Body Positivity and Health: Why They Shouldn’t Be Considered Separately

Apr 17, 2023

At Best Body, our mission is to help everyone on the planet put selfcare first, and the best place to start is with unconditional love for oneself. We believe that loving and accepting our bodies is the foundation for achieving optimal health and well-being. That’s why we support the body positivity movement, which encourages people to embrace their bodies as they are, regardless of their size or shape.

In recent years, the body positivity movement has gained significant momentum, challenging unrealistic beauty standards and promoting body acceptance. However, there has been some debate about whether body positivity and health should be considered separately.

Some argue that promoting body positivity encourages people to ignore their health and adopt unhealthy behaviours. However, this is a misguided notion. In fact, body positivity and health are not mutually exclusive, and they should be considered together.

One of the main messages of the body positivity movement is that there is no one “perfect” body type. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone deserves to feel good about their body. This is an important message because unrealistic beauty standards can be damaging to people’s self-esteem and mental health.

However, body positivity is not about ignoring our health. It’s about treating our bodies with kindness and respect, regardless of their size or shape. This means making choices that promote our overall well-being, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and managing stress.

In fact, studies have shown that body positivity can have a positive impact on our health. When we feel good about our bodies, we’re more likely to engage in healthy behaviours, such as eating a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise. On the other hand, when we’re constantly focused on our perceived flaws, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and unhealthy behaviours.

It’s also important to recognise that health is not just about physical health. Our mental health is just as important, and body positivity can have a positive impact on our mental well-being as well. When we accept our bodies and focus on the positive aspects of our lives, we’re more likely to feel confident, happy, and fulfilled.

Of course, this is not to say that we should ignore our health concerns or adopt unhealthy behaviours in the name of body positivity. Rather, we should strive to find a balance between body acceptance and healthy behaviours. This means making choices that support our overall well-being, without becoming obsessed with achieving a certain body type or weight.

In conclusion, at Best Body, we believe that body positivity and health should not be considered separately. Embracing our bodies and promoting our overall well-being go hand in hand. By making choices that support our physical and mental health, we can live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.