Best Body Perth CBD: How To Get A Reformer Pilates For Free

Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

So…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Perth CBD soon to 50 people. We will be located at the prestigious COMO The Treasury building, so we are very excited! 

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Reformer Pilates memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners early next week.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve). That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning. Please try to leave your full name as it will help us avoid confusion regarding a winner.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

Over the next few days, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early next week. If you win, you’re gonna get:

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Perth CBD for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Progress coaching session every 90 days
  4. Invite to our exclusive member only events every 4 months (not to be missed!!)
  5. your new ‘happy place’

I’ll award two winners. I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say… Good luck!


P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Perth CBD. 


  1. Rebecca

    A Pilates Membership would make the world of difference to me right now. Funds are tough and I stopped doing Pilates about 4 months ago due to finances.
    It helped with my mental health and although being in a class, it was some downtime to my busy work schedule.
    I was never into fitness, I never found anything I liked or felt “A part of”, I never had the confidence to be part of a class and opted for individual classes instead.
    Since stopping Pilates I have noticed a shift again mentally and I am desperate to get back into it but right now finances are not permitting and I really bloody miss reformer!
    This would help me so much right now to get me out of “Rut” I’ve been feeling lately and I just need my old self and my fitness back so then I have the motivation to continue

  2. Linda T

    For me it’s the struggle to wake up every morning without pain. I have always done exercise but when I did pilates it was life changing. I fell away from it but now I want to start doing it again and this will be a great opportunity for me.

  3. K-Girl

    I have lower back issues stemming from a car accident nearly 8 years ago and have woken in pain every day since. I’ve tried numerous things to improve the situation, (alcohol & mersyndol) along with the doc, chiro, hydrotherapy, walking, I did even try clinical pilates, which I felt was helping until they had me do an exercise that sent me backward! Nothing has seemed to help…

    I am currently seeing a physio who has put me into a study with Curtin Uni to see if an exercise regime can improve my pain levels, been doing that since May last year and although my mental health has improved greatly (no more tablets, less adult beverages), we have determined that the more active I am, the more manageable the pain during the day, however when I wake up and when I sit down to rest at night the pain reasserts itself. I can’t bend to put my shoes on in the morning for example…

    I’ve recently tried yoga, but have found I can’t do a lot of the exercises…

    So with funds tight, physio is costing a fortune, the opportunity to try reformer pilates to try to strengthen my legs (current focus at physio) and core (big focus for me!!!) to see if it can make a difference would be a blessing.

  4. Mel

    I’m a classical guitarist – performing and teaching is my career. When I was deep in my PhD a few years ago, I started doing Pilates to counteract the stiffness from those long hours of sitting and playing guitar (and teaching and writing!)…the mental benefits and toned waist I received from these regular sessions was an added bonus. 🙂 Unfortunately, just as I graduated, finances prevented me from continuing on with my 3x weekly classes. I started working like a maniac to save money, and along the way, I stopped making time for self-care. I can really feel the differences in my body and mind for not taking that time weekly to do something nice for myself.

    I’m 30 at the end of the year, so this year it’s my goal to be the best I can be: from keeping myself at the top of my field in Perth, to being my healthiest and strongest yet. I believe a flexible, strong body and more mental clarity from attending regular Reformer classes will help immensely: from being a better performer, to being a better teacher…just an all-round better person! 🙂

  5. Maria

    My pelvic floor is not strong like it used to be after having 3 healthy boys. I had my last child 2 years ago and at the mature age of 46 my body has been through a lot. I used to do reformer Pilates and know the benefits to my body and would love to get back into as financially at the moment it would be great to win as that would be a great help.

  6. Maree

    Before I had my son, I was very fit. I enjoyed any form of exercise, and with the amount of free time I had (oh how I miss free time!), I would do as much as I could. I felt great. My body felt strong. My mind felt strong. I was proud of what I could do. After giving birth, I suffered from severe PND that went undiagnosed for several years, and as a result, my fitness level started to decline. I stopped taking care of myself, and that manifested itself in many ways. Not just weight gain, but lethargy, poor eatinhabits, shame… all of which fed the depression and it made it hard to break the cycle. Before I knew it, I was getting puffed out walking up the stairs, let alone chasing after a toddler! I am ready to change. My mental health has drastically improved. It’s time for my body to follow. I am finally in a place where I feel ready to get my fitness back. My mind is in a better place, and I am ready for my body to be. I want to feel good. It’s not even about the way I look, it’s about the way I feel. I miss the feeling of strength. I being proud of what I could do. Of energy. Of the desire to go along to a class and sweat. I miss the happiness it brings. I wat to get my fitness back so that I feel great in the mind, as well as the body. I want to set a great example for my son; I want to show him that his mummy is strong. That she can overcome things. And so can he.

  7. Jorgie

    A Reformer Pilates membership would mean the world to me – it’s been over a good 5 years since my last Reformer Pilates session and I miss it terribly. Changing jobs (away from my beloved reformer studio) and not finding a replacement studio happy place – meant I just didn’t go any more. For me – this opportunity would mean – core strength, lengthening, flexibility and my old happy place back 🙂
    It’d be an awesome opportunity- seeing as I’m committed to getting my groove back and in the vicinity of work and my favorite pace in the city – the state building

  8. Tracy Garcia

    I had a car accident over 35 years ago and have suffered with lower back pains ever since, I have never been able to completely get rid of the pain. I have also noticed over the last few years that I have lost strength in my legs and find it difficult to step up and pull myself onto ledges or high steps, it’s very embarrassing when you cant step up onto a bus because your legs don’t have the strength to do it. I recently joined the Best Body in Leederville and have been going for about 3 weeks but it will be so much better going to the class in the city as I can walk there. I am enjoying the sessions now I have got over the anxiety of attending the classes and gaining confidence with doing the exercises, the more I go the more I enjoy it. I am so happy I took that initial plunge and joined as I have never done pilates before. All the instructors have been fantastic, so helpful and do there best to make you feel at ease. Love it!!

  9. Karen Bennett

    Wow what a fabulous prize to give away and so many worthy winners in the mix already ! I’m no more deserving than any of the others but i’ll Happily throw my hat in the ring !
    I’m a busy working mum,to a 2 year old diva whom seems to demand to be carried every where ! I’ll take her excuses for as long as I can as I know the days of cuddles are limited.
    Like many others pregnancy and child birth took its toll on my body. Amazing as growing a human is and nurturing a child post birth, it’s a challenge seeing ines body change so much. 2018 was super kind (joking) and gifted me a diagnosed chronic shoulder and back injury…. so 2019 is the year to help strengthen my body (& mind).
    Commuting to work, long hours and a hectic travel load continue to enable me to make excuses about making time for myself and getting back into a good health routine.
    I’m am very excited about best body opening in the CBD, I hope to visit and get moving with you soon. The pass would be the perfect motivation.

  10. Kelly Smith

    I have never tried reformer pilates and work in the city. I do exercise by playing sport so feel this type of exercise will be able to work muscles that i don’t normally use and location is brilliant for after work exercise.
    A free 6 month membership will help me get into it and help me keep busy especially with my husband away working in Africa at the moment to give us a better life.

  11. Kim

    I am so excited to hear that a Best Body Reformer Pilates studio is opening up in the city and within minutes from work!

    The membership would help me in the lead up to my wedding in the spring. Practising Pilates regularly will help me build a stronger, longer and leaner physique so I can walk down the aisle in my dress with confidence.

    Pilates would be a wonderful platform for me to change my life – inside and out. Learning how to move my body mindfully and in alignment would not only build strength and flexibility but help me with my emotional well-being. Time to practise Pilates would be an opportunity for self-care and “me time” on a regular basis.

  12. Liz Sinclair

    I just need help! Unfit, overweight, old….Pilates will save me.

  13. Adeline

    I have previously tried mat work pilates, but it never felt “right” for my back and neck. After waking up with wry neck for the first time ever on New Years day last year, the physio recommended clinical pilates to help strength my back and neck. I found reformer pilates much more supportive for my body than mat.
    I’m now looking for “normal” classes as I’ve completed rehab with the physio, and have definitely felt the niggles coming back as I haven’t yet found classes at a location that’s convenient to get to after work. I love the location of this new studio and a membership would be extra motivation to continue to strengthen my body and prevent future injuries.

  14. Marie Louise

    I have been to BB Mount Lawley for various running injuries and love the vibe and atmosphere whenever I’m there – it makes being injured so much easier! After various injuries and as I go through fertility treatment, I have come to realise you need to listen to your body and running kms isn’t necessarily the best way to get fit and healthy. Slowing things down and appreciating what the body can do is essential in finding mindfulness and appreciating life. I know a Pilates membership would help me transition through this change in pace and lifestyle and hopefully help me be the best I can be and bring a new life into this world.

  15. Sue Parry

    Hi Taryn. In the past I have tried floor Pilates, have been a swimmer and a gym member. I have totally loved Pilates however I have stopped doing any form of exercise due to my work schedule as a support worker and as a result I have put on weight, I’m not as fit and I’m feeling a bit depressed. Being a support worker can be physically and mentally demanding so it would be great to have an outlet to relieve some of the stress on my body and mind. Having some mentoring and a Pilates fitness regime as a goal to motivate me I’m sure would help to get me back on track to building a stronger body and mind, which in turn will help me to cope better with my work as well as my life.

  16. Jenny Lynn

    Hi i am hoping Pilates can help me with my core strength as my pelv ic floor is not good also sometimes i have knee issues from alot off hill walki ng and lower back aswell. I am turning 60 years this year and want to look as good as i can. Going to a everyday gym with alot off younger hot people doesn’t appeal to me anymore i don’t think the trainers realize whats someo es body who is going through menopause is like. My husband just recently retired so can not afford to spend to much money on myself.

  17. Marjon Luchs

    After 3 years of terrible pain, I had reconstructive surgery on both feet, six months apart. I could not walk for 6 months each time. The surgeries were successful but brought on so much pain in so many more areas.

    My tendons were transferred, heel cut off and realigned, and the big toe fused on each occasion. Through the use of crutches and medical boots etc everything was out of alignment and I have had pain in my hips, shoulder and back ever since. Bursitis and/or tendonitis in hips and shoulder.

    I can’t run or walk, swimming hurts too and cycling is difficult. For 4 years I have been unable to exercise in total and it has been extremely frustrating and I have put on weight. I feel ashamed of my body and am very self conscious at the gym.

    I stumbled across reformer Pilates and finally I am able to participate in some form of exercise. I felt at last I wasn’t the only one with aches and pains. The stretching always helps and the core strength helps too!

    Unfortunately I find it very difficult to get to class as I work in the city. I don’t have time before work and only get home around 7pm and need to cook etc.

    It would be absolutely wonderful if I could go to classes in the city as I could blend it into my work day.

    Reformer Pilates helps me to feel like I can accomplish something – finally after 5 years of trying different forms of exercise. I feel that if I could go regularly it would help my self esteem and of course positively affect my health.

    I have been watching all the ads for a year, hoping that I would be able to be a founder member of a Best Body in the city. The time has arrived and I cannot wait!

    I am 54 years old and want to feel good about myself again. The side effects of menopause take their toll on me too and it would be great if I could feel young again!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! I’m sure there are many women with countless other valid reasons. I just hope I can get my confidence back and be the fit and able person I used to be!

  18. Charlotte Pearce

    Hello my name is Charlotte and over the last 2.5 years I have put on 20 kilos and am most definitely not the best version of myself. 4 years ago I finally beat my fat demons and I lost 50 kilos to achieve my dreams of becoming a mum. I went through 3 heartbreaking rounds of unsuccessful IVF but managed to get pregnant naturally only to lose my miracle at 7 weeks. This turned me into an emotional wreck but only on the inside. I still maintained my happy as life persona to the outside world. It was killing me and led to a very black period of depression and anxiety. I am still struggling with this but getting better. Now is my time to get my best body back and my happiness. I would love to get my best body back and feel fab again. Thank you so much!

  19. Lilly

    What an amazing opportunity for some lucky person. I will be a novice hoping to begin my journey at your CBD clinic. I have been that annoying person messaging you consistently in regard to when you are opening in the CBD since I read on your Facebook page. Despite if I win or not I am excited to start a journey in Pilates which is something I have talked about for so long, yet always have excuses to why I have not. I am a single mum that works full time. I have not looked after my self physically for so many years and the health of my body physically us now punishing me for it. I had spinal fusion in 3 locations last year after years of back pain and many appointments spent at Physio. I wont lie in telling you that finance was one of the reasons I did not invest in myself. I left domestic violence 3 years ago with nothing but my son and my car and still have no contact or support finically or otherwise form the father. I have worked very hard to get back on track having bought a small unit for myself and my son, working crazy hours in Indigenous Affairs helping better the life of my people and communities and continue to put what I have left into my sons private Catholic schooling. I feel the time is right for me. I have no outlet, no social circles what so ever and besides the physical side of it, I really cant wait to belong to something that is for me. I think I would be a great ambassador with a very positive attitude and hope you will consider me with a hand up, not a hand out in getting started in my journey of Pilates 🙂 Thanks you for the opportunity to apply! And look forward to when you open soon. Lilly

  20. Emma

    OMG this would be amazing… I have found Pilates to be a great mixture of everything. I did it last year and love it and i was happy with my progress and how it made me feel and what i could do.
    Unfortunately i could not continue due to personal and financial reasons. I was beginning to get alot fitter as well and i really enjoyed it.
    I work near your new clinic in CBD and i would avail of this sooo much. i would encourage my colleauges to join me too.
    I feel i am probably like most people now that dont give myself enough credit and am very hard on myself. i always have a list of things i want to do at the start of the week (exercising being top and being happy with myself) but it doesnt really go to plan.
    if i win this , i know i would go every day and appreciate the fact that i was not only lucky enough to wake up alive but to wake up with opportunity of being able to attend your clinic and go to pilates to be a better and stronger person would make me be a better person. i would be a doer and not a sayer and i would have no excuses.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity… i look forward to visiting your clinic at some point anyways xxx

  21. Nicolie

    I joined BB Mt Lawley just over a year ago to help manage pain from arthritis. It has helped far more than I ever imagined. For the first time in years I can sleep on my left side (impossible previously due to hip pain), my core strength has returned and I have felt my body getting stronger and stronger every week. I now have the confidence that I can go out and live an active lifestyle without my body failing me. What I never expected though, was that I would find such a wonderful community of supportive, positive and all around amazing people – both instructors and class mates. Seriously, this crew is the best! I am a typical working Mum of teenagers. Work and family have always come first, sometimes at my own expense. Joining has been the best thing I have ever done just for myself. As someone who has never understood people who LOVE to exercise, I am now a convert and recommend BB to everyone (probably to annoying degree LOL). I currently attend twice a week. I am ready to make more of a commitment to myself but the budget is less so, and a 90 check in would help so much to keep me on track to transform my life.

  22. Stef Lo Presti

    I am hoping it will change the way I think and feel about myself. I want to learn to love myself flaws and all and by stopping for 45 minutes and having that time to focus on me and myself it’s a massive step in the right direction

  23. Emma Campbell

    Reformer Pilates will help me become fit and flexible while helping my injuries.

  24. Elaine

    Reformer Pilates will help me with my bursitis that I have on my shoulder. I had steroids injection and físio but it didn’t work. I need to align my body and mind and I think Pilates will make a difference in my life, the connection that I am missing. Waking up with pain everyday makes me life very miserable. I need this change. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope someone that really deserves win this. Good luck to all.

  25. Jade Elkin

    I was a competitive dancer for close to 20 years. After ending my training, my muscle strength and flexibility has slowly diminished which effects my current fitness abilities ( tight hip flexors and claves restricting certain range of motion). I also have a desk job which certainly adds to the issue. I would love to start with Best Body to get back my ‘Best body’.

  26. Gail Brownlee

    I First did reformer Pilates at my physio, but have not been back for 6 years. I have tried everything to help with my weight and ongoing injuries, from guns to small exercise centre. Everytime I have left as I have ended up doing more injury to my knees and neck.

    I currently am now very over weight due to lack of exercise as I have stopped exercise for fesrmof re-injurying mm yself, but am aware that at the tender age of 62 I need to get back to it.

    I find myself struggling with daily household tasks as I feel instant pain my back and core area.

    I really need help to get back on track with weight management, core strength and over all health.

    I feel your program will provide me with the guidencr and support I need.

    I have seen first hand the devastation that can occur to one’s body through lack of strength and healthy eating having to watch my dear Mum loose her mobility and become chair bound in old age.

    I would love to be part of either your new South Perth or Perth locations.

  27. Charlotte Pearce

    Oh my goodness I”ve just seen I’m one of the very luck winners! Thank you soooo much and huge congrats to the other winners. I’m so excited to embark on my journey to my best body and new me xx

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