Pilates versus Yoga: Which Should You Choose?

Nov 26, 2016

When it comes to improving posture and strengthening muscles, both Pilates and yoga do a fantastic job. Although these two have a lot of similarities, each has their own benefits.

To differentiate the two, Pilates focuses on mind-body awareness stemming from your core while yoga focuses on meditation. If you’re torn between Pilates and yoga, the trick is to try a bit of each and see what works for you. But if you have some particular goals, one discipline may work better than the other.

Need Strength?

To improve your strength, Pilates can be your best bet. Compared to yoga, Pilates has the resistance, positions, and apparatus, such as the reformer. Every move you do in Pilates engages your muscles, giving you great body conditioning. Also, it strengthens your mind-muscle connection.

Older people who are looking for physical strength can benefit from Pilates too. As you get older, you’ll lose more muscles. Doing Pilates will help you have more defined muscles, giving you a strong, stable body.

Want to Be Flexible?

Yoga, which is well-known for its flexible and balanced poses, can improve your flexibility, posture, and balance. Yoga and stretching go hand in hand. It can make your body more flexible, which increases range of motion of your joints.

Suffering from Back Pain?

Pilates can bring relief as it focuses on the core. Strengthening your core is like building an internal corset. It improves your posture, and of course, it provides support to your spine. It helps prevent unnecessary torque on the vertebral column. Pilates also teaches awareness of your movements that may stress your spine.

Want Washboard Abs?

Yoga works on the abdominals in a generalized way. But if you want a workout that increases strength and tone of your abs and the rest of your core muscles, go for Pilates!

Proper breathing may sound so simple, but its demands are not so-so! Pilates gets your respiration working with your muscles. Plus, Pilates keeps your core active, which results in more toned abs in less time. It lengthens and strengthens your entire core with less reps. This will benefit even the beginners.


When it comes to improving mood, the spiritual wellbeing and meditation in yoga makes it ideal. Yoga’s breathing and concentration is a great stress-buster. If you’re in anxiety or depression, try 3 sessions a week and see the difference.

The takeaway is Pilates and yoga are both meant to help tune you physically and mentally, but in different ways. Pilates helps you in a way your body is challenged as you engage different muscles in various exercises. On the other hand, yoga helps you in a more peaceful and relaxing way while also using a variety of muscles in different poses.

Some people are devoted to Pilates, while some swear by yoga. But at the end of the day, it all goes down to your needs (or wants), so one really isn’t superior to the other. In fact, Pilates and yoga can be complementary. So why not try them both, yes?

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