Clinical Pilates in Perth for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be the cause of your major setback from your favourite activities and sports. It can affect your ability to perform certain movements. Due to the high-speed nature of most sports injuries, injury to various tissues in your body can be severe. Whether it’s from solo or team sports, amateur or elite, clinical Pilates in Perth can help you recover from your injuries.

How Does Clinical Pilates in Perth Help with Sports Injuries?

Injuries from sports can reduce your performance and fitness levels, making it more difficult to achieve that highest mark or that best shot you’ve been training for a long time. If you’re not careful, you might even worsen your injury.


Clinical Pilates in Perth helps injured athletes recover from their injury through challenging workouts without the impact or excessive weight bearing. It’s an effective method for rehabilitation due to its flexibility and low-impact features. Not only it focuses on the injured part, it also addresses the compensating parts because Pilates is a full-body workout.


Clinical Pilates specialises on pain and injuries. It aims to relieve pain by increasing range of motion and releasing tissue strain. As a result, your body becomes pain-free, can move better and less likely to get injured.

Clinical Pilates as Rehabilitative Tool

Physiotherapists find Pilates as a valuable tool in the rehabilitative and preventative areas of their practice. Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates after World War I to rehabilitate injured soldiers using a combination of muscle strengthening, lengthening and breathing to develop trunk muscles and restore muscle balance.


Unlike other resistance exercises that train muscles in an isolated manner, Pilates exercises have a holistic approach, requiring several muscle groups to work at a time.


Clinical Pilates is an important component in rehabilitating sports injuries because of these benefits:

  • Normalise and improve muscle function
  • Identify and correct faulty movement patterns
  • Stabilise spine
  • Improve mobility and stability
  • Improve posture and body awareness
  • Restore movements of each body part

Clinical Pilates for Better Sports Performance

One of the key benefits of Pilates, which is core stability, can enable you to channel and increase your power with better efficiency. Most Pilates exercises are unilateral, where it builds strength and control in unstable positions, even through your weak side.


One-sided sports such as golf, baseball and tennis cause muscle imbalances. Clinical Pilates helps restore balance and build strength, power, endurance and precision.


Many popular athletes are incorporating Pilates as a vital part of their fitness program to increase their performance, enhance their techniques, maintain a fit body and minimise their risk to sports injuries.


Because Pilates exercises consist of different movements and positioning, your muscles become more flexible over time, which puts you at higher advantage in sports.


If you get caught in any type of sports injury, it would be wise to choose a treatment that is beneficial for your body, it’s capability, motor skills and specific component of sports activities, all of which clinical Pilates in Perth can provide.


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