Five steps to get that summer body you have always wanted.

Summer is just around the corner and now is the best time to take control of your life and get your body into the shape that you have always wanted. Try to avoid waiting until mid to late spring before you take action because it generally takes a minimum of six to eight weeks before you will notice results and even longer to reach long term physical goals. Here are some great steps that will help you get there:

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1: Work out with weights. The right kind of weight training for women can be extremely beneficial for good health and for achieving your visible physical goals. Many people believe weight training does not burn calories, but this is untrue. Weight training, if done correctly, has been proven to burn more calories than most cardiovascular activities.

2: Eat more healthy meals a day in order to speed up your metabolism you must eat less and eat more often. Three big meals a day is not going to help you lose weight. Six smaller meals of healthy food is going to get you just that bit closer to achieving your goal. Remember six healthy meals. A lot of people do not realize that about 70% of weight loss is in your diet.

3. Drink more water. Ditch the sodas and start drinking more water. We all know that sugar drinks go straight to the hips and this is true for the diet drinks as well. Diet drinks can make your body produce extra insulin that can in turn make you put weight on. In addition to flushing the toxins out of your system, drinking water encourages you to build muscle. The average person should drink six to eight glasses of water a day and more when you are training. Remember, room temperate water gets absorbed much quicker into the system.

4. The correct cardio training. Doing the correct cardio training is extremely important. A good balance of exercises is also needed to avoid the body from reaching a plateau. Mix it up with running, cycling, swimming and even a variety of sports. Also ensure you include a blend of interval training and not just the same repetitive motion. Jog or walk for a while and then sprint for a period of time. You need to constantly shock your body systems.

5. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can be one thing that if had to excess can ruin all of your great eating and training. Many of my clients do not realize the extent of high calories alcohol is by itself, not to mention with a soft drink mixer. The next mistake is waking up the next day and going to the nearest burger place and eating the fattest burger there. Because your body is trying to break down the calories and toxins from the alcohol, the burger fat will get stored as fat in the body. So if you do feel the need to drink, make sure that the next day’s food intake is extremely healthy.

Best of luck leading into the summer 🙂

Please Note: Remember to get a check up if you have any niggles, aches, or pains before starting an exercise program. Call one of our highly regarded physiotherapists today to keep on track!