Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Wattle Grove memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Wattle Grove for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Wattle Grove studio.


  1. Kristen Callaghan

    I am a 36 year old mother of 3 beautiful kiddies aged 3, 5 & 6. Before I had my children I would attend Pilates mat classes a couple of times a week and during my first pregnancy I did a special pregnancy Pilates course in Myaree. I loved it! I am tall and have always had tight muscles and I loved the flexibility and strength I achieved through Pilates. I had my 3 children in the short space of 3 years and all my babies were big bubs born naturally. I suffered quite bad abdominal separation and due to the demands of mothering 3 young kids, I haven’t had time to put back into “me” and regaining my strength. I have no core muscle strength and as a result I suffer with back and neck pain and tightness. I have lost all my flexibility too and have gained some weight I would like to shift.
    I am still a busy mum and an early childhood teacher who works 3 days a week but I’ve decided it’s time to start putting myself first sometimes and I would love to see if reformers Pilates could help me feel like the old me again! Thank you for the opportunity

    • Nicoletta Lancaster

      Hi, I am currently on a bit of a weight loss journey, am desperately needing Pilates classes to reopen to help me with toning and strength. As well as a bit of me time as I have 3 little ones at home, and am a part time shift worker, working as a Clinical Nurse in operating theatres 🙂

      • Samantha Taylor

        I joined the wattle grove studio immediately when it was open and it was such an amazing experience. I cancelled my membership due to losing my job because of my high needs child and the extreme domestic violence I was suffering. I basically live off adrenaline most days so found pilates gave me the respite I so desperately needed mentally and physically, I was amazed how well I slept too.
        I’ve also had gastric bypass done 11wks ago and I’m scared of the loose skin I am going to have. I was one of the unlucky ones who has been stood down due to the virus until sept so any plans I had of getting fit have been squashed due to finances, I am doing my best with squats and walking though.
        My main reason for wanting to win this is for the calming effect it has mentally and also to feel physically strong again.

  2. Jana Messina

    Yes it will help me alot as I have a knee injury due to a car accident.
    Derek was doing a great job before covid19 came along with keeping my knee strong and avoiding an operation. During the pandemic I could only walk and do the excercises Derek instructed me to do as I was out of work and couldn’t afford Pilates at home.
    I was doing 4 classes a week. I am back and doing 2 sessions with Matt and not sure if I will be returning to 4 classes a week due to the uncertainty of work or if I can continue at all.
    I just love Pilates, the whole team at Wattle Grove are fantastic they make you feel good and mentally it stops this menopausal gal to stop going crazy!

  3. Robyn

    I have been with Best Body wattle Grove from opening day and in that time I have seen such amazing results in myself, using the reformer has been perfect for me with my autoimmune conditions from the low impact exercises for my arthritis which has helped my weight gain from my thyroid condition. At the end of feb I had my thyroid removed so had to have a break from classes and just as my scar was feeling good I was ready to come back to classes I managed to get to one class before the pandemic closed Best Body doors. I was stood down from my job in the airline industry for 4 weeks I’m now back a couple days a week and even though I tried to keep fit doing exercises at home and going for walks I can feel that weight and my self esteem going backwards again. The time off from my operation and then the pandemic has really made me realise how much I need reformer pilates in my life not only for my body but my mental health aswell. As my income has also been affected by the covid pandemic this competition would help me greatly so I can get back to the strength I was at before my operation, keep working on my weight loss and back to my happy place.

    • Lisa Denys

      I have always been physically active, working in the garden, cleaning house and running after kids… but as I got older, the aches and pains started… keeping active was not maintaining or improving muscle tone, endurance or coordination. I hated the thought of smelly and noisy gyms with people gawking at me, so I just stayed home, and carried on. A friend suggested Reformer Pilates and I joined last June, I have been amazed at how quickly everything improved. But just as quickly I felt things go sliding, Covid19, thanks for nothing! I don’t enjoy mat pilates and have missed the reformer, thought of buying one, but it would not be the same! The instructors continuously change it up, motivate and guide us to get the best out of our exercise classes! Can’t wait to get back to the studio! Bring it on!

      • Taliah Adams

        I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with my first child and my body has changed dramatically during this pregnancy. Which is both exciting as my body is growing a baby but has been difficult to mentally adjust too due to weight gain and change in fitness and body shape.

        Now that baby is soon to be here, I am excited to move forward to make my body the best it can be post natally. I’m excited to improve my strength, flexibility and overall health alongside, using Pilates as the mental health break I will need while looking after a baby. I believe this will help me be the best mum I can be.

        I know that this would be a wonderful introduction into my post natal fitness journey and getting back my body and confidence post pregnancy

    • Theresa Byl

      I had tried all sorts of exercises,weights and crossfit training before trying pilates at wattle grove for back pain.This form of pilates helped me to stretch out and relax and sleep better.My husband and I came twice a week for 2 months and couldn’t afford to go on.3 sessions would be a godsend. Thanks for the oppurtunity

  4. Tania Bristow

    I have never been an exerciser. I turned 50 last year and realised that just doing Speedfit wasn’t enough.

    I thought I would join wattle Grove last year just to give it a go. AND of course I loved it.

    I started attending 3 times a week and got my cousin and daughter to join. I saw a definite transformation of my body and my flexibility improved immensely. I stopped needing constant massages and chiro adjustments. I am SOLD.

    The trainers are amazing. I HAVE supported the business with the at home pilates system… but rarely use the classes. I am a definite reformers girl.

    I am glad the best body business and team has survived and i cannot wait to get back into the 3 times a week program.

    Thanks Scott and team. What a journey.

    • Victoria

      The pandemic has been hard not only at work but in my personal life.
      Pilates has not only helped me with my back and feeling confident/toned, it also helped me start the day off happy/ what I look forward to especially after a crap day. I loved the environment, seeing my body get stronger and more flexible. I loved the post exercise endorphins and the downstream motivation that followed. Not having that outlet during covid has been difficult. I just feel stuck. This membership would help me not only my holistic health but give me motivation to move from this tough time. Just get back to normal.

      Reformer pilates is truly incredible

  5. Judi Poletti

    Why I would love to win the free membership it’s I’m going to become a Nonni to 2 beautiful grandchildren in a few weeks due early June and mid July.
    I also have an almost 8 month old granddaughter (born on my birthday 28/09/19)
    How lucky am I!!
    Going from 0 to3 grandchildren in just over 9 months.
    I need to get my fitness back to be able to run around and help the 3 girls with their babies.
    Nonni Judi (me) has to be back to my Best Body physically and mentally so I can be at peak performance in what will be a very busy but rewarding time.
    Plus I love Reformer Pilates.

  6. Milva Stillisano

    Reformer pilates helped me in the past. It actually made me stronger and fitter. Especially with lower back pain caused by osteoporosis brought on by anti cancer medication. It definitely helps with pain. Cant wait to get back into it. Also ir gives you a feeling of belonging

  7. Desley Wimbridge

    Pilates is my physical saviour! Having never been an exerciser, I am now completely hooked and I can’t wait to get back to my beloved reformer. I just love the atmosphere of the Wattle Grove studio and the instructors are da bomb!

  8. Lyn Drakeford

    Since this this pandemic started and reformer classes ceased I have been doing mat classes 4 times weekly but unfortunately my old knee injury has blown up and been at the Phsyio weekly, this is an old injury from when I was 18 which I have always been able to manage and in the 1 year at Wattle Grove doing reformer pilates 4x a week I have been basically pain free and off meloxicam but since the closure a flare up has occurred and not responding to all treatment, I have decided to return to small classes to try and get my knee strong again and prevent surgery my physio has given me 4 weeks to gain some improvement else off for an MRI and maybe surgery Mat at Wattle Grove is working with me to get my knee strong again

    • Lyn Drakeford

      I forgot to mention the studio is my happy place and have missed the community sooo much

  9. Jenelle

    hey Scott thanks for this opportunity.
    My body has suffered in the last 18 months. I’m back in for surgery next Wednesday which will hopefully be the last to complete my breast reconstruction following a double mastectomy. It would be awesome to have a guided programme that I could work through to get back to my best.
    My abs are in terrible shape and are not supporting my back properly which is giving me back pain as I am an active cyclist. The hip flexors won’t flex very well and I am in pain from hip tightness. Restoring my body to its usual fitness, flexibility and strength is my focus. I’m tired of feeling that I am constantly working at 50%. I want to feel strong, happy and healthy. My faith in my body is low at the moment so I figure the best I can do is start at the beginning. Three months structured Pilates would be a great start. I love the feeling of deep focused breathing combined with body movement – I need to get back into that habit and find that feeling again. Many thanks and great to hear you are reopening soon!

  10. Verlie Phillips

    I’ve loved lockdown. I’ve loved slowing down a little seeing as I had no choice but to close my business, I’ve loved spending time with my family, I’ve enjoyed having a little extra ME time and the opportunity to get all those jobs done around the house that you never ever find time to do. It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to stop, with zero guilt. What I have hated, (more than being unable to sit in a cafe with a friend) is not being able to enjoy Reformer Pilates 4 times a week. Not being able to feel the burn, or the shakes or those occasional times where you struggle to get on and off the loo from too many squats!

    I did do some at home sessions for a while but, hubby is FIFO and once he left my two young kids kept me super busy. I am now really feeling the sliding effects of not having my regular routine on the reformer. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, hip bursitis and a couple of slipped discs. For two years my Ankylosing Spondylitis has been in remission, since I started Reformer Pilates my hip bursitis has improved so much that I don’t even think about it.

    These past few weeks the niggles have crept back in. My hips are sore by the end of the day, my AS is beginning to rear it’s ugly head in my spine, neck, feet and knees and I am pretty miserable about it. Managing to stay away from the meds with some gentle stretching. Sleeping is painful, getting up is painful and it doesn’t make me feel good about myself at all. It sucks.

    I’ve only gained 1.5kg in lockdown. I’m pretty happy about that and I know that I will lose the pain and the weight once I get back to my amazing instructors and community at Best Body. Those doors opening can not come quick enough.

    • Emily

      At 33 years old I have been living with a back injury (thanks nursing) for the past 3 years. I was hospitalised in Feb and advised that my best chance of recovery was to have a spinal fusion.
      I was a member at BB Wattle Grove Last year but due to shift work and finances I was unable to continue. The 3 months that I was a member my back improved significantly and I could actually do things that I hadn’t been able to do for a very long time.
      Most mornings I need help getting dressed as the pain when bending is unbearable. I can no longer ride my bike, run or jump on the trampoline with my little girls.
      I recently did a class and I am very excited that this might be my saving grace…again!
      Hubby and I have decided that reformer is not longer a luxury item but an essential for my wellbeing.
      I am desperately hoping that I can heal and strengthen my back and core to support my body enough to do some of the things I once loved to do.
      Thanks Scott and your amazing team for this opportunity!

  11. Sallyann whitehead

    I have been coming to best body since January this year….
    I have had my fair share of challenges including craniotomy in 2008 and battled aggressive form of breast cancer twice in 8 years .
    I now have had a double mastectomy which meant they took my back muscle and reconstructed my boobs 🙂
    This left me with a lot of rehab on my entire body.
    I have been fit my whole life and have made exercise a part of my life…
    I have found my strength is slowly returning… And my core is noticeably improved.
    I am a mother too 5 children , work as a nurse part time and have opened my own business doing ipl…. So it has been amazing to join a great bunch of ladies and get some time for ME…..
    Thank you x.

  12. Melissa Gorry

    I have found a love for Pilates. I started it late last year to improve my core strength for an upcoming lung transplant. I became very strong very quickly. My posture dramatically improved as I wasn’t so kyphotic from coughing day in and out. I formed relationships with the instructors who graciously accomodate my cardio needs as my lung function is so low (thanks Nicola especially!)

    However I have been given a new lease on life with a breakthrough drug. I’m now too well to transplant! I am now heathy strong and in a winning mindset to achieve great things.

    I would love the opportunity to win 3 months of Pilates! I will dramatically improve my strength, balance and cardio fitness. I will have improved lung function and efficiency. In the next 90 days my body will transform as well has my mental health!
    Best of luck to best body post pandemic!

  13. Deborah McClure

    I have always loved excising but unfortunately I’m one of those people who falls of the wagon easily!!!
    I tried one on one Pilates for the first time last year for a very short period. I loved the concept but was not impressed with the instructor I had. She did not seem too interested at all!!
    I’ve had my eye on Best Body for awhile but have not made the move of trying it out. I suffer from back pain and would love to get that sorted.
    Now I’m pretty much retired I have more “me” time!!!
    In iso I have been walking and doing youtube exercises but my back is holding me back!!
    All the best for your reopening and hope all goes well.

  14. Ashlin Mollison

    While I’ve done Pilates before reformer Pilates is something I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve been plagued by injuries over the last 10 years and every time I think I’m back I seem to do it all over again. I would love to not only improve my core and flexibility but get back into shape. I’ve had my eye on Beat Body for a while now and was about to come in when everything hit and iso happened. I would love the opportunity to work with Matt and his studio to help become stronger. Thank you for the opportunity and all the best for your reopening.

  15. Simone

    I am a foundation member so have loved doing Pilates from the start of wattle grove opening and have continued to push myself in classes, since covid19 started I have been working from home non stop, I had to work off one laptop for a period of time moving around the house trying trying to find a good working position till I got another screen, during this time I have been working so many extra hours and sitting on a dining table chair has played havoc on my back posture, coming back would allow myself to get my posture back to some type of normal and bring some calming to my mind through the breathing and concentration, whilst lots of people have had time to rest and relax during this difficult time I have felt like I have been on work overdrive 24/7, I look forward to getting back some type of normal work life balance routine which will only happen with Pilates by my side 🙂

  16. Wendy Durbbn

    I joined Wattle Grove last year as a last resort before seeing a spinal surgeon for neck pain.
    They had already done an acrimoplasty which ended up not being the problem.
    I’m reluctant to have surgery on my spine so I talked with Derek and I agreed to try for 6 months and if still no improvement would see spinal surgeon.
    What I didn’t realise when I joined Best Body is how much it has also improved my depression. I absolutely love coming to classes and the support you get from everyone including you Scott. Most gyms make promises before you sign up but never follow through. Your studio has exceeded my expectations and I’m back with Matt now and can’t wait till we are fully open so I can continue to improve my neck pain.

  17. Jenny Jay

    I love Pilates! in it I find physical challenge and growing strength and emotional support through mediation. At 65 it has helped to help my body fight the challenges of dealing with two knee replacements, a permanently injured shoulder and evergrowing arthritis in most of my joints. There are some days when I get to class and think to myself I am not good enough to be there because of all of my hurdles but I love the encouragement from the staff who will always give alternative exercises and level of challenge which helps me to achieve what I can. Not to mention the encouraging and caring way they greet and support everyone in the class. I love the humour they inject into the sessions especially when they know we are nearly on the edge and they use it so effectively to help us push on! It is brilliant!!

    After months of regular atttendance (pre-COVID) I was stronger and more confident in my ability to balance and move easily and no longer needed regular trips to the chiropractor!!

    I am busting to get back to three visits a week and building back up to the level of strength I had before COVID!!

    Can’t wait to re- join the classes next week – yea!!!!

  18. Deb Waghorn

    Best Body Pilates helps to give me direction. Helps me to keep on track. I have felt very lost with no routine. Working from home, I lost focus with my health and fitness. Best body Pilates sessions gave me the chance to step away from the computer, get out, get focussed on my health, get back to being a better me

  19. Melanie

    It’s taken me 10 years to finally commit to my health and fitness after 4 children and working full time. Since starting at Best Body in 2019 I’ve felt stronger (physically and mentally) and I actually love coming to class. Each week, with the amazing instructors support, I’m able to build my confidence. The changes have been amazing. I’ve missed classes enormously during COVID and can’t wait to get back to Pilates so I don’t lose the gains I’ve made. Thank you

  20. Jade Summers

    Hi Scott,

    Win or not I intend on attending Best Body, having a family and being a school teacher my time is constantly filled cleaning, planning, marking, hitting goals, encouraging and caring for others, making lists and getting them done. I’m overworked (like most Aussies really), but what I have found is that putting time aside just for me – (pilates time) caring for me is what keeps me both physically and mentally strong, I’m happier and at my best, and in a nut shell this is what Best Body Pilates offers me! It allows me to be the best me. Fitter, stronger and healthier both in mind and body. This positive mindset has a flow on effect to my families wellbeing, my students and my work colleagues. I’m much more productive, energetic and focused Everyone I encounter benefits!

  21. Rosemary Sanford

    I’m new to Best Body Pilates- I’m having a few one on one with Matt before I look at starting classes. I’m probably a 2 or less on the fitness scale due to some of my health problems but I want to build up my fitness and keep healthy and my mental wellbeing. I’m a bit nervous about classes but want to give it a go and hoping to love it and manage the exercises, and make it a regular way to look forward to keeping fit.

  22. Lily

    Few years ago, I have an acute frozen shoulder on my right side that lasted over 4 years and after seeing 4 different Physiotherapists with no result; I am glad the last one recommended me to join Reformer Pilates and after just a few visits, my condition improved, the shooting and throbbing pain eliminated and I finally regained my shoulder strength and mobility again. unfortunately, we have to move house to the South-East of Perth and It is too far to travel to the studio that I used to attend. I have looked everywhere if there is any Reformer Pilates in my neighbourhood to no avail. Now 2 years have passed since my last visit to the Reformer Pilates Class, last February I accidently pulled my left shoulder thus causing it to freeze like the right shoulder used to. To make matters worse, I was unable to see my GP or Physiotherapist because of the Covid-19 isolation. It has been a very painful few months and sleepless night until l finally able to see my Physiotherapyst and again she reminded me to rejoin Reformer Pilates class and I coincidentally found your ads in FB. Yes! a free 3 month membership will put me back into the road recovery again. Please pick me 🙂

  23. Kirsty Hanley

    Wow there are some fantastic comments on here. Going to be hard choice for you Scott!!!!
    So I guess here goes…….Earlier on this year I had started the process of going to best body in Wattle Grove. When the all this COVID-19 happened. To be honest I am after all round fitness( core strength, toning, metal well being). I am a horse rider, wanting to get back to being competitive an not being fit an healthy not only does it take a toll on your body much more but on you mentally. I work crazy long hrs and Best Body have classes that I can actually get to other than 24hr gyms which I am not interested in. I did Pilates when I was in my early 20’s, the benefits were fantastic and very much liked the idea of meeting new people an the positive environment!!!!!! . Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone 🙂

  24. Karen

    I have never tried Pilates before, but would love to see if I could loose weight and get fit. I have an ongoing foot injury that makes walking for to long painful and as a mature aged nurse this is making work harder than it already is. I hope that these classes can show me there is a way to exercise that I would enjoy and benefit me in daily living.

  25. Melanie Price

    I joined Best Body Wattle Grove as a gold member last year in July. I had a very stiff back and was at the point I couldn’t get any relief. I couldn’t even put socks on. I had seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, physios and been on strong medication. None of which gave me any relief. I am a keen golfer and this situation didn’t make me happy. We moved to the area in the previous December and I remember thinking I should really try Pilates, but whats the use. It seemed like more money down the drain. Anyway, I decided to come in and see the physio with my free assessment and he said “Yes, this will help”. I signed up as a gold member. Within a few weeks I was able to bend down to put my socks and shoes on. All aspects of my life began to get easier. My work was better, my sleep was better and in general I felt better about myself. I dropped to a silver membership after 3 months and still improved. It now has been a long 3 months since doing Pilates and I have certainly declined in my flexibility. I am now struggling again to put socks on in the morning. I am a 55 year old with teenage girls. My life should not be a struggle. I should be able to run around with my kids, go to the beach, ride bikes and climb hills. Returning to Reformer Pilates will be the best thing to happen to me this year. I will be returning when you reopen and whether I am fortunate enough to win this, I will be coming back. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. See you all soon.

  26. cheryl bunce

    I am 61 years old, and so want to lose about 10kg. I am at present at home as been pit down from the casino temporary getting very sorry for myself at home, doing garden and housework. need to see other people again and enjoy exercise miss conversing with others. i am walking bridges but need inner help too.

  27. A.A

    I joined Best Body Pilates in order to move, and connect as part of managing my mental health. I was taking 3 classes a week, and loved the feeling of being part of something where everyone came in with the goal to improve themselves. Reformer Pilates saved (I mean this was my last resort), and changed my life, and helped me discover a physical and mental strength I did not know I had. It made such a significant improvement on my mental health: it tamed my anxiety, the breathing technique controlled my panic attacks, and improved my self esteem. It helped me release emotions I did not know how to manage. During isolation, I’ve really suffered the effect of suddenly having pilates cut off; classes got me out of bed, it got me out of my head, it helped me sleep better, feel better. I’m so excited for your opening, and getting myself back on track again. I don’t know if Best Body and its wonderful staff realise how much of an impact your training, facilities, and continuous support make beyond physical improvement, but I hope this is a start. Thank you x

  28. Jade

    Hi There! I joined Wattle Grove Reformer Pilates in January and I was loving the core strength, flexibility and improved posture i was getting from my classes.

    I do F45 5 days a week and my body was not coping so well with the intensity and i was looking for an exercise that tested my strength, flexibility and improved my posture without the intensity that is F45. I have found that these classes have assisted in all of these areas as well as giving me a better mind set about my progress, higher positivity and a more well rounded fitness level, outlook and goal. I no longer suffer extreme back and shoulder pain which is an absolute delight!

    The studio is always clean and your instructors are informative, helpful and push you just where you need to be!

    • T

      Wow, so many good reasons to do Pilates.

      I had always pushed hard in the gym and running wanting to achieve goals, but with miss direction I ended damaging my body and hormones. As a female this had massive unforeseen consequences.

      After many heavy discussions with the doctors, I was advised to get my health and track I will need to take a step back from exercise.

      I was always sold the image of Pilates is the easy alternative to weight training.
      When I joined Wattle Grove, I discovered it was not easy at all and enjoyed the varied classes to maintain my strength.

      After 9 months I have started to tick some good health markers off the list.
      Covid -9 has been hard not to just relapse in to old running habits. I am looking forward to getting back to the studio once reopens to get strong again.

  29. Rita

    My passion is horse riding very long distances in the saddle, up to 160 km in 24 hours. It is extremely energetic but quite focussed with regards to muscle activation. I didn’t realise that other muscle groups were failing until I started cramping up and couldn’t keep up the pace.

    This after riding for 40 years! Impossible, I thought.

    To fuel my passion I work 10-12 hours 4-6 days a week. Exhausting work, too. I find I’m just hanging out for my glass of wine and bed after that!

    Sure, I have plenty of programs to show me how to exercise, only 15 minutes worth each day, but to find the time seems impossible. And, of course there is no one there to correct imperfect positioning or inadequate breathing.

    I joined just 2 weeks before lockdown. I was amazed how well I felt after the first few sessions. I booked in as soon as the doors were reopened.

    I’m off to a class now.
    Rolling on to good health!
    What are you waiting for? Just join!

    • Robyn Svircas

      Hi Scott
      I am a foundation member and honestly it has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Nearly made it to our 1 year anniversary!
      Reformer Pilates has helped me immensely with my flexibility, balance, toning, building muscle and overall a much stronger body.
      After having bowel cancer in 2017 and finding out I have osteoporosis I was determined to do something other than just walking that would keep my body strong and healthy.
      I have been to gyms over the years but they are just plain boring.
      Reformer Pilates classes isn’t just about exercise either, it is lots of fun with the other ladies and I just love our fantastic instructors. I can’t wait until you open again and I can get back into my routine of 4 classes a week.
      I’ve been trying to get my fitness level up during lockdown on my treadmill so I’m ready for Matt’s cardio classes again haha. I tried mat Pilates but could only do basic exercises finding it a lot harder than reformer Pilates.
      So bring it on….I’m so ready for it!

  30. Jo James

    Hey guys,

    Pilates has changed my life, not only has it given me a strong body it has given me a strong mind, it has made me love myself again. I’m getting old I know, starting menopause, My body feels it. My kids are having children, it’s so hard to believe. So Pilates have given me a new lease of life, my time to look after me after looking after so many.

    I would recommend Pilates to anyone, I just wish I started when I was younger. But hey I feel younger, not since isolation but I’m so looking forward to get back into it.

    Joseph Pilates you are the man, way before your time. ❤️

  31. Emma Gray

    As I am about to enter my 3rd trimester in a couple weeks with baby number 2, I honestly cant wait to get back to Pilates reformer. I love working out at home and I love my little boy joining in with me but to be completely honest, I just want my me time back. This is something I do for me for not just my physical well being but mostly for my mental well being. The friendships I have developed since starting there, I have really missed.

    Not to get all sad but Last year we sadly had a miscarriage which affected me deeply but the support from not only the staff but the ladies I regularly do classes with held me up more than they probably realise. Taking it one week at a time I slowly got back into it and was then able to share the joyful news we are expecting again. I have really missed sharing this special time with others and I really want to bring home this 3rd trimester physically and mentally strong ready to tackle being a mum of 2 🙂

  32. Sharan Gill

    All my aches and pains that had gone as a result of pilates are back. I feel I have no energy and lack the positive energy that pilates had given me. I just want to feel great again!

  33. Margaret

    I joined Best Body Wattle Grove in January, it very quickly became my ‘Happy Place!’ I love the positive atmosphere of the studio and other members and the staff and instructors are so welcoming, helpful and friendly.

    I have lost 25kg over the past 12 months by incorporating healthier eating and daily walking but felt I need to incorporate something more. Reformer Pilates has made me feel like a new woman both physically and mentally, I feel stronger and have more energy and feel it has taken years off me! I can’t believe I’ve finally found a form of exercise that I actually look forward to, and something that I’ve really missed over the past couple of months.

    I have now returned to the studio and doing the Exercise Physiology classes with Matthew which has been great, I can’t wait for regular classes to recommence, bring it on!

    • Clair

      I’m a 41yr old mum of 3 kiddies 5,10 and 11 , the last few months have been very difficult as it has for most . My nutrition has not been great and with places closed for excercise I’ve put on a lot of weight . I think this would help me immensely especially mentally as well as physically , I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend these classes

  34. Simone

    Pilates will help my body get back into shape for water skiing. I compete in show skiing & my favourite act it is the swivel ski (a ski with a pivoting bonding which allows me to perform 360 degree tricks on water. Pilates will help me understand my body and how it works best. It will strengthen the areas of my body that can not be strengthened in the ‘normal’ fashion. It will help with my flexibility and posture. With reformer pilates I am hoping to improve my trick list on the ski & build my confidence to compete again in individual competition, which I have steered away from since becoming a mum, I only compete at a team level.

  35. Mel

    It’s not just about building strength, Pilates has helped me clear my head (yes, I’ve cried in a flex and stretch after a bad few days and it was what I needed. The Wattle Grove studio Is a great place to go for a laugh! It’s the whole body exercise – mind and body. I know I’m going to struggle to get back into Pilates but I know I’ll get there as it’s worth it.

    • Jasmin Harley

      I started with BB a few months ago after seeing some of my clients getting some awesome results. I was jealous and it was my turn. I’m not much of a fitness fan but this is something I definitely have fallen in love with. Since Covid has struct my nutrition and motivation has gone to poo. Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things and find my mojo very soon.

  36. Heather S

    I am not much of an exerciser and I put it down to the fact I’ve just never found a form that I like. Honestly I actually don’t exercise at all and I get bored very quickly when I do. My Aunty Who is in her 50s was recently on holidays in Perth from Sydney, We were out by the pool and I’d just given birth to my son and she goes and whips out this six pac! Pilates she reckons! I started a new job in January five months after having my son and the past few months with covid 19 has really pushed me mentally and professionally as I’ve worked through the pandemic as an essential worker, whilst juggling a baby and a toddler. To win a little treat like this would be a great reward for myself to relieve some stress and get some endorphins going! Ultimately though my hope would be that it would be the start of my Pilates journey and pave the way to a new hobbie and form of exercise I actually enjoy and look forward to. Fingers crossd!

  37. Candice Jones

    I work as a a Travel Agent in the area of Travel & Sport…. well I did before the world lost its Axis. I have a beautiful loving family who I have been trying to support as much as I can through this, from homeschooling the kids to supporting my husband as much as possible as we move to one income to the time being Until things get better and I have work to go back to. What’s missing is something for me, I’ve been in the Travel industry for 21 years and I feel like I have just lost who I am during all of this. I want to find something that can help make me stronger, not just in body but also in mind. As I just ticked into my last year of my thirties, now more than ever do I need to look after myself physically and also mentally. I need something for me… hoping this might be it

  38. Heather

    How inspiring and beautiful reading through the amazing journies of people in our community! Mine has been quite an unusual journey… I’m a single mum of 3 gorgeous kids. This would help me so much in getting on track with regaining health – both in balance and weight loss.Like many COVID pulled the rug out from under me! I had a massive downturn in my business and I guess I started to feel very unsafe. I realised that the support of my kids is on me and I need to make changes to my health – for them and for me. I had already begun a weight loss journey but exercising was proving hard. You see I had a brain tumour and unfortunately lost all my balance Nerves on one side. While I look normal and function (at Wonder Woman pace my friends say) I really need to strengthen my body and claim back some of what’s been stolen from me. Pilates is one form of exercise recommended by the rehab people because it works in ways that will help my brain retrain. While it’s been awhile now since my surgery I know it’s time to get serious about getting into a place of optimum health.

  39. Marian F

    Reformer Pilates has helped me in the past by strengthening my left knee from an ACL tear. I’ve also had hip replacements on both hips so reformer Pilates has also helped me with being more flexible; and Strengthening my lower back.
    I feel that doing the reformer Pilates will also help me with losing weight (which I have gained some from COVID-19).
    Coming out of The restrictions caused by COVID-19 and Winning this prize will certainly assist me with getting back on track, helping me to stay focused, energised and motivated. Thank you

  40. Sara Pattinson

    Hi there, im a overweight 38 year old with 4 step kids (one lives with us full time) at the moment im not working due to being stood down from work and our company is not entitled to Jobkeeper so money has been very tight as Im the main bread winner in the family. As I work with international flights I dare say I wont be going back any time soon either 🙁 So ive slowly been putting on weight with not working my active job. Now that restrictions are easing it also means that I can start back on IVF as we have been unsuccessful naturally or in our first round of IVF so keeping weight off to be under my max weight for treatment has been hard. I also have some hip and knee issues which stops me from higher impact workouts so I would love the opportunity to have a few months of getting my weight and strength under control while on my baby journey. Thank you x x x

    • Lidia

      Hi, I’m a 53 year old female and I’ve always struggled with weight. I’ve managed to lose 5kg recently but have hit a huge plateau and the usual cardio isn’t working! It makes it even harder as I’m struggling through menopause as well! I’ve been wanting to try Pilates (esp the reformer machines) for awhile now and would really appreciate a free trial to see how it goes before paying a full membership. Like many, finances are tight so a free trial makes it easier as you can make an informed decision before forking out your hard earned cash. I really need help losing the last bit of weight and coping with menopause but more importantly, as I age I think this sort of exercise would be hugely beneficial in keeping supple and remaining youthful for as long as possible. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to try it for free. I entered competition last time it was offered, fingers (and toes) crossed I get picked this time! Thank you and good luck to everyone

  41. Melizza Paguio

    I am a healthcare worker, to be specific I am taking care of old people with mental conditions. I believe that doing pilates will give me lots of benefits as well as to the people I look after. It is not only about the strengthening of my body but also to have a calm mind. In my nature of work it is very important for me to have a peace of mind because I will be able to understand more and handle their behaviours according to their personal needs.
    I can’t wait to re-activate and join again in one of your classes.
    Best of luck to Wattle Grove team.

  42. Stephanie Miller

    Can’t wait for things to be up and running! I do very little for myself and doing Pilates has given me something to look forward to weekly, I think it’s helped me mentally and physically.. So thank you.. Regards Steph

  43. Jeni

    Hi there, I so need to get back into fitness. I am nearly 60 and have been fit and healthy and exercised regularly for year. Over the past year or so my feet have become increasing worse, specifically I need to use orthotics in all my shoes. Whilst I have got my head around this it means no more impact activities on my knees or feet. I tried swimming, lane swimming and walking in the pool but it just didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I need to feel like I’m sweating. A friend at work said I should try reformer Pilates to really switch it up again and get me motivated.
    Keen to give it a go and get back the fitness and body to lose weight and get toned. Good luck everyone!

  44. Janine Anns

    Hi Scott
    First of all thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!

    Winningvthis would help financially of course as I am already back on my 3 classes per week and was so excited to be back the first week.

    Getting back has been both extremely physically and mentally beneficial. Sitting around on the couch in lockdown wasn’t helpful , I know, but sometimes you just get in a rut. Being back at Wattle Grove has now improved me physically, as now toning up again and being in my “happy place” (BB Wattle Grove) has now got me back on track mentally to get back to my busy daily life.

    Ilove the place and the wonderful staff there and looking forward to some nomality when we can have the girls back and our Wattle Grove family reunited. Matthew has done a brilliant job looking after us and ….. putting up with a class of females … we just love him.

    Thank you also for keeping us updated and trying to keep us motivated in lockdown.

  45. Diana Reeves

    Previously i was a Gold Member and found Matt had helped me immensely with my core and injury rehab. I still play competitive sport and i am in my 60’s so healing and strength is a top priority as i am giving my competitors 30yr head start. With Matt he has made it possible for me to push my limits and barriers as i am not very motivated on my own in gyms and find the staff and people in the classes very supportive.
    Due to couple of work redundancies & Corvid19 find it hard to keep going regular due to financial issues
    winning this would give me the head start required to get back to my routine & security of work to continue after the 3 months


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