3 Great Benefits of Reformer Pilates for Sporty People

Dec 22, 2016

If you’re into sports, either professional or recreational, you can’t deny the fact that you’re striving to improve your performance level. Well, at least for athletes, they do. The best of the best sports men and women we know today use Reformer Pilates to help them enhance their athletic performance, improve technique and prevent injuries.

Once you get yourself into the Reformer, you’ll find out how much Pilates can help you in these ways:

1. Reduce Frequency and Severity of Injuries

Muscle imbalance. This is a big factor why athletes get injured. Depending on what kind of sport you’re engaged into, most probably, you will have some muscle groups weaker than the others. And these muscles will always be at risk of injury.

Reformer Pilates works to correct your movement patterns, promote even musculature throughout your body, and assist you in moving with proper body form. Not only this helps reduce chances of getting injured, this will also promote healing.

In addition, Reformer Pilates teaches you where your body is in space and helps you find the optimal sequence to execute movements. If you’re injured, you’ll re-learn the right ways to do movements that cause less stress on injured areas.

2. More Body Control

Flexibility plays a very nice role in sports. In Reformer Pilates, active stretching teaches your muscles to be long and strong in long range of motion.

Let’s not also forget that the Reformer is an exercise equipment specifically designed to challenge your body in a lot of ways. But in all of them, control is paramount. Compared to traditional weightlifting and other conventional workouts, Reformer Pilates gives more feedback, helping you build awareness of the position of your limbs in relation to the rest of your body, as well as correcting your position whilst in motion. You’ll also develop awareness of which muscles are firing and how to use the right muscles to move and remain stable.

3. Increased Power Output

Reformer Pilates teaches your body to generate power from the right muscles. As you learn using the right muscles, your movement patterns get better. There will also be reduced tightness and stiffness, in which you become more efficient in performance, equipped with more stamina and less muscle fatigue.

Not to mention how Reformer Pilates can strengthen your core. Having strong core muscles can play a role in the power that comes along with movements during your sports performance. This means that you can able to hit harder and move faster!

Once you start Reformer Pilates, you’ll find that the exercises condition your whole body – from top to bottom. A conditioned body means having healthy, balanced muscles. Reformer Pilates exercises have countless variations, every single muscle in your body will be used.

If you haven’t tried Reformer Pilates yet, you’re seriously missing out. Not only it is great on its own, but also, it is a great complimentary workout for your other exercises!

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