Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Trigg soon to 100 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Tuesday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Trigg for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Trigg. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Caterina Beer

    Well I basically have no flexibility (can’t touch my toes). My posture isn’t good (rounded shoulders). So as a 46yr old, I think I’d be your best work in progress

    • Nicolle Parker

      I’m getting desperate
      Going skiing In Japan in January with the family
      I’m four years older this time and I had muscles last time that I didn’t know I even had and had to swallow anti-inflammatoires and Panadol like lollies so would live to win a membership to strengthen my muscles to prevent an injury I have never done Pilates before and would love an opportunity to participate and be taught by a physiotherapist

      • Sam

        Three weeks ago I had a microdiscectomy to remove parts of a herniated L5S1 disc to enable the compressed nerve to heal, significantly decrease the sciatic pain and allow leg and foot numbness to subside. The surgeon gave the all clear yesterday to start a rehabilitation program to rebuild my strength, flexibility and stability to protect my lower back and return to the active lifestyle I enjoy with my family including a busy 6 year old! Best Body Trigg’s Reformer Pilates classes would be an ideal program to support my needs and achieve these goals over the next 12 to 18 months.

        • Maureen

          This is a great opportunity for me to get started again. It’s been 12 years since my last Pilates session- far too long!
          My range of movement, motivation and slow deterioration in body control and strength is in need of a major overhaul. Heading toward my senior years I want to enjoy body and mind vitality and look forward to an active retirement. I have increased body soreness and niggles which make me less enthusiastic to get off the couch. This opportunity will be an amazing kick start to help me regain my confidence, motivation and healthier stronger body. Thanks MH

      • Pippa Byrd

        A regular Pilates membership would help me keep my knee pain in check, Pilates is the only thing I’ve tried that has helped with it and means that I can actually participate in exercise without pain!

    • Lauranne

      Hi 🙂 I would really appreciate a membership at Best Body in TRIGG, to help me lose weight and build strength. At the start of this year I gave birth to my first child. I had a difficult final trimester, which meant I was on bed rest. This equates to limited movement and more weight gain than I would have liked. Now after having my baby, I’m struggling to lose the baby weight. This membership will certainly help me on my journey for weight loss 🙂
      My mother in law attends Best Body in Hillarys and has recommended I give this a go. So when saw you were opening a place in TRIGG, that was perfect for me as I live in Karrinyup 🙂
      Babies are expensive and to be able to have 6 months free, would be of huge help for me.
      Thank you so much for considering me and I look forward to meeting you and to start my weight loss journey with you xxx

  2. Lynette Pedersen

    I am 56 years old and used to be very fit having done competitive aerobics and Latin dancing for many years. Since stopping I have become very unfit and my lifestyle has changed with diet and work. I have become depressed with the weight gain and feel a membership with Best Body would change my life and body around to a happier and healthier one.

    • Jessica Summerville

      I have very hypermobile joints, which had caused me many injuries over the years, and I find Pilates is the best way to protect my body from injury! It’s the perfect way to build strength and stability through my pelvis, core and shoulders, which are myer problem areas, and I’ve found that it’s the safest way to do this as well. This membership would give me the opportunity and incentive to safely create my healthiest and most pain/injury free self!

    • Donna Reynolds

      I am 56 and not overweight but very unfit. I want to improve my life as everything seems to be pushing me in the direction to make massive changes. I know my physical condition makes huge reflections on my mental health and I am working on this area as well. Recently going through loss of employment and a breakup, my self confidence is extremely low.
      The opportunity to win such an amazing prize ‘Best Body’ would help in all aspects of my life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Getting out and meeting new like minded people would be just the cherry on top!

  3. Eliza Leano

    I have entered my 50th decade and things are feeling different. My body and mind is really asking for a new way of exercising. A membership will motivate me back to exercising regularly and help me understand my 50s body, reigniting it back to excellent health. If I didn’t win I would still like to give it a go!

    • Sophie Hirth

      I had a particularly bad birth with my daughter 7 months ago and fear my body will never be the same again. In the first few months of her birth my daughter had colic and has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia so I havent had the time to exercise. A best body membership would allow me to gain back strength to my core, work on my pelvic floor, strenghten my hips to stop sacrolic joint pain and just give me some much needed ‘me time’!

      • Angie

        I have just given birth to my third baby in 4 years and 4 pregnancies (1 miscarriage and 3 babies) in 4 years has certainly taken its toll. Not only is my body weak, sore and many many more kilos than I’d care to carry but my mental health could do with some me time. I’ve always used the excuse of breastfeeding, having no time, where do I put the kids, I’m too tired blah blah blah. I’ve gone from a confident, healthy, happy woman to “mum”. Being a mum is the best thing in the entire world but it’s time I got ME back. Id love to lose some weight but more importantly strengthen my mind and body to enjoy all aspects of parenthood. My brother has just decided to get married in Italy next June so what better milestone to work towards. A year to transform me from drab to fab 🙂

  4. Katie Voss

    I welcomed my sweet daughter just over 12 months ago and my body is just not the same. I felt like an earth mama while pregnant (glowing, creating life yada yada) but now I have sore hips every time I sit to play with her, my flexibility is nonexistent, and don’t even get me started on my stomach. I want to reclaim my body and my strength to show my daughter (and myself) that being a strong mama is possible, even when life seems a bit crazy.

    • Lisa Hayman

      I am 12 weeks post partum with a beautiful daughter and I would love to start rebuilding my strength and flexibility. I also have a rare breathing disorder called subglottic stenosis where scarring grows on my trachea and closes over my airway making it hard to breathe, so I try to stay as fit and as strong as possible to deal with that too and make sure I can be the best I can be for my kids.

  5. Judith Higgins

    I have my 65th birthday in June and, apart from this being an awesome gift if I win, I think your Pilates will help me maintain a level of fitness both mentally and physically. Something we all aspire for. Thank you

    • Josie van Zoelen

      As I have aged and although I have been involved
      in my forms of exercise I still find my flexibility is not as I would like it. I am very keen to increase flexibility in my hips and despite many yoga sessions I am not completely satisfied with my progress. I have heard so many positive outcomes about reformer Pilates from many friends who are already participating in this form of exercise. I am ready to commit to a different form of exercise and would be more than grateful to win this wonderful prize. If not I am looking forward to meeting you in the new Trigg studio and delighted you are my new neighbours. Thank you

  6. Lauren

    An old back injury caused me to stop going to the gym which then lead me down an unhealthy path and weight gain! I have plantar fasciitis so struggle with activities where I’m on my feet. I’m only in my 20s but feel like I’m much older with my lack of flexibility and aches and pains. I want to get back to being myself, where I’m comfortable within my own body, where I can work on improving my posture and flexibility with the added bonus of losing weight and having fun in a supportive environment!

  7. Kym Carter

    I have been doing Pilates on and off for the last 18 months, its amazing the difference you feel after only a few weeks. Physically it is much more challenging than you think its going to be, but it is an amazing exercise that creates a mental discipline and focus on concentrating on being in the moment, such a good mental practice that brings peace and clarity when I am so busy running around most of the time.

  8. Michelle

    I’m a 43 year old who works early morning shifts. I have 3 kids who want to sleep with me each night, I can’t get a good nights rest because I’m squashed between these little bodies. As much as I try to work out with pump classes and hiit, I keep feeling exhausted and my lower back absolutely aches. It’s tome to try something new like Pilates. I put everyone else before me. I just want to feel healthy again, it’s so upsetting to not feel good anymore and not to be the best version of myself.

  9. Juliana

    I really want to trial reformer Pilates , I live down the road and believe it will really complement how I juggle work & family and possibly lower impact than the weight training I’m currently doing.

    • Debbie Browne

      Well i havent done pilates before, i have signed up to start soon.
      Eight weeks ago i had knee replacement. I have been off work as well. I have always wanted to do do Pilates so while sitting at home with a dickie knee I thought now is the time to do something. So Pilates sounded like the best option at my age.
      I need to strengthen muscles especially the knee as it’s still keeping me out of action. So all up I am so looking forward to stronger muscles and even some kgs gone. And better quality of life.

    • Michelle

      I was doing Bikram yoga and love it but I was struggling to fit it in as I have daughter with a disability that needs help with everyday grooming etc. But I started going to Hillarys and have been managing to get there 3 times a week and are feeling so much better for it. I LOVE that you get such a good workout for just 45 mins and it is so easy to book classes etc. I live in Trigg so I am so excited that BestBody are opening around the corner from me. Thank you to you all for being so professional !

  10. Leisa

    I have had major injuries, a spinal fusion and neck fusion and suffered headaches and back pain, I crushed nerves down my left arm and left leg. My Neuro specialist and Chiro told me to start Pilates. Since doing Pilates I have not had any pain at all (thats within only a 4 week time-frame) It has helped strengthen my core and has made me use other muscles and stretching technics and also strengthened and realised pressure on my left side. My body grows stronger and leaner all the time.

  11. Beth Eising

    I have terrible flexibility (when I try to touch my toes with straight legs I’m still a good 30cm from the floor!) this causes me terrible back pain. To the point that I sneezed and put my back out! As someone in their 20’s this is worrying as I want to look after my back so when I get older I can still to be fit, healthy and mobile! I also think Pilates will help me with the toning that I find so hard to achieve and to help keep my mind heathy and combat my anxiety without prescription medication.

  12. Stephanie Mopin

    Hi my name is Stephie and I had been working as a PT. I now work full time in business development and don’t have time for my PT business. Running that business kept me toned and so very fit however it took a toll on the body. I have joined gyms and even considered yoga however not really my personal choice as my business was outdoors with free weights and body weights of which yoga does do but still not really my thing. I am 53 and run 3-4 times a week but suffer extremely tight hammies shoulder and neck injury along with lower back. All these things added up Tarryn, and took me to one place the decision to try Pilates and when I saw you advertise you are coming to Trigg where I live, I thought that could be an omen to try. I have 3 daughters 2 of which are totally into fitness the 3rd is still young and looking to be the same. My 2nd oldest really loves Pilates and thinks it could be the. thing for my injuries. Personally I want to get back my tone and flexibility. Someday I hope to run once a week classes in a rural setting, for the elderly with basic movements that are practical keeping them from becoming sedentary. In the meantime good luck with your launch and bring it on!!! Steph

  13. Jane

    Having open heart surgery as a child has always given bad posture and suffered headaches.
    ,I go to gym 4 times a week(including a Pilates class) but not a reformer. I’m 41, with two children and run a small business, I live down the road, so I’m very excited to this open in my area! I would love to gain posture, flexibility and strength my core,which I believe is my weak area.

  14. Sonya Armanasco

    I have been a Best Body member for more than 1year and I have found something I really enjoy. My posture has been improved and although I did have reasonable flexibility before I feel it’s even better now. Pilates for me it’s just a workout it’s therapeutic. For as much of the class as I can I try and keep my eyes closed and this gives me a feeling of a meditation class as well. Sounds a bit weird but I usually feel spent but relaxed and ready for the day after my class. I wish you and your studio success and look forward to a new adventure with you myself with or without a free membership.

  15. Debbie Dorrington

    I already attend Hillarys Pilates twice a week normally but have injured my back so have taken a short break, but feel that I would benefit from attending more classes and Trigg would be a little closer for me. I have multiple aches and pains throughout my body and think that I would benefit greatly from attending more sessions.

    • Amy

      I’m a new mum and one of this things of having a new baby I was not prepared for was the impact on your body (strength, balance, fitness and stamina). Everyone goes on about weight loss but not about the loss of strength! I was a runner and netball player before Bub and just thought I’d be able to get back into it 6 weeks after but boy was I wrong! And my core is non existent now! I would love to build that back up and at least feel close to the strong woman I know I once was with the help of a Best Body reformer Pilates membership. Get rid of the mum tum, no sore back from picking up bub and feel good about myself becoming strong not skinny!

  16. Michelle

    I’ve done mostly yoga since my teens. I discovered Pilates a few years ago and love it. I’m only in my mid 20s, but I had a disc bulge when I was 19 and my back has just never been the same. I feel like Pilates really helps my back. I’ve only done one reformer class a couple years ago and enjoyed the challenge. I’d love to have the chance of doing more classes. I’d love to get more toned too!

  17. Nicole Thomas

    As I entered my 50’s I was looking for something to keep me active and that would be enjoyable and beneficial long term. I joined Best Body in Hillarys almost 2 years ago and have loved both the classes and the results that have been achieved. I have recently found out that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and exercise is a really important part of staying on top of this. Reformer Pilates is the perfect solution! Since moving to Trigg I have been travelling back and forth to Hillarys so can’t wait until Best Body Trigg opens!

  18. Amy Robertson

    After having multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy on my right elbow after being diagnosed with synovial sarcoma (cancer) 16 years ago, I would love to strengthen my arm (as well as the rest of my body after having two boys!) by reformer Pilates. Having a studio so close to Karrinyup is so exciting!

  19. Erin

    Hi There , I’m so excited about you opening your new studio right here in Trigg . I’m a part time single mum and have a workload that is huge with my priority always on my kids and everything else that needs to be done . I’m keen to get back into fitness and putting my health as a priority and I feel reformer Pilates will give me the body conditioning I need to get back on track . Best of luck on your new business adventure and look forward to watching your business grow from the very beginning

  20. Kirstine Smillie

    I would love a free membership to Pilates. After a few injuries I found my usual methods for keeping fit just didn’t work for me anymore. I need something that would ensure that I could safely excercise for the long term. We all know that excercise is not only inportant for the body but also vital mentally. When you find the right one that suits you it can life changing. I know taking time out for my self benefits everyone around me as I’m a happy healthy person.

    • Shoshanna

      I recently had my first baby and I did pilates all through my pregnancy at the pilates studio. I haven’t been able to do much since my bub was born and recently hurt my back from all the carrying and settling of bub. I’m keen to get back into pilates and have been doing some classes at best body leederville. Trigg is right near my house so I’d love to start going there regularly once it opens. I think pilates is amazing for my body and makes me feel stronger and healthier. It also makes me happy!

  21. Debra Towie

    I am turning 60 in December and I am in the worst shape I have every been in. I was always fit and healthy but over the pass year I have lost moderation. I have walked pass the Greenwood studio and thought that I would really love to do this so when I saw the Trigg site opening I got very excited and thought this is what I need. Looking forward to getting back to my old self and getting my fitness back. Ps fitting into my clothes would awesome. Xx

  22. Jessica H

    After many years struggling with infertility and having lost a baby in 2018, I’m hoping that reformer pilates will help to prepare my body for the IVF we are doing this June to hopefully conceive our little bub.

  23. Sophie

    I am at a point in my life where I need more than just a gym membership, I have gained weight over the last 6 months and find that my usual “gym sessions” while they are challenging physically they are not helping me mentally and emotionally. I believe the your membership will be the change and challenge that I need to get my body physically back into shape as well as helping control my emotional and get more in touch with my mental state and help improve my ever changing moods! I know this will be a huge challenge and I will need to let all my guards down by trying something completely new to me to ensure I get the most of out this amazing experience.

  24. Jessica

    We are hoping to start a family this year, and I’d love to start Pilates to get my body in good shape for carrying and delivering a baby.

  25. Mel Parkinson

    I am one week shy of turning 40! For the past almost 9 months I have been working hard at losing some weight and overall just becoming a better me. To date I’m 13kg down and it has just been from really really really watching what I have been eating and making sure I get at least 30 mins walking in a day, I have even increased that recently to a little jog with the dog…..massive milestone!
    With the weight lose has come the need to tone up, doesn’t happen as easily as it used too. The better I feel, the better mum and wife I am. Xx

  26. Rhian

    I have always been into moving my body, but over the years I have found nothing has worked better or made me feel so good about my body than Reformer Pilates. Having some time off due to a knee injury, I have lacked confidence and strength particularly my core which I find the hardest part of my body to maintain and I am so excited to get back into Reformer Pilates. Best Body Reformer Pilates will help me in so many ways. It will challenge my own ability, improve areas of my body that will make me feel comfortable and confident, and encourage me to keep going to be the best version of myself in such a friendly positive environment. I wish you all the very best with your new studio 🙂

  27. Fiona

    I am 53 years old, I do Pilates once a week and also go to the gym, I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and arthritis. Also in my neck. My flexibility is awful. I have been doing pilates on and off for years but really feel I need to get my body working better and would love the chance to be a part of Reformer Pilates. Thanks

  28. Monique

    In 2017 I contracted a nasty infection while traveling through Central America. I have struggled with it since then, dealing with fatigue, loss of appetite and muscle weakness. I found it very difficult to continue exercising, particularly as my normal routine involved strenuous cardio.
    Now I can begin my recovery and return to regular exercise and I think that Reformer Pilates will be the perfect way to get my strength back!

  29. Lauren

    Since having my son 18 months ago, my body hasn’t been the same, strength wise. I’ve always been a runner, so my cardio fitness isn’t an issue but pregnancy caused moderate Diastasis Recti and I really struggle with core strength. This manifests as lower back pain. I’m hoping that reformer pilates will help minimise (eliminate!) the time I spend at the physio. The fact that the Trigg studio is walking distance from home and will afford me so much needed me time, is also a bonus

  30. Kristine Sanders

    I am currently a Best Body, Hillarys member. Looking after my body has always been a priority and a way of feeling happier allowing me to function better. At the time of joining BB, I was facing some personal challenges. I prioritised fitness to not only help me to feel healthier but also to assist with my mental wellbeing. My life, like many, is busy and in the past I have placed myself on the lower spectrum of priority. Since prioritising my time for reformer pilates, I have been able to change the way I feel about myself, become more flexible, manage the daily stresses in my life more positively and mindfully and function better (mentally and physically). Additionally, I have reduced aches and pains and have a range of stretches that assist me when at a desk for long periods. I would love the opportunity to be part of your start up program as I find having a set schedule keeps me accountable and more aware of prioritising myself and the physical side to wellbeing. Being a BB member has been really special on many levels and I love how you prioritise relationships and connections as part of your corporate vision.

    • Kristine Sanders

      I wanted to note that I love the mix of classes too! It is fantastic that you can push your body with activities to raise the heart rate, tone / strengthen muscle and you can also attend a class that is focussed on stretching and includes mindfulness.

  31. Diane

    It has become very evident to me that Pilates is vital as I am in my mid 50’s and have been doing Pilates once a week together with circuit classes each week. I am keen to increase my Pilates to increase flexibility and keep everything in check. Always have a great peace of mind after each session and would love to do more. Added bonus is your locality as I could walk to my sessions each week.

  32. sue harris

    I have recently lost weight and need to tone. I have heard and watched programs that have the reformer pilates in it (The Real Housewives 🙂 I would love to give this a try and see how it will transform my body and my mind.

  33. Jenni Taylor

    I want to be the best me! I do strength training and eat to fuel my body. Stretching and reformer classes will assist my body in staying flexible. You are amazing to order this membership to 2 lucky winners. Thanks and good luck with Pilates in our suburb x

  34. Jenny

    Hi Tarryn. Thank you so much for this chance to win!! After 3 surgeries in the last 12 months I have been so limited to trying to keep fit and as to what exercise I could do so I have lost so much muscle all over. I am excited to have been given the all clear a few weeks ago and can start getting myself fit and toned. I have been looking into various options like pilates and yoga but I know I can’t do this on my own as I really just don’t know where to start. Your offer for help and guidance is exactly what I need to get strength and tone back for this body of mine. I would really love this opportunity as a starting point. Many thanks and I hope you have had an awesome day:))

  35. Jem

    Being in my mid 30’s it’s important that I start looking after my body for the long run. About 2 years ago I started making diet changes, and joined the gym, but I still haven’t found that exercise that I love and one that suits my body. I’ve started to enjoy going to the gym, but most times I have no idea what i’m doing at the gym, find it hard on my joints, and I feel like im bulking rather than leaning down. I’m looking to gain flexibility (I can’t touch my toes), lean and tone my body, gain core strength, be physically and mentally healthy, find an exercise I love, and be involved in a positive community!

  36. Carla

    I was a ballet dancer from age 3 till 18 and had a conversation with my cousin (who was also a dancer) just recently, and now that we are 30, we had a bit of a meltdown when we realised we couldn’t call ourselves dancers anymore when it was such a huge part of our identities! I instantly signed up to Best Body to get back my flexibility and strength. I actually feel now, that I am stronger and more flexible than I ever was in my dancing days and I am LOVING the improvements to my body. I wanted to loose weight as a bonus but this hasn’t really happened but I’m not worried as I’m happy with my size and just hated the “jiggle”. I’m feeling more toned and this really pushes me every session. My legs are stronger, as is my balance and my friends have been noticing the definition in my arms too. I love love love the classes and love love love the new body I am seeing emerging. I can’t wait to see what transformations are in store for me over the next few months!

  37. Emily

    After being pregnant and /or breast feeding for the best part of the last 3 years and relocating back to Perth after living east for 6 years I feel it is time to start doing something that is only for me..and Best Body Pilates is it! My body is shot, my mind is a shambles and I feel that a BestBody Pilates membership will assist me in gaining my best body back from both a physical and mental perspective. It will give me most importantly TIME to zone out and concentrate on nothing else, but moving and stretching my body so it becomes strong and the best body it can be.

  38. Danielle

    This year I turned 40. I think that is probably enough said. 🙂
    A couple of years ago I ran a marathon, and now I dont seem able to get out and exercise much at all. I am a single mum and recently employed a nanny to help look after my girls so that I can find some time for myself.
    A few years ago I tried pilates for the first time and attended a trial series of classes. One of these classes was reformer pilates. I enjoyed it so much as i felt like it gave me an all over workout. Personal circumstances at the time meant I couldnt attend classes (also it was near Joondalup) the Trigg classes will be so close to home for me!
    I would really love to tone up all over, but especially my legs and butt. I am looking forward to a new me 🙂

  39. Eloise

    In my late twenties, I’ve noticed my body changing a lot. I can’t eat what I used to eat, and I need to do a lot more exercise. Unfortunately, exercise hasn’t been a priority for me as I have a high stress, high intensity job as a corporate lawyer. I work late nights and don’t prioritise my health. I’m turning thirty later this year and wish I was in better health for when that comes around, but unfortunately
    I haven’t found the time or energy. When I exercise, it generally leaves me feeling drained and tired. I would love an opportunity to commit to a form of exercise I enjoy, such as reformer Pilates. We recently moved from Victoria to Perth and when I lived in Melbourne I attended reformer classes on weekends when I could. It’s the only exercise that makes me feel great, as well as getting results. At this stage, as I’m feeling under the pump and stressed, the stress-free commitment of attending six months of Pilates would make the world of difference, physically and emotionally.

  40. Renee Pates

    I would loveee to win this amazing prize! I am a 30 year old mum who desperately wants to get back some fitness and strength! I have done reformer Pilates before, about several years ago now and remember how much a enjoyed it and how good it was for me. I don’t particularly want to lose weight, I just want to increase my fitness levels, tone up, increase my energy levels and build my strength back up again. Being a new mum my back is starting to become an issue, I really want to focus on back strength in particular. Toning up my thighs and buttocks would also be a priority of mine. I would be so grateful if I were a recipient of this wonderful prize and would be extremely committed to the cause! I know it would be a journey to feeling better in myself, through increased ability and confidence. It would be a life changer for me. ☺️

  41. Lateasha

    I am now 29 and 7 months post baby. I was quite active before I fell pregnant and was told to ‘slow down’ when I was 4 months along. I found Pilates (Pregnancy Reformer Studio) and kept it up 3 times a week until my due date. This definitely wasn’t slowing down and I think I developed the most toned arms I ever had while pregnant. I was hooked from the results. I have continued Pilates at Best Body Leederville and love that I can now incorporate abs and all those fun exercises I couldn’t do while pregnant and, honestly, time away from bub is much needed. Four times a week at Trigg would be perfect for me as I now would like to see how fit I could get by doing MORE classes than I currently am. I Here’s to toned arms, defined abs (well as much as possible after a bub) but most importantly the best version of me!

  42. Julie

    I used to dance as a child / teen / young adult and have hypermobile joints (particularly knees), which caused me so many injuries over the years. Since having two kids (who are now 10 and 12) and running a busy business from home, I have neglected myself a lot. And my body is now paying the price. I have put on weight, my back is weak and constantly problematic, and my core muscles are almost non-existent. I would love to try reformer pilates after having read so many good things about it. I know it will be a major turning point for me and make a huge difference to my body shape and appearance, and my overall health and wellbeing. Please pick me! 🙂

    • Emma

      I have in the last 12 months lost 35kilos but now i have that last 20kilos to lose and I am looking for something new and exciting to hit that last 20k out of the park and been able to be flexible again would be an extra bonus. #bestbodycomeatme

  43. Julia

    I think a BBRP membership can help me in many areas of my life. I have a few lingering issues from a very troubled past that have begun to affect my day to day life and comfort. Being only 30, its a difficult to communicate why some days I am able to complete physically challenging tasks, where as others I can barely lift my right arm above my shoulder.
    Pilates classes offered at my gym are good for a gentle stretch but I feel like only another face in the crowd there with no specific guidance. I work next to the BBRP studio in duncraig and hear nothing but rave reviews about the classes, unfortunately financial restrictions make signing up there difficult so a membership at Trigg would be a great boost for myself both physically and mentally

  44. Libby

    I believe a Best Body membership will give me time to focus on me. After spending 20 years or so focussed on husband and then children, I really want to learn to give myself the gift of care.
    I suffer from migraines and believe a stronger neck, back and core will assist my overall posture and help ease or eradicate the pain.
    I also think a stronger body will assist with developing a stronger, more resilient mind.

  45. Terri Saranah

    I find myself in the same position as many, 50’s, overweight, non active and aching in body parts that I shouldn’t! I have a 14 yr old daughter and would like to be able to move and keep up with her through her life!! I have a very tight hip that I was able to help with yoga in years gone by but with my recent inactivity it is back to square one. My back also crunches – and that can’t be normal!! Tight shoulders and neck often lead to bad headaches. In short – I’m a mess!! Think I need some serious help and inspiration to get moving! Maybe this will even help tighten my bulging tummy muscles – haha!

  46. Terri

    I find myself in the same position as many, 50’s, overweight, non active and aching in body parts that I shouldn’t! I have a 14 yr old daughter and would like to be able to move and keep up with her through her life!! I have a very tight hip that I was able to help with yoga in years gone by but with my recent inactivity it is back to square one. My back also crunches – and that can’t be normal!! Tight shoulders and neck often lead to bad headaches. In short – I’m a mess!! Think I need some serious help and inspiration to get moving! Maybe this will even help tighten my bulging tummy muscles – haha!

  47. Jo Daw

    I’m in my early 50’s and reading everyone else’s comments from that age bracket, am not alone in feeling my body has aches and pains and issues I didn’t have to deal with 3 years ago! I have been a crossfit participant for years but find I am injuring myself easily so am missing lots of classes. The result being weight gain and a general blah feeling! I have never tried reformer Pilates but am hoping it is the change I need to get fit and healthy again. I am a North Beach local so am looking forward to joining somewhere so close to home. Also, my husband has just completed 8 weeks of reformer Pilates with a physio – he has never exercised in his life and suffers from a very bad back – he has been amazed at the results so am hoping I can get him to join with me!

  48. Amanda Tuite

    I have just recently had to give up HIIT after 4 years. My left ankle and right knee are no longer able to withstand the intensity and as I found myself at the Physio trying to fix myself to get back into it I think reformer Pilates will give me the ability to rehab, recentre, reset and get back to strengthening my body. My ideal body has always been my body but my goal is to be as strong, centred and as healthy as I can possibly be – without the ongoing pain.

    In all honesty, I have been waiting for a reformer Pilates studio to open up close to me so that I am able to combine the ongoing Physio and strengthening that I know would benefit both my body and mind. Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity to begin this journey with Best Bodies in Trigg ✌

  49. Emma Golding Purcell

    After struggling with niggling pains in back and knees from the studio exercise classes. I’ve now changed to strength training, but find I’m needing to stretch more which I’m neglecting to do on a regular basis. Would love to try reformer Pilates to hopefully combat the pains I have. Good Luck with the new studio in Trigg… X

  50. Esmae Coleman

    I am building a house in North Beach and we will be neighbours! I have always wanted to try Pilates and drive past your Hillarys space on my way home from work and daycare pick up evert day. A location closer to my house means I can drop kids with Daddy and bugger off for an hour to give myself time and space to be ME and reconnect with core that is lost currently….. xx

  51. Vikki Stacy

    I love Pilates but haven’t done any for a year. I have heard really good things about you. I would like to regain my fitness routine and Trigg is where I live so overall it ticks all the boxes.

  52. Brittany Whitehead

    I started Pilates last year after an ankle injury to try and improve my balance and to strength my leg muscles. I was a bit intimidated at first, but have absolutely loved Pilates. The focus on breathing as well as the strengthening of my muscles has improved my mental as well as physical well-being.

  53. Donna

    Have just read some amazing stories, unfortunately i dont have one except to say i feel sure Pilates will compliment the exercise i already do, 2 pump classes a week and as many 10km walks as possible, at least 3. I did an 800km trek through spain last year with no ill effects, however i intend doing another next year and i think Pilates would be a huge benefit to both my husband and I.

  54. Kylee Symes

    Boxing, biking, breathing, fasting, flexing, running, crossfitting, abcrunching….. tried them all & need to find my forever fitness.
    Want to say bye-bye to flabby and hello to flexible…bring on a lithe, lean, long strong body for 45 and beyond!

  55. Philippa Critchley

    I know exactly how important reformer is and how it will benefit me – I have a 23 month old daughter and have a prolapse. I danced and did various other exercise and fitness classes right up until 41 weeks pregnant (my waters broke after a circuit class!) and yet regardless of how fit and healthy I was, due to the birth I still suffered a prolapse and this has HUGELY set me back. I have had to stop allot of dancing and was seeing a women’s health physio up until Christmas gone which then led me on to going to a friend who ran reformer pilates from her home. That was my first reformer experience and I have LOVED it. Unfortunately however, I was made redundant 6 weeks ago and, as I am still looking for work, I have had to stop any ‘luxuries’ as we just cannot justify them financially at the moment. For me, and my husband, not being able to attend classes/clubs/gyms has a huge impact on our state of mind and therefore receiving this membership would not only physically benefit me but mentally too, knowing I’m not currently paying out for that huge health benefit! 🙂

  56. Caitlin

    With having 14 years ballet training, I have fallen in love with all forms of pilates, particularly with the holistic framework. Since working full time (as a registered nurse) i found pilates not only improved my mental health, but improved my flexibility and strengthened my posture. However, I am back to a student budget (studying a masters in midwifery) in which pilates memberships are no longer feasible 🙁 I would love to be considered for this opportunity as I really miss the post pilates glow!

  57. Celine Noort

    Hi Tarryn, I have started my BB journey in Hillarys and then moved to Karrinyup so it became a little bit tricker to attend my early morning sessions. Through my journey with BB I have learnt to become aware of my body, its strengths and areas for improvement. I have also gained a much greater respect for the scope of growth my 48 year old body can benefit from. I had a dexa scan done which showed my bone density results were within the average results but low average which predicts that if nothing is being done in about 12 years I could look at osteoporosis. I actually was shocked (and a little bit scared initially) at this result, and it has been in my mind ever since. I have increased my walks substancially, and currently typing this response on a stand up desk(love it!) . Although I know I need to do weight bearing exercises, a lot of the traditional gyms can be daunting, so I plan on doing my own at home. I know and have researched a lot on Pilates and Bone density so this would be a massive bonus for me to have access to 4 classes a week at Trigg as it owuld be so close I could even walk there on Saturdays! Also, after injuring myself a few times inexplicably recently I met a physio who told me that I had diastasis recti, something I likely had since my last baby was born (the “Baby” is now 19 and half) but with all the visits to physios I did for back aches and hip injuries over the years it was never picked up on. So I am also working on reinforcing my stomach muscles and would love to focus on specific exercises in Pilates too.
    Oh and of course weight loss is on the card (and I am doing good so far) My “why” is I intend to reach my 50s in the BEST SHAPE of my LIFE! (18 month to go but who is counting??) so I can enjoy the many more years (at least 40 more!) in strength, flexibility and agility. #fiftyandfabulous

  58. Penny Taylor

    In 2 days time I’ll be 58 – oh yay !
    Last week I was admitted to hospital with a suspected mild stroke and today I learnt I have high cholesterol which I need to be medicated for. Fat chance. Improved diet and additional exercise is the new mantra for me. What surprised me is, I don’t eat takeout, fries, red meats etc and although I walk my dogs daily, seems it’s not enough.
    My only daughter is ultra slim, fit and full of confidence and her secret is – Pilates, above ALL other competitive sports she played or the gym.
    I say, bring it on Team Tarryn, I’m ready to for us to transform me into the best healthy and fit groovy Granny I can be !

  59. Alison Geard

    I started my ‘love of Pilates’ journey 3 years ago and it has somehow immersed itself into my everyday living. I feel stronger both mentally and physically and can see how my body has already changed. I even just completed my Cert IV in Pilates Instructor training at 45 just so I could add to my obsession and personal growth. I feel like I have plateaued a little and know that I have so much more potential to strengthen and align this body of mine and so much more to learn! Pilates is my sanity and my escape from the daily ‘corporate’ grind and would love to be involved with reformer Pilates more (the Aero Pilates machine just isn’t cutting it )

  60. Andrea

    A friend originally introduced me to the benefits of Reformer Pilates and I became a member at Best Body Hillarys nearly a year ago. I don’t have the perfect body – and to be honest this is not my goal – but to be fitter, more toned, aches and pain free would be a joy! If I was fortunate enough to win membership I would embrace the new Trigg Pilates community. As a teacher I understand the benefits of community and how we support and encourage each other. I know the rewards would not only be physical, Best Body nurtures positivity. When I’m passionate and I believe in something – I tell the world so I’m your secret marketing weapon and promise to be your best advocate in promoting the new Trigg Best Body Pilates Studio.

  61. Evelina

    I have been attending classes at a couple of studios for 2 years. Before I started my fitness/ pilates journey I could barely plank for more than 10 seconds, had hardly any flexability and had little muscle tone or strength. Today my body and mind are in the best shape thanks to pilates. I attend on average 7 classes per week, so I will definitely use all the classes offered (and more).
    My short-term pilates goal is to increase my flexibility even further. My long-term pilates goal is to hopefully begin training to be an instructor so that I can introduce pilates to others and help people achieve their fitness/ health goals, just like my instructors have helped me. Xxx

  62. Natalie sutherland

    Turning 50 this year and starting a new career as a registered nurse is a lot harder than I thought it would be. On my feet all day, and my back is struggling. But I know building my body strength is the answer. Not only will it will it help strength my back and all my body muscles, but it also benefit my self confidence and slowly ‘sagging’ body. But I just don’t know where to start with it!! So I look forward to starting reformer Pilates at Trigg and feeling and seeing a new fabulous fifty body. Let’s do this!!

  63. Kate

    I work fly in fly out in admin. 10mths ago, I had to make the hardest decision in calling off the wedding to someone I only could see myself growing old with but the problems were to immense and weren’t resolving. I was in a great place mentally and physically prior to that, with loads of motivation and drive. Since then, I have really struggled with my confidence and as I stopped exercising and eating healthy, the body I once worked so hard for slowly vanished infront of my eyes – I’ve wanted nothing more than to find my motivation again, and find the respect and appreciation I once had for my body, mind and soul. And I believe that Pilates would be an excellent way for me to kick start a positive mindset and commitment to achieving my fitness goals again.

  64. Vicki Redfern

    I am in my early 60’s and finding I no longer have the flexability or muscle tone I used to have. Feeling very unfit and not very confident with my body. Having divorced a couple of years ago would like to feel more comfortable so that I am prepared to explore the options open to trying to find a companion and do things that I used to do. Having seen what a couple of friends achieved with Pilates I believe this is the way for me to move forward and gain confidence in myself again

  65. Nicola Clarke

    I’ve just turned 40 & I’ve decided it’s time to change my lifestyle. I’ve been in a slump for years feeling overweight constantly tired & generally not good about myself. I work have 3 kids and would love the chance to take some time out for me and try Best Bodies. I also suffer with lower back & hip problems which limit me in so many ways. I would appreciate this opportunity to help myself to feel & look better physically & also to strengthen my problem areas

  66. Emma Taylor

    The last few months I have finally found my limit in how much I can take on. I have 3 young kids and a husband who works a lot, no family in Perth and I work! I recently met with my GP and a quick assessment found my stress levels are top of the chart! I was a really active person before kids and life took over and I no longer prioritise my health. I know I need to be more active and improve my diet- it I need support and guidance. My feelings of being overwhelmed impact my own self discipline so having a program what would support me and train me to be physically stronger will change my attitude and overall well being. I love feeling physically strong but I have been lacking the support to achieve this. Having access to a clinic so close will be a huge opportunity to do what I should do for myself.

  67. Nicolette Neveu-Abramczuk

    I have been involved in lots of types of fitness, pilates is something that I’ve always wanted to do regularly but it’s generally outside of my budget. My main goal is to get strong but also I want to be lean; I find I bulk up fairly easily and I need something that’s really going to help me move in that direction.

  68. Yen

    I do not currently live in my best body. Despite discipline with fitness and strictness with diet, I have never managed to revive the body I had before 4 pregnancies and 3 births. Age has added to my post-partum bodily issues and the cardio training I’ve undertaken to burn calories has led to less flexibility. I think reformer pilates might be the answer I need to rediscover my best body, which is currently fit but not lean nor flexible.

  69. Anita

    I am in my early 30’s and have a very stressful job that requires me to be stationary at a desk for toooo many hours per day. I have been doing mat pilates (twice a week) for a few years but would love the opportunity to start reformer pilates and enjoy some more ‘me time’. Thank you very much for the opportunity, Anita

  70. Lisa

    Stretched to the limit everyday, not only would Best Body help me to lose weight and strengthen my body, but because it’s not far from home, will provide me with some time to zone out from work and family commitments and generate some mental as well as physical health.

  71. Joanne Powell

    At the age of 51 I’ve realised the need to strengthen your muscles and bones to reach optimal health and happiness, not only physically but mentally. For the last 12 months I’ve been attending a gym, participating in 45 minute body conditioning and mobility flow classes three times a week. I feel introducing reformer Pilates will help me reach my goal of strengthening my core and hopefully losing that extra bit of weight off my stomach and hips!!!
    Plus sitting at a desk Monday to Wednesday has really put extra strain on my neck muscles which I would love to be free of!! And as we all know the older we get the shorter we become so I’m sure Reformer Pilates will help me walk ‘taller’ again and prove to my 16 year old son that I once was 173cm tall!!!

  72. Sarah Cliff

    I would love to get my best body back … after two sets of surgery to my right knee I’ve had to change my whole training regimen and move away from high intensity. I’m now hoping to win a membership so that I can find a new training technique that works for my body and lose those pesky kilograms that have crept on!!

  73. Dianne McDonald

    Hi my names Dianne, I have been a past elite athlete, former National and International Netball Coach The reason I wanted to share that with you is that no matter what one may have achieved as an athlete and being a winner on the world stage. Stage 4 metastasied breast cancer is now my greatest challenge of my life, and I am defy the odds, kicking arse..and want to continue to do so.
    Balanced nutrition and an awesome support group of family and friends. This all being a part of my wellness programme. Pilates has always been on my list, unfortunately it’s always come down to a cost factor, as all of the other work I have done on my own. My treatment costs are very expensive. Reformer work is something I have a passion for and I know I will gain amazing benefits just need to get started. I have a goal to one day do a course to become a Pilates reformer instructor to help and educate other cancer patients in the benefits of Pilates. Thank you for this great opportunity to help me get started. I do wish all
    other entries good luck, but putting it out there for ME to hopefully be the lucky one this time.
    Cheers Dianne

  74. Annemarie

    I am eager to start at Best Body Trigg. I haven’t managed to get back into fitness since having my 2nd child 16 months ago. I would like to lose weight and get more toned, but my most importantly get some strength back into my core and Pelvic floor muscles. I feel very weak in my core and I know I must have a significant abdominal separation. I would like to get stronger so I can be a better fitter mother for my children. To get some confidence back. To do something for me. To get stronger before some surgery I need to have at the end of the year. And to restore my core strength before having anymore children in the future. I am looking forward to starting at Best Body Trigg and having a free membership would really help as I am unable to work at the moment. Thanks so much

  75. Jenny

    I have never tried pilates and have always wanted to try.
    I am a keen walker to keep myself fit but know i need to strengthen my core as i age gracefully.

    • Helen

      Hi! I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Best Body in Trigg 🙂 I have 2 little kids and I would be so excited if my ‘me time’ was not getting the groceries on my own but instead a full mind and body nourishment session! I have tried mat pilates before and loved that the class really forced me to focus on the present; on my breathing and stretching. I would love to try reformer pilates in what sounds like a very supported environment. I would love to build a better me. My focus would be on core strength and flexibility but also I would hope to form some new friendships from Best Body and the local Trigg community.

  76. Joni McCallum

    It’s time for me to find my best body again! Too many years of putting others first have taken their toll. My scoliosis is playing up, I’ve done some floor Pilates and while they help it’s nothing like Pilates in the reformer. It’s time to get my back sorted before I age much more and it’s irreversible. I need to stretch, strengthen, and get fit, something I know Pilates can do for me all at once. The chance to make some like minded friends and share a laugh would be great too.
    Congratulations on your new studio!

  77. Melissa Thornton

    It’s time for a little me!
    My 2 & 4 year old daughters are the center of my world and much of the last few years has been devoted to them.
    I want to be the best role model I can be for my girls and that means putting some effort into me; good food, returning to exercise and work/life balance. I took my girls to their first gymnastics class this morning and while doing the warm up activities got quite a shock at the way my body moves, or more accurately, doesn’t!
    Trigg is right around the corner so this would be the perfect start, no excuses, it’s time for me!

  78. Trease

    For too long I’ve been out of the Pilates game, HIIT took over ‘till back troubles returned; freakin’ lame.
    An L5 fracture from 15 years past,
    often rears a painful head when life goes too fast.
    My only relief from the aching, dull sore,
    is found in stretching, reaching and engaging the core.
    And so I must return to the Pilates crew,
    lest I be a hunchback at the ripe age of 32.

  79. Janet Anderson

    Such a generous offer Thank you for taking the time to consider me.

    I currently attend a reformer Pilates session once a week with my Physio which I love. I’ve been doing so for about four or five years now and my core strength has certainly improved.
    The days I attend my Pilates sessions I am usually more energetic and I feel happy.
    To be able to attend Pilates more frequently would be a dream come true and what a great opportunity for me to challenge myself.
    Fingers crossed …

  80. Janet Schofield

    Hi I am 63 next month and have lived a fairly active life but with work commitments and aging parents I have neglected to exercise regularly over the past few years. Age is marching on and I have noticed a significant decline in my flexibility and strength. I know from seeing my parents that you have to”keep moving and exercising”. I think Reformer Pilates could benefit me in so many ways, physical, mental, emotional and social!!! I would love to be considered for this opportunity 🙂

  81. Suzie

    I would like a 6 month membership! 3 kids and lots of high intensity exercise over the years has taken its toll on me. I’d like to be able to get my body strong and into shape without wreaking it more. As I’m getting older (46), I feel my body doesn’t take kindly to anything impacting my joints and back, yet I know I need to do something to get stronger and stay fit.
    I’d love to see if reformer pilates can help me become lean, strong and get rid of the mum tum once and for all.

  82. Michelle T

    I have been a devoted reformer pilates convert for the last 7 months (Hillarys & moved now to Duncraig).
    I am 47 and have never done much exercise EVER in my life.
    As I was getting older my body was telling me I needed to shape up or suffer the consequences…
    I have found my exercise nirvana with reformer pilates and for the 1st time in my life am enjoying exercise.
    Yes I still have a long way to go but the results I have seen in the last 7 months are great and more importantly I leave a session feeling great!!!
    As a single mum winning a 6 month membership would mean a lot to me as I have had to make some sacrifices to achieve the 2x sessions a week I currently go to.
    Thanks for your consideration Tarryn (hoping not being a newbie to Best Body doesn’t count against me!!!)

  83. Judy Calcei

    When my dad got sick just over 12 months ago, my exercise routine went out the window. Since then I have seen my muscle tone and flexibility disappear and the weight pile on. In the last 4 months I have started doing the occasional Pilates class and have found I love the way I feel after a class. I think winning this membership will help me find my motivation for regular exercise again and get back the muscle tone and flexibility I have lost and also put me in a better mental state to care for my dad

  84. Joh

    I started Pilates over a year ago and had to stop at the beginning of this year due to time and financial constraints. Having been away from the studio I came to realise that Pilates changed my life. It gave me something to focus on when I didn’t have the time to focus on myself. Owning and running a business, the only time I had to myself was in my Pilates practise. Physically I felt stronger, leaner and ready to take on my day..but it was the mental clarity and time out that gave me so much more. The minute I walked through the doors of the pilates studio I felt an instant calm, time for me – the focus on my breathing took me away from my busy day and gave me focus and as a result I was able to give more to my business. You guys do a great job. Congratulations on the growth. Look forward to seeing my new local studio.

  85. Tahlia

    I’d absolutely love this My beautiful daughter is just over 12 months and my body since having her is just not the same. I’m struggling to loose the last bit of my baby weight, so this membership would help me so much with my weight loss/toning goals. I’m also working on my strength and flexibility to keep up with her. So this would be the perfect ‘ME’ time so that I can work on becoming a strong and present mumma for my family!

  86. Raine

    The membership would help me give something back to myself. I’ve been giving my everything to my kids and everyone else and somewhere along the way I forgot about me. I told myself this year would be my year! It’s time to balance my life and start doing something for myself! It’s time to rebuild my strength, my mind and my fitness!

  87. LR

    So the thought of Pilates has interested me and I nearly joined as a foundation member of Hillarys. Trigg is so much closer. I have been busy looking after unwell parents for the last couple of years and have had no time for myself. I have MS although you wouldn’t probably know it to look at me. Pilates is highly recommended to encourage maintain range of motion. I also need to lose weight and this would allow me to try something new in a convenient and safe environment. I’m excited to try this new Studio as I’ve heard so many positive stories about the other studios and people swear by it. I’d love to be considered for the 6 month membership I think it might just be what I need to encourage me to get through the door. Congratulations Tarryn on bringing Pilates to Trigg!

  88. Kira Tessler

    I may be wiser but it appears middle age has some down falls. Gravity is graciously pulling my body parts to the floor along with my energy levels and movement is a mine field of risk! Could the next time I bend down to pick up a towel or turn to smile sweetly at my children in the back of the car be the random twist or tweak which means pain, visits to the physio and sensible shoes. I reminisce about the days when I felt strong and could rely on my body to support me rather than work against me. Oh to be young, strong and fit again … or maybe I should stop dreaming, embrace middleagedom, don the active wear and start stretching and strengthening with Best Body Pilates. I know the answer. Perhaps being older and wiser isn’t such a bad thing after all!

  89. Milinda Walker

    As a first time mum to a beautiful 16 month old I struggle to prioritise myself, a best body pilates membership would enable to do this, finding myself again both mentally and physically

    • Tara Hamilton

      I had a cute baby, now we both got rolls!
      I dream as I feed her, what’s my mumma goals?
      I’m wobbly and stiff, never reaching my toes;
      where’s a magic place, Pilates peeps goes?
      To sweat, slide and glide to a happier bod;
      cheer on fellow mums, a ‘best body squad!’
      Dearest Tarryn I’d like to tone my chookie arms;
      Pilates at Trigg, should I set my alarms?!

  90. Rose

    Best Body has changed my life! After several visits to the GP with back pain, X-rays to find out nothing I didn’t already know and weekly Physiotherapy sessions, i was still in constant lower back pain. I was then introduced to Reformer Pilates by a friend about a year ago. After about 4 months my back pain has all but disappeared. I have a stronger body, better core strength, a positive mind and I have learnt to feel and move my body during exercise correctly under the guidance of the awesome instructors at Best Body. They genuinely look after each and everyone of us, correcting our positions to get the most out of every exercise without injury and just having a great laugh each session. Each class is different so you never get bored and I love that each exercise is differentiated depending on your strength/ability. I’ll be part of the Best Body family until I’m 100. Any BODY can do Best Body Reformer Pilates!

  91. Erin Hawtin

    I need a Best Body Pilates membership in my life! As a working Mum I’ve gradually made myself last on the list of priorities and my body has begun to suffer from it. I’ve always kept up a good fitness routine but since having my second son 16 months ago I feel weak, particularly in my core and have been experiencing back pain, which I’ve never had before. The Trigg location is so accessible for me and I’d look forward to having time for me, improving my core and overall strength and flexibility with best body Pilates:)

  92. Vanessa Bird

    I have an old back injury and then 2 years ago I dislocated my hip and tore my labrum front and back which healed without surgery. I have always been a runner but since hurting my hip I’ve been told no running and only low impact exercises. I have been doing reformer Pilates on and off for the last 12 months and have noticed more strength and flexibility. I would love a membership to continue with my rehabilitation.

  93. Megan

    Being the main bread winner for our house as ptn stays home with 4 and 5 year old. I work full time and often do longer hours to make ends meet and pay the bills.

    I am 41 year old mother who is out shape. I have had many broken bones from two motorcycle accidents. I am in pain in my back all the time from desk job and starting to feel achy on a daily basis.

    Would love the opportunity to win a membership to do something for myself outside of work and put myself and health first.

  94. Catherine Hill

    I have prioritised my health over the last 5 years, and am now walking around in a body I am proud of. Healthy eating and exercise has literally changed my life The challenge that I’m now facing is that due to various muscle imbalances and weakness and lack of flexibility the higher intensity exercise is becoming harder to recover from and causing a lot of pain. I would love the opportunity to try this to allow me to continue building my best body!

    • Sharon

      First all of thankyou for the opportunity Taryn to enter this competition for a Pilates membership.
      I’m a mum of 2 children, I’ve the years worked several jobs but now working part time and I’ve been wanting to do something for me for a change. After being involved in high impact sports over the years it starting to take a toll on my body. My right shoulder, knees and ankles tell that story. Pilates would benefit my body to transform, work the muscles needs and regain that flexibility I’m now lacking! It times for me and take charge of my aging body and health.
      All the best to everyone in the competition and once again thankyou Tarryn.

  95. Catherine Hill

    I have prioritised my health over the last 5 years, and am now walking around in a body I am proud of. Healthy eating and exercise has literally changed my life The challenge that I’m now facing is that due to various muscle imbalances and weakness and lack of flexibility the higher intensity exercise is becoming harder to recover from and causing a lot of pain. I would love the opportunity to try this to allow me to continue building my best body! X

  96. Stacey Schurtz

    I have just lost a huge amount of weight but I’m flabby, intoned and stiff in my joints and back. Walking far is hard after botched ankle surgery a few years ago and I don’t seem to recover well after going to a gym due to autoimmune condition. I need something gentle, yet toning and this seems like the perfect way to achieve that. My friend is a member at Hillarys and she is so much more flexible and feels great. I want to feel strong and capable of anything again and I want the guidance offered to help me achieve it.

  97. Rebecca Newton

    I’m a mum of 2, a fulltime nutrition and dietetics uni student and I work part-time. I’ve got myself back into the bad habit of saying I have no time for exercise. I’d really love to try reformer pilates as pilates and yoga have always scared me as I’ve always been so inflexible, yet I know this type of exercise would be so good for me. Reformer seems like it can better support my body in terms of posture until I gain strength again. I’m keen to get back into running and cycling and need to get my core strength sorted. I’m doing the 200km ride for cancer research in October and need all the help I can get my body ready.

  98. Lauren McInerney

    I’m currently doing a high intensity workout plan and love it, but I want to take my core strength and toning to the next level. I believe best body will be able to help me not only with that, but also creating an overall healthier lifestyle allowing me to love my body like never before!

  99. Rebecca Johnston

    I’ve had ongoing neck pain since I was a teenager and for the past 6 years my left shoulder and down my arm has got tight and sore. I did feel some benefits attending classes and sessions in your mount Lawley practice however it was too far for me to travel with increasing work demands. I’d like to strengthen my entire body to reduce the pain and believe reformer Pilates along with Physio and massage will get me there. I hope to hear from you soon!

  100. Kim Naidoo

    I believe doing reformer pilates is much more than just fitness or having the “perfect” body. I would love to develop myself – mind, body and spirit. I want to be able to work on my strength and core strength as I have recently just joined ERT (Emergency Response Team) at work at the mines (FIFO). I am quite small and want to prove that I am a valuable team member. Emergency situations include putting out fires, rescuing people underground at the mines, road rescues, rope rescue and carrying out first aid to save someone’s life. Being an ERT member involves strength, dedication, calmness and a positive attitude. I feel that reformer pilates will help me build a better me. I will be able to get fit and strong, but also develop my personal skills like being focussed, self aware and overall just be happier. I truly believe having good mental health is so important for your well-being, that is one of my main reasons why I would love to join the Trigg reformer pilates family, as it will encourage me to be happy and love myself! Because if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

  101. Leigh Evans

    Oh boy, do I need your help.
    Lost 29 kgs I the past, and it has just started to move again – I the wrong direction. I need you.
    Pick be! Pick me!
    Oh please, pick me.

  102. Dana

    I have been doing HIIT training for over 8 years and have achieved a great level of fitness and never been happier with my body…its not perfect, but its my body shape. I would like to try something a little less impact but still be able to keep fit and have my best body. I’m 40 now and I feel I am still fit and healthy and love to exercise to sweat and my body type needs exercise. I have heard and seen great things about reformer pilates and am desperate to give it a go and see what kind of results I can get from it. PICK ME PLEASE…

  103. Louise Hogan

    I’ve been weight training and now HIIT training for many years. I keep myself reasonably fit but I am noticing that as I get older, my back is not coping with the weights like it used to!
    I have had a taste of reformer pilates and I really enjoyed it however, I did find it a bit boring! But I know many people who swear by pilates and they look amazing too!
    So, I’d love the opportunity to dedicate an extended period of my training to reformer pilates and see where it takes me. Thank you xx

  104. natasha

    For me personally Reformer Pilates is about improving the back and neck pain i deal with everyday. I have terrible posture and terrible clicking habit that leaves me constantly uncomfortable and twitchy and tense throughout the day no matter what i do.

    Reformer in the past has improved my day to day comfort so much and in turn has made a difference to my outlook in life in general. I just want to go back to that!

  105. Ceri

    I would love to win this Best Body membership for many reasons. Having just relocated back to Perth, I am looking to re-establish a routine, meet new people and find a new love for something that helps both my mind and my body. I am active already since I swim and run/gym but I mostly do this alone and I want to do something where I can improve my strength and flexibility as part of a team and feel regular reformer Pilates will help me do just that! Thank you for sharing such an amazing offer!

  106. Sam

    I would love to win the Best Body membership. I already run, but think reformer pilates would really help to tone and lengthen my muscles. To have some added flexibility and better posture would be so good, but I also think what it brings to the mind and general well being would be so beneficial for me

  107. Danielle Wallace

    This would mean the world to me. I’m a mum of 2 and have been struggling with my weight for quite sometime to the point of considering weight loss surgery – although it scares me and I really want to be an example that you can do it without the help of the medical industry. I am looking to transform myself to where I once used to be – so lose 30 kg. I love Pilates & losing the weight will allow me to feel great, have self love & worth again and be a great example to my kids. I’m worried they are going to follow my path or weight gain. Thanks for your consideration.

  108. Lauren

    Pregnancy left me with not only a beautiful baby, but type 1 diabetes too. I’ve always been a runner, but intense cardo exercise is difficult to manage as a diabetic, with fluctuations in blood sugar that make me nervous every time I pull on my runners.
    I’d love the opportunity to experience reformer pilates, as resistance exercise is scientifically proven to increase insulin sensitivity and it doesn’t bring the unpredictable highs and lows that come with cardio training. It couldn’t hurt to strengthen and tighten those areas that became a little weak after birth, too.
    I don’t believe I’m any more deserving of the membership than anyone else, but I’d be so grateful for the opportunity!

  109. Ashley

    I used to be a runner when I was younger, both short and long distances and I’m trying to get back into running again (now 24) because I feel as though it is great for both my physical and mental health. However I am really struggling and have been to a physio that advised I am experiencing patellofemoral pain syndrome and I have be advised to strengthen my glutes. I would personally like to strengthen and tone all of my muscles and I have been reading up about reformer Pilates and I feel as though I would really benefit from teaching my whole body balance, endurance and strength.

  110. Julae Kubus

    I’ve never been one to attend the gym or put myself or my fitness first. When my daughter first paid for my Pilates classes I couldn’t say no. Fast forward 6 months and I’m a first time grandma and addicted to Best Body Reformer Pilates. It helps my precious back fractures, inspired me to eat healthy and I’ve already lost 10kgs. Winning this Trigg membership would be inspirational to strengthen my back, tone my grandma legs and pick up my cheeky 6 month old granddaughter off the ground. You’ve saved years off my life already and I would be so grateful to continue this journey at Trigg! My grip socks are ready to go!!

  111. Georgia Moffat

    I hurt my back a few months ago at work. I’m a full time nurse so I’m constantly on my feet doing manual handling. I’ve tried a lot to help with the pain and to rebuild muscle but nothing seems to help. My Physio, along with other nurses at work recommended reformer Pilates. I’d be so grateful to win this amazing opportunity that would be so beneficial to my health.

  112. Caitlin

    I am a therapist who works one-on-one with children on the Autism spectrum, and those with other disorders and disabilities. My work and my little clients are the lights of my life, however, the past 5 years of doing this have given me real issues with my back, neck and posture. I’m either sitting on little chairs for little people and hunching over to work with them, picking them up (because it makes them giggle.. I can’t argue with that!), lifting bigger people who can’t lift themselves safely, or protecting bigger people from inflicting harm on themselves. Either way, my long days can be a struggle, but it’s still a struggle that I love to show up for. I have read the wonderful things of reformer pilates and know that practicing this could support me in doing a good job of what I love doing every day, not only physically, but mentally. I, if I’m being quite honest, really need a way of winding down and looking after myself after my long, high-stress days, too. I love my job, but I struggle to find the time to care for myself, and my after-work wind down time generally consists of lengthy emails, followed by a stressed out Netflix binge and a solid hour of biting my nails. It isn’t the way to live, and my brain craves balance. I’d love to work with you to try to find that. Thank you.

  113. Mischa

    I’m a 50 yr old solo mum and over the last 11-12 years my health and fitness have taken a back seat to being a mum. Winning a membership for 6 months would push me to actually find the time to look after my body, my health, my happiness. I need to regain flexibility and strength. And improve my cardio capability. I can walk for ages but that isn’t building muscle, strengthening my core or increasing my flexibility. This is my time to re-focus and put myself first, and if not then at least equal 🙂

  114. Anna Wood

    After a few months of Pilates, the positive and noticeable changes in my body are becoming obvious. A gentle start twice per week gave my body time to strengthen core muscles to protect the bad disc in my back and improve flexibility – my physical weaknesses thanks to five children and too many years of no formal exercise. Once the baseline core strength and flexibility improved, I was keen to see greater changes to muscle tone and strength. Progressing to three weekly classes has accelerated the results and the changes are becoming obvious. The benefits are amazing, especially for a low impact and quick class. You can start from any baseline fitness, weight strength and flexibility and see results almost immediately. Four times per week would be a game changer and see me reaching goals that I hadn’t even considered when starting my Pilates journey.

  115. Rachael

    I am a mum of two who has done mat Pilates before but would love to do reformer Pilates. With two young little ones 2 and 5 a 6 month membership would give me the opportunity to get my core strength back and improve my mental health!! With the kids expenses and house we are still building and finishing after 5 year progress and hubbie that works 6 days it would be amazing to have this opportunity. And it is so close to me I would to be part of the new community you are creating in Trigg!

  116. Leonie Wallace

    I am a 54 year old and was always involved in sport when I was younger, but since having problems with carpel tunnel and knee issues, I’ve had to stop. I am also a naturally muscular build and finding that my flexibility is suffering terribly. My osteopath suggested pilates and hence I’m really interested in getting some help with ease of movement. I’m in Gwelup, so being able to have somewhere so close to attend would be perfect and hopefully be an incentive for my partner to join me!


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