Best Body South Perth: How To Get A Reformer Pilates Membership For Free

Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

So…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body South Perth soon to 100 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Reformer Pilates memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners early next week.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve). That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning. Please try to leave your full name as it will help us avoid confusion regarding a winner.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

Over the next few days, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early next week. If you win, you’re gonna get:

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at South Perth for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Progress coaching session every 90 days
  4. Invite to our exclusive member only events every 4 months (not to be missed!!)
  5. your new ‘happy place’

I’ll award two winners. I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say… Good luck!


P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for South Perth. 


  1. Brianna

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would help me with sorting out my posture to reduce my migraines and help me build a stronger core benefiting my triathlon training.

    • Hayley

      I have been doing a basic mat Pilates session twice a week for nine months and in this time
      Lost 17kg as my gall bladder has been removed. I can also do a twenty second plank now. I would love to up my game and do 4 times a week on a reformer to increase my planking, loose the last 7kgs of baby weight and grow my strength and pride in my body

    • Michelle Lange

      To win this membership would mean so much to me. Due to some challenging health issues I have not been able to do any type of exercise for the past few years. I tried Pilates last year to help me strengthen my pelvic floor after having surgery and found it helped me alot. Although I would’ve liked to continue financially I was not able too. I have decided that this year is going to be about me, I’d like to loose the extra weight I have gained and slowley regain my fitness, I would love to add reformer pilates to my schedule to help me achieve my goal.

  2. Celine

    A reformer Pilates membership will help me be able to wake up in the morning without lower back pain and stiffness. I would be able to not feel like I’m 100 yrs old in the morning. It will also help strengthen my core and joints preventing injuries when I play basketball and netball. Importantly it will allow me to continue playing the sports I love. With Pilates I can actually run without my joints hurting, I can stretch further when I’m defending and jump and be sure my knees will hold me up!

  3. Julia

    After 4 children my aim through reformer Pilates is to regain some core strength and stability and to focus on my well being now that my youngest is in full time school. My stomach muscles were cramping if I bent the wrong way so that was the indicator that they needed to get back into action. I have always jogged but reformer Pilates helps me stretch out my body and focus on the smaller muscles that get forgotten in a run. As a whole I want focus on all my muscles to give strength through repetition of movement without the impact of weights/squats etc as my body already has impact through cardio.

  4. Tania

    I think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me because I have done Pilates in the past and know the incredible results you can achieve with Pilates if you practice a few times a week, particularly in terms of improved core strength and overall improvement in flexibility. It makes you feel great.

    I have lost my mojo for exercise in recent months and so I am looking forward to the possibility of picking up Pilates again. I like that the South Perth studio is so close to home too. No excuses.

  5. Michelle Smallman

    Hi Tarryn, when I started at Best Body Mt Lawley in October 2018 I was in pain, frustrated and at my wits end with my body. At 32 years of age I was feeling like the best years of my life were behind me as I woke up each morning with aches and pains and couldn’t even do basic things like wear high heels or sit on my couch without discomfort. Fast forward to February 2019 and through support from my physio Rhi and with regular pilates, my core strength and balance is vastly improved, my boot camp sessions are easier and cause me less pain, and I’m wearing high heels again without being in agony for two days afterwards. I have so much more to gain from continued pilates classes, I lack flexibility and range in my body, I need downtime for my busy mind, and I want to be really strong and not fearful of moving my body. I want to be the best version of myself and I know Best Body can help me achieve my goals.

  6. Miranda De Baughn

    Reformer pilates is something I feel is essential for me to be my BEST self! I currently train 5 times a week in HIIT style classes. Reformer pilates allows me to engage those smaller stabilising muscles that are missed in HIIT classes. Reformer also gives my body an active recovery session. Testing my flexibility, endurance, stability and core strength I need Reformer in my life!

  7. Tanya Symonds

    I have been unable to exercise for the past few years due to a chronic illness that I have. Due to my illness, I have weaker, and achy joints, so I would love to get into reformer pilates to get back to a physical fitness and strength that I was previously used to, but without the joint pain caused from running on a treadmill, and other gym activities.

  8. Julie Watkins

    A reformer pilates membership would be amazing to help with my recurring migraines, neck tension, and lower back pain by strengthening my core, improving posture and flexibility. It’s the type of exercise that prevents injuries and gives movement to areas of my body that jam up after spending all day sitting at a desk.

  9. Kasey Maloney

    I first did reformer Pilates through a physio after a glute injury from too much running with weak and hyper mobile hips. I have also always had trouble with a week core. I was never able to achieve much strength from mat work exercises as I found classes too large and not getting the correct attention needed when I wasn’t putting myself in the correct positions to achieve be right muscle activations. Using the reformer machine however through physio and later during my pregnancy I see small improvements in my strength thanks to the machine assisting in making sure I have the correct form during the exercises. Now that I’m 11 weeks post natal a membership would be amazing in helping me build up core and arm strength for carrying around a baby and generally make me feel better about my body and self. I would also love to gain enough glute strength and hip stability to take up running again after almost 3 year break because I’ve never felt better mentally then when I was running 20kms a week and being a new mum my mental health has taken a bit of a dive. I have no doubt that a membership to your studio would help with all of the above!

  10. Samantha

    I am really looking forward to this healthy year ahead for my mind and body. Starting at Best Body in South Perth will be great. Location is close so it’s perfect there will be no excuses for me, To be lucky enough to receive a 6month membership would be awesome. In starting I hope this will make me feel taller, strengthen my core and my overall strength, help realign my posture and increase my flexibility and overall wellness. I hear there are so many benefits when taking pilates and I have only mentioned a few of the benefits. I very much look forward to finally starting reformer Pilates at Best Body new studio in South Perth

  11. Zoe Corcoran

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates Membership would hopefully bring more balance to my routine.
    While I work hard at my fitness I haven’t achieved the toned appearance that I would like and a lot of what I do is very cardio focused.
    I additionally have a very demanding job which can make it difficult to switch off and slow down and having done some reformer in the past it helps in this space.
    I also don’t do enough to stretch out my body after running and cycling so I think I would really get the benefit from regular reformer classes.

    • Terri

      Hi Tarryn ,
      I would absolutely love the opportunity for a Best body Reformer Pilates membership!
      4 years ago I developed chronic fatigue. It took me from being a physical fit lean confident active person – to someone that couldn’t exercise, lost her confidence, gained weight & completely lost all core strength & leanness. When something like this comes along in your life and knocks you for a six it only makes you more determined to beat it and find a way to take back your life. For me I can now proudly say I’ve over come my CF by completely changing my mindset, my diet (plant base foods) adding meditation, breathing exercises, sunshine, stretching & walking. Now that I feel I have my life back and now back in the drivers seat I’m excited about the next stage – getting my body back lean strong fit & more balanced which will complete my transformation by giving me my confidence back.
      I’m excited and grateful that Best body Reformer Pilates is now available in our neighbourhood and can’t wait to begin my fitness journey once again. Yay! Xx

  12. Claire Ryan

    Help! I need to do some exercise that will tone my body without hurting my back and make me feel good again. I would love a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership to allow me to get some valuable exercise and work my forgotten muscles, while strengthening my core and not hurting my back in the process. I know the reformer gets results, please Best Body I would love to see you four times a week!

  13. Debbie Napier

    I’m a 45 year old mother of three. I had my first back surgery when my youngest was 5 months old, and my second major surgery in June 2017. Damage to two other discs means sometimes disabling pain that I hate having to manage with strong prescription painkillers and antiinflammatories. I also have two tears in my shoulder that I am in a special stem cell trial for. My physio has told me I need to get stronger, but I’m limited to low impact exercises. I also have a daughter who’s struggled with anorexia over he past year, so my weight has gotten quite out of control. Add to that some issues with bullying for my son.
    I tried a reformer class late last year and found it great, as you can work at your own pace and intensity level, but still work the muscles. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to devote some time to get myself to a better physical and mental state so that I can fulfill all the responsibilities that fall upon me as a mother. Serotonin is the happy hormone and I need to get me some of that ASAP, without breaking my mind and body in the process. I’d also like to make some new friends along the way.

  14. leanne smith

    Hi Taryn,

    Embarrassed to admit I have been a paying member at Mt Lawley for most of last year – or more truthfully I have been making donations, as I sadly gave up on my goal of building a better body after a few sessions. I was overwhelmed but kept paying thinking i would get back to it – and cancellation would indicate total failure….I did however lose around 10 kilos (yay for me) by changing up my food.

    I have arthritis in my ankles which makes walking or being on my feet for any amount of time extremely painful – it also makes reformer pilates the ideal exercise vehicle for me.

    Why we don’t do what we know will benefit us is my dilemma – I’ve never been a habitual exerciser and have a limiting belief / fear around pushing through it. I cried during the reformer classes I attended much to my horror – I felt so emotional about being sooo fat and sooo unfit and generally was holding a major pity party for myself that i caved into.

    Scott has been great – he has emailed me and we have discussed my stuff. You guys do a fabulous job at making people feel like individuals and everyone is special.

    So why should you choose me for a 6 month membership at South Perth? If you’re NOT mentally running screaming from the building based on the above here are my thoughts

    1) I think opportunities ( universe) present for a reason – South Perth is more local for me – I’ve been watching for it to come online via Facebook posts.

    2)I know the added accountablity of being chosen for this privilege would be a major motivating factor – I do NOT let other people down – as opposed to being not so accountable to just myself.

    3) I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have no condition and regardless of whether i am gifted this opportunity I know I need to improve my health and wellbeing.

    4) I am about to have a milestone birthday – about to turn 60 which i can barely say out loud. I don’t feel it mentally but am probably worse than 60 physically if being honest. I have a grandbaby that i adore and want to be able to run riot with her…
    5) I work full time in a high pressure role, i have lots of young friends who have little clue about my age because I am not an aging gracefully type.
    If I can finally acheive exercise as a habit it will increase my quality of life, no question, and possibly delay my next mid life crisis 🙂

    So in a nutshell I’m up for it – if you choose me I will committ full throttle because i could not possibly exploit or disrespect the generosity or intention behind the offer.

    i would love to be one of your success stories of the next 6 months – I watch every video you guys post of the women who have changed themselves through the reformer pilates / physio program and want it to be me. Andrew the physio (Nth Perth) helped me enormously when i first staggered in this time last year and Scott, as said, has personally responded to emails and given great advice – it is now time to take it.

    Thanks for the opportunity and your consideration Tarryn – what ever the outcome it has been really helpful just to articulate the above in writing for myself. Sometimes you need a reason to get clear by writing a letter to yourself – so thanks for the prompt.


    Leanne Smith


    • Kylie Hunt

      Congratulations Leanne!! Looks like we’ll be seeing a bit of each other in the studio can’t wait to meet you!!

  15. Keryn Mckinnon

    I’m finding now that I’m past 40, it’s getting more and more challenging to maintain a healthy weight, ward off back and neck pain and find time to fit in efficient exercise around 2 children, a physically demanding job and running a household with a husband who currently works FIFO!
    I joined BB Mt Lawley earlier in the year and absolutely LOVED the staff, environment and classes.
    Unfortunately the class times plus the distance just didn’t work with my schedule. I would love the opportunity to join the South Perth Reformer Pilates (which is much closer to home!!) and make the changes I set out to late last year!!! Thank you!

  16. Rebecca Smith

    I used to do Reformer Pilates on a regular basis over 5 years ago and loved it. Then I had a baby and it was hard to get to. Now, that baby is at school and my core is shot to pieces. Even if I don’t win, I’ll still be joining!
    I am hoping that Pilates will give me routine and help with constant lower back pain and core.

  17. Carly Reid

    I’m currently four months pregnant and I would love a Best Body reformer Pilates membership to build core strength, try to prevent a whole heap of scary birth and post-birth complications, and recover as quickly as I can afterwards. I know that exercise is really important for my mental health as well as my physical health so I would love to have this opportunity to engage in some pregnancy friendly exercise and work towards the strong, healthy, and happy body that I want to achieve, despite pregnancy sometimes working against it!

  18. Megan Mac

    I think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me increase my core strength, lose weight and tone my muscles. It will also help with preventing further injuries playing softball (still recovering from shoulder surgery 2 years ago) and increase my hitting and throwing strength. Making me a better player and healthier person.

  19. Michele

    Being a mother of two and a grandmother of three, I have spent a lot of time caring for others and subsequently haven’t looked after my self. Now is my time for me and I know that Best Body Pilates can help me become the person I want to be.

  20. Lisa Parker

    I would so love a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership, I have been trying so hard to exercise and feel good about myself and just don’t feel I am getting anywhere. I really think the supportive team and fellow Pilates members would give me that extra drive. I would love to be a part of Best Body community.

  21. Tayla Rice

    Years ago I had a brain aneurism in my cerebellum, which left me unable to walk or even stand. I’ve recovered enough that most people wouldn’t know, but my balance is still terrible. Regular Reformer Pilates classes are the only thing that balance me, improve my posture and tone and strengthen, though unfortunately are very expensive! What an amazing prize this would be – especially in the care of such an amazing team!!

  22. Annette Denton

    I have had a laminectomy and fusion in L4/5 my Doctor and Physio both recommend Palates. Before my operations I was very active and in really good shape not been able to do that now and losing the shape I had is depressing. I am a Diabetic so need to keep active as well. Hearing all the great reviews from your studio I would really love to give it a try.

  23. Margaret Howrie

    I have had a tough few year fighting chronic form of cancer presently in remission. I had my right knee replaced 7 years ago and for no reason all the plastic in the knee dissolve and that was replace last October. My left knee is bone on bone and my aim is to build up all my leg muscles so I don’t get it replace. I really could not face it. I believe that with Pilates I can achieve my goal. I hope to gain some energy back as well.

  24. Elise

    I have always loved exercising & keeping myself fit but unfortunately have had to have a couple of operations. I had the first one & recovered very well & then 18 months after had I second one. I have not recovered as well from this one as far as strength is & also am finding I make excuses for myself as to not doing my exercises. Would love somewhere close to give me my incentive again.

  25. Alison Logan

    Having just turned 60, and after 43 years in the nursing profession, I’m realising how stiff and sore my joints are becoming, and how quickly I’m losing my flexibility.
    I know the Reformer Pilates classes will help me regain some of my tone and flexibility, with instruction and encouragement from the knowledgeable and caring staff .

  26. Erin Glossop

    I would love to have a Best Body reformer membership. In my 20’s I used to take pride in myself that I had good posture but over the years and now in my 30s, with desk jobs, computers, mobile phones and having children it’s gone. I’m definitely feeling it with the aches and pains in my body. I feel out of whack. I’ve done mat Pilates in the past (which I enjoyed) but never reformer. I been getting back into my health/fitness and would love to try reformer to realign my body, improve my posture and tone my body. It actually looks fun.

  27. Keryn Welten

    Best body Pilates would help me get my body and life back. After having two boys who are finally sleeping, my oldest has central sleep apnea so he didn’t leave the ‘new born’ sleep phase until 4.5years (he just turned 5). His younger brother is a much better sleeper and at the age of 2 (last August) he finally stopped tag teaming his brother. 2019 is my year to sleep more than 2 hours and to finally get strong again. I miss being strong and flexible like I was before kids. I have literally just been surviving the last 5 years, oh my husband works alway too ‍♀️ and now it’s time to enjoy life and be the best, strongest me. I think best body Pilates is the place for that!

  28. Laura Pointon

    Hi Tarryn,

    Reading through these comments has made me realise that many of these amazing people deserve this wonderful opportunity having gone through so many things that life has thrown at them!
    I would love to have a Best Body reformer pilates membership but I would be so happy to be amongst these people working towards being a happier, healthier, stronger person with them.
    I have never done pilates and have always been a bit of an exercise phobe even though I am not body confident and I would love to have the motivation and energy to change that.
    I fractured my lower back at the end of last year and I know I’m very lucky to even be able to exercise. I have decided this is my year to change, be happier, be stronger, be fitter and love myself because life is too short to not be happy with yourself and time is too precious to waste.
    I am very much looking forward to starting this journey now I have been discharged and have the go ahead to get going with building up my core (I know it’s there somewhere!)
    I know the membership would give me the commitment I need to keep at it and not give up and allow me to find my best body, my best self!

  29. Daniela Sawade

    Yummy mummy is a real thing and I honestly couldn’t have felt like I’m closer to this goal than right now! To explain this further, I have always thought that killing yourself at the gym and sweating it out on the streets is the best way to get results! But due to a sore shoulder and bad scoliosis, when I was pregnant with my first Bub 4months ago, I was restricted to continue the crazy gym routine I had been doing and so I started pregnancy Pilates 3 x a week instead. This…was….the…best….decision….ever!!! Not only did I not have to work as hard, my aches and pains were gone and I LOVED every class. The best part is that my birth and recovery were just incredible and I can only thank the reformer Pilates for this! Unfortunately I lost my job at 5 months pregnant and a membership seemed like a lost cause, but now this opportunity to win a membership will not only mean I can continue strengthening and toning my post Bub bod, but also allow me to get out of the house (desperately needed mumma time) and get in shape for Bub no.2 in the future! Did I mention I’m a migraine sufferer? This is yet another reason why I would love to continue my Pilates classes, since starting while pregnant, my migraines have pretty much disappeared! So so many benefits so the opportunity to win a membership would be so appreciated! Thanks BB

  30. Lisa

    I’ve always been fairly active and avid gym goer, favouring high intensity HIT style training. And then I had my first baby and everything changed.
    I know my body will never be the same and I have to learn to build and love and feel good in a new body. I need to rebuild my core strength and focus on building strength and flexibility of my mind as well as my body and I believe Reformer Pilates could be what I need to make that happen.

  31. Robyn Nichols

    I am sick of the doctor telling me, your just getting old.I don’t feel old but sometimes my body tells me oh yes it is
    I need help getting my body in shape and fix up the wobbly bits

  32. Prue Nichols

    It would change my world.
    I have chronic fatigue, pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and the list goes on. At 36 I have never experienced a healthy adult body. I struggle to work and maintain a social and home life. Balance is so important but so hard to create. I completed some reformer sessions under the supervision of my physio. The practice of focusing on my body not only helped me get stronger it also helped me start working through bodily anxiety that exascerbate my complex symptoms. I started to feel connected to my body, confident in what I could achieve. It gave me a sense of independence that is so important. Unfortunately after a chronic illness, surgery and complications I have lost most of the gains I made. I’d love to get back into Pilates as so far it’s the only exercise (apart from gentle walks) I can tolerate. A 6 month membership would change my life. It’s something I could never afford on my own given my limitations. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story and for inviting so many to tell theirs and listening to us all. Your generosity and empathy is wonderful and I would love to be a part of your ongoing journey in South Perth.

  33. Sergarie Behari

    I have spent the last 13 years pouring all my energy into my growing family and part time work.
    In this time I have become unfit and unhealthy with an aching lower back, weak pelvic muscles and tension headaches. The excuse to do nothing about it has always been the lack of time or the lack of energy but I’ve had enough of being physically and mentally tired. This year I’ve decided to take back some time for me and to be the best version of me that I can be so I can lead by example. I want to be a healthy active role model to my children and to do this I need to introduce regular exercise into my lifestyle so that I can tone up, become stronger and more flexible. Reformer Pilates seems to be the perfect solution for me with its holistic approach of body and mind and I hope that I get the opportunity to win this wonderful offer.

  34. Mila

    I’m the lightest I’ve ever been. I’m also the weakest I’ve ever been. Being lighter has revealed my lack of muscle tone which gives way to postural issues, recurrent pain and a body that needs a strong base (bum and legs) for better functional use and looks of course.

    I’ve got two young children and suffered badly from pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and beyond.

    I saw a specialist who taught me to activate my TA at load bearing times which helped somewhat. Post baby I saw WH physio who furthered those skills for recovery.
    Now I need to build on those skills, get a stronger core, hips (and everything else) to curb recurring sciatica, migraines and general aches.
    I also need to change my body composition to gain muscle, grow a butt and to look good.

    I have done reformer pilates before and I enjoy the unassuming intensity of it; discovering those tricky to find and isolation of muscles. I dont want to just get back into pilates- I want to push myself to achieve beyond what I think is possible.

  35. Kirstie

    Hi Tarryn,
    I joined Mt Lawley late last year to help with my lack of core strength, to lose weight, tone up and improve my hockey.
    I often have a sore lower back which impacts on my day to day work life. I also play hockey regularly and competitively so by adding reformer to my exercise regime I am hoping to improve my overall fitness and performance.
    So far I am loving the classes and can feel a difference already. The classes have re invigorated my love for exercise and I would love to continue building on my strength.

    I’m very excited for the South Perth studio to open!!


  36. Stevie noble

    Hi tarryn
    I’d love to be considered for the membership. Ive has previous spinal surgery and work as a nurse…a career notorious for back issues. I suffer from lumbar back pain and sciatica regularly having flare ups which I get only very short relief from physio and chiropractic adjustments. I don’t like the gym I find them confronting and judgemental. I’ve been wanting to get into Pilates to try and strengthen my core to help with my pain and improve my posture as I and if that leads to some other positive results such as increased fitness or weightloss and toning I ’ll take that too:) I see a long career ahead of my in emergency nursing which sees my on my feet all day but hopefully
    with less constant pain. Good luck with all these comments your choice is not an enviable one there are lots of deserving followers and thanks for this opportunity


  37. diane piper

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would be the ideal nourishment that will help me to continue my journey of being in my early 50’s and achieving everything that I want to do. From work to health and fitness this will be a great start to 2019. I have completed a few classes and have already seen the results, especially with aiding my recovery from a frozen shoulder which has been accelerated with Pilates. A studio close to home would top off the fantastic opportunity.

  38. Kylie Hunt

    Wowee, what a fantastic opportunity we have here :-)!!

    I’m so keen to start Pilates, and have been looking for the perfect studio to call ‘home’ for some time now. I’ve been holding out, knowing that you’re opening so soon.

    Ok so a bit of a story… About 5 years ago now, I was hit by a car while I was out training for a half Ironman and Pilates was the form of rehab that I completed back then and boy oh boy I had some great progress following a prescribed program, so I know how beneficial it can be for posture, muscular endurance and overall strength and conditioning.

    A few years down the track and I had stacked on the weight. But it wasn’t through lack of movement or training or even poor nutrition, and absolutely nothing would shift it no amount of exercise or lack of food, I tried everything. Turns out my body went through a fair bit of trauma following the accident and was just physically exhausted and my body was conserving/storing as much energy as possible and hence the weight gain.

    I’ve just completed a 6 month non surgical weightloss program that has been the best thing ever, I have lost a whopping 38kg and I absolutely can not wait to get back into training, specifically running. But first, I have recognised a huge strength deficit that needs some attention quick smart. I’m worried without it that I will become injured very quickly.

    A Best Body Pilates membership will allow me the ability to gain strength to feel strong and composed in my posture and allow me to live my best life being as active as I used to be. I’m so keen to be a part of a group of people who share common interests, what a great environment to make new friends. I honestly can’t wait to start!!

    Thanks a bunch Tarryn
    Ky xx

  39. Cecilia Benitez

    Hi Tarryn,

    I’m not a gym kind of person so when I first tried Pilates I felt I had found the right exercise for me.

    It’s a great balance between achieving great results for your body, doing something for yourself as well as escaping the daily grind. It’s also been great to strengthen my core and avoid back pain however I haven’t been able to do any Pilates for the past 6 months.

    I’m a mother to a beautiful 5 year old daughter and I work full time so it’s often difficult to find time for myself. For different reasons I have never been able to do Pilates more than twice a week and my body is in need of TLC. I have a very stressful job and Pilates has always given me that balance that I need to maintain my health as well as my sanity!!

    I would love the opportunity to get back into the wonderful world of Pilates and see what I can achieve with such a great giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance you’re giving everyone !!!


  40. Samantha Driver

    Hi Tarryn,

    A reformer Pilates membership will help me tone up my body and will also help me lose the last 13kgs I want to lose after having my gastric sleeve surgery.

    It will also help me wind down after work and will assist with stress reduction.

    I’m struggling financially at the moment and while I totally loved your studio, I was unable to join due to the cost and my financial position. A free 6 month membership would allow me to gain the benefits of Pilates without breaking the bank, and then in 6 months I should be in the position to pay for the equivalent membership.

    Thankyou so much for offering this chance.


  41. Jenny Faithfull

    I started at reformer Pilates due to hip and groin pain. I decided I needed to do something to make me move and stretch and figured..”why not give it a try”. it has been the best thing I have done as my work involves a lot of driving. I found I was having to uncurl myself when I got out of the car, and it was taking 3 meters of walking before the pain stopped. Now, after 12 mths I have very little hip pain, and literally jump out of my car running. Fantastic to also be able to sit crosslegged without pain. Great exercise class, and look forward to being closer to home . Yay Jenny

  42. Ari H

    Hi Tarryn,
    A best body Pilates membership would help me fix my neck pain and hip pain, and migraines from years of computer work. I’m already active and have learnt to love and accept my body as is. But honestly, please give the membership to one of the ladies above that have gone through some big challenges.

    I work as a hospital dietitian and am looking forward to being part of an empowering Pilates community here with these strong women. I hope we can create a supportive network where we work on improving our health together. We can learn to appreciate what our bodies can do (or have done…babies hello!), improve our inner self-talk, and not just focus just weight, size, or calories burnt.

    Excited to see the new studio!

  43. Dawn Cull

    From the first time I tried it, pilates has always been my solution to being fit. Since the birth of my first child I haven’t been able to get back into it.
    A best body membership will help get back into shape and fix my back problems which are due to weak abs.
    And the 6 free months will coincide with the end of my maternity leave. Would be encouraging to head back to work a fitter healthier me.

    Look forward to the studio opening in SP.


  44. Siobhan Walsh

    I would love to be the poster girl for South Perth Best Body! I turned the big 4-0 last year and have decided it’s finally time to start putting myself first after giving up my career, my sanity and my body to stay at home and raise my three foundlings. It’s never been a better time now that they are all in school full time, and what better example can I set for them, to get back in shape and be the best version of me I can be.

    Due to a car accident in my youth I have struggled with a reoccurring back injury. The continuing advice from all of my physio’s, chiro’s and doctors has been to exercise. I have had varying degrees of success, but have been known to overdo it and caused more damage at boot camp throwing around various heavy objects I had no business throwing around. Two years ago I conned/convinced five of my friends to join me in purchasing an introductory pass to a pilates gym and LOVED the reformer classes, however with a little one still at home, I just couldn’t make it work. For the last 12 months I have been walking regularly with some friends and I am now strong enough to get through the weeks without relying on painkillers. I would love the opportunity to join your gym and really see what I could achieve with your team to motivate me.


  45. Wilma Delaney

    I had a taste of using Reformer Pilates after a hip replacement in 2002 and was AMAZED with the results in my recovery. Since then I have wanted to do Reformer Pilates as a form of exercise. I am now possibly looking at another Hip replacement and really want to get my body into shape before the operation if this is the case. Another factor driving me to get motivated to start Reformer Pilates is that I have turned 60 and I want to keep my body supple to support me for the next 20 years and from past experience Reformer Pilates will be the best to keep me doing the things I love.

  46. Laura Hughes

    I have some long standing back issues from a car accident and of all the exercise and therapy I’ve tried, Reformer Pilates is the best for my body, but also my mental health. Building core strengths keeps me pain free and after 6 years of sitting too much studying I don’t have much core strength left! It helps my mental health by involving my whole body and taking away all the distractions and giving myself space and time to focus on doing something that’s best for me, so I can then be better for those in my life.

  47. Peta Moore

    Hi Tarryn,
    I’ve been struggling with weight, fitness and injury for several years now. I love to run but have poor glute strength and lower back aches. I have seen the amazing results that reformer Pilates can give with strong lean and healthy bodies – I want that! I really want to engage and strengthen my glutes, core and back. I have never been able to join a reformer Pilates studio due to the pricey memberships so to win this membership would be truly amazing!

  48. Crystal Howrie

    I currently work in 6 jobs ! Why? Having had cancer twice, I vowed and declared to one day go back and change the processes for those going through the same journey. I couldn’t do this by working a 9-5 job so I started my own travel agency with a wellbeing focus and somehow thought that was how I could achieve what I wanted to. Once I started to explore my vision and goals with a business coach, it was decided the best way to really do what I wanted to do was to create a second business (a charity). In just under one year, we have been successful in getting all the appropriate government approvals and I am now ready to move forward in following my dreams. Our mission is to advocate for positive change to improve experiences for people affected by Cancer. We focus on the person, not the disease. I have partnered with a prominent cancer treatment provider and a local hotel in Perth to allow outer-metro Perth and Regional WA people to be able to have their treatment in a hotel room, avoiding the additional stress of parking and waiting rooms. I take a group to India once a year through my travel agency to do an Ayurveda retreat. I look after people and love doing it but what I have noticed of late is that I have forgotten to look after myself ! I know I needed to do all of the things I have done as it will change the lives of so many people. For me now, getting into Reformer Pilates will help me reset my mind, body and soul so I am in the best place for kicking more goals !

  49. Letitia Stocker

    A reward like this membership would give me the motivation to finally do something for both my body and mind. For the last half decade i have concentrated on putting my 3 children first as I struggled with becoming a single mother and going to uni in hopes to build a better future for both my children and myself.

    I have found that most of my days are quite sedentary with study and although my body may not be large I feel I am constantly having to increase my wardrobe size and I have next to no muscle tone left. My posture has suffered and quite often I am needing to spend time and money at a physio to help with back, neck and headache issues.

    I will hopefully be on track to finish my studies and get back into the work force within the next 16 months. However, i would love to do it with a more body positive mind with newer healthier habits. I want to regain my confidence and I think the best way is to commit and invest my time in striving for a healthier, stronger body and mind set. I have not tried reformer pilates nor ever joined a gym of any type. I actually find it quite daunting but I am needing a lifestyle change to get ready for my next chapter.

  50. Anne Opferkuch

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can definitely help me. I have previously attended reformer Pilates classes (2013 – 2015) and found that it really helped my lower back issues at the time. Then life changed suddenly with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2016. So, after 2 surgeries, chemo, radiation & now 5-10 years of hormone therapy I am now a b/c thriver! It has taken some time to adjust to the “new normal” of my life and I have decided that this year is the time to start to incorporate more self-care and maintain healthy habits to be the best version of me. Exercise has been up and down due to limitations with lymphedema (a gift from cancer) and I have found myself putting on weight no matter what I eat, and my body sometimes makes me feel 100 years old with its aches and pains. (Blame the hormones and forced menopause from medication.) I would really love to start something regular at a local studio, so close to home and the Best Body Reformer Pilates at South Perth is my answer. Bring on the thriving, surviving and living life to the full! xx

  51. June

    after procrastinating for years and just putting up with aches and pains I have decided that this looks like the best way to get some tone, flexibility and increase my bone density which is low. I have been avoiding gyms as I am a post menopausal woman who would be intimidated by all those beautiful bodies but have been recommended by my friend in mt lawley.
    Would love for you to consider me to kick my butt into gear. !!!

  52. Therese

    After my first pregnancy I suffered a back injury that affected me severely for 12 months and was an ideal candidate for surgery, however I chose to do a mix of physio rehab and clinical reformer Pilates. Thankfully I regained most of my strength and was strong enough to have another baby. For baby #2 I did clinical Pilates until 41wks pregnant, I loved it and spruik the benefits any chance I get. Now that life with two kids is manageable, I am super keen and ready to commit to regular pilates sessions again. This membership would help get me back to being stronger and fitter quicker than the one session a fortnight I currently do (thanks finances!) I’m a stay at home mum who would love to have a strong core and back for lifting my soon to be one year old, and be a good role model for my daughter (both kids really!) with regards to exercise, movement and feeling the best we can. I appreciate the chance to win Tarryn, thanks!

  53. Lorna

    I have on going back issues which reformer pilates can help with along with my continual remedial massage treatment. Increased flexibility and better posture would also help and lead to a stronger core and hopefully less back issues. Great to see Best Body a little closer to home.

  54. Elissa Sarich

    I’d love to supplement my fitness & wellness regime with Pilates. As I get older I’d like to strengthen & increase flexibility which research shows assists to support movement & functionality.

  55. Michelle Ogilvie

    So, I feel like the fat frumpy mum at school drop off and it’s only week one of pre-primary for my 5 year old son!! I’ve struggled with my weight since he was born and it’s now time for me to feel fab about how I look and feel! I work full time – like many others and I always find a reason (or an excuse, if I’m honest) to not find time for myself! So 2019 is my year to shine and become the best version of me.

  56. Kerry W

    Having used a reformer in the past and loving it and been on the gym circuit with little motivation, and of an age now (close to retirement age!) where the body is telling me IT’S TIME to reboot. Reformer Pilates would be my preferred option.

  57. Natalie Di Pietro

    Reformer pilates has been my best friend after a back injury. I never realised the importance of isolating muscles and building core strength is! I will love to continue to see my body and confidence strengthen with pilates reformer practice ❤

  58. Natalie Jane Di Pietro

    I forgot to add my I love the way my body reacts to pilates, I feel stronger, taller and energised after a class!

  59. Joanna McMahon

    I would love to win a 6 month pilates membership because I’m currently looking for a full body overhaul. Having done reformer pilates in the past, I know what can be achieved with hard work and dedication! I am ready for a new challenge in my local area

  60. Jen

    Winning this membership would mean so much to me, just what I need to motivate me towards my goals. Now with 3 kids in full time school I have the time for me, with 40 approaching I’m excited to become fitter & stronger, lose weight and really focusing on core strength to help alleviate my back pain.

  61. Carole Watson

    I was a member with Happy Physio in Mt Lawley but had to stop when I changed jobs. I went to another pilates studio locally, but it hasn’t got the same atmosphere/energy about it. I lost motivation and stopped going. I was excited to hear you are opening up in South Perth and would be thrilled to win a 6 month membership. Pilates is most definitely the best exercise for me, approaching 60 with all the aches and pains that brings. Happy Physio helped me greatly before so I’m sure Best Body will do the same.

  62. Melissa Mairata

    16 years ago I did reformer classes every week. Pilates wasn’t well known in Perth then and there were very few Pilates teachers. I loved it – my core strength improved, my migraines went away, my body felt healthy and lean and strong. I would love to win a 6 month membership so that I could get back onto a reformer again and get back that pain free body I had 16 years ago. I know first hand how much reformer Pilates can improve your body and mind. If I won a membership it would make me, make the time to fit in exercise and some time for me again. It’s just the kickstart I need to get going again.

  63. Carlene Warrener

    Hi I tried Reformer Pilates with my niece previously, in Subiaco and really enjoyed it, being so much closer to home would make it also achievable. After spending the last 18 years concentrating on my children, spending my time running them from sport training to tutoring etc… I’ve decided 2019 is my year, for myself to try and get my best body. A membership would mean the world to me and enable me to make some real changes. Thanks for the opportunity and for bringing Reformer Pilates to South Perth.

  64. Ashleigh Goodchild

    I am really excited to see your new move to south perth. For the last 12 months I have been doing a combination of weight and cardio training and my body is ready for a change in activity. I am happy overall with my body but the reason I am interested in reformer is I feel that it will shape and sculpt my body more. For me exercise is not always about the physical benefits but also my healthy mind and creating my ideal week. My ideal week means taking control of my day to day life and planning activities that are not negotiable and this includes exercise. Having a happy place is so important and this is created by surrounding yourself with like minded people. I love what you are creating

  65. Stephanie Hailand

    Hi, I am really keen to try Reformer Pilates in the desperate hope that this may be my magic ticket to finally achieving the body I want while not risking further damage after already having surgery for two Prolapses! I have been attending high intensity training g which I enjoy but I have to tone the exercises down in order to prevent injury. I have read about Reformer Pilates and am so excited about the prospect of being involved in a form of exercise that excites and motivates me, helps me tone my ‘seriously in need of toning’ body all while providing no risk to my health. Thank you for developing this class…..

  66. Farzana

    I just recently tried out Reformer Pilates and loved it. I found that the whole body got a work out and it really suits that age group I am in. I have tried gym and other quick fix training programmes but reformers is way better. I can’t wait for the South Perth studio to open, will definitely use it

  67. Nicole

    I have hypermobility and have been advised by my phsio that pilates is the one of the best forms of exercise that I can do. I’m also just about to turn 40 and have noticed that I’m losing in my bodies fight against age and gravity so I’m keen to work to tone my muscles and fight back. I’m looking forward to having a reformer pilates studio so close to home!

  68. Renata

    Been working hospitality for more then 10 years.
    Arms, legs, back are so sore that sometimes I can’t even sleep. Doesn’t help that I am also overweight.
    Did some research and Pilates are the only thing that can help. Been busy with life and kid, I am glad to have an option close to home that I can go and just get better:)

  69. Ellie

    I was into running and found it was a way to get fit and a great way to destress, I always felt great after a run. I started to get pain in my knees which I was told was due to running. I listened to the professional advice of many different people and I stopped exercising my legs and didnt bend it more than 90° (which can be a bit difficult to do day to day things). Over the last 3 years of doing this I lost a lot of strength in my legs and wasnt able to do something I loved. In the last couple of months I have been given different advice on how to improve my pain (patellar subluxation – floating patellar) I’ve now been told you can improve it by working on my core strength, strengthening my hips and quads (especially my vastus medialis). I was doing some research and saw that pilates had all these benefits. So a few months ago I decided to try pilates and I loved it, even doing it for a short time I have already seen the benefits with my knee and mental health.

  70. Carly C

    As a mum to two young daughters, I feel it is more important than ever to show my girls a healthy love for our bodies and everything it is able to do for us. While our society is becoming increasingly obsessed with body image and everything “fitspo” has to offer, I think it is vital to show how healthy, strong bodies, in many different shapes are able to serve us throughout our lives. I also believe that Pilates is the ideal method of keeping fit for anyone at any stage of their lives. As both of my daughters are in love with dance, hopefully they can see through my Pilates practice that Pilates is a sustaining, healthy way to strengthen and look after our bodies, while also in the future providing healthy habits for their love of dance. I am also a midwife, and feel that Pilates is the ideal way to look after ourselves as women, as Pilates strengthens our core, essential for women to maintain at any stage of our lives. I would truly love to become a part of your amazing team, as selfishly Pilates practice also allows me to recharge, making me a better mother for my girls. Similar to the oxygen mask on an aircraft, we need to take care of ourselves first to be able to care for others, something I’m slowly coming to accept. With so much on our to-do plate, we often neglect ourselves, leading to burnout, resentment and a feeling of groundhog day. If however our self care bucket is filled our loved ones benefit from this, resulting in a much more harmonious life. From time to time I suffer with headaches and migraines, originating from poor upper back, shoulder and neck strength. I truly believe that Pilates is the ideal way to gently, safely and sensibly strengthen and stabilise these muscles, as well as other supportive structures. In conclusion, this prize, as I truly see it, would mean the world to me, for many reasons. With many kind thanks, Carly

  71. Jessica Haig

    A BB membership would help me gain confidence and work on improving my self-image by encouraging me to take ownership to better my mind and body.

    I’ve always felt uncomfortable at the gym and feel like this would be a gentler approach into making necessary changes in my life.

    I would love to have the opportunity to get into a routine that becomes ingrained in my life. I struggle with leaving my house (aside from going to work) and this would increase my mental well-being by having a place to go to where i could feel a part of a family.

  72. Stephanie Steinsvaag

    Hi Tarryn,
    Very excited that Best Body is opening in South Perth! I need Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and definitely some toning and just know that I would get all of the above from reformer pilates. I am desk bound more than I wish to be, have struggled with various niggles that have all led to me going from FIT to the pits!! I am a young at heart 55yr old and I want my body to reflect that! looking forward to your help in reaching that goal ! : )

  73. Catherine C

    Hi Taryn. I’m a bit late to this party but very interested in Reformer Pilates and excited about the new South Perth studio! I’ve read a lot of the comments and there are some very deserving ‘winners’ there already. I am simply a ‘young Senior’ who wants to keep ahead of the ageing process and have read about the many benefits of Reformer Pilates. I’ve tried some other ‘senior’ classes but they just felt a bit ‘old’ and I want to try something that will put a smile in my face (after a rest!) and help with balance and muscle issues that are creeping up! All the best with the new studio and hopefully I will see you there!

  74. kIM W

    Hi Taryn
    As a working mother, I feel like my time is fairly stretched which results in me putting everything else first over my own health and wellbeing. But I want 2019 to change that and I want to start putting my own health a top priority as it should be. My health is needed to keep everything else afloat including work and family life- so why shouldn’t it be a priority! I want to change my body and get back to my pre-baby body and be more fit so that I can run around after my now toddler! I want clearer thinking and clarity which I believe exercise and pilates can do for you and I want to finally look in the mirror and feel good about my body. All of these are things I believe you would be able to help with. I live in South Perth also so believe this is truly achievable with your help!
    Good luck with your new studio- I will hopefully see you there!
    Bring on 2019!

  75. Andre Higgins

    I have been a current member at Best Body for a while now but have had to pop my membership on hold, due to the travel time with 2 young kids out to Mount Lawley from South Perth. I was working towards more strength in my body, to alleviate aches and pains in my shoulders and back, more energy for my kids who are 1 and 5 and also building a healthier body and mind to get through the stresses of everyday life. I tried a few different classes and enjoyed them all. All the instructors where great and there is also an amazing community of members. A 6 month membership would be life changing for me! 🙂

  76. Okke

    I want to improve my overall health body and mind 🙂

  77. Jana Young

    I believe Pilates would be a new and rewarding experience for me on my road to loving my body more. I have always done weight training as I hate cardio but lately I haven’t enjoyed going to the gym and my joints at really sore. I want to find a new hobby that I love doing and is nourishing for my body.

  78. Naomi Wilkinson

    I am a shift working Mum with a high stress job that doesn’t allow me much movement throughout the shift, an extremely poor sleeper with back and shoulder tightness all the time. I also ruptured my ACL at the start of last year and was told because of my age and that I was overweight it wasn’t worth repairing. I am only 37 and refuse to think this is it! This is my life in pain. I always think I need a big stretching machine to straighten me all out and now it is here in South Perth. Please help me get back on track to a healthier happier me. Mind, body and soul.

  79. JD

    Hi Taryn, thank you for the chance to win this membership. I have been relatively fit until 2018. Since last year my partner and I have been trying for a baby. During the preparation which took from February 2018 to November 2018, my medication protocols stated that I had to have painful injections in my abdomen every day, take about 30 pills per day, weekly injections in my hip and have a total of 8500 ml of progesterone per week in my body which had changed during this period. I had put on at least 10kgs which had frustrated me, but the prospect of holding our baby in my arms gave me the courage to continue. We had the procedure in mid november and it was twins and we were so happy, but during the next 30 days, I miscarried both embryos. This has devastated my partner and I, but especially me as the preparation and lead up to the procedure was very intense. Since our miscarriage, I have had so many sleepless nights and shed many tears. The doctors have said that I am to stop taking the medication and injections and to give my body a chance to recoup. They also said it is very important for me to get my body into shape within the next 6 months in order to try again at IVF. I really need your help to get my body into shape to give me the best chance in order to conceive a baby that we have wanted for so long. I am struggling with my weight issues right now. My arms, abdomen, upper arms, thighs need toning and I have lower back issue which means building up my core strength. Building up Core Strength is very important in this case, as having IVF means there is a slightly higher chance of having twins. The exercise and mentoring will also help to lift my spirit and confidence again.

  80. Hayley Prendiville

    Hi Taryn, Best Body sounds amazing and I’m so excited to enter this competition. I have done lots of Pilates previously, a mix of mat and reformer. The benefits of reformer Pilates has far outweighed those of mat for me, particularly during pregnancy and post partum. I have just had my second baby (two weeks ago) and am feeling extremely weak in the lower back and abs/pelvis. Reformer Pilates I know will help me get back on track and strengthen my core efficiently and correctly. I am generally a fit person and rely on core fitness such as Pilates to maintain strength and mobility.

  81. Lizzie

    Hi Taryn, thank you for the chance to win this membership. I’m 58 years old and would love to do Reformer Pilates. I have only ever done floor exercises, which make me feel sick. After a microdisectomy at L3/4, I always need to strengthen my muscles, which is ongoing. Reformer Pilates looks like the ideal proposal for me. I’m prepared to give it life time commitment, but need tuition, some time for learning and team motivation.

  82. Katie

    I truly believe a Best Body reformer pilates membership will not only have a positive impact but absolutely change my life.
    Over the past 6 years I have been diagnosed with an array of health issues; PCOS, endometriosis, chronic migraines, fatigue and a few other fun things. Last year everything really came to a head, I became burnt out and had to take a month off of work. I slowly felt able to go back to normal life but it has made me realise just how much I need to make myself a priority. I recently turned 30 and my goal for this year is to do just that…mentally and physically. I have never felt so uncomfortable and lacking in confidence in my own skin and there’s no time like the presence to make a change! Thank you for the amazing opportunity x

  83. Corrine Sawyer

    I had a diagnosis of osteoporosis last year and I refuse to take medication at 55 , I’ve had no broken bones , and eat very well. The best body Pilates seems a perfect way for me to get more bone growth and get fit at the same time. Love the way you all seem to care about your clients.

  84. Janine Gebert

    I have heard so much about Reformer Pilates and would be so grateful to win this membership which I believe would enhance my life. I am in my mid 50’s and wanting to participate in a more holistic form of excercise that I think would help me with my core strength and flexibility. Thank you

  85. claire jobling

    Do you know what? Reading where others are at and their motivations, their needs, I don’t know if I should be lucky enough to win!

    I would love to have something I could be passionate about and advocate for. Right now my age is catching up with me and where once I cared little about my own personal growth and wellness, instead being content in putting others first, I now find that without taking steps in looking after me, I won’t be able to do that!

    I need to look after my spiritual and physical wellbeing and where better a place to start??

  86. Carly Burns

    It’s my time…divorce, redundancy, blah blah. Bring on my best body 2019

  87. Jane O’Brien

    I have been on my own raising my children for the past 10 years. I have declared 2019 my year of self love. I am putting myself first. I am losing weight and shedding my past pains. I am wanting my inner self to shine. I believe your programme will help me develop a strong inner core and body and allow me to progress forward into a much more active healthier life. I want to get back into living more .

  88. Mandy

    I started Pilates in the Past year and absolutely Love it. I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and would love to continue my journey in aligning my body with your assistance and guidance of your beliefs and values in how the benefits can help me achieve my inner well being.

    Best of luck to everyone who’s applied to be in the draw. Everyone is deserving and I hope and wish those two Lucky winners all the Best in there journey.Fingers crossed I too are in consiseration.

    Keep Smiling.

  89. Michelle French

    I have let “myself go” in the past few years. I have not been kind to myself and I have turned my body into something that I would prefer to disassociate from.
    I would be so grateful to be chosen for this wonderful prize, because I have only just connected and acknowledged this self-abuse.
    I would love to strengthen my body again and ensure that my posture was correct and aligned for optimum functionality.
    I would love to demonstrate real self care and practice good habits.
    I would love to look in the mirror and smile at my reflection- I have not felt that way in years.
    I would love to feel proud of me again, and to forgive myself for being so mean to me.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  90. Melissa Edwards

    Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked for a company who has offered me some great experiences and a successful role. However, with the push to be successful, the consequences have been a poor work life balance, tired constantly due to long hours, sore from sitting all day and some unwanted extra kilos. I’ve realised in the past 6 months that I need to make a change so the search started for new ways to improve my life.

    After seeing a promotion on Facebook for a Pilates assessment, I took the chance to try something new. Last Saturday, I completed my first one on one Pilates Reformer class with Mel and it took me by surprise how much better I felt afterwards, both physically and mentally. Mel showed me how the class could work some of the key areas I felt body conscious about and what to do to make those abs really work. I felt comfortable and at ease with no fear of judgement.

    My goal now is to keep going with the classes once South Perth opens and make time for it. I also want to use the classes as an outlet to relieve the stress from work but also to build up my confidence in myself and my energy levels. This goal will also allow me to work towards me being the best person I can be for when I eventually become a mother.

    Thank you again for the opportunity and for showing me a new and fun way to exercise.

  91. Nadine

    With a move from the country to the city and massive changes to my family, I need some time out to bring me back. My husband has not traveled well with the change with many hospital admissions. Now a role of carer, supporter, counselor to him and my 3 children. My weight has increased, I have had no time to myself, every minute consumed with worry and concern. This has taken its toll on my body, I need to exercise to regroup and reset myself. I know it is so important for my own mental health. I have had some tragic journey’s. My husband has now gone from full time work to 2 days a week. I feel I have lost so much but need to try to focus on me. I dont have the room to breathe to research diets and healthy eating, I need help not only to find me again but also for my whole family. I remember a doctor saying once Frumpy and forty. I am have never been this size ever. I have always been the fit one. Its been the hardest 3 years of my life and honestly I just cant afford it. Pilates brought me back from a major accident in 2010 and now my body is vulnerable. I see and read the many stories. All are so valid to be chosen. We are all unique in each and all worthy for help. So win or lose I will endevour to use my story to encourage, equip and walk beside others also travelling similar paths in life. I just need to find me, for me and for my family. I put myself last off the ranks, I love my family and I want to be the best me for them too, whatever life keeps throwing at us. I can go on and on, but I will say, Yes please I would love this opportunity.

  92. Beth Phillips

    Hi Taryn, I would love to be selected the reformer membership!! I’m 8 months post partum, and so over how stiff and unbalanced my body feels! I also feel like I’ve lost a lot of strength and want to improve this and become more flexible before I give myself an injury. I’m due to return to work as a nurse at the end of March and know I need to do something for myself otherwise I’ll go bananas. I’ve done around 8 reformer classes in the past and have really enjoyed them! They make me feel so chilled and like I’ve treated myself! A bit healthier than the chocolate habit I picked up whilst I was preggo thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition, and good luck with the opening of the studio

  93. Anita Dee

    After facing my many fears and making the biggest decision of my life…. to drastically change my life, I very recently underwent Weight Loss Surgery. I survived!!! (lol) and am now at the beginning of my big weight loss journey. I hope to enrich this experience by committing to Best Body @ South Perth and giving myself the best possible opportunity to morph into a happy, healthy, lean, fit and strong female
    I look forward to hopefully meeting you all and working out with you soon xxo

  94. Meaghan Barr

    I joined Best Body 12 months ago for issues with my back. I had two prolapsed vertebrates. First Physio and then Reformer. I not only love the results of strengthening my core, but the friendliness that is the team and instructors. Each instructor has a way of conducting classes, some are funny, some are spiritual, some a tough and really push you. I don’t just learn, and train to get better balance, I have it in each class when I visit. I think that is truely important when it comes to finding somewhere to reform your best body. Unfortunately I’ve had to take a break due to having many scans and possible surgery on my back, (I found out this week) so I will definitely need the help when it’s all over. South Perth is close to home making the commitment easier. Either way good luck with it all, and I should see you all very soon.

  95. Terri

    I made a poor career decision about a little over a year ago which resulted in working 12-13 hours a day sitting at a desk, eating badly and not exercising which led to stress and putting on over 7kg and horrible back and muscle pain. I’ve since moved jobs and am trying to get my health and wellness back in gear. I’m eating better again and slowly getting back into my fitness but my main focus really is loosing some weight and getting my strength back. I feel Pilates really is the best option for strengthening my muscles again, toning and just generally feeling me again!

  96. Anika

    Having been a very fit, strong and flexible gymnast (over 20 years ago now) I crave the days when I felt that good and could move freely without having to worry about injury.
    Pilates would enable me to work towards creating a strong core, increasing my flexibility again and strengthening and toning my body because after 20 years of not having done much exercise at all I have neglected my body.
    Plus the other important benefits Pilates provides of feeling good about yourself which leads to having a sense of well-being and becoming more positive and energetic and having a new found confidence in yourself which is incredibly important to increasing one’s quality of life also.
    Getting older too it’s time to start thinking about my body and to take care of it so it reduces the effects of aging and remains as fit and strong as possible for as long as possible!

  97. Trish Chapman

    I had been doing pilates with reformer at a physio and kept it up for about a year, but in the end it was too expensive to be sustainable. However, I have learned after having a break how important and valuable regular pilates can be. I also learned supervision and experienced instructors are critical. But it needs to be convenient and priced right. I sit at a desk all day and often for long hours, and when I do my gym with a PT I can tell my core strength still needs work – I have back discomfort and know why! I think regular visits are important to make it part of your routine. I started it originally because I couldn’t skip without issues, but it has so many broad benefits. I came to skiing with my family late (over 40) and I couldn’t do it without pilates. As I get older, it is the perfect exercise to keep muscles active whilst being gentle on joints.

  98. Vicki

    I have been taking 3 reformer classes a week for the past 6 months and have been achieving amazing results for arthritis in my hands and fingers. I own a very busy hairdressing salon with 7 staff that requires a lot of my time and attention, I love my career and would like to continue working for as long as physically possible. Pilates is more than helping me with this and my clients love hearing my hilarious stories of how this 50 year old body has adjusted to my new Pilates life.( some have even joined me)

  99. Rena Teoh

    I have suffered from a bad back for over 30+ years and recently gotten worse after having a child and work. Recently saw a physio who did some clinical Pilates with me – and was amazed at how it has helped lessen the pain I have each day.
    I have since stopped the clinical sessions as they are way to expensive to continue every week for the whole year.. and hence looking at starting some regular Pilates class to help lessen my pain and strengthen my core muscles to deal with day to day needs. Thanks!

  100. Gail Brownlee

    Well done to the deserving winners of your completion.

    I am still interested in becoming a member of either South Perht or Perth.

    Cannot wait to see more details.

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