Reformer Pilates and Firefighters

Feb 08, 2017

Overall health and wellness are important for all firefighters. They can be called upon at any given moment, such as from a deep sleep or after a long day after work. It is important for a firefighter to be always ready for heightened situations to be able to adapt and take whatever comes his or her way, such as rescuing people and lifting equipment.

Reformer Pilates has benefits that are wide-ranging even into professions as diverse as firefighting. For jobs that require physical demands, Reformer Pilates can help firefighters stay on their top condition in different situations.

Flexibility and Core Strength

Swinging tools to breaching doors, carrying hose lines into burning buildings, and lifting people away from danger are the few physical tasks firefighters commonly perform on their duty.

But there is more to that. They perform those tasks with an additional 30+kg equipment. To be able to perform at their best and avoid injuries, it is crucial for firefighters to possess a wide range of physical attributes such as strength, power, endurance, and mobility. But the most important attributes are core strength and flexibility.

Firefighters need to have a really strong core, and Reformer Pilates is great for that. Pilates involves challenging exercises for the core muscles.

Another important attribute a firefighter need is flexibility. When you are in the fire-ground, not only do you exert yourself beyond normal limits, you are also moving your body in some of the most awkward positions.

In firefighting, it’s not always possible to follow proper body orientation.  In dangerous situations, you can’t always have the chance to use proper techniques. So this is why you need to ensure that you are flexible and have a strong core. This will help you avoid or reduce the risks of getting injured.

Physical and Mental Preparation

Reformer Pilates improves your ability to manage physical and mental stress.

It keeps you in the prime physical condition and more importantly, makes you mentally alert in a state of danger.

In Pilates, precision, control, and centring will help you reach heightened body awareness. It teaches you how to move very precisely in your movements, making each come from the right place and controlling each without momentum.

Reformer Pilates involves a sequence of movements using your mind to consciously control all muscular movements in your body and improve your awareness of your body.

Overall fitness is important for people in action, such as firefighters. Reformer Pilates can prepare them for the stresses of fighting fires, sleep deprivation, wearing heavy equipment, and carrying heavy things to and from a fire.

The mind-body techniques of Reformer Pilates can prepare their minds to face and handle the mental demands of their duty. You’ll never know when and where a fire could happen. Therefore, mental preparedness is very crucial. Being mentally tough under pressure is fundamental to more difficult fire situations that confront firefighters.

If your job involves heavy physical and mental demands, you should definitely try Reformer Pilates at Happy Physio in Perth.

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