Tune-Up Your Training with Perth Reformer Pilates

Feb 14, 2017

For someone who undergoes training, you would want to perform movements with ease and without pain. However, some movements are quite complex and require harmonious integration of movement forces and firing patterns. All of which you can get by doing Reformer Pilates.

Here are some benefits of Reformer Pilates that help you tune up your training:

Gain Balance

Physical stability is crucial for movement. Core strength is related to balance and movement. Reformer Pilates helps stabilise your core muscles which helps improve your balance. The activity of the core muscles keeps balance against gravity, adjusts posture, and prepares for the movement of the extremities.

Reformer Pilates approach gives your body strong muscles that are not limited by the kind of 1-dimensional training that has become the norm at most gyms.

Improve Performance

Reformer Pilates approaches your body as a whole, which builds strength together with balance and flexibility. As it trains you in a state of constant resistance, you tend to generate power from your core, which results in a stronger, more controlled movement.

You could work your deep core muscles with Reformer Pilates more than any other core-training program. You work those muscles that you don’t usually hit with other kinds of training.

Strengthening your core muscles is an especially important part of Reformer Pilates. Muscular strength is a key aspect when it comes to training and performance. When you are stronger, you become faster, and you have better endurance.

As you gain strength, your muscles also gain more flexibility. While traditional workouts tend to make you bulky, Reformer Pilates stretches your muscles to strengthen them. Also, gym workouts tend to work your same muscles repeatedly. As a result, some areas of your body get weaker, while others get stronger. Your whole body gets a balanced workout, conditioning your body to perform better and be more comfortable with your movements.

Prevent Injury

Reformer Pilates is gentle, yet challenging. It is in a sense where it is safe to use every day but is challenging enough to see and feel the difference in your body. It is adjustable for each and every individual, based on strengths and weaknesses. Doing Reformer Pilates on a regular basis results in a more efficient and natural movement.

Improved strength, flexibility, and balance are among the benefits of Reformer Pilates. If your body is strong, flexible, and balanced, your risk of getting injuries is low.

Doing Reformer Pilates on a regular basis also increases your body awareness, coordination, and concentration. Once you achieve these, your movements become smoother, more graceful, and more control. All of which can help you prevent injuries. Whether it be a sudden or an overuse injury.

Reformer Pilates is something you can integrate into your workout.  If you are seriously looking to increase your performance and strength, try Reformer Pilates in Perth.

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