4 Great Reasons Why Males Should Try Reformer Pilates

Dec 20, 2016

Yes, females tend to dominate Reformer Pilates. But Reformer Pilates offers plenty of benefits for dudes who are up for the challenge – including joining a Reformer Pilates class itself (full of women).

Well here’s a trivia for us guys. The person who invented Pilates was:

  1.       A man — and he invented it for men.
  2.       A beer drinker and a cigar smoker (who lived up to the age of 84).
  3.       A diver, wrestler, bodybuilder, self-defence teacher, and professional boxer.

This fitness discipline loved by a lot of women today was built by none other than Joseph Pilates, the guy with the MacGyver skills who was responsible for turning hospital beds into exercise equipment.

Here are some reasons why you guys should try Reformer Pilates:

1. Develop Unused Muscles

Usually, the muscles that you use on a daily basis tend to be stronger than the others. With Reformer Pilates, you’re able to become aware of those muscles that you don’t typically use. It pushes you to move in ways where you can use those muscles correctly.

2. Better Flexibility

Men tend to have tighter muscles, which makes us less flexible. Reformer Pilates uses a specific method to increase your body’s range of motion, improving your overall flexibility. Did you know that women are 7% more flexible than men in their ligaments and tendons? This means that us guys need to catch up!

3. Build Core Strength

Your core consists of muscles that support your spine and torso, muscles that form the foundation for all movements. If your core is weak, your body is less stable and you tend to become dependent on dominant muscles. In turn, this will inhibit your flexibility, decrease your range of motion, and you’ll be more prone to injury. Reformer Pilates promotes core activation and engages all of your postural muscles, which leads to more stable and powerful movements.

4. Increase Consciousness

As men, we generally focus too much on the amount of weight we can lift. But there are more important things to focus on rather than the weights you lift in a workout. Reformer Pilates brings your awareness to a different level. It requires you to slow down to isolate specific muscle groups and maximise the effect of these movements. This kind of consciousness allows you to carry over to your other activities and be more mindful of how you move your body throughout the day.

The whole point here is Reformer Pilates is a great workout, no matter what your gender is. In fact, a lot of professional athletes, including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods include Reformer Pilates into their fitness regimen.

Specifically, there’s not much difference about Reformer Pilates when it comes to training men. The Pilates method is beneficial for all. Remember that it was developed by a man. Yes, men obviously tend to have tighter muscles compared to women, but the exercises can be easily modified. After all, modification of exercises is common in Reformer Pilates, allowing you to meet your individual body’s needs.

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