Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Mount Lawley memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Mount Lawley for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Mount Lawley studio.


  1. Moira Clay

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me in so many ways over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic. It will help me resolve some aches and pains from NOT doing reformer and being stuck at my desk for WAY too many hours a day! It will help me get back into shape and move more freely. It will help me support my husband Paul as he uses reformer pilates to help him manage his neuritis.

    • Dainra Fricker

      Through diet, I have lost 17 kg since Boxing Day 2019. Being able to go to Pilates three times a week for three months would help me to come out of isolation not only with a lean body but with a strong one too.

      • Esta May

        Finding many, many sore spots and areas in my body that don’t move how they should, and excercabated by extra sitting and the home desk during this pandamic has meant I need to ‘catch up’ and find new ways to talk to my body, which really really needs a Best Body reformer pilates to do that. Prior to this I found pilates really helpful in managing my injuries and have really noticed not going to pilates regularly. Having a free membership would be a great motivator to get stuck in to pilates and get my body back in movement and strength.

    • Pippa Depiazzi

      I am almost sorry that our enforced lockdown is coming to an end because it gave me the opportunity to focus on my body. I had never done Mat Pilates before and found my body responded to it in a different way than Reformer Pilates. When the opportunity arose to start physio reformer classes again, I jumped at the chance but also kept up my Mat Pilates. This meant I was doing four sessions a week: two for each type. I work long hours and I found Reformer Pilates not only stretched and challenged my body but I found I was using it as a time for meditation as well. At the end of each session my mind was in a good place and my body felt good. So, I don’t want to stop either types. I want to stay in tune with my body, I want to be kind to it and give it a chance to grow and respond to mental and physical care so I can cope with my stressful life. I want to actively work to reduce the damage caused by constant cortisol release.

    • Meicha McCagh

      I tore my right ACL 9 weeks ago, just a week prior to fitness centers closing down due to Covid19.

      I investigated as many options for rehab as possible but very, very few were available to me. The pain simply in walking was unbearable and I remained on crutches for weeks. I could do very little for myself and struggled with any day to day task. Having done reformer classes at Mt Lawley previously, I reached out to the team in desperation requesting help. My first session in for a consult I was in tears in such a desperate state of pain. And knowing isolation was looming not only my physical health was suffering but my mental health would too.

      The team could not have been more helpful and accommodated my rehab and recovery in such an incredible fashion.

      So 9 weeks on, my physical mobility and strength has made such a marked improvement both myself, my amazing physio (Jimmy) and my surgeon are stunned at my progress.

      Without the ongoing support of Best Body I can’t even imagine where I might be now and I can guarantee I’d have made no progress in rehabilitation and may very well still be on crutches.

      I’m looking to avoid surgery and believe I can achieve this with the ongoing help and support of Best Body Mt Lawley. Thanks so much! You’ve made an incredible difference to my physical and mental health during this horrible time.

      • Josephine Poduti

        I havent exercised in over 20 years. I feel winning this 3 month pilates reformer programme is exactly what I need to get me up off my butt, out the door & on my way to once again feeling as fit, healthy & alive like I used to feel many years ago. I feel so stagnant, old and am unable to do the simple things I took for granted. Just bending over or trying to pick up my 4 year old grandaughter is a mission. It would be awesome to have pain free days once again.

    • Gail Wright

      How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic
      There are many aspects as to why Best Body will help me.

      1. Physical strength and flexibility.
      When I first began I struggled to get out of a chair. I couldn’t touch my toes and could definitely not PLANK!!!!
      I can now – still not a fav of mine though:(
      2. Social aspect – helps with my mental health.
      It is great when you have the encouragement and recognition from instructors, staff and the clients.
      For personally I have come a long way in my journey…a few set backs as every has. Seeing the different stages of improvement in myself and others is remarkable.

      3. Health – 1 and 2 will improve my health.

      Forgot to mention…I need to lose 5kgs!!! ( No I didnt gain during COVID)

    • Maria-Luisa Addicott

      After only joining Reformer Pilates in February I really enjoyed working with the reformer. Loved the resistance and the feeling it gave. I felt so good after each session and the energy I felt. Winning a three month membership would be so beneficial to me coming into winter. I suffer anxiety and Pilates has been a god sent for my cortisol levels.

      As everyone knows the benefits of exercise for mental health I cannot stress enough how Pilates has helped me cope with the stresses of life.

      Last May my husband had Prostate Cancer surgery to remove an aggressive, fast growing, high grade cancer. It makes you realise how precious life is and how important it is to look after your body, physically and mentally.

      I love the saying.
      Take Care Life Has No Spare.

    • Liz

      Thank you for this. You must have been thinking I needed this. I have lost connection with my mind and body. Hoping to find a class that help me reconnect, as I have not set any goals in the last 6 months and feeling a bit lost.

    • Jacqueline Eade

      Breathe in, breathe out and suck the belly in, my triangle of FIRE! Oh how i miss my daily mantra. Mt Lawley has the A team, so supportive, uplifting and motivating. Ive been hit by a tsunami of events that has left me struggling mentally and financially. Reformer pilates brings my mind and body to work together, providing me a clear mind and sense of inner peace to embrace my day. The reformer springs provide a safe resistance to strengthen core and balance, the rhythmic movement synchronising with each heart beat, each counting connecting my brain with the body’s movement. Meditation to exercise. I believe the return to my studio is an integral part of rebuilding myself to move forward confidently as we move out of this pandemic. Three months subscription is like you paying it forward and this is the only way I could return to boost my self esteem, my body and mind to make it the Best Body to stride into my new chapter.

  2. June Then

    Firstly, it’ll get me out of my house! I haven’t been able to afford a membership since I lost my job so it will be nice to just be back in the studio and groove to the soothing springs (which I find very meditative) x

    • Diane

      I will help me to stay away from the physio as caring for 2 heavy kids under 3 and working behind a computer. Reformer Pilates sessions are the rare me time I can have!

      • Alicia Wright

        Being one of the first industry’s affected by COVID 19 (aviation) pilates has been my saviour. I started pilates over a year ago and have through my career I have sustained a herinated disc in my back and torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. I tried everything and was about to have surgery when I started reformer pilates which has been my saviour. I’ve never been stronger in my body and no longer have any back pain. My shoulder doesn’t keep me awake at night and I haven’t had to have a cortisone injection since I became a member. Since being stood down the only thing that has remained constant in my life is my Pilates in the morning. It’s kept my mental and physical health better then ever. I’m sure I’ll be off work for months to come but I know my Pilates and amaizng best body instructors will keep my body flying ready for when we finally get to go back to work and take you all away safely on holidays and see your loved ones.

  3. Kareece Broadway

    A pilates membership will help me greatly as I am due to have my first child in October. I was doing reformer twice a week which during this pandemic I have really noticed my body is ‘suffering’ without. I had hoped to keep doing pilates until I give birth!
    I also cannot wait to come back post birth and get back into reformer to help my recovery.

  4. Vanda Clarkson

    Best Body has improved my strength core and balance in the past year, and didn’t realise how much it improved till the pandemic. As had to go to physio to help my body till we can start again

  5. Robyn Knight

    Coming back to Reformer Pilates with Best Body will begin the journey to something resembling normal again. I love reformer (struggled a bit with mat), it made me feel strong mentally and physically. I felt I could try new things – like SUP boarding, which I have continued to do (I can even show you photos!). Corona isolation affected me in more ways than I thought it would. I knew I could manage but I missed the fun of the studio, the instructors, the routine, the challenge. That’s what I want to get back to. It will be a slow return and I won’t be as confident as what I was a few months ago, but if the opportunity is there, I will grab it and run with it (well, a light jog anyway). Thanks Scott

  6. Anne-Marie Allen

    Hi there, Reformer Pilates is the one thing that improves my movement, flexibility and strength. I have multiple sclerosis and the pandemic has been a shocker for me. I can sit, standing can be difficult and I can walk short distances but all of these activities have been really minimised with the lockdown and just not getting out and seeing people. Thanks for considering me. Cheers

  7. Danielle Tuck

    I would absolutely love 3mths membership after this pandemic as it would help me get back on my feet! I have an accessory ossicle bone in my foot that needs surgery and has gotten worse since lockdown as I have been running to keep up the exercise. Sadly this has made it worse,I had to give away my treadmill and am looking forward to upping my Pilates membership to make it stronger again.

    • Lorraine English

      Oh my I so need reformer pilates right now. The covid Iso ship that sailed into my life has given me a couple of stow away kilos that need to walk the plank with some help from the fantastic reformer pilate instructors. The ship also delivered a ship load of aches and pains that I know can be cured from pilates. I am also going a little stir crazy on this ship and a bit like I have been cast away, and I know reformer classes and BB team assist with re anchoring me mentally.

  8. Olivia Sujkowski

    Pilates has been a saving grace for me in the last couple of years on many fronts. It has helped me physically and mentally become a healthy version of myself and gave me a sense of routine I craved. Since being in isolation, my body feels achey and my mind isn’t as clear as it used to be. Getting back into pilates is something I feel my body and mind need get back on track!

  9. Briana Ross

    I have been trying classes online but just don’t feel the same motivation being in a room with a great instructor and other class members. I’ve had my hours cut a lot since the pandemic so getting back to Pilates reformer (with 3 months free) would be amazing for my mental and physical health.

  10. Hui Ong

    You don’t know what you have until you lose it. I had my last reformer Pilates class on 18 March just before the lockdown was announced. Within days of stopping I started to get withdrawal symptoms. It was hard to motivate myself outside of class to exercise. I’m so looking forward to classes getting back to normal albeit a new normal. Go Best Body Mt Lawley

  11. Cassie Walton

    I have been a Mount Lawley member for just over three years! I first joined after back surgery, and a strong fear to resume exercise! Reformer Pilates not only helped me gain strength and balance, but it gave me confidence to undertake day to day activities (even putting my own socks on!) again! I have found the at home mat pilates exciting and a new challenge, although unfortunately it has at times put a strain on my back resulting in a few minor flare ups! I am so excited to be returning to the studio, where I am not only supported in my exercises by the machine, but also the amazing instructors who I love seeing each week! Not only this, but my husband has resumed FIFO work which coupled with social restrictions, has impacted hugely on my routine and motivation! The reopening of the studios is going to get me back on track, with a healthy and balanced routine! The best thing I ever did for my physical and mental health! Thanks BB team x

  12. Caryl Kruger

    Reformers Pilates would give me back my mobility,strength and motivation that has been lost since stopping classes during this challenging time. There is no better feeling than actually doing a fun class with amazing instructors at BB

  13. Carly

    I’m one of the fortunate people whose job has not been negatively impacted by Covid-19. However, the crisis has created a huge spike in workload for my Government-based economic development role, and I don’t think that will be changing any time soon. I love the studio-based classes as they force me to walk away from the screen and take care of my health – I just haven’t been able to adjust to online or self-managed options. I’ve particularly noticed my hamstrings are constantly tight and I get a lot of ankle swelling from sitting at a desk 10-14 hours a day. I can’t wait to stretch my legs out on the reformer and get my posture back on track. (And as someone that lives alone, it will be lovely seeing some cheery people out in public again!)

  14. Julie Lewis

    I can’t wait to get back into the studio and start completing my goals of mastering that bridge and strengthening my core for my 110kg dead lift. I’ve never been able to get. Pilates has helped me physically, mentally, in other sports, work and at home. I can’t wait for that first day to meet everyone again and start that first step/bridge to my goals.

  15. Yvette Collins

    Reformer Pilates is the only regular exercise I have ever committed to since I was teenager. I had been doing 2 or 3 classes a week for 2 years before lock down. The return of the physio classes has been the only thing to motivate me to get moving again. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine and committing to regular exercise again.

  16. Charmaine Pedrick

    Before the pandemic I was doing Reformer Pilates 3 times a week for over a year and I was getting in shape and was able to bend correctly
    . I have osteoarthritis in my knees, hips and hands it is very painful at times. I would like to get back to where I was before the pandemic.

    • Heather Cassey

      Chronic pain for almost 33 years, a complicated spinal fusion and compressed discs in my neck, severely restricted my mobility and mental health. I think i tried every treatment known to man with not much effect. Since joining Best Body in 2019 I haved gained increased strength, balance, and mobility. The sessions have also done wonders for my sleep quality, life choices and overall mental health. An added bonus are the friends I’ve made at Best Body which has contributed to the overall improvement of my quality of life. I love my reformer Pilates and am so glad to be back ❤

  17. Erin

    It will be a very positive way to help restore my mental health in what has been a very challenging few months.

  18. Kerry Chadfield

    BB assisted me to lose over 40kg and build a strong body. Through your amazing programs my visits to physio and chiro reduced to maintenance visits only. My strength and we’ll being increased and I have never felt so good In my life. After just 5 visits in the last month the pain in my back is reduced and my flexibility is starting to return. I simply would not be who I have become. Who I believe I deserved the chance to become with out you. Thank you xx

  19. Kerry Chadfield

    BB assisted me to lose over 40kg and build a strong body. Through your amazing programs my visits to physio and chiro reduced to maintenance visits only. My back pain is literally a thing of the past. For over 30 it was all I knew. I thought this was how my life would be. My strength and wellbeing increased and I have never felt so good In my life. After just 5 visits in the last month to your studios the pain in my back is reduced again. (I found that my back reminds me when I am away for any time) and my flexibility is starting to return. I simply would not be who I have become. Who I believe I deserved the chance to become with out you. Thank you xx

  20. Shell

    I have never done a Pilates class and would love to experience… I am so passionate about health and wellness and would love a career change.. I am a regular at the gym weight training but am finding I would like to try a different technique that moves the entire body increasing flexibility also… I have considered completing a Pilates Fitness Instructor course so I can one day teach, Winning a membership would give me an opportunity to explore this further

  21. Carol Hoarau

    I had a break once everything closed down and then realized how important it was to keep going as all my little niggles started coming back. My dilemma was that the online Pilates, even though I loved the girls, was not for me and started stressing that my walking was not going to be enough. Then you started up the Physio Pilates classes and I was off and running and have loved my 2 classes a week with Mel and Kalan. I feel my strength, flexibility is returning which I’m so grateful for. I sometimes can’t believe how exercising, especially in a group, is great for my mental health I always feel exhilarated when leaving and can take on the day ahead. The other thing I have enjoyed over this time is your daily emails Scott they have kept me going especially if I have had a harrowing day at work. Winning or losing this competition is not my focus, although winning would be nice lol, it’s that I wanted to let you know how important it has been that you and the girls at the studio have been a very big part of keeping me going with your emails and phone calls to keep in touch until this whole covid-19 business is over and we can all get back to normal, whatever normal is anymore I’m not to sure. Just a big Thank You to you all.

    • Amanda W

      This – if I were to write a response, I would have said this too.
      Scott, You and the Best Body Team at Mount Lawley studio are just amazing. Reading these comments makes me realise that it is more than just me that you have all helped in this world, both before and after CoVid – hence why so many people are trying to win such a generous prize!

  22. Samantha Turner

    For me it’s been my mental health that has been in need of nurturing during COVID19. What I love about Best Body is the feeling of belonging … a community that makes me feel inspired, cared for and accepted. I miss this!
    Every person I’ve come in contact with has made me feel like I matter. We have shared laughs, tears( yes I’ve fallen off the reformer not once but twice) and fairy dust covered high fives…. it’s my happy place!
    I feel excited to go to a class knowing that I will come out feeling calm and happy( and a little bit sore )

  23. Karen McDonald

    Over the past couple of months, I increased my daily walking routine which in turn improved my cardio, however I do find that I miss the strengthening exercises that reformer pilates afforded me. I was enjoying the reduced pain in my lower back and hips and am really looking forward to commencing classes. It certainly helped with my mental wellness as it encouraged focus on breathe. I really do enjoy the interactions in the class and the core strengthening that I was able to develop over time. Looking forward to heading back shortly.

  24. Kate

    As a frontline worker I haven’t had to deal with the isolation that others have. In fact the extra long hours have meant even more time away from my family, less time to exercise and no time to devote to my own health and well being. I really want to find something for me that I can become passionate about doing regularly which is good for my mind, body and soul. From what I can tell Reformer Pilates might just be that something I can love and look forward to.

  25. Ashley

    Going back into the hospitality industry will be a slow start with reduced hours. It will be great to be able to continue at Best Body without having to worry about the costs. All this time on the couch watching Netflix could have left me in better shape as well!

  26. Kathy Tsapazi

    I would love to win a best body 3 month membership I have been a member previously and would love to come back. I noticed a big difference in my back pain when I was attending twice a week and my core muscles . I have been stood down from my employment since 1/4/20 and won’t be going back anytime soon as I’m in the travel industry so having Pilates to go to would be great for my mental health as well as my back pain. Looking forward to getting back to best body Mt Lawley where the facilities and staff are the best

  27. Jane Galbraith

    I would love a 3 month membership but after reading all of these comments, I can’t see how I could deserve it over all of these people that have suffered so much. Pilates just makes me feel good. I love the way that I can feel the muscles in my body (although the covering over the muscles has grown a lot lately). My husband also goes to Mt Lawley and he often says “thanks so much for making me do Pilates, I feel so much better..”.

  28. Anthea

    As a teacher, I haven’t had the luxury of being able to work from home so as you can imagine, having to be around lots of kids and adults during this this time has been tricky! We’ve also had lots of big changes to the way we do our job and the worries of not knowing when we would see our students! A three times a week reformer membership would not only benefit my physical health, but most importantly my mental health. It will allow me to get back to looking after my own well-being to ensure I can give my best self to my community. I also have ongoing knee problems due to dancing and netball since childhood. The reformer allows me to build strength in my muscles around my knees to support them. The reformer also means I don’t have to put my full weight on my knees while exercising, meaning I don’t do further damage. It would be a pleasure to be chosen for this generous offer.

  29. Wendy

    I have missed the 3 times a week habit of reformer pilates over the last two months and the way it always makes me walk taller and float above the ground after a class. Now that I’m over 60 I enjoy the strength, balance and bodily shape it gives me and I can’t wait for all those feelings to be re-ignited once again so roll-on re-opening because I feel like I need to rebuild me again back to the way I was before Covid interrupted us all.

  30. Franco

    I started my life with BestBody in early 2019 with exercise physiology, then physiotherapy, and then I was ready to have a go at the reformer pilates group sessions, got into three sessions a week and I was hooked. Loved it, mind and body.
    My starter issue was terrible hip pain that reduced massively my everyday function (getting ready for the day; getting in & out of the car). With Best Body ‘walking’ with me all the way, with amazingly supportive staff, I gained so much overall body health, clarity of mind, and a much better “feel” for what was going on with my body. I still faced a big hurdle of surgery at the end of the year, and needed some rehab, but I am so in need of a return to the reformer pilates sessions now. I just crave it! I miss the great overall healthy sense of being that it brings; I miss the warm connection with the other members that I got to know, and I really miss the great staff who were really interested in me and so supportive through all my individual quirky ways of getting through a session. I just can’t wait to return…

  31. Lien Nguyen

    As a frontline worker, I haven’t had to deal with isolation or changes to my work situation. I am super grateful to be in this position. However, my level of anxiety and stress have been through the roof. To combat this I’ve stuck to my usual work out routine with BB at home, as my mental health has been my number one priority. Pilates has helped me a lot during this time, to manage my mental health. The BB community too! So thank you for this offer and your generosity! The BB team has been amazing during this time.

  32. Lucia

    It’ll improve my core strength and overall fitness and as it’s often said, healthy body, healthy mind…so one step closer to having a healthy, happy life!! Plus, after a reformer session…I feel F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!

  33. Jenny

    After having had a spinal fusion, tearing my calf muscle then tearing my hamstring off, I was finally feeling like my body was starting to become stronger and reliable. Doing Pilates twice a week for the past couple of years has worked wonders with creating the core stability and flexibility I require to live my best life. Even at the end of a long physical day, it is a relief to get on that reformer to resist, assist and stretch. It’s all made even better by the care and humour of the instructors. I love nothing more than finishing a class with a short spine stretch. These past few months have made me realise just how far I had come, and fingers crossed I will be able to get back to, so with an extra session a week, I see it being very achievable.

  34. Carolyn Armstrong

    I have been in lockdown for nearly ten weeks. Out only a few times for short trips as I have a chronic chest problem and am at increased risk of COVID19. So no shops not able to visit family including my brother who is unwell and friends and even having to consult dr via telephone.
    I have also suffered from muscular skeletal issues for years and have not been able to stick to any exercise routine.
    That is until I started Reformer Pilates at Best Body Mt Lawley and was able to start slowly 1:1 with the Physiotherapist for 6 months then move into classes which is the only exercise I have been able to tolerate and to continue long term.
    I was forced to retire from work last year due to ill health as a result my income has dropped by a large amount so 3 months free membership would help my health and give it a kick start coming out of lockdown. Also the financial assistance would mean I could definitely commit to the 3 month kickoff.

  35. Denise Jenkins

    Winning this will be great for my mental and physical health!

    While in iso I signed up for a few online mat pilates classes but it’s not the same. I also prefer the reformer as I feel it is gentler on my back. I have scoliosis (about 35deg curve and a ‘perfect S’ curve ) and being able to adjust the springs helps greatly and I somehow feel I achieve more after a reformer class.

    I was also stood down from my job recently so having free membership for a limited time will help me remain motivated and help get me back on (the reformer) track! I do hope to be considered! Thank you!

  36. Karina Grant

    I’m excited to get back to BB Reformer Pilates for so many reasons. I need to regain the muscle tone I gained from years of Reformer Pilates, I’m no longer as strong as I was before this pandemic began. I started coming to BB over 2 years ago, as I was suffering from a sore back due to sitting at a desk all day. At the age of 50, this was the first time I’d stepped into a gym and I can honestly say I didn’t really think I would enjoy it, I’ve never really been into fitness or sport. How wrong was I…..I’ve never looked back since! Reformer Pilates has benefited my body and mind in so many ways, it has transformed my daily routine and I’ve never felt more flexible and toned. They say you never realise how much you will miss something until it’s taken away from you. How true this is! Since stopping Reformer Pilates due to the pandemic, my back pain has returned and I know I’ve lost conditioning.
    Whilst BB at Home has been a fantastic alternative to being in the studio, it’s not quite the same. The reformers offer so many variations and exercises, producing amazing results for me. I know that all the exercises and stretches, that can only be done on the reformer, will get my conditioning back to where it was before all this.
    More than anything, I’ve missed the social interaction with Mt Lawley members, not to mention the support and encouragement that we get everyday from our wonderful instructors. Going back to the Mt Lawley studio will not only mean getting fitter, but being in a better frame of mind. I can’t wait to get back to the lovely community at the Best Body Mt Lawley studio, I love seeing all those familiar faces!

  37. Silvana Kingma

    thank you for the possibility of winning and experiencing reformer pilates with a three month free membership.
    I am needing to strengthen my core and balance which would allow me to move more freely. Recently retired from work I would like to continue to exercise and experience pilates.

  38. carole kerr

    Give it to a healthcare worker or someone who has lost their job and livelihood because of covid. I am sure there are plenty of deserving people who fit this category and what a wonderful thing to bring a smile to their face in tough times xx

  39. Tracey Holdyk

    In 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and as you can imagine it turned my world and my families upside down. Three years on I am going well but some side effects still remain making some parts of my life difficult. I began Physio at Mt Lawley which helped in so many ways and I was just about to start Pilates when the virus arrived. Some of my side effects get me down but I am keen to try and find something that will help my mind, body and soul get back to living a full life and I feel Pilates can give me that. Thanks for this awesome chance

  40. Amy Murray

    Hi Scott and team at Best Body –
    I would love to win a Pilates membership for 3 months!

    I first joined your welcoming studio when it was called Happy Physio and it changed my life.

    As I have scoliosis, I had a significant anterior pelvic tilt (meaning my pelvis is kinda like a ‘duck butt!’)
    I came to your studio for some physio sessions with Andrew and was recommended to give group Pilates sessions a try.
    I attended 3-4 times a week for a year and a half whilst working full time and was hooked.

    The difference your physio sessions and these pilates classes made has been significant – my pelvis is far less tilted and my core is super strong. My glutes have firmed up too, which is great for my confidence! 😉
    I also experienced some bonus ‘happy side effects’ from the Pilates – my hamstrings have become far more flexible, I had the incredible breakthrough of being able to comfortably touch my toes. When I practice Pilates I also have less knee pain, an old injury that flares up when I don’t move enough.

    The change to my pelvic tilt has really improved my confidence.
    I’m an actor, so this type of strengthening helps me with character movement, allowing me to access a greater range of movement to play different roles.
    The Pilates classes are an amazing all-round workout and I would always leave feeling taller, stronger and somehow lighter than before. Regular exercise with like-minded peers did wonders for my mental health and I looked forward to class.

    I sadly made the decision to stop attending Pilates class when I went back to Uni to start my new career as a teacher, as I experienced some financial hardship.
    I would love to return to class and believe this is exactly the push I need.

    I would be very grateful to win this membership and super happy to share my experience with others to help them discover the importance of investing in our body for our overall wellbeing and longevity!

    Thank you and fingers crossed 🙂

  41. Anna Ralph

    I spent most of 2019 pregnant and participated in BB reformer Pilates 3 times a week until I was 39 weeks pregnant. It was something I did before falling pregnant and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. It helped me keep up my strength and kept me moving when unstable hips and a compressed nerve in my back were causing some trouble. My mindset was always in a wonderful and positive place after a session, especially Krupa’s classes. I gave birth in 0ct and was looking forward to attending Pilates again but it took longer than expected due to my hips post partum. I was finally ready to come back when covid restrictions hit. I’ve really missed Pilates at BB and the wonderful instructors. It was always the highlight of my day. Thanks for the opportunity

  42. Andrew Morris

    I’m a 15 year old boy who was absolutely loving the benefits of regular pilates classes at Best Body. I an a National Open Water and Pool swimmer who very sadly missed out on representing WA at the Australian National Age Competition which was cancelled due to Covid-19. I struggle with flexibility in my upper back and pilates was helping me to compete at a high level in both Freestyle and Butterfly. Previous to doing Pilates my Butterfly was nowhere near as strong. I am just getting back in the water and all the gains I made in this area have gone. It feels like starting from scratch again. Pilates will give me the opportunity to get back what I have lost over the past 10 weeks and help me achieve my competitive advantage again. To win this competition would help my family also as my swimming is costing them a small fortune.

  43. Rachel

    The past couple of months has no doubt been challenging for many individuals. My regular exercise and routine have been influenced by strict safety measures. Unable to participate in group classes has consequently negatively impacted my physical abilities and wellbeing. During this time, I have reflected upon the significance of how I thrive with routine and the positive reinforcement I have previously received from coming to reformer classes. It has reiterated the importance of looking after my own physical and mental health by doing activities that bring complete wellness and fulfillment to my life.
    As a frontline healthcare worker in a busy emergency department, I have witnessed firsthand the drastic affects people are experiencing due to the current times. This experience has furthermore highlighted, how important it is to take care of my health and wellbeing. For me to provide the best care and support to others in need. I must ensure my own health care needs – physically and mentally are met to provide the best care to others. A Best Body pilates membership is one measure that will help me. I am truly fortunate to be in a position where I can help others and love doing so. We may be coming out of strict isolation measures, but I am preparing myself for a long journey ahead. I look forward to improving my fitness, strength, and overall wellbeing from attending reformer classes. Surrounded by a supportive network of positive and happy people. Thank you for your consideration.

  44. Marie

    I’m a stay at home mum to 3 young children including twins and whist it’s the most rewarding job ever it’s also the most challenging and starting Pilates last year has given me the opportunity to put myself first which puts me in a better mind set to be a better wife and mum. Not to mention the physical benefits which I can’t wait to see again!!

  45. Karen Collins

    Hi my best buddies at Best Body!

    I first joined Happy Physio in 2017 to try and build strength to cope with knee pain, back pain, wrist pain – you name it! – and it did wonders for my poor old body.

    Now, however, I’m recovering from bi-lateral Total Knee Replacements which unfortunately was the only answer to the agony I was enduring, despite the awesome support of Happy Physio/Best Body physios and Pilates instructors.

    I need all the help I can, to get my strength back after my rehabilitation being delayed by not being able to return to Reformer Pilates and struggling with alternative exercise due to the COVID-19 crisis.

    I have been back in the studio under the wonderful guidance of Jimmy and can feel the improvements already after just 3 weeks.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter – holding thumbs and crossing fingers for a win!

  46. Marsha Dale

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me keep off the 47kg I lost pre pandemic which I am so terrified of putting back on, I think I am getting a little eating disorder. Further I have no cartilage and arthritis to the bone in my knees (hence the weight loss) and I understand pilates will really help keep me of the knee surgeons table.

  47. Jordan

    I started visiting one of your physio’s during the pandemic for back pain which was my first introduction to reformer Pilates. Not only has it helped my back but I absolutely loved it! I don’t really enjoy the gym to much but I looked forward to my physio sessions as they were fun yet also challenging while also helping my back. I am currently on uni break and with my prac being cancelled I have a good few months off and feel it would be the perfect time to focus on reformer Pilates to learn, improve my body and my back. I hope to make this my new ‘gym’ which has such a welcoming environment from both staff and clients. It would help me keep busy and healthy during my time off and get me back into fitness. I miss enjoying some form of exercise and this is has made me excited to work out for the first time in a while 🙂

  48. Gretchen

    Wow! You and your team are just awesome. I always feel so welcome and uplifted when I come in.
    Why would I benefit from a 3 month Reformer Pilates membership? To keto me sane! A list will be best!

    I have 2 autistic ADHD boys
    I have dropped work Hours to look after my mum who is a partial paraplegic, has dementia and was recently diagnosed with tongue cancer
    I have just dropped 24kg after spending 33 years on the yo-yo
    I have poor connective tissue which has got worse with age so I have repeated elbow and shoulder tendonopathies and chronic hamstring injuries which means I can’t do the boot camps I used to love.

    I need some me time and exercise that doesn’t damage me!!

    Since I started in January reformer classes have given me that so it was really hard when you were required to shut down!

    Many thanks for this opportunity.

  49. Louise Watson

    My little baby isn’t so little anymore – she just turned 1! Whilst I have regained so much of my fitness since having my baby, my core strength and flexibility have a long, long way to go. I am really eager to strengthen and tone my body through reformer pilates. I want to improve my posture and my overall muscle strength. Plus, I can’t wait to schedule in weekly classes as “me” time.
    Pre-baby, I loved my reformer classes. They were physically challenging (giving me results!) and also helped me clear my mind after a long day. I always left class feeling strong, positive and calm. I am craving that post-reformer good-vibe feeling.

  50. Linda de Ocampo

    Started at BB over a year ago for PT due to needing post-pregnancy and preoperative rehabilitation. BB is the only fitness regime I have ever remained consistent. This is definitely due to staff encouragement and assistance with goal setting. Having recently commenced your reformer classes just a few weeks before the pandemic I found that they complimented the PT workouts which propel rehabilitation, strength, healing and wellbeing. If I do not make it to BB three times a week I miss it so much. I can only thank you all at BB because I would still be stuck in the past if I did not learn how to keep my ‘eyes to the future’. With two more major surgeries coming up by the years end the Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would be therapeutic and so helpful for pre and post-operative recuperation coming out of this pandemic. Thank you for this opportunity.

  51. Jasminka Savic

    For me this it’s not just coming out of covid-19. Among this whole pandemic, or just as it started gaining traction my younger child was diagnosed with a condition.
    So to say that we have been challenged is an understatement.
    I have been blessed enough that my work has been understanding enough to let me work from home all this time and for some time to come but that has brought on another challenge for me.
    Being back to some form of routine would be fantastic.

  52. Ashley Brunette

    I started with Best Body back in September. I always struggled to find any form of exercise that i liked and would try things for a month and then quit, when i started Pilates it was like something clicked and we were meant to be. I took this time away as a chance to try something different – mat pilates, yoga, bike riding, running, HIIT workouts, needless to say they didn’t last long and the only thing that speaks to my heart is reformer pilates. I have been stood down from my job during this time and i want nothing more than to come back, the classes always bring me such a feeling of calm and i leave feeling refreshed and strong! I’m sure there are a lot of others that are in my situation financially, 3 months of pilates would be like the world is throwing me some great karma! I just started doing 4 days a week before Covid-19 and since I have stopped i can feel how sitting at a desk everyday is really effecting my body. If I win I would love to pay for an additional 2 classes (5 total a week) but use on of these to bring a friend and introduce them to the world of Pilates! I know they will love it and i think some people are afraid to take the first step! Lets pay it forward 🙂

  53. Denise Thompson

    I joined the south Perth studio as an inaugural member when it first opened and went regularly when I lived in that area. During that time, once I got over the “pain of exercising” I felt the best I had in years and had so much energy. Then Last october I moved to maylands and I stopped going, a decision I have long regretted.
    During the Pandemic I have been working from my home office and leading a vey stagnant lifestyle. All the old aches and pains have kicked back in and I am feeling very “old” and tired.
    I am 64 years young and my partner has asked me to marry him on my 65th birthday on October 25th 2020. We have been together for nearly 3 years and i am so excited to be embarking on this new adventure at this time of my life and never thought I would find such joy and passion for life again.
    Unfortunatley I feel that my body is letting me down and I need to get moving again to be the best version of myself both physically and mentally going into this marriage. I have had health challenges and back surgery twice and I have found that reformer pilates has been the only form of exercise that I have really enjoyed and been able to keep up without compromising my damaged body parts.
    I know my, soon to be husband, would also love reformer pilates, if he gave it a go and I would use the free membership – if I were to win – to introduce him to this very different word of exercise with me. it is an experience I hope that we might be able to share with your help.

  54. Susan Kaye Henderson

    Toned!! Sculptured back into shape
    I need the best body I can get!
    Learning how to hold the best shape of my body! I am all in for the best better body! I am a single mum of a 19-year-old teenager and learning to live myself more and be the best version of myself for health wealth and prosperity! Here is to the best better future ahead! I am so grateful for this opportunity to get best body back! I deserve a better body to go with how I feel on the inside, ooh and to fit into my new bathers for our Australia ☀️ summer! Strong ,fit ,happy!
    Thank you ✌️
    Susan xx ♥️♥️♥️

  55. Mia

    I joined Best Body Mt Lawley a month before Covid-19 forced us to change our way of living. My assessment was on the night that all gyms were advised to close. I was so excited that I had lost 3 kilos and 17.5cm in that one month and was determined NOT to put this back on. I have been exercising, walking, hula-hooping and doing everything possible to continue my loss, but have found that my aches and pains which I had forgotten about during my 1 month at BB snuck back again….
    I am super-excited to come back to Best Body Mt Lawley and reignite the passion that I have for pilates and see all the happy faces again.
    I turned 50 last December and decided if I had to be this age, I was going to be Fit and Fabulous, my husband and I were heading to Las Vegas in July to renew our wedding vows after 30 years which was my goal to look the best I could. Unfortunately, Vegas is off the plans for now…

  56. Deborah Shackleton

    i joined about 3 months before the COVID-19 I was doing one on one with Jimmy which was going well until I had to self isolate because of my medical condition. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which I have had for the last 20 plus years and the Pilates was helping greatly getting my fitness up again. I am going start again next week to see if I can get my fitness up again.

    • Annette Brown

      I completed 6 months of Pilates which was an amazing experience for me. I have never enjoyed anything like this before. It challenged me to do things I never thought I could. I felt so alive I then had a fall and broke my Patella. Recovery has been long and was just feeling I might be able to restart when COVID hit.

  57. Afina

    First of all, I learnt that I have to attend class as I cannot motivate myself at home!!

    So attending class will help me get back to how I was from my 3 classes per week pre-pandemic with finally getting into good shape, feeling good on the inside and outside but I want to make this happen fast as I feel like I worked so hard to make a huge achievement and then all gone because of pandemic. Another reason I joined was my very achy lower back, which has started to be really painful again over the last few weeks because I’m not in class!!

    I need my classes more than ever mentally as we also face financial hardship as hubby and I are self-employed and heavily rely on international travel for work – this is going to be one of the last relaxed restrictions and we can’t plan anything! I need to get out of the house to escape him too sometimes!!

  58. Lynette

    This would help me greatly in gaining my strength back that I lost during this lockdown period. It would also help me financially as I have been stood down. I have started back with the small physio classes but it is putting a strain on my finance but I enjoy Reformer Pilates so much and it helps me physically and mentally.

  59. Frances

    As a mum of a baby and toddler, I had just started my much-anticipated journey into pilates to regain some semblance of my pre-baby(ies!) body. After a careful one-on-one instruction session with Rhiannon to introduce me to the pilates world, I had two wonderful mums & bubs sessions with Courtney before the world turned upside-down. I’m very keen to get back to pilates to re-discover if I have a core, get some tone into these floppy limbs (I think they’re called arms and legs), and most importantly, get stronger both physically and mentally so I can play with my boys and deal with the upcoming stress of juggling work and mum-life. Help me find my pre-baby body again! I know it’s there somewhere!

  60. Anita

    I had only just started (literally one week in) to doing your reformer pilates classes when the Coronavirus restrictions kicked in and you had to close. I was also undertaking physio on a glute issue I had for a while from doing weights. Working from home these last few months has been challenging physically and mentally and I have gained weight as a result and am not feeling good about myself. I am turning 50 in July and was hoping to be in really good shape so need to get back to get my body and mind ready. My glute injury is also still present so need to sort that out also.

    Three sessions 3x/wk would be amazing and just what I need to get myself into good shape before my birthday in mid-July.

  61. Leanne Sharp

    I loved Reformer Pilates and benefited so much from my previous classes. My core and flexibility improved dramatically and this was so important to me. The group atmosphere is brilliant too as I don’t get excited or pushed doing it alone. Breaking my wrist stopped this and then sorting Mum in aged care put a halt to my new beginnings. It’s now my time again to be the best I can and get my health back on track and be fit and strong again. Having the opportunity to do 3 sessions would lift the spirits so much and give me the start of a new beginning to health again.

  62. Stephanie Davis

    My legs won’t work properly with out Reformer Pilates. I have advanced medial compartmented osteoarthritis in my knees. Over the past year up untill Covid I have been three times a week to Best Body In Mount Lawley. And now over the past two months of not going I can really feel the difference, my legs don’t work well and I have been suffering in silence waiting for the doors to open. My body is so eager to get back to workouts.

  63. Monica Lavery

    This would be amazing to help me get back my motivation back, I truly enjoyed Pilates but had to discontinue my classes to go back to Tasmania and look after mum, but had to return due to the Covid19 she has since passed. I was unable to get back to see her due to lockdown, VERY SAD I NEED THIS Thanks

  64. Emilie Bezard

    I have practiced Pilates in Mount Lawley for one year and It has really helped me to have a better flexibility so to relieve my neck and hip pain.
    Since the coronavirus crisis, I am trying to do exercises at home but it’s not so easy than the classes. Having a 3 month Pilate membership will help me to deal though all this stressful situation and feel more free into my mouvements. To sum up it would help me to feel good in my head and body.

  65. Ashleigh

    I am a Nurse and Reformer Pilates has been a great way for me to exercise, build up my strength and distress. A 3 month Pilates membership will allow me to get back into my fitness regime and relieve the sore back and shoulders that have reappeared since the pandemic started.


  66. Brooke

    I am finishing a degree that’s taken me 10 years while working and with two small children. I need to come back to class for the escape and my physical and mental health.

  67. Alzbeta Rekosh

    I’m a full time university student, currently working on my masters degree in film. My schedule is very hectic and unpredictable and Pilates reformer lets me relax my mind and body as well as improve my fitness and flexibility. Best Body Mount Lawley is 5 minutes from my university and therefore it’s perfect for me not having to travel far away and I can attend Pilates before or after my classes. Being a student I’m on budget but I have made sure my budget includes my Pilates reformer even if it means sacrificing something else because it is important to me to continue with Pilates Reformer. After every class both my body and mind feel relaxed but at the same time I feel the exercise I’ve done and my body is the “good feel” sore after exercise not the aching body after sitting all day in class. I love Pilates reformer and recommend it to everyone who is into their fitness inside and out.

  68. Tanya Cavlovic

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    Covid 19 has stopped me coming to you.
    For over a year such gains I had made! Slowly, but surely, the foundations were laid.
    Firstly the physical – my strength and my tone.
    I could get out of bed minus the ache and the groan.
    I could reach all the way to my littlest toe,
    And even my skin took on a nice glow.
    My hand grip was stronger, I could run a lap.
    My pelvic floor was now working, honestly isn’t that worth a clap!?!
    Whether reformer, or functional, or just on a mat…
    My arms looked less like the wings of a bat.
    My posture improved, I felt taller an inch!
    And my jeans even fit without the slight pinch.
    And if that’s not enough, there’s more I can say.
    My mind got to rest, while my body got to play!
    Someone was there to motivate and to lead,
    While I escaped the kids and their constant need.
    But for months now I’ve stopped, I’ve noticed the change.
    Slowly, but surely, oh the loss in my range!
    I can’t touch my toes despite all else moving south,
    I NEED you Best Body, shout the words from my mouth!
    I need a good kick up the proverbial rear,
    To help my regain what I achieved last year.
    I’m alive and I’m healthy, I’m grateful for sure.
    But the gift of this membership, will give me SO MUCH MORE!!!

  69. Deanne Baker

    Reformer Pilates was challenging for me as I have partial vision and the hand eye co-ordination was tricky. My Trainer was positive and encouraging, my first class , a bit overwhelming. The trainer discussed with me how with practice my muscle memory and co ordination would return . Unfortunately I did not go to the next class, feeling a bit silly amongst co-ordinated individuals. I would like to try again and work on my strength and balance .

  70. Hayley Rohead-O'Brien

    I am a very busy person with high functioning anxiety and a lot of stress. I have recently started a fullt-time job while working away on my PhD in the background. With all the sitting at desks I sore from old injuries and that leads onto chronic headaches that require prescription medication. Pilates helps me deal with that by giving me time to focus my mind on something specific and not let it whir off into the “what ifs”, “did I check that”, “I forgot to send that email” get to me. It also helps me stretch out that injured shoulder and neck and keep the headaches at bay a bit longer.

  71. Liz Gould

    I have absolutely loved watching the Best Body business grow and expand. Such a success story to see the beautiful studios open around Perth and get to know the instructors. I have been so impressed by the positivity and professionalism that all the staff demonstrate. I have used Pilates to recover from knee surgery and have a number of joint issues. I also need to loose a lot of weight. To me Pilates is the perfect exercise to help with all my health goals as I want to stay strong. Thank you to everyone at Best Body for the fantastic job you do and how you adapted during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  72. Val

    I’m a 72-year-old woman and had never tried Pilates,
    Til my daughter said it might help my bursitis and diabetes.

    As a pensioner with time to spare there’s really no excuse,
    I had to fix my aching shoulder and I had nothing to lose.

    My husband came along with me and said what’s this Pilates thing?
    But after a few sessions he said it had helped improve his golf swing!

    I no longer needed massage & meds to keep my pain at bay,
    I was feeling like a new woman and with the grandkids I could play.

    But then when I stopped going, I started to feel the strain,
    And felt like all my hard work was going down the drain.

    On top of that during iso I’ve had too much wine and smarties,
    So please help this Grandma with 3 months at Best Body Pilates!

  73. Julia

    I began pilates with Best Bodies in may last year as recommended by my chiropractor to help with a chronic pain condition
    Being relatively younger than a lot of members I initially felt incredibly self conscious asking for guidance but the instructors made me feel relaxed and supported.
    Lockdown has limited my access to treatments and activities that allow me to continue the progress achieved with BB, which includes a hugely reduced pain level and increased mobility and strength.
    I have been most excited about the studios reopening and can not wait to struggle to walk after one of Carmens jumpboard classes!

  74. Cait

    With 3 beautiful kids and 2 dogs, Best Bodies enables me to have that bit of me time that I’m sure everyone can relate to, especially after working and teaching from home!

    It’s been instrumental in helping me achieve a positive mindset to start each day the right way, there’s a direct relationship between my mental health and BB and I can’t wait to start my routine with the wonderful team again!

  75. Lorinda Mortimer

    I’m hoping it will give me the confidence to start mixing with people again, as well as making me feel comfortable in my own skin

  76. Verity James

    I have experienced chronic neck and back pain for 30 years. After living on pain killers, I saw the ad of FB, had the assessment and Pilates change my life. Not only was my pain after 3 months substantially reduced but I felt stronger, rediscovered long forgotten muscles and strength but felt GREAT. Then in April 2019 I had a heart attack and emergency surgery. After a month off (champing at the bit to get back) I moved up a level and rebuilt my strength. I can no longer have the pain killers (nor the amount) I used to have as they conflict with my heart meds but BECAUSE of Pilates I didn’t need the pain meds. Through lock down my pain has been coming back and I have fewer options. I was so GRATEFUL when ‘Pysio’ classes started and was one of the first back and have been loving the tutoring. For me, Pilates/Physio classes are a non negotiable. They are my key to an almost pain free (except the pain the instructors love to inflict! ) existence. I love the camaraderie; I love the instructors; I love being back! While fatter, I’m already fitter in the last 2 weeks and am looking forward to greater strength, less pain – and that brilliant feeling of ‘I am strong; I have power of my physical being!’

  77. Nicole

    Wow a Best Body 3 month membership would get me racing back to Reformer Pilates. I loved my evening sessions but my husband was travelling more for work which left me on solo parent duty and missing Pilates. We’re hoping to be able to go to Karijini this July and I am a little scared my body won’t be up to all that climbing up and down the gorges. Reformer Pilates would get me stronger and fitter ready to keep up with our two kids.

  78. Caitlin

    I am a public mental health worker and this has been a particularly challenging time with an increase in anxiety and stress for the majority of people. There has been an increase in working hours and demands as a whole in my industry. As part of my own stress management, I look towards exercise specifically reformer Pilates to help my physical and mental health. During this time I have had to explore other avenues to manage my health. Thus getting back into a routine with reformer Pilates would be a step towards improving my health.

  79. Stephanie Davis

    Coming out of the Pandemic closet, there will be a stronger me at the end of this tunnel. I can see the light, my core strength going from couch potato to reformer Pilates.

  80. Amy Benjamin

    I was attending Best Body for 10 months, doing Reformer Pilates 3-4 times a week. It was such an amazing staple in my life, such a great community. I got fit and felt great! Then I came off medication in October last year and it all came unstuck! I felt too unwell to attend class, and that quickly spiralled into weight gain and losing all my strength. Now it’s 6 months later and I’ve put on nearly 20kgs. I’ve recovered from the health problems but I now need to regain my strength and lose this weight!

  81. Jules Edwards

    I was doing the reformer Pilates twice a week for a year. At my consultation I was advised to do 3 times per week but couldn’t afford it. In this time I felt more flexible, energetic and had virtually no joint pains. I didn’t lose any weight or inches which I would have loved to have done. At the time I didn’t have the best sleeping patterns or diet. I unfortunately got sick and I moved house and in the end I ceased my membership. I just couldn’t afford the time taken out of my day, I also couldn’t justify spending the money on myself each week. Silly but true. Life has thrown a number of challenges at me especially in the past 7 years where I’ve seen my daughter’s best friend die of cancer at the age of 7, husband diagnosed with cancer and let me tell you living during the current pandemic feels like the cancer journey especially the not knowing feeling. I have also had to say goodbye to so many of my friends and loved ones. Like many people lately, my job is not secure and there have been many unsettling circumstances I’ve had to face. Most of the time I look for the positive in each situation.

    Pilates reformers is a unique experience to escape from some of these daily challenges and has really helped me and was one of my pleasures. It has also helped me emotionally.

    If I was selected to receive this generous offer I believe it would give me the tonic and motivation to think about me. I especially would like to try 3 times per week to compare with my initial 2 times per week results. I thank you for this opportunity to express myself and take me out of my comfort zone by actually writing this down! That in itself is an achievement.

  82. Elle Ross

    After having 7 months off with no exercise due to a high risk pregnancy I was really looking forward to returning to reformer Pilates for both my mental wellbeing (me time) and to strengthen my body post C section. The hardest thing about the shutdowns is loosing my ability to get back to the one thing that makes me feel and look good, having this time at best body again will help me get back to being the best version of myself.

  83. Jessica Lingwood

    I am a Pilates virgin. Always wanted to try but never have. A couple of girlfriends and I have been meaning to try for ages.
    I had my scoliosis corrected 14 years ago with 4 titanium rods in order to have my children. I’m now 41 and I want to achieve a strong core and toned healthy body to ensure I’m at my most healthiest to enjoy the kids for as long as I can.

  84. bree

    Help me finally sort my body out after my hysterectomy. Finally now able to exercise without pain and I want to be able to run again with my husband and 3 little boys. Get my core strong again for me to be able to do this.

  85. Tamara Al-Hashimi

    I would love to be the proud winner of a Best Body reformer Pilates membership to help me return to full physical and mental health. I’ve done some clinical Pilates a few years ago and it was probably the best thing I ever did. As a keen runner at the time (marathons and Busso 70.3), Pilates was amazing for building strength and flexibility for my training, and helping me to keep injury free. However I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and pretty much ‘fell off the exercise and self care wagon’. I’m now ready to get back on top of things and do the absolute best I can for my body, so this membership would be perfect to help me restart and build up good exercise habits, to eventually get back to racing again 🙂

  86. Lisa Scott

    Ive had multiple surgeries over the last 10 years following breast cancers. I normally go to the gym however I seem to ache more and more (probably getting older!). I’ve heard so much about your studio and I really really want to try something new that will give me all over results. Please please pick me!

  87. Maree

    After discovering pilates at Best Body in the City, I really noticed a change in my physical and mental strength. I loved the aches and pains because I knew my body was moving in ways it hadn’t for a very long time. I enjoyed the sense of community I felt every time I walked in the door. After a promotion at work resulted in longer hours in the office, something had to give. It was either get home in time to put my son to bed, or do a class… the age old story of mum guilt…
    I am in Mt Lawley and a membership would mean I could do a class before work or after bedtime or on a weekend, and a few times a week have some time just for myself, which will help me be better in every other aspect of my life.

  88. Claire

    Lost the boyfriend and the baggage during Covid. Now I need to get back to being me!! One of those things I’ve promised myself it to get back into doing the reformer pilates – I loved these! So good for my physical and mental well being.

  89. Debra Sumner

    The incredible inspiration offered even in challenging times from Scott to stay mentally and physically strong, helps me to believe that Pilates is definitely the best option for keeping my body pain free, fit, and flexible. A little weight gained while in lock down will need to go and hopefully replaced by a stronger and healthier body, motivation will be my inspiration. Too much time at my desk and not enough movement has not helped me stay pain free and fit.

  90. Emily Carpenter

    Having spent many years training in HIIT and weight training gyms but never Pilates, I’m keen to try something new. I sit at a desk all day and have too many aches for someone in their early 30’s and keep being told reformer pilates is the way to go! Having had a stressful few months (haven’t we all..) it’s time I put my body and mind into something new and a new exercise challenge is exactly what I need!

  91. Sandy Busio

    Many moons ago I actually took one on one Pilates lessons with a physio – 3 times a week – I loved it so much that I ended up buying my own reformer – unfortunately, over time I’ve simply stopped and the reformer is packed away in the garage. I could blame that on many things (I am now almost 4 years cancer free) but realize that ultimately its my own lack of motivation that’s the problem. I need the encouragement of other to thrive so this opportunity sounds perfect!

  92. Amanda

    I need this!! I need a real kick up the bum!! I need to feel good again…. I’m 34yrs old and have noticed in the last couple of months aches in my body (simply from getting off the couch ) this is terribly wrong I feel like an old woman (in a nice way of course ) there’s women out there a lot older than me that put me to shame. I will be there 3x a week and I will look and feel bangin again!!!….. if I win I’ll
    Even clean everyone’s reformers after class

  93. Kellianne Meagher

    How would winning a three month membership help me? Let me count the ways…..

    I, like so many, have sadly lost work during Covid-19, so the financial aspect would of course be amazing, however, that is not the main thing to be gained.

    As someone who lives on their own, coming out of lockdown and into 3 x Reformer Pilates sessions a week would be so beneficial for my mental wellbeing, from both the physical and social aspects.

    I want to be a better version of myself in all ways; fitter, stronger (physically and mentally), leaner and with greater flexibility and balance. The three month membership would be a great kickstart towards achieving these goals!

    Pilates Reformer rewards you in so, so many ways. One completely unexpected but wonderful little things is that since joining BB I can now change lanes when driving by just turning my head……I never realised I used to have to turn my whole body until I no longer needed to. Ha!

  94. Sharon Holder

    I started my pilates journey with HP after attending physio in January 2018 attending twice a week and loved the way my body was responding. My range of movement increased and my pain decreased. In 2019 I increased my classes to three times a week because work hours let me. Weight loss and body shape change took place. I have not attended classes for most of this year because of all sorts of reasons especially CV19, so to get back into a regular routine would be fantastic as I feel I have gone back to almost where I was when I started back in 2018. Cant wait to see the happy faces of my Pilates family.

  95. Estelle

    Hi thank for the offer, your 3 months membership would help me get back on track to a pain free life and more flexible body. Sitting down all day at my desk cripples me, it takes me a good five steps before I can stand up and walk straight.
    It will help me sleep better and I won’t wake up feeling like an 80 year old. I would be so grateful as sometimes I feel so bad I wish you could trade my body in for a new one.

  96. Nat McFarlane

    Hi Scott
    I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed attending reformer over the past 9 weeks and returning to my first class today I was both excited and scared.
    I can already feel the mental shift knowing I can get back to my wellness routine. For me Reformer helps dramatically in reducing my pain, but more importantly it gives me a positive sense of self – allowing me to achieve wellness both physically and mentally. I have a regular membership and have been a member since Jan 2018. For a long time now I’ve wanted to share my positive experience with my best friend who has a number of physical and health challenges. Unfortunately I can’t afford to manage two memberships. So if I was lucky enough to win the three months free membership I would give it to my best friend who I know would flourish from the benefits of reformer.


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