Fixing Chronic Back Pain

The Fixing Chronic Back Pain course is designed to teach physiotherapists about common back conditions and the best proven methods to eliminate all types of non red flag related back pain.

As a physiotherapist back complaints are one of the more common problems you will see. The majority of clients will require specific exercise, nutritional, sleep, and stress obliteration advice.

University is great at providing a foundation of the anatomy and physiology, assessing and categorising different types of back pain – but to be able transform a client from chronic back pain to health & happy requires expert skills, tools, insights, knowledge, and confidence.

Whether it is caused through sport, a car accident, or general wear and tear – Scott Wescombe from Happy Physio will provide you with the right skills to dramatically increase your outcomes with clients suffering from back pain.

The course includes:

  • Anatomy of the spine – soft tissue, skeletal and joints
  • Common injuries and pain sources of the back
  • Exercise prescription for people suffering from back pain and injuries
  • Introduction to the Happy Physio Method
  • The three mistakes experienced physiotherapists make and what to do about it
  • The three dangers of referring to a traditional medical professional and what to do about it

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