How Does Reformer Pilates Make You a Winning Athlete?

Dec 09, 2017

Did you know that many of the world-class athletes are Reformer Pilates enthusiasts? A Reformer Pilates practise can significantly improve your performance in every sport and physical activity. Many athletes choose this form of flexibility training as an essential piece of their regular exercise regimen.

With Reformer Pilates as a cross-training tool, it can definitely increase sport-specific performance, with some of the elite athletes in the world using Reformer Pilates to get them ahead of their competition.

So how does Reformer Pilates enhance our ability to be better in our chosen sport? Or to build our stamina at our chosen form of exercise?

Reformer Pilates

Many professional athletes, fitness gurus and Hollywood actors have a reason to make Reformer Pilates a part of their regular workout regimen. Reformer Pilates is a full-body workout that tones strengthens and stretches muscles while keeping the core muscles working – stomach, back and buttocks – without building bulk.

The basics of the Reformer Pilates movement apply to everyone from all walks of life. Working from core strength, focusing on appropriate alignment, and a mind-body integrative approach makes it accessible to all.  Reformer Pilates exercises can be custom-fitted to your individual needs.

How Athletes Can Benefit from Reformer Pilates

In recent years, Reformer Pilates has turned into a popular addition to traditional training programmes. Whether you’re a professional or just doing a new sport, Reformer Pilates isn’t just only an ordinary body exercise, it encourages you to become more in tune with your body’s particular needs and establish a perfect foundation for whatever sport you’re in.

These are what Reformer Pilates can do to make you a winning athlete:

Reformer Pilates Increases Flexibility

Reformer Pilates exercises are all about quality and not quantity. Reformer Pilates will challenge your body to push harder – slowly changing between controlled movements, firing your muscles and strengthening your body as you keep yourself in balance.

Flexibility enhances your performance in sports and different physical activities while helping to avoid injuries. The exercises condition the entire body — even the lower legs and feet, which are an absolute necessity for healthy, balanced muscles.

Reformer Pilates Strengthens Core

The core strength of the back, stomach and lumbar floor is the deep muscle of the body that we depend on to support our back, maintain a good posture, and keep movement patterns efficient. At that point, when the core is strong, the rest of the body is supported. This means that the neck and shoulders can relax, and whatever is left of the muscles and joints are free to do their jobs.

A strong core is essential for proper form and alignment. It can reduce some of the strain from endurance exercises. Any weakness in the core means that the limbs must work harder when working out. During a marathon, for instance, this means the difference between completing the race and collapsing in utter exhaustion.

Reformer Pilates Improves Muscle Power and Balance

Many of the athletes get more feedback when doing Reformer Pilates than old-style weights, machine-based or floor workout. This helps to build awareness of where the limbs are in connection with the rest of the body, and how to correct their position while moving. Also, we become aware of which muscles are working and how to stimulate the ‘right’ muscles.

If you take part in sports like bowling or tennis where most of the work is done with one arm, you could be putting yourself at higher risk of injury. Doing unilateral activities in Reformer Pilates classes, you can loosen the muscles in your dominant arm while strengthening the muscles in your non-dominant arm. This will prevent the risk of having an injury because of the lack of adjusted muscles.

Reformer Pilates Improves Mental Focus

Reformer Pilates allows you to concentrate on breathing and movement. It takes a great amount of mental focus and concentration to coordinate these two components and bring them into harmony. Concentrating on these challenges pushes all other mental stresses off of your mind and puts you in a better frame of mind after your workout!

You’ll be able to remain focused during stressful situations, such as a big game or intense activity. This will help lessen the possibility of injury and improve your ability to control your mind while under pressure.

A Recipe for a Winning Performance

Many professional athletes today use Reformer Pilates as their secret to winning their game. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, it helps a lot to include Reformer Pilates in your exercise regimen.

With Reformer Pilates, you become stronger and more flexible. You become aware of how your body feels, where it is in space, and how best to control its movement, all of which contribute to a winning sports performance.

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