Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Southport soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll choose the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Southport for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Southport.


  1. Angela Dunn

    I have been training with weights for the last 5-6 years and have struggled to prioritise training all the small muscles that are responsible for stabilising the joints. As a result I have had numerous knee and shoulder problems, yet still struggle to include what is needed into my training routine. After seeing one of ny good friends get such great results with pilates, I want to see if I can get the stability and strength while learning more body awareness!

    • Neelam

      I am a busy mother of 3 children. I love a good reformers workout. My muscles feel longer and leaner. It gets my heart rate up. It is easy on joints. I can choose the pace and resistance levels. The best feeling is the endorphins after a challenging workout. It comes from the mind-body- breath connection and awareness. It takes you in an almost meditative state. I have also gotten stronger consistently. It’s helped with strength and endurance. It is something i will continue doing for myself. Best workout ever.

      • Lisa

        I’m a mum of 2 very active teenage boys. This past year, I’ve really lost my mojo & the want to do anything. My sciatica doesn’t help either. This is soo not me. I loved getting out & about & moving. Exercising at home is just not the same, it’s quite lonely. Reformer is something that has always peaked an interest in trying but I’ve felt too intimidated to start with being a newby. I need to get my groove back & find my happiness again.

        • Karen Rogasch

          I would so love to win 6 mths free reformer pilates. I am finding now that I need to engage my core muscles more as I have just finished 6 rounds of chemotherapy for Non hodgkins lymphoma.
          It has slowed down my digestive system so much that I have put on weight around my middle and finding it hard to lose.
          I am an ironman triathlete and have always wanted to give reformer pilates a try as it would be so beneficial in my training and recovery.

      • Nicole

        I’m a mum of 2 very active teens & supporter of hubbys business.
        For years in my younger years i was very active an active female whom loved to dance, swim play netball, aerobics & perform physical culture. Sure time has passed now in my 40’s but so did the priority of playing sport or doing something purely for me .I strongly believe Best Body Reformer Pilates is just what i need. I have been sitting on the fence since moving here 3 yrs ago aware that i need to do something more active for me but need something more gentle on joints for me other than the odd walk or swim . I believe this membership would support a regular routine of gradually building, supporting & strengthening my joints, small muscles, prevent stiffness, increase movement range, increase circulation, metabolism, build confidence & aid overall wellbeing for a more positive sense of self & wellbeing & much more .This would certainly be the nourishment my mid 40s body needs & allow me to regularly prioritise me whilst building & maintaining a better version of myself in a supportive & positive environment .
        I am also very excitted about your location as very local to my daily school runs= no excuses ❣

    • Natasha Kinbacher

      I have started pole dancing and feel that reformer pilates would help strengthen and lengthen all my muscles and encourage use of my core muscles and not just my major muscles!

    • Vera Spiel

      I’m 69 years old ,was bitten by my cat,spend 5 weeks in hospital,my body went septic,slowly recovert and needless to say ,unfit, had to stop working (med massage therapist ) however on a pension it is hard to effort pilates lessons,which has always be my favorite exercise ,got super results,fellt like a million dollars,would like to get back there,many thanks Vera

    • Desiree Benjamin

      I am battling to lose weight, work in an office and do not excercise, would enjoy trying this out!

  2. Monika Jasinska

    All springs on, lay down, right foot in strap, left hand holds weight, engage your t zone, now bring your leg and arm down while alternating with the other leg. Breathe, hold, pulse, repeat. And don’t forget to smile. How fun! Especially when you’re not the only one trying to survive the exercise. Best body reformer pilates can challenge me, help me become stronger, more confident, more coordinated, and happier. To get these significant changes, one must commit. A membership can help with exactly that!

  3. Ellen McDonald

    Pre-covid I loved reformer pilates and yoga to manage my scoliosis and chronic pain. I felt so strong and flexible with minimal aches and pains. This past year has been rough, losing my routine and not having the motivation to get back into regular classes. Finding a good support network to get that encouragement to care for myself again is exactly what I need!

  4. Kaye Dallow

    Now in my fifties, I recognise the importance of physical fitness for my mental health, in addition to wanting to look and feel physically fit. I have not exercised for a few years now, and I know I need to start a new fitness regime. I am excited about starting your new journey with you and working alongside you as we both develop our fitness programs.

    • Mark

      Maybe you should start slowly and begin by joining me for another marvellous dinner together, but with just 1 Champagne each! …

  5. Arielle Pearce

    I would love love love to win a membership with Best Body Southport as I feel Reformer Pilates will help me reach my fitness and well-being goals in a low impact way. For years I have done boxing, cycle, body combat, running etc which have, while increasing my fitness, led to strains on my body including an over-active pelvic floor and extremely tight muscles. I have read about the great results from Reformer Pilates and believe it will increase my core strength, flexibility, all over muscle strength in a lower impact, fun way! The classes will be an opportunity for me to have “me” time in a hectic, face-paced world and a chance for me to focus on my physical and mental health.

    • Jaz Stokes

      After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was only 11 years old, I have always struggled to find the right training for my body – specifically needing low impact with high results. I have been doing weight training now for the last few hours to build strength in my body as I prefer to stay off medications and find the best medicine is to build my own body up instead of relying on medicines to survive. I have had a friend recommend reformer Pilates after seeing her amazing results in such a short period of time so I am really keen to give it a go but the price has always put me off as it seems quite expensive. To win a free membership would be exactly what I need to get started. After reading so many other people’s comments about why they wish to win, I didn’t want to submit this as everyone seems so deserving. I wish you all the best 🙂

  6. Olivia

    I am a 41 yo female. I have been struggling with pain for the last 7 years. My posture is very bad, I have no muscle strength and can not do things like boot camps or group training fads. I want to do something sustainable that I enjoy. I do enjoy exercise (Walking), but this is not enough to help my body repair my bad posture and create muscle tone which will in turn keep my pain managable. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalsia, my body aches and i have been told that Pilates, especially reformer would help my symptoms greatly, but being in a family on one wage after loosing my job last year, pilates is out of my reach to do multiple times a week. Having a free 6 month membership will kick start my journey of strengthening, toning, weight loss and free my body of crippling pain. Being so close in Southport it would be easy for me to get to multiple classes per week and would transform not only my body but my life. Thank you for the oppertunity to apply for this wonderful prize.

  7. Angie Brown

    Struggling with depression and really needing a lift to get out me out of this ‘place’ I know I can do this but all changes have to start with me, from within, from a place where each morning is a beautiful start to get out of bed, embrace the day and find that change to a meeting a motivated self.
    I just know that given the chance with a membership my whole life would turn around in so many ways. With fitness and guidance my mental health, my physical shape, my motivation and self esteem would be on a whole new level.. a brand new path! I am 100% committed to really give this my best shot ever! Please and Thank you you are very kind to offer this competition.

    • Neelam

      I am a busy mother of 3 children. I love a good reformers workout. My muscles feel longer and leaner. It gets my heart rate up. It is easy on joints. I can choose the pace and resistance levels. The best feeling is the endorphins after a challenging workout. It comes from the mind-body- breath connection and awareness. It takes you in an almost meditative state. I have also gotten stronger consistently. It’s helped with strength and endurance. It is something i will continue doing for myself. Best workout ever.

  8. Kahlia Jeffcoat

    I would love to win a membership with Best Body Southport. I have gained weight lately which has had an impact on my mental health therefore I feel Reformer Pilates will help my posture, physical and mental health to try and be the best version of myself for my family.

  9. Cherie Clayton

    Even more than “me” needing this, my family needs this! I have spent so much time and all of my energy making sure that everyone else is taken care of. I truly need a reason to get back to taking care of my own mind and body. I know this will make me a better Mum, partner and human! I would appreciate the support and company of other people dedicated to health and wellness. Thank you for supporting those of us who don’t always feel like we are able to ask for help xx

  10. Joanne Klos

    As a busy working mum I find reformer pilates helps with stress, headaches and is good for the soul. Being an allround workout, reformer pilates is a great way to tone without hitting mind numbing and judgemental gyms.
    Being surrounded by a great support crew makes working out enjoyable and fun. Can’t wait for the new studio to open.

  11. Belinda

    I’ve recently turned 40 and my usual routine of running and walking is just not cutting it anymore. My youngest child is 10 and I still haven’t regained my core strength that was destroyed by abdominal separation during my pregnancies.
    My sister in law is a reformer pilates instructor overseas and I am in awe of her physique and fitness and I would love to reach even a smidge of that for myself.
    A Best Body membership would help me kickstart a new and improved fitness regime and help me reach a place where I’m happy or at least comfortable with my body again.

  12. Kat Inman

    I had my kids over ten years ago and I am still sporting that baby belly! I have tried all types of exercise and the bulge has not improved.
    Not through lack of trying! I’m strong with pretty good fitness. I know reformer Pilates is what I need to do as I have friends with the same issue get amazing results. There just hasn’t been a facility near by. I work in Southport and if given the opportunity I will give you 100% commitment and a great before and after photo! Thanks for the opportunity and your consideration.

  13. Wendy Nutt

    I find reformer pilates to be the best exercise for maintaining whole body movement. My remedial massage therapist has long been advocating it to help maintain joint movement and decrease tightness in my upper body, specifically around my shoulders and upper ribs. I have tried other pilates studios and found them pushy for fitness and weightloss, not advocating for overall health and wellbeing so I don’t continue with classes as they leave me feeling stressed. I believe best body pilates has the right attitude to help me in my overall wellness and to keep me on track towards my best mind and body.

  14. Brooke maidment

    I have been through slot of health set backs over the last 4 years. Multiple operations have really set back my fitness journey and I have been slowly trying to restart my fitness journey and would love to join the Pilates family.

  15. Rosaline Naude

    I have heard great things about Reformer Pilates, but have never had the opportunity to do this due to not having a studio close to where I work or live. I have always been physically fit and strong, but after my hysterectomy almost 2 years ago, I have struggled to lose my belly fat. I do yoga and gym workouts and have tried normal pilates which improved my core muscles, but I still can’t tone my waist and abs. I know that this is the classes I need as it has come highly recommended.
    I will be committed and one of your best students if I am given this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you:)

  16. Tabitha Wood

    I Love my body, I do as many things as I can to love, care and respect it. For me, Best Body Reformer Pilates is one of the things I can do in caring for myself. For the Physical benefits of developing and increasing a strong, healthy body, from the core to the exterior, Mental benefits of ‘me’ time and doing something I enjoy and the emotional benefits of connecting with like-minded individuals. I am 33 weeks pregnant and appreciate the benefits Pilates can have during pregnancy, assisting in labour and post-partum recovery.

  17. Bernadette Bromley

    Good Morning,

    I have had a back operation disc replacement L4/L5 and l feel and believe that Pilates would be the best option for me.

    It would give me a strong lean body, one l would not have to cover and hide anymore.

    Thank you for this opportunity X

  18. Anne Galvin

    I will be 71 in a few weeks. I think I look pretty good for my age and have been working out at the gym on an off for quite a few years. Recently I have been struggling with lower back pain and that has put a halt to my weight training. I have this wonderful friend who was Miss universe Australia a few years ago who does reformer Pilates. She is long and lean and looks fantastic. That is the look I am wanting to achieve by doing Pilates. I also think it will be easier on my back. I don’t have a pinched nerve or anything just a bit of osteo so still able to exercise. I am so looking forward to you opening your new studio at Southport and whatever the result I will be there in full force!

  19. Jennifer

    I am a mother of twins . I have been going to the gym for years but in the last couple have been having some lower back issues . Reformer Pilates would help me strengthen my core and lower back to so I might not have to visit the Chiropractor every month and the issues might cease to flare up .


    What a wonderful opportunity to win a Pilates reformer membership.
    I’ve been wanting to join a Pilates studio in my area for the past 12 months but it just hasn’t happened.
    I go to my local gym and do a few classes there and I’ve been wanting to mix it up.
    I’ve also thought about being more kinder to myself and being mindful that Pilates would be a lot more beneficial for me as I’m getting older.
    I like to exercise for many reasons as it makes me feel good and is also good for my mind too.
    I also like to go to a community where I have like minded people that enjoy getting fit together.
    I’m on a mission to get fitter, stronger and healthier.
    So thank you

  21. Tarn Burgess

    I’ve never done reformer Pilates before, but have loved the few basic classes of mat based of Pilates I have done.
    I’ve struggled with a bulging disc in my back which has caused me so much pain throughout parts of my life.
    I am recently separated, have three kids and work full time so I struggle to put in time for my self care. I have finally prioritised my health and would love to build strength, flexibility and if I could lose some of this weight… cough cough 30kgs… well that would be an amazing boost for my self confidence and general feeling of self worth.

  22. Ally Mazey

    HI! I am 41 with two children and have always been active. I have enjoyed Pilates before but not had the time to make it regular. But…. as life does, my body has decided its time to make a change and I have been suffering with a bulging disc which is affecting my sciatic nerve running down my leg. The pain has been relentless and ongoing for the last 7 months.
    To avoid surgery, my specialist and physio have suggested Pilates and I am desperately looking for an option which can fit into my full time work schedule as a single mum (which is also a new development!)
    I would love to be able to work hard to relieve my back issue and constant pain.
    Please HELP!!

  23. Ruby Priestley

    I’ve been looking into reformer Pilates for a little while now. I am currently six months post ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery, and whilst my gym routine and rehab plan is in place, I think I that the additional support from an instructor will be so helpful in rebuilding and strengthening my body. I love the additional integrated services that Best Body offers and I would feel confident to try reformer Pilates at Best Body because of those services.

  24. Sim

    I’ve always struggled with finding a workout I genuinely enjoy and being able to stick to it. Reformer Pilates is something I’ve always wanted to do, however being a full time student it’s hard to maintain memberships as reformer Pilates can be quite expensive and for good reason. I’d love to have the opportunity to maintain a great workout routine with so many benefits not only physically but also mentally. I wish you all the best with this new studio

  25. Sheridan Brember

    I am way too old to be jumping around a gym while listening to blaring music. Pilates will be a great way to bring balance back to my life and body.

  26. Charmaine King

    I have never done Pilates before but have heard so many great things. I am a bit overweight and unfit. I have a lot of joint pain and stiffness and I think that Best Body Reformer Pilates would be a low impact way of gaining strength and flexibility and maybe lose a bit of weight too. I feel ready to make a change!

  27. Sandy Kaden

    HI !
    I’m in my late 50’s and have been in and out of gym’s for many years ,but unfortunate, that I can’t do gym anymore due to some injuries and illness . I did enjoy mat Pilates but have never tried Reformer Pilates. Would love to have the opportunity to win this. Physio’s have suggested to do Pilates as it would be of great benefit to me. It sounds like such fun while improving my fitness at the same time . Also meeting new people !!!
    All the Best with your Opening and hope to enjoy some classes there even if I don’t win .


  28. Olivia M.

    After spending the last 10 years with a BMI classed as morbidity obese, I have recently lost almost 45kg..
    During Covid I discovered Reformer Pilates. Wow, what a game changer.
    It did not take long to see the changes in my body and it wasn’t just me who noticed! I was told I looked like a dancer once by a stranger. What?! After so many years loathing my body and being so confused about the best way to stay active, I have finally found the contentment I yearned. Pilates is not just a fad for me, this is something I will adopt for life. You’ll definitely be catching me on the reformer when I’m 80! On the practical side, Pilates is a little out of my budget right now so a free membership would be next level amazing! Congrats on the new studio!

    • Olivia M.

      Yep, I should’ve read the questions properly. That’s me, jumping the gun!
      A Best Body Reformer Membership will help me by staying accountable to the promise I made myself. Not to make something temporary but a lifestyle. To encourage others that we can all learn something new at any age – I’m 42.
      And to slowly build my strength and body to beyond my expectations. And to make new friends in the studio of course!

  29. Lucy Shepherd

    I have numerous tendon and muscle tightness issues along with back problems that have only gotten worse over the years. After a back injury that was pretty hard to recover from, reformer pilates (with an exercise physiologist) was the only thing that really helped and showed continued progress. I couldn’t continue after recovery as the cost is prohibitive but would love to be able to get back into it!

  30. Pippa

    For many years I have been an avid gym attender (6 sessions a week) and have dabbled in and out of reformer pilates but have never maintained a regular routine due to the cost involved.

    I would love to be given an opportunity to incorporate pilates as a consistent part of my everyday wellness routine because I loved how I felt during and after each session I have attended in the past. Instead of a hot, sweaty and lifeless mess, I felt like a goddess – calm, strong, confident and healthy. When I have attended reformer pilates, for the first time in my life, exercise felt like I was giving my body and mind the self-love (not self-punishment) it deserved!

  31. Rita Noon

    I am 62 years of age, play tennis quite a bit and am finding that my strength is dwindling. I went to a few reformer Pilates classes with a friend and have started to think that this is exercise routine for Moi. I have done some floor Pilates and was not overly excited.
    It is time for me to take the next step in safe guarding my future body, hence my interest in becoming serious about reformer Pilates.
    Another tennis playing friend has bought her own machine and I have watched her reshape, strengthen and tighten her body – yet another sign that I need to do this.
    It would be superb to win some classes, as this could be a great kick-start and I thank you for offering such a great incentive.

  32. Koren Hannah

    I am 37 years old and blessed with a great shape body, but sometimes that means I am slack with my strength and conditioning training. Its not all about looks but how you feel too! I have been having neck and shoulder issues, carrying stress. As I work as a social worker / psychologist with refugees settling in Australia. Sometimes I forget to do things for myself. Having a membership and set class timetable would mean that I allocate this time for myself, I show up, I destress those shoulder muscles, I clear my mind and transform that well being feeling.

  33. Rachael

    I’m 48 years young and have always said to myself that I would love to try Pilates as I was looking for high intensity low impact exercise that would’nt trigger my asthma & increase my serotonin levels.
    I joined one with an introductory price. I really enjoyed it even though it was for 5 session, it was controlled and got a lot out of it even after a small amount of time & didn’t trigger my asthma, but the membership was out of my reach. So I continue doing my beach walks instead.
    I work down the road from brickworks so as far as convenience it’s perfect. I would love to have the membership so I can get back into it to, feel stronger, fitter and to help with all round wellbeing

  34. Rachel

    Reformer and general Pilates helped me get some pelvic floor back after injury. I would love the opportunity to work on myself for building strength and stamina without the high impact. I’m on a journey of rediscovery in terms of fitness and feel RP would build core and resilience for anything else I embark on.

  35. Alisha Hartman

    I had spinal surgery late last year and am cleared and excited to get back into getting fit and strong. I would really love to work on strengthening my core. I have PTSD and can not afford reformer pilates but believe it would be the best low-impact way to tone, sculpt and strengthen my body. I believe a membership will not only help my body but also my mental health.

    • Alyson Stanford

      I’ve always been an active person but didn’t realise how much of an impact movements/exercise can have on me for the better, but also for the worst if I’m not careful. Scoliosis has been an ongoing battle of tight here, sore there, limited movement here and too much movement there. Until I discovered reformer pilates 3 years ago I would have complained of all of the above, but now my body is happier than ever before. I still have a ways to go and best body would provide the perfect opportunity for me to discover new movements and challenges and push my capabilities to new limits. Best body would be the perfect environment to learn new movements, challenge my body awareness all while having fun and making new friends.

  36. Sarah

    I’m a 44 year old mum of 3 young children who feels like I’m in someone else’s body. I want to feel good about myself and practice what I preach to my children. I have neglected myself for a long time and high impact exercise is no longer an option after 3 kids! I’ve alway made excuses about not enough time and classes being too expensive but it is time to make my mental and physical health a priority.

  37. Shaye

    I’ve been looking at reformer Pilates classes for a while now and I really think this studio will live up to expectations. I have been very good at putting myself last for a couple of years now- and it’s about time I changed things up a little and committed to some self- care. A membership would certainly support me to achieve my health and well-being goals. How exciting to be a part of an emerging community of active, healthy and motivated people.

  38. Pip

    This work from home lawyer and long distance runner would like to step out of the house in her activewear to a place where she can focus on the important things she knows she “should” do for her body under the guidance of trusted experts, take on challenges, persevere and reap the rewards with a fun and motivated group of people for company!

  39. Jennepher Durward

    The last 3 years have been tough, I lost both my parents due to ill health and my brother’s behaviour since their death has lead to many visits to the Domestic Violence Court, at times I have been to scared to leave home and work out and have many fears about dying young, my Auntie passed at 54 due to ill health and had a heart attack and I have had issues with high blood pressure, I need to find how to relax and take care of myself and lose some of the weight I am carrying

  40. Robbie

    Body and mind go hand in hand and for me, taking care of my physical health directly translates to my mental health. I work in a mentally-taxing medical environment and I have found that Reformer Pilates is the ONLY form of physically activity that resets my mental batteries and, as a bonus, strengthens me physically. As a PhD student on a small government scholarship, a 6-month membership at Best Body Reformer Pilates will enable me to continue to make a difference in my work while staying healthy and happy while doing it. Thanks for the opportunity Tarryn!

  41. Debra Morris

    I am about to turn 50 and am going through a lot of body changes that my normal exercise routine now isn’t delivering the results they once did. .
    Pilates has been recommended to take me through this next stage of life by helping my body and mind move through these inevitable changes.

  42. Maria Moss

    Well, I’m ready to start my body, mind and spirit rebirth ! I’m looking for something that I can do long term that will benefit me as I get older and am no longer able to run or complete high impact exercises. Reformer Pilates is scientifically proven to aid in building a strong lean body with lifetime benefits. I work shift work and don’t have time to spend hours in the gym. This gift would be a dream come true that would start my rebirth journey

  43. Ashleigh

    For the last 10+ years I have incorporated exercise into my weekly routine and I have really come to value the benefits (both physical and mental) of getting my body moving on a regular basis.

    During this time, I have been so grateful that body has kept up with the changing demands in my life, from studying multiple degrees, working long hours, and rarely getting a day off in-between. I have asked a lot from it, and I feel that over this past year it has been asking for something in return.

    I’ve been suffering from chronic shoulder issues, with long lasting bursitis that was exacerbated by my training regime. The pain that I underwent throughout this journey was a real eye-opener into understanding the stress I had put my body under. Since last year I’ve incorporated physiotherapy into my routine, and most recently remedial massage. Im trying to listen to my body and I’m actively attempting to build strength and stability in my shoulders, back and my core. I’m finding this very difficult however, as I’m exercising less and have become very fearful of returning back to the state I was in last year.

    I need to make adjustments to how I move my body on a regular basis and I believe that Reformer Pilates is that thing my body has been crying out for. Along with my ongoing commitment I am excited to see what the future may hold!

  44. Anna McDonell

    Mum of two small children right here! Needing to get back into the swing of things (in the past I throughly enjoyed Pilates and weights training). I currently have a three finger separation from my pregnancies and stage 1 prolapse in my bladder. My pelvic floor is also lacking and needs to be severely improved. Not to mention I have a sway back and bad habit of always carrying my children on one side. Everything is just a little out of whack!
    I really need to practice some self care as I believe it will increase my energy levels and improve my wellness all around.

  45. Rachel Fulton

    I’m about to turn 40 eek! This is why I’m even more motivated to make my health a priority so I can keep up with my kids. I’ve been recommended to try reformer Pilates by so many people including my dr. I suffer from lower back pain and was told that this is high intensity and low impact and has been scientifically proven to increase core strength which will help reduce back pain, improve my alignment and the added bonus help me sculpt and tone my entire body as well as increasing my mental stamina. I can see best body becoming my new happy place and would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to improve my life in so many positive ways from joining your family by being given this gift!

  46. Renee Kennedy

    I have some health issues and have been told Pilates would be really beneficial in helping improve my health. Plus I’d love to get toned up!

  47. Letitia Anderson

    After years of looking after my active family. My body is telling me it’s time to slow down and take care of it. There are not too many joints/areas I don’t have a history of injuries with. Traditional exercises just aggravate me and set me back on the cycle of not exercising because of the pain. I need something that with break the cycle and help me get back to the fitness to enjoy life again.

  48. Loriekeet Jiongco

    I have been trying out different training styles to hiit classes and weight training. I have been always just trying to get in and get it done without really listening to my body. I forgot to listen to it and give it that extra love and care. I was always trying to chase that high you get from doing intense workouts and lifting heavy and not listening to what my body really needs. And that’s taking it slow, learning to feel and listen, and move. And I would love to start this journey and be guided by the BB family.

  49. Sarah

    I’ve really lost my love for exercise lately and consequently, lost a bit of love for my body. I always feel awkward and out of place in conventional gyms, and never run out of excuses not to go.
    Pilates makes me feel strong, empowered, knowledgeable about how to move my body and supported by their group classes. That ‘burn’ feeling is so addictive!
    I’m ready to love my body again!

  50. Michelle Parmenter

    Hello, I am a Mother. Grandmother and a Nurse. Out of all the many different types of exercises, Pilates is the only one that can help me at this stage of my life. I have struggled with mobility and lost centimeters off my height. This is why I need this membership to become fit and strong, so I can play with my grandchildren and care for my patients. I’m really excited for the opportunity!

  51. Kaitlyn

    I grew up playing sport and being apart of a community. Since university I have been struggling with motivation and finding that community feeling in my fitness journey. I have been at multiple gyms and have tried doing home workouts and online programs but motivation is my biggest let down. I want to feel good about myself and my fitness again as it has affected not just me but relationships in my life. I am hoping the Best Body Family is my perfect fit 🙂

  52. Kylie

    I want to feel sexy again , being a single parent I can’t afford the extra luxuries of Pilates classes .
    I’ve lost my self confidence due to my weight gain . I feel Pilates will help slim me down and feel great inside and out . Time for me to feel sexy again !

  53. Estella Rodighiero

    COVID!!! I would like to take back control of my life, health and fitness, but I know I cannot do that on my own.

    I just cannot motivate myself any longer to exercise. I know I need support to reach the goals I would like and need to reach.

    • Carly

      I am 37 and a mother of two. I have congenital lung disease and most recently have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
      I had managed to lose alot of weight and was feeling the healthiest I had in a long time, and then covid hit and I was too scared to get out and about for quite a while after lockdown eased and have let myself get so unfit and unhealthy again.
      I am so sick and tired of feeling sick, and tired.
      I absolutely love reformer pilates, and cannot wait to come and try the new studio at Southport!

  54. Jane Dufty

    My poor posture has really started to affect my whole well-being. I’m hoping to rectify some of the misalignment in my body.

  55. Karen Young

    4 operations since June last year have left me with ongoing back, neck and sciatica problems, after being someone who trained daily I’ve just been given the green light to start exercising again…about to turn 52 and really need to get back on track with strength and health!

  56. Michelle

    As a first time single mum g full time, it has been so hard to find time to do anything physical to try and strengthen my body. Joining a gym isn’t an option because I wouldn’t know the first thing to do for what I want to achieve and paying for a trainer on top of membership fees isn’t something I’m willing to spend money on.

    Reformer Pilates just seems like the perfect fit for my schedule to try and achieve my main goal, which is long term strength!! Learning to love my new body would just be an added bonus on top. And being in a class that I feel I will actually enjoy will be such a great motivation for me!

  57. Selina Trotter

    I have lost a lot of weight over the last two years but have only done this by managing my food, no exercise. The result of this is a sagging body, which is still embarrassing, So I would be hoping that reformer Pilates would help me achieve some muscle tone in my arms, stomach, butt and thighs.

  58. Brooke Kelly

    I am a runner, who is constantly training towards some sort of goal. Since turning 40 I’ve found that running four times a week is not enough, that I need to integrate strength sessions into my week to both improve my performance as well as prevent injury. I am getting pain in my hips which my physio has said is stemming from my middle back (predominately caused by sitting in my job). I need to strengthen my core asap! As a Mum of two kids and working full time it is hard to schedule this time I need. I would love a membership at Best Body Southport as I work in the same centre as your new studio so I am hoping this will allow me the flexibility I need with being able to go straight from work or even in my break. I can’t wait to see your timetable and what you’ll have on offer. I would also be interested in ongoing physio evaluations if you provide this.

  59. Krystle

    Hey Team,

    I’m a new mum and have been enjoying walks with the pram with my little one. I’m ready to kick it up a notch and get back into reformer Pilates and reignite my fitness journey and ‘me’ time. Healthy mind and body=happy mommy

    After birthing my little one, reformer Pilates will help target and strengthen my core, my main first focus fitness wise. Focusing on my core strength will assist with all of this new lifting! My back needs some tender loving care already. My previous experience with reformer Pilates I know I can gain a full body workout over the course of the week through various targeted classes.

    I have yet to rejoin my previous gym in Mermaid. Being a Southport resident, attending a southport base studio would be perfection!

  60. Lee

    I think it would really help my pelvic floor after 3 kids and stabilise my hips which often get out of alignment

    I’ve previously done reformer pilates 3 times a week and my body felt phenomenally firm. It’s great for helping condition lower body to prepare for snow season as well. I need less massages when I’m regularly doing pilates. It’s a win win situation really

  61. Jackie Moballe

    My Netflix avatar is a warrior ……In my 20’s & 30’s maybe
    Fast forward to 58 years old, divorced and after life’s usual crap I’m noticing others are more active and mobile. I need my strength back.
    One sister who is ## older is a Pilates girl, she and her husband out swim, out walk, out last me and are living life. They credit Pilates a lot.
    I want a strong core, strong legs, balanced body and a strong mind to take me through the next phase of life.
    I need this, I want this and I’d love the opportunity..

  62. Em S

    I need help, I really need to get my health back….I have become lazy with health and I feel like it’s going to be to hard to get to my former self…..I know I need to do it but can’t get motivated…..I would love to have the opportunity to get my best body back…..not only for my body but for my mind

  63. AC

    I am a been an active participant of exercise but am looking to challenge my body in a different way – too make it stronger and more flexible the older I get. I enjoy group sessions as an opportunity to challenge myself but to also listen to different experiences and look at how I could benefit from these. Friendship is also a health benefit which I gain.
    As a new arrival to the Coast, I would look to enjoy all this from your studio and those who come to enjoy it.

  64. Chrissy

    I would Love to win a 6 month reformer Pilates program. I am in my 50’s and after gaining a Covid belly and stopped exercising have gained weight.
    With menopause and the ageing process exercise and losing weigh is hard. I have lower back problems and have never tried Pilates but have been told It would be perfect exercise for me. I want to keep active and be able to chase my three you s grandsons and need to improve my core strength to help with my back issues. I’m ready to do this, please pick me and I would love to start exercise and lose weight and feel fit and active again. The last 2 years has had a detriment all impact on my health and I’ve weighed up various gyms and options, tried and failed in the past, and can’t decide where to start. Pilates is something I’ve never tried and really want to give this a go.

  65. Rebecca

    I have tried reformer Pilates once previously and really loved it. I’m very poor with self motivation and getting started. Having a commitment to a membership would help get me started again! I’d love to strengthen my core muscles as I suffer from back pain from my job and poor posture. I know I need to get back into exercise and fitness for both my mental health and physical health. Super keen to get fitter, healthier and join a great team of people.

  66. Brittany

    I’ve been an emergency call taker all through my 20’s and being behind a desk for so long has really taken it’s toll on my body. Between night shifts, back and shoulder problems, some days I feel 30 years older than I am. I’ve been doing physiotherapy and Pilates when I can for a few years now. I love how tall I feel after a Pilates class and the flow and movement I feel in my usually stiff and sore body. Reformer Pilates makes me more conscious of the smaller muscles, my posture and increases strength where I need it. A membership with best body would be a blessing for my body and mind, providing a routine, confidence and motivation to continue forward with reformer Pilates for years to come hopefully!

  67. Carrissa

    To be honest, I just want to feel strong again. After having my girls although I have mum strength I am now wanting me strength. Pilates give me this in so many ways, physically and mentally. I would love to win this membership so much

  68. Kendall Robins

    I am an Occuaptional Therapist and spend all day helping people rehab their body. I absolutely love my job, however, it has come at a cost of damaging my neck/back. I have been told by my physio that pilates will help to strengthen my core and smaller back muscles and is the BEST rehab I can do for myself.
    I have tried reformer pilates and fell in love with it!

  69. Dawn

    I have finally realised that I want and need to be involved in a caring and group environment where I will feel as equal and an important as the next and I believe Best Body Southport could be it. I’ve always wanted to try Pilates but have been too scared without the trainers knowing my history and perhaps limitations. Since turning 50 (now 53) my fitness and strength has declined terribly. Menopause certainly has a way of making itself known both emotionally and physically and my strength and motivation is declining at a speedy rate. Over the last couple of years I have managed to lose 27kgs but a few have crept back on and I realise if I don’t get a grip of my health and fitness now and start moving that the weight will be an issue again. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and have already had a discectomy on my neck in 2009, I need to build my strength to keep this in some sort of control as my lower back and legs stability is a huge concern now. I am also a migraine sufferer since the discectomy and have lost strength in my arms due to the nerve damage. I crave the social aspect of having women of or around same age that I can bond with and compare notes! it’s close to home for me which is a huge benefit and starting from opening day together will be nice as we will all be newbies and not just me

  70. Brenda

    I am struggling with changes in my body and having trouble adjusting and building a routine to suit these changes. I have been reading the Best Body blogs and I like the thought processes behind the Best Body founder Scott. My body is my temple and deserves the best. Your fondations suit my beliefs of not only physical aspects but also the mental aspects. Thank you for this opportunity to express myself.

  71. Petrina Jetson

    My parter and I want to have a baby but I have lower back problems and need to strengthen it up first or I will be in a lot of pain during my pregnancy. I have issues with my L1/2 down to L5/S1. I also ruptured my Achilles 5 years ago so with all these injuries it makes it hard to go to the gym to strengthen my back and loose weight. Winning this would mean the world to me as I can’t afford to spend much money on membership as I spend money on treatments for my sore back. This would help us to have a baby as I’m not getting any younger. I will 40 soon

  72. Cassandra Stephens

    I’m turning 47 on Tuesday
    I would love this prize – it would be the best birthday present ever!!!
    I have never had a great self image
    My extremely poor posture is now causing me so many health issues. Worst part is I can see the same posture in my 16yo daughter
    I NEED to correct these issue and set a positive example to her about why it’s so important to look after yourself.
    I hate gyms! I have tried so many but not had any success with them.
    I love Pilates and would really love to invest back into myself so I can do my girls why it is so important to look after yourself.

  73. Julie Maxwell

    I have never done pilates before so I will be a virgin pilates story. I have owned a beauty salon for 30 years and lots of my clients achieve great results and their muscles are more relaxed with regular pilates.
    I feel it is my turn now to show my body some love , it has hit a wall and Im getting stiffer everyday.
    I am in my 50s and it is time to take action and practice what I preach so I can continue to treat my beautiful clients for many more years.

  74. Cassandra Stephens

    I’m turning 47 on Tuesday
    I would love this prize – it would be the best birthday present ever!!!
    I have never had a great self image
    My extremely poor posture is now causing me so many health issues. Worst part is I can see the same posture in my 16yo daughter
    I NEED to correct these issue and set a positive example to her about why it’s so important to look after yourself.
    I hate gyms! I have tried so many but not had any success with them.
    I love Pilates and would really love to invest back into myself so I can do my girls why it is so important to look after yourself.

  75. Sharni

    Hey Tarryn (and everyone else) 🙂

    Honestly, my phone must have known I needed to explore a new fitness routine because I came across Best Body on Instagram. Upon reading some of the comments here I’m in agreeance with a lot of you ladies wanting to feel fit and strong and have a regular, committed routine. To me reformer pilates seems to tick a lot of boxes… it is a full body workout, builds strength and tones muscles, can improve posture and focuses on control and breathing. I’ve also read it is high intensity and low impact so all of these things are ideal for someone who needs to change their current fitness regime due to way to many symptoms of iron deficiency! I also value the importance of a workout where I am able to push myself to reach goals and be in an environment where I am able to be part of a community.. after all you may be my new support system and I yours.


  76. Dale Jai Neylon

    Hey Tarryn and Best Body Southport Team,

    I am 29years old, had my first baby in October 2020 (7months old), I am a WBFF Fitness Competitor and hope to make my return to the stage this coming October – 12months after giving birth.

    I am a personal trainer who is currently studying Pre/Postnatal Training Course as since having my baby this is what I am passionate about – helping other mums return to exercise. Throughout my study I have found that Reformer Pilates can help with Diastasis Recti which is something I am currently trying to achieve (2cm gap).

    When I lived in Adelaide a few years ago I was attending a Reformer Studio and loved it, and during that time it was the first time I’ve ever had abs appear on stage and I credit that to Pilates.

    I would love the opportunity to win a membership to your studio to not only help me take my physique to the next level but also to help recover and repair postpartum.

  77. julie Kounde

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