Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body North Perth memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at North Perth for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our North Perth studio.


  1. Lana Martin

    Since being in isolation and not having the acess to a referomer I have noticed a huge change in my strength, control and posture. I have only just started with best body wattle grove and can truely say I’m miss the team more than ever. In my first week of Pilates I did not understand what ”all the hype” is about, after my second week of feeling stronger I can truely say that best body is a life changer, not only physically but mentally.
    I have huge issues with my glutes and hip flexors which is putting pressure on my knees when trying to do HIIT, if I don’t do Pilates I can’t do HIIT. I heavily rely on you guys to keep me inshape.

    • Marie Scott

      Like many people I reacted to this pandemic by cooking and eating more. Soon got myself back on track with hard core exercise, which resulted in injuries. The reformer would be the perfect low impact solution to help my rehab. As a healthcare worker, exercise is my release and salvation from the stress of the day-even more so these last few months. Chicken soup for the body and the mind, but unfortunately I overdid it. I’d love to incorporate Pilates especially while my body recovers from its injuries while still allowing me to stay strong and toned.

  2. Alix Miller

    Winning this would mean so much to me!
    Physically, my knee is prone to partial dislocation and I have found reformer Pilates to be the best rehabilitation for me. I really enjoy the classes, and have left them feeling more confident in how I move through life.

    Coming out of this pandemic, this prize means even more. My husband was stood down from his job in hospitality. Meanwhile, I am still working part time in aged care. We have a beautiful 2 year old son,
    and hope to grow our family soon. It has been a hard and scary time.
    But having some time to myself at these classes, to improve my physical fitness and emotional well-being would just mean the world.

  3. Claire Ryan

    I’m an ICU Nurse currently working in one of the big public hospitals and I’ve been attending Pilates for a few years now. I credit Pilates with helping to strengthen my core and keep my back strong through long and physically intense 12 hour shifts.
    I’ve missed Pilates terribly and I am looking forward to getting back to continue strengthing my body so I can keep nursing for many years to come. Mentally it also gives me great stress relief and I have especially missed that aspect during this crazy period at work.
    Pretty sure my legs will be jelly for the first session back

  4. Kate Dunstan

    I am recovering from a hip injury that has been plaguing me for over a year – Michelle has been fantastic in my 1:1 physio sessions. She helped me isolate what the issue was, and has said I’m ready to return to classes! I’ve started doing the physio led classes and love it. The way I can build strength in my hip in a safe and gradual way is so perfect on the reformer machine. I’ve used the reformer beds in the past to build my leg strength after years of dancing have put a toll on them! The support the machines offer and the guidance from your staff are perfect for me.

  5. Rotem Greenberg

    I used to go to Best Body for the refomer Pilates 3 times a week.
    It really helped me to deal with my chronic disease. (Crohn’s).
    I feel.mucj better when I’m exercise and fit.
    I really missed it during the last few months and really excited to be back.
    I feel so much healthy and happy after 🙂

  6. Charis Brinkman

    It’s been over 5 years since I’ve joined any fitness sessions/ groups. I had a baby and was a single mum, so I didn’t have the time. My daughter is now 5 years old and I had a baby 7months ago and being a mum has been my priority for a while now. I suffer from anxiety, so going through this pandemic has been a struggle as I have been trying to find myself, be a mother and a partner. Pilates has always been something that I’ve wanted to try for a while and just not had the time.

    I would benefit from a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership because I deserve time to myself to help gain confidence, help with my mentality but also be healthy (physically) for myself and my family.

  7. Claire Widiyanti

    I stumbled across Best Body and Reformer Pilates at a time where I was extremely unfit and unhappy with the way I look. But More than that, I was always in pain. Best Body has transformed me in the way my body looks, how I feel about my body and I live pain free. Gone are the thoughts of ‘Oh, I’ll never be…’ . Best Body, the team and reformer pilates has taught me that I can be whatever I want if I put effort into what I want to achieve. I became stronger, fitter and happier than I have ever been my entire life.

    Fast forward a few months, this pandemic turned my life upside down. I was left with no jobs and no government support. The financial struggle was really rough, but the fact that I was not working took a toll on my mental health. I tried making up for it by doing exercises here and there and joined Best Body at home for a bit. But as amazing as it was, I had to stop due to financial reason and it was not reformer, so its not the same. Going back to the studio is the one thing I am most looking forward to post pandemic. I am looking forward to meeting the whole team who understand, care and support me again. I am excited about getting my life back. Not just physically, but also more importantly, mentally. I know Best Body has helped me in the past to change me into the best version of me and I am looking forward for it to happen again.

  8. Graham

    Hello, I was attending Pilates classes twice a week before the pandemic hit to improve shoulder mobility, balance & overall strength on the advice of Best Body Mount Lawley. Jimmy is a great leader, no two sessions were ever the same & I felt I’d worked hard after every session. Most importantly, I could feel & see the improvement in my upper body mobility & strength. And the sessions are always an opportunity to put life issues aside for a period & clear the mind.
    When I started working from home I continued to ride my road bike 3-5 times a week until I had an argument with a traffic island while riding around a stationary bus & ended up having my left hip replaced.
    A fortnight later I’m on my feet & looking forward to getting back on the bike & back to work when I’ve completed rehabilitation which starts tomorrow. Reformer Pilates classes will be a tremendous opportunity to work & stretch my body & accelerate my return to a normal home & work life. More importantly, I’ll able to provide my family with the support & eliminate any of my guilty feelings in having to rely on them for the small things in life including having to chauffeur me to medical & physio appointments & those tasks that you’ve previously taken for granted.

  9. Jen

    I need this.. I need to stretch.. WFH in a terrible set up on an uncomfortable chair. I’m sore and getting tight. Plus I miss my NP team Amanda and Kurupa. I miss you ladies..

  10. Fee

    This pandemic has been a struggle for so many people. And everyone has had their own struggles, big or small, it doesn’t matter, it’s been hard on everyone.
    I have never felt so deflated and depleted. I would love to get back into Pilates, have some time for myself and build back some mental and physical strength.

  11. Simon Egan

    I’ve badly missed the routine of going to reformer Pilates three and four times a week. I find it gives me a good start to the day , it helps me gain some Flexibility,likewise my strength ,mobility and balance, it really helps my sleep patterns.
    I must admit for the amount of time that I haven’t really been doing much In the way of fitness, I don’t feel too bad although it is badly impacted on the way I’m sleeping, I still feel reasonably strong but I’m aware that I have lost a fair bit.
    I’m really looking forward to getting back into the rhythm and the routine of constant sessions, I know it’s a psychlic thing And sometimes I really struggle with the exercises, but I find I am on a trajectory that seems to make me feel younger ,more flexible and stronger ,definitely better for the mind ,body and spirit. I look forward to seeing everybody in the near future regards to all.

  12. Lynn

    As much as having family time at home was great with the family, I found that I had no self-care time to myself. Before the isolation, it was a great routine for me to care for myself through going to reformer and focusing on myself. It was great be able to go for classes to work out, bring up my fitness, flexibility, strength and well-being.

    Now fully working from home, sitting in the same position with a not very good home office setup, it has gone to the flip side and there’s no motivation to get out of the house to want to do stuff. So going back to classes will enable me to refocus on being motivated and get back to being fit both mind and body.

  13. Melinda Bowles

    Hi there,
    I moved to Perth from Melbourne for a new job just before the borders closed. I took the role for a change in lifestyle and to look after myself more. I’ve always wanted to try Pilates. It has often been recommended to improve my flexibility and strengthen my core to prevent back issues. I tend to hold my stress in my shoulders and have been working 7 days a week with everything that is going on so it is vital I make some time for me and get back to a good self care routine. I’m big on routine so it would be perfect to create a schedule that becomes a lifetime habit to strengthen my body and help me stay fit and healthy as I glide through my forties. I am envisioning the picture of health I will be right now! 🙂

  14. Ana Seat

    I work as a GP and the last few months have been very stressful and busy. Usually I would compensate the stress with BB pilates session after work but unfortunately that was not possible during the lock down period.
    Since stopping pilates I can feel build of of pain and tension in the neck and lower back and significant decrease in flexibility.
    I also gained weight. All of this has impacted multiple spheres of my life.
    In simple words- loving it and missing it.

  15. Amanda

    Since lock down I have noticed that I have lost fitness and strength.I have difficulty with gym workouts due to body limitations. I know that my body will benefit from a regular ongoing reformer workout.

  16. David Robinson

    Hi Scott,

    I have read the comments above and I don’t need to have a 3 month free membership over some of the more deserving people, particularly frontline medical staff or those who have lost employment. I can afford to rejoin and will be.

    In terms of benefits to me? Pilates will regain some of the flexibility I have lost, return some muscle strength and balance, improve the core (substantially!) and is great for my overall well being.


  17. Nicky Stevens

    My level of flexibility is terrible, I can honestly say I would be a fantastic Guinea pig for Best Body to advertise the transformation.
    I would also like to say Michelle is an amazing instructor. Thank you

  18. Madison

    During this pandemic I tried to push my body to new limits. In doing so I pinched a nerve in my neck and was unable to turn my head for a week. The muscle relaxants I was prescribed had negative effects on my body and made it much more difficult to bounce back. This was a learning curve for me and has had me really focus on my form and working on stretching more (and by “more” I mean I was NEVER stretching before).
    I’m currently completing my Cert 4 in fitness and would love to explore different areas of fitness to gain experience from.

  19. Nikki G

    Since joining BB in August last year I’ve had remarkable improvement in my degenerative disc pain management. I always tell people that reformer Pilates is THE BEST thing that has happened to me since being in my 40’s!!! I was going twice a week and it had given me improved flexibility, strength and fitness that I never thought possible again. Not to mention I actually looked forward to the classes! Then came the lockdown …. as the weeks went by without access to the amazing BB instructors my hard work started to regress and sadly I was back at a high pain level. When the current exercise physiology sessions became available I jumped to it, threw in a phyio session with Michelle and am starting to feel like I’m getting back on the right track. Thank you BB for all you do, the high standard of care and professionalism and all with a smile starting with Abbey at the front desk, right through to all the amazing physio’s and pilates instructors – you’re all heroes in my book!

  20. Lisa

    After not having much time for myself in the past 6 years, I had pledged to myself this was my year to do just that. Weeks in to the year I was ready to do it. Then the pandemic struck and I was lost. Pilates has always helped me physically, but most of all mentally. As we move out the other side of COVID I am looking forward to regaining myself.

  21. Liz Doncon

    After having my baby and only now returning to normality and work I would love to get back into my reformer Pilates. I have noticed that since the baby I have hip pain on one side and lower back pain and would love to strengthen my core, gain strength and work on evening out my pelvis again. Before the baby I religiously attended your prenatal reformer Pilates in North Perth and really saw a difference in my body strength and overall fitness. Plus I just loved the classes and instructors too.

  22. Kirsten

    I totally think that BBRP will help me in obtaining optimal core strength that I require right now.
    After losing over 54kg and maintaining for a year, I’m now looking to gain more core & body strength .
    I have been house bound for 2 mnths after relocating from up north working from home . I don’t know anyone here and getting out and meeting new people that are into health & fitness will help keep me on track mentally & physically .
    Sitting 8 hrs a day isn’t good for my body so to gain more optimal strength will not only help me health wise but assist in my day to day routine .
    Totally looking forward to attending ..

  23. Tanya

    I was injured in January during an exercise class and had a swollen ankle for three months. During this period of time I couldn’t attend Pilates sessions but continued to get Physio sessions at your studio. I have missed feeling healthy, strong and the ME time on a weekly basis.
    I love Pilates and always feel that after the sessions I walk out a new person. These sessions allow me to focus on how I want my body to move, how I will eat healthy food and also switch off and go into a zone of forgetting all that has happened during the day.

  24. Janine Hitch

    I knew coming to reformer Pilates was good for me and my seriously bad back, but missing it over the past couple of months has just shown how far I had come! My back feels like it was when I first started coming a year ago and to win this would be fantastic and I can get my headspace, my back and get my weight back on track again. Michelle has been so encouraging and I love training with her.

  25. Rene Batchelor

    Hi Scott

    I share David’s sentiments above. There are some truely deserving people in the draw and I’m not looking for consideration in the free membership prize. I just wanted to say how excited I am that classes are recommencing. With 2 young children and working part time, pilates is generally the only time i get for myself. Out of all the exercise I have done in my life my body definitely responds the best to pilates. I feel strong, both physically and mentally, doing the Best Body pilates classes. Thanks for staying in touch during the time away. Looking forward to seeing the North Perth team soon.


  26. David Williss

    For me its about reconnecting to balance. With the last 9 weeks working from home and trying to find a balance between my work, support my fiance’s work commitments and home schooling our 3 children. We have found that our balance has been sacrificed to meet the needs of our kids and work, not that is a bad thing during these times, though it has come with some sacrifices, being our health, physical and mental health.

    This opportunity would give me a chance to reboot by balance once again, now that some aspects of our lives are returning to normal.

  27. Ratko Jevtovic

    Very, very rejuvenating!

    So happy to be back for the last 3 weeks already!

    Best Regards, Ratko

  28. Lisa flynn

    It’s only been a couple of month in iso , my body and mind mentally and physically has changed so much , lost motivation, cluttered mind. Feeling uncomfortable in my body and I hate it !! I need to get back to Pilates to feel alive and get my life back on track With a positives , clear mind and body

  29. Kirsten

    Omg today I cried the first time I a long time … need support .
    I have been so strong and determine the last. 12 mnths not today I thought why me ..
    I know everyone is struggling and Everyone has a reasons but my self esteem is leaving me quickly , ive lost over 54kg and I never want to go back .. please give me The strength to keep moving forward …

  30. Louise Santarelli

    I found Best Body when I was looking for a way to tighten my pelvic floor and to help with hip pain. Very quickly, my body began to heal and I left my sessions feeling energised and really happy about myself. In terms of Covid 19, I am one of the lucky people who have been able to work throughout, but it’s been hard and the changes we’ve had to implement have exhausted me. And, of course, I haven’t exercised at all. I feel physically worn out and basically gross – I can’t look in the mirror. I’m feeling stiff and have this limp happening when I get up in the morning and every time I stand up after sitting. My physical and mental health has nose dived and I must do something about this. I know that going back to Best Body would be pivotal in taking control of my health, and winning the prize would be the incentive I need to ensure that I go.

  31. Elana

    I have allot of arthritis and I’m only 56 yrs old. For years I’ve been told to do Pilates and especially Reform Pilates. Working with Kindy and Pre primary children I had constant pain.
    I decided to try Best Body
    I can not describe the difference it’s made to me and all my aches and pains I got to the point of not taking Panadol osteo 3 x daily
    It’s changed my world mentally too to feel strong and so good about myself
    Really missed it desperately and can’t wait to return
    Thank you for all making such difference .

  32. Nicki

    I had my first baby in February and first time mother isolation continued into pandemic isolation. I’ve walked the streets and started home workouts however I’m a long way off having the flexibility and strength I had pre baby. I’d absolutely love three months of Pilates to challenge myself, work on improving muscle tone, core and my body confidence. I’ve recently started Pilates at Best Body North Perth it’s woken up my body and started much needed work on stability and flexibly.

  33. Ingka Iwansantoso

    I had appointment before pandemic to assess my knee which is sore. I hope I can be sore/pain free if I could win this that I can get a proper treatment and learn to manage and prevent it. i also hope to be able to manage my plantar fasciitis too. Thanks for inviting me. Really appreciate it.

  34. Raquel

    Best Body Reformer Pilates will definitely help to gain confidence and self-esteem after my pregnancy. I was exercising myself with Best Body until nearly 42 weeks when I gave birth at the end of February. I was so excited to come back in 6 weeks but then this pandemic situation started. I am struggling with my body after birth and I need help with my self-esteem. Mums and bubs classes would be even better for me.

  35. Leanne

    I first started doing reformer pilates as a way to strengthen my back and core due to suffering from severe scoliosis. I usually try to not let it slow me down and keep active where possible, because it seems to get worse from inactivity. It’s been a bit of a strange couple of months for all of us, and I haven’t quite adjusted to a new normal with any consistent routine to keep moving. A gentle push in the right direction would be amazing.

  36. Danielle

    I was attending classes at Best Body – Pregnancy Pilates before COVID-19. I was really enjoying my classes, they made me feel better from my uncomfortable and awkward pregnancy, gave me something to look forward to and helped me build strength.
    Since then I have had my beautiful baby girl. I have all the love in the world for her and absolutely none for my body. I feel so ugly, flabby and saggy. My confidence has completely gone. I cry every day. The strength in my body has gone and I find it hard to hold my baby girl.
    A 3 month membership would really help me both mentally and physically and allow me do to something for me.

  37. Claudia Pal

    Hm. I think the reformer will be the most rewarding way to get back into shape. I am so stiff after spending a lot of time sitting or standing and I am out of shape. The Reformer would most like be a gentle way to get back.

  38. Nina Przulj

    Hi Scott!
    I’ve lost 25kg since December! I’ve been overweight my whole life and tried everything to lose weight, but it took being in the right place mentally for true success.

    I have this image of me being fit and toned and actually being able to keep up with fitness classes for once, maybe even running. One thing I’m really conscious of is not losing any muscle, which my dietitian has stressed as well – she’s the one who actually introduced me to reformer Pilates back before everything closed down, saying it was a great way to build my muscle while I’m losing weight.

    During the pandemic I’ve been working long hours from home, and with the best intentions I’ve downloaded fitness apps and streamed YouTube videos to try exercising at home, but none of this has been very consistent at home. My weight loss has obviously stalled, which is okay, it’s been a super stressful time, but I’m determined not to let it stall any longer.

    I’m definitely going to commit to regular classes – the class fitness environment helps me so much mentally with being able to connect with other people in the class, and it will be so good to get out of the house for fitness again! Winning this membership would really help with that, and reformer Pilates is going to help me keep my muscle mass and tone up while I hopefully lose another 15kg!


  39. Samantha

    Just before isolation I had surgery on my wrist and it as been a slow recovery over the last 10 weeks. Due to isolation and surgery recovery I have gotten out of shape and I am hoping reformer Pilates will help me regain strength in my wrist and re tone my mid section.

  40. Elizabeth

    A 3 month best body reformer pilates membership will help me get back in shape and form a new sustainable exercise routine especially coming out of this pandemic where everything has been thrown out of whack. I discovered reformer pilates 3 years ago and have absolutely fallen in love with the practice since. I was attending reformer pilates classes up to 5 times a week before I had a baby and found that it helped me de-stress, improved my strength and fitness and was my happy pill! Working at a desk 8 hours daily for a 5 day week means that I often end up with a sore neck and back and reformer pilates has definitely helped ease this pain. I found that starting or ending my day with reformer pilates allowed me to perform better at work and at home as it was a positive boost to my mind and body. After having a baby one year ago, I struggled to get back to some form of exercise routine and found that I have lost a lot of my core strength. I used to be able to do a teaser easily but not anymore! I would like to regain back my core strength, get rid of this mum tum I have grown, and regain my bum tone that I have lost! A 3 month membership at Best Body North Perth studio would be just prefect as I work in North Perth and it would greatly assist me in my achieving my goals and getting into a sustainable exercise routine!

    • Elizabeth

      *PERFECT!!! not prefect 🙂

  41. Jess

    Online workouts have been great during isolation however have missed reformer Pilates. It’s the only thing that really allows me to improve my technique and control of my core muscles. I would love to really work on my glut control to help prevent re-occurring running injuries. A 3 month membership would help get back in the swing of a routine especially in winter and of course to work off those iso treats.

  42. Joellene naylor

    I have been with best body since I don’t even know how long since back when it started think it was I physio days. The physio’s and Pilates instructors have been amazing at every clinic, Prior to covid I settled at Trigg doing reformer classes and through covid attended physio with Michelle in north Perth these guys have made a huge impact in my life making me feel better more confident and also just being there to listen when everyday life problems get in the way 🙂 I would love to win a membership so I can continue to live the best me and financial would be a big help but even if I don’t win I just wanted to say thank you to you all and so happy classes are back up and running


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