3 Simple Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Jul 10, 2016

Our shoulders have a wide and versatile range of motion. If something goes wrong in any structures of your shoulder, it can lead to pain and discomfort. It will hamper your ability to move freely and work efficiently.


The shoulder has a great range of motion because of its ball-and-socket design. But with wide range of motion comes a great price – stability.


Shoulder exercises can help ease pain. If you have shoulder pain, you can try these simple exercises:

1. Shoulder Circles

Shoulder circles can relax your shoulder muscles and promote blood circulation to the area, which can help you recover quickly from injuries and build muscle more effectively.


How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 


Hang your arms at both sides. Lift your shoulders up and roll them behind you in a circular motion. After a few reps, change direction and roll them forward.

2. Shoulder “Y” Formation

Shoulder “Y” formation helps you build upper body strength, improving stability and mobility to your shoulders. This exercise can help reduce the severity of your pain..


How to do it: Lie on your back, then place your arms at your sides. Bend your knees and firmly set your feet on the ground.


Slowly raise your arms up, with elbows straight, then over your head to form a “Y” shape.


Keep your arms extended until your thumbs can reach the floor. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the starting position and do a few more repetitions.

3. Shoulder Extensor, Adductor and Retractor Stretch

This exercise addresses muscle tightness and increases flexibility. It targets several muscles in your shoulder and upper back.


How to do it: Stand inside a doorway while facing a doorjamb in line with the shoulder. Position your feet shoulder-width apart.


Move your left arm across your chest and toward your right shoulder. Pointing your thumb down, grab the doorjamb and rotate your trunk to the left until you get a decent stretch in your left shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position and perform the stretch with your left arm.


Whenever your shoulder is in pain, try to do these exercises for quick relief. For long-term relief, you will want to identify the influencing factors of your shoulder pain. Do you have poor sleep habits? Do you overuse your shoulders? Consider using expert physiotherapy strategies and advice to help prevent aches and pains.


Of course, if your pain is too severe, it may be something more serious, so pay attention to what your body says. You should see a physiotherapist to get your shoulder problem fixed.


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