Benefits of Pregnancy Reformer Pilates for Expectant Mums (and How to Have a Safe Workout)

Sep 20, 2017

If there’s an extremely challenging time in a female’s life, perhaps it is pregnancy. Eventually, she will go through labour and delivery, and she will face the challenges of the physical demands of early motherhood. All of these require strength and endurance, which seems to be difficult to achieve if you’re pregnant.

Preparing your mind and body for pregnancy and the upcoming physical challenges may minimise the risk of injury and difficulties during childbirth.

It is ideal to keep yourself physically active through exercise during your pregnancy. Physical activity, such as Pregnancy Reformer Pilates benefits expectant mums in many ways.

Why You Should Consider Pregnancy Reformer Pilates in Perth

Perth Reformer Pilates is a great exercise for pregnant females because it is non-impact and it offers a wide variety of exercises. It allows you to benefit from the exercise without stressing your body too much.

With the supervision of a Reformer Pilates instructor, it is safe for you and your baby especially that it becomes more challenging as the pregnancy progresses. You’re able to strengthen the muscles of your abdomen, pelvic floor and back. In turn, your body can cope well with your weight as your baby grows and you get stronger muscles that can reduce pain and risk of injury.

As your baby grows, you may feel unstable. Pregnancy Reformer Pilates improves your core strength and balance so you can feel more stable.

Females who exercise during pregnancy have easier deliveries, more energy and can recover postpartum faster. With some modifications, they can continue to do their regular exercise routine.

Having a strong pelvic floor is important as it provides support to the bowel, bladder and uterus. It also helps with incontinence during and post-pregnancy.

Also as your baby grows, you may find it harder to breathe deeply. Breathing is important during labour and birth. Breath control is a core focus in Pilates. It allows you to be able to breathe deeply and give birth more easily.

Reformer Pilates keeps you strong during and after your pregnancy. Your body will be able to recover faster after you give birth.

How to Have a Safe Pregnancy Reformer Pilates Workout

The first trimester is the most crucial time of pregnancy. This is when the organs of your baby start to form. At this time, you can still continue your Reformer Pilates workout as usual.

In the second trimester, avoid exercises that cause too much strain in your hips, thighs and inguinal region. Steer clear of exercises where you are lying face down or lying on your back. During this time, you can perform standing, kneeling and sitting exercises.

In your third trimester, reduce the load of your exercises. Your Reformer Pilates workout should be relaxing and should not involve any jerks, snaps, twists and bends.

At Happy Physio help, pregnant women keep themselves fit and feel fabulous during pregnancy. Our Reformer Pilates instructors ensure your safety during your workout. Our exercises can be completely individualised for each client.

Of course, if you haven’t taken any Pilates classes before, it is best to consult with our physiotherapist first before commencing any new exercise routine.

Stay fit and strong during pregnancy. Book a Pregnancy Reformer Pilates Class at Happy Physio on 92727359!