Body Strong with Reformer Pilates

Jun 05, 2018

It’s official. It’s out there. It’s challenging on postures and it’s throwing off the mat game. It’s official, Reformer Pilates is becoming more and more popular – and for a good reason.

But what makes this sliding carriage with bars, straps and springs apparatus so appealing? Could it be the balanced body meets strong core duo? Or the range of programs that can easily improve back health, flexibility, and can challenge your whole body to twist, and curl, and roll, and breathe in, and then breathe out in ways you have not yet imagined. Nor has your body. But let’s go through a list of why’s and benefits together.

Strong Core Swag

The struggle of the flat tummy is real. If you have been in this struggle also, continue to roll your eyes down on the following lines. Why is a strong core a critical kind of thing? The answer is mainly because all the activities we do and that we have engaged in need a strong and flexible core.

Basically, the core is pretty much about the lower back muscles meeting the abdominal muscles on a date, resulting in spine adjustment in the long run. This is the type of relationship you really want to align properly.

What you achieve with the Reformer is beyond the core-building benefits any kind of Mat Pilates can offer you. Because a lot of good things are happening with this movement, take our word for it. The Reformer, unlike the more static mat version, pushes your body to lift, stretch, pull; working out muscles that maybe you have not even yet discovered, providing a wide range of resistance levels so that you can set new challenges and objectives to your long-term workout routine.

Research shows that Pilates is the bridge between mind refreshment and the muscles, so while you are engaging the right core muscles, in the long run, you will be easing a lot of that back pain and improving the daily quality of your life.

Posture at its best

And because core muscles are strongly related to body posture, you might want to work them more in order to allow them to support posture.

We all have those muscles that are either contributing to a better pose or holding us back from body language confidence, taking time to install into such bad habits that we only realise they’re there, once we can’t turn our heads around to check the cue in the supermarket. Or making shoelaces an impossible situation to handle.

Pilates helps us to obtain great posture, that kind that makes you feel strong, free, and confident, turning heads all around you, by turning superficial musculature into body alignment.

So, while you are correcting bad posture, visible benefits will start coming up: reduced back and neck pain, shoulders that are no longer in a wrapped up position, less pressure on the spine, knees, ankles, effortless ease of movement, and sitting taller and prouder. Even in that cue!

Bye-bye stress

Now, one of the most common problems we all have to face on a daily basis is s-t-r-e-s-s.

And, God, that can be a big pain in the back. And not only. The good news is that the steady and controlled movements the Reformer do on your body while exercising helps the muscles stretch, relax, breathe in and out, relieving stress from the body.

Breathing is, indeed, an important part of the process, as it makes you focus more on the movement, makes you aware of your body and teaches you how to stay present at the moment. The body also teaches you that happiness comes from little things such as: being able to have good mobility and move in order to push pressure and tension out, from the inside to the outside.

Your body will thank you, because Pilates does an incredible thing in providing a place for the body to release tension by breathing exercises, oxygenating blood and helping the brain become calmer, lowering anxiety and stress the natural way.

All these contribute to a stronger mind in a stronger body, right?

Fast results. Like almost rocket fast!

Body strong can be fast, yet not furious, we might say. So, if you’re up for committing to at least a trial month with the Pilates Reformer, you will be most likely be in for a muscle lengthening promise and a ticket to changing numbers on the scale.

While the classic mat allows you to exercise while sitting, the versatility of reformers will allow you to switch poses easily while being extremely comfortable, also allowing you to train all the muscles in your body at the same time – which means more focused goals on your toning goals. Yay! Toned and trim in those tights? Challenge accepted through Pilates exercise.

However, with a reformer, imagine that you can either work out lying down or standing, by pulling straps, while sitting, aligned sideways and even upside down, thanks to the wonder equipment. Therefore, you will be incorporating all the muscles in your body to be trained without having to swipe left, or right, from one machine to another.

Are you ready to make your body stronger? Start today and see results for yourself. Learn more here.