Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have Postural problems? Or suffering from fibromyalgia? Cannot bear the excessive pain caused by an injury that you might have due to some accident? Are you suffering from chronic pain in a certain muscle or muscle group? There is a natural way to relieve deep muscle pain, which might interest many who are not interested in taking painkillers. Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve all the aforementioned muscle pain, and will do so naturally.

Now a question might arise in many peoples’ minds; why should I consider having a deep tissue massage? You might have heard about deep tissue massage but are unsure of its purpose or techniques. Here, we will describe the specific kind of massage and how it may be able to help you at Happy Physio.

Deep tissue massage is one type of massage that is designed to mitigate pain felt in muscle groups of the neck, back and some connective tissue. Deep tissue massage works on the muscles that are below the top muscles’ surface.

This particular massage has become popular day by day because of its miraculous ability to relieve muscle tension and stress. It is also considered as the most enjoyable massage and also helps to develop energy level and motivation in oneself.

Deep tissue massage is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The technique and pressure point is very much intense and more focused on deep-layered tissue. This particular type of massage usually works on problematic and injured muscle areas while in the other types of body massage sessions, such as a Swedish massage or Shiatsu massage session, the masseur massages the entire body from tip to toe.

The stressed muscle blocks oxygen and this causes inflammation and results in the build up of toxins in muscle. This whole process ultimately results in muscle pain and stress. Deep tissue massage releases these toxins and as a result, the circulation of oxygen increases in muscle. You should always drink a lot of water before taking this session.

So, the question is who should consider taking a deep tissue massage session? Which muscle pains are relieved through this particular session? For whom the deep tissue massage is most beneficial?

For people who are very active, deep tissue massage can have renewal and rejuvenating effects on their muscles.

People who have injured themselves and have been experiencing pain for some time, should consider a deep tissue massage session at Happy Physio as it helps the injured muscles to recover.

Nowadays people are more often working in desk-jobs that require no standing or walking. Sometimes people need to sit in one place for more then 5-6 hours. This can cause a muscle imbalance in your body structure. Now in this circumstance, deep tissue massage should be on your priority list as it eases the damaged muscles and lessens the stress on the muscle group that become dented after a long day’s work.

Will this type of massage suit me? How it will help me? How beneficial will it be for my physique?

Many people experience great comfort during and after their deep tissue massage session, and some might feel as if the experience makes them feel very much alive. Deep tissue massage is reparative, strengthening and soothing, and when under taken regularly is very effective.

At Happy Physio we offer deep tissue massage for a range of injuries, and can also provide you with a treatment plan that incorporates deep tissue massage with physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 9272 7359. Act now!