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Do you have specific sports or fitness goals you want to achieve? Would you like to make specific improvements or enhance your sporting performance under the guidance of a qualified expert? Exercise Physiology at Best Body is just what you need.


Are you looking for a proven, friendly and fun exercise physiology service in Perth? Perhaps your sporting performance has plateaued and you’re looking for a way to reach the next level; maybe you’re transforming your body through exercise and want to ensure you do so safely and sustainably; or perhaps you want to ensure a healthy, happy future by investing in the best care for your body now.

The exercise physiologists at Best Body work very closely with our physiotherapists and remedial therapists to help you to achieve the body and results you desire. Every member of our team is a highly trained expert in their respective field, and depending on your specific hopes and goals, we’ll devise a personalised plan to ensure your success.

Our exercise clinics in Mount Lawley and North Perth are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to assess, monitor and enhance your performance at every stage of your fitness journey. Book your appointment for an assessment with our exercise physiologist today to get started.

Reach Peak Physical Performance With
Our Expert Help

At Best Body we offer a complete suite of services to help you achieve peak physical fitness and the body you desire.

Benefits of choosing Best Body Exercise Physiology include:

  Access to the latest and best sports specific and exercise equipment. We’ve invested time, research and money into ensuring our facility is fully equipped with the best tools available to help you.

  Accurate sports biomechanics video analysis to detect faulty movement patterns and enhance your sporting performance. Support from our trained physiotherapists to strengthen your muscles, correct bad habits and improve your game.

   Long lasting success with our tried and tested methods. From sustainable weight loss and fat reduction to enhanced muscle building and performance and improved posture

   A great investment in your future health. Boost self-confidence, perfect your posture and learn how to prevent pain and future injury by strengthening your body and encouraging good habits.

Why Choose Best Body?

We serve over 3800 different people in Perth and the rest of Australia each week. If you want to stop the pain, prevent recurring injury and build your body strength, here are 5 great reasons to choose us:

World Class Facilities:

We are proud to have invested in clean, crisp, and modern facilities and equipment – to ensure you have the best experience with us possible.

Experience Guaranteed:

We pride ourselves on providing the best results and experience possible. If you’re not 100% happy with the service you receive, we’ll cover the cost of your appointment, and the next one.

Tailored approach to treatment:

We understand that everyone is different. Whether you’re male or female; child or adult; elite sports star or sedentary office worker, we’ll devise a personalised plan to stop your pain, boost your fitness and improve your quality of life.

Highly Qualified Team:

Our squad of experienced and passionate physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and Pilates instructors are dedicated to your care. Every year we invest in their development and provide weekly professional training to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Flexible plans to suit everyone:

We provide high quality one-to-one consultations along with a great selection of group classes every week. Whether you need our help with a specific problem or simply want to boost your flexibility and overall fitness, there’s a treatment plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Our team here at Best Body are up-to-date with the latest and best evidence available on this planet. We’re proud to be associated with the following professional bodies:

To read specific information about the experience, qualifications and specialisms of the particular practitioner you are working with, visit our About page, and click on the links to learn more about our individual team members.

Tailored Exercise Physiology Sessions
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Get the results you want, faster. Work with our team of expert exercise physiologists, sport scientists, personal trainers and physiotherapists to transform your body and physical performance.

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