Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

So…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Wattle Grove soon to 150 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Reformer Pilates memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners next week.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question In the comments section of this blog post. Make sure you post it in the comment section, and not anywhere else 🙂 … Now, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve). That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Sunday and Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Tuesday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Wattle Grove for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Progress coaching session every 90 days
  4. Invite to our exclusive member only events every 4 months (not to be missed!!)
  5. your new ‘happy place’

I’ll award two winners. I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say… Good luck!


P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Wattle Grove. 


  1. Lindsay

    Wow…what an opportunity….thanks Tarryn for the offer.

    This will really help me as I have some back pain for a while now and having a 6 month membership with such a community would help me get out of my shell as I lack confidence…I hope the deserving person wins!

    Cheers, Lindsay.


    I have been training for many years in a traditional envuronment with running, boxing etc and would like to take my training to the next step to really start defining my strength and assisting in my neck 0ain caused by long bouts in a car for my work. It would assist me financially aswell.

    Thank you,

  3. Savannah

    Thanks Taryn for the offer..

    Pilates would be great not just for my body but for my mind also.

    I’ve never been the most active person out there, but recently I’ve started being a lot more active and I think doing this membership could really help me. I’ve suffered anxiety and depression for quite some time now and I think this would be good for my mind and slowly get me back to my old self. Pilates would really relieve my stress after a long day at work and overall would help me achieve the type of body I want as im not happy with mine ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Candice Jones

    I am hoping that Best Body Reformer Pilates can help in terms of strengthening my body to avoid injury the older that I get. I love playing sport but the older I get the harder it is on my body. I am hoping that this will work hand in hand with keeping me on the netball court for longer and with less injury! Assisting my posture from sitting at a desk all day is probably another bonus!

  5. Aisling

    I did ballet for 13 years and always had a really strong core and toned in all the right places, fast forward many years and now at 45 I cant seem to get my core back and I find I am stiff all the time. I just want to regain some of the flexibility I had.

  6. Sarah

    I would love this opportunity to keep my body strong and healthy through my second pregnancy and hopefully continue on post baby to get myself feeling back to normal

  7. Jackie Michael

    I have just moved into the area. I’ve recently celebrated my 50th birthday and have promised myself Pilates to find a bod and to treat sciatic pain. Help me Tarryn.

  8. Lauren Irving

    2019 is the year of ME ! I have 3 kids. 14 , 11 & 5 , I have always put myself last and after a shocking , emotional 2018 I told my hubby that 2019 is the year I am going to find something to better myself . I wanted a place that would help my mind and my body . I want to get strong and toned . I have been waiting for best body wattle grove to open and I can’t wait to be part of the best body family. We are a one income family most of the time I finished my studies last year and I am now working relief as an education assistant. Having a 6 month membership would mean that I can come more often to create the routine and change that I need.

  9. Milva Stillisano

    Hoping pilates will help with back pain and joint pain which I have had for quite sometime as well as giving me a stronger fitter body. As I do a fair bit of standing with my work. Also great as studio close to home.



  10. Caris

    My beautiful baby girl is turning 6 months next week and while I absolutely love being her Mum more than anything in the world, I couldn’t be more unhappy with the way I feel both mentally and physically. I was an avid CrossFit member, but when I fell pregnant I just couldn’t sustain that level of exercise and I ended up putting on 17kg. Everyone told me once you breastfeed you will loose it all and just my luck this hasn’t been the case at all. I’m carrying too much extra weight, lost a lot of my confidence and have a wardrobe that I can’t fit into, all of which aren’t great for my mental health. I’ve been so strict on what I eat and walk every day, but I’m just not getting the results. I would absolutely love to win a membership to show my daughter what a happy, healthy and confident life looks like and to be the best role model to her.

    Good luck everyone! Xx

  11. Melissalea Jenaway

    This would be amazing Tarryn.
    It would help me in so many ways to become more confident in my body and improve my health and well being, I would also get the chance to make some new friends and socialize through my anxiety.
    I have struggled with back pain for years and I lack in motivation and have very weak muscles. To have this opportunity would help me so much not only for my body but also for my mental health to become a better person in more ways than one.
    I have been wanting to join Pilates for quite some time but not having the spare money has made it difficult.
    I hope this would give me the chance to improve my life and join an amazing community and make new friends.
    Best of luck to the winners <3

  12. Rhianydd green

    What your doing is an amazing thing!
    I would love to be able to get into shape whilst having fun as I have struggled with my weight and a bad back in the past. I’ve never had enough confidence to work out in a gym but I feel this would be an amazing environment to be in!

  13. Madison King

    How exciting!
    I have been waiting for a pilates reformer opportunity to open near me, with a wonderful welcoming community and knowledgeable and experienced instructors. I had serious surgery on my knees 10 years ago, I have good days and bad days, great weeks and terrible weeks. 2 years ago I hurt my back at the gym doing a deadlift and since then my back has never been the same. Small things like sleeping or laying down can put my back out for days. Due to my knees not being so wonderful I have had some body alignment issues effecting my back which are beginning to impact on my work. I am relatively new in my job, a primary school teacher, so being able to move around with my students is very important. I am only 28 years old but some days I feel like I am double that age.

    All of my physio, chiros and massage therapists have recommended giving reformer pilates a go and I believe it will be the best thing for my body.
    I would love to be considered for the 6 month membership as it will help me find the best version of myself.

  14. Kimberly

    I’ve just started on my health and fitness journey, trying to get into shape for my upcoming wedding. Reformer Pilates may just provide me with an extra ‘kick’ that my traditional gym regime isn’t providing.

  15. Emma Lipianin

    I would like to gain flexibility and balance and to be lean and strong,
    and help me prevent developing issues with my back and neck due to prolonged sitting and bad posture at work. Also I have a twin sister with a permanent back injury who swears by pilates as the only thing that really helps and I want some of those special powers in my life!

  16. Emma henderson

    I would love to invest my time into reformer Pilates with best body as I see Pilates as a holistic approach to health and wellbeing! Not only could I benefit from improving my core strength and flexibility, but it would mean committing to a sustainable exercise form throughout the coming years, that will keep me accountable and motivated to improving my body, in a supportive fun environment!

  17. Grace Dayoc

    Hi Taryn, getting a best body reformer pilates membership will motivate me to continue to have a healthy body and mind. It’s also one of my bucket list to be able to do reformer pilates. As i get older i want to be more healthier, toned and have the energy to do the things i want to do. I want to look good and feel good.

  18. Shirley

    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Having had back surgery many years ago and a knee replacement 2 years ago, I am finding myself suffering with a lot of body stiffness and weakened muscles. Have been wanting to try Pilates for a while now but the cost has always been a deterrent. Winning a 6 month membership would definitely be welcome.

  19. Juanita Ing

    Thanks Tarryn for this amazing offer. I have been a fit freak all of my life. I would love to be physically strong in mind and body as I have C-PTSD and Major Depression. Walking,bike riding,yoga and weight bearing exercises have helped keep me level.My core is not as I would want due to back issues.
    The social aspect will also help me get out of the house more.

  20. Laura

    Wow what a great opportunity. I would love the chance to sculpt my body into the best it can be, I have been so unfit for too long and it’s time to look after me.
    Also I would love the chance to not just looking after the physical parts but also the mental side too, I suffer from anxiety and want to be my best for myself and my family.
    So this opportunity would give me the chance to be the best I can be in all aspects.

  21. Kacee

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to correct some functionality issues in my hips and shoulders, I am looking forward to fine tuning my physical goals in a more gentle exercise environment. Strength and mobility is a main focus for my body this year. Also super excited to meet you all and make a heap of new friends x

  22. Lisa Rowe

    I would like to complement my gym sessions with reformer pilates. I believe pilates would help strengthen and build muscle (hopefully replacing fat). I would like to tone my body and stay flexible as I approach the big 5 0!

  23. Karla Thompson

    Hi Tarryn, I was a Reformer devotee years ago, however after children I just couldn’t get to classes. I moved into different exercise avenues mainly because there were no reformer options near home. I can’t explain how excited I was to hear that a studio was opening so close to home. I want my long, lean, strong body back. I need my flexibility back. I need to improve my posture. Pilates can do all this for me.

  24. Kerry

    Hi Tarryn,

    I am obese and it affects my life so much, there are no words to describe it. I have never been a fan of gyms or doing exercises that I don’t enjoy.
    The one form of exercise that I have always loved, and got joy from, was Pilates.

    What I hope to get from having a Pilates studio near me is finding that joy in movement again. To find a place where I feel comfortable exercising and not judged because I don’t have my best body yet. I am excited to have one closer to home as it does help me get to more classes during the week!

    What I hope to achieve is regaining my strength and flexibility, lose the excess weight and get some confidence back.

    I’m really looking forward to your studio opening.

  25. Anna

    I think Pilates would help me reach my health and fitness goals. Due to existing back pain, I need to focus on low impact exercises. I have looked into doing Pilates in the past but wasn’t able to afford it.

  26. Desley Wimbridge

    After years of surgeries and recoveries, I am trying to rebuild my strength and flexibility. I am currently exercising with a personal trainer, however I’m really looking forward to the centre opening so I can add Pilates to my repertoire!

  27. Toni

    Thanks for a great opportunity
    Having back injuries from a car accident 30yrs my injuries are not starting to make themselves really know and from past experiences Reformer Pilates was the only exercise that gave me great core body strength along with a much improved body tone that I am really excited that there will be a class near me
    Many thanks

  28. Carrie Price

    Hi Taryn

    thanks for this opportunity 🙂

    I have been waiting and following you since I heard that you were opening a class in Wattle Grove and been so looking forward to your opening.

    For the past year I have had a lot of stress in my life due to work and family which has caused a lot of tension in my back and neck, I have put others first and myself last causing me to gain weight, feel depressed and not be in a very happy place.

    I would like the opportunity to join a group and class that will see me develop my core strength and flexibility and help me lose the weight that has crept on over the last year but also just to join a team that can create new friendships and become a better and happier me.

    I can understand you will have a lot of responses, and even if I don’t win I still look forward to becoming a part of your classes.


  29. Julie

    Hi I think this would help me to become a stronger better version of me. Being a menopausal woman with neck and core issues I would love to have access to reformer classes to improve my health.

  30. Kylie Adams

    I am desperate for a local reformer pilates class. After years of physio, chiro, acupuncture – for a bad pelvis after child birth, and gynaecologists, incontinence specialists, for bladder control issues,with no success…I discovered reformer pilates classes. It was my saviour. However, we then moved to WA and there is no local reformer pilates near to where I live. My health has deteriorated over the past two years, I don’t have the time to travel far to fit it my pilates in to my family’s busy schedule. I can’t wait!

  31. Michelle O’Byrne

    I would love to win a six months membership as am a single mum who lives nearby and would find the fee difficult to find with other expenses. I used to do reformer Pilates and definitely noticed the difference in my core and confidence. It would be a gentle nudge for me to do something I enjoy in a positive setting and would inspire my fitness goals. Thanks for the opportunity to receive such a wonderful gift.

  32. Azalea Hampson

    I’m 35 in a couple of months and I have 2 kids (2 y.o. and 8 m.o.). It has finally clicked to me that a healthy body helps a healthy mind helps a healthy life. I will be in my 40s when they are at their most active. So I’ve had a major lifestyle change since 1st November and have lost almost 10kgs so far. Unlike typical gym equipments, Reformer Pilates will help me achieve my health goal while ensuring my knee is safe (left ACL reconstruction years ago). It would be such great help if I could win this 6 months free membership as it would absolutely be life changing.

  33. Patricia D.

    Firstly Thankyou for this amazing opportunity to win.
    Last year was a big year of change for my family and myself.
    We completed our family with the addition of our baby boy in May last year.
    I moved to wattle grove last year in September so I am still working my way around this area and surrounds.

    I used to practice bikram yoga but since birth I’ve done nothing besides walking as my form of exercise.
    I am in need of a lot of help with postural alignment and I wish to gain my core back.
    By winning this amazing 6 month membership I intend to challenge my mind body and soul.

  34. Jade Rotondo

    Hi Taryn,

    I have always struggled with exercise in my life. I have struggled with staying motivated and committing myself to staying on track. I am not the fittest person, I suffer from mild back pain from a young age and I feel that I at the moment in my life where I need to make a life style change. I feel that the Best Body Reformed Pilates is going to be a motivator in itself, I have watched videos through your websites and spoken to others who have joined your other facilities. There has been nothing but positive feedback and it is making me want to start right away. I want to become a better version of myself, i want to be healthier but I need a push in the right direction.

    I would love to win the 6 month membership however, if not successful I will be signing up. I want to make this lifestyle change and take care of my well being with your Best Body family.

    Thank you,

  35. Megan

    Thanks for the offer Tarryn. I would be so grateful for a 6 month reformer membership. I have had chronic back and hip pain for 15 years and found reformer pilates to be the absolute best way of managing my pain (and I’ve tried almost everything else!) I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and did reformer up until 36 weeks, and know that I wouldn’t have maintained my mobility and core stability without it. I am keen to get back into pilates as soon as I can after the birth, but the studio I was attending is 1hr away from home. Being able to go somewhere close to home will allow me to start my recovery much sooner.

  36. Joanne Lin

    Thanks in advance Tarryn for this offer!
    Just moved into the area and have been looking for something different other than a normal gym.
    I believe reformer pilates are a really unique way of strengthening the body and mind.
    I believe with pilates I would be able to live a healthier lifestyle and be more confident about my body.
    Would really love to get into this, looking forward to your opening!

  37. Marian Enkel

    While I am overweight and need to lose more kilos than I’d like to say, to me it is more important for me to start to strengthen my body first, increase my core strength with a gentler approach for my body. I know the benefits of Pilates as it definitely had results on previous injuries. It would be a blessing to win this and thank you for the opportunity.

  38. Mel

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this reformer Pilates membership.
    I am someone who would love to try something new (not having previously done something like this before) and due to previous injury with my knee, I believe this will help strengthen the muscles around it, gain further flexibility and a stronger core and become mentally and physically fitter! 🙂

  39. Claire

    I’m taking the bull by the horns and going to start Pilates- have never been! I have absolutely no core strength after having twins last year and back pain. Don’t think I will ever have abs but hey that can be the challenge!

  40. Lisa Reed

    This would give me the opportunity to get back into regular exercise, I have never tried Pilates but I recently been diagnosed with 2 types of arthritis at 48 and this would help strengthen my body and get into better shape, just need that push, and this would do it

  41. Robyn

    I currently live with 3 autoimmune diseases, one being thyroid related which has seen my weight balloon the second is an arthritic condition which makes it hard to do intense work outs to shake the weight and the third is skin conditions which has had me taking steriods off and on since January all three of these have completely destroyed my self esteem where I tend to find excuses to stay home rather than be seen out in public. I want to try reformer pilates to see if it’s a way to stenghten my joints and work out with out the serve impact on them that normal workouts do and hopefully I may be able to get to a place where I feel heathy good about myself again.

  42. Emily Blythe

    I have 3 kids aged 6 and below including a 18month old! I have tirelessly and selflessly given all my energy to being a full time mum to my kids. I have felt especially over the last 6 months that the one thing that is missing in my life, is the ‘me’ time and to love the body that beautifully housed and birthed my children. I have been seeing a lot of women on Instagram using reformer Pilates and swear by it. It’s one of the many excercises that actually interest me and I think to myself that I should give it a go and I think I would really enjoy it. I’m not a runner and the idea of hit classes scare me 🙂 I have quite a sore back from lifting and holding the kids and I would really love to work on my core! I generally want to feel more energised, toned and healthy. So I would think a best body membership would help me grately and my sanity….! 🙂

  43. Cathy Atkinson

    I have a lifetime experience coming next June. I turn sixty and have saved to ride the beautiful Andalusian
    Horse in Spain. I need to find my core, I know it is in there somewhere.
    Therefore I believe your Pilates and guidance will help me achieve my dream.

  44. Carol Richmond

    I did reformer Pilates 9 years ago and was amazed at how it changed my body and how much I enjoyed it. Then came 3 children, one after another that made committing to sessions hard given the costs so have tried to do the gym and classes thing but have never really enjoyed it and so never stuck to it. I am at the point that I can commit to classes so would be great to have not to think of costs!

  45. Bianca Parmenter

    Hi Tanya. I am 43 and have suffered with arthritis in my knees for nearly 20 years, due to my sporting commitments: at the age of 39 I had a complete right knee replacement.
    Previously reformer Pilates was awesome but I could not commit to the finalial expectation.
    If I did win my goal would be to ride a bike !! Simple as it is… but, since my operation I have not been able too Ride nor get the rotation I need to ride a bike.

  46. Sophie B

    Hi Tarryn,

    I would be so grateful to win a 6 month membership for reformer Pilates!

    I think this membership could help me in many ways, I have multiple chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia and endometriosis) that mean I have pain on a daily basis and it is difficult to exercise properly. However exercise is key in my pain management, it’s a catch 22!
    I need to get my body into a routine, and work on my core and painful areas. I believe this would be so beneficial to my overall health!

    I’m getting married in a year, and want to feel happy with my body and comfortable in my skin, which I don’t really at the moment.

    Chronic illnesses are debilitating, and it is so important to have a support system around you to help through tough times!
    I think this would push me in the right direction, towards a healthier lifestyle!

    Thankyou so much!
    Peace and love,
    Sophie x

  47. Linda Walkerden

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a membership. I am working on preventing osteoporosis by using weights and adding pilates will help me with that too. Having dodgy knees makes it difficult to do most osteoporosis preventative exercises, but pilates is usually kind to my knees

  48. Michelle

    Wow, what an amazingly generous offer and opportunity you are offering!

    I am having an exceptionally challenging time trying to shift extra weight that I am carrying around with me. I spent 6months working with a nutrition coach with minimal success. I recently started having an issue with my breathing, which I had checked out! The Dr suggested that excess abdominal fat could be the cause and has recommended losing weight!

    I recently discovered Reformer Pilates through Class Pass, and absolutely loved it! As a mature, full time student, I have had to cancel my class pass and thus give up my beloved reformer Pilates!

    Winning a 6month membership would quite simply, in a word, be indescribable!!

    With an incredibly busy schedule due to studying full time and working almost time, being able to access a 6month membership extends beyond the physical benefits of toning and strengthening my body and supporting me on my journey to shift weight, it will also provide the opportunity for focused and dedicated self care and me time, supporting me emotionally and mentally through what could be the biggest semester of my degree.

  49. Chelsea Western

    So Tarryn this membership would be for my mum. She is 66, could hardly get into her car she was so stiff and sore it was heartbreaking. My daughter was a client of Best Body and I was so happy with her results I convinced her to try something new. She read Scott’s book and she learnt that the pain she was in wasn’t due to old age, that she too could live pain free. Her transformation is incredible. She feels like a new woman again, has regained her confidence, and is living her best life yet, with weekly Pilates class and one on one sessions. She can walk long distances with no pain, gets a full nights sleep with no joint pain and this is all from Reformer Pilates and the amazing physio Rhi.

  50. Caterina

    I want to lose weight and get back into shape since having my first child. My weight fluctuates a lot as I suffer from PCOS and this also means its hard to lose weight. My goal right now is to lose all the excess weight I’ve gained so I can try for baby number 2. I also want to re-strengthen my core.

  51. Lauren Flemming

    I want to help bring the happy me back, I have 21 month old twins. Since there arrival life has been an emotional rollercoaster, with baby blues and anxiety and having a huge financial pressures with lack of work and raising two babies at once I stopped putting myself first. I have lower back issues due to a disc buldge, and struggle to find exercise that’s helpful for my back but also fun. I lost my baby weight but have in the past 8 Months put it all back on, food is a lot easier to turn too when things get tough.
    I would love to win the prize to help prioritise me time, to get back to my healthy happy, energetic mumma and wife and this prize would certainly help me achieve that. I’m a wattle grove local and love supporting local businesses wen I can.

  52. Mel

    What an amazing opportunity! Thanks Tarryn!
    This membership would be for me; after having a bub in 2017 I’m ready to get my groove back, to find ME again and to work towards loving every inch of me!
    I don’t have the best nutrition or exercise but I’m ready to make some big changes, in every aspect!!

  53. Vicky

    This would help me with my postpartum recovery to help my constant lower back pain and improve my posture. It would help me increase my core strength and help me gain my pre pregnancy body.

  54. Jenny Warwick

    I am a bookkeeper and suffer from neck and shoulder pain regularly and I have bad knees-from years on netball. I am hoping this type of Pilates will strengthen my body so that I don’t have to revert to surgery to fix the pain. Thanks for offering the free membership and hoping I am lucky enough to win this opportunity -But if I don’t I still want to do it!

  55. Amanda

    I think a Reformer Pilates Membership could help me in a number of ways. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more sluggish, I have found less time to exercise and I’ve let my weight get the best of me. I now weigh the most I’ve ever weighed, I’m always tired and I suffer from back pain and neck pain from my added weight and all the tension and stress in my shoulders. At the start of 2019 I decided I need to reclaim my life, my health and my self confidence. I’ve started the diet, I’m working on small life goals, I go for regular massages to spoil myself and now I need the exercise to bring it all together. I think that Reformer Pilates could help tone, strengthen and help me with my flexibility. I’ll become a better version of myself for myself and my family to be more present, happier and healthier than they have seen me in years.

  56. Shikha

    Thanks for an opportunity to grab 6 month membership
    Right now I’m doing HIIT workout, it helps me to reduce weight but not that which I want.Due to recent workout which I am performing I faced a lot of problems like back pain and knee pain and whole time soreness in body. But I wish Pilate help me to come out from all of these problems especially Pilate help to actually which I want that is flexibility, improve my breathing . The best thing of Pilate is that u can do in pregnancy as well which I love about Pilate workout.

  57. Maria Stafford

    Hey ! Wow it seems we all NEED this! So great it’s happening in a space near us! I feel like a repeat of many ladies chatting here. Turning 50 tomorrow, never had a weight issue. Healthy fit. 3 years ago 2 bulging discs in my back from years of bad posture hairdressing and popped on weight. Too scared to excercise I’m still worried I’ll hurt my back. Had 2 frozen shoulders in 12 months and the thought of all that again…. NOPE! So I’d love the confidence to try again in a safe space. I nearly bought a machine but knew nothing in how to use it! To look at … it’s not my weight that’s my concern. Even though I’d love to lose 7 kg.. I look fine it’s more my health and fitness I care about. I want to join if possible wether I get a freebie or not. I’m grateful your starting up . It’s so great! Wattle grove look out all us girls are bouncing back!

  58. Simone Taylor

    Oh wow Taryn, what a generous offer!
    I started my pilates journey many years ago and it was THE best thing for my body. Work, child and hubby all come first for me so my pilate days over time stopped and I haven’t been for over a year. Having your studio walking distance from home, I already know who will be knocking on your door to let me back in! Me! I’m so excited to start investing time back into me as I know the benefits of a pilate class and how good they make a girl feel x

  59. Clair

    I would love to win such an amazing gift !! Thankyou for the chance ☺

    I am still suffering the effects of whiplash and shoulder issues from a car accident (not our fault ) from nearly 4 years ago and I think this is something that could really help me gently strengthen my muscles

  60. Rachelle

    Im a solo mum of five, working part time and needing to take time out for myself. I’d like to be a positive role model for my kids by keeping active and healthy.
    I believe Reformer Pilates will help me build a stronger core, improve my posture, my mood, my muscle tone, flexibility and hopefully better sleep.
    Good luck to everyone’s that’s entered you’ll all so deserving of this opportunity.

  61. FV

    After 8 years, 3 kids and running two small businesses, I literally have no time on my hands, but with my youngest in school three days a week now, its about time I made my health a priority, so after lots of research, reformer pilates is my way of getting fit, getting inspired, getting toned and getting time for myself without injuring myself!

    Really looking forward to having access to reformer pilates in our area, and not having to travel to the city or beyond!

  62. Margaret Sundstrom

    Hi I want to be more flexible and build muscle tone. I haverecently just lost 20kg by change of lifestyle and I want to continue on my health journey and take care of my body

  63. Liz

    I have a crappy nurses back after 33 yrs in the profession. I do my best to keep fit and healthy but struggle with exercise. I want to stay flexible for as long as possible. I believe Pilates is the best option for me. I can’t wait until you open.

  64. Deanna

    Oh what an amazing prize!
    I have recently lost over 40kgs as well as having had my second child 6 months ago! I’ve been dying to get back into exercise but just need that kick start!

    Reformer in the past has been so helpful for my core and posture!

  65. Leah

    Hi. Im very excited to give reformer pilates a try ive never done it before but have heard amazing things. Im a hairdresser with alot of back pain and im hoping this will help with that. I am a mum off 2 and made it my mission to put myself first for a change and make time to exercise and be the best version of me i can be

  66. Michelle H

    I have been looking forward to Best Body Reformer Pilates opening in Wattle Grove. Over the last 18 months I have managed to lose quite a lot of weight. I still have a little way to go and I want to be able to add regular core strength exercise to keep the momentum going and to help tone.

  67. Aria

    Hi Tarryn

    I would love this membership. I have been out of my training regime for a few months now and I need something to spark my passion for working out.

    I have only ever done traditional training weights etc and suffer a lot from v tight muscles and lower back pain and tension.

    I think pilates would be a wonderful way to work out my tension while strengthen at the same time.

    I am excited for you guys to be opening so close to home.


  68. Jaime


    I have been suffering from head aches for years, and while I (as a clinical nutritionist) have nutrition covered, plus physio, I believe this is the missing piece of my puzzle!

    I would be so incredibly stoked to win this.

    Thanks for the opportunity and I cannot wait for this location to be open in our wonderful community!

  69. Marie Robertson-King

    Oh my goodness what a fabulous opportunity 🙂
    I’d love to win this because I really want to change my body. Im a middle aged woman with issues with my core muscles. I think undertaking this type of exercise will change my life.

  70. Bianca

    I’m a mum of two young children, work part time and have put myself and my body on the back burner for too long. My core (and pelvic floor thanks kids!) my general well being is suffering and I need to start to look after myself so my kids can look up to me as a healthy mum plus I’ve seen amazing results from my friends due to Reformer Pilates. So excited to have a studio so close to home

  71. Sam Barac

    Hi Taryn

    I’m a mum of two boys, I have a husband, a mortgage and a busy life like everyone else. But this year, I finally bit the bullet and went back to school to follow my heart. I have forever put everyone else’s needs before my own even tho I have an auto immune disease and fibromyalgia. I would love to win because Im finally beginning to look after myself mentally and would like to do that physically as well. It’s been a long time coming and I would like to learn to cope holistically with fibromyalgia and gain more strength and tone and shift some podge as well. I look forward to the studio opening… you have a tough job ahead deciding the winners! Lots of worthy people here!! Good luck!!

  72. Jayne

    I currently have lower back and hip pain. I hav lost 28 kg over the last 2 years and hope to lose about 20 more. The pain limits the activity I can do. Mostly swimming and walking but I hope Pilates will improve my flexibility and enable me to participate in a wider range of activities. My chiropractor feels it would do me the world of good. As I approach 60 I want to be the best, fittest and healthiest me I can be.

  73. Emily

    Hi Tarryn!

    I need help! I have no discipline and no motivation. I want to overhaul my life so bad but I keep falling in a hole. 5 years ago my husband and I created this wonderful thing called family. I know If I spent a fraction of the time on myself as I do my family my health and well-being would definitely improve.
    I’m excited for the studio to open to help improve my back, my fitness and my outlook on life.
    So…Whether you choose me or not for this amazing prize…

  74. Sandie

    What a great opportunity. I hope someone who really deserves this gets the opportunity become the best they can.
    I do step classes but have realised that as I age am now 63 I need to do more for my joints and I need to become more flexible again. I was a dancer so know how my body should feel but at the moment it isn’t travelling so well. Two bung shoulders and intermittent back pain. I believe that reformer Pilates will get me back to how I should be. Just because we are aging we should never give up on our bodies or our minds.
    Thanks Taryn and good luck with the studio.

  75. Tegan

    I’m hoping reformer Pilates can help me get not only get my body back after kids (2 c-sections most recent 4 months ago) but also give me a place to have ‘me’ time, an opportunity to miss them and switch off to other people’s needs for an hour a couple of times a week. As much as I love my kids, a healthy peaceful mama is the best kind, especially for them!

    I have been doing some exercise since the birth of my daughter and while I find it helps my mental health and keeps post natal anxiety at bay (which I suffered after my first), I’m not seeing the results around my tummy. I’m hoping reformer Pilates can find my flat tummy!!

  76. Kerry Peci

    I don’t need to lose weight but lack muscle, stamina, flexibility and have poor posture. I’m hopeful that reformer pilates can help with these issues.
    I’ve been advised by my physio and doctor to exercise to help my mindset and headaches.
    I’ve never walked into a gym for fear of being judged. As irrational as that fear is as I’m not overweight, it’s a lifelong lack of confidence I’m struggling to break. I’m hoping the exercise and sense of community can also help with my confidence.
    Being close to home means I can walk there in the morning and have a workout before the kids wake up giving me time to myself and more energy to give them the attention they deserve throughout the day.

  77. Cathy

    I have persistent back problems which I spend a lot of time trying to work on at the gym but the limitations I have there mean I don’t achieve as much as I’d like. I’m hoping that regular reformer Pilates will help reduce the pain I get from my back and help strengthen it long term for a healthier body & back.

  78. Rebecca

    If I was lucky enough to win a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership, I believe it would inspire and motivate me to prioritise my physical and mental health for the first time in a long time.

    The last few years for me has seen some great highs (getting a dog, buying a house, getting engaged, birth of my godson) and some terrible lows (giving up my PhD, moving away from friends and family, gaining 20 kgs, ongoing health issues, family death and divorces).

    A few years ago, I received a voucher to try Reformer pilates and fell in love with everything about it. No sport, gym or exercise I have ever done has come close to the enjoyment and challenge I felt in those classes. I couldn’t afford to continue classes at the time as I was a student but I vowed one day, I would live somewhere close to a studio and go everyday 🙂

    I’m so excited and looking forward to seeing Best Body Wattle Grove finally open and becoming my new happy place – after the dog park on a sunny afternoon of course!

  79. Helen

    Hi Tarryn,
    I am 54 years old and have done a lot of sitting around, I have always worked in an office where I have sat most of the day and for the last 10 year’s I have sat a lot at home as well.
    I am now at the stage where I am so stiff I can’t even stretch properly without a bit of help from my husband & I am always aching somewhere, I can no longer get up from a kneeling position as my legs just don’t have the strength. I am way too young to be like this!
    I am not feeling sorry for myself as it is my own fault, my husband has been calling me gonna princess for so long now that I would love to show him I can actually act on something rather than just talk about it for a change.
    I have got to the stage where I know, if I don’t start strengthening my body I will be depending on others in my old age.
    I have done a lot of reading & looking into Pilates and am aware of the benefits of strengthening & lengthening the body. I would love the opportunity to win a membership, however I will be signing up regardless.
    I was always active, toned & reasonably fit up until my 40’s, I want & need to be that person again.
    Thanks 🙂

  80. Candice

    Every person who has commented deserves to win. I was going to comment on my current issues (mental and physical) compounded by my recent family pain and loss but we all have our scars and I strongly believe we all carry ourselves as best we can.

    So what would a membership do for me personally? Well, I would like to focus on strength and flexibility and to focus on ‘me’. I want to learn to love exercise, to relax and to feel safe in a non judgmental environment. But I need your qualified help to do that.

    However I can also do something for YOU. I can promise you commitment….

    Commitment to a better mind, body & soul;
    Commitment to making time to attend;
    Commitment to results; and
    Commitment to helping you grow your business by sharing my honest feedback.

    Thanks for reading and making the generous offer. Can’t wait for the studio to open!

    Kind regards

  81. Alison Hardingham

    Hi Tarryn
    What a amazing opportunity to win the best body reformer Pilates membership
    Am sure I can say like many of us busy working mums with kids spending money on us (mum) is somthing that gets pushed down the line always putting our kids hubby work before spending quality ME time or funds
    For me this would be a great opportunity to have that me time to build back self confidence and becoming healthy at the same time
    For me getting that time for me to become healthy fit not only physically but mentally help me feel more balanced in the many roles of being mum wife friend and me
    Many thanks

  82. Sonya Pachta

    I would like to win the Best Body Reformer Pilates membership for my daughter.
    She had spinal cord surgery 2 years ago and it affected the nerves in her legs. We did some Reformer Pilates in the hospital rehab and that has helped a lot. I think it would benefit her if she started it up again and this would be a fantastic opportunity.


  83. Sasha Cross

    WOW what a fantastic competition!!
    I used Reformer Pilates years ago to tone and tighten problem areas and loved the results I achieved. I also found it a really fun and easy way to exercise as my cardio isnt the best.
    I am currrently 24weeks pregnant and feel like ive probably gain a bit more weight than I should have, but ideally I just want to stay fit and healthy for the remainder of my pregnancy.
    I’m also looking to do something for myself (which sounds selfish) but I’m currently working full time, running a household and looking after a toddler so I think I deserve a little time to work on me

    Looking forward BB opening soon.
    Regards Sasha

  84. Catherine Hilder

    I LOVE reformer pilates. I’d been doing reformer pilates classes for over 3 years in Bangkok and absolutely loved how it made me feel and how it toned my body. However, last year I started commuting between BKK (now Singapore), where my husband is, and Perth where my girls are (one in her last year at school) and it has been really hard to find the motivation to exercise on a regular basis, which in turn means sadly I’ve put on weight my toned shape 🙁

  85. Teri

    Thanks so much for the opportunity Taryn! I am aiming to build my strength and energise my body. I’m 51, now working a desk job after 20 years of shift work and the time has come for me time! I have an ankle injury so think reformer Pilates is the best way to achieve this. So excited to begin!

  86. Larni

    I am looking forward to the opening of the Wattle Grove studio. My doctor and physio have mentioned to me that reformer Pilates would assist me in gaining core strength, which in turn will help the pain I am enduring in my lower back and shoulder. I have never attended a Pilates class but it has always interested me. I just don’t put my needs first and I want to change that. I have 5 sons and I always seems to be doing everything for everyone except me. I have a job I mostly enjoy, but running a household of 7 is pretty draining on the budget and I feel guilty spending money on myself. I will turn 49 this year and for the first time I am feeling my age. I am tired and I am lacking energy. I want to feel good about myself again. I want to enjoy life and I am hoping this will be a step in that direction.

  87. Clare Mac

    I am so excited that you are coming to Wattle Grove! After travelling for a few years to Subiaco 4 times a week, with a personal trainer and a lot of hard work, I had lost 15kg!
    But after the last year off
    ( due to damaging my shoulder in a motorbike accident *insert sad face here*) I started looking at and trying out reformer Pilates and found it so good for my body! It really helped to strengthen my shoulder and gave me much relief, the only thing was there were no places near me and I could no longer travel that far every week! I have regained some weight back and am keen to get back to where I was.
    As a makeup artist and social media influencer I am in the public eye a lot and am gaining more and more traction so I can’t wait to get my strength and my confidence back too.
    I struggle a lot with cardio fitness and I feel like reformer Pilates is the perfect combination of rehabilitation, strength and flexibility my body needs. To win this would be a great start to a long term change with an amazing community in my own suburb.

  88. Kylie

    Hi I really need this as I have been through a lot the last few years with three stage prolapse and mesh repairs now been told by a lady physio that the pelvic floor is too tight aghh I can’t win and the prolapse is returning in a area no one needs to hear about on here but apart from that I’m feeling good and just really want to find my mojo with Pilates again

    Thanks kylie

  89. Mel S

    Thanks Tarryn for such a lovely gesture!
    As a mum the one thing you learn early on is that you will do ANYTHING for your family. The tireless efforts we go to, to make everyone else happy, organised, relaxed and feeling loved is a huge weight for us to bear. But we do it unconditionally. No strings, no money, just love. But this love comes at a cost, my body’s cost and now not only is it time for me to put me first, it’s time for me to get out, get fit, make time and make an effort. A 6 month membership will give me no excuse to commit and will give me the perfect opportunity to love myself unconditionally for a change.
    I’m hoping to control (maybe even beat!) the constant back and shoulder niggles, strengthen my core and keep this body healthy for a long time to come, after all I have 2 growing boys to play cricket, football, swim, camp, travel and more than anything LOVE for as long as I can.

  90. Sharyn

    Thanks Tarryn I have done some reformer Pilates as part of my recovery from a workplace injury with a physio, I am now fully recovered. I really loved what the Pilates was doing to my body and now I miss it! I need to tone up – everywhere, am also desperate for some core strength and would love to get rid of my tuck shop arms which have appeared. I also have mild prolapse so everything needs working on. I have found that menopause has made building muscle much harder. I am in reasonsble shape but don’t exercise much. 52 yrs 3 teenage kids.

  91. Stacey

    Wow what an amazing gesture thank you Tarryn
    I have not done much exercise for years am obese and have limited mobility due to hip and feet issues
    Basically I need a whole lot of help to get me back on track and a membership for 6 months would inspire me to keep attending classes. My sister swears by reformer Pilates and has been trying to get me to attend classes however i can always find an excuse. I would really love to have this opportunity to better my body and my mind

  92. Jodie C

    Hi Tarryn
    Thanks for the opportunity of being able to win a membership.

    There are so many reasons why I would love this membership.
    I want to loose some weight I have put on some weight I had gastric sleeving 2012 and have put a bit of weight on in the last year
    This has not been good for myself,my mind or my relationship and this isn’t fair on my partner but most importantly me.

    When I don’t feel happy with myself I beat myself up
    I need something to improve my mind and spirit.
    I also suffer from back pain and this is probably from the long hours I do.
    I need something to make me leave work early to do something for myself and with you guys going to be located close to my work place this gives me every incentive to make the changes.
    I want to loose weight and tone this as it’s coming off.
    I would so love if you could help me to love me again
    Ease my body of weight, pain & gain my happiness again

    Thanks so much
    Looking forward to you opening and attending
    Jodie C

  93. Debra Robinson

    “Use it or lose it” – Well, I haven’t been using it and now, I am losing it!

    I am very fortunate under the circumstances and within the scheme of things,
    my mobility is not bad but I know I could be better,
    my balance is steady but there are days I get off kilter,
    my core needs to be strengthened and my limbs need to be lengthened.
    Repetition and consistancy are things I need to master and given time I know I could get faster.
    I dont need to have the best body but I need my body to be at its best,
    If you provide the means I will endeavor to do the rest.

  94. Sara Smith

    Wow such a generous prize Taryn, thank you for the opportunity to enter.
    I’m an obese mum of 2. I have a very active toddler and a sporty 10 yo. Although I eat well and am active I cannot get my old body back. I love Pilates and go once a week to a mat class but I feel that to get a strong and fit body I need more! More of which I can’t afford (kids are expensive, am I right?!), I also put my needs last, which is how I’ve ended up in this body! I want to transform into the strong, lean, flexible and fit person I know I CAN be. Also after two kids, a better, stronger pelvic floor couldn’t hurt either!

  95. Simone

    Wow so many great comments here ☺️ I would love to do reformer Pilates as I have never tried this, currently I try to do a couple of bike rides a week either on a bicycle or an upright bike which I really enjoy and I would love to add another type of workout that would enhance my fitness, stretching is always a bit of a chore and this would be great to stretch out the muscles and tone them up, as I work behind a computer all day I get a lot of back tightness and my posture could be better, I have spent many hours in the gym in my time but it just doesn’t motivate me anymore the older I get I would love to have an opportunity to give this a red hot crack and am sure I’ll love it and meet a few new friends along the way ‍♀️

  96. Jasmin Harley

    Well I definitely don’t think I have my perfect body and I’m not sure if I ever did. I am struggling with core strength well probably all strength

    I am active and mostly eat well. I am just over coming some health issues and I think this would be perfect for me to get back into some fitness.

    I tbink also meeting new people and having a support group would be great for my motivation.

  97. Alisha Senior

    Thanks for the offer Taryn! Amazing opportunity!
    As you already know, I am about to have a baby boy and this would be just perfect to kickstart my best body after Bub is here!
    I currently do Pilates once a week, but 4 times a week would be amazing and I think it would actually give me more energy being a new mum!
    I have endless babysitting offers already so am absolutely positive I would find the time to come and start that new me at BestBody!

  98. Dorothy

    18 months ago I had lower back spinal fusion surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. However for many many years before this I loved to exercise spent everyday at the gym but since the surgery I just don’t have the motivation. Last year I made the decision to take part in the ride to conquer cancer a 200 km push bike ride from Perth to Mandurah and return. These classes would be just what I need to give me the the strength and support I am so desperatly lacking in my legs back and core and with my ride taking place in October 6 months of these classes is perfect timing.

  99. Karen

    To win a membership would give me the kick start I need to help me achieve my goals this year – strength in both body and mind.
    I can relate to most of the comments left here already – age, injury, not prioritising myself. This is the year for change and I’m looking forward to seeing your studio!!

  100. Leonie Storey

    I have hypermobility. I was born with dislocated hips, (now referred to as hip dysplasia), & had several surgeries on my hips many, many years ago as a toddler. Since then I have had a few more surgeries (on my knee & ankles) – the most recent was about 6 years ago when I had several procedures on one foot including flat foot reconstruction & subtalar fusion. After that, at the suggestion of a physiotherapist, I attended clinical Pilates 2-3 times a week (using mainly the reformer). (I only ceased attending when clinical Pilates was no longer available with the local physiotherapist.) I found using the reformer greatly assisted in my recovery. It was particularly helpful in assisting with getting me mobile again, as for many months, prior to my surgery I was unable to walk for exercise as my ankle was painful & would swell. I believe that a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would greatly assist in improving my overall core strength which in turn would hopefully help me to lose some of the excess weight I am carrying around my mid-section in particular. Building overall strength & flexibility & improving muscle tone is all the more important as I head closer to 60!

  101. Gwenda Brady

    Hi Tarryn
    Would love a free 6 months membership though reading the above there are others worst of than me. My story is i am a 63yr old Mum and grandmother have let myself go so over weight which i hate have a lower back problem and general old aging aches pains and stiffness. I need motivation to get myself back to the vibrant person hiding inside of me.

  102. Donna

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Im turning 60 in October. I am still playing soccer and am working on ways to keep my body more fluid but stretching and exercise alone isn’t helping. Im also new to Perth and Pilates so why not a new start up studio. Cheers..

  103. Ash connelly

    Access to this type of specific work out will assist the physical, psychosocial and emotional aspects of my life. Previously fitness focused, I have undergone significant injury burden in the past 4 years, in addition to focusing on IVF. This class will bring a sense of community and grounding to me post partum, giving me to ascertain the healthy mind and body I need to achieve in order to attenpt to make another baby through science. My thighs and buttocks have suffered tremendously since ceasing running, and I would love a opportunity to change how I feel about them, and over all. A 6 month membership would solidify my commitment back into this focused disapline that I previously loved

  104. Margaret Bulsing

    I have been on a weight loss journey and after losing 54kg, l have been left with flabby skin, muscles that are a little loose, muscles l didn’t know l had and ache and joints that feel very stressed. This opportunity will give my body the chance to get back into shape and tighten all those wobbly bits. This is my chance to go from couch potato to pilates queen with the expertise and guidance from professionals that will help me step by step.

  105. Vanessa ward

    Since giving birth to my now 3 year old, I’ve really just let my health and body slip to the back burner.

    I went from being a fit and flexible young women to someone who experiences severe aches and paIns simply from sitting on the floor with my daughter for more than 5 minutes.

    I now have a full time office job sitting down for most of the day and I tell myself that I shouldn’t be going to the gym or fitness classes after work because that time belongs to my daughter. I need to get my body moving again!

    I used to look at my body and feel proud and fit, I would love the chance to feel that again. I would love an opportunity to be a happier, healthier version of myself again.

    Thanks for the offer Tarryn! I can’t wait to see the studio regardless.

  106. Lindy McMiles

    My Physio has recommended that I look into Pilates as one of the ways to strengthen my core and build up my fitness levels which will hopefully alleviate back, hip and knee pain. I was interested to explore this option however there wasn’t any local options available when this was suggested to me.
    Having a studio close to home and not having to travel too far is a big bonus after working all day and then coming home to organize the family for the evening.

  107. Verlie Phillips

    In 2013 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis which left me in chronic pain, on a cocktail of medications and steroids. When I fell pregnant with my second child in 2015 I found a small reformer Pilates studio and committed myself to 3 sessions a week. By the time I gave birth I was strong and was able to have an amazing birth thanks to the core muscle and overall strength i had built. This helped me through the post partum period where the disease flared up again.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take my then newborn with me and Pilates fell away.
    Last year after fighting another year of intollerable pain and ballooning weight gain from steroids I made the decision to have sleeve gastrectomy or weight loss surgery. I was a miserable shell of a person, with two young children and i couldn’t even find the energy to go to the park with them. Once the surgery was done I vowed to build strength again and find a Pilates studio.
    I have 2 young children, I run 2 businesses and a husband who works away 2 weeks at a time. There are no studios that were local enough for me to be able to fit in the sessions around the chaos.
    I’ve been eagerly anticipating the opening of Best Body Physio and Pilates, almost one year post surgery I am off of all my medications and my disease is in remission. I still suffer from time to time and have been stretching to help. I habe some tears, bursitis and tendonosis in my hip currently and I know that building strength will really help. I’ve lost all of my excess weight now and despite the excess skin i can’t wait to begin building muscle and strength and begin doing something for me. My body deserves to feel better.
    I’m now in a position to fit Pilates in around childcare, school, business and my husband’s roster and I am truly excited to meet other local like minded women who want to improve themselves for health and mind.

  108. Naom

    Wow what an amazingly fantastic opportunity….

    Well after having my body house 4 of the most beautiful little beings I know, it’s finally time to give something back to myself… to begin on a voyage of self love, self worth and self confidence… this 6 month membership would help me begin to improve my body strength and help me to deal more with my scoliosis that was only discovered late in my 4th pregnancy.

    This would be a fantastic push for me begin this beautiful voyage of self love for a Mum who ALWAYS puts others before herself.

  109. Cheri Davis

    Wow, this would be more than amazing. I have always wanted to do reformer pilates but unfortunately, due to the expense of raising 2 girls under 3 (even though I am a working mum my cash flow just seems to magically disappear!) it can be a struggle to make ends meet… so it has always remained on the ‘wish list’. I have heard wonderful things that it’s not only fantastic for your body but works absolute wonders for mind health too which would be hugely beneficial for me right now!

    Would be so extremely lucky to try this for 6 months and I am sure that with the benefits I would receive it would be something I would continue!

  110. Renae

    What a fabulous giveaway!

    I have always been obsessed with fitness but, unfortunately, as my age creeps up on me, I cant put as much into that I used to due to injuries.

    When I was boxing I was the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been. Since then, I’ve yet to find something that can tone, sculpt and change my body the same way.

    Having my second baby 12 months ago and being 38, I’m finding it harder than ever to bounce back regardless of how many sessions a week I do.

    I’d love to try something completely different, something that challenges my body in a new way and something I can have a new addiction for!

  111. Avril O'Shea

    I Beleive that once started, this type of program can be addictive. I used to love feeling strong and toned and energised when I prcaticed Pilates a long time ago.The environment is peaceful aswell. And its a gentle way to get fit and healthy.

  112. Louise

    I have been dying to do reformer Pilates! Constantly looking for places to try but haven’t had any luck finding one that isn’t a trek away so I can actually make the classes (live and work in Lesmurdie) so Wattle Grove would be perfect and I prefer to support the local areas! I’ve been at the gym for many years but lately have found it’s not enough (physically and mentally) so I find myself not going. I’ve always had core issues so would love to learn how to make it stronger! Not normally someone who is up for trying something different/group classes but feel I’m up for the challenge 🙂

  113. Janette Robideau

    Im no spring chicken at 56, but have feeling a bit old latley. Im one of these people who say they want to do it and I am going to start tomorrow. However even though I have been an on again off again gym member for a few years and have in the past done pretty well, it just didnt feel like the right fit for me.

    Pilates has been recommended by a few friends, and I’m thinking maybe I should give Pilates a try . I have been told its a great way to get your head and body back in line while you are getting fit. Maybe 56 maybe the new 40 for me 🙂

  114. Kate adamson

    Hey Tarryn.

    A 6 month free trial would help me gain the confidence of get back into exercise in small groups. I have always been active but somewhere lost that, I’ve lost confidence and any flexibility what so ever. Learning how to correctly move my body in a way which will build flexibility and strength is what i’d love to improve on and share my results with family and friends.
    I know I can do it and would love to gain some flexibility back with strength while doing a functional workout with some great people.

    Hopefully after the 6 month trial I will be able to purchase a membership to continue with my results.

    What a awesome opportunity this is. Thank you!


  115. Sarah

    Hi Tarryn

    I’m so excited that you are opening a studio close to where I live!! I have wanted to do reformer for a long time but have had issues finding a place that isn’t miles away. You know when you feel like that you have always just fell short of your fitness goals, that’s me!! After playing netball for years my joints can no longer keep up with it!! I have become bored with the same old stuff that you find in the gyms. I’m excited to start Reformer Pilates to get my mind and body to the next level , to the level that I have always wished to achieve but never been able to make x

  116. Meisha

    Hi Tarryn
    I would love 6 months free membership. I was recommended by a GP to start Pilates to help on my weight loss journey. I would love to regain my core strength that I had before having my son. I have been unable to regain it almost 2 years later. I would love the support to rebuild my body and regaining strength and fitness.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  117. Carolyn Pen

    What a great prize and I am so excited that you are opening in Wattle Grove! Having Lupus SLE my body fights me all the time but I am determined to win… I found that when I did Pilates on the reformer machines at our local friendly physio a few years back it really helped my body, mentally and physically… I had to stop going as they were always booked out, only a couple of people at a time in their little room so I have been waiting with much excitement for close-by Wattle Grove to open up so I can attend classes there… I know my 50yr old young body will thank me… I no longer want to feel and look like I am 200yrs old when I get up in the morning, I want again the agility and freedom of movement, and strength and mental strength that I once had.

  118. Kirstyn

    Hi Tarryn,
    Im hoping to be able to find me again. 7 years ago my world completely changed. Not only did a fall pregnant but my husband had a bad back injury which prevented him from being able to work anymore. I lost myself and completely let myself go. Following redundancy, moving back home with my parents and a few jobs ive finally settled into a job that i love and now starting to get back to a positive state of mind. Ive commited myself to healthy eating, have started an exercise program and just feel that starting pilates would help me achieve my goals of finally becoming a healthy mum and wife so i can live my life to the best. Im looking for strength, toning and working on my mental clarity. I actually live 1 hr away from wattle grove but only work around the corner so would come straight after work before i need to commence my “mummy duties”. This would completely change my future goals as i wouldn’t be able to make it own my own. Thank you

  119. Glaucia

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would help me greatly on my goal to improve my flexibility and decrease risk of injury, particularly on ITB and hamstring which bother me quite a bit. I would also be able to pay it forward by supporting others achieving their fitness goals.

  120. Ursula Price

    What an awesome offer, thanks for the opportunity Tarryn.

    I’m a 56yo mum with a beautiful almost-2yo granddaughter. I’m very young at heart but I’m so sick of making “old lady noises” when I’m down on the floor playing with her. I’ve somehow put on 25kg in the 25 years I’ve been married (wait … did I just prove that marriage is fattening??) and after a minor health scare last year, I’ve decided that I’m going to do something for my health so that I might still be around to see bubby get married.

    I love technology so I’ve gotten myself a fancy watch that tracks my steps and heart rate (both improving) as I’ve increased my walking over the past few months. Now it’s time to work on my flexibility – I can’t even paint my own toenails anymore!! I recently went to a trainer who showed me some great exercises that I would fit into my regular routine but after only four days my knees gave out and it took another month for the pain to stop so I’m thinking that pilates is the answer to my dilema.

    Thanks again for this opportunity. Ursula.

  121. Jasmine Kent

    I would love this membership!!

    I’m 25 and have never tried Pilates. I’m still at uni so I don’t have a lot of money. I would love to see what Pilates could do for my body. Would ultimately like to become more flexible, maybe touch my toes!!

    Thank You

  122. Sara

    Hi im 37 a bit overweight and trying for a baby so this year im trying to be as healthy as possible and lose some weight to help my chances. This would be a great opportunity to try something different and its not so harsh on a body thats getting older ;). Would love to be more flexible as well.

  123. Shannon

    Well, the old girl’s knees, ankles, shoulders and everything in between just don’t seem to enjoy those intensive, ‘pass-out-or-something-is-wrong-with-you workouts’ full of rushing, squatting, lunging, box-jumping and pretty much just pure insanity, anymore!
    It’s time to change perspective. Time to try something new that will still do the trick, somewhere that’s close to home, that fits in around work… and most importantly… allows me to sit (and not still fall!) on to the toilet after a week!

  124. lyn Drakeford

    I have lost all passion for the gym which I loved for 5 years and now the dreaded menopause has hit and I have put on 5 kgs and unable to shift, I walk an hour 5 mornings a week at a very quick pace and do yoga once a week, I loved doing pilates at
    Cannington Physiotherapy but at $50 a session it became a bit expensive, I was looking for more of a class scenario to be a bit more affordable, the benefits I gained from pilates where amazing, full body strength, no sore back or knees and the best feeling of being 56 and happy with myself and sense of well being

  125. Narelle Holt

    I have used reformer pilates 10 years ago and was so impressed with my body change and shape. I have now reached my mid 40’s and have tried many things to maintain a body that I am happy with. The strength also that comes from this is amazing and now I have a 3.5 year old son who keeps me on my toes, it would be so beneficial to have you around the corner from me and also increase my strength, health and wellbeing for my son.

  126. Lisa

    I lost 54kgs and I would love to be able to tone safely in a friendly environment.
    What a wonderful opportunity this would be for body shape and confidence.

  127. Cath

    I would love the opportunity to take part in the reformer Pilates.
    Over the years I have tried gyms etc and with a sore lower back it makes many exercises a little difficult.
    I thought trying this would not put as much pressure on it and may possibly assist in a bit of strengthening, weight loss, toning & flexibility.
    So wonderful you are going to be in the area & walking distance.

  128. Concentina Nyirenda

    What I would most love to achieve from Pilates is not only weight loss but strength training and posture correction, I suffer from lordosis and mild scoliosis which means I’m in constant pain with my back, I have thoroughly researched and found that Pilates could do wonders for me.
    With 4 kids I rarely put myself first but this year that is changing.

  129. Elaine Fraser

    I’ve done other types of Pilates and my back always gets sore afterwards. I’m keen to try Reformer Pilates and learn how to strengthen my back and also build strength and flexibility generally in a safe, supportive environment.

    I also do H.I.I.T. workouts, PT, and yoga. I guess I still haven’t found what I’m loooking for.

    Suffering from fibromyalgia hasn’t made the journey easy, but my philosophy is, ‘Just keep moving’.

    I’m really excited about having this in our area and not having to travel a long distance to get this sort of studio.

    Thanks for bringing it out East!

  130. Ida

    Hi Taryn,

    What a fantastic offer and whoever wins it will be super excited.
    I usually do some form of exercise, be it aqua aerobics, walking or the gym but of late have been getting really tired and have somewhat lost my motivation. Needing to do the exercise but feeling tired so not doing any.
    I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    I have a back that keeps going out which causes headaches so would like to be able to strengthen my core, lose a bit of weight and feel better about myself again.
    The group atmosphere would also be great for me socially.

  131. Carrie

    Tarryn I need your help! I am so excited and looking forward to having you come join our little community in Wattle Grove. This is perfect timing as I have finally decided its time! The last 15 years have not been kind. Now with goals set in place and working hard towards them I have a target to reach in September and this would be perfect to help me get there. I am very much looking forward to working with you to achieve my goals. Best wishes to all

  132. Kylie

    How could this membership help me……. such a fabulous prize to win. To be honest I’ve only done one Pilates class before. I have wanted to try the reformer classes for so long, it looks like great fun. Being a working single Mum, my kids sport and lives have always come first. Can always find the money for their sport but funnily enough it’s always hard to spend money on me. So winning a membership would help there. I really do need to start taking care of myself or I won’t be around for them. I really need to loose 20kgs and hopefully starting Pilates will be the beginning of my healthy changes.

  133. Hazel Bruce

    Hi Tarryn, I am 52 years old , and just beginning to feel fit again after enduring a hysterectomy and 2 hip replacements within the last 6 years. My last surgery was 2 years ago and I have just started to return to exercise within the last year. I suffer from hereditary Osteoarthritis. I first sampled clinical pilates just after my second hip operation and found it to be extremely beneficial in helping me to strengthen and support my joints. I have since been weight training, doing mat pilates and walking. I have found that when I skip doing pilates for a while that it doesn’t take long for my knees to start really hurting. I find that when I have a strong core my posture is much improved and my stronger muscles support my joints. I have been looking for a Reformer Pilates class in the hills area for a while and was over the moon when I found that you were opening a studio in Wattle Grove. I would love to win a membership. I believe the machines in reformer pilates, as well as supporting the body, will strengthen the muscles more. Also, I like the idea of being a member of a club which will enable me to exercise with others and meet some new people. Thank you for considering me.

  134. Jade Clemens

    Hi Tarryn,
    This would be an amazing opportunity for me to help me get fit and strong again.
    In September last year I sustained some severe injuries in an accident – I shattered 5 of the bones in the middle of my left foot, tore 3 of the ligaments (lisfranc, spring and plantar fascia); broke 5 ribs on the left side and gave myself a bad concussion. The concussion still gives me some headaches, but the hardest to take was the injuries to my left foot. I went from someone fit and active, to someone who wasn’t able to walk at all for four months due to the extent of the injuries. After the four months, I spent the next month learning to walk again so I could go back to work. Despite clearance for ongoing physio and PT for strength I still have ongoing pain in the left foot and a significant amount of weakness; when I get tired, my foot drops and I’m more likely to trip.
    After speaking to my physio, he thinks that Pilates would be the perfect exercise to try and regain my previous level of function and strength. During this period of time with limited ability to exercise I have also gained a lot of weight and the added benefit of Pilates would be to help lose that.
    I guess the reason I would love this membership is to help me regain my strength, my positive body image and hopefully help improve my walking through this.
    I aim to get back to being the fit, healthy and active 25 year old I was before my accident. I refuse to accept that the level I am at now is where I have to stay!
    I hope you will consider me.
    Kind regards,

  135. Robyn Svircas

    Thankyou for this wonderful opportunity Tarryn. I’ve been looking forward to you opening!

    I am a 60 year old grandmother of 9 and 2 years ago I lost 12 kilos due to a serious illness which left me underweight and looking frail. I have fortunately been able to gain 4 kilos and have been doing weight bearing exercises at home along with rebounding and taking 45 minute walks everyday.

    I would dearly love to have a well sculptured, flexible body with a strong core and feel that reformer pilates could give me that with some serious commitment from me.

    A few weeks ago I saw something that was shared on facebook. It was 2 women in their 80s. One was strong and healthy from exercising and one was bent over using a walking stick! That has really stuck in my mind. I definitely want to be the strong and healthy one!

    Cheers Robyn

  136. Louise

    I have always kept myself fit, but over the last couple of years I have let this slip. Mainly due to not finding a class that gives me what I’m looking for. I am 55 now and I can’t leave it any longer, I am losing my flexibility and strength. It’s time to get these back before it’s too late.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  137. Lauren Scoble

    Hey Tarryn

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me achieve my ideal body by improving my posture, strength & fitness!

    With the Wattle Grove studio being so close to home it will be much easier to attend classes and get the results my body wil love.

    Having 2 kids at home and working an office job means my posture isn’t great and I think Pilates is one of the best ways to correct it and also give me extra strength & flexibility. It will also help me continue to play a high level of netball, which is something else I love.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw to win this amazing prize 🙂

    Lauren Scoble

  138. Carine

    Hi Tarryn,

    I am so excited for the opportunity to win a membership and also be able to contribute to the opening of Best Body Wattle Grove. I always complain that Wattle Grove is the neglected suburb as we hardly have anything exciting happen. I’ve been wishing for a reformer pilates studio that would open near Wattle Grove so I cant believe its happening!

    I first started reformer pilates when I fell pregnant in 2018. I was very skeptical at the begining as the classes were expensive and I didnt think I would feel challenged. However pregnancy friendly classes were limited so I decided to give it a go and have been totally converted. I have tried lots of different types of group fitness classes such as lesmills, F45, Konga etc but none that can even compare to the benefits that reformer pilates has given me. I had back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy and reformer pilates really helped my body stretch out those niggling aches and strengthen my muscles so I felt strong throughout. This was the turning point for me and I started off going once a week to around 3 times a week at the hardcore 6am times which meant waking up at 5am during winter when it was completely dark.

    4 months after giving birth I joined up with a one month special. I didn’t think I would still love it so much and how it made me feel so energised. The thought of waking up and walking across the road to classes is a dream. This time around I would like to build my core strength and be able to lift bub up easily without feeling so weak and sore plus get rid of that mum tum. Winning the membership would be amazing as I am not working at the moment and I would be your number one advocate. Thank you again for the opportunity!


  139. Julie

    It is very exciting to have the opportunity to be able to win a membership just by telling you why I would find Reformer Pilates so beneficial for me, after reading other stories I feel quite undeserving. However I know Pilates will give me the strong core I need to lead a healthier and more active life and by building strength in my legs and arms I will feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I am hoping Pilates will be the link that will unite my mind and body and give me a ‘wholeness’ that I feel I currently lack and will also improve my sleeping pattern which is all over the place. Good luck to whoever wins, make the most of this wonderful opportunity and maybe it may be me!

  140. Amy

    I have read so many Best Body testimonies and seen so much encouragement and have decided that when it comes to my current lifestyle, enough is enough. I’m going to stop ignoring all my body aches and pains and focus on building a body that is toned, happy and healthy. I am a rehab nurse which is a career very strenuous on the body. I am already reminiscing back to the days when I would wake up in the morning without feeling so stiff and sore…and I’m only 26! I truly believe that a Reformer Pilates membership would be so beneficial for me in reaching my personal goals and wellbeing. Thanks so much Taryn for the opportunity!

  141. Gillian

    Hi Tarryn,

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    For me, the last 2 years have been a struggle financially, physically and emotionally.

    At 47, overweight and having 14 years of marriage end, I never thought I would be starting over.

    I work near full time and run around my 2 beautiful kids during the week. I rarely make time for myself and just like any mother, tend to put the family needs before their own.

    But this year, I have decided to pick myself off the floor and stop feeling sorry for myself. To look to the future and focus on the things I can change and let go of what I can’t. I would love to become the best version of myself for my kids who deserve a happy and healthy mum (and…shhhhh…but the start of a “revenge” body and some confidence would be nice too!). And I would be even more grateful to be able to do something for “me” without the feeling of financial or emotional guilt.

    There have been so many deserving entries that I’ve read….so I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story… and regardless of the prize… I look forward to you and Best Body helping me write the next chapter of my life. See you soon! 🙂

  142. Mel

    Hi Tarryn,

    I would love to win the reformer Pilates membership as I would like to build my core up to give me strength to train. I have tried Pilates before and loved it. You don’t even notice the time and this is from someone who is seriously unfit and needs to shift a heap of weight.

    I am loving that there is a studio opening close to home as it will make it so much easier to achieve my goals of being a healthier and happier me. I wanted to loose weight before my 40th and that time has passed so I need to get on track before the years keep ticking by.

  143. Julia

    Hi Tarryn

    I would love the chance to win the Pilates membership.

    I have done Pilates in the past and really enjoyed it. But exercising has taken a backseat lately. The last 3 years have been very challenging, my middle child was diagnosed with a life long chronic illness which requires 24 hr management. Going through this experience has made me appreciate what is most important in life, health & happiness.

    Joining Best Body will be beneficial for every aspect of my health. It will help me get back into shape, while also managing my stress levels.

    I’m really looking forward to starting up Pilates again!

  144. Catalina

    Hi Tarryn,

    What a wonderful & generous competition – I would love to be considered.

    I am someone who has always struggled to put myself first & prioritise my own wellbeing, and have found this has increased 10fold since having my first baby.

    Now that the dust is settling and I’ve found my feet with parenthood… it’s time to give my body more of the proper care that it deserves. It has been through so much and I have only been giving it the bare minimum of love in return, really only to make sure I was strong & healthy enough for my baby, not so much for myself. This would be the perfect opportunity to say YES to being kind to myself, and rediscover & renew my physical strength (I used to be so strong!), having spent the last year focusing on emotional strength.

    I love my daughter with a depth I didn’t know existed before motherhood, and I’m truly in awe of my body and what it has achieved. Through all the challenges of traumatic birth, breastfeeding and months of sleepless nights, it has created a new life and continues to sustain two people at once. This body? To me it is the Best Body. With all it’s altered shape and battle scars. Now it’s time to not just to think it, but to show it, put time into it, and be really proud of it.

    I love Pilates, and have used a reformer in clinical Pilates in the past (issues relating to weak knees and hypermobility); I’ve been following your journey with bated breath, waiting with anticipation for Wattle Grove Best Body to open! You’re so close by, and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I look forward to hearing the outcome of this little comp. Either way I hope to see you in the studio soon.

    All the best,

  145. Kylie

    I saw an advertisement on facebook for your pilates studio opening in Wattle Grove which is only a 5 minute drive for me which sounded awesome and that lead me to emailing you for info and to this competition . I have 3 children under 6 years old, a massive separation in my abdominal muscles and a terribly weak pelvic floor to the point where I’m not comfortable running around playing with my children. I really want to get strong again but I don’t know where to start. Whether or not I win this competition I still think I will be visiting as it sounds like I can get a lot of support and help through your studio which I so desperately need.

  146. Lynda

    Hi Tarryn,
    So happy to hear that we will have a studio with reformers in the hills.
    Like most posts on here I too am guilty of putting others before myself but my health has got to a point where I am falling apart.
    I won’t go into specifics.. that would require an essay, but I know that my children need me to do this for their benefit as much as mine.
    Thank you for the chance to be a part of your new adventure.. Good luck.

  147. Emma

    I’m continuously having a sore back from work (nursing), although I have regular chiro appointments, my chiropractor insists that I need to do pilates to strengthen my back muscles to reduce injury. The issue I’ve had is shift work/kids and having a studio close enough.

  148. Sandy

    Hi Tarryn and Best Body Team,

    I am all for building a better me! I want to be strong, i want to feel like my body is functioning at 100% and i want to be pain free!

    I need help to gain back strength in my shoulders my lower back and my core.

    I know a Best Body Reformer Pilates Membership can help build me to be that person.

  149. Sandy

    Hi Tarryn and Best Body Team,

    I am all for building a better me! I want to be strong, i want my body to be functioning at 100% and i want to be pain free.

    I need help to regain strength in my shoulders, my lower back and my core.

    I believe a Best Body Reformer Pilates Membership would help me to be that strong happy and painfree person.


  150. Rachel

    Would love this opportunity to loose weight, tone my body and have an overall feeling of wellness (both inside and out) to be the best version of myself. This will not only benefit me, but also my family and the people I care for at work. Thank you for the opportunity and best of luck for your new venture.

  151. Nikki Bulloch

    What an awesome prize Tarryn!

    So I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I am really wanting to work on my core strength as well as getting my body ready for post baby.

    I used to do dancing for 16 years and I was incredibly fit but I eventually had to give it up due to injuries. Since then I have not found any type of exercise I enjoy.

    I have always wanted to get into pilates but just never pursued it. Now that you have the Wattle Grove place opening up right near me that gives me so much more incentive to go as well as being pregnant.

    I would love to have the opportunity to come to your classes and be able to work on my core strength, flexiblity, gaining a positive mind set and meeting new people. I also do shift work and I am on my feet all the time. I would like to be able to work on my posture, avoid injuries at work (strengthening) as well as coming to classes to just unwind after a busy day.

    Thank you for this opportunity and hopefully I am considered.

  152. Sharon

    Hi Tarryn, this is just what I have wanted and needed for a long time. I have tried the “gyms” and I never seem to feel comfortable in them and I usually end up back at physio. I have done pilates on a few occasions and loved the results. To have the opportunity to get into a healthy lifestyle routine would be fantastic. After having 2 children and being in my mid forties I really would love to feel fit and good about myself again!

  153. Annette Scholz-Hunter

    Honestly, I’m looking for a new fitness, something to strengthen, tone and help with my core and to help with lower back pain. For over a decade I power walk 7-10km twice a week around the Swan River with girlfriends (and still do) but at my fabulous age of 52 years young that just doesn’t seem enough anymore LOL

  154. Amanda McCurry

    Thanks for this opportunity.
    I would love to win as I have back and knee problems. I’m overweight and gym exercise hasn’t helped. Plus I’d love to increase flexibility and core…one day I will touch my toes again! Lol

  155. Anita

    Hi Tarryn,

    2 young kids, a full time job and a family business means that there is little time for me over the last few years and I would appreciate any opportunity to better myself. From previous experience the better you are feeling in yourself, the better your world is and I would love to better everything around me and also try something new at the same time.

    Very generous offer you have put up for grabs and whoever receives it will be very lucky 🙂

  156. Zeline

    Hi Tarryn,

    I am entering to win this amazing opportunity because I have heard and seen a lot of great things come out of reformer Pilates but haven’t committed to it due to one not being close to where I live and it just not fitting into my budget.
    It’s only been since the start of this year that I have really taken excercising seriously and have started working out 3 times a week.
    This was not just to be fit but mainly because my mental health started to detiroate and take its toll on me and now I am currently doing everything I can to not let it over rule my life. Everyone straight away reccomends excercise as a tool to assist with mental health and as it turns out it is a good release!
    I think adding reformer Pilates into the mix will assist immensely and it’s another new and exciting venture I can add to my list to regaining my health back 100%

    Thanks so much and goodluck to every lady that’s entered because we all deserve this shot! 🙂

  157. Tracey Ross

    I use to be a Curves fitness instructor, had to leave because of back and hip operations and both big toes (operated on)
    Its taken me 5 years to get through all that. I brought myself a pilated reformer machine for home. Its helped me get some of my movement back and strength, help me feel better about the things I can do now. Without it I would be lost. I am looking to get back the feeling, you get when you work out as a group and can help each other to reach our goals. That’s what Pilates reformer can do for me , I know it works:)

  158. Leah

    I desperately need to work on strengthening specific muscle groups in order to be pain free and get to a better place physically which will improve every facet of my life. I am a long way from where I need to be but willing to put in the work.

  159. Fiona

    I feel like after having my son just over a year ago and returning back to work recently, I need to take some time to do something for ME! I used to feel strong and energetic and I really want to get back to that place. Mentally, the demands of working part time and mumming full time are taking their toll and I feel like this could be a huge part of the solution. Thanks so much for your consideration.

  160. Dana

    Hi I’m definitely the before image of unhealthy living unfortunately I have put so much energy into everything else but me ! I would love the opportunity to get fit and finally be able to take a after Pilates photo .

  161. B Ronan

    Quite simply, I’m a busy mum of 3, and as I work on my inner strength to rebuild my self esteem a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would assist with the physical aspects of personal growth

  162. Lidia Nuich

    Hi Tarryn,

    I’m very excited that you’ll be coming so close to where I live as there are NO classes like this nearby and I’ve been looking for some time now.

    I need to work on my core strength and desperately want to be leaner and stronger.

    I’ve been a gym member for many years but am finding it hard to get back into it and that’s why I think this would be perfect for me. I keep relatively fit walking and cycling but want to try something different which will still show results but be a bit kinder to my body as I’m 52 years young!

    I believe Best Body might be just what I’m looking for at my age and fitness level but finances are currently tight so would really appreciate being given the chance to try it free for 6 months and to be a founding member would be awesome.

    Thank you!

  163. Leanne Jones

    I turned 50 in December last year. I have been caring for my elderly mother for the last 8 years. This year I have decided that health is my number one priority. I have raised two sons and one husband . I have seen my parents go through every imaginable illness and been with them every step of the way. I have made a promise to myself that I will not live a life of illness only wellness. So for me Pilates is another one of my steps to becoming physically and mentally stronger. So my children have a strong, healthy and active mother that does not require them to look after her as she gets older. With wellness comes inner peace, strength and freedom.

  164. Kate Piccolo

    I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years ago and have had to have it removed. I am now on medication for that and will be forever. I have found that my weight has increased and the priority I have given to myself has decreased. I want to do something for me and also loose some weight but also maintain that loss aswell. Learn about health and exercise and strength.

  165. Chantelle

    Wow what an amazing opportunity Tarryn, thank you so much! Winning this membership would mean the world to me as over the last 7 years I have struggled to maintain my weight and late last year I decided enough was enough and I finally took ownership of my health by exercising daily and eating well. I have lost just over 5 kilos just from exercising at home and this membership would help me loose that last 8 kilos and keep it off while also encouraging me to head back to a workout community rather than always working out alone. Best of luck everyone xx

  166. Brooke

    Working all hours day night and weekends I struggle not only
    Eat well but to find the time to work out and do things that are fun and enjoyable. Pilates has been something I’ve
    Been told I should
    Do to assist my core and strengthen my body as well as
    Promote harmony, gentle toning and weight loss. That will assist greatly.

  167. Lorraine Pension

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply to win this chance. About 7 years ago I was told I had to have both hips replaced due to osteo-arthritis, I was quite overweight so went on a strict detox, got my pain and weight under control (lost 27kg) and over the next 6 months, due to good gut health, the osteo reduced and scans were excellent. Fast forward to Jan 18, I had a few home changes/challenges, my father went into care due to progressing dementia, my granddaughter came to live with me and she was battling with quite severe mental health issues, I started fostering (just on weekends and emergency) and I work full time. I went back to old habits and have gained 13kg over the year and of course the pain has returned, certainly not as bad as I have not reintroduced all the inflammatory foods to the excessive quantities of before but I have stopped exercising. As I am the “other side” of 50 I am aware of how important core strength is and with my granddaughter going home to her parents this year I have time during the week to get back on track
    Thanks again for the opportunity and for coming to our suburb.

  168. Bree Vernon

    I can’t think of anything better to compliment my return to full time work with a 7 month old than being able to create balance, mentally and physically, with my passion in pilates.

  169. Natalie McLeod

    After losing 45 kilos on the keto diet without any real consistent exercise I need a reason to shape my body further and bring some strength back to my core… thanks

  170. Nina Morland

    Hi Tarryn. Eleven years ago I had surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer. I then had to take the drug Tamoxifen for 10 years which stops your body producing estrogen. I am still here to tell this tale which is wonderful. From early in my treatment I have experienced pain in my legs. I have been to physiotherapists and have been doing a regime of leg and core strengthening exercises which have helped. Three years ago the pain began to be concentrated in my thighs and was waking me up throughout the night in tears. I saw a rheumatologist a year ago who diagnosed fibromyalgia and I have been taking drugs to control the pain at night. I have joined a gym and attend classes twice a week and continue with leg and core strengthening exercises. I would dearly love to stop taking the drugs for my fibromyalgia and my research has shown me that clinical pilates could help me achieve that.

  171. Christine

    I woûld love this opportunity, my body never bounced back after my last baby and that was 16 years ago. I’ve put everybody’s needs before mine and at 53 years old I’m suffering. My body hurts and have zero flexilbility. If I don’t do something soon I feel something seriously is going to go wrong. I am so stiff, no energy and so many aches and pains. I need help!

  172. Fiona goss

    Currently I’m not a member of any fitness gym/group,as health an fitness is a passion of mine this needs to change. To win this kind giveaway will be such a great boot in the right direction. Fitness goals of feeling strong again after some time off from weights,and to lose weight and continue my weightloss journey

  173. Meicha Maree Palmer

    Hi there I’m not a member of anything at the moment my health has been really bad the past 16 months I haven’t gotten out and about in a long time or left the bed. I’m 37 in a 80 year old body. I suffer from sciatica really bad weak hands and have bursitis in the hips. Winning this opportunity would mean everything to me. Thank you very much

  174. Dee

    I would really appreciate this opportunity so much .
    I haven’t exercised in quite a few years as i lost my mojo in life .put weight on and don’t feel good about myself .
    I could really do with the help in the right direction .

  175. Kath

    Wow such an amazing opportunity and a lot of people are keen to win this for many great reasons, My reason won’t be much different from many others on here. But I’ll give it a go ,keep my fingers crossed, rub my Buddhas belly light my candles and hold my crystals with hope that I might be one of the lucky winners!
    I’m your typical mum, working hard sleeping very little, taking care of everyone but myself. I’m overweight, overwhelmed and over feeling this way.
    I’ve tried all the diets, joined gyms, followed many different exercise regimes and succeeded for a while then failed for even longer.
    I want to change this pattern, I need too. My health is now suffering and I need to get fit and healthy for my kids and more importantly for myself, I’m not getting any younger and this would be the chance I’ve been waiting for, the chance to finally do something for myself and improve my health, my fitness and my life.

  176. Claire

    I’m a mum of 2 and for over 4 years I haven’t taken any proper “me” time. Physically, I’m wanting to strengthen my core as well as my weak ankles and knees. Loss of weight would be a plus! Emotionally, I need time out to relax, recharge, and feel better about myself. Hoping to become a better mum and a better me!! 🙂

  177. Tahlia

    Hi Tarryn…
    I am a full time working Mum and extramural student with 3 children 12,3,2 and don’t find time to myself as it’s always go go go with me from work to kindy to daycare to high school to after school sports training 4 times a week and weekend sports I have lost time for myself if it ain’t that I’m doing house duties cleaning and feel that I need to find something that I will enjoy, pick me up and find some sort of motivation I have me time and focus on building strength, flexibility and tone up the mummy body. I don’t feel confident with my body atm and feel this would be great for me and have some sort of sense of feeling good about myself again 🙂

  178. Samantha Brunt

    Thankyou Taryn for the offer, I am excited to have a pilates studio so close to me!

    I am 32 years old, a mother of one and a final year medical student. Somewhere between caring for my family and studying how to care for others, I have forgotten to care for myself. I have put on about 8kg, mostly around the middle, and suffer periodically with back pain. I feel unhappy with my body but am struggling to find the time to correct it- and when I do find time to go the gym, weights and high intensity workouts seem to irritate my back even more. I did some pilates after pregnancy and lost about 7kg, felt happy with my tummy, and was a healthy mummy- and I am hoping that pilates is the solution for me again, as core strength is what I need. And If I can take care of myself, I can take care of others- both at home and in my satudying (next year working) life!

  179. Eboney Staker

    Hi Tarryn
    Fantastic offer I am a mum of 2 boys 3 year old and 1 year old both of whom just want mum to hold or carry them or to climb all over me. This and the stress of having a sick partner and working part time in a medical role have left me with back neck and shoulder pain from tension, uneven muscle use and weakness in core muscles from two pregnancies. I need to rebuild my core strength so I can care for a play with my active boys without leaving myself in pain thanks

  180. Krista David

    Hi Tarryn, I’m not one for exercising but i think I should start and this sounds like something I will enjoy. Iv’e just been told I have high blood pressure and need to lose some weight. So I would love to be picked to get my body to be a bit more flexible and to hopefully lower my blood pressure.

  181. Elaine Fraser

    Congratulations to the winners! I bet you’re super excited! I’m so happy for you and look forward to hearing the stories after you’ve been training for a few months.

  182. Larni

    Congratulations to the winners! After reading your stories I can see you are all truly deserving. I wish you every success in achieving your goals .

  183. Robyn Svircas

    Wahoo! Congratulations to the 3 very deserving winners!
    I’m sure the pilates classes will help you and I look forward to seeing your amazing results!

  184. Lisa

    Congratulations to the winners enjoy your new bodies

  185. Jade Rotondo

    Congratulations to the three winners!! It is a great opportunity for you three, enjoy!

  186. Donna Riddell

    Best wishes to the ladies who have received this wonderful opportunity.
    Hoping to be joining you for some sessions as well.

  187. Jodie

    Congratulations well deserved

  188. Sandie

    Congratulations ladies all deserving winners. Hope you all achieve your goals and are able to move forward without pain.

  189. Caryn

    Congratulations to all three winners! Well done.You must be thrilled!
    Thanks Tarryn

  190. Caryn

    Congratulations to all!

  191. Hazel Bruce

    Congratulations to Kylie, Robyn, and Ursula. Hope Reformer Pilates will help you achieve much strength and a pain free life.

  192. Sam

    Congrats to the winners.
    Well done ladies, let the journey begin!

  193. Jill Sutton

    Well done Bobs (Robyn) and your fellow competition winners. Anything that can help and make you feel better is awesome. Thanks Tarryn.

  194. Leanne Jones

    Congratulations to all the winners! What an amazing gift. xx Leanne xx

  195. Robyn

    Thankyou Tarryn I cant wait to start my best body reformer pilates journey!

  196. Ida

    Congratulations to all three of you very deserving winners. I look forward to hearing about your results and hope to perhaps meet you in some of the classes.

  197. Teri

    Congratulations to the winners of the competition – you all sound well deserving and I enjoyed reading your stories. Look forward to hearing how about your journeys!

  198. Kerry

    Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved x

  199. Helen

    Congratulations to Robyn & Ursula,

    I wish you well & hope your experience with Reformer Pilates brings you the freedom of pain free movement, the confidence to reach your goals in life & the happiness that these feelings are sure to bring.
    Hopefully I will get the opportunity to be able to join Best Body Wattle Grove to improve myself as well & it would be lovely to meet you both & see how your progressing! 🙂

  200. Alisha

    Congratulations to all the winners! I’m sure that Pilates and Best Body can get you all to where you want to be. I’m sure I will see you all there at some point too!

  201. Vanessa

    Congratulations luck winners! What a fantastic opportunity

  202. carrie

    congrats to all the lucky winners.

  203. Nina Morland

    Congratulations Robyn and Ursula. Well deserved winners.

  204. Eboney Staker

    Congratulations Robyn Kylie and Ursula
    Looking forward to seeing you and some other keen Members in classes soon

  205. Ryan

    I’ve had terrible posture and alignment issues with an inactive lower core for years and after having just had my first baby I’d love to see if Pilates can get me back into shape and help strengthen the muscles needed to correct my posture. It’s been driving me crazy and, having tried everything from weights, chiro, physiotherapist, occupational therapy, it’s is something I’m insecure about and would love to try and fix long term.

  206. Tracey Stephenson

    I have never done Pilates before, I am a below knee amputee and have been told by many that Pilates would be of great benefit to my body especially my lower extremities and core, I would love to be given this 6 months free opportunity but very nervous on the other hand coz I have no idea if I can do it, and I certainly dont like letting things beat me.
    So yes please pick me and I would be a fantastic motivational and Inspirational example that your Pilates can be for anyone no matter qhat the limitations may be.


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