8 Ways Reformer Pilates Can Make You Feel Younger

Oct 31, 2017

We age whether we like it or not. As when we get older, we sometimes tend to have fear of the inevitable effects that ageing will have on our bodies. Gone are those days when we could run faster, work harder, and feel stronger. But does this have to be the case? While there’s no real way to stop time, doing Pilates can be a great way to help keep us feeling at our best no matter how old we are.

Reformer Pilates exercise can make you feel and look more youthful inside and out. It helps improve well-being and enhances the state of mind. In addition, it focuses on proper breathing, controlled movements and stretching. It helps in discharging negative feelings that could wreak havoc on your focal sensory system.

Reformer Pilates has many benefits, yet would it be able to achieve more than improving your look? While we wouldn’t guarantee that you will look decades more youthful because of Reformer Pilates, it’s certainly an awesome anti-ageing way to look and feel more youthful.

Here are some ways Reformer Pilates can help you feel younger:

1. Body Awareness

Reformer Pilates allows you to love your body at any age. It is all about acceptance and creating awareness of your body, including your joints, muscles, tendons, breathing, etc. Your whole body is in tune with itself when you are moving, twisting, and winding.

2. Balance

A good Reformer Pilates exercise doesn’t need to be very long, yet it can and will rebalance your body after some time. Posture and balance are the main characteristics of youth. An aligned body and chin held high are markers of youth and confidence. Reformer Pilates can be a great solution for poor postural habits because it improves, even muscle strengthening and flexibility at the same time.

3. Quality and Stamina

Together with balance, strength and stamina are all associated with being young. As you become older, you need to have the strength to play sports, ride a bike, swim in the sea, or even just carry your grocery bags. Ageing is not supposed to stop you from doing anything. Reformer Pilates is definitely a great way to make yourself stronger if weight training is difficult for you. If for some reason you can’t do strength training, you can still benefit from doing Reformer Pilates.

4. Better Breathing

Deep breathing is a component of well-being. Proper breathing exercises relieve stress, nervousness, pressure, and more. Reformer Pilates, similar to yoga, is tied in with timed breathing, which is important. As you take a deep breath, the circulation increases and oxygen is released throughout your body making you rejuvenated.

5. Calms Stress, Tension, and Pain

As we age, stress and tension become more common. You know you’re not young anymore if you have painful joints and muscles more often. Reformer Pilates can ward off stress and tension through breathing and controlled movements. People with sciatica and fibromyalgia can also benefit from Reformer Pilates.

6. Leaner Body

Ever wondered how you can achieve a younger-looking, leaner body? Reformer Pilates is the best way for that. If you’re practising Reformer Pilates regularly, it can definitely give you a more youthful body. Not only you’ll look leaner, but you’ll also feel more energetic!

7. Sound Sleep

After a long day, we want to get on the bed and have a good night’s sleep. People who get enough rest have more energy during the day. Sleep allows us to revitalise to face the challenges of the next day. Through breathing and controlled movements, Reformer Pilates helps you to be more relaxed, and when you are relaxed, you can rest better. Having enough sleep is important to looking refreshed, and feeling lively and youthful.

8. A Sense of Purpose

Going to a Reformer Pilates class can improve your life in such many ways — making friends and getting support, just to name a few, not to mention the benefits of getting physically fit. Attending Reformer Pilates classes together with your friends brings purpose to your lives and this gives you a youthful feeling.

With Reformer Pilates, the more you do, the better you get, and the more confidence you have, the more you are able to reach the top, which means you have the capability to do as much as young people.

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