Boxing Classes Promote These Health-Boosting Benefits

Boxing is viewed by many as an intense and dangerous sport and although there are certain risks involved, the health benefits outweigh the potential dangers. Boxing classes help you train and condition, promoting optimum health and strength. Do you want to get boxing fit? If so, your health is in for a treat.


The Many Benefits of Boxing


Boxing is a sport that is both challenging and rewarding. In order to be a boxer, you need to be fairly athletic — or at least willing to work up a sweat. Requiring speed, strength, endurance, and power, this fitness activity has the ability to promote key athletic skills.


Whether you want to get in shape or improve your health, boxing classes can help you reach your goals. Research has even shown that boxing can improve symptoms of more severe conditions, including Parkinson’s disease — a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that impacts motor skills, mobility, and quality of life.


Within one study, published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association, it was found that despite the progressive nature of Parkinson’s, a boxing training program was able to improve balance, daily living, gait, and quality of life. Although a longer duration of training was required, even those with severe symptoms showed improvements.


Boxing Classes Will Help You Boost Your Health


When you sign up for a new fitness class, you feel excited and motivated. It’s encouraging to know that you’ll benefit your fitness levels and wellbeing. In order to achieve lasting results, you’ll need to stick to it — train to maximise health benefits. The following are just some of the ways in which you’ll benefit from boxing classes.


  1. Enhanced Strength


Improving body strength does not necessarily mean you need to ‘bulk’ up. In fact, strength training is important for everyone, regardless of your fitness or health goals. For those who would like to lose weight, muscle helps you burn more calories while at rest, supporting your weight-loss efforts.


Within boxing classes, you will maximise both your upper and lower body, helping you achieve total-body strength. As you build lean muscle mass, you will not only benefit your weight and strength, but also reduce your risk of injury. The stronger your muscles, the greater support your body will have.


  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health


Fitness boxing is an excellent aerobic exercise, helping to improve blood flow. As circulation improves, individuals experience a reduction in blood pressure. In turn, their risk of stroke, heart disease, and even diabetes decreases. Not only does boxing support heart health in terms of physical activity, but also in terms of stress levels.


During boxing classes, your body will be active, as your brain releases key ‘feel-good’ hormones. In addition to feeling better and happier, boxing also targets stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. High levels of these stress hormones are linked to elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate, increasing your risk of heart disease.


  1. Supports Better Hand-Eye Coordination


Hand-eye coordination is essentially your ability to track movements with your eyes. This enables important signals to the brain and if poor, you can struggle to complete everyday tasks. Developing strong hand-eye coordination skills can help you maintain both large and fine motor skills.


This is especially important as you age, as good coordination and balance can help reduce preventable injuries. Achieving faster reflexes and reaction times, boxing can help you hone this skill. Whether you’re training with a partner or a moving bag, you need to see and hit your target, all while it’s changing position.



Whether you want to improve bone health or lose weight, boxing classes can help you maximise your efforts. Positive health takes time and effort, but as you implement new, healthy habits, they will become part of your routine. Get your body moving today, in order to stimulate positive long-term health.


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