Bike Fitting – How Does It Help?

Bike fitting is essential for comfort, injury prevention, and performance. It improves a cyclist’s performance out of different aspects including power, efficiency, aerodynamics, and sustainability. Cyclists average between 80-100 pedal revolutions in a minute. That makes around 5400 in an hour. Imagine these ladies and gentlemen cycling for hours. If a bike fits poorly, any asymmetries or mal-alignment can easily result in injuries and discomfort.

What is Bike Fitting?

Your hands, seat, and your feet are areas your body is in contact with the bike. Their relative positions determine your comfort and efficiency on the bike.

Bike fitting is a process during which your ideal size, geometry, and components sizing are determined. It helps you make a targeted decision when it comes to choosing a bike, making sure it fits you right.

Here are some reasons why bike fitting is important:

1. Prevent Injuries

Repetitive movements and overuse are the most common cause of injury. These injuries happen when forces pass through the soft tissues, when these are supposed to pass through the skeletal system. When properly fitted on a bike, these undue forces are eliminated.

2. Increased Comfort

A professional bike fitter finds the centre of your range of motion for your body such as appendages, joints, and back, and they put you in the most neutral position. This position is where comfort and performance go together.

If the bike causes you pain, most probably, it can come from tension, shearing, and compression. Reducing these at your body’s contact points, as well as from the rest of your body, provides you benefits of performance and comfort.

3. Improved Performance

Bike fitting helps increase comfort and performance. When your range of motion works well, you get more power and less injury. Bike fitters will take measurements of you and your bike. These measurements will be the key to determine the right bike setup for you. Once you get the right setup, a physiotherapist can help you with the correct posture and biomechanics while on your bike. Together with right bike setup and correct body form and movement, your performance will go further.

4. Faster Recovery

Obviously, if you get less injury to your soft tissue, it’s easier to recover. If your connective tissues have fewer tears and your muscles have less damage, there is less to heal.

The point of bike fitting is to make you ride the bike comfortably, which will let you ride for longer and more efficiently. When you get your bike set up right, you don’t have to worry about the discomfort.

It’s not about having an expensive bike. It’s all about your comfort and efficiency while on the bike. And bike fitting can get it done. Little adjustments make you “go miles further.”

Biking can be a painful sport, but pain should come from increased effort, not just come out by itself. If it does, you should go for bike fitting.

We recommend seeing a physiotherapist as soon as you get your bike properly set up. Choose a physiotherapist with knowledge about cycling and its biomechanics, and, of course, who has all of the skills for treating and preventing injuries.

If you have any discomfort with biking, try to see a Perth physiotherapist. Call Happy Physio today on 9272 7359!