Why You Need to See a Perth Physiotherapist Early If You Have Back Pain

Jan 15, 2017

Low back pain is an extremely common condition, restricting us from our regular activities. It affects our work, leisure, relationships, and even our psychological health.

Sadly, many people today neglect their back pain or simply wait until it’s gone. However, in some cases, the pain becomes more unbearable, making you more susceptible to more permanent conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or nerve pain.

Usually, patients suffering from low back pain have had medications prescribed and been advised to “take it easy”. Whilst the pain can be relieved this way, chances are back pain will come back at some point.

Drugs only work to mask the pain. They don’t treat the underlying cause. Moreover, recurrence can increase your risk of chronic pain and disability.

Study Says…

In the 2012 journal, Spine, researchers found that patients who visited a physiotherapist within 2 weeks of visiting their general practitioner were 74% less likely to visit a doctor again, 55% less likely to require major surgery, and 58% less likely to require lumbar injections, in comparison to patients seeing a physiotherapist after 2 weeks.

Additionally, patients who received physiotherapy earlier had a 50% decrease in costs for surgical procedures and a 41% decrease in imaging costs, in comparison to patients receiving physiotherapy later.

Why Must You Visit a Physiotherapist Early?

Visiting a physiotherapist can give you several benefits such as:

  • Early relief of symptoms
  • Early return to regular activities
  • Less treatment required
  • Less chances of getting recurrent episodes

In addition, seeing a physiotherapist as soon as possible allows you to be informed about your injury and get assurance and advice. It ensures you get the best advice to optimise your recovery and to manage your back in the long term.

How Physiotherapy Helps You

With early and proper treatment, it’s possible to recover within 10-14 days. Treatment options for back pain may include spinal mobilisation, physio rehab exercise, and targeted stretching.  These techniques combined can be extremely effective in alleviating pain and assisting in the recovery of movement and function.

Physiotherapy can reduce the chances of developing persistent, ongoing pain. This is because the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist will not leave you with strength deficits after the pain is gone. Otherwise, your back will be vulnerable to injuries.

With early physiotherapy, not only can you prevent disruptions to your life, but also you get significant cost savings. You are far less likely to undergo further treatments or diagnostic imaging such as MRI scans and x-rays.

Keeping yourself active is good, but combining it with early physiotherapy gives great results in less amount of time. You’ll get to be free from back pain, and the chances of experiencing disability are reduced.

If you have back pain, don’t risk your lifetime enjoyment from the possible dreadful outcomes it may bring. See our Perth physiotherapist as soon as possible.

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