Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Rockingham soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll choose the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at another Best Body studio, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Rockingham for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Rockingham. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Tahnee

    To improve my posture, muscle composition and mental health for greater quality of life

    • Aimee Donnellan

      Let’s just say thank you to you first for giving us this opportunity to win such an incredible prize!! The reason why I would love to win is for so many reasons but honestly to get out of the house away from my normal responsibilities of being a mother and just focusing on myself truly 100%. Not that I’ve let go of myself but I now know how important it is not only to myself but my kids and my husband to look after myself, so everyone can enjoy the best version of me.

      • Daniella

        I first started going to best body leederville for lower back issues. To say It worked was an understatement, i became flexible and was feeling great.
        I moved back home where there was no best body and could no longer attend best body leederville due to distance and time.
        6ish Years later i have two babies under two, back pain that is the worse it’s ever been and a real strong desire to go back to how i was physically and mentally all those years ago not only for myself but for my children and my family.

        • Emma

          It has been a bad year for my health and fitness. I have had to adjust to both having and not having my husband around due to the unpredictable nature of his work and adjusting to life after spending last year in Melbourne lockdown alone. This membership will encourage me to attend and help get me back into the routines I have lost your year. And we be amazing for my mental health, aswell as my physical health.

      • Kamari Cockle

        I am 12 weeks post breast reconstruction following breast cancer. 2020 was treatment, 2021 recovery and now is my time to recover and regain my health and strength

      • Jill Hunter

        I joined BB to improve my overall body strength after having 2x ankle ops and car accident that left me with such weakness in my back and shoulders.
        To say it’s been the best decision is an understatement.

        When I started I couldn’t do a sit up. I managed just 8 ladies push-ups (the ones on your knees) in a minute and thay was a struggle.

        I joined in November 2020 and to date I’ve lost 7kgs, toned my body, can do 20 plus real push ups in a minute and for the first time in my life I can do a plank

        A huge thanks to the instructors at Baldivis for your ongoing support and encouragement

    • Jodie Andrews

      I was a member of fittech another small gym, which allowed me the confidence to get back into exercise, I was loving it, had lost weight toned up was feeling mentally fantastic esp on the days I went, made it so much easier ti go to work, then it closed. I have tried to maintain my exercise at home following less mills programs, which i am doing ok, however miss the enviriment of a small personalised gym with the support and encouragement of others.
      Have also found without a trainer nearby I’m sure my exercises are not exact lol.
      Hoping this type of exercise will be softer on my knees and provide the push I need, not much just a little

    • Nicole

      Thankyou for the opportunity Basically I just want my body back! I’ve been doing HIIT workouts with little – no results I’m at a loss and would like to try something new. I’m building my first home so to win this would be amazing

    • Isabella Dawson

      4 years ago I lost 16kg and have maintained that to this day with almost diet alone eating a TINY 800 calrioes a day. I lost the weight I wanted…however my body looked sunken and deformed and I still wasn’t happy which was super upsetting! Since then I have created a healthy and stable relationship with food earing around 1500-1700 calories per day and have still maintained my weight I already feel so much better, healthier and stronger! Now that I have my diet under control I am looking to find an exercise regime that I will be consistant with. My new goal is to tone everything up and feel amazing for my wedding in 2023. Sorry for my long comment

    • Tam

      I am interested in trying something new to help me improve my posture, lose weight, improve overall fitness and general mental wellbeing. After three kids, my body is not the same, I want to get healthy again. This would be an awesome prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

      • Jody

        Having gone thru a couple of unwell years with breast cancer so needto get back to a healthy me..and having had a sleeve done to ease cronic back pain i need to strengthen my lower back and core muscles as walking ‍♂️ even in the pool is painful after 10mins..
        Im unable to do gym due to pain..Pilates is just the perfect way to do this gently..

    • Kajal menon

      Best body guys have helped me in increasing my core strength also only because of there help the ab separation that happened with me after my three babies it has reduced a lot too … after every class I feel so much relaxed and positive …. I think every one should try this as it is so much beneficial for physical as well as for mental health ….

    • Sarah Malekin

      Looking to improve my overall health but more importantly build a strong core to maintain physical strength and agility.

      • Helena

        Thank you Best Body for offering the opportunity to win this marvellous prize. Being on the heavier side and having gone knee surgery, Reformer Pilates would strengthen my knees and help improve mobility. It would also improve my posture and reduce my lower back pain, as I tend to slouch alot. Not only would pilates be beneficial to me physically, but mentally too, as it would help reduce stress of everyday life, and improve sleeping habits.

    • Elaine Smith

      As a Woman in my mid 50’s, I feel it is very important at this time of life to improve my strength and on top of my overall fitness. Wanting to find something that is not going to pound my body but strengthen and support it as I age. I am needing to work on my muscle tone, as muscle loss seems to be a problem for me and very eager to give something new a try. Thank you for the opportunity

  2. Sarah mcclean

    After spending way too much time focussing on the kids and work these last 2 years and not enough time on me I feel that Reformer Pilates at Best Body is the perfect way to get back into shape! So many classes and so close to where I work so it will fit into my busy week! Can’t wait to start

    • Nicole

      Thankyou for this opportunity basically I just want my body back! I’ve been doing hiit workouts with little – no results I’m at a loss and would love to try something new I’m building my first home so to win would be amazing

    • Tracey

      A couple of years ago I lost 14 kilos felt the best I’ve felt in a long time , I fell back into my old habits and gained it all back , I since have had my gallbladder taken out and have been diagnosed with IBS and Diverticular Disease & sleep apnea. I’ve gained an extra 8 kilos and am at my lowest I’ve ever felt. Trying to get motivated as my body aches all over. I just think I need something positive. I want my health back 🙂

    • Rose Bourne

      For years I have enjoyed high impact and weight sessions at my local gym but I feel
      my body changing and I’m dealing with a lot of injuries. As I grow older my body is seeking more balance, flexibility and core strength. I am really hopeful that Bestbody come help me in the next part of my journey.

  3. Natasha wall

    I’m very interested to see how reformer Pilates can help me with my fitness.
    Last year I went from being not active at all to using a local gym 3 – 4 days a week. I hurt my lower back 3 times in 6 months. I wants to built core strength without putting pressure on my body. I have been very interested in trying for quite sometime but have not wanted to travel to baldivis as it’s a little far for me.

    • Rebecca Thomson

      Thank you so much for this opportunity. A little less than a year ago I had spinal surgery and woke up feeling great, I felt as good a new. A week later I was in agonising pain and after another mri discovered that the disc in my back has popped out again and I had to have a second surgery. Although it was a success, I woke from the second surgery in pain and with limited strength in my right leg which is where the nerve pain had initially been. It was a slow recovery and I still don’t have full strength in my leg and my back and core muscles aren’t what they were before surgery. I did finally try going back to PT about 6 months ago but I’m not getting very far as I’m very wary about lifting weights and am quite wobbly doing exercises like lunges. Many people have suggested reformer pilates but with my husband recently having to change jobs we just can’t afford it at the moment. I feel that Best Body Pilates will help me regain all the muscle strength I have lost over the past 18 months as well as help me lose the weight I have put on. I’m hoping this will boost my confidence and help me love myself again and feel my age instead of someone 30 years older. Thanks again for considering me and for the opportunity.

  4. Christine Westlake

    Best body Pilates would be my stress relief from work and my quite place to renourish my mind and body. Thank You In Advance

  5. Kirsten

    I have been out of shape since I fell pregnant with twins 8 years ago. I want to get body strength, fit and toned again. Mentally I have my ups and downs. I’ve had a career change and now working as an education assistant in special needs which is rewarding but mentally and physically draining at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my new chosen career! I’m also not really a traditional gym person and I want to try something different. One of my friends has recently started powerlifting and said to me, as a busy mom you have to have time for yourself and think of your health. I also want to be a good example to my kids about looking after your body at the end of the day.

  6. Susan Howie

    How will Best body help me? With everything…health, focus, strength. I sit all day in an office. Can not remember the last time I exercised and middle age is kicking my butt. Not the most healthy individual and not getting any younger. Hope to stop the physiotherapy visits for all my hip and lower back problems.

  7. Cara Hall

    A 6 month membership to Best Body Pilates would greatly help with my rehab work to strengthen my core and work on my pelvic floor (aswell as targeting all of those other little muscles that are missed) again after having a baby.
    I’m a single mum so being able to afford Pilates memberships (neither is me time) isn’t in the budget but my health and being fit and able to play with my son without worry or the pesky leaking when you run, jump,skip or what ever because of a weak pelvic floor haha

    • Ebony

      I recently came to a trial class at a Best Body Studio and wasn’t expecting to love it so much! I suffer with a degenerative dispoder that affects my lower back and hips and exercising is always pretty tough. . Well, so I thought so until I tried pne of your classes! I hardly even felt like I was exercising during the class and there was no pressure on my joints, and then the next day I was sore in placed I didn’t think I’d even worked that hard! Now I’m beyond excited at the prospect of finally having found something that I can do regularly to improve my quality of life!!

    • Claire

      Thank you for this opportunity!
      I have recently had a few sessions of physio using the reformer machine as referred by my Dr for the dreaded weak pelvic floor muscles, although I go to the gym 4/5 times a week (weights/cardio) I have found these exercises the best for actually realising how to engage core and pelvic floor muscles.
      I would love to be considered for this prize to continue to strengthen these muscles and the stretches on the machine for flexibility are next level, who knew my hips were so tight! Good luck all

    • Amy

      Pilates is something I have always wanted to get into, I think it is such an important part of your overall health. It can improve your form even in the gym which would be amazing! I would love it for muscle tone and stress and tension relief.

    • Pip

      I am looking to start working out Best Body pilates as I am currently trying to conceive and am looking for something that I can do and greatly benefit from throughout my pre-conception, pre-natal and post-partum journey and beyond! 🙂

  8. Lisa McAllister

    I would love 6months at reformers best body to get more flexible. Increase my self esteem and confidence and make my job easier. I work 12 he shifts in emergency and my back and hips ache badly on my days off. Strengthening my core and increasing flexibility would be amazing. Thanks

    • Katy

      I want to try to tone my body more and find my abs! I really enjoy being active but keen to do something different fitness wise and see what my body is capable of.

      • Julie

        I am an older mum who also has elderly parents to care for and a full time job. Taking care of me has been at the bottom of the list for a long time. I want to improve my fitness as I move into my 50’s to rediscover my self esteem and maintain an active lifestyle. Have tried out Best Body once before I feel this a good way to do that safely and effectively and a 6 month membership will help me get into good habits.

      • Sam fillingham

        A reinvention of me.

        2021 has forced me to reinvent myself. Covid hit my travel agency hard (as you can imagine) and for the past 2 years my clients have taken priority. Working extremely long hours and under huge stress for no income every time a border closes or new travel ruling has changed, has meant my emotional, physical and mental wellbeing has suffered immensely.
        At the end of last year I made the hard decision to go back to studying so I could change careers (at 46) Not an easy task, but I moved into real estate and I am killing it. Our travel agency is still open (in the rocky shops) and we are doing everything we can to hold on for that day we can travel again. After depression and anxiety I am starting to feel hopeful. Having just had surgery on my ear- complete ear reconstruction and new skin grafted eardrum I am at the stage where I can begin to start exercising again. Would love to end the year with a fresh outlook and my body to match for 2022.

  9. Sophie Dunnachie

    Hey (sorry for the longest comment ever) for me personally I’ve gone through a bit of a journey with my body. I had an eating disorder diagnosed at a young age and have worked really hard to over come it, I was running, eating healthy, going to the gym and doing pole fitness to maintain a positive mind and weight. Fast forward a few years in 2019 I had major spinal surgery from an injury and then 2 months after surgery fell pregnant. I’m now fighting to get my positive mind and body image back, only now have restrictions, Looking for alternative ways, I believe best body could help me regain core strength, lose weight in a healthy way and change my mind set. I want to bring my daughter up to have a positive relationship with food and exercise so I’m determined to set a good example

  10. Gemma Ingrilli

    I have been on an ongoing mission my whole life to lose weight. I have tried multiple diets and multiple gyms with multiple styles of training over the years. Over this time of playing around at gyms I have managed to hurt my lower back which is an ongoing issue for me . After visits to a physio they identified my back pain is likely related to the high impact intensity exercises I engage in and having a weaker core and accessory muscles. I did my research and found that Pilates seemed to be the right fit to support my lower back, and my overall health and fitness. I started browsing for studios I could join and found this one opening up down the road from my work which seemed perfect. In my research I found that most Pilates studio had a sense of community which I liked. I value this sense of community as it will help to motivate me to attend as well as allow me to make new friendships and improve my confidence to attend. Lastly I am hoping that Pilates, specifically moving my body in a low intensity way will help with my mental health and well being and give me a bit of respite from my chaotic life. I’m sure all three things I have mentioned will be reoccurring answers but I do believe Pilates will be so extremely beneficial to my physical, social and mental health and well being and I can’t wait for what this new Pilates chapter of my life will bring.

  11. Sarita

    After half of year of consistent running some recurring minor muscle pain keeps popping up so I’ve had to back off a fair bit. I think Best Body Pilates would really help build strength, allowing me to continue my running.

  12. Paige Montgomery

    I absolutely love reformer Pilates and currently attended another studio , but Rockingham best body will be just 2 minutes away from my home and much more convenient ! I’m currently attending reformer 4 days a week for the last 6 months and I’ve never felt stronger not only in my body but my mind ! I’m about to get married towards the end of the year and hopefully I will be trying to get get pregnant after and I’m wanting to really to strengthen my pelvic floor and abdominal muscles ready for a healthy pregnancy and a rock solid pelvic floor to help future me out ! Ive done many different gym ventures in my life , lifting heavy weights / intense hitt training like f45 / boxfit etc . But nothing has ever really made me feel as strong as Pilates does – the inner/ core strength is something I’ve never achieved with any form of exercise and the breathing techniques I’ve learnt along the way have been extremely beneficial . I’m not wanting to attend Pilates so have the so called “perfect body “ but to feel healthy and strong within myself for the future … to prevent injury and to make sure my body will be fit to last the test of time .

  13. Cara Hall

    A Best Body Pilates membership would greatly improve my mental and physical health. After have a baby almost 2yrs ago, my pelvic floor isn’t what it used to be. This will allow me to learn technique again regain strength and my my health. Being a FT single parent means all my time and energy and $$ goes to my son and now he’s at daycare it’s time to do something for me! This membership would definitely take the financial pressure of the Mum guilt and allow me to be the person and mum I want to be. Without the puffing and leaking bladder that comes with motherhood haha

  14. Michele Csikos

    Hi , I have had many operations on my right knee, cartilage damage, realignment etc. Then a couple of years ago I tore my hamstring off the bone (accidentally did the splits) they reattached it 5weeks later, but I still have problems with it. I would really love to be able to do more and be stronger and more flexible.

  15. Cam Leslie

    In the 12 months I’ve been a member, I’ve lost 10kg, have less back pain, and less knee pain. Seeing these results in such a short time, I’ve become more self-motivated, started eating better… started *feeling* better.

    As a guy, I find the gym incredibly intimidating, but everyone at BB has been so welcoming and it has definitely opened up a healthier future for me. I look forward to classes, rather than dreading going to the gym.

    I’m getting closer to 40 every day, but I’m the fittest I’ve been in my life. Might even be working on a six pack that I never had before!

  16. Julie sinclair

    I have been a member in the past but due to the uncertainty of covid last year i gave up my membership. Reformer pilates helped me so much with my neck issues, and overall strengthening. I did get a home machine which i do use but find i need the encoragement of a class to keep motivated , would love to join the Rockingham studio to get me back on track. I also have an issue with urge incontenince and need to work on my pelvic floor. If you pick me i would be truly grateful.

  17. linda Rudd

    Since menopause has hit me , iv found it hard to get my fitness back up . Winning this would help me get back on track & keep me learn

  18. Michelle

    I’m a fifo working that now in my early 40’s feel I’m losing my flexibility. I ache a lot more than I should and more than I used to. The opportunity to give Pilates a crack to tone and strengthen my body along with maintaining my flexibility would be amazing.

    • Nadira Moss

      It will help with my study (self mastery), my posture and my mental health. I always feel better (mentally and physically) after the class.

  19. Kerrylee

    I would love this membership due to the fact of just becoming a mumma of 2 now, improving my confidence,body fitness levels and strength again, some me time would be amazing

  20. Kayla

    I would love the opportunity to get back into reformer Pilates for the benefit of my future family! After consistently working hard at a different Pilates centre for 2 years I had never been stronger, confident and has finally found an exercise I enjoyed. When moving to Rockingham there was nothing here to continue my Pilates journey and could not make the class times of any studio in the outer area. I am a student who is currently trying to start my own family, but I would just love to have a local studio who can offer ongoing prenatal support and classes outside of 9-5 🙂

  21. Cynarra

    I used to go to the gym 4 nights a weeks and be fit. Then I met hubby, helped run his business and became less active and forgot to put myself first as a priority. I was actually shocked at the pain from sitting majority of the day in an office.

    The gym I used to go to changed ownership and the vibe changed so much that I no longer felt comfortable there.

    I have heard about best body from friends. I’ve always wanted to try reformer Pilates to spend time on myself and my body. I’m a nurse by trade and know how important it is for our body to keep moving. I believe trying something new like reformer Pilates would be the inspiration I need to get moving again and relieve the aches.

    • Rosalie

      Having this membership is important as I am at an age where it is important to work towards improving my overall fitness core strength and muscle tone however most importantly about being positive about my own self worth and mental health wellness. I have job that can be stressfull alot of the time and exercise as well as doing ‘something for me’ helps with my work life balance.

  22. Kirsty

    Since my second child was born I’ve struggled with my mental health and balancing being a mum with work, and all the other things I have going on. as part of this I’ve really neglected me, I’ve put on a lot of weight and have been carrying a lot of stress and tension causing muscle tightness and pain and causing me to lose a lot of flexibility. I’m beginning to feel like the tin man !! Over the past six months I feel the fog is beginning to lift now and my mental health is much much better and now I’m finally feeling like I have the energy to spend on getting back into exercise and improving my physical health and I really want to work on improving my strength and flexibility. I’ve wanted to do reformer Pilates for a long time, as a short person I love the idea of any kind of lengthening!!

  23. Madge Duncan

    I just discovered reformer Pilates and have lived with a huge fear of exercise for around 25 years. I have degenerative disc disease and at 49 have had two spinal fusion surgeries at the age of 43 I had no life I could not walk and was on my back for literally a year. I have arthritis and bursitis in both hips and struggle with pain daily. Three years ago after my first back surgery I was 111kilos, I lost 40 kilos and although it helps I may need more surgery in the future. Reformer Pilates is the first time I have found an exercise that is low impact but feels like it really works! I have started at baldivis but due to work commitments find it hard to get there having the studio in Rockingham is going to be amazing. I will be able to get there in three minutes from home and back and still make it to work, looking forward to it

  24. Maria

    This is really my last resort. I have tried so many things and with the last leading to an injury that has left me scared of exercise. I believe with Pilates reformer will get me back to where I want to be safely buy repairing my ongoing injury and supporting my weight loss. I can Start living my life again no more hiding in my shadow

  25. Donna

    I have Osteoporosis and suffer neck and shoulder, lower back and hip pain and have lost all my fitness as I age due to depression and lack of motivation – I need help before I get any older and lose my mobility all together. I don’t want to be a burden on my family.

  26. Rachael

    I have heard a lot about reformer Pilates, not only for fitness but for recovery. I’m due to have my first bub in November and have been looking at ways to gently nourish my body back to complete health postpartum. This opportunity would give me the chance to set myself a goal and do something for me amongst the highs and lows of being a first time mum, and being able to recommend this to the people in my life, having first hand experience with the postpartum recovery aspect would be incredible (I’m a fertility focussed nutritionist) xx

  27. Isabella Curtin

    I stand for 10-12 hours a day at work, and get a really bad back and hips, looking to help strengthen and tone my back to help not be in so much pain! I currently do HIT training and finding the impact is too much so wanting something more gentle on my joints

  28. Brooke Mitchell

    I hurt my back at the beginning of this year and also turned 30, have two young girls and never felt like I got my core strength back after the. I am sick of feeling weak and sore and just want to build a body that can enjoy every day with them and not feel limited by being unhappy with it or not feeling good

  29. Alexandra

    I think a membership would help me most with consistency. I struggle with my mental health and juggling work and studying, as a student it can be had to prioritise the time and money for exercise (even though you know it’s the best thing for your brain and body). Having a supportive community around you to make you feel welcomed helps make it a place you look forward to coming to and makes your progress more rewarding too. If I won the membership I think it would help me get back into a good routine and get my social, mental and physical fitness back after a challenging two years.

  30. Kate Hall

    I would love to be considered for this to help my body to be in good shape after I injured my back while nursing a few years ago which then lead to pain in other areas of my body (to compensate) and had to change careers as continuing was too hard on my body. Also having had a baby 6 weeks ago I would love to lose some of the baby weight and strengthen and tone my body so that I can keep up with him when he starts moving. It also would give me the opportunity to have some important me time so I can recharge and be the best mummy I can be.

  31. Rebecca

    I’ve just had my second baby and I have definitely noticed a difference in my abdominal strength or lack there of the second time around. I would love to strengthen everything up, as well as tone my whole body and get fit again. I would especially love to tone up my arms, I’m really not loving them at the moment and have noticed I’m not reaching for tops that show my arms and chest area.
    I feel like reformer Pilates would be able to give me the all round workout I’m desiring to be happy, healthy and confident in my own skin again!

  32. Sharon

    I have just entered into a new phase in my life and believe a membership at Best Body would give me the opportunity to re-set. I am 57, single and need to find me again. It’s time to put myself first for a change. To invest in my health, my well being and my future. I am overweight, so I’m not sure Pilates is a suitable form of exercise for me? If so, I completely understand that I cannot be considered for this competition.

  33. Esther

    This ageing working lass needs a full body workout with low impact!
    I have weaker joints than I wish for hence time to strengthen and build up general all round good stability to keep healthy. After surgeries rotator cuff and Labral tears, require a low impact exercise regime.

    Would love to have to chance to exercise in this great environment to feed the mind, soul and body.

  34. Jolene

    Oh my gosh thankyou so much for this opportunity.

    Bit of a rundown on way I’m super keen to do reformer pilates.
    Last year I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer .As a single mum this was one scary long journey I was about to enter.
    Months of chemo and radiation and surgery left me unable to swallow properly or eat for a long time .Although this was fantastic for weight loss it wasn’t a healthy way and I’m certainly not as toned as I want to be.8 months of laying in a hospital bed or on a couch has left me pretty unmotivated.Im back to work a few days a week now but it’s time to push myself further now I’m clear!! Woohoo
    Time to focus on being the best me I can be again.
    I’ve also watched a friend’s journey thru best body pilates in baldivis and her strength, weightless but most of all confidence and love for life and pilates is so inspiring.
    Hope to see you soon ❤❤❤

    • Jolene

      Maybe I should add it will be a miracle if you can fix my post kids stomach and stop it looking like I’m 8 months pregnant when I most certainly am not.
      I even gave cool sculpting a go and saw small results but not enough to crank out a bikini.. The good old pelvic floor muscles definately need alot if work as well before I end up in nappies at 42..Help me please

  35. Michelle Burkhardt

    Hi Tarryn,
    I don’t necessarily have a body type to aspire too but I have a fitness journey I am keen to take..
    I’m 47yrs & a single mum of a super active 10yr old boy who I love to bits. I carry most of my excess weight around my mid section due to my other love, food and wine
    I have been a member of an all girls fitness studio for the past 2-3yrs where I try to get to 3-4 classes each week & I love the studio class environment as it holds me accountable but I am super curious to know if Reformer Pilates is a better fit for me?
    My fitness motivation is to be able to enjoy doing activities with my son as he continues to grow in to an active young man.
    The programs at my current studio change monthly & some months I have been subject to injury as a result of the program aggravating old injuries & I really struggle.
    This can make it extremely difficult to maintain consistency in attendance therefore I find my fitness level never really progresses much & if I take time off due then it is as if I am starting from scratch again.
    I would really love to find a fitness program that focuses on building strength but is gentle on the body so that fitness becomes a part of my daily/weekly routine.
    Although my why is mostly to be able to keep up with my son, it also affords me time out for myself & is so good for my mental health also.
    I am the quintessential ‘busy working mum’ but I wouldn’t have it any other way

  36. Danniell S.

    I had gastric sleeve almost 18 months ago and have finally completed my weight loss journey for the most part! But now I am facing the issue of having lost all of my muscle mass. I know the way forward will be to exercise to gain the muscle mass but I need guidance on this as well as a way to do it in a productive/body has already been through the wringer way. I’ve been doing research and feel that reformer pilates would be a great way of doing this as well as helping my body snap back from the surgery and its changes as I currently feel like a bowling pin on legs with all my remaining weight sitting firmly on my stomach – obviously the hardest thing to shift!
    I miss my physical strength but am so nervous about heading into a gym environment with chicken noodle arms and a body that cracks like a glow stick. Please please please help a sister out!

  37. Nikayla

    I think this membership can help me because I am trying to get myself back.

    I have two beautiful daughters that are my world, however, the birth of my two girls was not easy, emergency c-section at 36 weeks followed by 3 weeks in ICU. Being a mother you tend to lose yourself caring for your babies, after my experience I really lost myself and now that my girls are older I’m wanting to find myself and get my body and health back and start looking after me.

    I’ve alway wanted to get into Reformer Pilates as I have bad joints in my knees and some many of girlfriends do it and love it, I found that this opportunity came at a perfect time as it’s just as I’ve decided it’s ME TIME!

  38. Julie Francis

    I have been involved in the fitness industry through the years but the last few years had a lot of knee issues and last year had a knee replacement which has been amazing . I now realise that the hard and fast fitness regimes are not what I need and that Best Body Pilates could get me back on my fitness journey .

  39. Sam

    Best body will be able to help he get back to my pre baby strength and weight, also will be able to help me strengthen my back and lower muscles as recently in my second pregnancy had some complications with my body and still feeling the effects now some days. Also exercising is becoming my me time from being a busy mum of 2 part time study now also going through some family help issues

    • Sam


  40. Shari Weston

    A 6 month membership at Best Body would be amazing. I would use it to help me to feel like me again. I am a mum of 2, with my youngest born this year. Adapting into life a busy mum of 2, I have sort of lost myself in the day today of motherhood, work and house wife duties. I would love to take back some me time again. I crave being able to get back into regular exercising and would love to be able to go to classes at BB to have some me time, clear my mind, improve my strength and get my post-baby body toned back up and ultimately have my “best body” confidence back!

  41. Charlie lee

    Where to start! I’m a mummy of four beautiful children and have been struggling with weight all my life! Since my last baby I have had issues with my lower back and have not been able to be as active as I would like to be ! Running and lifting weights is out of the picture for the for seeable future but I know I need to keep moving for the sake of myself and my babies – given the opportunity I would love to be able to attend Pilates sessions.
    I am also studying to become a nurse and and would love to see how Pilates can improve my lifestyle and posture for my future job
    Plus I hear it is bloody awesome

  42. Tracey

    Good morning. I am currently on a healing journey. I am in my early 50s..4 years ago I had a gastric sleeve and am confidently maintaining my goal/ideal/healthy weight. I am going to the gym a minimum of three days a week and walking my dog’s up to 7km a day. I am still not building enough core strength to assist in reducing and preventing the Sciatic pain I get. I also have scoliosis – although mild I find my posture difficult to correct. For many years I have struggled with mental health problems. I now have an awesome team behind me and we are all working hard to get me past all the issues that keep me from being mentally healthy. I am currently not working. It is for all of these reasons that I believe that a Best Body membership will assist me to become the best version of me both physically and mentally in what I am seeing as the prime of my life.

  43. Danielle Bryers

    Before children I LOVED working out at the gym, but since having my two boys exercise now feels like a chore.
    I want to find my love of exercise again.
    I also want to have some ‘me time’ doing something I enjoy…and what better way to do that then a membership at Best Body Rockingham!
    I have tried reformer Pilates in the past and have loved it, but now being a SAHM i don’t have the budget for weekly sessions anymore

    I would love to get back into regular exercise, build my strength back up, correct my bad breastfeeding posture and of course work on my core strength and pelvic floor.
    Our bodies change so much after having children, I’d love to get back into regular exercise that’s going to be a bit kinder on my body/joints while still challenging me and making me sweat!

    What an amazing opportunity, thank you Tarryn

  44. Kellie

    I’ve just had my first baby at 38 and I’m starting to feel the strain in my back and shoulders from holding and feeding my daughter. I want to be able to keep up with her as she grows and be able to get down on the floor with ease to play and make the most of her toddler years when we get there. I have a naturally tall slim physique but I have very little core or upper body strength. I have heard wonderful things about Pilates building strength and would love to give it a go!

  45. Samantha Harriss

    I have a few medical issues that would improve greatly with core strength and all over strength.
    I have fibromyalgia so lots of sore muscles and lifestyle changes are the only way to help it.
    I need to get my fitness back to what it was and I used to have a reformer and it helped loads.

  46. Eliana

    I had shoulder surgery and have been in a battle to lose wait and keep fit since then. With limited workouts available that can deal with this injury a 6-month membership would be incredible to kickstart my journey to recover!

  47. kristy

    I make sure my kids eat well and are active but somehow in doing this I’ve stopped doing it myself. I hold stress and tension in my muscles and have a lot of muscle stiffness which combined with a sedentary lifestyle and desk job has made me achy and stiff and I’m only in my 40s. I’ve got several spare tyres, no core strength to speak off and I think my pelvic floor got up and left with the birth of my second child.

    I think I’ve lost myself in motherhood and a whole lot of aldi chocolate and I’m so, so ready to start feeling better, exercise and get back my strength and flexibility. I want to be active for as long as possible as I age, I want to be those amazing old ladies you see power walking along the foreshore and swimming in the ocean at 80 ….and if I carry on like this I won’t be anything like that.

  48. Casey Crothers

    Good Morning Tarryn,

    The reason I would love a best body membership is because I’m currently suffering from a few injuries that is preventing me from doing any high impact vigorous lifting and exercise. Crossfit and being in the gym regularly was my passion. Being around other people and in a close gym setting is my mental health break, away from work and the stresses of life and I don’t have that right now. I want to be able to use Pilates as my way back to a positive life and improve my overall health and well-being. I also want to be able to improve my core strength, stability and balance as these 3 areas I have struggled with all my life and my recent injury has just made it tenfold. Thank you again for bringing Best Body to Rockingham, I can’t wait to check it out!

    • Yolande Waters

      Thank you for this great opportunity! After being deep in the trenches of parenting, I’m now prioritising self-care to enable me to live a long, healthy life and enjoy many years of being active!

  49. Karen

    Thank you Tarryn for the opportunity to join your community. The excitement is building each day to when you open your studio as I drive past on the daily school run.
    I would love the opportunity to pause a couple of times a week and focus on myself. It’s been years.
    Over recent years I seem to have niggling Back and Neck pain, which I know comes down to good core strength which I have let go.
    Committing to weekly classes would greatly improve back and neck pain, mentally resilience and my help me get my bounce back in my step.

    Best of luck with the new studio.

  50. Elizabeth

    Congratulations on the opening of your new studio. Some very deserving winners already commenting.

    I would love to be considered for a membership as I had a very rare complication from my first c section 3 years ago (an incisional hernia), now I have had a 2nd Bub and after 2 sections I need some extra support in returning my abdominal muscles back to a normal state and also my overall strength as I wasn’t able to exercise as I wanted to after Bub 1. In addition what a delightful way to focus on myself and practice some self care which all too often I forget to prioritise.

    Look forward to hearing more about the studio.

  51. Tamika

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! 11/12 months ago I had fallen in a hole during a obstacle course and had to stop all physical activity until it was healed. I want to get back to where I was 12 months ago. It’s only been a month or so since I was able to start training how I was but my ankle is still not strong enough. Reformer plates I feel would help strengthen my ankle and something that i feel will need to be apart of my journey for a long time to help me feel like me again.

  52. Ashleigh

    4 Years ago I lost 70kg and now have an abundance of excess skin. Ive also just recently had a baby and found that skin has stretched even more. I’d love to win this to be able to tone some of that skin to make it less flabby. Id also love to improve my strength as I am quite weak. However with knee problems its hard. I feel reformer pilates will be great for this as it’s gentle on the body.

  53. Neisha

    It’s so great to hear that the studio is opening in Rockingham! I’d really love a membership to try and help with my various health issues. I’ve had lower back problems and posture issues for many years which cause regular neck headaches and occasional lower back freezes. I’ve been told by Physio’s that reformer Pilates would really help but have never had the money to do it. I also have endometriosis and have heard Pilates can really help with the pain from that too. I’ve been focusing on fitness a lot this year but think Pilates would really help with my structural issues and ability to exercise more and have greater functionality

  54. Karly

    I’m due with baby number 3 in 4 weeks time and have dearly missed attending reformer pilates through my pregnancy.
    I can’t wait to get back into classes to have some quality self-care time whilst improving my fitness and mental health.
    I struggled with Post Natal Depression following my second child and found that exercise and the gentle (yet effective) nature of pilates really helped a lot.
    I really found the benefits in my posture, core strength and overall well-being.
    Looking forward to connecting with the new Best Body crew in Rockingham.

  55. Christine Dowling

    Thank you!!
    A free 6 month membership will kickstart my road to wellness.
    I have decided recently that if I don’t make time for my wellness I’ve been forced to take time for my illness.
    I want to improve my overall well-being and I believe stepping away from my hectic world of working and being a mum/wife will be beneficial for my mind, body and soul. I love the after glow feeling of strength and calmness you get from a pilates reformer class. It’s a natural high ♥️

    • Billie

      I want to build a awesome strong and flexiable body for my tinder dates oh and gaining better posture might mean I’ll be to roll over in bed at night without groaning

  56. Karlee

    I would love the opportunity to be a part of an encouraging community such as Best Body to help, not only with my physical being but also my mental well-being. I don’t have any core strength which has lead to lower back pain most days and poor posture. I’ve tried a traditional Pilates class in the past which I really enjoyed and I remember working out muscles I didn’t even know existed. It was great for my pelvic floor muscles, which I also need help with these days. Overall, I’d like to get my fitness journey kickstarted again and to meet like-minded people, hopefully with BB.

    • Donna Broadbridge

      I am far from achieving ‘my best body’ however; my membership combined with my personal commitment to turn up to get stronger, leaner, achieve core strength, have better balance and find that 6 pack buried somewhere below … remains my focus.

      With the continuing guidance of the Best Body (Baldivis) instructors until I transition to Rockingham … things can only get better.

  57. Billie

    I want to build a awesome strong and flexiable body for my tinder dates oh and gaining better posture might mean I’ll be to roll over in bed at night without groaning

  58. Jessie

    Hi Tarryn!

    I’ve always wanted to try Pilates on the reformer machine.
    I’ve done yoga for years and also joined a gym in 2019 which I stuck with before covid shut it down. I only really attended the group fitness classes but they didn’t really have much resistance options, then I started working out at home.
    I think reformer Pilates will be just that extra bit harder than yoga and I think that’s what I need to finally tone up a bit more and gain some more strength. I think my core is pretty dang strong but still want to work on my arms and legs.
    I’m almost at my body goal but still have a bit of toning I’d like to achieve. I feel like Pilates will be fun and challenging enough to keep me interested and having a 6 month memebership for free would keep me motivated cause I would feel bad if one day I don’t feel like going I would think of everyone who didn’t win and I would have to go but once I start something I am pretty dedicated and commit.

    This year I am also trying to “find my people” and would love to join a community of like minded individuals.

    Thanks for this generous opportunity and I wish the Rockingham best body all the best!! Can’t wait for it to open.

  59. Amy Moorhouse

    What an amazing opportunity, thank you! After having my lowest year in 2020, I knew that 2021 had to be different. I relocated to WA and started to work on myself, changing my lifestyle by joining a gym and learning more about nutrition. I’ve been working our regularly since June and am loving the impact it’s having! I feel stronger, more motivated and more optimistic than ever. Now I want to focus on my pain areas, my pelvic floor and my core strength. Specifically I would like help with coccyx pain I have after an injury 8 years ago, support to build up my pelvic floor muscles after three pregnancies and births, and breathing techniques to help me focus. I can’t wait to learn more about what my body is capable of!

  60. Sally-Anne Gilmour

    My goal at the beginning of the year was to start pilates as I want to strengthen my hip muscles and lower back. Then CANCER struck! Two massive operations and then radiation. I only managed 8 out of 30 radiation as my body just said no more. But I am back and ready to go! I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, two replacement hips, fused lumbar spine but that is not going to stop me. I walk my dog twice a day but am looking for something more. And just to get rid of niggly pains and to meet new people would be awesome!

  61. amanda bedford

    I am looking to improve my core strength and pelvic floor i have through hard work managed to lose 12kg through diet and exercise and now its time to tone and strengthen. I use exercise and meditation to support my mental health, group sessions are a learning opportunity with like minded people, Pilates is a new opportunity for me.
    Good luck with the new site 🙂

  62. Kerry-Ann Tierney

    Hi Tarryn, What an amazing give away 🙂

    This would be an incredible opportunity for me. I have previously been to your Mandurah studio, and even though I love my yoga and my mat work pilates. Reformer Pilates has been my absolute favourite and results-driven workout. I have multiple health conditions that stop me from going to regular gyms. By doing reformer pilates I have seen results straight away and feel amazing after each session, without being a cripple for the next few days. My pain/inflammation is heavily reduced, I can go on about my day feeling recharged, and have productive days. I look forward to my next session, not only is this a workout but I enjoy the classes in my morning routine. I have really wanted a membership for a while now, but being a uni student it’s been a little tough to sign up. It’s exciting driving past the new studio being built when I’m on my way to work. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Congratulations on the new studio 🙂 Good luck to all the other entries 🙂

    Kerry-Ann 🙂

  63. Maryna

    For the past year I have struggled getting back into exercise as I am struggling to have consistency and motivation. It has effected my confidence and mental health. I’ve lost my body strength, my body tone and have poor posture. I believe winning the Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me regain my body strength, body tone and better posture. It will give my my confidence back as well as better mental health. Being part of an encouraging and supporting community will keep me motivated, it will also help me keep the continency that I need.

  64. janni johns

    Hi, I have been doing pilates at Best Body Baldivis 1-2times a week for 6mths. I love it as it has helped manage my back pain and feel stronger. I would love to win this prize as it would allow me to strengthen my core, loose more weight, time for me and be able to afford to go more regularly. I would be a raving fan of Best Body Rockingham.

  65. Katie

    I have wanted to try Pilates for years.
    Recently I decided to improve my health and fitness, I have been doing well but this great opportunity would assist me in reaching my goals!

  66. Natasha Potter

    My oh my, a flawless posture would be amazing. As someone who works on a computer most of the day, I need to find a way to combat my daily strain. I do yoga, however I’m looking to unlock that next level, to fix postural deviations through guidance & training. I would love to create a strong, & lean body, with perfect posture. Simultaneously banishing my sway back to the underworld, hahaha.

  67. Rebecca

    I started Pilates when I was 14 weeks pregnant last year, I had heard of the benefits of doing Pilates during pregnancy. I did 3 classes a week until 39 weeks pregnant, I believe the Pilates helped me have a almost painless fit pregnancy and a smooth labour. I’m so proud of my body and returning to Pilates at 12 weeks PP, I felt supported by the staff to help me regain my strength and confidence. I couldn’t imagine my life without Pilates now.

    Can’t wait to visit the Rockingham studio. Good luck!

  68. Cara

    I would love to work on my posture, going from being a beauty therapist where you a constantly leaning and bending over on your feet all day to an office admin (complete opposite) sitting ALL day, staring at a computer and again, slumping and finding myself correcting my posture. I have suffered back and shoulder pain from these positions and would love to better myself! I would also like to improve my upper body and core strength, I love the feeling after exercising but have lost the motivation and a best body right around the corner from me would be a big motivation for me.

  69. Gina Gilman

    I am so excited to have a best body closer to our new home. After trying reformer pilates for a year overseas I felt amazing results all over my body. Specifically core and overall strength.
    I find these results hard to achieve doing gym work and classes with multiple injuries to my back and knees. The resistance work with no impact on the reformer is just the right combination. I also need the accountability of going to a class as I won’t make myself work that hard on my own.
    Excited to see the new studio soon

  70. Katrina Fyfe

    BB Pilates has been great for my body helping to reduce pain in my shoulders from years of paddling. I feel I will have many more years of doing the things I love.

  71. Teresa Roberts

    I have done mat Pilates before and it’s wonderful but have heard so many great things about reformer Pilates, and seen a transformation in someone. I have gained weight over the past couple of years, lost confidence, motivation and myself. This would help me with so many things, strong core, better mental health, confidence, to lose weight. I’m really excited that you’re coming to Rockingham.

  72. Barb Barker

    I am 68 yrs old … love being active and agile, I have noticed over the years of doing Pilates reformer…. I stay subtle, free of aches and pains… love the stretching…. I also use it to help me keep a shape, obviously I would like a younger one but…. I am more flexible than my same age(and young) friends… I am stopped from doing Pilates reformer because I am on a pension and just can’t stretch the money as much as my body… thank you for this opportunity, I am 100% sure you will do extremely well … great location too… can see it from the main road …. wishing you every success ‍♀️‍♀️

  73. melissa richards

    this would be fantastic for me because id love to get my body back in shape i having 3 gorgeous kiddies 6 5 and 7 months and it would be great to feel confident on the beach this summer xx

  74. Claire Bartlett

    After pregnancy and delivery of my daughter 4 years ago I have suffered with ongoing lower back and neck pain due to the changes in my posture post pregnancy, breastfeeding and lifting a toddler all day everyday.
    I have also just finished a 6 month course of Accutane to clear my skin which has been great BUT I was unable to exercise while taking it due to the intense joint pain it caused as a side affect.
    I used to do dancing many years ago and loved the pilates based exercises. I have a mainly desk based job which does not help and really feel like I need to do something for myself since I spend so much time running around after kids or at work.
    Now I have the time to do something for myself I a really want to gain the strength and mobility back in my joints and confidence in my body again – specifically just general tone and flexibility.

  75. Kel Freitas

    After gaining an enormous amount of weight due to insulin resistance and then suffering a broken ankle with three completely torn ligaments in my foot, I have finally reached the point after caring for everyone else (young twins and and adult special needs son) where I want to prioritise looking after myself and getting my body back to the lean, strong vessel it once was.
    I know I have it in me and I would love to include reformer Pilates into my fitness regime.
    I am so excited that Best Body is opening around the corner from me.

  76. Natalie Norman

    I would absolutely love to win this awesome prize.
    Being a single mum I don’t have a lot of spare money to spend on me time,
    I have come out of a pretty bad relationship and I feel that this opportunity could change my life and my daughters life as I would feel more confident and have that much needed me time to fill my cup.
    To be honest I feel like there’s not one body part that needs attention over the other so I would love to work on everything from my canckles to my tuck shop lady arms .
    I am ready to work hard and get to where I feel like a strong confident women .. to show my beautiful daughter that is women can have it all .

  77. Caitlin Brick

    I have recently had my second baby and have suffered a prolapse post partum. I want to try something different than the gym, something for myself to build my confidence back up again.

  78. Charlene

    Between work stress and lack of sleep from looking after the little one since having her 1.5 years ago I have gained even more weight and want to get fit again. This will be good for my joints and provide a platform to building health and strength. If not for me then for the little one.

  79. Kaye Crawford

    I’ve recently had a hip replacement and am a bit nervous about starting to exercise again but I feel best body would be great to help me start back into exercising again. I feel I need a lot of stretching but I’m a bit hesitant about how far I can stretch and think you’d be great in encouraging me and giving me the confidence to start exercising again. Thank you so much for the chance

  80. Trena Janczyk

    I am 58 years of age, overweight and have fatty liver which my specialist says is related to weight. I also find my balance is not as good as it used to be and I would like to have a lot more energy and stability to be able to live the life I want.
    I have tried a fitness class for the last few years but have found that it has helped but not achieved the goals I want.
    Hopefully Pilates can help me achieve what I want to achieve

  81. Rachel

    Pilates will improve my back pains and constant body aches from the demands of my work . I also want to be stronger and tone the flabby bits that come with age and child bearing

  82. Julia Melton

    To become firm fit and flexible and strive to hit goals I have been procrastinating with as I do not like going to a gym with the set up they have. Best body looks like it is in a whole other league and exactly suit to what I am looking for!!!

  83. Michael Green

    I currently have attend 112 sessions at the Baldivis branch and have not felt this good in many many years, both physically and mentally. I’m very slowly losing some weight but my mobility is vastly improved from when I started. I have had a total hip replacement, have Degenerative Disc Disease (L1 and L2 are bone to bone), Spondylosisthesis, Severe Stenosis and also a Haglund’s Deformity on my heel so I have a lot going on. Pilates has been amazing in keeping me positive, and a positive mind is a great healer. Good Luck Everyone! hope to see us all at the Rocky.

  84. Rose

    Recently I started a new office based role, which I absolutely love. The down side is I am less active than ever and have gained 3 kilos in just 5 months.
    When I learnt that Best Body was coming to Rockingham, I knew that this was the motivation I needed.
    The convenience of the 45 minute classes at a location close to home, means I can easily incorporate Pilates into my routine. A Best Body Reformer Pilates Membership would be a life changing commitment to my long term health.

  85. Maisy

    To put it plainly and not to sugar coat it, I am fat. Really fat.
    I also have Type 2 diabetes and have recently lost 20kg and I am looking forward to either stabilizing that weight loss or gently going forward to lose more and build my strength and confidence through effective exercise.
    I have been overweight for most of my adult life (I am in my early 50’s) and if I don’t pull my head in now, things physically and mentally are not going to get better for me.
    I really feel that Pilates could be part of the answer for me and I’m really looking forward to getting in to it and giving this body a red hot chance.

  86. Kaytlin

    Nearly four years ago when I was blessed with becoming a mother, my body changed in ways I hadn’t anticipated.
    I began changing my lifestyle in late 2019 and have since lost 32kgs. Recently I felt ready to start working out to build strength however with lower back pain and a bad knee, I was unable to continue that goal at my local gym.
    I believe that this membership will help me strengthen my body, regain my confidence and challenge my mind.
    I would love the opportunity to be able to be apart of a community who are there to encourage each other and grow together to overcome our individual challenges and achieve our goals.

  87. Sheryl Eng

    I seriously think that Pilates will probably change my perception of my body. I have been weak and unmotivated looking at the mirror as time goes by, I really want to make a change! I have recently signed up to gym and I believe that Pilates is going to help me achieve higher STRENGTH, POWER and BALANCE for my Body and Soul.

  88. Arlene Brissett

    I’m a member at the Baldivis studio and love my pilates family, the staff are very friendly and helpful and this rubs off on us members, such a happy place.
    I live in Rockingham, and can not wait for the opening of the studio. I know it will be just as warm and friendly as Baldivis.
    Congratulations Best Body!!
    I’ve recently turned 60, and I’m so greatfull for my strength and flexibility that I credit to pilates. I could not imagine my life without pilates.
    I would like to be one of the recipients, as 60 year old, I believe we need to encourage people getting older, and make them realise how important our physical and mental health is at all stages of our life.

  89. Jade Smith

    Thank you for the opportunity and offering this amazing membership.
    I’m going to be honest and confess I have never done Pilates before and cannot touch my toes. Winning!!
    I have only heard great things about BB Pilate’s in Mandurah and over the moon a studio is coming to Rockingham.
    I’m excited to showcase my lack of flexibility and eager to gain back my pre mummy body by strengthening and toning areas that no longer exist.
    Wish me luck x

    • Melissa Amien

      I had always wanted to try pilates but i always thought it was similar to yoga. I have tried yoga and it was no good for me because of my big boobs. I also got the impression that pilates was not for bigger woman. But still i wanted to try it. I kept walking past the studio and kept wanting to try it. I finally called after many, many months and went in to see if it was suitable for me. I liked that i could try it and everyone was different in size, so it wasnt at all what i thought it was. I have since become addicted with how challenging and different it is every session. I normally get bored with gyms etc, but i dont with pilates and i get excited for a class. I really love going. It has changed my life and i am hooked. Its the best lifestyle change i have ever made.

  90. Angela Coppleman

    Congratulations on the opening of a new Store! Firstly I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such an incredible prize. I am a care support worker for MSWA providing quality care to people with MS and other neurological conditions. I am a shift worker. This is such a physical job and has taken a toll on my body over the Years! Since turning 50 and going through menopause I had attained bad habits, my emotions and and anxiety were all over the place! Definitely impacting my motivation!
    Then I found best body Baldivis where I am doing two classes a week. I was given your book “From pain to injury” This has helped me immensely down the rich pathway towards a meaningful, healthy and happy life. Just two classes a week has improved my posture muscle strength, pain and decreased the amount of massages I get. I am feeling more positive and reference your book regularly. The new Rockingham best body is only 2 min away from my home! If I am already feeling this good imagine what 4 classes a week could do because ultimately I would love to build muscle mass and enhance my quality of life as I try to do for my clients. Thank you Scott for giving us this life changing opportunity! We cannot exist without each other

  91. Jacqui

    I honestly love my life. I have amazing friends, great marriage and 2 beautiful children (one with ADD, which keeps life exciting!) I work for a not-for-profit and find it so rewarding to help out local families. Although like many, life is hectic! Work and running the kids to sport, swimming, music, just so they don’t miss out on their best life. Since being married and having kids I have gained 20kg, each year just a little more gets added on. My best friend started pilates this year and is loving the effects on her body. She is screaming out for me to start putting myself first, so maybe this is my time to be a little selfish with Best Body.

  92. Janelle

    I work full time in childcare and it’s a pretty demanding job which sometimes takes it toll on my body, constantly lifting and bending to meet the needs of my little friends.
    I enjoy looking after my body by eating right and participating in HIIT training and I’m now looking for something to help support and increase my back and hips muscle strength.
    I’ve never tried Pilates and would love to see the benefits it would bring in toning and strengthening my body.
    Thank you

  93. Coral Temby

    One year ago I was booked in for a lumbar spinal fusion. Then I walked past the BB sign at Baldivis and my life changed. I am like a different person now pain free, fit and healthy. I jump out of bed now and no pain! I am flexible and more agile able to do things I haven”t in many years. I feel happier and more content, just smile more! I call it the BB feeling and tell all my family, friends and work colleagues to try BB reformer pilates and physiotherapist! Many have joined and love it too! Good for the mind, body and sole. BB staff are so supportive and motivating. I will miss all the staff and fellow members that make Baldivis BB a family. But I cant wait for the Rockingham BB to open (as it will be closer to home) and look forward to meeting everyone at the new BB Rockingham. Love Coral………and I didn’t have the operation 🙂

  94. Brooke Grove

    I’ve always hated my legs. Fat smith legs I call them. So I’ve done a thing and booked surgery for them next year as my 40th bday present.
    So I have a year to work this body to the best of my ability to make it look and feel fab.
    I work long hours on my feet so I’m needing to improve my posture, my core strength, keep my flexibility and tone my legs and bum the best I can do I can show off these pins next summer!

  95. Lisa Currow

    I have done mat Pilates for about 5 years, and I absolutely love it. My trainer says I am her success story- I was the lady with no neck! I have been wanting to try the reformer for a while, to challenge myself further, and to put my skills to the test, but never had a studio near me. But now you’re coming to Rockingham! Yay!

  96. Rebecca

    At 58 I want to build muscle tone, core strength, flexibility and all round strength and stability. I love the idea of moving more than your body weight using a reformer machine whilst still doing the work. I want this for me and to show older women that it is never to late to start Pilates and especially, Reformer Pilates.

  97. Sherrie

    I would love to be able to commit to pilates whereas I wouldn’t be able to afford it so the opportunity to be considered for a 6 month membership would be life changing. As a new Mum at 34, I battled endometriosis & infertility for 5 years. Not only mentally but physically this took a toll on me & my marriage. I want to gain strength & confidence back in my body, to feel energised & strong enough to play with my daughter as she grows and to feel beautiful & confident in my own skin again for myself & for my husband. It would be life changing for me. ❤

  98. Jessica Best

    Hey Tarryn I moved to Rockingham a couple of years ago from NOR (and am loving it) but haven’t found a place I feel welcome and comfortable to workout / exercise. I’ve done Reformer Pilates before and loved it! Having a membership to Best Body Rockingham will mean not only can I start working toward a better and healthier version of me that’s close to home but hopefully can make a few local friends while I’m at it

  99. Angela Miller

    Hi Tarryn,
    I am a current Baldivis Best Body attendee for the last 10 months.

    Before Best Body I could not get up in the morning without creaks and cracks and felt like I was 100 years old after 10 months my aches and pains have improved out of sight!

    My job involves me lifting people all day with St John Ambulance the improvement in strength, flexibility and injury relief has been unbelievable and I now want my partner to experience this as he goes to work with WA police and has acquired many injuries at work resulting in residual pain and stiffness.

    Thank you so much
    Angela Miller

  100. Keryn

    For my mental health, something just for me away from my children (I love them but I need some self care) and to improve my core strength

  101. Priscilla

    Reformer Pilates looks like a great way to get back into becoming a fitter & healthier version of myself. After having a baby 7 months ago, I’ve been attending a regular gym but don’t feel the drive & joy in fitness that I used to.. I’ve wanted to try reformer for a while & I think it could be an enjoyable way back into fitness!

  102. Katie

    I am a former dancer (another lifetime ago!). Over the last 15 years my posture has become worse, my hips and knees have also become worse.
    I’d love to work on correcting my posture, increase my flexibility and get in touch with my core strength again.

    Mentally, I would the opportunity to work with pilates to increase my well being so I can be more present for my family, more focused for work and my sons home-schooling journey!

  103. Marie

    I’d love to be considered for both mental and physical life improvements!

    I’ve always suffered from extemeley tight muscles from feet tight up to my neck
    I’ve previously had a bulging disc in my L5 which causes lower back pain and tightness

    I have zero flexibility and after having 2 kids my fitness is basically non existent

    I’d love the opportunity to get my body back to more healthy condition

  104. Stacee Beale

    There are so many amazing entries here and some really deserving winners! Although there are always others doing it tougher than yourself, the last 12 months of my life have completely changed me and my family.
    At the start of COVID, my business was the first to close down. For 4 months I was unable to work under government restrictions and no income. I had just moved into my new home with my partner and bills were clearly piling up and we hadn’t even finished furnishing our home. I was a member at another reformer Pilates studio and it was my highlight of the week. I felt empowered, energetic and so much more motivated in day to day life but unfortunately it was not a priority and have not been able to reattend since.
    In the last 12 months another 3 lockdowns have occurred, each with loss of income and huge mental affect as my business once again is closed each time. I feel sluggish, unmotivated, lethargic and just “off” with no sense of team support. Working for yourself can be hard and lonely and I truly know that a best body membership with a support crowd will not only get my health mindset and body back, but I will feel apart if a team again with likeminded individuals all reaching and smashing their fitness goals.
    On top of that my grandfather was diagnosed with bowel cancer which is unfortunately now a secondary liver cancer. Coming into close contact with my clients daily and being cold and flu season i don’t get to see him as often as I like just incase I was to pass any germs on, so I’m hoping this will improve my immune system by having that healthy blood pumping through my body as well as keep my mind busy while we try and tackle the next steps in his journey.

  105. Zorica Panic

    Would love to get back into doing something for myself after having a baby 9 months ago.
    Reformer Pilates would be a great way to ease back into it and help with my posture and overall health and wellbeing.

  106. Sharon

    I would absolutely love this. For me the membership would improve my tight back and improve my overall tone but most importantly it would give me the opportunity to connect with other people and fill my bucket. As a single parent and a university student I’ve unfortunately not made my health a priority for a long time and nows the time to take some time out for me to improve my physical and mental health.

    I love reformer Pilates and it helped me so much throughout pregnancy and after childbirth especially my lower back, pelvis and pelvic floor.

    Thanks again for considering me for this generous offer and congratulations on opening up in Rockingham

  107. Erika

    I would Love to win this contest! I think that a membership would do wonders for my back issues and overall health. Have alway wanted to try Pilates but to this still haven’t. Not sure what I’m waiting for, maybe this is the perfect time!

  108. Romaine

    To improve my overall fitness level, as well as improving my mental health/anxiety. Would be amazing to win!

  109. Jaye

    How AWESOME would it be to win a membership! I am so excited the studio is now in Rockingham too!

    My main goal for 2021 is a roadmap to health & well-being. I’ve been diagnosed with an auto immune disease which effects my joints. I have been advised by health professionals to commence reformer Pilates as a form of exercise to build strength and muscle tone. I have wanted to join the team in Baldivis all year however, working full time and being a mother of 1 & stepmother to 2 I have not found the time to travel to and from the Baldivis studio. The Rockingham studio is that close to home, I can walk there.

    I would be ever so grateful if I won the competition but if not I look forward to becoming a lifetime member when the opportunity arises!

    Best of luck to all entries xxx

  110. JODY

    Having had 2 crappy years of bad health dealing with breast cancer and complications I need to get back to the healthy me..Also having to have a gastric sleeve to ease cronic pain in my lower back..i really need Pilates as walking is still too painful even at the pools..I really need to strengthen core and lower back to get past this pain..

  111. Michelle

    Since COVID I have really struggled with pretty much all aspects of my life. My job is highly stressful (who wants to work for an airline during covid right?) and it has severely taken a toll on my health. My weight has ballooned, I am on medications I have not needed previously and my mental health has also suffered. I have 3 children and a wonderful husband who have also been on the receiving end of my burnout. For all our sakes I am now focused on getting well again and finding ways to de-stress. I want that work/life balance back and a big part of that comes with finding time to look after myself so that I can be a better mum/wife/human. I want to focus more on my fitness than specifically losing weight, which will ultimately follow. My core is still weak after having my 2 year old so I’m looking to regaining that strength as well as mental clarity. I would also love to meet new friends and enjoy exercising in a supportive environment. I really do hope to experience your studio soon!

  112. Mia

    I was very fit once when I was a dancer. I lost my energy and flexibility since I become a mother. I started to do an exercise with a personal training when my first baby was 8 months old without realising I was in my early pregnancy. Fast forward, I lost my second pregnancy and continued to lose another 4 in 2019. The amount of stress and imbalance hormone made significant change in my body. This year, I finally have my second miracle baby and couldn’t be happier. Having a positive outcome made myself to look for more by looking after myself.

    I came across Best Body as I was looking for a pilates around Rockingham. I can’t wait to be healthier and stronger not only for myself but for my children too.

    Good luck for everyone! xxx

  113. Renae

    In recent years I have suffered with endometriosis, pelvic pain and lower back pain. In the past Pilates has helped incredibly with reducing my pain. I also love Pilates as it helps induce good endorphins for my mental as I struggle with depression and anxiety. I would love to get back into Pilates as it helps keeps me motivated and is a form of exercise I enjoy and look forward to going to.

    • Nicola George

      Personal and work stress lead me to be living a life where I was working long hours, running on nervous energy resulting in very little sleep and constantly being tired and grumpy. On top of this I was putting others needs before my own and not looking after myself. After getting very close to a breakdown I made the huge decision to change things drastically as I couldn’t continue as I was. A huge part of this change was to shift my focus to me and my health. This led me to find the Best Body Baldivis studio 6 weeks ago where as soon as I walked in I felt comfortable and confident that this was the right move for me. That was 6 weeks ago and already I can feel the shift in my health. I am sleeping better and feeling stronger with each class. I am so excited to continue this journey and see how much stronger and fitter and confident in myself I become.

  114. Lola

    Because I need you in my life right now, for so many reasons !!!

  115. Amanda

    I have been in a rut with health and fitness for the last few years, with constant good intentions, however I now have the best motivation…I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and want the best body I can have for not only me, but my baby too.
    I have been looking into Pilates classes around the area as I want to do all that I can to build a strong core and back to help get me through my pregnancy (and recovery) the best way I possibly can. Seeing the ad for Best Body is just perfect timing, it’s meant to be!

  116. Kaye Crawford

    I’m 56 years old and had a hip replacement 6 months ago. It was an hereditary condition. Both my dad and sister have had replacements at my age too. It’s been tough going getting back into exercise. I nievly thought I would be ok after 6 weeks because that’s what the Internet says. Silly me. Although I did lots of reading nothing has prepared me for the length of time it has taken to start healing. I’ve still got a limp which is slowly getting better. I can walk my dog round his usual walk. But I’m still scared to stretch too much. I don’t know what my body is capable off and what I can’t or can do without injuring myself. It’s probably all in my head but at my age I don’t want to risk doing any damage. I know I have to build up muscle and best body would be the ideal place to get advice and encouragement to do this. I need a helping hand to know my limits and would be so grateful to have the chance to have your expertise and advice to get me back to being a functioning human being again who isn’t afraid to bend too much. Thank you so much for the chance

  117. Jennifer Spiers

    To keep my body strong and to help prevent injuries. I work in the aged care and hospitality industries and it is physical work and I am no spring chicken but I enjoy my work and want to continue as long as I can.

  118. Amber Bates

    I’ve been promising myself for years that next year I’ll get fitter, take a step towards a healthier me and put myself first, and for years I’ve put my 4 kids and husband first. It has to stop! Tomorrow I turn 40 and I’ve had myself in the back seat for half my life, eek! It’s quite a reality check. I’ve never done Pilates before but I’m keen to give it a go. I give everything my best shot and see this free membership opportunity as a chance to set myself up to succeed. To create a routine and rhythm to my week that puts me first. That creates a life I’ve dreamed of. Thank you for the opportunity.

  119. Carly Barwise

    I tore my ACL playing AFL in 2019 and would like to get back into some gentle exercise post ACL reconstruction in Dec 2020. My flexibility has declined and I suffer from back pain since not being able to exercise like I used to. I would like to get back to feeling strong and confident in my body. I was very active before and need to build muscle again. I believe that reformer Pilates can help me do just that.


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