1 Underrated Factor That Can Speed Up Your Recovery

Apr 22, 2019

There’s a particular study where some people with shoulder pain recovered better than others. And what made them improve better is this one factor that seems to give an extra push on their treatment.

It showed in this study where shoulder pain sufferers who expect physiotherapy to help them are likely to have a better recovery than people who have low or no expectations of improvement at all. Researchers also found that people are likely to recover better if they are confident that they will keep on doing things they see important such as socialising, hobbies and work.

What gives these amazing people an extra push on their recovery is their positive belief.

The Study

The researchers aim to find out more about the characteristics of people who improved from physiotherapy compared to those who continue to experience persistent pain and disability.

The study, which is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, involved 1,030 people undergoing physiotherapy for their shoulder pain. The researchers gathered their information including age, lifestyle and medical history, and clinical findings before and during the patient’s first physiotherapy appointment.

Eight hundred eleven people provided information on their shoulder pain and function following 6 months.

It was a surprise for the researchers when they found out that the patients who had said they expected to “completely recover” as a result of physiotherapy had better outcomes than the patients who expected to “improve”.

The most important predictor of outcome was pain and disability at the initial appointment. Higher levels of pain and disability were associated with higher levels 6 months after. And lower baseline levels were associated with lower levels 6 months after.

However, this relationship often changed for people who had high “pain self-efficacy”. These people are confident that they can still do most things even if they have shoulder pain.

What surprised them further is finding out that people with high baseline pain and disability, but with high pain self-efficacy did as well as, and sometimes better than, those with low baseline pain and disability and low pain self-efficacy.

Your Mind is Powerful

When you believe and expect you’ll get a full recovery, you’re enabling your body to release endorphins and enkephalins, mimicking the effects of morphine and thereby block pain.

The Power of Positivity

Your mind can potentially be a powerful healing tool. If you believe a treatment will work for you, it will. You’re creating a strong connection between your brain and your body and how they work together. When it comes to healing, that emotional support you give yourself can go miles.

Your mental frame and state can make a big difference in your results. Your mindset can affect your behaviour and will influence how you respond to treatment. A more positive mindset can make you be more receptive to treatment. You’re more open to heal from pain.

If you stay positive throughout the treatment, you’re more likely to have better outcomes. Despite some obstacles that may come your way, you’re less likely to give up. And if you fall, you’re more likely to stand up again.

If you believe in yourself, you’re capable of changing the situations. The power of positivity can help you achieve your desired results. If you focus on success, you’ll attract success. If you keep on thinking you’ll fail, then you’ll attract failure. If you’re confident that physiotherapy will heal your shoulder pain or back pain completely, you’re more likely to heal completely. If you strongly believe that Reformer Pilates will make you strong and lean, it will make you strong and lean.

Believe In Your Body

At the end of the day, when you’re undergoing physiotherapy or any treatment for that matter, which would you choose? To believe you’ll fully recover which increases your chances of success? Or torture your mind with negative beliefs?

Love yourself. You already have easy access to one of the most powerful healing tools that ever existed. Use your thoughts to your advantage. Positive belief is the key.

If you believe physiotherapy is the answer to your body aches and pains, book an appointment with us today!


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