Clinical Pilates in Perth for Post Rehab

The surgical process usually involves a recovery period, followed by physiotherapy. After that, patients are often left to their own devices. Many will return to their regular exercise program, while some will not engage in any type of fitness program at all. This is a very big mistake. It’s the post-rehab period that teaches you the skills you need to avoid re-injury, and Clinical Pilates is the perfect post-rehab program.

Pilates and Movement Awareness

Here at Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, our Clinical Pilates instructors work in conjunction with physiotherapists and doctors.  Pilates teaches you the movement intelligence, which prevents you from incurring the same type of injury over and over again. The principles of Pilates exercise include movement precision, control, fluidity, postural alignment and breath-coordinated movement. Mastery of these principles puts you in control of your body. You become the boss, and you control your body’s position on the playing field.

A Brief History of Therapeutic Pilates

Joseph Pilates was his own first patient. He began life with a variety of physical limitations, and developed his exercise method as a means of overcoming them. As a German citizen living in England during World War I, he was sent to a British internment camp, where he became the self-appointed physiotherapist for other prisoners of war. Pilates rigged the bed springs on the hospital bed, and created a form of therapeutic resistance exercise, which eventually became the basis of his apparatus.

Pilates for Knee Injury Post-Rehab

The therapeutic goals of knee injury rehabilitation include:

  • Regaining leg strength
  • Balancing hamstrings and quad strength
  • Regaining full leg flexion and extension.

The Pilates Reformer provides effective, non-weight-bearing training. Once you are able to bear weight, the Pilates Chair offers a series of functional compound leg exercises, performed in a standing position.


Breast Cancer

In 1955,  when doctor diagnosed professional dancer Eve Gentry with breast cancer, she underwent a full radical mastectomy. As a student of Joseph Pilates, she received helped from the master himself. Through the use of small, rotational movements, helped her regain full upper body strength and range of motion.

Back Surgery

Spinal stenosis, is a narrowing of one or more sections of the spine. For pain relief, it requires flexion exercise. Your Clinical Pilates instructor might have you use the Pilates Chair, which provides forward flexion exercises with resistance. In contrast, herniated disc surgery requires spinal extension exercise. The Pilates Chair, used in the prone position, provides extension exercise with resistance.

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