Say Goodbye to Menstrual Pain by Adopting These 8 Simple Tricks

Sep 23, 2016

Is it that dreaded time of the month again? Backache not allowing you to work your day through? Cramping abdomen – usually accompanied by terrible nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea – taking its toll?

Menstrual pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, is a common problem faced by young women every month. While many women rely on painkillers, a little change in lifestyle and eating right can help give us a pain-free period.

Nutrition Intake

To have an easy blood flow, consume food rich in whole grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa and millets. Increasing fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet can also trim bloating and mediate muscle contractions. Cut down on saturated fats found in dairy and animal products, as they produce prostaglandins, a substance in the body that increases sensitivity to pain.

Supplement yourself with multivitamins, magnesium and calcium for a better functioning body. When taken daily, these can aid to nourish and reduce cramping. Staying hydrated and switching from caffeine to green tea will also calm menstrual cramps.

Light Exercise

Try your hand at stretching, resistance training, or some aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging and cycling. Ask your physiotherapist for some basic techniques that helps release endorphins, which are pain-relieving hormones in your body.

Additionally, contract-and-relax techniques helps increase blood flow resulting in reduced discomfort. Remember to keep these exercises regular for better results.


Pilates is another effective method to relax the body. If done right, certain Pilates movements can help decrease pain in lower back, abdomen and legs.

Massaging Your Body

If menstrual pain isn’t severe, try putting gentle pressure on the abdomen which has direct soothing effects on your body. You could also visit a massage therapist to discuss various massaging points that are right for you.

Hot Showers and Heat Pads

Keeping your body warm during menstruation can decrease your contractions and thus reduce pain spasms. Use a heat pad on the pelvic area and lower back to relax and ease distress. Indulging in a hot shower can also work wonders.

Have an Orgasm

Probably the last thing on your mind right now, but having an orgasm not only increases blood flow in the uterus, but also releases endorphins, allowing you to feel better instantly. Also a win-win for your partner!

Adequate Sleep

You most probably want to skip school, work or miss that important meeting. Do so. Your body will never fail to thank you for replenishing it with an adequate sleep.