Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) in Perth

 Who is eligible? The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will pay for your physiotherapy services, upon a referral from your GP or specialist, provided you have one of the following:

a) GOLD CARD (Repatriation Health Card – For All Conditions) or

b) WHITE CARD (Repatriation Health Card – For Specific Conditions)

How many services can I have? There is no limit to the number of physiotherapy sessions you can access, provided it is clinically necessary.

Do I need to pay? No. Happy Physio bill DVA directly. You will be required to sign a service voucher at the end of each visit, of which you will receive a copy.

Do I need prior approval from DVA before I attend my first visit? No. As long as you have a referral from your Doctor or specialist, and a White or Gold card, all you have to do is call Happy Physio and make an appointment.

If you are unsure and require further information you can contact DVA on 133 254