprised by the rather negative in his approach of my physio, I left the session feeling that his attitude was “well that’s what happens when we get old” I was so disappointed in this approach. I understand that I need to apply new practices and make adjustments, however I am at an incredibly important time in my life, caring for my elderly parents whilst also caring for my 2 very young grandchildren plus working part time in my own business. Now more than ever I need mental, spiritual and physical strength.
    I want to remain strong and be a role model to young women. Being able to attend regular Pilates classes would be invaluable to me. It would help me build and strengthen my core muscles and glutes as these need work to ensure a strong lower back.

    I would truly love to be part of the BB family.
    Cheers Jan

  108. Stacey says:

    I have struggled with mental health issues for a number of years. Sadly I was recently on a certain medication which allowed me to put on 20kgs in 8 months. I have managed to lose 10kg so far but am struggling with the remaining weight.
    Why this 6 month program would be amazing to me? I want to become physically and mentally strong and healthy. Reformer Pilates is more than just an exercise. It teaches both your mind and body discipline, strength and endurance.
    It can change your life, allowing you to become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself.
    I would love to be given this gift, this opportunity, to become the best version of myself, both mentally and physically. Thankyou

  109. Tracey says:

    I would really love to win the 6 month membership and 6 week Toned program. I am a grandmother to 4 little ones and have looked after them unconditionally but alas I have not looked after myself particularly my body. I really want to get back to being healthier as I want to be around for a long time, and the only way I can achieve this is with your guidance and support.

  110. Caroline Murphy says:

    I want to get involved in the Toned Program to lose some weight and become healthier overall.
    Having access to the things available in the Toned program will assist in learning healthy options for eating as well as ways to move my body to help tone areas of my body.
    I have struggled with anxiety and depression and can find that my motivation suffers at times however when I have structure and on days that I work out with the wonderful folks in Best Body I feel so much more in control of my anxiety and depression and my days go better.
    I also hope that losing some weight (I have about 43kgs to lose) will also help support my mental health resulting in better overall health.

  111. Milly says:

    I started my BB journey a year ago and have enjoyed every class. I am getting stronger and my back pain is slowly fading away. The toned programme will help me strengthen my body faster and reach my main goal, which is to build the muscles in my knees to help with my arthritis. I’m slowly getting there but still feel the pain, though not as badly as before I started with BB.
    The 6 month membership will definitely help financially and also allow me to increase the number of classes I go to weekly again, this will get me to my goal faster.
    I want to feel confident, healthier and not in constant pain. Thanks to BB I am slowly getting there

  112. Agnese says:

    BB is fantastic easy to follow quick workout, easy to factor in to my busy working mum schedule. With multitude of locations and class times it has made it possible for me to stick to a routine and prioritize those 45 minutes for myself and my physical and mental wellbeing.
    It’s also a great vibe and a sense of community.

  113. Susan Bowyer says:

    I am turning 72! This year and I still work 3 days a week but my job is in front of a computer which means I do not get enough exercise. I’m not too bad health wise but the only exercise I get is walking my dog for 20 minutes each day, mind you there are a lot of stops as he has to sniff everything on the way. I think my body needs more and I would like to control my weight as this year I seem to have crept up to 4 kilos overweight. Anyway I have thought about Pilates and I think the benefits would improve my movement, circulation and general health as of course you would know that 70 is the new 50!

  114. Cassie evison says:

    I am already a member of the Devonport studio and last year was regularly attending 4 times a week. This along with changes in lifestyle saw me loose 25kg and feel the best i have felt about myself in years.

    Losing my mum in January after a long battle with illness saw me stop the journey I had begun as part of the toned program. At present I am gradually getting my mojo back and would use this membership and toned program to help me get back on track with my goals and especially lose the 10kg I have gained since my mums passing.

    I love the support at my studio and I felt supported during the short period I was in the toned program and feel this support could make a huge difference for me going forward.

  115. Ainsley Cusmano says:

    For me right now, a 6mth membership and access to the Toned program would be a turning point in my life. Working part-time to balance caring for pre-school aged children has meant that our household budget hasn’t allowed room for “extras” like this. I know it seems ridiculous that something that supports physical and mental health and wellbeing would be excluded but this, unfortunately, is the current financial reality for many families. For me, a membership would be a life buoy. It would be the support I desperately need to adopt a stronger, healthier lifestyle, to lose weight and build strength and resilience. It would be an open door to a support network, a community. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition, what a fantastic prize.

  116. Gabriella Avenia says:

    I would absolutely love to join the BB journey and be considered for the 6 month membership and tone program! I’ve practiced reformer Pilates for 4 years now but had to stop during my first pregnancy as I was attending another studio where I didn’t feel safe with the instructors. However when visiting my mum in Launceston I attended a class with her, with Bianca instructing and it was amazing! I felt so secure and safe and was able to enjoy myself during my favourite form of activity! The best thing about BB too is that you can attend any studio – when my mum visits me in Brisbane she is able to go to the bulimba studio and I am able to attend the Launceston studio when I visit her. In the next few weeks when I’m able post partum I’ll be joining the bulimba studio! Winning this competition would be so fantastic to boost my return to reformer and enable me to workout with my mum here and in Launceston!

  117. Shirley says:

    I would be your best advert for older ladies. Having not exercised for years, I know their would be a dramatic change to my body, everyone would ask ‘how’
    Best advertising word of mouth.
    I need this change !!

  118. Julie Curtis says:

    I have been a member of a gym for over 30 years participating in group fitness classes whilst managing a reoccurring herniated disc. Having just turned 60 it became apparent that my body was no longer able to continue high impact, intense fitness classes which I enjoyed so much. Fortunately my brain has more sense than my body and overruled. It was at this point I needed to find something I enjoyed, something that could potentially improve my back issues and something that would give me fabulous triceps! So I’ve been going to BB for 6 weeks and am happy to report I’ve had no back injury, I have firmer triceps and I really enjoy the whole experience. The space is so calming and the staff and instructors are supportive and encouraging. I would love to be the lucky one to win a six month challenge ‍♀️ to increase my strength and flexibility and rid myself of this at times debilitating back pain. If I can do this, I intend to walk the Lara Pinta trail end to end next year. Thank you

  119. Stephanie Dunlop says:

    This would help me get out of my dulldrums that I have managed to get myself into and head me in the right direction or losing weight and strengthing my body to help me manage better – it would be like winning the lottery to me as I currently couldn’t afford and an Angel giving me the opportunity to get myself in a better place at the same time. WOW what an amazing offering Thank you for the opportunity

  120. Caitlin Morabito says:

    At 28 yrs of age, I’ve always been extremely fit and strong from dancing and aerial sports, up until almost 2 years ago when I sustained a hip and back injury. I completely lost my mojo. After being told by multiple specialists that there’s not much they can do to help me, I finally came across Pilates. I love pilates because it’s a happy medium – you feel the extreme burn from the workouts but you know that you’re treating your body right and not pushing it to the extreme. My aim over the next 6 months is to build my core, upper body and lower body muscles back up to help support my back and hips for an upcoming well deserved snow trip we have booked! I know the BB reformer classes will give me exactly this. A BB studio has just opened up down the road from me and I’d love to be apart of the BB community!!

  121. Sarah says:

    Hi Scott and Team BB

    So I’ve put a lot of thought into what my response to your question might be and it has made me reflect, honestly, of how I view myself, my body and how I would like my future body to look!
    I will be turning 50 at the end of this year and this has brought up many feelings about mortality, my young girls and their potential body image issues and the fact that I need to start truly strengthening my body to withstand the next 50 years! As I have ankylosing spondylitis, (basically very sore joints!), I struggle with heavy weight lifting, running and anything too impactful on my joints. Pilates has been the one exercise that my body responds to for both strength and weight loss.
    The idea of having a team behind me to motivate me and keep me accountable, would really help me to get in there and do the work that I know it will take to get my body looking and feeling like me again..
    Good luck everyone!
    Cheers, Sarah

  122. Belinda Bickley says:

    A 6 month membership to best body would do me the world of good. I did a 2 week trial last year and noticed so much of an improvement in my overall well being. I am at a point in my life where I am constantly running around after my teenage children and honestly have no time for myself. This would make me slow down and give me the opportunity to find myself again. I could really do with a kickstart to a healthy lifestyle to lose some weight and gain some fitness and this would help me immensely.
    Thanks Scott!

  123. Dianne Fowler says:

    After years of pain in my hips and legs and with various diagnoses and subsequent medical interventions with little success, I tried BB and joy – relief. The time spent at BB is enjoyable and the workout manageable with the improvement in my physical condition the ongoing trust built through the ongoing support of Physio Andrew and BB staff enables me to continue my career. With a very busy work life requiring regular travel, this has proven invaluable. This opportunity if successful would certainly enable me to continue and ease the financial pressure. Good luck to all but definitely fingers crossed.

  124. Jessica Dring says:

    I have recently starts BB to see how I would go with a few medical issues which has impacted me from exercising for a few years, and I am in LOVE !! I have found a way to work out without being in pain and I actually enjoy it which is an added bonus. I am just starting to plan my wedding for 2023 and have a goals to loose 10-15kg and I know that the BB membership and toned program will allow me to get there, while saving for a wedding (I knew weddings are expensive but OMG haha).

  125. Inger Bertram says:

    Back in 2018 I had an accident, fracturing my ankle and tearing ligaments. Had ongoing issues. Last year when you opened at the Brickworks I immediately joined on advise of my physio. Unfortunally my injury flared up again, not because of pilates…. and I spent till after xmas and into new year battling. Luckily I found a new physio who got me back on track and has been working with me doing pilates exercises. Am now ready to get back into a weekly routine. My insurance payout for my accident claim is about to happen but no where near covering the out of pocket expenses…. This prize would certainly help me financially being able to do this. Thank you so much for considering me.

  126. Catherine Rose says:

    I’ve just had my first baby!! He’s 12 weeks old now so I’m really keen to get back into exercise but it’s ridiculously hard to get out of the house to get to classes (I just moved to Tassie when so have no family or friends to help out and my partner works long hours on the rescue helicopters here!)
    Pre-baby I was doing ironman 70.3 training and triathlons and cannot wait to start doing this again. I find that Pilates, especially reformer Pilates is the best cross training for the ironman training to massively improve all over strength and reduce injury!!

  127. Rosemary says:

    To challenge myself and my mindset to increase flexibility and strength through various training techniques as opposed to just one type of training.

  128. Jo Berens says:

    Reformer Pilates = toning and core strength for mind and body

    I am aiming to build a better me mostly in relation to my mental health as it’s something I have been on a journey with for some years now and know it’s time to step up to the plate and create an improved version of me.

    Apart from the physical health benefits, releasing stress and enhancing mindfulness would benefit my self-care routine as having something to look forward to by setting goals are great motivators and in turn, improve self esteem, confidence and overall general well-being – wouldn’t hurt to lose a few kg’s either.

    Reformer Pilates can help me by changing the levels of serotonin, cortisol and endorphins in the brain therefore improving my mindset. I could really use a dose of this right now.

  129. Tania Marriott says:

    I’ve been a BB member for a little over a year. I have to be honest, I joined BB a little reluctantly. I don’t love exercising with others (particularly younger women, I’m 48) and my history was with personal trainers one on one which I loved, so I joined believing it would be short lived. Obviously, I was wrong and happy to admit it. As an office based worker sitting at a computer all day, I have a history of neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain. And I knew the local physios on a first name basis. I was going all the time with pain somewhere. Since joining BB, I’ve obviously become fitter, more flexible, and stronger (which are all great outcomes) but the best outcome for me has been a significant reduction in pain and increased mobility and function. It cannot be underestimated how these things improve your life across all areas. I’m now a massive advocate for Best Body Pilates and try and convince all my friends to join. Do it, you won’t regret it.

  130. Raynor Watters-lydiard says:

    I been with Best Body for year and half now and it was the best choice I have made for myself as my neck still give me trouble after my injury 5 years ago and i found with other workout classes i was skipping more days then going because of my neck getting sore too offen and I dont find that with Reformer Pilates I really enjoy going not issues with my neck. I enjoy it that much it is the one thing I recommend it to anyone!

    I feel that the 6 month reformer Pilates membership and toned program will help me be motivated to loss that last 5kgs and tone up the right way as that the moment I feel like I have hit that wall that everyone dose when losing weight in that you can’t seem to loss that last little bit you want as easy as you did at the start as now I don’t know how to to loss that last little bit so when I saw the toned program, I thought that has could help me give me some direction.

  131. Jennifer Franceschi says:

    I have been doing BB Pilates classes for over a year now. I started because I had bad shoulder injuries and I felt that the exercises I was doing in the gym was actually making it worse. I have a much better range of movement now and have greatly reduced the pain I was in. My core is stronger and after 4 children I noticed recently I no longer have any leakage when I exercise, sneeze or cough….. So its obviously improved my pelvic floor. When people ask me why I go I say because I am in training for my 70’s. Growing old is not for wimps and I am trying to get as fit, strong and flexible as I can so that I can remain as independent as possible. Navigating injuries, menopause and general aging is difficult in our busy lives. I try hard to eat well, exercise correctly ( is a fine balance trying to get it right) and work on my mental attitude to keep me going. I am interested in toned because I think it will add another tool to the tool box

  132. Sonia says:

    This program will improve my mental and physical situation. After a still born and gave birth another baby that I’m grateful for I’m enjoying my BB class that helped me to get back in track. I’m grateful for my body what an amazing job it could do. Thank you

  133. Sharon says:

    Pilates has changed my life. I came to pilates after a niggly injury from bushwalking. Whilst developing core strength alleviated the problem, pilates has actually given me strength, balance, coordination and confidence in my body. But on top of all these benefits, the most important aspect of pilates is belonging to a community of like-minded passionate people. It’s not about being solely focussed on the goal, it’s about having fun along the way to make the goal achievable. It’s easy to stick to a plan when you’re loving what you’re doing.
    I would love the opportunity to mix things up with the toned program. As a mum in my 50s I am conscious of increasing and maintaining muscle as insurance against future health worries. Pilates fits in easily around full time work, social bowls, bushwalking and basketball. It’s great for the mind as I don’t think of anything but pilates when I’m in class.
    Whoever is lucky enough to win – well done, they won’t regret entering and they’ll soon be addicted like the rest of us!

  134. Chloe says:

    I’ve been doing intense exercise and cardio for the past year and not seeing a change in my body. I have found Pilates is the best way for me to tone up and would love a 6 month membership to improve myself both physically and mentally. I have been to a BB class before and loved it but unfortunately it is out of my price range. My mum also attends BB and I would love to be able to go with her

  135. Jess says:

    I’m having my first baby in a couple of weeks, which is how I got introduced to BB. 8 months after baby arrives we’re getting married so winning this program would be an immense help to getting me back on track, providing me with much needed support and the best opportunity to be my healthiest self, a good mum and a beautiful bride.

  136. Alex says:

    I would love to be able to come back to BB after having to cancel my founding membership to focus financially on having my unicorn baby! Now she is here and I’ve spent almost a year caring for her I am desperate to spend some time on me for my mental well-being and to get my body back after it stretched out of shape to grow a little human! Pilates was the best fitness I have ever done for my back, not once did I see a physio while I was at BB and since I’ve been on parental leave nearly every second week I’m at physio for neck and back pain. Pleeeeeease pick meeee!

  137. Alison says:

    I think it would get me moving again. My job is a sit down role and by the end of the week I’m as stiff as a board with constant neck and upper pain.

    What an awesome gift to give someone 🙂

  138. Vanessa Rankin says:

    I have always wanted to try Pilates, having heard such great reviews from others. I have lower back pain and sciatic pain daily. I can’t believe the impact it’s having on my life as I’ve always enjoyed good health. At times, it really gets me down. I’m ready to try something new to improve my health and overall well-being. This prize would be perfect for me. Thank you.

  139. Michelle Pearce says:

    Just please.
    Please because I have tried it and it is the only thing that has enthused me about exercise.
    Please because the people you employ are just amazing – they are encouraging and never ever judgy (if that is a word)
    Please because I need to get a lot fitter and lose weight – health issues beginning to creep in!
    Please because I have a brand new grandson that I want to be able to run, jump and play with.
    Please because I have talked to a lot of people about Pilates and have a few going now that we’re not before.
    See, just Please.

  140. Jo McLennan says:

    Caring for children and youth is what I do as a job and in my personal life too! I don’t seem to be able to make time to care for me and now I’m “middle aged’ my health is yelling-HELP. I need to lose weight around my mid section, gain energy, get into a routine and have someone kick my butt(pardon the pun) I have dodgy knees so this would be perfect. I was a dancer in my younger years so Pilates is definitely my style, let’s do this!

  141. Monica says:

    Hi Scott, I have been wanting to do regular Pilates sessions ever since my best friend achieved the most amazing results. We have been training buddies for years helping each other train for runs and triathlons. Unfortunately she has moved interstate but has transformed her life with Pilates and has become an instructor. I am 57 and now struggling with my motivation, flexibility and 5kg I just can’t shift. The opportunity you are offering would be life changing. Kind regards Monica

  142. Brea harris says:

    Hi Scott, I used to be a BB member when devonport tas first opened I absolutely loved it. Recently I have had an acl reconstruction and a baby. And best body for me would be the perfect place to feel stronger and fitter once again without the high impact of some exercises on joints. Thanks so much

  143. Kailee Wallace says:

    I participated in the very first round of Toned and lost over 7kgs and many cm from all areas. This was the first time I have ever lost any weight and committed to it. Since then I have had the stress of finding a new rental and moving house and got really off track with healthy eating and moving my body everyday and have gained back over 2kgs. Since having my covid vaccinations after the first round of Toned, I have not felt as strong and being able to do as much in Pilates as I could before which has been really deflating but I am slowly getting back to the strength I was at before and feel doing Toned again will really help with this. I have recently changed my membership to 4 classes per week to ensure I’m getting more movement but feel that I need the accountability and support to get back on track and begin to lose weight again. I felt very proud of myself for completing Toned the first time and it would be amazing to restart that journey and get back into a routine and my body to a healthy and strong point.

  144. Ming says:

    Everytime I start my fitness journey, it fails eventually. And then frustration, anxiety etc follows.

    I need help on this.

    I hope that Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now to make a breakthrough so that I can achieve what I desire. 🙂

  145. nicole walton says:

    i love my pilates, i am addicted as it is the one thing that i have and do for ME and only ME !!
    the 45 mins i get from each class is indispensable.
    the strength, balance and mental clarity i receive from each class is unbelievable.
    i am happier and feel more in control of my life when i dedicate this time for myself.
    i have signed my daughter up as we all need to be doing something for our body and mind and this has helped her immensely with helping control her blood sugars as she is a Type 1 Diabetic. it is the only exercise (besides netball in winter) that she does as she feels safe as she is in a controlled environment where she can have her medications on tap and there is no judgement.
    im a rambler. i hate exercise but i LOVE Pilates……

  146. Caroline says:

    I have always considered myself to be reasonably fit and healthy. I love to be active and notice how it has a huge impact on my emotional well-being.
    The last couple of years I have lost my way a bit. I am starting to see a very negative cycle. After health assessments I am worried. I am only in my mid thirties and I feel the results are only due to the trauma and stress my family and I are going through. Although the stresses cannot be helped it would be nice to have something positive to focus on and help to break the cycle.
    I am a member of BB. I joined when we relocated from another country last year. I thoroughly enjoy the classes. I feel stronger and it beings a sense of appreciation for what my body can achieve, even if short lived.
    I am already trying to start this journey. A helping hand would be so appreciated.

  147. Barbara Carter says:

    I am a 62 year old woman who has done pilates, both mat and reformer, for many years. I can honestly say it’s the one thing I’ll never give up, as I know how much it as helped me stay flexible, strong and pain free. I also see pilates as helping me with my mental health and use it as part of my daily mindfulness.
    The studio I currently attend has reduced it’s class options and I am finding it hard to fit in the number of sessions I would like to attend each week. I know that Best Body has many classes available each day so I would like to come and try out your reformer classes. The bonus is I live literally 5 mins five from a BB studio.

    Last year I lost 7kg and feel so much better for doing so. Recently I have gained a couple of kgs due to emotional reasons. My dear 89 year old mum is nearing the end of her life. I go to see her every day and am struggling to deal with her deterioration which has accelerated since she contracted COVID a few weeks ago. I feel your Toned program is just what I need to get back on track and be supported through this tough time.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  148. Annie Hawkins says:

    In 2005, my life changed.
    I was a fit, healthy Mum of three great teenagers.
    I was injured, while training to be a PO,
    The lack of Duty of care was serious, unbelievably all evidence was covered up, There was no compensation.
    I had to have back surgery a laminectomy, and later a discectomy of the L5 S1.
    I’ve suffered with Chronic pain, Sciatica for 17 years, I cant work, so I was put on a disability pension.
    Prior to my injury, I owned 2 businesses, I had my own fashion label, for 15 years, I designed, manufactured, wholesaled and retailed my label here in Perth. I later started a business in hospitality, which allowed me as a single mum to buy a home for my children in Mt Hawthorn,

    I’ve also suffered a huge financial setback , the mental and physical challenges , I continually face, have been tough. Living with chronic pain is draining .I was put on all kinds of pain medication, day surgeries, injections, barely masked my pain, in fact it made me feel worse .
    Most of my rehab I did alone.

    In 2017 the govt supported some visits to see a Physiotherapist. She recommended i try Pilates.
    For the first time in 12 years years, i felt I could manage my pain, I weaned myself off the strong pain medication. My core strength increased,, my life started to change in so many ways .

    In Dec 2020, I became a victim of Domestic Violence.
    I was in an abusive relationship, financially , mentally , then it became physical . I was badly injured, I’ve recently had another back operation, a Laminectomy this time, it was my L3, L4, my sciatic pain has badly deteriorated, I’m back to where I started in 2005, but now I’m quite a few years older..

    I had to press charges for my own safety, it went to court , he was found guilty and convicted as charged .
    There are no winners here, my body is beaten , I’m mentally drained, I’ve had another major back operation and he has a conviction.

    I know I can’t recover from this on my own, not again.
    I need Professional support, to help me get my life back on track. I’m willing to do the work,
    To be given an opportunity to rehabilitate with Professional, supportive staff at BB Pilates, would mean the world to me .
    I need motivation, I need help to recover, I know if I can strengthen my core, and tone my body, it will help me manage my Sciatica, which in turn, will give me the strength I need to move forward.
    If I was given this chance to turn my life around, I’d hope I could motivate others to do the same.

  149. Cristy Barton says:

    I’ve typed and deleted about 10 times so far! Putting into words my health issues from the last 16 years is a bit overwhelming. How could winning this competition help me right now? It would give me back my mobility, start repairing my physical health and improve my mental health greatly! 16 years ago I sustained a pregnancy/birth injury that required Physiotherapy and Pilates classes. Unfortunately I was only able to attend for a short time before life well and truly got in the way. I’ve since had two more pregnancies, sustained even further birth related injury and pregnancy related Diastisis. I have mild Scoliosis, Lipoedema and a large bust and suffer a severely weakened core, back and neck pain, migraines and joint issues. I previously tried gym memberships and restrictive diets to help but nothing works long term. I know Reformer Pilates would be the best suitable option – increasing my flexibility, loosening tight muscles, repairing my damaged core and supporting my back – this would genuinely be life changing for me. Lipoedema makes weight loss almost impossible and it becomes an endless repetitive cycle – I’m at the stage where abdominal surgery and breast reduction are looming large in my future. If I can avoid surgery and start healing and repairing my body it would mean I could function without pain, regain my lost mobility, and have the opportunity to really do something amazing for my physical and mental health! I genuinely want to thank you for this competition and the amazing opportunity you are giving people to change their lives for the better.

  150. Reharn Morris says:

    My health (mental and physical) has had major struggles over the years. I was once active and loved physical exercise. I felt stong and independent. After an injury, my strength declined due to a mental outlook (fear) of potential future injury.

    I now have medical issues due to weight and lack of core strength. Best body has been recommended to me, but I find myself on the edge of the pool, trying to work up enough courage to dip my toe in the water. This opportunity may be the push I need to jump back in the ‘water’ and feel strong again.

  151. Linda Coombes says:

    I have been suffering with shoulder pain for several months which has improved a bit with the help of some exercises from the physio but I feel that regular Pilates classes will strengthen the shoulders and reduce the inflammation. Also I used to go to regular yoga classes which I have not been able to do for various reasons and the toning would help me strengthen my core again.

  152. Jacqui Reynolds says:

    This prize will help me improve strength in my shoulder as I’ve recently recovered from a bursitis & tear, it will also help me with my overall strength & mental health as I haven’t been able to do much exercise due to my shoulder & 24/7 headaches. I’d also like to loose a bit of tummy fat

  153. Trisha Hardman says:

    I have been coming to BB twice a week for the past year and it is something I really look forward to. I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. The opportunity to take part in a focussed toned course would help me to jump start my weight loss and increase my fitness.
    I would be very excited to be a part of this program!

  154. Tara Delaforce says:

    I currently have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which was caused by being attacked by my housemate. I have tried physio, massage, have had multiple procedures not surgery (basically used as a guinea pig) to trial different thing to help workout what can help people with this chronic issue. This has been ongoing for over 3 years now with little to no relief. From what I know of reformer pilates it is designed to help with chronic pain. I would like to test this out, yet again be another guinea pig in hope of finding a solution not only for myself but for others who have this debilitating condition.

  155. Jade Howard says:

    I just want to feel like me again.

  156. Giorgia Rossi says:

    I was one of the first member to join BB in Innaloo. Unfortunately after 2 years I had to stop my membership because I could not commit to the weekly payment anymore.
    Since that day I struggled to do any exercise at all and I am back to where I was before starting pilates, so I am not happy anymore with my body.
    This opportunity will have a great value for me, I am a mum of 2 super active boys and I really need some time for myself and my body.

  157. Shannon says:

    A 6 month Best Body membership would be life changing for me and my health & wellness journey! I have suffered with several health conditions over the past 5 years and the most recent flare up had me suffering with chronic pain for 14 months. Due to the pain and not being able to exercise during that period, I have lost so much muscle strength and I was told by specialists that reformer pilates would be amazing for rebuilding my strength and helping to ease the pressure on arthritic joints. I would love the opportunity to feel good in myself again, to be able to live life to the fullest and to get back to being able to play with my kids again!
    Thank you.

  158. Laura Austin says:

    I have recently become a single mother. Winning this contest would be absolutely life-changing for me at this time. It would provide me with the support and direction I require in achieving my physical goals, as well as, see my self-confidence, energy levels and mental focus flourish. Together, this will contribute to me becoming the best version of myself and the best mother possible to my two beautiful daughters.

  159. Elham says:

    I gave birth last year and went to the pregnancy studio during my pregnancy and it gave me so much energy after each workout and kept my body active and toned which I loved. A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help yen by getting me back to working out and loving my body again now that my son is over a year old and I have more time and energy to get back to my workout routine. This membership would help me get there.

  160. Bibbi says:

    I tried BB a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The improvement in my health was amazing. Sadly I was no longer able to afford the classes and I stopped going – worse mistake ever!
    I am an older overweight mum, and I mean overweight, who should have kept going with pilates, as I would probably be much healthier than I am now.
    I used to be a gym junkie. Then the battle with IVF came and with taking all the hormones, my weight sky rocketed! After many failed attempts I was blessed with 2 little people (9 and 8). However, my health has never been the same. I did not bounce back to my pre IVF weight or fitness. I have stayed pretty much at my pregnancy weight and would love to fit into all my old clothes, which I still have – 10 years later!
    So how could a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now? I would be able to have ‘my time’ to attend the classes, which I don’t have now. I would be inspired to focus on nutrition and exercise like I use to be. I would be committed knowing this is the start of a never ending story….as I would not want to give up after 6 months! That just can’t happen! As with all the comments above, we all want to feel and look better! However, I need this more than I even realise. I don’t want to compete with everyone, just myself.
    My family would benefit by having a healthier mum who they be able to be proud of as I would put in 100% commitment at all times. I want to be the test guinea pig so when people ask ‘how did you do it?”, I can reply “”Best Body as I now have my own BB!””
    Thank you.

  161. Winning a 6 month membership will change my life. I have Fybromyalgia, an autoimmune condition that makes it hard for me to exercise. I used to be a gym bunny, but as my condition worsened I found the high impact exercise too hard. I did start a journey at BB a few months ago, but due to the rising coasts of supporting my son who has some extra needs I was unable to continue. When I was at BB, I did really enjoy it. I found it challenging but manageable and it helped me destress, as my days can be challenging with a son that has high needs.

  162. Michelle fletcher says:

    Wow I’ve wanted to try this form of excise because of the low impact it has on the body I have a lower disc problem which was from falling down on my tail bone I’ve noticed walking now aggravates it the job I had for the past year was a sit down driving job far different from my usual physical work so I feel now I’m out of condition need core strength and diffinately lose weight I need some goals direction and confidence back I feel as I’ve lost that just recently i had another setback physically and mentally when I had a miscarriage being part of a community is just what I need right now and turning my life around in a positive direction thanku for your time

  163. Shelley Currie says:

    I started my journey with BB almost a year ago.
    I was recovering from 2 seperate trauma’s to my body that has been very debilitating with long term effects on my body with loss of movement, constant pain and weight gain.
    After months of persistent pain and struggling to do the classes and almost quitting several times I am slowly beginning to notice I have more movement, less pain in my body and beginning to feel stronger and healthier.
    I have found the staff have mostly been supportive and encouraging at BB and they have substituted exercises that flare up my injuries to ones that I can manage, although I still have my limitations but feel I am improving.
    If I were to win the 6 months BB membership program I feel it would aid me tremendously to continue to improve my strength, fitness and general well-being and hopefully weight loss.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this generous offer.

  164. Wendy Peters says:

    I joined the Devonport BB 2 years ago after escaping a domestic violence marriage of 20 years basically l was so mixed up mentally and very low self care and esteem. I read about BB on a friends FB page and thought l would go along and have a go. Was the best thing l have ever done l feel amazing and have so much energy and actually like who l am now.l do 5 classes a week and would do 7 if l could. I am a Nurse and have enrolled into do further study to make a difference with other survivors and it’s BB that gives me strength socially, mentally and fitness to continue. I so love BB best thing l have ever joined

  165. Anita says:

    I feel a six month membership will accelerate my health journey adding an additional class to my 3 days per week membership. I have been on the BB journey for around a year and have noticed an increase in my strength, stamina and fitness levels. If I miss a class my body notices it, so I try not to. My back, neck and foot pain has reduced significantly with some days no lower back pain at all, which is massive for me after experiencing pain for over 20 yrs! BB has been the only membership I have continued with for this length of time. I would now like to focus on reducing hormonal weight gain and toning my body. Food can be my downfall so I feel with the program and the additional class it will really help me change my lifestyle while reaching my health goals. Financially this will also be a massive support which will allow me to increase my dinner twist meals, which I love and help me stay healthy both mentally and physically too!

  166. Sarah Robertson says:

    The Best thing about Best Bodies is just that you achieve the “Best Body” when you commit to Pilates. I have been on a journey for awhile now with BB and it has literally changed my outlook on not just exercise but the true meaning of a company who delivers in every area the studios and the staff are second to none and that is the secret behind this company they mean it… they truly care and its not just another studio it is a family based studio … you are not a number here you are definitely part of a family and this is why they are successful because of there honesty and integrity and you feel heard and seen. This is a lifetime commitment and the easiest commitment ever.

  167. Ross Thomson says:

    I used to run a lot – 5ks 4 x week, plus 15k 1 x week, but i was never a fluid runner – tight hamstrings meant I could never stretch out my stride. then i did my knee.
    After that i couldnt see my toes or touch them. I only knew they were there cos i would stub them into sonething.
    I joined BB in order to get some flexibility so that i could bend over and touch my toes, and build some core strength so that i could get back into running.
    My flexibility still has a long way to go, but im very happy with the progress. I can now see my toes (at least the ends of them) and i can on a good day after a pilates session touch them – my aim is to get my palms on the floor!!!
    This prize would provide the best possible chance of achieving this in a relatively short timeframe.
    Thanks Scott for the opportunity to enter.

  168. amanda bedford says:

    I am keen to add Pilates into my regular exercise routine and have dropped hints to my children that a BB membership would be a great mothers day choice!! 🙂 I need to strengthen my core as have ongoing lower back issues and hip stiffness and pelvic floor is in need of serious TLC with obvious changes over the past 6 months!! I have recently added mediation into my self care routine and feel Pilates would compliment this allowing me to focus on breathing and controlled exercise and toning. I have made significant efforts to lose 10kgs since January and would love to tone and shape. Would love to be a winner of this competition thanks for the opportunity BB!!

  169. Caris De Oliveira says:

    The Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program would help Not only with my body goals but for my mental health. I have a lot of trouble shutting off after work as I work two jobs. Even when I joined the gym I was still thinking about my work and not the exercises. And if on the off chance I wasn’t thinking about work i would be thinking “why aren’t I seeing results. I’m excited to start my Pilates journey for my body, my coordination and assisting my mental health! I’m also excited to work on being healthy and watching my energy levels soar.

  170. Susan Russell says:

    I was a foundation member of the Duncraig studio and loved my classes. However, I tore the tendons in my hip, was unable to attend for many months and sadly cancelled by membership in early 2021. Since then I have been fearful of repeating the injury and have done little exercise. I work full time at a computer and I really need a kick start to get my confidence back, tone up and loose some kilos. I had never felt as strong, flexible with an overall sense of wellbeing whilst I was attending regularly and would like to regain that feeling.

  171. Joan Dodd says:

    Hi Scott – thank you for the chance to rejoin the BB community and especially the offer you are making? Wow – I was a member for over two years and Loved the way my body and mind felt ! Your staff are amazing ladies who motivated me to improve! As an ‘older’ member some members were amazed at what I was doing and told me that I was setting a fabulous example for them
    Having had lower back injuries and surgery many years ago I was always cautious but the core strength I felt in Pilates improved my muscles and back pain – no more!
    Unfortunately the Covid mandates caused me to have to postpone and finally resign from BB and without the motivation my health both physically and mentally has taken a downhill step ! Would be wonderful now the vaccine mandate has been partially lifted to get back into a regular class again. Fingers crossed!

  172. Emily Pellicano says:

    Hello Scott! I tried out one of your classes and absolutely loved it. The space, vibe and trainer was amazing. If I won this contest, it would give me access to be part of a motivating team to help reach my goals of overall fitness – mind, body and health. I am a cyclist and with moving into the winter period it will help me keep my fitness and strength up whilst keeping a solid routine.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  173. Sarah Allenberg says:

    I love reformer pilates so much that I tell everyone they must try it. When I tried every exercise out there, gyms included I would always get run down and sick as I was pushing myself too much with weights and running. Pilates has helped me so much, it releases endorphins for me, I have amazing balance, i’m more focused, i’m stronger, i’m well and i’m seeing toning. When I had my two babies, my pelvic floor was great from doing pilates which I did all the way through both pregnancies. I’m getting stronger in my abdomen again. It is honestly the best thing that I have found in my life that keeps me focused, stronger, happier and I never not want to go to pilates! A 6 month membership would help immensely and I can guarantee you would have a client for life with me. (well you do anyway) haha! Plus I am really trying to reach my goal of “‘ab’s by 40” (haven’t ever had ab’s before and if I can do it at 40! Woohoo to me!) I really believe in the Best Body concept. I have been doing pilates 9 years now and I will continue to do it until the day I can’t anymore! Thank you and thank you for opening up a Best Body so close to me (Southport) 🙂

  174. Charmaine Alexander says:

    BBP has been life changing. Its the only form of exercise I am allowed given current health issues and I absolutely love it. The opportunity to get toned would be incredible.

  175. Jed Donougher says:

    B – Beacuse I did Pilates in my youth before it became fashionable and am fully aware of the benefits
    E – Everytime my wife goes to BB, she tells me how great she feels.
    S – Starting Pilates is more about the mental well being than the physical for me.
    T – Total dedication assured to commit to the program if selected.
    B – Buying a membership at the moment is a little beyond the budget as I have a gym membership to do my weights that I thoroughly enjoy.
    O – Overall, this maybe the best way to incorporate weights, cardio and mental peace into a one stop shop.
    D – Doing this could be life changing for me.
    Y – You get out of life what you put into it…period!

  176. Theresa Clark says:

    I haven’t become a member thru membership yet only done a few single classes but I am hopeful that thru receiving a 6 month membership I can build stronger core helping me wth my sore back and hip joints maybe even become more comfortable in my own skin not only physically but mentally as well, I’m a pretty shy reserved person and the ppl I see in classes seem to be very social I’d like to become as I said more comfortable as who I am…if I happen to shed some kilos or cm I cud live wth that too…

  177. Kay says:

    I have lost 20kg in 6 months with Best Body and I couldn’t be happier. Because of the benefits from BB, I would like to enter this competition for my sister instead. Her life has slowly changing after change to a new job and constant support from her husband and two gorgeous boys. As I’m currently overseas, I’m not able to continue to motivate her in person and I’m hoping this competition can give her a good start to even a better and healthy lifestyle. BB changed my life!

  178. Amy says:

    Ive been at Best Body for over 2 years and ive loved every minute of it. Ive suffered chronic pain for 5 years and in that time ive had 2 major hip surgeries and si joint fusion. Chronic pain definitely has had a huge impact on me personally as well as my famiy life. Pilates has definitely helped me with my recovery especially after my fusion. Im still having ongoing issues and they would like to do a total hip replacement in july- being 38 yrs old this is not what i had planned! Im hoping through pilates and exercise physiology i can avoid or at least postpone this surgery for as long as possible.
    I have spent more money than id like to count on surgeries, medical appts, scans, medications and consultations so to have a free 6 month membership would be fantastic!!!
    During the past 5 years i have been able to do less and less activity (i used to do a daily 5km run) unfortunately this has lead me to gain 20 kilos which has had a massive impact on me both mentally and physically. Im hoping the toned program will be able to help me with this and help me get back on a healthier journey and reach my goals of better health both mentally and physically, weight loss and reduced pain and if i can avoid getting a new hip i will be happier than ever!!!!! Just get me back to the old me
    Thank you

  179. Brooke S says:

    Having three small kids and being a social worker during COVID has meant I’ve had very little time the last two years to focus on me. Now that the COVID madness is slowly settling I feel like I can find the mental space to think about me again, and now that I have i can see how much my own physical fitness has been forgotten the last two years.
    I think this membership would give me the determination to make me a priority again.
    I’d love to feel strong and physical capable again. As I spend a lot of hours sitting listening to people, my posture isn’t great and I often have a sore neck and back.
    Knowing how to do something to change this would be life changing as I hate having to take pain relief so often.
    I think it would also really help me as a mum as I often feel tired and lethargic, so I’d love to be fitter and have more energy for my kids.

  180. Meagan Moon says:

    I need this boost of motivation! It’s been 10 mths since I’ve had my second baby and safe to say my muscle tone is rubbish. I think there’s a core in here somewhere and I would love to find it! Not to mention the flappy arms and saggy butt… But seriously I need to work on these abs, I get lower back pain from years as a nurse and lifting kids doesn’t help. I’ve not tried Pilates before, it looks like a great all over, gentle but effective work out. I would be forever greatful

  181. Isabelle Nunn says:

    Hi Scott! I would absolutely love to win this experience, I know it would change my life. I’ve struggled for over 8 years with back/shoulder and neck pain and eating disorders, I’ve tried so many types of exercise to inspire me in a way that was healthy and to find joy in exercise. Coming from a brackground in yoga finding pilates was game changing, it’s so fun, motivating and the perfect amount of challenging, the community at my local studio are all gorgeous inspiring people who help lift each other up. I started with a 10 class pass and now i’ve used it up I know I want a membership and to never look back. My mental and physical health rely on what pilates is bringing to my life and I can’t wait to see what happens down the track, whether I win this or not I know I’ll continue my pilates journey! 🙂

  182. Brooke S says:

    Having three small kids and being a social worker during COVID has meant I’ve had very little time the last two years to focus on me. Now that the COVID madness is slowly settling I feel like I can find the mental space to think about me again, and now that I have i can see how much my own physical fitness has been forgotten the last two years.
    I think this membership would give me the determination to make me a priority again.
    I’d love to feel strong and physical capable again. As I spend a lot of hours sitting listening to people, my posture isn’t great and I often have a sore neck and back.
    Knowing how to do something to change this would be life changing as I hate having to take pain relief so often.
    I think it would also really help me as a mum as I often feel tired and lethargic, so I’d love to be fitter and have more energy for my kids.

  183. Angela Phipps says:

    A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program I am hoping can help me to find myself again! I have throughout my life been active, rowing, weight training, marathons, triathlons, all demanding mostly high impact sports. Over the past 10 months I have undergone a Hysterectomy, had a Navicular fracture in my foot. Both times I have picked myself up again and built up my training again, each time getting harder, not only physically but mentally too. Most recently I have torn ligaments on my hand which has required surgery. I am looking now to start the build to fitness again and I realise now in order for me to perform at the optimum level I need more core and low impact strength work in order for me to be at my best. I’m not looking to break records but rather be the best I can be and I am hoping Pilates can get me there.

  184. Steph Winter says:

    I joined BB at the start of my pregnancy as recommended by my obstetrician and physio (who I have been seeing for 2 years for a back/hip issue). My back/hips are better than ever, even with carrying a tiny person inside!! This is solely due to pilates and I can’t believe how well the classes have worked. I’d love to win the 6-month membership and Toned program to help me get back into shape post-birth and ensure my back and hips stay strong and pain-free. The BB studios and staff are awesome and I’ve felt comfortable and confident all the way through, joining pilates has been the best decision! <3

  185. Steph Winter says:

    I joined BB at the start of my pregnancy as recommended by my obstetrician and physio (who I have been seeing for 2 years for a back/hip issue). My back/hips are better than ever, even with carrying a tiny person inside!! This is solely due to pilates and I can’t believe how well the classes have worked. I’d love to win the 6-month membership and Toned program to help me get back into shape post-birth and ensure my back and hips stay strong and pain-free. The BB studios and staff are awesome and I’ve felt comfortable and confident all the way through, joining pilates has been the best decision! <3

  186. nicole mehl says:

    Nicole Mehl: I am a single full time working mum and i struggle to find any time to get fit. I have high insulin levels, high cholesterol and am in constant panic about getting exercise. I can’t run as i have an issue with my pelvic floor which needs strengthening. My ex husband works overseas so i don’t have much support, would love to be able to get healthy seeing as i am peri menopausal as well and would love to loose around 8 kilos and feel good again. I have fibromyalgia and am constantly stiff and have muscle weakness so the free toned programme would be fantastic for me.
    My little guy who is 9 years old would have to come and sit at reception with his ipad or homework whilst i do the reformer pilates classes after 6pm.

    I would really love to be considered for this.
    Thanks Nicole

  187. Lisa says:

    Wow this would truely be amazing to win 6 months free membership. I’ve been going for a month and I’m hooked and can honestly say this has been the only thing that’s helped me since suffering birth trauma mentally and physically I’m in such a better place since going. I’ve noticed huge improvements with my physical strength where’s physio didn’t help. I can only afford to go twice a week right now and to be able to go 4 times a week would really help me. I would like to make Shout out to the lovely ladies In Mandurah they’re amazing. Thank you

  188. Alison Cruickshank says:

    Earlier this year I completed EMDR therapy for PTSD which I’ve struggled with most of my life. I had no idea I was suffering from PTSD; I just thought I was a horrible, broken person and didn’t deserve better. Now there is a … hole where all my fear and self loathing used to be… an absence… I no longer fear the judgement of others, the shame of not being perfect. I can walk into BB in lycra and feel nothing but welcomed!

    I must sound like an evangelist to some, but its honestly been such a powerful and amazing change for me. I’m able to use the phone and leave the house .. and I choose to follow up my mental health with physical health! I have 20-30kg extra body weight and I struggle with pain which I know can largely be managed with core strength. I’ve tried things on my own, but I need the interest and support that I’ve received from my local BB community to keep me on track. I want to model strength, determination and worthiness to my daughters so that they grow up with a sense of self belief. I’m 50+ years old, and I’ve wasted enough of my life!

  189. Nat says:

    It would let me move again

  190. Mandi says:

    Hi Scott!

    I am your typical “Before and After” just waiting to unfurl! ha ha ha!

    I am a mum of 2 who, up until this year was working part-time, studying full-time, running on next to no sleep and basically just putting everything and everyone before me. I tried reformer pilates at BB a few times and LOVED it, even though it was tough on my untoned and, for lack of a better word, rather overweight mum-body. However, time was stretched and it was difficult getting to classes with my husband working early mornings and late nights. Then came 2022….I gave up work so I could focus on my studies, my family and MYSELF! Only thing is now that I have the time to do pilates, I don’t have the income to justify trying it out to see if it really works for me long-term!

    My chiro has begged and pleaded with me to look into starting pilates as he assures me it will be so beneficial for my chronic neck and shoulder AND sleep issues so I feel like the timing of this giveaway could be a real serendipity moment in my life!

    Take care xx

  191. Nicole says:

    After losing 25kgs, Toned would help me tone up all those flabby bits and continue my journey of being the best version of myself. I want to inspire my own children & my students as I practice the growth mindset that I talk to them about. I want to be the best version of myself for myself and Best Body with Toned can help that journey!

  192. Marnie says:

    I would love to win this Pilates package.
    Whenever I ask someone how they look so good, Pilates is the overwhelming answer. Lean, toned and that general “well” look. You know, the glow, the healthiness of the entire person. That’s what I’m keen on.
    The holistic improvement that Pilates seems to bring with a regular practice. Strong is sexy!

  193. Maddalena Hookway says:

    About 7 years ago i was told i needed a lower back fusion which i wasn’t all that excited about. Someone told me to try reformer bed pilates which i thought would be worth a try. It was the best thing i ever did. No back surgery for me… Due to Circumstances i had to stop going 🙂 Would love to get back into it.

  194. Natalya Emma says:

    Hey Scott!
    To answer this,
    Winning The Best Body 6 month membership & Toned program is going to help me right now in 5 ways!
    1. I had a complete Achilles rupture with an extensive recovery time. Since full recovery, it’s been challenging to get my mobility back & I experience chronic pain in my hips legs and back.
    I’ve been advised reformer Pilates would be an ideal regular exercise to assist with managing this.

    2. In 2019 I went through quite a traumatic event, my regular exercise routine of consistent yoga practice & weight training completely fell apart. I’ve found it difficult to get my body & mind back to the peak condition I was in prior to this event and I believe this program would provide me a strong foundation to work towards that again.

    3. I have been considering committing to membership with Best Body for some time, however on a single income I’ve been unable to financially prioritise this without knowing that I will stick to this on a regular basis.
    The program and starting membership will provide me a basis to make this a regular part of my routine setting me up to commit to joining following the 6 month period.

    4. Toning, since my injury and the event I referenced above I have lost the majority of the tone I had in my body naturally.
    Committing to the tone program will give me the perfect starting point to get this back, then I can maintain from there.

    5. Community, Best Body seems to be building a community not just a place to train. This will help me by providing the opportunity to join a community of likeminded people, community and belonging is so vital to my sense of happiness I would love to be involved.

    I’m so excited for the chance to join the community & bring my friends along with me!

  195. Lauren Forsythe says:

    Hi, the 6 month membership would be a game changer for me. I currently work long hours in a bar along with doing lots of weight training and playing hockey but I’ve noticed my mobility giving me problems and that’s why I decided to look into starting Reformer Pilates as I believe it would be great way to help with my flexibility and to get some much needed stretching back into my everyday routine. This prize would really help me overcome the only hurdle that’s preventing me from signing up so I would really appreciate it as kickstart into a new fitness journey for me. Thanks for creating this opportunity.

  196. Kaitlin says:

    I have spent the last 3 years learning how to fuel my body with good food. I’ve been met with a challenge of not being able to workout and tone my body within a traditional gym due to a back injury when I was 18. As a separated parent financial restraints have hindered my ability to afford reformer Pilates so this membership would provide me with an otherwise unattainable way to strengthen, tone and feel good in my body.

  197. Susan Draggett says:

    After suffering a brain haemorrhage 3 years ago I’m still struggling trying to get some strength back in my body it left me very lots of problems were I’ve had to learn everything again such as walking etc I can’t run any more or even walk quickly my joints and muscles are very weak I’ve had a review with best body but was very wary with covid and wearing a mask is hard as I’ve also developed asthma so at the time I couldn’t go ahead but I’m now getting desperate I don’t want to feel this weak any more I want my life back may not be the same as before but it as to be better than this

  198. Jade says:

    I have been struggling to get myself back on track with my fitness, I can no longer do the heavy weight strength training I was doing previously, I’ve had ankle and knee troubles. This would allow me to get my health back on track, both in mind and body, and overall fitness. A fresh start to fitness in a different way. I want to be healthy for my son and partner. I’ve put on 20 kilos this past 2 years. It’s time to turn that around and live and feel happier again.

  199. BronteB says:

    Hi Scott!
    What a generous competition – thank you for the opportunity to be considered.
    I would love to be a Best Body member. I have been struggling greatly to find motivation and get out of my mental funk. I believe that if I were selected as the lucky recipient, this would be life changing for me. Once I am committed to something that I love, I give my absolute all. From what I am reading about BB, it sounds like an environment that would be positive for me to be apart of. I want to push my limits and step out of my comfort zone in trying something new and I believe this opportunity has come at the complete right time. I would be eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a member of BB. Also fitting that my initials are BB – I feel this is a sign!!
    Thank you again!

  200. Rachel Brown says:

    Hello Scott!

    I’ll start by saying, for me personally BB is the best gym I have ever been to (and I’ve been to many and done loads of different types of workouts over the years) and the Toned Program is absolutely amazing for those really wanting to take it up a notch and get to your goals quicker with amazing support and clear guidelines. This is not intended to be a brown-nosing speech either by the way.. I’m just speaking honestly from the heart.

    I am a 45 year old (young) lady who started at BB South Perth last October. I switched from HIIT and boxing after a lower back injury mid last year and I’ve definitely felt the difference in my overall body and mental health. Since starting at BB, I have actually participated in both Toned Programs already run and really loved it. There’s unlimited support from everyone in the group and it’s so inspiring to hear everyone else’s daily progress particularly if you haven’t had the best day yourself. It gives you the drive to pick yourself back up and keep going. I’ll admit I didn’t finish strong in the first Toned Program as it coincided with Xmas and the cleaner eating / diet is the hardest part for me. I’ve always been an over-eater / emotional eater due to mental health struggles over the years so it’s not an overnight switch out of the habit and so easy to fall over in this area.
    I did however, do brilliantly with everything else and that was a win for me. As mentioned about my mental health, I have also struggled with consistency in the past because I was so up and down. I would go to the gym for a month or 2 then not go for a few months, and so on. Since switching to reformer Pilates, I’ve managed to attend 4 times a week almost every week (plus doing the extra Toned sessions at home). So my mental health has significantly improved too because of my attendance, new stable routine and the fantastic things I am doing for my body / mind by doing regular Pilates. I now feel amazing every morning before I get to work because I’ve started the day with a BB class, and there was a time not too far in the past that I regularly struggled to even get out of bed for work (not anymore).

    All the instructors are so helpful and I love that you can alter the workout / spring tension based around your injuries. So even when I’m not physically feeling 100%, I’m still motivated to go because I know I’ll still get a lot out of it.

    Whilst I didn’t have a huge loss on the scales after the Toned Programs (there was still some), I ticked so many other boxes in the Toned Program which has set me up for better living in general.
    – I am conscious of how much water I drink daily
    – I manage my 10,000 steps into each day even when I’m in the office all day
    – Intermittent fasting is now a habit for me (which is a great start to improving my overeating)
    – I give myself the recognition for a great effort and gratitude comes easily everyday
    – Consistency and general well-being has improved as a result
    – I lost heaps of cms overall as my body changed shape quite a bit – stronger, fitter, better mobility…

    Regardless of whether I win this wonderful prize, I’ll still be putting myself first going forward and attending BB 4 times a week and hopefully be accepted into the next Toned Program too – I’m happy to do it again for myself as well as helping motivate newcomers and share my experience with them too. Nobody is perfect or ticked all the boxes everyday for that matter, but to have the opportunity to do the best you can and have the support of a community at the same time is so incredible.

    And finally, one of the other reasons I wanted to continually improve my health (and remain a part of this great network) is because I may be lucky enough this year to have the opportunity to be a recipient for an embryo donation. I’m hoping I come up on the wait list before I enter a peri-menopausal stage of life (as it’s not possible once an irregular period starts). And all going well, I’m now in the best possible place / gym community to support a successful and healthy (potential and geriatric) pregnancy.

    I’m very grateful for all you have done already Scott and the BB team. Love your work.

  201. Alisa Ranson says:

    I am starting an uphill journey to strengthen my bones. All things weight bearing are in my scope, and I’d love to be supported to get to know Pilates, lose some weight and literally build a stronger me for a happy healthy future.

  202. Lisa says:

    OMG I would love to win this. I have tried reformer Pilates out before and it’s amazing. I’m at a stage where I’m finding it increasing hard to loose weight and need a shake up and this could be it. Also trying to get myself the best I can be in preparation for starting a family.
    I find that it’s such a good atmosphere with loads of support with is a wonderful community it be a part off.
    Thanks so much

  203. Ash Gadsden says:

    This program would greatly help me as im currently 3 months pregnant with my second child. My first pregnancy was awful in that I didn’t do any exercise and I really felt horrible post partum. I’m hoping this pregnancy is different in that I look after my body and get back to my pre baby body as soon as possible.
    I currently do pilates once a week through another studio but they never have availability for more sessions so this program would suit me to a t.
    Thanks 🙂

  204. Joshua Hughes says:

    I started at best body Currumbine last month. Savannah was very helpful in our initial consultation and consecutive one on one training. Savannah was able to program the best way forward despite numerous injuries and medical conditions. Taking me through most of the primary movements of a class as I am new to this style of training. From there I was able to join the classes with relative ease.
    Having a torn iliopsoas, inflamed tendon in my right elbow and a severe brain condition called a Chiari malformation type 2 acquired that required brain surgery and chronic symptoms, slipped disk L4,chronic pain and fatigue. ‘Working out’ as they say in complex and riddled with challenges. Savannah was able to navigate through my barriers and offer a way forward. The goal is to strengthen my transverse abdominal muscle as a foundation to re strengthen the core and use the stretch and flex classes to help relax my central nervous system and allow my lightly spasming muscle to loosen by applying resistance during the eccentric phase of the movements.
    Best body Currumbine has helped bring clarity and hope to my recovery and fitness journey. Thanks to the team. Especially Savannah.

  205. Carly winwood says:

    I have just recently had my second child and while pregnant I’m very ill so I lose 13kgs plus, It’s honestly the worst time of my life but the best time of my life being skinny! But since having my daughter I have put all my weight back on, and I’m just feeling very flat within myself, emotional all the time and want to build myself back up to be comfortable and confident in my body and when I put some jeans on and walk out the door with my two kids!
    I have never done anything like this before obviously been to gym before but nothing like this so I would like to try something new that can help me feel better with myself!

  206. Hannah Wojtowicz says:

    I would absolutely love this amazing offer!! I started reformer pilates 3 years ago, and from the moment I attended my first class I was hooked. My body looked and felt better then it had ever before. Due to other commitments I put my membership on hold, but have really been thinking about somehow making it work again! I miss the classes so much, who doesn’t love a relaxed but amazing workout at the same time. The programme would also be a cherry on top.

  207. After being in the fitness world for sometime trying all different types of exercise I discovered reformer Pilates about 3 years ago and never had the results like I did from Pilates. I felt great from inside out and no other fitness regime was able to achieve this!! I’ve preached to everyone about pilates.

    I have had issues with posture etc when I was younger and feel like I’ve been able to correct all the bad doings! I wasn’t able to afford to maintain a membership and sadly stopped and went back to normal gym life which has never been the same. I miss reformer!!

    Unfortunately now, my mum requires me to be her financial carer as she is now on a disability pension. Because of this I’ve had to give up my guilty pleasures like fitness memberships to be able to afford living expenses for us both. I’ve been doing mat Pilates from home as much as I can but it’s just not the same. This would be the most amazing reward to win this so I can enjoy my escape from the worlds chaos, be physically and mentally fit and to be able to be the best I can for myself and for my mum.

  208. Mim Schiavi says:

    Hi Scott,
    What an awesome opportunity, must admit I have missed Pilates so much. I had originally joined when you opened up the Duncraig studio. I was going up to 4 times a week and noticed the difference in my flexibility and body strength. Loved the atmosphere, lovely staff and meeting new people along the way which ended up in coffee after class at times. Due to having shoulder surgery, other commitments, then covid hitting I had to eventually let my membership go. In that time I had put on weight but fast tracking to October 2021, I decided to do something about it and diet. In that time I have lost 14 kg but now I’m at a standstill and know I need to get off this plateau, I haven’t started exercising again yet but I would love to start up with Pilates again as I feel this is the best exercise program for me. I will be 63 in May and yes age is only a number but I need to get to the point where my 6 grandchildren don’t exhaust me when they are all visiting at the same time and generally getting healthier and fitter. Thank you for this opportunity and I wish myself luck 🙂

  209. M. Robinson says:

    I underwent a hysterectomy less than 5 months ago and I feel that this program would help me gain back the lost confidence in both my mind and my body.

  210. Hayley Wells says:

    I started reformer pilates exactly 6 months ago, just a few times per week. I had amazing results; my mental health was better, my body was stronger and my fitness levels were excellent.

    I want to build on this now and make reformer classes “second nature”; I attend them because it’s just part of me and my lifestyle, not because I think I have to.

  211. Ingka Iwansantoso says:

    Dear Scott,
    My shoulder was injured last year and I did physio with Olga at Best Body Leederville.
    She was amazing and my shoulder was slowly getting better and better. Towards the end of sessions, she suggested me to take Reformer Pilates classes to strengthen the muscles and really get back to 100%.

    Honestly, the cost was too expensive for me and I didn’t sign up for it. (I am sorry, Olga)

    I am continuing the exercises Olga suggested, my shoulder is still not 100% but at least is is not getting worse.

    This free reformer pilates class will really help me to live pain free and improve me physically and mentally.

    I thank you for this because people like me with not much freedom financially could have a chance to win and be able to taste and try Reformer Pilates and have the health benefit from it.

    God bless you, Scott

    Kind regards,

  212. Antoinette Broad says:

    Motivating to be gifted a membership.
    The most common phrase we use in life is “I don’t have enough time”. We have to make time… but still we never do.

  213. Adie says:

    Best body reformer classes have already helped me so much in improving my strength and flexibility and reducing back pain from attending poorly run boot camp classes. I’ve recently added in a functional training class that I love too, it’s so great that I can do it all in the same place!

    Winning this prize would allow me to take the additional step of adding in a 4th class each week and attending the toned program. I’m keen to give up alcohol and think I’ll have a much better chance of achieving it if I do it as part of a program with a fitness focus and good support.

    Finally, winning my Pilates membership paid for will allow me to save that money each week and put it towards a flight to see my family overseas, which would boost my mental health significantly!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter

  214. Sue vigolo says:

    I was told by my phisio to do pilates to streighen my core and body as I have ongoing neck and shoulder pain due to being a hairdresser for 30plus years and am still working full time as a hairdresser.
    My niece works for your company and got me introduced to reformer pilaties with you last year. I found it to be so good. I was having way less pain and taking less pain meditcation while I was attending your classes.
    I haven’t been back since last Noveber due to all the covid restrictions and my work.
    I am hoping to start up again shortly as the pain is getting worse and I have also gained about 10kg over the covid period.
    I would love to be able to loose the wieght and gain strenght in my hole body.
    I am a new gradmother for the first time and am still working full time so I need to get into as good a shape as I can to keep up with everthing in my life.
    I am going to be 60 next year so this is my time to shine.

  215. Tanya Skidmore says:

    You name it I have tried it!! I have tried absolutely everything to try and get my body moving again without the use of the daily handfuls of medication and injections!! When I was doing Best Body was the first time in a long that I was drug free.

    I have Ankylosing spondylitis and have struggled for years to keep my inflammation levels in a healthy range.
    I was then up against it having surgery as I fractured my neck and had to have a C1/C2 decompression as the bone had healed and a boney matter was damaging my spinal cord (leaving me with some minor spinal cord damage)
    With all this behind me I started my journey with BB and was able to get myself drug free and was just about to get back on the squash court when Covid hit!! Two years later I have put on an additional 10kg and really need to start back again to get my body back into shape and hopefully get off some of this medication!!
    I would be truly grateful to be considered for this generous prize.

  216. Holly Gale says:

    I love Best Body.
    Before I was pregnant (and when I was planning on having a baby) I was an addicted unlimited member at the Oxford Street BB. I loved it – always felt so fresh and invigorated and snatched after each session. Roberta was my favourite instructor and was so gentle and encouraging all whilst pushing me to the limit.
    When I was lucky enough to fall pregnant, I switched over to the North Perth pregnancy pilates. I went 3 x per week my whole pregnancy. I had no abdominal separation at all and credit the fitness maintained for getting through my 36 hour labour (lol not lol).
    When I had my baby, I did some sessions when my baby came along, but he wasn’t the most calming company to bring!
    My boy Henry is now 2, and I haven’t gotten back (ashamedly).
    To be gifted the opportunity to get back into BB with a 6 month inclusive membership would be life changing. Both to get me out of my mental funk, get toned & have some me time. I think the absolute goal for me would be to lose some body fat and create lean muscle mass.
    Thanks for the chance 🙂 x

  217. Hayley Ferris says:

    It’s nearly May and I’m still trying to get rid of my Christmas and new year holiday bulge! I just turned the dirty 30 so I think it’s about time I focus on my health. I believe low impact but high intensity aerobic exercise is the key to achieving my full potential.

  218. Kelsi Jarvis says:

    I have been looking into reformer Pilates as a stepping stone into increasing my my joint strength (I have quite weak ankles and wrists) and mental strength. I want to be able to find the discipline when exercising to be calm, yet motivated. I would like to learn to meditate/do yoga practices, but I have been hesitant because if weakness, and if I can increase my strength through Pilates, I would feel more confident to attempt mindfulness exercises as well.

  219. Kirsty says:

    Scott! Hi!

    I haven’t been allowed to do Pilates at BB for a few months now, but come Friday I have freedom again.

    Winning this incredible prize & Getting back to BB would make a major impact to my physical and mental state. I have goals I want to tick, as simple as adding more weight to the machine, and doing the pilates rollover with ease! More flexibility and feeling in sync with my health, body and mind.

    My dear Nan bought me a membership for a few months a while back when I was having back troubles. I went three times a week and was SO surprised at how much I loved it!

    GOOD LUCK to everyone, we all deserve it!

  220. Jade Pledger says:

    I would love the opportunity to come and work on my overall health. As a single mumma, with no support around I have 3 sometimes 4 days a week that shes at daycare where I am able to fit in some exercise. I am currently starting to suffer from an old injury back and neck injury again, just the aches and pains from not having any strength. I used Reformer Pilates years ago to rid my pain and would absolultely love the opportunity to shift 5kgs thats hanging around, increase my overall body tone, increase my mental strength.
    I would love to be able to show my daughter how important it is to put our own selves first sometimes!~

  221. Emily R says:

    I attended a best body reformer Pilates class with my sister who’s a member and boy was that life changing! It was equal amounts of fun, challenging and supportive. It’s something I know I would enjoy putting my all into long term. I have kept my self relatively fit over the years, however I’m constantly stopping and starting new things that I haven’t been able to achieve results long term. As well as experiencing back pain the HIT and circuit classes are no longer of benefit to me, so Pilates and yoga are my go to.
    I really did enjoy the reformer class, however due to financial reasons I couldn’t justify signing up for a considerable amount of time, it would take at least 3 months I believe to really see overall results.
    The opportunity to win a 6 months membership plus the tone experience would provide me with the tools to stay on top of my fitness journey with the expertise of your staff.
    From my first experience I left safe and we’ll taken care, I would look forward to pushing myself to attend 4 times a week to receive the benefits of this membership.
    My overall health and well-being is most important right now and while I continue to work from home I would be looking forward to improving my movement each day, loosing the extra covid weight that has unfortunately been added on, and improving my flexibility and mental well being.
    I have a long way to go now and with winter coming up I need a program to keep me motivated which I know Pilates willl do! Whoever is lucky enough to win the memberships will I’m sure see big differences over 6 months if they intend to apply themselves like I do.
    I’m looking forward to a challenge and sharing the experience with friends who also love Pilates!

  222. Amy says:

    As a horse rider, the toned and membership win would be a huge step forward in achieving the balance between strength, balance, and flexibility required to be the best rider for my horses. This is something very few people in and outside of the horse world realise is so important. But also, because of riding I’m rather broken so pilates seems the perfect lower impact way to go with fitness!!

  223. Julie P says:

    I feel embarrassed to go to any classes, the biggest issue for me is finances – i cannot afford any type of payment plan, i just try to survive each week 🙁 .
    i lack motivation because of this reason and after foot surgery late last year the kgs pilled on as i could not walk for 3-4 months. so just in a down ward spiral.

  224. Claire Ottewill says:

    The package would help me so much, after 4 children, constant back issues and no core strength this would be amazing. My children are all grown up and there was never really any importance placed or core work back then after children and now at 48 I’m suffering. I would love to work my core for strength and just to help me improve my daily life. This opportunity would be absolutely amazing to make me a priority

  225. Nora Bell says:

    I had my first full Knee replacement in 2017, the best thing I did in preparing for this surgery was Pilates for a year before surgery. This ensured a quicker recovery by far, unfortunately with my second full Knee replacement in 2019 I was not able to afford any Pilates. Consequently this knee has not recovered as much mobility as my first. I then contracted Sarcoidosis and was prescribed Steroid medication, the side effects of this medication was considerable weight gain. I am now in remission so to speak, but losing this extra weight is not as easy as it once was in my younger years. I have now been doing Pilates for the past year, twice a week is all I can afford being a full time carer for my mother and working part time from home. If I could win something like this, it would go a long way to help in my weight loss journey (and would be the only way I could do it) I’m afraid the budget is very very tight.

  226. Kiruba Shankari Arun Chinnappa says:

    Hi Scott,

    I would like to thank you for giving me(us) an opportunity to share our expectation from our fitness journey and potentially win a membership with BB. I live in Burnie and its a small town, seeing BB in Burnie was definitely a big bonus for our community. I am a mother of a toddler, working full time from home and juggling household chores, work and mom duty 24X7. Post partum I put on 15 kg and I also realised i have to be fit to address all my responsibilities. I lost 13 kg through diet succesfully. But WFH has made be little laid back without much fitness activity and I am looking to slowly start my fitness/healthy lifestyle as I am in my late 30’s. Out of all the fitness activities, I prefer Pilates as its slow paced, calming and its like a mediation to body and mind. One of my friends started Pilates and I could see her body toned and I wanted to have the same for me too. I particularly wanted to get my body toned with inch loses especially from my abdomen and thighs. In addition i would like to lose 6-8 kg. If i win this membership, it will be a start to my long term transition to fit and healthy life. Especially i like BB as the staffs are very kind and welcoming and they understand each customer’s needs. So winning a membership for Pilates with BB is like double bonanza. Fingers Crossed!


  227. Kim says:

    I am a 60 year young woman. Having been into fitness all my life and having just completed cert 3&4 in fitness, along with two hip replacements. This would really help me be the best of me to help other woman of similar age embark on a full filling journey to be the best they can. I am starting a business to reach out to the older demographic that feel initimadated about their bodies and feeling depressed that they are not worthy. I want to encourage them to activate the side that tends to sit dormant when you reach a certain ago. This will give me that extra flexibility and strength that I require to further this journey. Mental health is very prevalent in these trying times. Healthy body is a healthy mind. I honestly believe BB has the right mindset to help.

  228. Tamara carson says:

    Oh wow what an AMAZING prize to be won! I joined best body to better myself, my mental health and my general health. I aimed to go 2 days per week so I could have some time to myself and finally do something for me. Gaining some strength and toning was also a big plus and something I was working hard towards.
    Unfortunately I had to cancel my membership due to the rising cost of living and I could no longer afford it. Having 2 young kids makes it hard to put myself first but I had to do what was best for my family. Since cancelling my membership I have found myself alot less energised, and feeling pretty crap within myself. Winning this membership would mean the absolute world to me, finally having some ME time back and doing something I looked forward to every week! I still hope to get back to Best Body but for now I will have my fingers and toes crossed.


  229. Joanne McCarthy says:

    At the age of 49 I am for the first time in my life prioritising my own wellbeing -mind, body, soul type journey of wellness. I am looking to strengthen my core and increase my flexibility; something that has been preventing me from really moving forward with my fitness goals. I love the BB values and the feedback from members leads me to believe BB membership is for me! The community and member support really stands out for me too … we all could do with support/friendship from like minded peeps 🙂 Do I need some tone… heck yes 🙂

  230. Bev Matthews says:

    This would help me to regain my confidence after not being able to train at the gym for the last 2 years due to a shoulder injury. During this time I have gained 15kgs which is a lot of weight for my small frame. I have never been so overweight in my entire life, I have always been fit and active but the injury combined with menopausal weight gain has me in tears and at a loss as to what to do next to stop the weight gain. I do not want to go back to the gym, well really my osteoarthritis doesn’t cope well with that type of training anymore so this compounds my sense of low self-esteem at the moment. So being able to train in the BB way would benefit my body enormously without adding anymore inflammation or pain that I don’t need!

  231. Erin says:

    I need this as I have let myself go in the last few years due to long working hours and just not enough energy to even think about exercise. I want my happy self back where I am confident and not ashamed of how I feel or look. This would suit me perfectly as I am no longer working long hours and have some spare time and need the push to actually get motivated

  232. Amiee Strempel says:

    I recently started my membership at BB Greenwood, as had completed two sessions elsewhere and enjoyed the reformer, however the studio and trainer weren’t very welcoming.

    As I am down the road I thought I would try BB, and I am so glad I did. The trainers are kind and very helpful, and I stress this because I haven’t exercised for many years, so was quite terrified to attend to be honest. Even the other members are such a lovely group of people!
    Going 4 times a week I honestly started seeing results within 3 weeks and my mental health lifted. Shortly after joining my Dad passed away, and honestly that first week after losing Dad, I committed to making myself attend the classes, no matter how much my eyes were filled with tears. It honestly lifted me up out of a very sad dark space and highlights the balance these classes have. You can either go in there and focus on your session independently (with tears in your eyes haha) or engage with the amazing group of people in the session.

    I have been overweight for a large portion of my adult life, which from someone who was mad sports as a kid, it’s unsettling. I haven’t been able to find anything that I feel comfortable attending and want to attend like I do at Best Body. My shape is slowly changing with my 3 sessions a week, but having something like Toned to commit to, in what feels like a team environment will help drive me even more to achieve my goals. It will give me that extra focus and also assist in balancing my work life balance, which is difficult at times as we are all still working from home and it’s easy to do really long days. However having this locked in 4 days a week, as a commitment will set that hard boundary in place.

    I would love the opportunity to be a part of this journey, and appreciate the extra support to help achieve these goals.

    In saying that, even if I am not selected, I just want to say how grateful I am for your team at BB Greenwood and what a difference this has made to my life and mental health – Thank you

  233. Jules Adams says:

    Having recently turned 50 and currently in the throws of menopause this free membership would be a god send … it would help me lose the extra weight that won’t budge especially around the belly, strengthen my pelvic floor muscles so I no longer have to cross my legs when I sneeze, tone all my wobbly bits, improve my mood and hopefully help re-build my confidence which has taken a nose dive of late as I struggle through this change of season.


    I have been attending Best Body Reformer Pilates for over a year and have reaped the benefits in being much more supple and have lost over 10 kgs. I still need to lose 20 or 30 kgs! As a nearly 75 year old, morbidly obese person with multiple medical conditions and a severely degenerated lumbar spine I find reformer pilates the best exercise for me. The staff are fabulous and understand my limits and always have alternatives if I cannot do a particular move.

    As a pensioner, I cannot afford my membership and my daughter helps me out by paying half for me, otherwise I could not keep coming. I would love to win the 6 months membership and also the free weight loss program

  235. Jayde Walker says:

    I started Pilates last year for my severe scoliosis and it’s been such a huge help in managing my daily chronic pain and strengthening my body, despite the fact I have Harrington rods in from the age of 16. As a sole trader who experiences regular pain at 35 years old, it can be very challenging running a business and managing my pain, but thanks to my regular Best Body classes, I’ve noticed a significant difference and would find this membership extremely useful to keep this up.

  236. Toriana Henderson says:

    After a shoulder injury and surgery, Best Body has started my journey to recovery. Each time I finish a session I feel stronger and my range of motion increases. The reformer and toned prize will help speed up my recovery, as well as enjoy active fun with my family.

  237. I have made several appointments to see if Best Body could help me but through one thing and another I have had to cancel. I am quite weary of starting as I have fibromyalgia and worry that it would just make me too sore to continue. I also have had a reverse shoulder replacement, knee replacement and have compressed discs in my lower back and neck, but I really feel like I need to stretch and build my core muscles to help with these issues in safe and encouraging envvironment

  238. Marie H says:

    Hi Scott,
    Thank you for reaching out about your competition. What an amazing opportunity for all the lucky winners!
    I came in a few years ago for a chat about joining, but of course, a busy life just got in the way.
    I would love to go back to exercise and have heard how good Pilates is for you.
    This would come at the right time for me as I can feel my mind and body spirally out of control as I get closer to 50. Always happy to watch my children play their sports and now, maybe it’s my time to exercise too. Being a winner of either programs would give me the kick I need to do this!
    Fingers crossed to everyone.

  239. Simone Mullenger says:

    Hey Scott,
    First time writer, long time reader here!
    Firstly, thank you to your dedication to making Pilates accessible and affordable to people. I love your vision and reason for why you do what you do!
    I have been able to do Pilates at different points of my life and love it – I tell everyone they should do Pilates. I even got my 70 year old Lawn- bowl loving Dad doing it at one stage! The health benefits are amazing and you feel so good taking care of yourself and being aware of your body.

    I plan on joining you at Best Body (BB) one day and to be a part of your community, hence why I subscribe and read your emails.
    Why am I not there yesterday? Well, I have had to make changes to my part time employment due to all the going-ons of the last few years and don’t have the money to allocate, yet. I haven’t stopped exercising, I just have been walking and hiking mostly with my 7year daughter – which I love.
    I am making progress and hopefully by the end of the year, I will be joining you regardless as from my research I have found BB to be very well priced with a high quality product and service.

    So, how do I think a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program can help me right now?
    Simply, by getting me to you 6months earlier and starting working on my health goals now. I believe this program and the BB team will help me to continue to be a happy, (more healthy) dedicated Mum to by daughter. I have had success in improving my health but still have some way to go, and if you would be able to help – I would be extremely grateful.
    I have designed my life to ensure that I am there for her, and I see this challenge as assisting me to being my best for her for as long as possible. Along the way of my motherhood journey I have learnt, that to be a good Mum, I need to dedicate time for myself and look after myself. Being about of the BB community and participating in your Pilates classes would be my ideal of how to spend that time I have carved out for me to spend on exercise.
    My dream is that winning this competition is the moment that my Pilates journey with you starts, but never ends.
    Again, Thank you for your generosity and I look forward to reading about the journey of the winners soon.

    Simone 🙂

  240. Emma says:

    My story is the classic full time working mum with young kids who leaves little time for herself and ends up letting children and work commitments get in the way. I have done Pilates in the past and loved how it improved my mindset and physically made me stronger. With work and kids I definitely don’t feel I am mentally or physically strong at the moment so the opportunity to win this pack is perfect for me to have the chance to improve my life in both of these areas. While I am sure there are loads of people that deserve this more than me, it would be kind of nice to win it and have that opportunity for time back for me along with the support of Pilates classes along with the Tone Program and BB support squad.

  241. Jacinta Dunlop says:

    Winning this membership would be extremely beneficial to my health and well being! I also hope to inspire other people to under take this journey. With our doubt best body Pilates has not only helped my physical but mental health also. Through significant injuries and struggles with PND, best body Pilates has been a huge part in me regaining not only strength but constant motivation to better myself. It makes me feel so wonderful after finishing a class even if I am not feeling on top of the world that day. It gives me energy for the day ahead to face anything out in front of me. I am now ready to take the next step and partake in this challenge and would dearly love to win the 6 week toned program and hope that I can motivate some else to take up this challenge also once completed!

  242. Maddalena Hookway says:

    About 7 years ago i was to have a lower back fusion which i wasn’t excited about. Someone suggested i do pilates (reformer bed.) Was the best thing i ever did and no surgery for me.
    Due to circumstances changing, unfortunately i had to give it up. Totally ready and looking forward to getting back into it…..

  243. Jane says:

    Hi Scott
    What a difficult choice you have to make, picking only two people out of many deserving applicants.
    First of all thank you for this opportunity, it is much appreciated.
    I was a member of BB until recently when I had the opportunity to do some travel and had to cancel my membership. I really enjoyed being a member of BB – the staff/instructors are all very personable, helpful, and informative.
    Reformer Pilates helped me with my back and hip issues (related to age and degeneration, which is never easy to hear!!) and just generally made me feel good – a nice gentle form of exercise which I thoroughly recommend.
    Since I have not been doing Reformer Pilates I’ve found my weight has crept up which in turn exacerbates my back/hip problems and my general flexibility. I find that mindfulness has also decreased so I would really welcome the opportunity to enjoy a free membership/toned program to try to rectify these problems, especially as I have now retired and have to watch my finances.
    Thanks again for a great opportunity.

  244. Shirley Porter says:

    Hi Scott
    At 73 yrs young I have found Pilates to be a great way to keep my strength, balance & physical fitness, not to mention mental health, at a good level.
    While I have only done 15 classes of Pilates it has certainly increased my health and happiness plus I enjoy the compradore. Added to that I have found the staff to be very professional. What more could anyone ask for.
    Thank you for this opportunity to participate in the Reformer Pilates membership competition. Kind Regards Shirley

  245. Erin S says:

    This would be incredible and get me motivated and moving. I spend too much time on work and kids and zero time on myself – finances always an issue, where my needs are last (boo hoo). Getting this opportunity would lock me in and given a childhood a drummed in Catholic guilt I would not squander it! With hubby now away doing FIFO, my time management has improved, juggling kids, work and home – but slotting in a session during school hours is definitely achievable. Why do I not do this now? Excellent question and my lame answer will be about money and work. Time for ME quite frankly needs to happen this year. My energy, weight and overall wellbeing has been depleting and now in my fifties (dear lord) I MUST do something to help me live longer and keep up with my little people. Core strength is my main goal, but of course losing some kilos will happen too and that is key. I have back pain from sitting most of the day due to work, then running around doing household stuff; but no muscle building, stretching etc. I really do need something like this to get the ball rolling, to improve me and help me do better overall. I’m a little tired of being last, so this opportunity would be so amazing and so much appreciated.

  246. Carol says:

    I was someone who workout 6 days a week and loved it, was at my peak. However I have not been able to workout for the last year due to health issues and injury due to ruptured achilles heel. I have gained a significant amount of weight due to my lack of mobility – surgery, cast, moon boot, crutches and finally a walking cane will stop anyone in there tracks . I am sooooo ready to get back into working out and get back into shape, loose weight and go back to pre injury situation I found myself in.

    I never let anything stop me and I am excited and determined to get backinto looking after my body mind and soul and I know the free membership you are so generously offering will most definitely help me on my journey to the greatness of a “Better Body.” Very perfect and appropriate company name for you and for me and my body.

    Thank you for this opportunity and I hope you too are having an awesome day.

  247. Jess C says:

    I’ve been a BB member since 2019. I came to your Mt Lawley studio despondent, in pain and with only a little hope. I had been diagnosed with anklyosing spondylitis and ulcerative colitis within the same month and was completely overwhelmed. I was worried about my health as a wife and mum of two beautiful kids. I also suffer from anxiety, which made this new start very daunting for me, I remember wearing my very brightest leggings to somehow overcompensate for this! At the first assessment, I couldn’t touch my toes. By a long shot. I couldn’t balance on one leg without shaking or squat without my knees leaning inwards and I had little core strength. I started to focus on myself, my diet and learning how to use the Pilates reformers. I became well and truly hooked and enjoyed coming to class, because I saw results quite quickly. I used to think that moving my body was counter intuitive to managing my pain, and in my case I think I was wrong. Most importantly, my pain gradually went away, and for long periods of time. Whilst I continued to have flare ups I could usually trace it back to stress, overdoing it with foods and drinks that don’t work for me, or not making enough time for myself. I consider myself lucky in terms of when COVID hit, however, I have found that it has been gradually wearing away at the routines of self care that I worked so hard at to build. The nature of work has changed for many of us, and as a parent I have a habit of prioritising others first. Exhaustion hit. I haven’t made it to class as much as I would have liked to. As I type this now I am in the first pain flare up in many months, after a busy start to the year. Though I am seriously happy with my body, I’ve put on a few (3-4) kgs and my pain has returned (I plan to go to a stretch class tonight)! My point is, I’m so glad that I discovered reformer Pilates and thankful to Best Body for helping me find a way for myself to feel better. I’d love to work with BB more to get myself back on track with a challenge to inspire me, and maybe even someone else who feels a little like I did at the beginning.

  248. Linda van Spankeren says:

    I always thought I was pretty fit since I run a commercial cleaning business and we do plenty of physical work…yes it’s moving about a lot, but it doesn’t target the areas of my body that need it (REALLY NEED IT – lol!!!) And I’ve noticed lately that when I get out of the car, my legs are stiff as anything and I waddle around like a freaken Penguin till my legs warm up – and that’s super embarrassing for a 51 year old woman!! Aging Sucks!!!! (hee hee)

    Never done Pilates…always wanted to – I think that I would really love it actually!! It is exactly what I need because any form of targeted exercise (be it at a Gym or some sort of sporting activity) my back goes out, which brings the uninvited sciatica into my world!! My Core muscles are….well I really don’t have any core muscles to speak of…so when I look in the mirror, I see a younger version of my adorable mum who looks like a little potato on legs!!! So you can see my dilemma, I can’t exercise properly because of my back…so I am destined to become my mum, squishy bits and all!!!

    Gosh I don’t remember how it feels to not have a body with wobbly/squishy bits and I think it’s time, if not for myself, but for my spunky husband (of 27 years) to have my pre-baby body back (well close to that version as I can get it!!) – by winning this special membership it will put me in a position where I have the motivation and push to get that body back – Ooohhh that sounds rather exciting!! HELP MEEEEEE!!! xx

  249. Lisa Palm says:

    Last year was a tough year for me. I lost 2 family members, lost a dear friend to cancer.
    My husband and I took long service leave this year Feb, March & 1week into April. We needed the time to deal with our losses but also realised I need to do something for myself – Focus more on “self care”. One of the things we came up with was for me to join a pilates clinic/class, making more conscious healthy choices, body, soul & mind. I would love to be able to be part of this program to not only lose weight but to get my mind in a good place and feel better overall!
    Thank you for considering so many people for your program as these last few years have been tough on all. Xxx

  250. Nadia Chia says:

    I started BB around 3 months, so far for me reformer class is quite easy, most of the class were not challenging enough. Jump board is good, quite challenging class. I wanted more difficult class not just push back and fort on the machine. I wanted to have stronger upper body, my goal is to achieve better posture for yoga exercise. Reformer help me a bit but slow progress, I guess. I go to 3 times a week class. So hoping for more toned exercise with just more effective work out.

  251. Taylah Bott says:

    Winning this 6 month program would be a dream come true!! This year my goal was to become to best possible version of myself and to fall in love with myself. This program would help me reach all my physical goals and would also help me mentally as i always feel my best after a workout!! Creating a better version of myself would help me grow my confidence and give me more energy to do the things i love!! I’ve been really struggling lately after putting on a lot of weight after losing myself and i feel as though this program would help me take control of my life!!! For christmas last year my mum got me a best body class pack and honestly it was my favourite present i received! These early morning classes start my day of with a bang helping me feel prepared and ready for what the day will bring!

  252. Samantha says:

    The Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program will aid in reducing my stress levels, and bring excitement in trying something new! I am a long time gym lover, but feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. I’m intrigued to give Pilates ago! Exercise is the only hour in the day I have to focus on myself and not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the day.

  253. Rosalina says:

    I went back on my dance journey, doing ballet… definitely this program will help me get back the flexibility that I need. And always wanted to try Pilates, mostly since I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis.

  254. Chris H. says:

    I have goals and aspirations, that up to this point, my body doesn’t seem to be onboard with at all! To say this is frustrating is an understatement. I want to long-distance hike (Bibbulmun Track anyone?), challenge myself with some trail running, and get out there amongst it at bush orienteering instead of plodding along at the back. Currently, when I do a ‘taster’ of these activities, I find myself sore and achy everywhere, a worrying niggle starting in my lower back, and the words “what were you thinking?” on repeat in my head. I start to question if I will ever get my body on the same page with my goals and think that maybe I’m just ‘too old’ for all this (I’m 56). But I refuse to entertain such depressing and defeatist thoughts for too long! What I need is make sure my body can handle what I’m asking of it – to become stronger and more flexible, to improve my core and lower back strength so that I can walk those distances and carry that heavy backpack. And I know the perfect way to make this happen! By doing Pilates :).

  255. Sam says:

    I think it would be great to keep me active and reach some fitness goal with proper guidance.

  256. Hi
    I have been training for 5 years now & totally committed to exercise
    I have not been able to shift the last 6 kg for the last few years and with weight training and cardio part of my routine, I still know the areas that would benefit from alternative exercise.
    My knees suffer a little so now looking for alternative exercise that won’t put added stress on my body.

    Very interested in taking on this challenge to make the changes and see the benefit from reformer.


  257. I joined the BB family late last year when I found out I was pregnant and immediately sought out a women’s health physio! I did all the googling necessary and was instantly hooked by the Best Body philosophy. From being involved in the ‘She Could Be’ initiative to the core purpose of ‘To help every mother on the planet put self-care first’, I knew this was the place for me. BB also is affiliated with ECU and provides opportunities for the students I work with to pursue excellence in the health and wellness space. I was so impressed with the facilities, professionalism, and general good vibes emanating from each of the classes that occurred while I was in treatment room in BB Leederville. As I enter my third trimester, I knew I wanted to prepare my mind and body and actively sought out the Pregnancy Studio reformer Pilates classes in North Perth. Being among other pregnant people is empowering, and we are able to focus on challenging ourselves and establishing a sense of community bespoke to our unique needs in each and every class. A Best Body 6-Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program would help me to recover in the postpartum and keep up the emotional and physical momentum I’m generating in this final stage of my pregnancy. Staying within the BB community and developing on techniques I’m learning in classes now would be an absolute dream come true. Uniting the mind and body, encouraging growth, and bringing together amazing humans is an absolute ideal setting. Thanks to the BB team thus far – looking forward to each session <3

  258. Subha Arulnandhi says:

    This is interesting, I have been in to Pilates for the last three months, and i have been in to Gym and work outs for last 2 and half years now almost lost over 15 kgs. , my main aim to get in to Pilates is to try something different, but some how i feel i haven’t unleashed the full use of Pilates, i think this will be a chance for me understand and how Pilates can tone and better myself, as i have done challenges before, would love to see how BB toned program can help me.

  259. Amrita Bryce says:

    I think I would benefit from a pilates membership as I finally feel ready to take my physical health as seriously as my mental health. I miss being physically strong and capable feeling and want to put the work in to getting my body and mind back in alignment

  260. Claire says:

    I have a 14 month old and I currently do nothing for myself! This would give me the best kick start and I would love to start feeling good about myself!

  261. Charlotte says:

    This membership and program would be amazing to win! I currently struggle with working out at home as I am not consistent and it just gets too hard! I find getting out of the house and working out in a group session is so much more motivating and I stick to this soooo much more! I had a gym membership and the local pools near home up until the most recent masks mandate and have been trying to work out at home for the past few months. I do okay but can easily miss two or three days at a time! I have always wanted to try reformer pilates but unfortunately it is just too expensive for me. I suffer from lower back pain and constantly have pain in my hips and I think pilates definitely would help with this. My problem areas are my tummy, butt, thighs and arms and I would love to undergo the Toned program to help with this too! All the comments on this post and the feedback about Best Body is inspiring! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  262. Gillian Saunders says:

    I would love the opportunity due to my lack of get up and go the last 5 years, depression , losing my dad recently has made me lose confidence in myself to get motivated. Busy work schedule leaves me exhausted.
    I would love to build my self esteem and work towards a healthier happier me .

  263. Lesley Cliff says:

    This offer would be the next step for me in my health journey. I lost my mum a year ago to many health issues I had inherited until by my specialist advised I underwent WLS on the Gold Coast 7 months ago. It has taken given me my health back but obviously I need toning up drastically. I would love to experience your offer to continue my health journey.

  264. Vanessa Adams says:

    hi Scott,
    I am a almost 63yr old and have always tried to keep fit, due to not doing any training for health reasons and having ventured into a BB studio i found my destination for my goals . For the last almost year i have been training in BB gyms and have found it most liberating and have yet to build up alot more stamina and tone up muscle, I have arthritis down my neck and knees that have also taken their toll due to sport activities. I did try at the start to do 4 classes a week and found that a bit costly and may have to cut down on my 3 classes a week now so it would really be a bonus to do 4 a week again to reach my goal.
    My goal is to tone up and build up more stamina and to avoid having any knee replacement done as this was advised by doctors that it maybe required and that was 10 years ago. Keeping muscles strength up will allow the support for my knees. I know and understand at this age all i need is what i get in any BB class and don’t need to do the crazy aerobic workouts. Wow it would be amazing to win something :). I have been constant with my classes over the last few months and unfortunately had to take another break out due to procedures i had to have and i am looking forward to going back to my class soon and going back in at 4 times a week would be totally awesome. !!

  265. Ashley McDiarmid says:

    This is an amazing opportunity for the lucky winner how generous! I gave birth 6 weeks ago to my second son. I am dying to get back into Pilates after not being able to attend during my pregnancy. Pilates is the only thing I’ve found that has supported my motherhood journey. It’s more than just exercise. After my last pregnancy Pilates enabled me to gain my strength back without doing my body an injustice, other forms of exercise left me feeling overworked and fatigued. With Pilates I will be able to show up as the best version of myself and have the strength and stamina to keep up with my two boys. My goal is to feel amazing in my body, mind and soul and I believe Pilates is here to support that goal.

  266. Wow! What an amazing opportunity Best Body are offering to the WA community!
    There are so many comments that hit right in my heart feels, if only we could give this to everyone!

    To share my story, I have been a member of BB since Nov 2019 (even bought one of the shirts to show case, that’s how much I love their classes ) and it was the best decision I ever made for my mental, spiritual & physical health. Plus I’m 173 classes down and I couldn’t be prouder of my commitment to just turning up.

    The last 12 months have been tough for a lot of people. For me, due to personal & financial reasons I have had to suspend my membership twice since starting which was devastating. BB Wattle Grove is my comfort space and I didn’t have the capability at the time to continue it or look at alternative options.

    Next week I am restarting my classes and I couldn’t be more excited, mentally I am 100% in a better space and prepared to dedicate the next 6 months to a complete transformation. I have just started a small body sculpting business and would like to lead by example for my clients; showing them how a healthy balance of exercise & diet (in addition to sculpting ) can transform your life in all aspects. Weight loss = clarity!

    With BB comes better health, stronger muscles, fat reduction & satisfaction of results. But it also brings happiness, self-love, confidence, pride & can reinstate your own purpose and goals. Things we often forget when we focus on just the physical results.

    What BB brings to the table is the exact thing I aspire to bring to my clients.

    Best of luck to those who have commented & the winner!! (hehe I hope it’s me)

  267. Jessica Bugg says:

    I’ve been battling with weight/body and mental health issues for many years. A best body membership would be such a blessing. I really enjoy pilates, so this would be ideal! In the last couple of years I haven’t spent much time on myself because my family was dealing with being in crisis accommodation for many months followed by my daughter having open heart surgery which involved three weeks in another state away from my other children and family while my daughter was in an induced coma battling to recover from open heart surgery and the lung injuries she faced due to having that life saving surgery. Things have finally settled down and I feel I need to focus on myself more and work on improving my overall health. As a part of my mission to work on ME i have just started attends art classes. Pilates would be an incredible addition to my routine as it will help my physical and mental health. Supporting my mental and physical health with a regular and enjoyable routine like pilates will also contribute to my ability to be the best mother I can be. My overall goals to achieve with pilates is to improve strength/flexibility and tone up/lose weight. I would be forever grateful for such a life changing opportunity and thank you for considering my entry.

  268. Casey says:

    This had been something on my to do list for two years after having a break with my first baby. I have now been putting it off because of Covid, but with restrictions lifted i’m all out of excuses! I have been a few times and Best body has been my favorite experience of reformer Pilates and I would love to be chosen 🙂

  269. Justine says:

    I’m a recovering bulimic and it’s hard sometimes to accept and love my body. I struggle to find the correct type of exercise for my needs and I have tried Pilates in the past and it’s great and having a team to help me, support and guide me would be fantastic.
    I’ve always wanted to join a Pilates class again but sadly I can’t afford it at the moment and I’ve been finding myself feeling very low and not positive about my body.
    I would absolutely love to be able to join the program for free and get into the best shape and spirit I can
    I can’t wait to find out if I get picked and start this journey towards health and well being

  270. Emma Norris says:

    I have been attending the Best Body studio in Tasmania since the middle of 2021. At the end of 2021, I sustained a knee injury which left me sitting on the sidelines for almost 3 months. I have begun attending sessions again and have notice how much strength and capabilities my body has lost since the injury. To win 6 months would help me immensely to assist in the recovery of my injury that is still persistent and hasn’t completely healed just yet as currently I can only afford a few times each week.

    As a side note, I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression and my sessions each week have helped me extremely in feeling more confident within myself and helps me to push myself more than I could before.

  271. Suzanne says:

    The current health care situation has made it necessary for us to work many extra shifts. I’m tired my body is tired and I wake with back pain. A little self care and a stronger core will make me stronger mentally and physically to Putin the hours.

  272. taylor says:

    A 6 month membership would do wonders for myself. I have just brought my first ever home while still studding to be a nurse in my last year. I am only able to work part time which means that money must be used for other things like bills. As a 19 year old I am so proud of my achievement to have brought a home and being so close to the end of my degree however, this has meant that I have had to give up paying for a membership at the gym so use my money in a better place. I have done reformer pilates before and fell inlove with it however the price didn’t allow me to continue to do it. I love keeping active and fit and I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it is hard as the motivation is no longer there as I have no where to go to workout for motivation and home workouts are difficult as I can’t find the motivation to do them. I would appreciate and love a free 6 month membership to tone up and get back into my normal shape, feel like myself and have my hobby back again. The joy of moving my body is crazy and this would such an amazing thing for myself. I live in walking distance now to a best body studio and would make full use of my 4 days a week.
    I would really love to be considered to jump start my fitness again and get a head start to save some more money as once the 6 months is up i will be registered, working full time and have the ability to continue my reformer pilates with a memberships.

    Thank you so much,

  273. Shirley Bayliss says:

    I have never done pilates, Im 60 years old and only do occasional walks. I suffered a frozen shoulder, has taken nearly 18 months to get better. I also have mild arthritis. I would love to get my flappy arms some tone and build up my muscle tone so I can keep up with my grandies. Im not over weight but love to get some inner core strength back.

  274. Tania says:

    How to get a Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned Program for free. This would help me achieve my goal to reach my weight. I have had two bleeds on the brain and have given up smoking and drinking and have lost 45 kgs after having weight loss surgery in 2020. I am 55 years old and having lost a whole person I am now able to look after my grandchildren and keep up to them as well. My biggest achievement is yet to come with getting my fitness and strength back as I haven’t done very much of this over the years. I am so happy as to how far I’ve come and this Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned Program would be the icing on the cake for me to get on top of my health and fitness all in one.

  275. Jaimee Abbott says:

    This would help me so much as with the few classes I did attend I noticed how much better I was feeling about myself. With my work schedule I had to leave. But with the situation now fixed this would be a great welcome back gift. I have notice a big difference especially in my legs since I stopped attending classes and would like to get that time back and then some

  276. Deborah Gait says:

    Having joined BB in 2020 I just started to feel fitter after years of inactivity. I realised that as I got older my fitness needed more effort or my lifestyle was going to suffer. 6 weeks into my membership I was diagnosed with cancer and had emergency surgery to save my life. The surgery took time to recover from, but during this time COVID hit and Scott being the pro-active person he is, took BB on line. The live classes were a life saver, with the instructors still interacting and taking my recovery into account with the various moves. These classes were as helpful as the actual classes, at time when I needed to rebuild my strength. By the time the studio’s reopened I was strong enough to attend classes again without feeling self conscious.
    I joined the first round of Toned as I really wanted to improve my flexibility and fitness, and improve my diet. I found that being answerable to myself and recording my results daily kept me on track. I like a drink and during the first round of Toned which covered all the Christmas parties, I was disciplined and stayed away from temptation 99% of the challenge. I stopped making excuses for not having time to get in 10k steps a day and adapted my life around this. Instead of drinks I went to Pilates classes. The interaction within the Toned Group was great, with humor and support at every step.

    With Christmas it was easy to slip into a few bad habits again so I signed up for Tone 2.0. I was delighted to see many of the original group rejoin, and felt a bond straight away. Doing the program again was so much easier the second time around, and it helped establish habits that I have kept up since the program has finished. I have not taken the car to work this year, instead walking each day. I go for a lunch walk with a college on my office days instead of sitting at my desk. And I park the car at the far side of the shopping center to add to my steps. I limit my alcohol to weekends and try to drink low calorie versions and only have a couple of glasses instead of the whole bottle. I also keep my eating window to 10 hours, and avoid food after 7.30pm.

    I would like to join Toned again, as I do miss the encouragement and different ideas off those doing the program. The inspirational ideas for food, and the challenges that people set themselves within the group and the funny photo’s. The program would help me reach my goal weight, and I am still trying to touch my toes, but I am getting closer. I really enjoy the additional challenges that Scott adds during the program, and it is the first time I have found exercise not boring and sustainable. My journey has been the tortoise, slow and steady, with some steps backwards, but mostly forward, and when I look at where I am today compared to two years ago I am amazed at both the changes in my body shape, my fitness, but also my attitude towards exercise. I have also made so many new friends at both the studio that I regularly attend and also within the toned group.

  277. Lisa Garlett says:

    I started reformer pilates at Best Bodies during my recent pregnancy. I still had a few hang over kilos from my son and had little time to show to preparing my body for child birth like I did the first time around. I was also diagnosed with GDM. I believe a combo of diet exercise, and strengthening through pilates really helped me avoid any further pregnancy related weight gain and I managed the GDM without any need for medication! Plus my girl came so quickly I nearly had her in the car(!) But I had no damage from a quick birth, something i also attribute to my pilates practise.
    I continue to strengthen my body post birth with weekly mums and bubs classes. A Toned program / 6 mth membership will help me prioritise me as more regular classes are a luxury in unable to afford at present.

  278. Beverly says:

    Only just completed my introduction and first class in reformer, I can’t believe how long it took to gain the confidence to join BB. To win 6 months of lessons wouldbe amazing. I will admit I have let myself go over the last 2 years giving my full attention to my family after losing my dad to cancer in July and my partner being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (terminal). One of my beautiful daughters is getting married in November and this gives me the motivation to look and feel amazing on her special day.
    But most of all to spend time looking after me is a must.
    Wishing everyone above good luck.

  279. Emily Bennett says:

    Exercise is something I have always struggled to commit to. I am a single mum, to a beautiful 7 year old girl, and have been since she was 18 months old. I suffered postnatal depression after I had her, which has stuck around due to life giving me lemons the last 6 years. I always do my best for her, she is my little bestie. I work full time to pay for a roof over our head, and give her the best life I can, which doesn’t leave me with spare money to be able to afford fitness memberships. My depression has suffered, I have gained weight, and have found myself in a bit of a slump. Winning this would probably help me more mentally, to have something to focus my mind on, and provide myself an outlet for my depression. And who wouldn’t love to lose a few kgs too!

  280. Greg Collins says:

    I have been looking into doing reformer pilates classes for a while now I just find the cost out of my reach.
    I have recently been through esophageal cancer and their treatment chemotherapy and operation I had to have has wasted my muscles away two new on nothing. I need to do something like this to build muscle mass back and to gain some strength through my call and legs arms in particular
    I believe this would be really beneficial to my recovery.
    I have recently just found the real motivation to get fit again

  281. Zoey Collins says:

    Single Mama. Couldn’t afford to do this but would love to win so I could do something for myself.
    Good luck to everyone

  282. Amanda Whelan says:

    Best Body gave me my best body, prepandemic. With all mandates and restrictions lifting now, I want that body back and I know Best Body will give it to me.

  283. Mary Lynch says:

    Hi Scott and Team,

    I started reformer pilates 3 months postpartum with 3cm tummy seperation. Being a busy mum with two babies under 2, I needed core strength, flexibility, better mindset and some self-care. Pilates done that for me.

    As well as being a busy mum, I have Crohn’s disease and enteropathic arthritis. I have recently started documenting my journey of remission on Instagram (@mama_crohnicles), and Pilates is a huge part of my recovery. It is so gentle on my joints to avoid a flare up, but addictive enough to increase my strength. Not forgetting what it does for my mindset. A healthy gut, a healthy body, a healthy mind.

    I’m doing all this as an expat, living far from home, with no family.

    I know this is short and sweet but i think the above speaks for itself. Regardless of this contest I will be continuing my jour eh with best body. And I thank you guys for getting me this far

  284. Faiza Khawar says:

    I had been a member of best body PILATES for six months and the journey had been amazing. I went in for a very casual consultation and ended up becoming a very happy member after my very first evaluation of how I felt and how I could feel. I could clearly see the change after the very first 3 months. My body had been transformed and I was extremely confident in my skin and how I looked.
    I had to stop Pilates for about 2 years due to a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. But now that I have successfully been treated I would be more than happy to re-join this amazing place as a proud member.
    Having said all that, I believe that best body would give me back the confidence that I lost due to this condition. I will also regain the strength to resurface as a person I was about two years ago. My hope is to get back in shape, get my mental health back and face the world with all the peace that is possible!
    Thanks to Best Body, I know that it’s never too late. 🙂

  285. Luci woodbury says:

    Before getting pregnant with my third child I was weight training 5x a week, but since getting pregnant I am more prone to injury and have had to severely cut back. Starting at BB was the best decision ever as I get to maintain my physical strength while pregnant without jeopardising my body or my baby! I leave a Pilates session feeling as amazing as I do after an intense weight session! Winning a free membership would be the absolute icing on the cake so that post baby I can restore my core and strength safely and in a fun and calm environment which I absolutely love about Best Body!

  286. Donna says:

    This would be amazing as I have just had knee surgery and this would help me with my recovery as I have had to stop my current exercise routine due to it being high impact and have been looking into what low impact options for my rehabilitation are suitable and this would be perfect, and it also help me continue with my weight loss journey – toning and strengthening my body.
    I exercise daily so not being able to exercise like I was previously is mentally a struggle as well and I have wanted to try Reformer Pilates for the longest time.

  287. Joseph Costello says:

    The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. Best Body is an investment in me.

  288. Lana says:

    This would be a great opportunity for me to lose the last 6 kgs ( I have lost 8kgs)
    I would love to be able to rebuild my body and increase my strength and flexibility after being unwell.
    I want to be fit and fierce in my 50’s.

  289. Tracey Maney says:

    Where do I start ?
    2022 is my year I decided I was going to own from the time the clock struck into the new year.
    Few set backs in life over the last few years, so this year was going to be different had goals to kick and was not going to left anything unturned until I have achieved them all.
    Moved back from WA to be closer to family and friends.
    Fresh Start for me finding a new job, new lliving arrangements and finding myself again
    I am on a mission
    Absolutely love my new job, happiest I’ve been in a long time in last 6 months, lost 10 kilos.
    Focussing on my mind, body and health big part of this year.
    Decided to join Best Bodies I joined few years back but sadly had to give up due to the jump board in a lot of classes and with low blood pressure this did not work well with me
    Recently hearing they now have certain classes for them, made the desicion to join up again as I missed pilates so much.
    Attend Reiki every few months.
    My mind and body can’t thank Best Body’s enough, it has truly changed my life.
    After classes I’m so relaxed but ready to take on the world.
    Winning this membership would truly be an amazing part of this year that belongs to me….icing on the cake as the saying goes.
    All I can do is wish my entry good luck as I click the submit button and see what the universe has in stall for me.
    If im not one of the lucky ones, there was an entry more worthy than mine that caught your eye as you will have some many to review.
    I say Congratulations to them in advance.
    Just want to say THANK YOU Best Body’s for being part of this amazing year I have planned for myself and bigger and better things next year.

  290. Marianela Pereira says:

    I have been unable to exercise at my usual level for the last 2 years due to health issues, endometriosis, anaemia (due to the endometriosis) and plantar fasciitis. The health issue that started all of this is at a point where yoga and Pilates will not hurt me. I’m very interested in getting into something. Due to the lack of exercise I’ve started having muscle tightness in my lower back and have developed plantar fasciitis which is made worse by the muscle tightness. I need to start moving to start enjoying life pain free. I have some medical procedures that will need to be carried out this year. Once I’m all finished I’m hoping that by keeping up my movement with some Pilates I will be at a level that I can exercise the way I enjoy post medical procedures

  291. Michelle Skvaril says:

    I have low back issues due to my employment ( childcare). I would like to build greater flexibility, strength, stamina and a improve balanced posture. I’m hoping by working my deeper abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles it will decrease my back pain, decreasing my trips to the chiropractor.

  292. Fiona Miller says:

    I work as a physio assistant in Aged Care and it is particularly stressful at the moment due to covid breakouts and lockdowns. I’ve found I need Pilates to be able to achieve what I would like to give to the residents. Pilates provides me with mental and physical well-being to go through day after day of exercise programs with my oldies as well as dealing with children at home. We don’t get paid a lot and do our jobs for the love of our clients but I will make sure to continue with the Pilates exercise program. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.

  293. Jess Goff says:

    A 6 month Pilates membership would really help me achieve both my physical goals but also my mental health goals, ive recently moved two hours away from my home by myself and have been struggling with mental health and motivation.
    Ive been looking at pilates recently and think it would be perfect for me but can’t justify sending the money for classes, winning this giveaway would exactly what i need to find my groove.

  294. Kimberley Pilmoor says:

    I would love to be in the chance to win this fabulous prize!!
    I’ve just recovered from a knee arthroscopy (and 3 kids in 4 years) and I think the reformer pilates would be a great therapy in rehabilitation for my joint! Thanks guys!

  295. Kim Pilmoor says:

    I would love to be in the chance to win this fabulous prize!!
    I’ve just recovered from a knee arthroscopy (and 3 kids in 4 years) and I think the reformer pilates would be a great therapy in rehabilitation for my joint! Thanks guys!

  296. Giselle says:

    I joined Best Body about 8 months ago with my daughter who was pregnant at the time as she wanted someone to go with. She has since left to have bubs and I have stayed on going on my own. After hitting the 40’s I have opted for a healthier lifestyle giving up things I probably should have a lot sooner and focussing on all the things that are good for your mind body and soul. Pilates has given me that time to myself away from my family just to focus on me and I’m loving it. I think the concept of Best Body is a great idea I feel so comfortable seeing people of all ages attend these classes it’s definitely not intimidating like some gym settings can be. I would definitely benefit from winning this package because I am ready to give it my all

  297. Robyn Walder says:

    I just love BB Pilates,
    I have been going to the classes for 6 months.
    I am 70 years old and doing these classes twice a week.
    The staff and instructors are positive and so helpful.
    I am feeling so much fitter positive and looking better.
    I would love to be able to go 4 times a week.
    Good luck everyone.

  298. Luciana Sturba says:

    I want better quality of life, feel good and healthy and I know I need several steps to get there: improve overall body strength, improve posture, alignment, flexibility, mobility. I want all of this to be able to play with my grandson for many many years to come!!

  299. Lana says:

    I would really love to win 6 months BB membership. I am yet to try reformer pilates and am looking forward to some great results. I am unfit and would like to gain strength so I can do more exercise and lose the 20kg+ weight gained due to menopause. I will regain the confidence I once had and feel much better about myself. Thanks for the chance to enter 🙂

  300. Tee Carna says:

    If I was to win a free membership with Best Body for 6 months, this would kick off my journey to a better me. I have never tried pilates but it is something I am willing to have a solid go at because it would,

    1. Strengthen my knees as I’ve recently been diagnosed with patteloformal pain syndrome and this effects my lumbar and hips. Because of this recent diagnosis, I have been reluctant to go back too the gym and work on my personal fitness goals.

    2. I would love to start dancing again and I think pilates would help with flexibility, core strength and balance.

    3. I would like to lose about 5 kilos and tone my body for an upcoming wedding in October. I feel, joining a group where I feel welcome and safe would boost my confidence and motivation to maintain my fitness goals.

    4. Reading about pilates, it says you see results within 30 sessions. I believe this would keep me motivated to achieve this goal and to keep going with pilates.

    5. Boosting my self-esteem about my physical body, relieve mental stress and anxiety.

    I would like to say thank you to BB for this opportunity and best of luck to everyone!


  301. Amealia says:

    I would love to win the membership to help with a back injury I have delt with for 5 years to the point of collapsing and not being able to move
    It’s the most horrible thing
    I haven’t been able to live a normal life with exercise since
    From someone who exercised everyday to being restricted In every day tasks has been super hard with a 2 year old
    I’m wanting to gain my strength back to help with my issues and be able to get some movement without everyday pain
    I have been wanting to start Pilates but currently not working due to my pain it’s super hard to afford!
    Would love to be considered
    Thankyou x

  302. Ang says:

    About 2.5 years ago I made the decision to join BB. That in itself was a challenge for me because I never do anything on my own without someone I know but I decided to put on my big girl pants and sign up. I didn’t even get to one class before COVID happened and my motivation and confidence went out the window and fear moved in. Fast forward two years and I am now the most disillusioned, disheartened and heaviest that I have ever been. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy exercise, it is not a chore. It makes me feel like I am doing something positive for myself, my body and my mind. I love it. What I don’t love is the lack of results. Granted my eating isn’t 100% clean but in all honesty I think I eat pretty well too but when I don’t change the frustration takes over and it is then that I find myself on a roller coaster, one I’d rather not be on because I start with the negative self talk of ” What’s the point. I may as well eat what I want if I do the right thing and get nowhere.” And then I eat crap. I see people around me, thinner people, (LIKE MY SISTER) who eat what they want, when they want and hardly move, who are bean poles and here I am putting in the effort with no results. I really feel that nothing will work. My body is just different and I just have to accept it, or so I get told. But I can’t. When I look in the mirror I don’t see me and I don’t feel like me but I know I am in there somewhere. What I do feel is STUCK. I have been trying for so long on my own it is obvious I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t care about a number on a scale. I just want to be lean, strong and toned regardless of size. I just don’t know where to start. I need help!!!!!! Thanks…. Ang.

  303. Anne says:

    Now that I have reached the over 50 milestone I have realised just how important it is to take care of your body. Not just by what you put in it but by looking after your bones, muscles etc. Since starting my Pilates journey this has all come to my attention in a big way. The instructors are amazing and talk about all our different muscles and always remind us that this is our time. Winning this membership would be amazing and doing the toned program would help me build and keep me strong as I’m getting older.

  304. Sarah Obeid says:

    I’ve recently been with BB on/off for the last few years as I usually switch to Pilates when pregnant for lower impact exercise. I’ve recently had a baby and like a majority of new mothers I suffer with body dysmorphia post-pregnancy. I don’t recognise my body..myself. I have always been told (and so unconsciously believed) that Pilates is not enough to help me get back into shape after having a baby and back to my confident self (mentally and physically) as it’s “not hard enough”. This program and membership will help me to take my BB journey to the next level and push myself to see if I can truly transform from this shadow version of myself to a strong, toned and confident woman with BB/Pilates as my tool. I also believe this would encourage many friends who are scared to try reformer Pilates to get in control of their health and fitness journey (as it would be great to have some workout buddies!). I’ve also heard from non-physically active friends in Perth that others have said BB is not as good as other studios..boy are they wrong and would I love to prove it! Each time I take a BB class I feel challenged, supported and leave on a high 🙂

  305. Zara Matthews says:

    I had to suspend my membership indefinitely this year due to work commitments and sustaining a few injuries. I recently underwent a 28 day detox, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it helped to ease my inflammation, made my mind stronger, I became calm and organised and finally understood the importance of self care (which I thrived on), the only thing truly missing was Reformer classes. My injuries have now healed and my work life has stabilised and I would sincerely love and appreciate the opportunity to win the Toned Program and the 6 month Reformer package so I can become the best version of myself.

  306. Paula says:

    The Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program would help in so many ways. I am new to the Best Body journey. I have recently moved to a new suburb and am still trying to find my fitness community. I think I have found it! It amazes me every had how much my mental health has improved by attending classes intent on getting strong and having a good core.

  307. Beverly Orzel says:

    After having 3 kids in 4 years, my body and mind has changed drastically.
    Since caring for the little ones I’ve had less time and finances to look after myself and its staring to become visible, especially around the waist!
    I would love this firstly for myself- the opportunity to work on both my physical health (regain core and pelvic strength, gain muscle) and my mental well-being.
    Secondly, I hope this will let me be a healthy role model for my kids.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  308. Leela Harris says:

    I’ve always wanted to try reformer! After giving birth 2 years ago, I haven’t had the time mentally or physically to get back into exercising. My energy levels are down and I don’t feel great. I know I need that push to start enjoying working out again and get back into the zone because mentally I think it makes such a massive difference my life. I would love to be considered for this opportunity and would make the most out of it 🙂 Thank you!

  309. Gabby says:

    My best body experience has given this little truckie flexibility she never knew she could have. The ladies in the class have always been warm and welcoming, and I appreciate the sense of belonging to the studio. Community is pivotal in creating good mental health, and as a student of Psychology I am constantly looking at ways to improve my own. Despite not having met Scott, I appreciate the personable nature of how he runs the business – you definitely feel like you are supporting people who care about the science behind exercise, and progressive improvement of their client’s wellbeing.

    G x

  310. Angie Maher says:

    I absolutely loved attending BB last year 3 times a week. The change in my body was amazing. Unfortunately I had both knees replaced in October and had to stop for rehabilitation. I am back to my old self now and would LOVE the opportunity to join your 6 week toned programme to get back in shape and kick start my new legs and my Pilates journey!
    Thank you!

  311. Rosalind Howat says:

    I had a total knee replacement three years ago, although I recovered well I still had some limitations of movement. I also experienced tightness in my hips, lower back and hamstrings. As a regular four times a week gym participant and a daily dog walker I thought my mobility was as good as it could get.

    When the new Rockingham Studio opened last year I decided to give it a try and I was hooked from the very first class. I managed stretches and movements I hadn’t been able do since my knee replacement. The trainer at my Gym also commented that my form, when training, was greatly improved. I found that I could squat lower and sit ups and crunches were much easier. The big surprise for me was when I managed to do a step-up on the 20″ box, that to me was a positive measure of my improvement.
    I attend classes twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday @ 7.00pm and have not missed a class since I joined. I find that by going to regular classes the Instructors get to know you and your limitations. The Instructors are knowledgeable and always provide options if I have difficulties with any of the moves. The classes are always different so you never get bored.
    Attending Best Body is one of the best things I have done for myself and has improved not only my mobility but my overall sense of wellbeing, thank you Best Body
    . .

  312. Renee Hinds says:

    I have just booked my first best body session for next week as I am pregnant I am having to step back my training from HIIT training but I am wanting to keep my fitness and muscles as much as I can.

    Reformer Pilates has been recommended as the best training to be able to help me achieve these goals during pregnancy

  313. Sharon Goodwin says:

    I am a current BB member and have been now for at least 2 years and as a 40+ year old I know how important it is to keep my body strong. Since attending Pilates regularly all the pains I used to suffer from, all the muscle tension and all the migraine headaches are gone. My body feels less stiff, more agile and I have confidence in myself back. My balance is even slowly improving. Pilates is my favourite thing to do each week! So… I can really testament to the fact that Pilates is THE BEST MEDICINE. My intention here though is to get a membership for my daughter. She was a competitive gymnast all through her childhood and was healthy and active, a bright spark and loved to entertain us with her musical abilities. After finishing year 12 3 years ago she found it difficult to find a job despite her best efforts and so she began a tafe course to up her skills. Unfortunately, however, the stress of unemployment became too much and she fell into a very bad place with her mental health, requiring hospitalisation for a time. It was very difficult to see her go through this and as a parent you feel helpless, watching on as her physical health also starts to deteriorate. To her credit, her hard work and her determination she managed to find a job at a restaurant just days after leaving hospital. This was tough, her mental health was still a work in progress. Her workplace was very understanding and supportive and I will be forever grateful for them. Each day she would pick herself up and get herself to work, through the tears and the anxiety. I did not know how she was going at work until a conversation with her boss revealed her hard work and persistence despite her difficulties, from that conversation she landed herself a Chef apprenticeship. That was almost 12 months ago now. She has thrown her heart and soul into her new career, working 12 hour days, often 6 days a week. Still has her ups and downs mentally but she pushes through. The reason I would love for her to have a BB membership is because the physical stress of her job is taking its toll on her body. During her mental health struggles she lost a lot of her muscle mass and body weight and is struggling to build the strength back into her body. If there is anything that stops her from getting to work now, its her body pains, she has rib sublaxation from the heavy lifting and sore legs and back from being on her feet all day. I enquired about a BB membership for her only this week and she would love to join but her low apprenticeship wages are currently precluding her from being able to afford a membership. I’d love for her to have a chance to build her condition and strength back into her body through Pilates. I know she certainly deserves a lucky break after all she has pushed through. Thank you Scott for your time reading this and your ongoing generosity to all of us BB members.

  314. Natalie Crawford says:

    This prize would be the cherry on top of a year where I am prioritizing ME. For too long I have prioritized everyone and everything else above my own physical and mental health, and happiness. I have a BIG birthday approaching faster than I would like, so I am allowing myself the last year of my thirties to prioritize me and figure out who I am again. I have already discovered that stress has had a massive negative impact on my health over the past 5-6 years so I have reduced my work, and now need a hobby that will further help reduce my stress levels and allow me to rediscover a healthier and happier me. Pilates would be an epic place to start!!

  315. Malin Wassenius says:

    I used to go to BB 3-4 times a week and I loved it! Seriously the only form of exercise that I really enjoy and look forward to. But after going through a bit of a rough patch in life, specifically struggling with infertility, I dug myself in to a pretty deep hole and neglected a lot of things – including my own health. Also, working full time as a carer in a busy aged care facility I come home most days with a sore body and a very tired mind. I am just ready to focus on myself again and get my confidence back and I think this would be a great start for me 🙂

  316. Jen says:

    I am a long term BB member and love my time their. I started BB after a snow skiing trip as the muscle pain during it was unbearable. Then, Covid hit and BB became my “at home” companion. Travelling to the snow from Perth hasn’t been possible for several years but I have kept you my BB path as the immense feeling of wellness I get when I regularly go to classes is worth while.
    Recently, with ISO’s and other interruptions, my routine has been thrown a little. I am scuba diving regularly now and finding the I am getting aches and pains in my lower back which I KNOW BB will fix as I know to build those muscles.
    It’s been a tough few years for so many. Sticking with Pilates and being a Best Body advocate has been something that has remained a constant and I am so grateful for it.

  317. Jasminka Savic says:

    I left BB a couple of Years ago when certain events took place and I had to prioritise differently. I struggled to do anything in that period as I was not sleeping much at all.

    Now, two years on, I’m living with pain again, sciatica is now present in my right side, and there are other pains and aches too.

    I just want to be pain free and look forward to waking up at 5 am again.
    6 months membership may be the best gift one can ever receive.

  318. Ashleigh weyet says:

    I am a uni student currently on a 10 week prac so not earning any money. I will benefit from this opportunity so much as I was in a serious car accident a couple of months ago and I am still recovering from some injuries. Which I am hoping get back onto the netball court and play my season out as I play at a decent level. I think this will really aid my recovery so I can play and live pain free again
    Thank you for allowing me to be considered for this

  319. Alice Tormey says:

    Not sure if this is allowed but I would gift the Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program to my mum if I won (subject to BB approval). My awesome and amazing mum recently beat leukaemia after 10+ years. She came off of some pretty intense medication which caused weight gain and fatigue (a common side affect). I’ve been a BB member since 2018 and am a huge believer in the impact Pilates can have on physical and mental health. I think a membership a participation in the program would be the best way for my mum to celebrate and build upon what she has already achieved and reach new health and well-being goals with the support and care of the BB team.

  320. paula ferraro says:

    After being a huge sports person and currently still play netball in opens at the age of 46 I have many past and present injuries so i always felt I was quite fit and strong. Clearly this is not the case as I have no core and struggle with upper strength. I love the reformer as it stretches my legs and hamstrings which is what I need for netball and my tendinitos.I have recently cancelled my membership as its too expensive with 3 kids!! So I would love to come back just to do lani noo class

  321. Donna Gibson says:

    Congrats on the opening of the new studio! I did Reformer Pilates in Maroochydore on the Sunny Coast last year and loved it. Since returning to WA in July last year, I have tried two different studios in Perth but was disappointed with both. I live in East Freo and walked past your new premises recently in central Freo where you were all hard at work. It looked a lot like the one I went to on the Sunny Coast and I would love to give it a try. I work full-time in Parliament but am willing to commit to evening and weekend classes. The only other exercise I do is walking at the moment and as I am 53, I need to tone and lose a bit of the flabby bits! Thanks for considering me.

  322. Lisa Feiertag says:

    Aloha (:
    I have always been pretty active as I seriously see sport as my mental healthy tool.
    3 years ago I ended up in a wheelchair because of a damaged knee. I didn’t get my ACL reconstructed as the doc said If I train enough it should be all good. But Just a month ago I ended up in a knee brace again what was so frustrating.. and now I am looking for the right studio to get back to a strong knee and no fear of moving again (:

  323. Kathryn McPherson says:

    I started BB during my second pregnancy after a recommendation from my midwife and I fell in love with it, which was extremely surprising considering I’ve hated every single sort of exercise I’ve ever tried – to the point where it became a running joke for family and friends.
    My baby is now 10 months and my toddler is 2.5yrs, and it’s been about a month since I started back up and I still love Pilates as much as I did back then. Life with two littles is a wonderful kind of chaos, but I cherish the 45mins of “me time” a class gives me. I’d love to be able to undertake more classes each week and become fitter and stronger for both myself and my children.

  324. Hannah Legge says:

    I’m currently on a 3 session a week membership, and at 28 days in I am extremely enjoying Pilates. My initial goals were to strengthen and tone my body and lose weight.
    I came to Pilates after a few hectic years where Covid basically controlled our lives (my husband is a FIFO worker). I found myself struggling physically and mentally and not looking after myself as much as I was looking after everyone else. I gained weight and felt miserable it and that feeling then spread into feeling down in all other areas of my life.
    Being able to do something that is entirely just for myself and putting my own self care first for a change has been so uplifting.
    Physically (while I have not lost much weight – yet!) I am feeling stronger and more flexible and have lost cm’s from all over my body which is a huge boost to my motivation to continue.
    Mentally and emotionally has been the biggest change however – I now have a space to de-stress from work and home life pressures and I leave each session feeling more grounded, calmer and ready to face all the challenges life throws at me.
    Being a part of the Toned program would be an amazing opportunity to help continue to reach my goals – as someone who struggles to stay motivated, it would be brilliant to have someone supporting me and holding me accountable throughout this journey.

  325. PATSY PUTELLI says:

    I was a member of BB for around 6 months after i had my knee replacement and i cant believe how much it helped me in everyway and i felt like i finally had me back without a broken body.
    Early this year I had to give it up as i hurt my shoulder and have been struggling to get back into it with all the medical costs havent really been able to afford to get back into so i have just been walking every day, but i really miss BB and the way it changed my entire body with both strength and the definition. I would love to win the competition to get back into it and feel good both mentally and physically again.
    by the way big shout out to the staff at Innaloo they were always so absolutely amazing !

  326. Chloe Barnett says:

    I am new to Best Body, I have a consult with a lady on Monday 3rd May to get started.

    I am currently pregnant and lost over 14kg within the first 14 week of pregnancy due to typical pregnancy morning sickness. Now I have loose skin which looks really untidy and saggy as since I have been pregnant I have not had energy or motivation to work out so I have also lost a lot of muscle and need to better myself.

    I have allot of different emotions about getting back into exercise and I have never done Pilates before so I am keen to tone up, work on my pelvic floor and general mental health before the baby comes.

  327. Renee says:

    I met my husband 10 years ago, it was a holiday romance whilst visiting family here, and I was 10kg lighter back then. I moved back to Australia and discovered Best Body 3-4 years ago, just before we got married, and lost about 5kg. The last couple of years have been really hard to find time for me. On top of COVID and not being able to see my own adult children for the last couple of years, I turned 50 (not that I am ungrateful for that but the 5kg I lost is now back) and I am on my second round of bringing up teenagers (being a step mum on the periphery has its own mental challenges). I am currently doing the 10 classes a month and I am definitely strengthening my core – I love it and every class feels like you have your own personal trainer. But I need more. I am not getting the results I know I am capable of. I need to keep on track and be accountable. No going home for a sneaky glass of wine after class.. I need help!!

  328. Selena Fletcher says:

    Wow someone looking out for me, thats not something I have been lucky enough to be offered for a long time. Before becoming a mum I still carried weight but I was fit and healthy. Since becoming a mum (10 years ago) I do very little for myself and as a result have piled on the weight, drink too much, eat infrequently, exercise sporadically, am sad and as a result find myself over weight, unhealthy and spiralling further and further downwards.

    I felt safe in the beginners classes at BB but with only 2 classes a week, at that time, found it hard to commit and too out of depth to try a different class. I need help.

  329. Jane Murtagh says:

    I first went to BB in September last year when there was an offer of a free assessment for the opening of the studio, I ended up getting emotional about how I felt about my body and lack of motivation. I signed up and said I would go for a while to get myself back on track. I am still going twice a week and feel a lot better both physically and mentally, although due to ongoing issues I still have a way to go.
    I have a heart condition which restricts what I can do and my cardiologist is happy with me doing my exercises at BB as it is low impact. I am 66 years old and will need to have open heart surgery in the future and me keeping in good overall fitness and mental health is essential for my recovery from that.
    What I am doing currently is keeping my condition at a moderate level which is good, but keeping my weight a good level as well as being fitter will certainly be good for me going forward.
    Having a six month membership would be a great help.

  330. Nikola says:

    Hi Scott,
    What a generous offer!
    I would love to win this package. I have always been interested in signing up to BB so this would give me a great opportunity to see what it’s like. Before kids I had a great body, not to say I’m not happy with it now, but my tummy is stretched, I have Diastasis recti, and my breasts have lost a lot of volume and my gluteus are weaker. This has caused me to lose a bit of confidence so I would love to at least try to fix the things I can like the diastasis recti and more tones gluteus (can’t do much with the stretch marks or breasts!)
    I am 41, but don’t feel it, I am quite fit, but don’t do the correct exercises. I’d love to be able to correct these on a reformer as I believe its better for your joints and it’s more enjoyable as you become a part of a little family.

  331. Sheree Syson says:

    Hi Scott. Thank you for offering this to the community!

    I think a BB membership will help me right now by giving me a place and space to exercise in with tailored guidance and support from your team, allowing me to give myself the time to be a priority again. After becoming a mum, and not having an income I dedicate everything to my daughter, and I’m now studying a masters degree so all that is leftover goes into my studies, to help my family in the future! The membership will help me give myself time, to focus on me and help in health and improve my life! ❤️

  332. Cath T says:

    Reformer Pilates has been the only safe exercise for me since stomach crunches and HITT do not satisfy my physical condition and fitness. I am rolling into the sixties!
    I was on the Reformer Pilates for at least a few months before the pandemic came with the restrictions; and motivation level dropped to its lowest. I would like to get back the easy and comfortable pilates classes.
    What i had noticed before were that these classes helped me sleep better, kept my mood pleasant at work and at home and i can remember stuff!
    I would love to get back to the Reformer Pilates to regain these great conditions and the Toned Program would be an extra bonus for an ‘overhaul’ toned physique!

    Never Say Die – it is going to be fun again 🙂

  333. Roslyn Wright says:

    Best body is the best. I started a program 6 months ago and unfortunately due to finances had to stop participating. While doing the classes I gained some self confidence . I suffer from anxiety and pot’s due to having long covid. Tasmania does not have any services available to people with long covid and workers compensation does not cover many services. I suffer with pain and headaches daily but I try to function as best I can to live some sort of normal life. What would it mean to me to win one of these amazing prizes you are offering. It would provide me with self confidence a feeling of taking control of me and not letting this rule my life.

  334. Jaime says:

    Before covid I used to go to the gym 4-5 times per week, then in an effort to not catch it I paused my membership and ended up catching it anyway.
    I have been working out at home a bit but it isn’t the same! I am so pleased that gyms are able to start getting back to normal. I am due to have my first baby next week and would love to win this to kickstart my fitness again once baby is born.

    Good luck to everybody ☺️

  335. Sally Bloomfield says:

    I was a member of BB a few months ago as I had my first baby, a son, who is now 6 months old. Since becoming pregnant I put on a substantial amount of weight which caused me to have an unstable pelvis.. which then let to having SPD. I attended numerous chiropractic sessions which helped, and after giving birth this cleared up.
    As a result of the unstable pelvis I now have sever hip problems which I am very limited to exercise. Wanting to lose weight with a 6 month old baby and become stronger and pain free is very hard to prioritise among all the other motherly duties. Sitting on the floor to play with my son is a daily struggle and I’m getting to the point where I can no longer do it .
    When I was doing pilates at BB I found that this was the only exercise I was able to do that did not cause pain to my hip or my back in fact I started seeing results.
    Unfortunately I had to cancel my membership as we moved house and we were no longer able to afford the membership as my partner is the sole income earner.
    We are still not in a position for me join BB again as financially it’s a strain on the budget. Once again my health and fitness is on the back burner. Not only am I in pain daily, but I am now seeing a physiotherapist (which is also costly) who has highly recommended I start reformer again so that I can get some strength back, and ensure I am stretching my body so that I can recover from having hip and back problems.
    I would love to be considered for this free membership, as a new mother, finding time to prioritise myself is a huge challenge and if I was to be considered for this, I would be able to begin my journey to a stronger pain free me and be a better mother to my son!!!

  336. Amelia Linaker says:

    Currently, I am a first year student at Curtin university studying physiotherapy. I like to stay active throughout my studying and I have been attending best body Pilates classes for just under a year now. Throughout this time I have noticed that it helps improve my mood, mobility and it creates a specific time of the day where I can relax and not need to think about any study or stressful elements in life. The 6 week toned program and the best body membership would greatly support me financially as a student and will help me with my goal to be a physiotherapist as Pilates and physio work extremely close together. As a student is it extremely difficult to balance out exercise, social life and studying and I feel as though with pilates I am able to tick off two of those elements of exercise and the social side. I have met some great people through attending Pilates and would love to increase my 2 sessions a week to 4 session. Overall I have really enjoyed my experience with Pilates and best body and would love to continue this.

  337. Leanne Palatchie says:

    I have a steady gym regime at the moment where I am building muscle and am keeping fit. I enjoy running and anything cardio as well as challenging myself with weights. Every three weeks I see a chiro to have my neck and back adjusted due to have scoliosis in two places, this keeps me set to continue doing what I love. Reformer pilates is something my friends thoroughly enjoy and rave about and is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, not only to assist with my current regime in toning muscle and keeping off weight, but to increase flexibility and movement which will also keep any struggles with my scoliosis minimal and the muscles in my legs strong, which is equally important due to having ligament reconstruction on both ankles. I also like to meet new people and try new things, I am dedicated to my mind and body and with spending a lot of time behind a computer screen, exercise and movement are crucial to my overall health.

  338. Julie says:

    Reformer Pilates will not only help me return to my pre 50 fitness and strength level but will also assist with good mental health. In my job, and as a single parent of 2 teens time needs to be used wisely. I believe Pilates will help me achieve great results faster and without having to make a commitment that’s too hard to meet. I have recent had a lot of shoulder pain which has stopped me from being able to do the physical jobs at home and in the garden and would be fit from the specific support or reformer Pilates to get back to my usual strong, physical self and help improve mood, sleep, and making healthy food choices. Having the accountability of a program and qualified trainer certainly motivates me to reach fitness and health goals too!

  339. Jemma says:

    Winning a competition like this would be incredible, I am really wanting to focus on building my inner confidence and self-love. After having a challenging 6 months at work I have lost confidence in myself and let go of my fitness and health goals. I love Pilates and have been wanting to try reformer for years! This is such an amazing completion, Goodluck to everyone

  340. Marion Cochrane says:

    Wow, thank you Scott for this amazing opportunity.
    I have been doing BB pilates going on 3 years now, and its the first thing i have ever stuck with…The way im feeling about myself is amazing.
    Im 65 , retired,and have had a triple fusion to my neck, which has caused partial paralysis to my arm and had 2 lower back ops which has caused slight nerve damage to my legs.
    Im finding with BB this has helped me with my stength but i still need further to be able to get my balance right, as i was classed as high risk at falling. Mind you this is getting better but sometimes i still lose my confidence with some of the exercies. The instructors have been marvellous and will always give me alternates.
    I have managed to lose 16kg in my journey but definetly could do with toning and to win a further 6 months BB membership plus toning would be an amazing way for me to continue my journey..
    My husband and family are so proud that I am getting more fit to keep up with everyone especially my beautiful grandies
    Thank you again for this amazing opportunity to put my story forward.

  341. Amanda says:

    Previously being a member, I loved my BB classes and recommended them to friends who also joined. Not being a fan of any form of exercise I was pleased to find something I enjoyed and was good for me having scoliosis and starting menopause. Having not been able to attend since January, I have fallen into really bad habits and would love the opportunity to kick start the journey again. Although I’d be dreading those first couple of weeks, I now know how good it’d be and how great it makes me feel.

  342. Trina O'Sullivan says:

    It would help me so so much as I would like to get fit also as I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I have to have a mastectomy it will really help me feel healthy and keep my mind feeling better about myself and about life. It would really help me financially as that is the reason I can’t do pilates now. I also need to get my body and mind back to the best place it can be now, I just turned 50. Thank you this is a great competition

  343. Cheryl Bunce says:

    I have had surgery on my arm last Dec. And have been off work for 4 months. I need to get rid of my awful weight gain around my tum and get back into feeling good again. Mixing with lovely people I know will help me tremendously. I feel pretty down from the weight g a in.p

  344. Caroline Handke says:

    I had my first class with Best Body Leederville this morning and I haven’t been this motivated to get moving in years! As a busy working mum I always seem to find an excuse not to exercise – and as I’ve gotten older most exercise options are unappealing because of various niggles (sore wrists rule out yoga, headaches make high-impact sport like running impossible, weights leave my neck and shoulders in knots). I feel like I’ve finally found something that will ensure I have no excuses NOT to exercise! The class was challenging without leaving my joins in pain, and I actually felt energised afterwards. I realise this is something people often say after exercise, but I have never felt this way, so it’s a big deal for me. Winning a Reformer Pilates membership and Toned Program would allow me to take this new-found motivation and actually embed Best Body as part of a new, healthy way of life for me.

  345. Jules Stemp says:

    In August I’m 4years in remission. I take pride & care of my body that houses my soul, & feel that this fabulous prize would be a blessing for me & help me to continue living my best life!

    Thank you.

  346. Miriam Adams says:

    Last year, my 52 year old sister died suddenly. As a result, I suffered major depressive disorder and due to medications, have stacked on 20 kilos. I am a full time carer for my autistic daughter and every cent I earn on this pension, is simply to survive. I have no extra funds to look after myself. Your toned program would be AMAZING. I have done Pilates for over 15 years and haven’t been able to do anything for the past 3 years, due to a lack of funds and depression. I am sick and tired of living like this, and would love to make some positive changes. I know how much PIlates helps me and I miss it. SO much. Your toned program would allow me to get back into it and 4 times a week is ideal. WIthout winning your prize, I simply can’t afford to attend the studio. Thanks so much for reading.

  347. Jill Bowles says:

    Hello BB team. I have already completed the first two Toned programs so I really hope I can still participate in this upcoming one. The Toned program has been a life changer for me. I had just suffered from Atrial Fibrillation requiring hospital visits and it was time to address my health so it was perfect timing when Toned was offered. I am loving my Pilates and am so happy to say my health has turned around in every aspect both physically and emotionally. I’ve maintained my new lifestyle since the end of the last program but I would love to be inspired again. I so enjoyed all the support, resources, live videos, group members stories etc etc.
    Thank you 🙂

  348. Jules Stemp says:

    In August 2022 I’m 4years in remission. I take pride & care of my body that houses my soul, & feel that this fabulous prize would be a blessing for me & help me to continue living my best life!

    Thank you.

  349. Amanda Barlow says:

    I believe the membership and 6 week program will go a long way towards assisting me to improve my mobility, help bring my hba1c down, help with weight loss and help improve my overall health. I need some assistance to kickstart my health and mental well-being as I enter the next phase of my life. What a great opportunity. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  350. Krissy Donoghue says:

    Hello! I admit it is with more than slight trepidation that I enter this competition, because if I happen to win then I wouldn’t be able to procrastinate and make up excuses any longer. I have a sedentary office job which means long hours, no exercise and a less-than-ideal diet. I have recently turned 55 and am more overweight than I have ever been. I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety. I’m always tired. I have low bone density which I discovered after two recent injuries – a broken tibial plateau and a broken foot, both of which were complex fractures and are still causing me issues with pain and movement. I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I feel I tend to blame all of this on my “old age” but I am acutely aware that I could make a huge difference to my physical and mental health if I weren’t so good at making excuses. I have finally come to realise that I am not only inherently lazy, but also one of those people who always thinks I’ll get onto it “soon” or “when this injury stops hurting” or “when I have more money” or “when life isn’t so busy”. I would really like to feel like I have some control over my health, and ideally would like to regain the physical strength that I need to remain active as I get older. I would also like to start attending both yoga and dance classes again, which I stopped when I broke my leg and now don’t have the confidence to go back. Unfortunately I think I need a swift kick in the pants, and winning this membership might just be it.

  351. Kate says:

    I would feel so grateful to win this 6mo membership. I’m 7 months post partum & just really struggling to get back into a healthy balanced life style. I’ve found my stomach muscles in particular have never really recovered. I’ve heard from many of your clients how wonderful the classes are and would LOVE the opportunity to also experience BB. A supportive group setting is what I love most about exercise classes. This would really boost my confidence and help get me back on track

  352. Sarah Jarvis says:

    I have been a member for a few years and recently shut down my account…. wishing I hadn’t. For two reasons:
    1. I am travelling on and off all year and although your reception ladies were wonderful at catering for my trips I wondered if I had lost incentive and thought I would look around and see what would suit me and my needs
    2. I had lost the incentive and really needed a stimulant to get me back into this.
    Meanwhile I gain weight and feel yuk. I would love this 6 month course to get me back on track for the body but more importantly the mind.
    thank you for the opportunity Scot
    best wishes

  353. Siobhan Griffiths says:

    Since having my son almost 3 years ago I have had lower back and neck issues. I have had numerous physio appointments over the years but unfortunately keep aggravating the injuries doing daily chores and just living my life!
    I want to get stronger so I can live my life as pain free as possible. I want to be able to lift and play with my son, and grow old well for him.

  354. Simone says:

    I love Pilates and the strength it builds.
    I broke my leg and ankle many moons ago and this was the best exercise for me. Then children and life took over and Pilates took a back burner.

    I restarted my journey with Best Body at the beginning of 2020 but then the world put a stop to it and again life took over.

    I’ve started 2022 with the commitment to give back to me so a membership would re-establish this commitment.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  355. Cynthia says:

    Sometimes you dont know how to start and most of all dont know whether you can do it and to shy to begin because you never try Pilates before but recently I started Pilates at BB with Andrew and he coached me patiently and I started to gain my confident back that I can start and try Pilates and just hoping to lost my weight and I did it ….I lost 5kg and I hope with toned class i can lost some weight again and I can gain my confident back.

  356. Shauna Giles says:

    Hi Scott

    What a fabulous opportunity!
    I have been a member of Best Body for approximately two years and also took part in the Toned trial in November 2021.
    A bit about me and why I would love this opportunity.
    I’ve always been active and over the past 20 years have completed triathlons, half ironmans, three marathons and also worked with a PT. 2.5 years ago I had spinal fusion surgery in my lower lumbar back and following 6 months of recovery and rehab with a physio I was able to start running again. However I was frightened of the impact HIIT training with a PT could have on my back so I joined Best Body and started reformer pilates and it has been a GAMECHANGER for me. Even after all the years of exercise, it’s only since joining BB have I come to truly appreciate the difference core strength, stretching and overall body workout that pilates delivers has made to my body and how I feel each day. Post surgery the care, guidance and support from BB instructors restored my confidence in what I could still achieve.

    This brings me to the Toned program, even though I am fit, as a small person who enjoys the fun part of life and cooking, I cannot afford to carry excess kilos and running uphill with baggage is not fun! I participated in the Toned trial last November and have to say it really resonated with me. Following the Mediterranean diet was not as daunting as other eating programs and I never felt like I was missing out. Today I still focus on 10,000+ steps a day and my water intake has remained on track, although I think this will be harder in winter. The biggest challenge for me was zero alcohol for six weeks given it was a very social time of the year. The programme reminded me of how to really listen to my body and not feel guilty if I needed a rest. Reality is that there are times your body needs a break but Toned has resonated with me so much that I know I will get back on track the next day so I don’t stress over it. Following the last two years my work life is now ‘hybrid’ (Working From Home and Office) and the Toned way of life fits in with this. I have made it work with three runs a week and am loving some trail running at the moment made possible by the BB program.

    Congratulations and thankyou Scott and team, you really do make a difference each day.


  357. Tanya says:

    Best Body has already helped me so much! I had knee surgery almost a year ago and I was struggling to recover my strength and range of motion. The reformer pilates classes at best body not only helped me in my recovery, they have made me feel stronger and fitter than I was even before my injury. All of the classes and teachers are amazing. I haven’t yet reached all my fitness goals, but I know I will get there – thank you Best Body!

  358. Felicity says:

    I first started at best body at the pregnancy studio to help me endure 12 hour shifts as an emergency nurse while pregnant. It was my first time doing Pilates and had had surgery on my back a year prior and was completely amazed at how much strength and movement I was able to achieve with Pilates despite the ever increasing growth inside me! I ended up attending a class the morning before I had my baby and credit the regular classes with being able to deliver my (4.4kg) baby with no interventions.
    However, no one will be shocked to hear that since giving birth my time and opportunities to look after myself have taken a serious dive. But my son is now 6 months old and able to take a bottle and I’m excited about the chance to feel like my body is mine again. The BB membership would allow me to invest in my body again after it has given so much for our family. To be able to stay strong and comfortable as I continue to hold, wear and feed my growing baby and not feel limited by a lack of strength. And the flexibility of a membership would mean I could optimise any opportunity for a class around the challenges of new motherhood. Pilates was an absolute game changer for me in pregnancy and I’m hopeful it can be the same post partum.
    With thanks!!

  359. Emma Rice says:

    This would be a fantastic opportunity for me to finally focus on my health and body. Being very unfit I have had this recommended to me however I don’t put myself first as my family and teaching career take priority. I have chronic back issues and I think strengthening my whole body will relieve this. Thanks so much for the chance to win and change my life for the better!! I have everything crossed!

  360. Kristy hoghton says:

    Winning the program would help with injury management and recovery whilst letting me get back to my pre injury body.
    I am suffering from severe plantar fasciitis and a calf and foot injury (other side) from falling down the stairs. Since these injuries involve my feet most exercise is out of the question particularly weight bearing and even walking. Having access to 4 reformer pilates sessions a week will give me the ability to work on my strength, fitness and tone while avoiding movements that will make my injury worse. It would also help to strengthen my weak areas as I begin to recover helping me get closer to my injury and pain free goal and returning to my adult ballet classes that I love so much and currently can’t do with so much foot and calf pain. The added benefits of the tone program will help to improve my mind and nutrition.

  361. Deb Mills says:

    Hi Scott… I have recently had a Free assessment at you Best Body in Launceston with Lauren she was extremely helpful and explained everything so well to me I have always been a fit girl playing hockey all through my school years and then in my early working life A grade so extremely full on totally love every minute I played.. Then cherished children come along and things change eh for the better of course. They are now grown Adults and having my adorable grandkids My next chapter in my life book I have been a member of a local gym back approximately 8 years ago but due to a few hiccups in my as I say “Mechanical “ side of getting older it has stopped me doing what I thoroughly enjoy ☺️ I have 2 spurs rubbing together in my lower back which causes shocking Pain/spasms in my hip and top leg . My specialist in Hobart sent me to have A thorough MRI which they inject Nuclear into your blood stream highlighting your pain hot spots To work out where to put the injection which I had done all my fingers were Double crossed . And typically my luck was not on my side. Am still having to go with the pain but as my specialist said to me my pain threshold is amazing So I have put it out to the universe To come up with a plan for me to get back to the girl “””Oldish girl”” now I want to be So onward and upwards for that New chapter in my life book So would be an awesome start for the 1st page to be Lucky enough to be a be one of the people to Win a FREE membership and join the ladies and beautiful staff / coaches at Best Body Launceston I even if my luvk isn’t with me Thanks Heaps for reading my little story and the opportunity of my lifetime journey ☀️☀️

  362. Kellie Ututaonga says:

    Usually Im a very active, sporty and vibrant person. Played netball, tag, womens rugby league for years. Would spend 5 days p/wk training at sports & gym & do yoga & body balance to maintain flexibility and workout the kinks & stiffness. All these things made me feel great and confident. In my 40’s, this is my main goal. But for the last 12months, I have been dealing with depression due to workplace bullying. I didn’t know that that’s what was going on with me until I sort help. Because of the depression I lost my love & drive for sports & being active. I have quickly gained 10+kg. Im struggling with confidence & my body is suffering both internally and physically. However, Ive seen and heard great things about reformer plates. The community & fitness benefits is what interests most. Also, I love venturing in new things & im keen to find my passion again with reformer plates.
    And I’m excited for the Woodvalrstudio to open.
    I would love to win the free membership, so goodluck to myself & everyone who has entered 😀 xx

  363. Marg Duder says:

    I am ready to increase my fitness level. Three small beautiful grandchildren have made me realise I need to work on my strength & toning. I am 69, and after several bouts of cancer, followed by a lower back fusion which left me reluctant to risk injury at the gym, I have let my fitness lapse. My friend attends Best Body and recommended the expert care and professional approach, indicating that Reformer Pilates is very good for lower back issues, which I still have after my successful fusion. A 6 month free membership would be incredible.

  364. Julie says:

    A number of years back I was lucky enough to be given access to a founding membership at one of your BB Pilates studio’s.For the following 2.5 years I attended classes religiously 3 or 4 times each week. I have nothing only positive memories of the laughter we shared and how our hard work in class translated into a leaner healthier body and mind.

    Then Life threw me an opportunity to engage in full time study in my beloved Helping Profession, this combined with part time work and family commitments left me no time to spare and I made the choice to sacrifice my “ Me Time”… my biggest regret because we all know what happened next !!

    I sit here today reading your invitation with a sense of renewed excitement about the possibility of ‘Building a Better Me ‘
    I have shown in the past that through determination and hard work I can have a healthy body(- 5 kg would be amazing) and mind.

    I would use this membership to strengthen my body and mind, re -build my confidence and ensure I care for myself enabling me to be my best version So that I can repeated show up for others.

  365. Rosanna Abbonizio says:

    I was a Foundation Member in 2019 and through BB managed to ski after almost 10 years. With COVID, working and caring for my mother BB classes haven’t been possible since mid 2020. I don’t particularly like the idea of ‘competing’ with others in these sorts of things – sorry they strike me as quite denigrating. I am interested in the toned program and the nature of it being a specifically planned activity. I will be 60 next year, the toned body is gone and the weight increases so easily. I have an October 2022 target for so,Ed weight loss and increased tone – if I gain that then the other mental and health benefits will follow.

  366. Nyssa Ashling says:

    I think this opportunity would afford me sometime to look after myself. We have been scrimping and saving to buy a house which we finally have managed, this however has left me gaining weight, struggling with my physical and also mental health, more importantly it has made it more difficult to keep up with my three children all under 5. I have no energy and no drive to push myself. This prize would allow me the space to take time for me, to focus on my physical and mental health to bring back to my family. It would help minimise my back and knee pain and also help me drop some weight and tone up as I have wanted to since giving birth to the twins. I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to improve myself for me and those I love. Thanks!

  367. Amanda Sorrell says:

    Thus would definitely help me get fit, shed those unwanted kgs and feel better about myself. I would love to have more energy for my boys and even play with the idea of being able to possibly have the fitness level and energy to play sport again. I believe this would definitely give me the opportunity to push myself again and feel happy and confident with myself again.

  368. Carolyn says:

    This is very exciting, thank you so much Scott for this opportunity and offer!
    My body has been under a significant amount of stress from engaging in high intensity cardio work for the past 6 months. This weekend I am challenging myself to complete the Busselton 100 triathlon, which endures a 2km swim, 80km cycle and an 18km run. Being only 22 years old, I set myself this challenge after watching my Dad compete in a number of similar events (e.g. Ironman, Ironman 70.3), and caught the itch to test my body to its greatest limits.

    The extensive amount of training involved for an event like this has resulted in some injuries, significant tightness and pain. Pilates is something that will provide the perfect balance to the current load on my body through stretching and less intense exertion.

    A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program will be the perfect gift to support my recovery and on going training as I do not expect to stop here – I hope to have a successful race on the weekend with a goal to maintain my training over the next 6 months so I can challenge myself to a full Ironman in December.

    I believe you are only limited by your own mind, and a long term goal of mine is to travel with the sport, compete internationally, wouldn’t the Olympics just be even more incredible.

    Thank you again and I look forward to hearing more about what Best Body has to offer in the near future 🙂

  369. Julie Smith says:

    I’d love to win the the Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program as it would get me started on a health kick again to get toned and lose some weight to feel good about my body and myself. Ever since COVID interrupted all our lives I lost interest and motivation in keeping myself fit and now finding it very hard to get the motivation back again.

  370. Ellie Rose Murray says:

    I have just 2months ago had surgery for implant removal due to illness and not well. I am now looking to get back into a new gym and exercise regime.. I’ve never done reformer Pilates but have heard so much about it.. this would be a great fitness to add to my new exercise regime and I think I would thoroughly benefit from it.. it would help get my body back to being fit and healthy. It would help with my confidence as my weight has fluctuated and my health really deteriorated till my surgery. I only had surgery 2 months ago so I feel this would be an amazing opportunity

  371. Jo says:

    I read this email and opportunity and thought how much I would absolutely love to be chosen. But I totally don’t like putting myself out there, and so I still debated whether to enter, even though this only involves a first name – which probably sums up both my personal and body confidence. I have a career that I am passionate about which focuses on youth education and wellbeing. It is rewarding but all consuming – mentally, emotionally and physically. I work more, sleep less – and worse, and overeat too late at night on the wrong types of foods. Worst of all I could identify all of this and yet I still couldn’t find the mindset or energy to overcome it – even though I spend my days encouraging others to be the best version of themselves. I made a personal and family decision (we have a larger than ‘average’ young family) to step back from this role, which began just over a week ago. I feel like this email was perfect timing! I am making it a priority to re-invigorate and re-energise myself for me, and for my family. How could the Best Body Pilates membership and Toned program help me? I thrive on routine, structure and commitment. I love learning and self-improvement, and I like to be challenged. The guidance, support, smiles and sense of an exercise community would go miles for me! Exercise makes me happy. I want to be fitter, stronger, toned and lighter, to sleep better and embrace life by being my best version of me!

  372. Jess says:

    After breaking both my wrists in 2015… then my ankle In 2020.. My physical heath has suffered immensely. I struggle to jog as I’m still having fortnightly physio appointments on my ankle.. and I’m extremely weak in my hands. I am no longer able to go to the gym to do weights and im struggling to get my body and mental heath better. This would be an amazing opportunity to completely change my life

  373. Penny Muller says:

    Having been a BB member for about 31/2 years now, I feel Reformer Pilates is helping me to be the best version of myself I can be, both physically and mentally. The Toned Programme would be the icing on the cake as it would motivate me further to lose those few kilos that one tends to find along the way. It would be great to feel even stronger and more positive as I make my way through life’s highs and challenges. Change requires change and I’m up for it!

  374. Bonny Milton says:

    I would love to receive this reformer Pilates membership and toned program as I REALLY need to get myself back toned and pain free. I’m always getting back pain as I have a long day sitting job, so this would help for sure.
    My work is right near the Currambine BB so can head there straight from work.
    Fingers crossed
    Thankyou Scott

  375. Glenys says:

    Hi Scott..I am in my 70’s and suffer with a bad back..Now my daughter who does reformer pilates 3 times a week ,reckons if I did it that it would help my aching back by making my core stronger as it did for herself..

    Thing is ,its so expensive for me to use the machines that I have not given it a go so far..Now winning free sessions would help me decide if its worth me spending my money to get some relief for my problem..I will try anything to stop eating pain relief tablets so pick me .pick me.pick me

    Cheers from me and this aching back…

  376. Lee says:

    I’m already a BB member with a 4 sessions per week membership.
    I hate, absolutely hate exercising; especially as I got older. Of the few activities I tried, my joints weren’t a fan and as I put on weight my eyes weren’t a fan of seeing all the bits wobbling that shouldn’t; but I knew I couldn’t remain inactive if I wanted my body to take me into my later years.

    My friend organized a free class for me at the Baldivis studio and I was hooked after the first lesson. To be able to exercise without any jumping up and down and stress on my joints was amazing – and of course the amazing instructors – ♥️
    They are so encouraging and the classes can often be a therapy session too, chatting to like minded people or just talking about your day.
    I’ve been attending for over a year now and love the fact that I am still being shown different exercises and techniques. For someone who can have a low attention span, it really keeps be engaged.
    So my membership is helping in so many ways

    As to how a Toned program may help me? I am currently at the stage where I am eating more than I am exercising…..and I can’t stop eating!!!!
    I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to crisps and I am a lazy eater.
    I can’t afford (physically) to continue like this, especially as the ‘menopause years’ are very unforgiving.
    Whilst I don’t know the details about the Toned program, I’m thinking; Reformer Pilates got me exercising, Scott started Best Body, so maybe Scott has had another good idea that will be just as successful in engaging me ‍♀️

    Time May tell! Either way, good luck with your new endeavor

  377. Jules Edwards says:

    Hi Scott,

    I would really welcome this opportunity to get fit and toned.

    I used to have a membership back in 2019 but circumstances changed and had to give it up. I really did see the benefit of the toning tables and your staff was absolutely wonderful and very encouraging.

    There has been a lot of stress in my life with dealing with so many challenges. If I had this membership it would give me back “Jules time” as I am definitely last on my list and seeking ways to put myself first. I’ve reached a crossroads in my life and seeing your email is giving me a sign to have the courage to respond. This is not easy putting myself out there.

    Since leaving I tried a gym and ended up falling off the treadmill which resulted in whiplash, bruised legs and a very sore neck that needed ongoing physio for some considerable time. I was too nervous to go back.

    I do a lot of walking and again recently tripped up walking up concrete steps and badly bruised my left leg and my right knee.

    My balance has not been the best and my flexibility is not as good as it used to be.

    This generous gift you are offering would give me the boost, confidence and motivation to get my life back on track – get fitter, stronger, flexible and help with losing weight would be great too due to hitting menopause. Any advice on that would be very much appreciated.

    I used to love Pilates when I was younger and with an older body the benefits of the concept of reformer Pilates is definitely more suitable to my needs.

    Thank you

  378. Susan Edwards says:

    My husband of 37 years passed away in December, 2019. Since then, each of my four children and their families have returned from Sydney/Melbourne and have stayed in our family home until they have purchased their own homes.
    Right now, the 30 year old youngest with wife to give birth over next 2 weeks, the Frenchie dog and the new home settlement means, since my husband’s passing I am soon to consider what my new singleton life will now be – fully.
    In 2020, I joined the Reformer Pilates class at Mt Lawley as part of my proactive attempt to protect my 2 arthritic knees from possible injury ( I had already shed 25 kilos). I now do all my own DIY maintenance to our 80 year plus house. Took me a while after breaking most drill bits to realise a drill has forward/ reverse and clockwise/anticlockwise rotation. I loved the twice- weekly classes I attended but, as usual with widows, financial constraints entered my new life. I had to receive the HBF physio rebates to afford the classes. This is capped, so I had to stop.
    What my 70 year old body needs to manage DIY ( ladders, guttering, high ceiling painting, tree climbing pruning), 5 grandkids with Grandma the last one standing, Frenchie power walking me through sandy tracks ( even my version of HIIT 5 sec running bursts are not measuring up for the dog) is the development of consistent core strength in my whole body. My muscle tone since no pilates leaves me with diminished strength to do the physical work I now do. Things as simple as screwdriver re-adjustment of dropped door hinges.
    I also need the cognitive challenge of listening to trainer instructions and co-ordinating my body to achieve that particular exercise benefit.
    Additionally, the Reformer Pilates support really did strengthen my balance and confidence regarding the functionality of my two arthritic knees.
    To be honest, my past extended family living arrangements with me have meant I have not been short of company through this ongoing grieving process but , in about a month,with my youngest son, wife, newborn and dog re-locating to their new home, I will need to re-assess my sources for social engagement and the formation of my own age-appropriate social connections. After 37 years of marriage, a daunting prospect!
    The spin off I experienced with the Reformer Pilates classes gave me a solid base to manage my emotions because I had to focus on my physicality- it gave me a grab- rail to hold.
    I am presenting this personal case because I now have a clearer head as to what elements to ensure well-being look like.
    Thank you for presenting the opportinity.

  379. Maija says:

    As my Mum told me when she was already in her early 80s – you have to keep moving.. When you stop moving – that’s the end..
    I am now in my mid 50s, have slipped disk and isciatica in lower back and incredible pain every day. But I am trying to do some physical activities every day – restorative yoga in my pace, Pranayama, stretching, brisk walk with my dog etc
    To have BB membership could be wonderful because Pilates are known as great help for backache and strengthening back muscles. Also being a part of community and having professional trainer would be more exciting and efficient method of movement. My fitness goals with BB group would be get more fit, strengthen my back and if it’s a side benefit – also loose some weight

  380. Christian says:

    I will help me get back into an exercise routine after a car accident a few years ago

  381. Cre Millar says:

    I am really confused as to the best way to regain my strength and shape my body in my 50’s. I have tried a lot of things and have a really physical job but I just can’t seem to find the answer and would love the chance to find out if this program will be the one to make the changes to my stamina, strength and fitness I want to make.

  382. Shirley Feng says:

    Hi Scott I’m currently attending the reformer Pilates classes once a week at best body on purchased class passes. I have 2 young boys (2 and 6) and ever since having number 2 I have noticed increased back pain, bad posture and complete inability to lose that last 5kgs! A 6 week membership and Toned Program would be the absolute perfect opportunity to address all of these issues and for me to prioritise my health and fitness. Thank you!

  383. Jodie Noble says:

    Winning this will give me the push to not only get back into reformer Pilates but the push I need to do something for me! I am always putting my families needs over mine and I am forever told to stop. This will help me stretch my body and become that tad more flexible (I can’t even touch my toes), this will also help to strengthen my core and make me feel good and release those all important endorphins. My time at best bodies was honestly so good and I truely miss the classes it really would be a blessing to be lucky enough to win, I don’t know about you but being able to touch my toes and strengthen my core would be great

  384. Jo says:

    If I win it will give me the motivation I require, and improve my fitness, and also help to loose weight.

  385. Tanya Forsyth says:

    Earlier this year I severely hurt my lower back.
    2 herniated discs and 2 further disc extrusions caused me intense pain and left me unable to even wiggle my toes on my left foot or properly lift my foot.
    I have definitely improved, with the help of physio and have chosen to decline spinal surgery at this stage.
    I would love a chance to let pilates and reformer classes help me to rehabilitate and recover.

  386. Diane says:

    After being really sick this past 10 months mostly in bed, I have now lost all core strength and gained weight. I am desperate to get back to the person I used to be and start enjoying my life again.
    Please consider me Scott for the membership and the six week programme. Thank you!

  387. Sarah Smith says:

    The last two years have been the most challenging of my life with thrown many traumatic events in crisis situations unfortunately it has all taken its toll and impacted my mental health severely. On top of it all I feel as though I’ve lost myself in being a stay at home mum and not having the income where luxuries of memberships and other nice to have expenditures is all comprimised. Winning a 6 month membership will be like winning my health back. Being the heaviest I’ve been in my life and stuck in a horrible cycle this membership will help me beyond understanding on so many levels. It would offer a plan forward for my weightloss, help me to breathe again, balance my mood and give me my strength back physically and emotionally. Please help me find me again so that I can be the best version of me for myself and my daughter.

  388. Brooke Murfet says:

    I started Pilates about 8 months ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I started after I had a medical procedure and I put on a large amount weight. I have found that Pilates is gentle on my joints that now are under stress from the sudden weight gain. I would love to utilise the toned program to help become a healthier and happier version of myself. I love the atmosphere and supportiveness of the staff at the Burnie studio such a lovely and fun environment to go too.

  389. Brooke Page says:

    I would be ecstatic to have a reformer pilates and toned membership. Growing up I was always extremely health conscious and a dancer so kept toned and on top of my health. Since having children I have never quite gotten back to the strength that I once was and I have never really found an activity that really motivated me. I tried bootcamps for a couple of years and then signed up to snap fitness cameron park in 2020 and can honestly say that it is the most consistent I have ever been with training as I can literally walk there, however, I have not seen a change in my body since I started. It could be diet related but generally speaking I’m a healthy person. I have certainly gained strength and I attend 4-6 classes a week and go on my own 1-2 times but I can honestly say it is only due to creating a habit. The one thing I have loved is core and stretch classes which they stopped doing. I would do them everyday if it was an option because I feel grounded, strong and can see improvements in myself when I attend those types of classes regularly. I would love to come and tone up those last few kilos that won’t go away and say goodbye to my mum belly for good!

  390. Penny Muller says:

    Having been a BB member for about 31/2 years, I find that Reformer Pilates helps me to become the best version of myself both physically and mentally. The Toned Programme would be the icing on the cake, helping to lose those few kilos one finds along the way. The combination of programmes would help me navigate my way through life’s highs and challenges, and to keep a positive mind set. I’m up for it!

  391. Wendy Thompson says:

    BB has helped me so much over the last year. I joined on a recommendation because of lower back pain – and I’ve been pain free since, it’s amazing, after years of physio and steroid injections all I needed was reformer classes.
    Right now the membership and Toned programme would be a massive help towards me losing the extra 10 kilos I have, returning me to my formerly fit and athletic self – thanks Covid isolation for nothing! This prize would mean so much – please let me win!

  392. Emma Gillies says:

    Winning the membership would encourage me to find time for ME, improving my mobility and sanity x

  393. Tracey Ray says:

    Hi Scott,
    The 6 month membership and toned program is EXACTLY what I NEED right now!
    I have struggled with pain immensely through my life due to rupturing a disc twice in my lower back and complications from surgeries associated with this. I also have had total reconstructions on both knees and am currently trying to loose weight and get fitter and stronger to try to hold off having knee replacements as both of them are at the end of their life. I am only 49, doc said last year I would need replacements before I was 50. I started with best body about 11 months ago, it has been such a great addition to my life. I was that person that always put everyone else first and never made time for me. After my sister in law died in her sleep suddenly at the age of 49 also 18 months ago I decided I needed to look after me and do something for myself. So i quit smoking (35 years pack a day) and joined BB. I started going through menopause and put on 15 kg that I just could not budge. The weight was making my knees so bad, they were full of fluid and painful. I couldn’t do anything and my back was in constant pain. I began doing 2 classes a day at BB and slowly over the next 8 months I became stronger and lost 10kg. My doctor tells me I need to still lose another 5kg to be healthy and I know how it will help my pain levels to lose that extra 5. I have less pain now and don’t need to take as much pain medication but the extra 5 will make the difference between a knee replacement now and getting another 10 years out of it. I need support to be able to sculpt my body now to be able to live my best life and get the best put of my body that I can. I’m a bit lost and losing faith as my weight loss has been stagnant for the last couple of months, I can’t seem to loose that extra 5 and I know if I had access to more time and support from your amazing staff that they could support and help me to get where I need to be. I have my good days and bad still , it would be amazing to have people in my corner supporting me not to give up when I have a bad day and encouraging me further on my good days. I have been saying to my hubby for months I wish I could do more classes but it’s just not financially possible. My classes are my favourite time of the week. Long post, sorry, but you did say you wanted specifics! I want to work hard to be the best me I can be for myself and the ones I love, how I feel affects them too. Choose me, bring it on!

  394. Andrea Yeo says:

    A Reformer membership and the Toned program are just what I need to get back on the self- care wagon that I fell off twelve months ago. My positive fitness mindset broke up with me when I cheated on it with my positive study mindset! I just couldn’t handle two passionate relationships at the same time. Now that my relationship with study has become more routine, I have room to form a new relationship with being fit again, but I’m secretly frightened of my old habits sabotaging my motivation again. That’s why the biggest benefit I’ll gain from the program, apart from feeling fitter and healthier, is the familiar support that the BB family cheer squad is so good at giving.

  395. Kahlia Jeffcoat says:

    5 years ago Iwas in great shape. Back strained stopped me training, I got lazy and 25kgs piled on! I’ve been trying to get back into training the last 6 months but my body fat just wont budge! I need the Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program in my life to make the most out of it and get back into shape and be happy!! Help!!

  396. Rosa says:

    Hi, I am a very happy BB member and in the beginning of my journey I only dreamed and hoped that I would find a better me. Only a few words is needed to describe how I feel after starting BB “BB has changed my life” in the best possible way!!! I feel stronger and more confident than I have felt in years and I have BB to thank for the new me and also my beautiful daughter who was and is one of the very first members of BB, convinced me and encouraged me to start a BB membership and I am so happy I did. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to continue my happy health journey.

  397. caroline williams says:

    Looking forward to getting back into fitness now and having an awesome opportunity to win reformer pilates membership puts the icing on the cake….and by cake I dont mean all the naughty treats I have been taking steady advantage of recently! Would be fun to experience what BB has to offer!

  398. Abby Hendry says:

    I am entering this competition as I would love to win it for my Mum. We are both members and love Best Body Pilates! My Mum is retired and just turned 60 this year, also loving having time now to spend on her fitness. She is always trying to work out the most cost affective way to be able to keep going to Best Body Pilates. She was hoping there was going to be an Easter special. She is trying to keep her body going as she gets older especially her shoulder. Doctors have said that she could do with having surgery on it, but Mum really doesn’t want to have surgery. So she tries her very best to keep it moving and not let it stop her from doing things she loves. She is an amazing Mum and Nannie to my daughter and we believe she is a wonderful lady and we are very great full to have her in our lives. Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful Mama’s out there. We all do an amazing job, but remember take care of yourselves as well as your families. Thank you

  399. Rosa says:

    Hi, I am a very happy BB member and in the beginning of my journey I only dreamed and hoped that I would find a better me. Only a few words is needed to describe how I feel after starting BB “BB has changed my life” in the best possible way!!! I feel stronger and more confident than I have felt in years and I have BB to thank for the new me and also my beautiful daughter who was and is one of the very first members of BB, convinced me and encouraged me to start a BB membership and I am so happy I did. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to continue my happy health journey. Rosa

  400. Janine Mahnken says:

    I’m needing motivation. I’m in my 50’s and need to get toned and fit again. I am very keen to give reformer Pilates a go.

  401. Danielle Kavanagh says:

    Wow what a dream! I have recently completed the introduction package at Best Body and loved the experience. I would love to become a member and be apart of the family. I have enjoyed adding pilates to my wellness routine. It is both a great physical workout (hello abs) but it also helps me mentally, to relax and de stress.
    I work next door to best body, so it would be such a convenient and rewarding activity for me to do before or after a hectic day of work!
    Reformer Pilates makes me so happy and helps me become the best version of myself! I would love to join the Best Body family and workout with like minded people.

  402. Kate says:

    Will finally give me the courage to get into reformer Pilates, I’ve wanted to try it out for a long time but always felt like I am not good or fit enough. I have dabbled in at home Pilates from my physio after having my children but just need that push to get into a class.

  403. Annette Ioppolo says:

    I would love to get my sciatica in control so that I can sleep better. The toned programme would undoubtedly help me feel better from the inside out.

  404. I would LOVE a Toned and Reformer Pilates membership, having come from a sporty background and having tried Best Body in the past, I know it works. After a fall on the stairs at Christmas time, I have been having tightness in my hips and my overall flexibility has lapsed. I am currently walking everyday and attending a Osteo, however I know that getting back to Best Body will improve my flexibility and core strength and lead to a longer period of being injury free. I love to exercise and feel that my current walking and riding is a bit isolating. I would love to be part of the Best Body community and feel that sense of belonging. I also work better when I am accountable and I feel that working alongside other like minded ladies would help me. I am 40 years old and my goal this year was so look FAB at my son’s school graduation at the end of 2022. I want to feel FIT, TONED and LEAN. Currently, the prices of BB are at bit out of my reach and I feel this would be a remarkable opportunity to experience all that Best Body has to offer, as well as to help me get more flexible and provide welcome stress relief during this time. I work as a teacher and it has probably been our hardest year yet! Let’s make it HAPPEN in 2022!!!!!

  405. Katherine McGregor says:

    One year ago I had a knee replacement. It has been a long slow recovery, but thanks to BB I am seeing good improvement. My goal after surgery was to get back to Best Body, which I achieved six months after surgery. I started back in beginners classes and gradually built up my strength and flexibility, although, there is still limitations and pain in my knee. The team at South Perth have been very supportive. They’ve been asking me and encouraging me, what’s your next goal. Secondly it was to increase my walking distance, which although not quite at pre op distance, it is much improved. Then my next goal was to get back to my Zumba class which I achieved early in the New Year. The BB South Perth team then asked me what’s your next goal Kathy? I replied ” lose weight” With a lot of effort and food planning I have been slowly losing a bit of weight. I feel that if I was lucky enough to win this prize I would have all the tools and support necessary to stay focused and achieve all the goals that I have set myself.

  406. I would LOVE a Toned and Reformer Pilates membership, having come from a sporty background and having tried Best Body in the past, I know it works. After a fall on the stairs at Christmas time, I have been having tightness in my hips and my overall flexibility has lapsed. I am currently walking everyday and attending a Osteo, however I know that getting back to Best Body will improve my flexibility and core strength and lead to a longer period of being injury free. I love to exercise and feel that my current walking and riding is a bit isolating. I would love to be part of the Best Body community and feel that sense of belonging. I also work better when I am accountable and I feel that working alongside other like minded ladies would help me. I am 40 years old and my goal this year was so look FAB at my son’s school graduation at the end of 2022. I want to feel FIT, TONED and LEAN. Currently, the prices of BB are at bit out of my reach and I feel this would be a remarkable opportunity to experience all that Best Body has to offer, as well as to help me get more flexible and provide welcome stress relief during this time. I work as a teacher and it has probably been our hardest year yet! Let’s make it HAPPEN in 2022!!!!!

  407. Nandini Trehan says:

    Hi Scott, I was a founder member at the Currambine BB but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to give up the membership. I would love to win the 6 months free membership! Also, I would absolutely love to be part of the toned programme as I have plateaued in weight loss and this would be that extra nudge! Fingers crossed! Thank you for this offer.

  408. Carol Phillips says:

    As a farmer, nurse, and mother my time for myself has been hard to find. I am now 59 and have realised that I need to commit time to myself to make sure I maintain fitness, core strength, balance keep the extra kilos at bay, and for mental wellbeing. I want to be more present in my life and like myself for who I am. I have watched how Pilates has helped my husband improve his flexibility and improve his well being and I would love to try this for myself. Either of your programs would be highly beneficial to me. I would be really keen to have a go!

  409. Claudia S says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am only fairly new on my BB journey and absolutely fell in love with it. I have stopped my membership for the time being due to financial reasons after purchasing a house, however, definitely want to look at continuing my membership soon. I have tried a few different Pilates companies for reformer and hands down BB was definitely my favourite. I found reformer amazing and loved the feeling of release and freedom after a class. It helped a lot with my mental health, and I found it really cleared my mind during a class. I tend to find it hard to get motivated for classes/gym sessions, etc, but with BB I get excited for every class. Not only does it help with your mental health, but I also found it was great to tone up and lose weight also which is something I find hard doing due to no motivation. I have already recommended heaps of friends to BB and would love this opportunity to continue by BB journey and start to see some major results with the Toned program, as I have never been on a program before and would love to experience this to achieve proper long-term results.

    This offer sounds amazing, and I would be so grateful for this opportunity.

    Claudia x

  410. Rachel says:

    Having been a Best Body member since June 2020 when my family and I arrived back in Perth from Melbourne I have been hooked! I’ve done Pilates for about 4 years now but Best Body has not only given me amazing results physically but is my little escape for some me time having a toddler and 4 month old baby at home. It helped me get my strength and tone back postpartum in 2020 and I’m so happy to be back into it now after my second baby. I would love to take part in the toned program as I love a challenge and am super motivated to up my Pilates game once again. The instructors are motivating and I always feel like I have pushed myself to my limit and feel that I’m getting stronger everyday. I’d love to be able to attend 4 classes a week (currently doing 3) and to take part in the Toned program. My goals are weight loss, toning and general strength and mental well-being as a mum of 2 under 2!

  411. Hayley walmsley says:

    BB has helped me get my diabetes under control with gentle exercise rather than HIT. Has been great to see the plder ladies killing to kick my butt into gear.

  412. Michelle Z says:

    Previous to the Year 2022, I was a very active person who attended strength and conditioning (cross fit) classes 6 times a week. I was strong mentally and physically. I had achieved personal best weights on all my lifting that I honestly didn’t think I was capable of. This year I started my IVF journey after 18 months of trying naturally. To help with this journey, I was told to cut back on strenuous CrossFit type training to assist with my journey. Alternatively, I was told to partake in Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking. This has been very difficult as I was super active beforehand and when you are told you can’t do something that you love, you feel depleted and defeated. I have trialled reformer Pilates and really enjoyed it! IVF as it is takes a toll financially, on top of this I have chosen to study Pilates as I feel as though that would be the ideal job throughout my journey into motherhood. Due to these two financial commitments, I haven’t been able to take on the added financial responsibility of a Pilates membership. Therefore, I haven’t been able to complete my self-practice hours on the reformer machine. I believe access to a 6-month membership will help my emotional and mental wellbeing immensely, in addition to the assistance of completing my Pilates course. Therefore, I would love to be considered for the tone program.

  413. Cheryll Opperman says:

    I would love to win this prize being a full time carer to my 12 year old disabled grandson has meant I have had to give up all my fun activities I used to do! I have always been a fit gym junkie and would love so much to get back to a healthier weight as well as lifestyle! I would be an amazing brand advocate for your business as well.

  414. Mandy says:

    New to Best Body – Well no! Staying with Best Body – definitely! I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and believe I made the right decision when I joined. The benefits are too many to list – however flexibility and building core strength would have to rate highly amongst the many. And getting to know the instructors is great too, because they all have their own unique training style and way of working within the class. If I could offer a tip to new members, it would be to spread your sessions across the mix of instructors to gain a broad technical exposure. Thanks to the Best Body Team and to Scott for making it happen.

  415. Beth Nguyen says:

    Scott, this is such a great thing you are doing
    Recently I discovered Reformer Pilates post surgery (broke my wrist and injured my knee). I was always making excuses not to do anything for fear of further injury. I put on far too much comfort weight and went through some really challenging times.

    A friend saw a very ordinary version of me and suggested BB so I trialled a few sessons and boy have I enjoyed it!
    Not only has it helped me gently strengthen my dormant muscles, I’ve felt a shift in my mental health.

    For years I’ve been prioritising everything and everyone else before myself however now, I see that pattern has to shift and I need to make time to love myself and take care of me first.

    I feel a real difference to the day after a BB class and it makes such a positive difference to my day.

    I would absolutely love to kickstart my journey with BB properly and be apart of the program and classes and reach my goals to strengthen myself and shed that excess weight!
    Thanks for running the competition, you’re making a fantastic difference by making people realise how good BB is for them

  416. Ash says:

    A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program could help me right now because I need it now; please read on to see why! I am a current member and attending BB nearly a year ago now kick started my first step towards getting slightly fitter but what I found the most was the step towards greatr flexibility which has helped an enormous amount. I have just turned 50 and spend my time working full time, being a wife and mother to three adult children and taking care of two elderly parents (dad has been in an aged care since having a stroke 2 years ago and mum who lives alone but does not drive and also needs socialisation and engagement. I am exhausted both mentally and physically because my life is a constant juggle of giving time to others which I LOVE but the aged care component is wearing me down day by day. The care issues I have experienced on a daily basis at the care home which require so much energy (careful follow up, feedback and active advocay) not only for my dad but for all the residents takes a piece out of you each time. It is a broken system and I wish I could wave a magic wand and help our dear seniors who deserve so much better than is curently in place. So, I need energy to do all of the above and I feel I could gain some through your offer. I need to lose (quite a bit) of weight (!) and be fit for me first so I can be the best me for my parents, my husband, my children, my work and live a long and healthy life.

  417. Deb Mills says:

    Hi Scott… I have recently had a Free assessment at you Best Body in Launceston with Lauren she was extremely helpful and explained everything so well to me I have always been a fit girl playing hockey all through my school years and then in my early working life A grade so extremely full on totally love every minute I played.. Then cherished children come along and things change eh for the better of course. They are now grown Adults and having my adorable grandkids My next chapter in my life book I have been a member of a local gym back approximately 8 years ago but due to a few hiccups in my as I say “Mechanical “ side of getting older it has stopped me doing what I thoroughly enjoy ☺️ I have 2 spurs rubbing together in my lower back which causes shocking Pain/spasms in my hip and top leg . My specialist in Hobart sent me to have A thorough MRI which they inject Nuclear into your blood stream highlighting your pain hot spots To work out where to put the injection which I had done all my fingers were Double crossed . And typically my luck was not on my side. Am still having to go with the pain but as my specialist said to me my pain threshold is amazing So I have put it out to the universe To come up with a plan for me to get back to the girl “””Oldish girl”” now I want to be So onward and upwards for that New chapter in my life book So would be an awesome start for the 1st page to be Lucky enough to be a be one of the people to Win a FREE membership and join the ladies and beautiful staff / coaches at Best Body Launceston I even if my luck isn’t with me Thanks Heaps for reading my little story and the opportunity of my lifetime journey ☀️☀️

  418. Dawn Shamprasadh says:

    Hi Scott, what a wonderful opportunity at this time to make a fresh start on those promises I made to myself 3 years ago when I started at BB in hillarys. The classes and individual attention really boosted my confidence and posture which were affected by my recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve since lost that enthusiasm because my instructor moved on, but now I think this would be a powerful impetus to move forward and make more progress in my strength and health.

  419. Bec says:

    I am looking to join Best Body. Pilates has been a big part of my life now since 2013. I commenced clinical Pilates when I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis/Adenomyosis when I was 19. My Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist said Pilates is the magic fix, and I couldn’t agree more. During this period of time, Pilates gave me my life back. My mental, physical and emotional health improved throughout my journey with Pilates. Since then, I have been to many studios around the country and fall in love with every machine and class I complete. I have recently become very ill in the past few months, and have not been completing Pilates classes. I believe this has made a huge difference to my overall health. This membership would change my life. I have been diagnosed with 2 rare conditions that limit my fault capacity Hereditary Coproporphyria and Adrenal Insufficiency. Keeping my nervous system calm, circulatory system moving and body in a good state is integral. I cannot do strenuous exercise so Pilates is the magic key to my cure. All I want is my life back and going to Pilates gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning and have purpose when I currently do not have any. Due to this illness, I have had to quit my job as a Speech Pathologist. This has impacted on my ability to commit to Pilates classes financially. I’m not saying this because I want to appeal to the need for financial support, but for the importance of restoring Pilates into my routine and life. I feel so lost without routine and Pilates. It’s true, I became an addict to Pilates when I could afford it. I love the feel of the spinal column on the machine. Every single moment and walking away feeling okay, not sore, not in pain and refreshed and renewed. I would love to be given this chance to have access to this program. I want to restart my wellness journey, I want to be able to live again, work as a clinician and have positive mental health, and just live a normal functioning life. For me not having routine and being able to work, and workout has been the hardest thing in the world. Chronic illness is debilitating, but I know with continued physical therapy I could get my life back. I read all of your blog posts and love the stories, and advice you give each week. I want to become a part of the family so I feel as though I belong to a wellness community again. I would be grateful for any help, even if I am not chosen for this membership.

  420. Kym says:

    What a wonderful give away!! I am already a member at Best Body member. I have been enjoying my classes and love the support I get from the instructors. I currently attend 2 days a week, but feel it isn’t enough to reach my goals. Winning this competition would allow me to show the BF what the extra money would be supporting in the future. I currently suffer from back, shoulder and knee problems and your Pilates classes have already helped so much with mobility. I’d love to take it that next step further. Thank you.

  421. Andrea lord says:

    Hi Scott,
    This thought has been on my mind for a while, I spent the last 30 years being the best single mum to two , giving my everything, not realising my life was virtually on hold and now at the age of 55 I realise I am in survival mode and my best body has been gone for a long time . Working in the Health industry has funny enough taught me bad habits , a terrible sleeping pattern , inhaling my food in 5 mins or less for my so called lunch break .. the list is long . I need to practice what I preach , care for me now , put my best body forward . I work with patients with Dementia , alzheimers and so on I am so aware of what poor lifestyle, diet and nutrition, exercise have on the overall health and well-being have on our older generation. I would love to win the reformer Pilates prize to make me accountable and get myself into a good mental and physical space . Good luck to all the entries , there are some amazing survivors out there .

  422. Jovana Naumovski says:

    I think the reformer membership and toned program would be really beneficial for me as I have never done anything like it. I have always done high-intensity exercises, CrossFit and intense strength training. I feel like doing reformer will be a good change for my exercise routine and benefit my body in ways high-intensity and CrossFit couldn’t. The toned program would also be very beneficial for my chore engagement and stability control.

    I have never done anything like this before so would be amazing to start something new and benefit my body.

  423. Mareena Cross says:

    Hi Scott,
    I would love the chance to win your Program/membership as I have always wanted to work on my core strength as I have very poor posture with my back. I experience lower back pain everyday in the job that I do and would love the guidance and knowledge to help resolve this issue. Core strength is the goal and any physical improvement would be a bonus.
    Thank you

  424. Irene says:

    I’ve been a member on and off since Feb 2019 however after covid hit I really struggled to maintain my desire and motivation for fitness and all round well being. Couple this with mostly working from home, life feeling like one long day melding into another and a 9 yr relationship coming to an end in Dec 2020 and the end result was I totally lost my mojo. I’d like to get it back and having access to a 6 week program would help me stay motivated until I can build it into a habit again. I’ve always been fit and healthy but as I near my 50s I’m keen to rebuild habits that I can sustain through day to day life and I believe having a 6 week course push will greatly help.

  425. Victoria Elix-Howell says:

    BB was a life changer for me last year when I started. It has helped with my over all pain and made day to day activities do able.
    I suffer from fibromyalgia and I can not recommend pilates enough!

    After getting my body and mind in to amazing shape I was ready to start my journey of having another baby. Unfortunately last year I had to say good by to my baby girl nearly half way through pregnancy then suffered a few health issues that set back my mental and physical health.
    After going through a miscarriage recently I am finally back on my feet and able to return to pilates, today is my first day back and I am feeling ready to start this journey of getting back my life and mental health!
    After my few set backs my body is not in the shape I want to be any more and would love some extra help that the program would offer me.
    BB has been amazing either way and I can’t wait to be getting back in to.

  426. Amanda says:

    After starting my BB journey not too long ago, I’ve already seen improvements to my health! I have bursitis in my hip, which used to give excruciating pain where I couldn’t move.. now I don’t have this pain! The Best Body Reformer Pilates 6 month membership and Toned program would help me reach my goal to increase my core strength faster – pregnancies were not the greatest to my stomach and I am very self-conscious of it.

  427. Kara Pegrum says:

    Hi Scott, my name’s Kara and I am a 31 years old high school teacher from Perth. I have always been up and down with both my weight and eating habits, and have hated my body for as long as I can remember. Last year I did lose about 8kg but probably not in a very healthy or sustainable way and therefore put the weight back on in a few months time. I have since been trying to achieve the body I’ve always longed for and am probably more active now than I have been in about 10 years (most weeks at the gym 3 days and speed fit once a week). Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to shed and keep off the extra weight and its just left me with very low self-esteem and continued self-loathing particularly towards my body. I have never truly enjoyed working out at the gym but I did try reformer pilates with BB in the past and absolutely loved it. At the time, I struggled to financially to keep up, so sadly I had to cancel my membership. I have been wanting to get back into reformer pilates for awhile now, and I’m willing to work hard at improving both my physical and mental health, also changing my eating habits and way of thinking so I can learn to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, feel confident with my body, and stick at keeping it that way. I feel like the Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program would definitely be a massive help for me right now with this journey I am on. I would so appreciate the opportunity to try! Thank you, Kara. x x x

  428. Jodie Wahby says:

    Hello Scott and the BB Team,

    Since becoming a mother I have had terrible trouble with my pelvic floor. As a previously avid runner and triathlete, this has been quite damaging to my overall well-being and confidence. I am a full-time midwifery student and do not have the funds spare to join a gym or seek specialist physio help with this problem and I know reformer pilates can be life-changing, but it has just been so far out of reach post children for multiple reasons. Having children, we often lose a part of our identity, with mine I lost my stress relief, freedom, and basic life capability of continence. I struggle to run to catch up with my children, to jump on a trampoline when playing with them or to workout using HIIT or skipping. I feel so limited it is both depressing and unmotivating. Adding fuel to the fire, studying full time leaves me with no means of helping myself until I graduate at the end of the year. My body has changed, and I am meditating more than ever to manage my increasing anxiety.

    A Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program would completely change my life, the effects of which would flow on to my children and my partner. They deserve better, and so do I. Winning this membership would truly be a dream come true at a time I in most need.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my sob story, it’s just been a bit of a journey and it’s emotional to write about. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real change <3


  429. Emma Claessen says:

    Right now?!
    What being part of BB and the Toned program means to me right now…
    1. Extending myself and my body, gaining strength and finding new modified ways to do that without getting neck pain and headaches (and then not being able to do it at all!)
    2. Allowing myself the commitment to a long term change in body and mind. Finding the peace that comes with self acceptance especially around doing things for myself vs mother guilt/always doing things for others
    3. Being part of a community, a group of others who are also committed to the journey. To be inspired and motivated by them as well.
    4. Having fun, connecting with instructors and listening to cool playlists (like todays 80’/90’s remix
    Thanks for all that I’ve already gained from BB x

  430. Danalea McDonagh says:

    Wow what an awesome experience to win. I have started to transform my eating habits with intolerance by seeing a nutritionist. From this I would also like to put my body into shape and tone my core and strengthen my body. I find I do struggle to put myself out there and participate in activity so this would give me a opportunity to do so. It would be beneficial to strengthening my sore lower back and lead me in the right direction for my over all health. I have participated in reformer Pilates previously but since moving I have not signed myself up. Here is my chance thank you

  431. Hi Scott, I would LOVE to win a Best Body 6 Month Reformer Pilates membership and the Toned program! This is an incredible, life changing opportunity – and I do not say that lightly. I threw my lower back out about 2.5 years ago, and suffer with a bulging disk and sciatica. While I’m in a much better position now, thousands of physio dollars later, I’m still on pain meds. As sitting is a big trigger, anything that involves sitting for more than 20mins – driving, dining out, cinemas etc fills me with dread and has negatively affected both my social life and work life (I’m a food and travel writer) in a massive way. As a single mum, I tend to put my needs to the back of the queue, but I know improving my core and muscles in my lower back with Pilates will help me towards my pain-free goal and help make me a better, happier mumma too. Thank you 🙂

  432. Jessica says:

    Lockdown, job cut, failed business, pregnancy, miscarriage, surgery, depression, weight gain, pregnancy, miscarriage, pregnancy, childbirth…

    What happened to MY body? MY mental health. When did I start giving all of myself to everyone else and leaving nothing for me? At what point did everything become so hard? At what point did everything change?

    The last few years have taken its toll physically and mentally and even though I have seen some progress, a Best Body membership would allow me to continue investing in myself, allowing me to smash out the physical (and mental) goals I have set for myself in the lead up to my 40th birthday with the support of a great team who can help me bring out the best me.

  433. Cathie says:

    Hey! I’ve lost 11kgs in the last 6 months and this package would be a great way for me to now tone up! I’ve only tried reformer once before but joining a studio and participating in classes regularly would be awesome for my fitness journey <3

  434. Christine Bambaci says:

    As a result of recent events we have reviewed our priorities and have been making some big changes. Our biggest focus is our health, happiness and well-being, ; to be able to have the energy and resillience physically and mentally to be there for the kids. Pilates has made me feel stronger but now that I’m in the right mind set and focus – it’s the perfect time for me to set myself a personal challenge; to become much stronger and go back to feeling happy about myself . I am making the time now for me because this is a means to being a healthy happy and fun mum.

  435. Linda Vanderven says:

    Hello Scott,
    Thanks for this opportunity to improve my health and fitness with your 6 month membership and 6 week toned program. This makes me a little excited….
    A bit about myself…
    Early 50’s, just managing a healthy BMI, weight is creeping on and is more difficult to shed, and some increasing muscle aches, pain and weakness.
    I work as a nurse, see many elderly who struggle each day to just manage normal daily activities and whose physical health is rapidly declining.
    I don’t believe it needs to be this way.
    I often ask a healthy older 70plus person what the secret to their fitness and health is. Not surprising a healthy diet and non sedentary lifestyle with some form of daily regular exercise is their answer. This is lifestyle choice they have made. This is what I would like for me!
    This is what I hope to be, a person who has managed to maintain a healthy weight, remain strong and flexible. I want to be the Nana and mother for my children that has energy and strength to be active and have a zest for life with them in the years ahead.
    I have attended BB for the past 2 months, 2x per week. (I had to take a brief Covid isolation break)
    I really enjoy the 45 minute class at 7 am. What a way to kickstart your day!!!
    Going 4 times per week for 6 months would mean I could achieve my goals of strength and toning, and flexibility.
    The Toned program would be the perfect challenge for me to loose the kilos I have been unable to shed up til now.
    I would like to think that I would have concreted a lifestyle choice for the future for myself.
    Please consider me for your challenge.
    Thanks LV

  436. Melaine Nottle says:

    Thanks Scott. I really could use this right now!! I’ve fallen into a big rut lately resulting in I haven’t been working out for a little while. I know it is good for me but for some reason I’ve lost my mojo. This membership prize would really help me reset and get going again. Please pick me!!

  437. Anne Thorpe says:

    Great question! How will the reformer membership and toned program help me? To be honest, that’s what I’d like to find out. I’ve never done pilates but the concept really appeals to me. It seems like a great way to improve overall health, fitness, flexibility, strength and mindset. God knows I could really benefit from all these improvements!!! Either way, I’d really appreciate the opportunity to see for myself what pilates can do for me. Cheers!

  438. Suzy Cran says:

    After having 2 kids and leaving my own health on the back burner for the last nine years your BB membership would help me to improve my health a great deal. The only exercise I have done is walking. I would like to lose a small amount of weight and I would like to be able to see some definition in my legs and arms again, I may have to give up on my tummy at this stage. I would also like to strengthen my back as it is continually giving me grief. Now both my kids are at school I really have no excuses. Now I’m thinking about it, if we’re making a dream list I wouldn’t mind some extra flexibility as well.

  439. Sara Bloomfield says:

    This membership would be literally life changing for me. I suffer with a chronic illness and getting on top of my diet and lifestyle is key to controlling it. Time and money is what stops me from putting myself first and so this membership will tick one of those boxes for me, if I win this I endeavour to make the time in return. The key aspect I wish to achieve is getting my energy levels back so that I can be myself again and win at life!

  440. Deborah Bollans says:

    Hi Scott

    I am fairly new to BB but already I am noticing a difference in muscle tone and also balance. I joined as I have a chronic lower back condition and I have tried physio, remedial massage, chiropractor and anti inflammatory tablets to help it, all have worked for a while but not got rid of it completely. Since starting BB I am feeling stronger in my core which in turn is helping my back pain. Attending more classes per week I know would help with this issue.

  441. Steven Whiteside says:

    Hey Scott. Currently unemployed Single Dad due to the mandates, I did start my journey back to mobility and better health with yourselves in 2020 and I loved the non impact workouts. It would be an amazing gift for someone. So I actually wish it goes to tge people who need it most. Best of luck to you and your decision.
    Cheers Steve.

  442. Through COVID I have regained 27kg that I lost and kept off for 3 years until COVID hit! My health deteriorated and I realised I had not done things the healthy way, it was by diet alone – no exercise! I have never been a fan of running or going to the GYM, a good swimmer and walker, I fell in and out of good habits until my weight loss! I want to get back to a healthy weight, but more than this I want to do it the right way, the healthy way and I want to get strong and flexible now I am on the wrong side of menopause! I am worried about osteoporosis and all the diseases impacted by unhealthy weight and not having strong bones and muscles! I have done it before I can do it again! I only joined BB a couple of months ago from the first session I was hooked! I have never felt to happy exercising- the type of exercise, the set up, the coaches are all brilliant- I love it! I feel like a different person! I wanted to get the exercise happening and then work on making good changes to my diet and lifestyle and move towards the next me! The me I want to be for the rest of my life! A 6 month program and the toned program will be the difference that cements my future me!

  443. Mariah says:

    I previously had a Best Body membership, and I ended up having to cancel it due to it simply being too expensive for me at the time.

    I work in an office job sitting down for 50-60 hours. Through this, I have developed carpal tunnel in my wrists and waking up with extremely tight joints every single day.

    I would love to be able to go back to reformer Pilates as it made the absolute world of difference to my body. Reformer Pilates will allow me to feel free to move, to strengthen my wrists, core and hamstrings along with improve my posture and sleep.

  444. Deborah Cole says:

    Hello my name is Deb, I would really love to win the amazing pilates reformer experience. I would like to give my body the opportunity to be the very best it can be. Whilst being in a friendly environment with great instructors and fellow class mates who want to look after themselves & having fun and a laugh.
    I feel the opportunity will help my body with muscle strengthening & to be more flexible as I get older. I hope I’m consider for this amazing opportunity but also extend the very best & good luck to all the other ladies who have applied. Thank you.

  445. Kylie says:

    I love Pilates and have done it on and off for the past 12 years. This incentive would be amazing to help get me back on track and into a routine of regular exercise. Hitting the 50 mark late last year has gotten to me, and I’ve lost the motivation and the energy to do it! It’s deflating as it’s a lot more effort now to shake off those unwanted kilos and flabby belly! I need to get back into a consistent routine and Pilates would be the best way to do it. Overall toning and strengthening is what I desire but regaining the energy that I also feel after a Pilates session would be amazing too!

  446. Lisa Holmes says:

    I just love Pilates and most especially reformer. I unfortunately had to give up my foundation membership and have tried ever since to get it back. I had a multitude of physical challenges over the years not least several back surgery’s. So, I never thought I would again find a form of exercise I could do, let alone enjoy! And yes, I am limited at times with what I am able to achieve, but if and wh