Reformer Pilates for Good Digestion

Nov 16, 2017

Digestion is a vital part of our health. Without good digestion, we can’t get nourishment for our overall well-being. You are probably not aware of this, but did you know that exercises such as Reformer Pilates can help improve your digestion? With its numerous unique movements, Reformer Pilates can help improve digestion in different ways.


Imagine your body as a plant and the digestive system is the root. The roots get the nutrients from the soil and then the nutrients nourish the whole plant. Much like our body does. But instead, we eat and drink. And our digestive system breaks the food down and gets the nutrients from it.

Not only is our digestive system responsible for processing foods, but it also plays a role in our thoughts and emotions. Because we get to absorb nutrients and create energy, this creates an impact on our mental wellness too.

How Reformer Pilates Can Help

Reformer Pilates has a wide range of movements that you cannot find in any other form of exercise. It can help stimulate the digestive system through various ways such as increasing vital fluids, deep massaging the internal organs, increasing metabolism, increasing oxygen uptake, eliminating toxins and stimulating kidneys and digestive tract.

If you have sluggish or overloaded digestion, physical activities will aid in eliminating the waste products, calming down your digestive system and reducing inflammation caused by overload. The effect of Reformer Pilates on the lymphatic and digestive systems helps stimulate detoxification.

Some Reformer Pilates exercises have a visceral massage effect that assists in improving toxin elimination, which in return, lowers toxins and matter in the digestive system. On deep breathing, the movements of our abdomen help massage the internal organs.

Reformer Pilates can improve digestive system functions by reducing stress and anxiety, which can cause digestive problems. Chronic stress is an enemy of our body. When we get wound up, our digestive system also becomes stressed.

We tend to reach for unhealthy comfort foods and overindulge, ultimately affecting digestive health. Controlled breathing in Reformer Pilates helps you relax and fight stress and anxiety, which minimises your tendency of reaching for junk food.

Doing Reformer Pilates regularly can help with digestive efficiency and reduce irritation in the gut.

The stretching in Reformer Pilates helps stretch the digestive tract which then helps improve the processing of food and keep a healthy and efficient digestive system.

Some of our daily activities cause tension to our muscles, including the psoas muscle. This muscle runs from the inner thigh, crosses the tummy and inserts in the low back. If the tightness occurs in the psoas muscle, it causes compression in the abdomen and can affect the digestive tract. Reformer Pilates relaxes the muscles and lifts off the tightness. Imagine wringing a wet rag. This is how Reformer Pilates works the core in multiple directions, and at the same time, it massages the internal organs.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that influence digestion, including stress, age, genetics, lifestyle and the quality of foods we eat. Of course, nothing will replace a healthy balanced diet to have a healthy digestive system. But if you couple this with the stretches of Reformer Pilates, you’re able to boost your digestive function.

If you take good care of yourself, you’re putting your digestive system in a good health too.

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