5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

Dec 15, 2016

Your core is more than just about your abdominal muscles. It is the powerhouse of your body, helping you do just about everything. Learn the benefits of having a strong core with these five reasons:

Reason #1 – Helps Prevent Injuries

Some people see themselves as fit but unable to train their core muscles often or at all. It is not surprising if they experience aches and pains such as in the upper or lower back. The core muscles are responsible for efficient movement. With weak core muscles, the upper body would flop about unnecessarily, causing other muscles and joints in the body to exert extra effort, increasing risk to pain and injury.

Reason #2 – Protects Internal Organs and Central Nervous System

A strong core is essential in helping maintain stability and is the center that houses all of your internal organs and central nervous system. Think of your abs as a corset that holds in all of your organs. If it is strong, it holds your internal organs strongly and tightly, keeping them in place. If it is weak or lose, it would cause your organs to get out of place and sit wherever.  Strong back muscles provide support to your spine where it protects your spinal nerves. Unnecessary pressure on the spinal cord or on its nerves simply due to weak core strength can affect your movement, eventually causing pain and altering your quality of life.

Reason #3 – Gets Rid of Back Pain

The core consists of not only your abdominal muscles, but also all of your trunk muscles, which are responsible for the stability of your spine and the movement of your trunks and hips. Your spinal muscles carry extra weight of supporting the internal organs of the abdomen and your abdominal muscles carry some of your body weight. Strengthening your core can prevent or eliminate back pain. A strong core supports the body more effectively, allowing you to do things without causing back pain.

Reason #4 – Promotes Good Posture

People who spend most of their time sitting on a chair, couch or in a car for several hours. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching. Over time, this can strain other parts of your body, especially your back and spine. This can cause future problems. When your core becomes stronger, you will be able to sit and stand properly without discomfort. Good posture reduces wear and tear on the spine and allows you to breathe deeply. It also helps you benefit from the effort you put in your exercise.

Reason #5 – Look Better Physically

Having a strong core makes you look taller and thinner. Strengthening your core tightens up your waist, which in turn makes your shoulders look broader and your chest appear bigger. Strengthening your upper back and shoulders makes your muscles to pull back down, eliminating traces of hunch. Being overweight tends to show in the core area first, which can be unsightly. Not only a strong core gives you a firm and tight belly, it will make you look slim and tall.

If you think about it, your core is the center of your body and it needs to be strong to prevent injury, protect vital organs and central nervous system, eliminate back pain, promote good posture and look better physically.