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Aug 09, 2022

5 Reasons Why Everyone Over 65yo Needs Reformer Pilates

As we get older, staying fit seems to get harder and harder. Your body just doesn’t seem to have as…

Oct 21, 2021

Healthy Knees with Reformer Pilates

It’s a bit rough, painful, and it’s totally killing your vibe. Painful and weak knees can be the result of…

Dec 01, 2020

Running, Performance and Injuries – Is It in the Shoes?

Some runners tend to get obsessed when it comes to shoes. Shoe companies consistently come up with innovations with running…

Aug 21, 2019

How Reformer Pilates Can Change Your Life

Joseph Pilates created Pilates to rehabilitate wounded World War I soldiers. Then Pilates became a means of conditioning for dancers….

Jun 24, 2019

How to Apply PEACE and LOVE on Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissues can get injured in a lot of different ways. Most commonly, it can be led by overexertion or…

May 18, 2019

Tone up with Reformer Pilates

The road to fitness and toned muscles can be a long and hard one, especially when most people are time-poor….

Apr 22, 2019

1 Underrated Factor That Can Speed Up Your Recovery

There’s a particular study where some people with shoulder pain recovered better than others. And what made them improve better…

Apr 09, 2019

4 Ways Reformer Pilates Can Relieve your Anxiety

Reformer Pilates is a great way to improve your physical health. However, it can also help to improve and regulate…

Apr 05, 2019

Sleep Well To Lose Weight

Do you ever feel like you are constantly losing your battle with the bulge? Did you know that sensible diets…

Mar 13, 2019

Fibromyalgia – Why You Should Start Reformer Pilates

Living with fibromyalgia also means living a challenging life. From work to parenting duties, to household chores to leisure, you…

Feb 23, 2019

Lose Weight with Reformer Pilates, and Keep It Off

Healthy, sustainable weight loss feels like an impossible dream for many people. With so many fad diets and gimmicks screaming…

Feb 16, 2019

Why Women Need Core Strength

Completing abdominal exercises offers much more than just physical appearance. Working towards a toned midsection is definitely a nice bonus,…

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