Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Mosman Park soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll choose the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at another Best Body studio, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Mosman Park for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Mosman Park. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Leah

    For years I’ve focused on HIT exercises, hoping some day I would achieve the body I’ve always desired. After a recent injury I’ve been unable to work out. It has not only made me reassess whether HIT is right for me but it’s made me realize there are other workouts out there. I’d love to try reformer and make it part of my weekly routine and hopefully get back on track to achieving the body I’ve always wanted.

    • Kathleen McCarthy

      Hello and thanks. I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. It really isn’t good enough to be feeling this way so instead I want to make a change. I am a teacher who needs very little excuse to stay at school until my brain and body is way past actually achieving anything.
      I need a “Me”reason to leave and start doing something that will help me relax and rejuvenate.
      Thanks for this and for giving Mosman Park the motivation it really needs and deserves!!

    • Rebecca Davies

      I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and driving and currently suffer from a sore back and knee. I know I need to stretch more and have found reformer Pilates has helped me in the past.
      I’ve heard good things about Best Body & excited for the new clinic down the road from me. No excuses!

  2. Jo

    Why would I like to win a Best Body membership?? I’ve been trying so bloody hard and not getting very far! I’ve been a member at a gym in East Fremantle from over 2 years now, which is really enjoyable and I’ve gained a lot of strength and cardio ability from it. What I’m struggling with most is my core and overall toning. I have always wanted to give pilates a try and this seems like the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Please help this mum of 2 be confident enough to wear a bikini in the summer of 2021.

  3. Sarah

    I’m turning 50 this year and have two teenagers…that says it all! – it’s time to focus on my body and mind!

    • Amy Bailey-Thompson

      Hi I would love to win this amazing Pilates membership to Mosman Park. I have been waiting and checking regularly if it’s open yet. I started with Best Body at the pregnancy studio after having such terrible experiences with Pilates studios after I injured my back badly a few years ago. I was blown away by the staff and the attention to the clients. I spent 2 years doing ivf to get my little girl and best body pregnancy studio helped me keep my body fit for the baby and my back has never been so good. But now with a new born, a business and house to run I find it hard to get to your other locations. I would love to win this so that I can get back to caring for myself, my back and getting my pre baby body back. You’re the only company I trust these days. Thank you

      • Sarah

        I would love a membership. The last year has been rocky to say the least. With an unwell child to me having a hand injury which has prevented me from exercising like I would like. As a consequence I haven’t had a chance to look after myself at all. It’s time!!

        • Sarah

          Hello Tarryn. I’ve been reluctant to put in writing how I’m feeling and my main reason for wanting to join your new studio. Avoidance!! My beautiful step daughter suicided five weeks ago and I have lost all motivation to exercise. I am usually quite active yet the raw grief has stopped me in my tracks.

          I like the idea of joining and supporting a new small business such as yours. I am in and out of the Mosman Park shops regularly and the convenience of coming to Pilates as well would be great.

          I have done a little Pilates in the past when we lived in Geelong.

          Many thanks


      • Maddison Noble

        I took a break over covid period and really notice the effects of not doing this practise on the regular to mind and body. Not having a routine has made my day to day life a struggle to find motivation to do things. I’m am so eager to get back to doing this, I’ve been waiting for the new studio to open! I can’t wait to focus on myself this year and get back to doing the stuff I love and the benefits that it had on my body!

    • Ivana

      I’m 7 weeks post partum with my 3rd baby under 4 years (am I done? I’m probably done. I should be done. Hmmm…) Aannyywwaayyy, I’ve never tried reformer Pilates before, but I’m about to move in around the corner from your new Mosman Park branch, so this feels like some stars aligning, Tarryn!! Do with me what you will, I’m currently moosh.

  4. Lauren Hedley

    I have been working with a psychologist on my self esteem for the past month and feel like my mind is being taken care of, but I’ve been neglecting my body! I’ve never felt as happy in my self as when I took up reformer pilates several years ago but health problems meant I had to stop. I would really love to do this for my emotional and physical nourishment. My body is curvy and soft but I would love it to be curvy and a little less soft and a lot more confident ❤

  5. Taryn Simpson

    I think a BBRP membership will help me to improve and strengthen my overall flexibility which has gotten a lot worse since I’ve hit my 30’s and become less active… I also think the membership will help me to tone up parts of my body that I’m not 100% happy with including my thighs and arms. Pick me!!! 🙂

  6. Maddy

    Best Body pilates can help me to establish the routine and mindfulness that I need in my life. Currently, I’m finding my work schedule is busy and sometimes out of control to the point where I prioritise work over exercise and well-being. This has been a bit impactful on my mental health as I am constantly feeling guilty for missing exercise. I think a 6 month membership would (without sounding cheesy) turn my life around. I am always thinking that I need to incorporate strength and toning into my routine (which is mostly cardio) as I am constantly wanting to be more toned. Further, on a mindfulness level, I think Best Body pilates would give me some quality mindful time before or after work, which would assist in lifting my mental health and improving my efficiency to focus at work. I would love and cherish a membership and would commit to becoming a part of the furniture at BB Mosman Park, so I really hope I win! I can even bring snacks to class if that helps my chances haha. But if not, I hope to be there twice a week anyway. Thank you Tarryn for taking the time to read this 🙂

  7. Al

    I was a member at best body in the CBD and loved the classes, but getting to them meant I had to leave home before the kids woke up and they hated not seeing me at all in the morning. In the end it got too hard and with no other studios close to home I had to cancel my membership. With the Mosman Park studio I can get to a class then get home to change before I go to work. Win win and hopefully a way to get to my next goal. 8kgs down since Xmas another 5kgs to go!

  8. Sonja

    BestBody Pilates has been the most transformative exercise I’ve ever done (and I’m 47!). The strength I have built is through to my core and my kids comment on my ‘six pack’. My legs and arms have definition. My back is the best it’s been. I’ve been able to continue Pilates through any niggling recurring injuries if they flare up (slightly dodgy knee after years of running). Plus, the coordination and variation is great for my ADHD-easily-bored brain. Bestbody Pilates has kept me sane through the last year of a marital separation. Changed circumstances affect my financial situation and a free 6 month membership would enable me to continue and go to the next level with an extra class each week with some financial relief as I find my feet in my different life. If I could go every day of the week, I would!

  9. Nicola

    I feel it’s about time I had a change in fitness I work nights and hoping that Pilates will be the exercise that gives me the opportunity to reform my body into a goddess and give me a energy lift

  10. Deb

    Have finally realised how important core strength and balance is to me as I approach my “old age”.
    I’ve seen whatPilates has done for other friends and always thought you had to bust a gut and run a marathon to achieve results .
    I joined a gym and while I loved the concept found I couldn’t do most of the stations well because of my lack of strength and balance
    P.S. I do know Pilates is not a walk in the park as opposed to busting a gut!

  11. Maddie

    I did reformer Pilates a few years ago and I fell in love with it. As someone who sometimes struggles with mental health issues, I found that it was a way for me focus on the present rather than having anxiety over something in the future (something I am always trying to work on). Unfortunately as I am a student I couldn’t afford to keep up with the reformer Pilates. I would love to win this membership so that I can do Pilates again, learn to focus on the present moment and strengthen every muscle in my body!!!

    • Sarah

      Four and a half months after having a baby Best Body will help me get back into exercise again, just around the corner from home. It will help me learn a new way of exercise, while appreciating the body I have now ! And give me a much needed hour of self care

      • Heather

        I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Best Body Mosman Park.
        I am 57, still have “kids” living at home, run my own business working stupidly long hours, I have had surgery on my neck due to long hours at the computer and now have back problems.
        I SO want to be able to spend some time focusing on myself and my health.
        I desperately need Best Body’s help….Please

  12. Sanna

    Work, family,study! Where is the balance? Where is me? For years I’ve put everyone and everything first and me last (normal for a mum I know) but I’m starting to fall apart. My health is deteriorating, my mind is on the edge, my body is not able to perform even at a basic level. I’m heading to my 50’s and worried. I need help!

  13. Claire Goodworth

    After having 2 children and now they’re school aged I’ve finally have found the time to focus on myself. I started an exercise routine then sadly my husband became very ill and I became full time carer. Fortunately for our family we are heading back to health, I’m looking at ways to get back into fitness in a safe way. Being physically fit for most of my life I’m struggling with the way I’m feeling at the moment. I hope you have success and I help me find my drive once again.

  14. Kris

    Ever since my last baby who weighed in at 4 kilos, I haven’t been able to exercise the way I used to. No matter what I do, 2 years on my core and pelvic floor are not where they need to be. For me this membership would be all about building my pelvic floor muscles so I can hit a dance floor or run around with my kids without hesitation of the consequences!

  15. Fi

    I would love a membership as I think it would be a perfect way to get back into moving my body after having my baby 6 weeks ago. It will be a great chance to have some ‘me’ time for my mental health to help with my PNanxiety. It will also be fantastic to get me on track to restore my core and try to start helping my body feel like mine again 🙂

  16. Georgie Kelly

    Hi. I’ve been so looking forward to this BB opening locally. I’ve recently retired and my priority now is to improve my fitness, core, & particularly strength around my knees. Such a great facility to have at our Mosman Park shopping centre.

  17. Ngaire

    I’ve struggled to stay consistent with my exercise and weight for years. I really want something local so I don’t have any excuses to avoid attending. Somewhere supportive, friendly and motivating. Since I’ve begun peri menopause Its become harder to lose the spare tyre and my hope is that by attending your Pilates studio consistently, I’ll get some routine towards keeping a stable weight. I’ve done reformer Pilates before and love it, and to see all the anecdotes in your website, I think this will be the right fit for me!

  18. Kaye

    Having never done reformer before this is something that I’d like to start and follow through with for my own well-being. Having been called ‘tubs’ because of the growth in my midriff, I just really want to work on my core and prove that at my age anything is possible.
    Great opportunity to meet members of the community and stay motivated.

    • Sam

      I have recently been introduced to the world of reformer and it’s change my bloody life. Im still learning and developing but becoming quite the advocate – move over HIIT!! The focus is now body AND mind AND well-being. There are definitely people who deserve this more than me – but I guess the membership would allow me to really dive in, and help me better involve my friends in my journey! I’ll be coming for the ride either way. Can’t wait!

  19. Clare

    Having bi-lateral hip replacements in my 40’s preceded by crippling arthritis really hit my health and fitness. I know that building my core strength will be beneficial to my mobility, now and for the future, but I need guidance in how to do this. Now in my 50’s I really want to make the most of this decade with a more active life and learn the skills to maintain this as I age further!

  20. Nicole Gardner

    I would love to be considered for this once in a lifetime opportunity. My whole life I have had a big bum. I’ve been teased as kid and as an adult. I’ve done every type of gym and it does get a bit smaller but never how I want it. I did Pilates once (15years ago) before I got married loved it, but couldn’t carry on as it cost a bit too much. The reason I clicked on your link on Facebook was I made a conscious decision to change my body this year. I felt terrible at the end of last year. I have been sort of successful as I’ve lost a bit of weight and have gotten fitter. But I still can’t firm up!

  21. Ashley

    I suffer really bad lower back pain and have had Physio’s suggest I try reformer Pilates to strengthen my core. I’m so excited that something is so close to home that I can try. Would love to get my body back to what it was and feel a little stronger and healthier.

  22. Martina Sackmann

    I would love to be considered for a membership with Best Body Pilates as my goal is to strengthen my core and overall health and wellbeing. I have a very high stress job and my work with the Community is placing a lot of stress on both my physique and in particular my back. Strengthening and stretching will help significantly, which includes my confidence that my back will hold up when I tackle life and adventure, which I am always seeking more of! I look forward to this studio opening up in Mosman Park as I like to support local businesses and promote them amongst my friends who live here. Looking forward to starting real soon! Thanks!

  23. Amanda Davis

    Please, please consider me for this amazing opportunity! I have been a Pilates fan for 8 years now and regularly attend classes at Body Base in North Fremantle. I am 29 years old and tend to carry a lot of my stress in my back and shoulders. Since doing Pilates classes, I have noticed my core is so much stronger and my posture has improved. The back and neck pain has completely gone away! I only attend classes once a week due to the cost. I would love to be able to attend multiple times a week, which would be possible if I am chosen for this opportunity!! 🙂

  24. Dani

    I switched from Pilates to small group HIT/ cross fit style classes late last year and have noticed changes in my body- less toning and bigger arms etc. I am looking to be able to maintain a scheduled running routine and Pilates would hopefully enable the glute strengthening I need to be able to achieve this and get my body looking more like me.

  25. Samantha

    I’m super excited about this opportunity to help me on my return to fitness with better core strength post the birth of my baby. He is 3 weeks old now so the studio opening will coincide with when I should hopefully get past the 6 week check 🙂

  26. Samantha Lymath

    Pilates has given me so much extra confidence and also comfort! When I feel low it really helps without being intimidating. The thing I love most from a Pilates class, is the personal encouragement and corrects you get from the instructors. I am always confident in their skills and know they are helping me get the most out of every movement.

  27. Sara Beecroft

    I have just turned 58 and need to tone all over, build stronger bones and increase muscle strength heading into this “mature” age category! I also have scoliosis which I want to manage before it potentially worsens .. I have not yet committed to any exercise programme apart from going to the gym once or twice a week to keep my Husband off my back! I have done a couple of Pilates trials at other locations but they have been further away from home than ideal and I have been waiting for the new Best Body opening in Mosman Park as the location is perfect for me as my local go-to Shopping Centre! I have had a peek inside through the windows and it looks like a great space..! Everyone I know that does Pilates regularly swears by it and the results are transforming both physically and mentally.. No wonder it has been called the “smart” exercise!

  28. Gillian

    I need to get my body better to get my health better! I am keen to see if this is the right fit for me.

  29. Kate Williams

    I would love to win a membership as I have previously done Pilates for a year after falling off a water tank and it was the best thing I ever did!! I am now 54 and need to get back into Pilates as my flexibility and fitness has gone south since stopping….
    I work with young children as an OT so need to be able to crawl, sit and mess around on the floor which is increasingly quite tricky for me.
    I also work on our farm close to the city and love being able to work with my sheep donkeys and veggie garden so am really keen to increase my fitness and flexibility. Chuck in some menopause effects and health has become super important!!!

  30. Sharne Clayton

    I have psoriatic arthritis and am not able to do high impact exercise. I have limited range of motion in my left wrist which means I cannot weight bare on it. I have done 3 reformer classes before and really enjoyed them and was able to adjust exercises if needed. My left side is not as strong as my right so I would like to work on that. It is difficult to manage my weight given my limitations. The leaner I am the less long term impact on my body. I want to be strong and stable as I head for my 50s.

  31. Jodie Ann Hornsey

    Early morning and late night classes to fit around my busy work schedule would help dramatically.

    I am a professional business woman and we love to keep fit and healthy too.
    Practicing Best BodyPilates is beneficial for my health. It’s effective for toning up, building lean muscle and improving my posture!

  32. craig roberts

    as a keen cyclist, I have always had issues with flexibility and recovery, Best Body has fixed both issues as well as improving my overall fitness and posture, its always funny being the only male in the room but I hope to continue the journey!

  33. Natalia

    After having my daughter 3 years ago I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and I never thought to do anything about it because as a mum you just get on with it and your priority is to look after everyone else in the family first before yourself.
    This year was the year I finally wanted to return to lacrosse after 5 seasons off and after 1 preseason training it left me bed bound as the pain was crippling. My doctor recommended Pilates and I signed up for a 2 week trial to try reformed Pilates and going in as a sceptic I walked out as firm believer my spine felt elongated my body feeling like I was walking on clouds and I had this electric energy ready to take on the week. Pilates has helped and given me tips to manage and reduce my back pain boost my confidence and pick up my 3 year old without a groan or kick. Pilates to me is more than what it can do for your body physically but more importantly about how it makes me feel mentally, there is a healing and I cannot describe it. I can only wish I started Pilates soon after becoming a mother but now I’m grateful and motivated Pilates is making me take care of me.

  34. Ez

    Hello there, I’ve just had a bub and looking to get my body back into shape. I used to do HIIT classes but now I’d like to explore a lower impact way to keep my body on shape. I tried some Pilates mat classes during pregnancy and was surprised how much of a great workout and amazing my body felt after Pilates. I think reformer could be a great combination of high intensity but low impact that I am looking for. Would love to join the best body mossie park tribe xx

  35. Alana

    I have been a Best Body member for almost a year now. I have never enjoyed exercise or going to a gym, until I found Best Body.

    Reformer Pilates has helped me to improve my body (strength and tone most notably), as well as my mental health and my social life – as I have now made friends through my classes.

    I love the community feel of BB. The staff are all people that I would be friends with and it really feels like a close circle.

    The focus on breathing and the meditation/spiritual practice at the end of the classes has helped me to deal with anxiety.

    What I love most is that the benefits of reformer Pilates at BB have been so wholistic as there is more to good health than just a fit physical body. Finding something that you enjoy doing (and somewhere that you enjoy being) also makes it that much easier to be consistent and to see results.

  36. Karen

    I really want to change my life. My health has declined as a result of neglect. Lack of time etc. I need to adopt new habits and look forward to a healthier life as I age. I have a knee injury which the Dr says needs exercise. I want to get fit and strong. I have had physio but I need more regular exercise and start looking after this precious body that I have taken for granted for too long.

  37. Nat

    As I’m getting older, I realize I need to look after my health in terms of diet and exercise. As I’m in my fifties, I’m not looking for high impact exercise. I have been wanting to join a class and have done some research, and I think Reformer Pilates would be ideal for me. I would like to loose a few kilos, tone up, improve my core body strength and more importantly enjoy the type of exercise that I do. I look forward to your studio opening soon.

  38. Brooke Goodlet

    As a middle aged woman who works, still running around being a mum and time poor – finally having the time to commit to something about me would be such an ultimate experience. Knowing I am helping my body, mind and soul with my health as a priority would be an absolute bonus to experience. Being able to feel like I fit somewhere in the exercise world, being older, inspired and amongst others would be a dream. PS I love Pilates ❤️

  39. Giorgia

    I’m currently training and planning for my first Rottnest Channel Swim solo (20km swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest). This means that I currently have a moderate training load of around 15km/week (four sessions in the pool) and will be building up to about 45km/week (9 sessions in the pool and ocean). In order to have the strength to train and complete this marathon swim, as well as to adequately recover between sets and sessions, it’s essential that I cross-train outside of the pool. Specifically, I know I need to strengthen the muscles around my core and spine (lats and everything connecting to my scapula, I’m looking at you) if I’m going to be able to make the distance.

    I’ve been a gym member for about 5 years, training 3-5 days per week, depending on other training loads. While I still enjoy strength training at the gym, I’m finding it hard to do on my own, as swimming is already such a solitary sport/I’m spending plenty of time with my own thoughts already. So I think a group environment like Best Body would be good for me in this way.

    Furthermore, free weights and pin machines can be very hard on my body, especially when I’m already fatigued from a long swim, and my form might not be perfect. So, having an instructor to guide technique and help me utilise the resistance/body weight nature of reformer Pilates would be ideal for me, and where I need my body to be.

  40. Sue Cameron

    I always find anywhere close to home is an advantage of attending classes frequently.
    I have been attending classes for a short while now and I am really enjoying the workout and results that reformer Pilates gives you. I am combining Plates with my other exercise routines and am finding they compliment each other. It is also strengthening my core and assists in maintaining balance.
    As a newcomer to Reformer Pilates I am enjoying the benefits that I am observing and feeling for mind and body.

  41. Abbie

    Best Body reformer Pilates is not just a membership I would love to have, I would use it to its full potential with having spent years going to the gym and general gym classes my mind has gotten tired and my body is feeling let down from what should be making me feel good! Reformer engages not only my full body (winner!) it also engages my mind in a way that when I leave the studio I feel happy, without worry’s and always eager to get back in to the next class even if my body says no! I just know that being able to attend a reformer class as often as this membership would give, I can get out of feeling sluggish and look forward to seeing physical results.

  42. Amand Treleaven

    I am the poster girl for never going to the gym, living an energetic, full life without any issues and then suddenly getting to near-50 and wondering what is going on with my body! I have enjoyed Pilates sporadically over the years but always found excuses to not to keep going. I have been looking at the reformers for ages really wanting to try them. I hate joining classes which have been running for ever and which everyone knows everyone else. When I saw that Best Body was opening just down the road I thought it must be a sign! New business, new venue and a new opportunity for me to take on the 50 body and get back to a toned version of myself!!!! I am super keen to make this a part of my week – every week!

  43. Nicola Oliver

    My little one is a few months shy of turning 2 and since he has been born I have been putting him & the rest of the family first and myself a very far behind last. I am heavier than I have been for a long time, feeling uncomfortable in myself & unfit. I need to get back into some kind of shape I am happy with (getting back into some of my pre-baby wardrobe would be a bonus) as well as having some time for just me.

    I think reformer pilates is my answer having started to do it a bit before falling pregnant, it gave me the toning plus cardio workout without being jarring on my dodgy knee. On top of that it was a great hour to just bliss out in my mind away from everything.

    I love the small studio as it is so much less confronting when you aren’t the one in shape & with the most work to do- the last thing you need is a bunch of dudes doing weights! I would love the chance to be part of your new place x

  44. Claire

    I’m an older woman and fit for my age but I would like to do pilates several times a week to maintain my strength and toning. I like using the reformer methods of pilates as I find it excellent exercise. Having a physio in charge means you are less likely to injure yourself.

  45. marg rose

    When my niece and I went to do out shopping we were both overwhelmed by the prospect of best body opening in Mosman park. I did a reformer class 18 months ago and found I was so wobbly and could feel my body coming alive. For the past 18 months Ive had to privilege and honour to care from my angle of a sister who has passed. I’ve notice I have no muscle and lost weight during that period. When my niece and I passed your window with a sign coming soon we both looked at each other and smiled. I think just want we both need to heal and feel alive again. Just communicating with Tarryn I felt well cared for. So winning this special gift would be just the icing on the cake of the start of our wellness journey. Having you just down the road adds another tick It kisma

  46. shannon parkin

    My aunt tells me this will be just want I need, its been a rough two years and I’ve let anxiety creep into my life.
    My aunt says this is what we need and she’s always right well at least when it comes to her love for me. So
    healthy body and healthy mind with a bunch of beautiful people what more could you ask. We couldn’t believe
    how lucky we are opening in Mosman Park, we thought we would have to journey to Mount Pleasant even though
    they have the best coffee there he he. Life can be beautiful xx

  47. Kate

    I would love BB help me to achieve and maintain strength and definition throughout my 4th pregnancy (eek!!) especially through the core and pelvic floor. So thrilled you are opening up and would love to give pilates a go for the first time.

  48. Nadia

    I have exercised for years .. eat as healthy as situations allow.. and yet the most amazing results are visible in friends who tell me they do reformer Pilates.. that’s the answer for me to know that’s what I need to be doing.

  49. Susie Harris

    I am seriously in need of a make-over for my body. As a cancer survivor the last few years has seen me struggling with arthritis (2 hip replacements). I no longer have the core strength to play golf and recently I have undergone a Hysterectomy. My lower body is weak and I cannot bear my own weight. This is causing me to not be ale to care for my young grandchildren. My pelvic floor is an embarrassment to me. All in all I need help several times a week. It is hoped that if I attending BodyBase 3 times a week in Mosman Park will give me the discipline I need to obtain a stronger body. I would be very grateful for you to consider my situation. Regards. Susie

  50. Natasha

    Nearly 2 years ago I moved to south Perth with my 2 girls to be with family after my marriage breakup and my dads health was not good. I was emotionally and physically exhausted . I joined Best Body in south Perth for a trial to see if I might like reformer Pilates. What best body did for me was more than just physical, it restored me emotionally. Gave me a new purpose to get up at 6am 4 times a week. I loved all the instructors and the other class members . I moved from South Perth early in 2020 back to the western suburbs and had been waiting for Mosman Park Best Body to open then COVID came and so Best Body Mosman park was on hold. I have not been to another Pilates studio since Sth Pth as I wait for Best Body to open , knowing how well organised and beautiful all the instructors are, even hoping to see some familiar faces from South Perth.
    I have won when you open your doors , with or without the free membership but of course I would love a free membership for 6 mths

  51. Cathryn Schultz

    I am a busy mum of 3 working full time. Inbetween I am trying to ride my horse and improve my score when competing. I would love to improve my core strength and seat and improve my dressage score and showjumping !

  52. Jo

    Oh my goodness, I can relate to so many things that are being written here! I will be turning 50 this year, I have an 8 year old daughter and I work full time and for a long, long, long time I have not properly looked after my wellbeing. I used to be so fit, I ran marathons in my 30’s and used to be devoted to mat pilates. However, my life took over and I am in desperate need to find that passion again and I can’t wait until the Mosman Park studio opens and meet all these other like-minded people.

  53. Kathryn Neale

    I am 4 weeks postpartum with a beautiful little baby boy. I gave birth via a cesarian section and am preparing for the start of my long recovery journey. Before baby, I was all go – running my own designer wear online business, alongside studying architecture full time.
    I’ve always kept physically fit as a means of maintaining my energy levels to nurture my busy lifestyle. Having a Caesarian has placed me into a mentally challenging position of starting from scratch to build my strength and fitness. A physical fitness that I need to give me the confidence and drive to push all other areas of my life.
    I am currently looking for the right place and trainers to nurture this journey for me and help me to get back to where I was so I can reach my goals and raise a beautiful little boy called Theo.

  54. Lisa

    I’m not really the type of person to put myself ‘out there’ but rather a very grateful person that has so much to appreciate in life. This is me sharing a little of my story. 18 months ago I was thrown a curveball. I was diagnosed with breast cancer which, after treatment, including surgeries, chemo and radiation, and ongoing medication, has left me minus a fair bit of physical strength and flexibility. I can honestly say, I’ve had a battering both physically and mentally but are determined to hit this whole cancer thing out of the ballpark! As part of my recovery, I now am ready and able to commit to a routine to start rebuilding my body! I need my strength and flexibility back to take me into my old age. I need to do this, not only for me but for my crew of amazing people who have given, and continue to give to me so much of their time, support and love. I have learnt that we certainly don’t travel this path alone and that, with some help, I too believe that I deserve the opportunity to achieve the best possible version of myself both physically and mentally ❤️

  55. Mike (on behalf of Chloe ;)

    My name is Mike – im not doing Reformer Pilates (gods knows I need to), im actually writing here for my wife, Chloe. She is 10 months post partum from our second little bundle of absolute joy. She is amazing, goes hard at being a mother to all three children (im the 3rd), maintains the household exquisitely, gives so much of her time to everyone and anyone around her … Chloe has been neglecting herself for too long. I know she is super enthusiastic about Best Body opening in Mosman. We live literally directly next door to the shopping complex so with the juggle of 2 kids, the convenience of doing reformer right next door would be invaluable.

    Chloe doesn’t admit it, but when she’s looking after her body, it nourishes her mind and soul, and she is in a much better place. I feel strongly that getting her into a regular reformer pilates program will provide immesurable benifit to both her, and our whole family.

    In closing, some of the stories that have been put on the wall above are horrendous. There are a lot of deserving people here !

  56. Siobhan

    Hi Tarryn, I’ve been wanting to start Pilates for over a year now but keep putting it of (nerves, and the unknown) so when I saw you were opening one locally, I thought NO EXCUSES! I have never done a class so I have no idea what to expect body wise, but I do know I need to focus on core and balance, any other changes will be a very welcome added bonus. Thanks for the opportunity, I’m keen to make changes ☺️

  57. Marine

    Hello, after having a baby 5 months ago I list a lot if my toning and fitness level. Started doing cardio and weight but would love to go back to Pilates and get by best body back.
    I used to do a few classes a week until 29 weeks of pregnancy and would love to get back into it and see my progress with 4 classes a week. 🙂

  58. Gemma

    I have been a Best Body member since 2018, having attended the Mount Lawley and Mount Pleasant studios 3-4 times a week. I’ve always been active, enjoyed keeping fit and healthy, but have found such a joy in attending Pilates classes. As a young woman, I struggled a lot with positive body image and balancing nutrition, exercise and life in general, and only now, 10 years later, I am learning and am constantly reminded that being strong in mind, body and spirit is core to living a good and full life.

    In my work, I spend a lot of time caring for others as a teacher, studying part-time, with many late nights hunched over a computer. I initially started Pilates to improve my muscle tension, headaches and soreness around neck and shoulders, but was amazed at the benefit it also had on my overall wellbeing – the feeling of being a part of a community, the camaraderie of like-minded people sharing life stories at the studios and that going to Pilates is a joyful part of my week. Initially, my focus was to improve my physical body with Pilates, but the journey that Best Body has taken me on has really re-shaped my thinking and contributed so much to my emotional wellbeing too.

    As a result of my morning Pilates classes, I feel more energised and confident in my role and my students benefit from the impact that it has on my wellbeing.

    There are so many wonderful, deserving people on this thread; what an amazing community BB Mosman Park will become. I am keen to share my experience of how Pilates has really impacted my life in such a positive way.

    Working in Mosman Park, I am very excited to join the Mosman Park BB community.

  59. Carmel Gee

    I have been concentrating on my family and work for many years now and walk for exercise. I have noticed that I am becoming weaker as the years go by. I need to gain strength and improve my core and balance. When I did Pilates previously my posture and strength were really good. I need to improve my body as I am not in good shape. Your help would be gratefully received

  60. Catherine Ash

    New home, new lifestyle, new best body! We are about to move into our new home in Mosman Park and I can’t wait. I’m looking to move away from doing as much heavy gym work and looking for a new routine to keep me strong and toned but improve flexibility, posture and energy. My 2 year old keeps me on my toes but I’m looking for a new routine that is both convenient and helps me get my booty back to looking like it did pre baby!

  61. Suzie

    I am a busy professional that spends too much time sitting at a desk, while also being a Mum, and pushing my athletic career as far into my advancing years as I am able to (currently in my 40s). I race high performance catamarans, which is physically demanding and difficult to train for using a traditional gym because of the dynamic nature of the movements required. An enormous amount of load is put on shoulders, back, abdominals, hips and hamstrings in particular while racing, with most sailors over 35 in this sport having already succumbed to surgery. I see Best Body reformer pilates as an excellent opportunity to counteract the effects of sitting at my desk, and to enhance my muscular wellbeing and resolve some painful niggles – hopefully to avoid future surgery and enable me to keep racing.

  62. Kelly Penglis

    I am very new to reformer pilates, having only started 3 months ago. Last August, I injured my back pulling up a roller door at home, thinking nothing of it, I continued my day job as a phys ed teacher and playing hockey, until after a game I couldn’t walk! Finding out I had two severe bulging discs in my back was a shock to the system. No running, no hockey, no lifting…this was not me! After 3 months of physio, scans, more physio, I was advised to start pilates and reformer and I have to say, I haven’t looked back. I have fallen in love with this machine!! Not only is my back all the better for it, but I actually look forward to heading to my classes. Being local in Mossie Park, I keep seeing the shop front and am so excited to have a studio so close to home.
    Having the opportunity to attend 4 classes a week, would allow me to get back to my old self quicker, improve my flexibility (it’s not good at all) and improve my general body health.

  63. Robyn

    I had a traumatic patella dislocation a bit more than a year ago. I did a lot of damage and have patches of no cartilage. I’m still having to go for physio once a week. It should be twice a week, but that is beyond my budget. My Orthopeadic surgeon has recommended Pilates reformer to help with recovery and, more importantly, to prevent a total knee replacement.

  64. Romelie Grayson

    I am like most mums, putting their family first before their own health. For years I have battled through lower back pain and poor core strength as a consequence of having children. I have promised myself to do Pilates countless times but have never got myself there duty to ridiculous excuses. I am at the age now where I need to take action. Reclaim my core strength and respect my body. I am also excited that you are just up the road too!

  65. Thea Davies

    I spend my day hours behind my computer. Feeling tired and sluggish and as I am getting older my body simply does not function too well. I did Pilates YEARS ago and loved it. I was in a car accident when I was young and suffer with joint aches and pains which without exercise makes it worse. Need a change – I need help.

  66. Andrea

    My life took a swift when I was 21 and diagnosed with a bone condition that required 3 knee and 2 feet surgeries and lots of rehab and sedentarism to recover. I am strong and healthy now but still far from my best body, entering my thirties this is something I am determined to change for my physical and mental health, for the young woman that I am and my older me 🙂 I have tried almost everything to recover muscle tone, but I haven’t found yet a low-impact training that allows building muscle tone in the long term. I practice yoga regularly, and although I love it for the mental and spiritual side of it, I haven’t managed to recover my best body just by practising it.
    A BB reformer pilates membership, with the opportunity to practice 4 times a week, will strongly support my commitment to building my best body safely and for the long term. I hope it will allow me to build strength, relieve pain and avoid muscle atrophy by creating muscle memory. Finally seeing those physical changes will certainly assure my dedication and commitment to build the best version of myself.

  67. Natarsha Lambie

    Wow so many entries from so many wonderful people but as we all have an equal chance of winning this great opportunity, here goes….

    I’m 53, my body is stiff and sore and I’m in recovery from Lyme disease and very well recovered may I add.

    What remains is pain which I manage with an anti-inflammatory diet. Pain is mainly in my feet. I’ve had to reinvent myself career-wise since moving back to Perth and have just started real estate in Claremont & surrounds which I love. BUT it is hard on the feet so I do need to do exercise that doesn’t put extra stress on my feet. Pilates perfect, reformer even better as many exercises are laying down. :-)))

    So in a nutshell what’s missing in my life is some exercise. My job gives me flexibility to fit in the sessions and now IS the right time. I am a huge fan of reformer Pilates having practiced in London years ago. I am very hopeful to be selected. Good luck to everyone. Xx

  68. Michelle Lee

    I would love a Mosman Park Best Body Pilates membership. I am currently doing strength and tone group fitness. Whilst it is good, I enjoy Pilates and find it much better for my mind and body, especially abs and arms. I am inflexible, cannot touch my toes, it would be great to improve that. I am getting married in November this year, and I would love to feel great about my body on my wedding day.

  69. Jon S

    Being a 50 year old male, it is a bit daunting starting a Pilates programme particularly when you are usually the only male in the room. With a cycling and basketball background, and with lower back issues after surgery, my flexibility and core has suffered. I need a stronger, more stable core to reduce my aches and pains. I need a safe, nurturing environment with guidance to help with my body’s needs. The opportunity to have this met by the Best Body team at Mosman Park is really exciting for me.

  70. John

    Better Knees, core strength, all your support, patience, guidance and an opportunity to attend with my daughter, She tells her Dad that this will help me regain my strength and core, Im hoping she’s rewarded with this prize and I have the opportunity to tag along and be rewarded with better health.

  71. Meghan

    Hi Tarryn, thank you so much for the opportunity to win a 6 month membership at Bestbody
    I’ve been watching the progress from across the carpark where I work and anticipating the opening for many months.
    I returned to Perth in November 2019 from the Byron Bay region where I lived for 8 years.
    Those years were very trying to say the least….
    I lost my 32 year old sister 5 months after leaving WA while embarking on the IVF journey at age 39.
    My husband & I went through 3 unsuccessful cycles and unfortunately the toll of all that grief divided us rather than making stronger together.
    We separated with love and sadness rather than blame and hate 6 years ago and still remain good friends today.
    I found solace during those very tough years in waking my fur baby MJ at the beach & regular Yin Yoga classes….. those 2 things saved me during that time.
    My boy is almost 11 now and he’s got arthritis so our regular beach runs are now sedate walks around the block.
    I need something more to keep in shape both mentally & physically.
    I think Pilates may be exactly what I need at this stage in my life and I’d be so grateful to watch. This amazing opportunity.

  72. Jen

    Having a membership will mean that I will no longer be able to make any excuse not to look after myself. I started reformer Pilates a year ago and have already seen many benefits, not just benefits that you can visually see like a toned body but also benefits that you cannot see – an increase in bone density!! So to be able to receive a Pilates membership will be life changing, to say the least.

  73. Kate

    Hi Tarryn,

    I have been keenly watching your Mosman Park studio develop over recent months, and am super excited to have this opening so soon down the road from my house!

    I love to keep active, which isn’t hard being a mum to a 6 year old and a 3 year old, and working part-time as well, but when it comes to exercise I have recently to done more cardio (a spin class or a quick outdoor run) when I know I REALLY need to stretch more!

    I have done a lot of mat pilates and barre in the past, but have never ever tried reformer, and I know that as soon as I start I will love it! This membership will not only kick off my love for reformer pilates but also give me the opportunity to stretch and tone way more than I do now, which I have been so keen to do for so long!!

    As I live locally and have kids go to school in the area, I will happily help you with word of mouth promotion/marketing, as we have a wide network in the area (many mums who I know will love having your studio down the road as much as I will!).

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Tarryn, I hope the studio is hugely popular in Mosman Park

  74. Bonny

    Hi Tarryn, Thankyou so much for the opportunity to win a membership at Best Body Mosman Park. I am super excited to have a Pilates studio so close to home! I am in need of a fresh start and some inspiration to get myself back working out and back in shape. I have recently had my second child and so my goals are to shred the baby weight, tone up and start to feel good about my body again. Bikini body for summer 2021 here I come!! I took up Pilates in my late 20s when I was having issues with a sore back after long days sitting at a desk…it was an absolute game changer for me (discovered muscles I didn’t know I had haha and cured the back pain!!). Aswel as my back another focus will be strengthening up the pelvic floor post babies. Anyway enough about me. Look forward to joining the studio and meeting you in person. 🙂

  75. Britt

    I am currently doing high intensity classes and walking, adding pilates would be the perfect addition to my current workout regime. I have previously done reformer pilates but there hasn’t been any classes locally for me to attend. Would love to get my body in shape after having two babies!

  76. Anne Santelli

    I am of the older age group set with three young grandsons with to play,
    I need to keep my muscles strong ,so I can play with them all day long,
    I know with concerted effort on my part, reformer pilates will be good for my heart
    My balance will improve, my posture be straight & lean
    It will be wonderful to be part of a hardworking team
    For a healthier, happier & longer life for me
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  77. Penny T

    I know this sounds silly – because I’m still considered young by many people – but with my 30th birthday not far off, I’ve noticed my body needs something different. It doesn’t quite get into shape like it once did before. While I’ve done gym classes such as RPM and body pump for as far back as I can remember (think 15 or 16 years of age) I know I need to try something different, something slightly more tailored for me and my body. I’m hoping Pilates is that “thing” I’m looking for. Fingers crossed!

  78. Emma McInnes

    “No one is interested in something you didn’t do” – Tragically Hip

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will allow me to be the ‘yes’ person I am. The ‘I can’ person. The ‘stronger’ person. The ‘healthier’ person in mind, body and spirit. I believe that this membership – by attending 4 times a week – will be a wonderful start to nourish my body in the ‘correct way’. I have a bit of a road to recovery after just having a child last month but with a positive attitude, dedication and professional guidance – I know my achievements will surpass my expectations.

  79. Joanne

    Thank you Best Body because I’ve found the version of myself I love and want to be. After years of being active I was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my fitness due to sore knees and hips, reduced movement & flexibility that was annoying & frustrating beyond belief. And then I found you….and I’m back and I love it!

  80. Lisa

    I would love to get into pilates as part of my regular routine! 5 years ago I did some reformer pregnancy classes & loved them. As a regular runner and swimmer I am looking to gain strength to avoid injury and achieve the most balanced body I can. Looking forward to checking out your new premises, enjoying the locality & ease of attending.

  81. Kate Pickard

    I am a busy working mum of 3. A bit of a cliche but I can’t seem to find time to exercise or even a smidge of time for me. The 18 months have been difficult for many people not seeing their family and facing stress at work and I have been one of them.
    I suffered a serious knee injury when I was 15 and would love to make sure I can stay strong, fit and healthy for my children. I want to play sport with them until they’re embarrassed by me. I hope that Best Body can help me make my body its best.

  82. Juliana Torres

    Wellness and Pilates placed there are few around, but Best Body Mosman Park can create a sense of community, where we all feel welcomed and engaged. A place where we can share our lives and feel connected – it could be both virtual community and catch-up, work-shop, coffee or tea after special classes.
    In this way, we would love to come back every time as we would know our colleges names and feel part of a network 😉
    All the best in the new studio!

  83. Deborah Capelli

    Hi I’ve never loved exercise and so I haven’t done a lot.I am 57years old and feel that this is a great time to try and strengthen and challenge my body. I would love to try Pilates as I’ve read a fair bit about it and think it would suit me. ITS TIME


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