Why Reformer Pilates at Best Body is the Best Choice for Those in Their 60s Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle

Sep 12, 2023

The looming threat of aged care hangs heavy for many as they approach the golden years. With the latest research linking poor lifestyle choices in one’s 60s to a significant increase in the risk of nursing home admissions, it’s clear that prioritising health in this crucial decade is paramount. But where does one start? Enter Reformer Pilates at Best Body, a lifestyle choice that addresses many of the concerns raised in the University of Sydney’s groundbreaking study.

Understanding the Research

The University of Sydney recently unveiled compelling research, which followed over 125,000 Australians aged 60 and above. The study revealed that those in their early 60s who led an unhealthy lifestyle were more than twice as likely to require aged care compared to their healthier peers. The research particularly highlighted the dangers of physical inactivity, smoking, poor sleep, and inadequate diet.

The results were clear: lifestyle choices in our 60s play a pivotal role in determining our future health outcomes.

Reformer Pilates: A Solution to Physical Inactivity

One of the primary concerns highlighted by the research was physical inactivity. Thankfully, Reformer Pilates at Best Body provides an engaging and effective solution to this problem. Unlike high-impact exercises that may be hard on aging joints, Reformer Pilates offers a low-impact workout that focuses on strength, flexibility, and balance. This makes it an ideal exercise regimen for those in their 60s, ensuring they remain active without risking injury.

Beyond Physical Health

The research underscores the importance of comprehensive lifestyle adjustments. While Reformer Pilates directly addresses physical inactivity, it also indirectly combats other concerns raised in the study:

  • Improved Sleep: Regular exercise, like Pilates, is known to improve sleep quality. Better sleep equates to a healthier lifestyle and reduced risk of diseases.
  • Mental Well-being: Reformer Pilates isn’t just a physical exercise; it’s a mental one as well. The focus on controlled movements and breathing can reduce stress and improve mental clarity, both of which are essential for overall well-being.
  • Community and Support: Joining a Pilates class at Best Body means becoming part of a supportive community. Social interactions and camaraderie can be a motivating factor for many, ensuring they stick to their health goals.

A Personal Motivator

While the research rightly points out the need for public health strategies to improve the lifestyle of older individuals, personal motivation is equally crucial. Reformer Pilates at Best Body doesn’t just offer a fitness regimen; it provides an experience—a chance to connect with one’s body, to understand its needs, and to work towards a healthier, more fulfilling future.

In Conclusion

The research from the University of Sydney is a timely reminder of the importance of our choices in our 60s. But with facilities like Best Body offering comprehensive solutions like Reformer Pilates, achieving a healthy lifestyle has never been more accessible. By choosing to prioritise our health today, we can ensure a brighter, more independent tomorrow.