Top 6 Wellness Tips for Females

Jun 24, 2016

It is of utmost importance for women like you to maintain healthy living lifestyle to be in tip top condition. Whether you want to improve your well-being or protect yourself against illnesses, learn these few simple and easy tips on how to keep up with your busy lifestyles and live your life to the fullest.

Tip #1: Get a pair of sneakers and get moving. Feeling you are running out of energy? Walking or running may be the last thing you will ever think of, but it can be much more effective than taking a nap or having a cup of coffee at fighting fatigue. Exercising regularly helps in controlling weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy and promotes better sleep.

Tip # 2: Sleep better. A restorative sleep at night heals your body and can help you protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, moodiness, lack of inhibition and difficulty with focus and concentration. You may also experience slowed speech, apathy, impaired memory, deflated emotional response and inability to multitask. Staying awake past this point can get you extremely drowsy and fall into microsleeps, adding risk to daytime accidents.

Tip # 3: Have a daily dose of calcium. Your bones are made up of 99% calcium. Your bone density starts to decline at the age of 30. Pop a calcium tablet, drink milk or eat yogurt. It will keep your bones strong. You need at least 200mg daily which you should combine with magnesium for your body to absorb calcium. Eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D can slow bone loss and possibly prevent osteoporosis.

Tip # 4: Steer clear from smoking and drinking. Everyone knows that smoking and drinking done individually or in combination are not good for your health. Smoking causes about 90% of all lung cancer deaths. More women die from lung cancer each year. Women who are dependent on alcohol are vulnerable to liver disease and brain damage. Research found that people who are heavy drinkers and cigarette smokers had 36% faster rate of cognitive decline than nonsmokers and moderate drinkers.

Tip # 5: Drink coconut water. Coconut water is biologically pure. It can increase your metabolic rate, helping you shed those pounds. It is also a natural diuretic which makes you urinate more frequently. It causes your waste to pass through your body with ease. It also contains less fat and has no cholesterol, making it an ideal substitute to other beverages with cholesterol and fats, which then helps you in losing weight. Coconut water is also full of electrolytes including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium. It can be a natural isotonic drink that provides many of the same benefits as formulated sports drinks.

Tip # 6: Go bananas. Having potassium-rich diet may make you less prone to high blood pressure. Along with less sodium and having heart-healthy steps, combining them with potassium packed foods such as bananas, cantaloupe and oranges is beneficial. Your body needs potassium to build proteins, break down and use carbohydrates, build muscle, maintain normal body growth, control the electrical activity of the heart and control the acid-base balance.

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