Pre and Post-Operative Care

Feb 07, 2017

The road to recovery goes beyond surgery. There are a couple of aspects of the surgical experience critical to achieving a successful recovery – pre and post-operative care.

If you have surgery looming somewhere in the near future, you might have your concerns. You might feel nervous or fearful, although it is natural to feel that way. Especially if it is your first time, you probably have less clue of what is coming or how you will keep up with it. We all know it is not like you are going to a picnic, but most probably you want the whole process to be less painful and less lengthy. This is the reason there is pre and post operative care.

What are Pre and Post-Operative Care?

Pre-operative is the stage before you undergo surgery. You are being educated about the surgery, what to expect, learn and practice specific exercises that will help you recover faster. This is where you will be fully informed about the procedure and your post-op recovery. It allows you to feel less stressed about your upcoming operation and ensure that your recovery will be a smooth process. Pre-operative physiotherapy care is a critical component to optimise your recovery after surgery.

Prior to your surgery, you will be assessed for a preoperative examination and preoperative treatment plan. This is to get a baseline of information. After surgery, an assessment will be made of any needs you may have at home, such as equipment and safety adaptations.

Post-operative care, on the other hand, is the stage of treatment after your surgery. It is crucial in achieving the best outcome from your surgery and in minimising the risk of complications associated with it. Post-operative care usually begins in hospital the day after your surgery under the supervision of a physiotherapist, and continues once you are discharged home.

How Physiotherapy Helps with Pre and Post-Operative Care

Physiotherapy is a major part of a successful outcome following a surgery. Treatment focuses on restoring optimal mobility, strengthening weakened muscles, compensation for functional loss, and restoring movement patterns and habits.

Physiotherapy will assist you in returning your physical independence and active lifestyle. Physiotherapists work with doctors and surgeons in an effort to achieve a highly satisfying recovery.

Before your operation, your physiotherapist will help you approach your surgery by educating and physically preparing you, and help you build confidence.

You will undergo evaluation for your strength, functional abilities, and physical independence. Your physiotherapist will construct a plan that will help shorten your recovery time and get you back to your regular activities after your surgery safely and quicker.

In the post-operative physiotherapy care stage, your physiotherapist works by helping you reduce the harmful effects of surgery, such as pain and swelling. You will be recommended therapeutic exercises that will help you restore your natural movement. If you have any concerns about resuming work and recreational activities, you can talk to our physiotherapist about it.

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