Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Launceston soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at Devonport, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Burnie for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Launceston. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Lisa Mansfield

    Hello 🙂 Super excited for BB to come to Launnie. Why I am wishing for a Reformer Pilates Membership? A similar reason as many women Im sure, I don’t allow time for myself, I don’t allow myself to slow down and while raising 3 daughters, hitting my early 40s, multiple knee injuries, feet issues and other body aches I continue to think I can keep getting my health and fitness “back” to what is was 10yrs ago by all or nothing approach, and I have tried everything ! and every diet/exercise and excuse out !. Which only has me fail numerous times, getting sore, injured and feeling like my body is 100 🙁 Which mentally I struggle to accept… which is why I keep trying to “start over” What I would love to achieve from this amazing membership is changing my mindset and also my body, learning you don’t have to run 10km or die at to achieve results. I have always had an interest and wanting to consistently practice Pilates for my body and mental health, I have been to some private classes for injuries years ago and keep “talking” about starting as the benefits I’m sure would be life changing for me ! Super excited you guys are opening in Launnie and I would love to be a member and actually find that new thing/exercise I have been searching for for the past few years 🙂 for myself !!

    • Carolyn Smith

      Good morning,

      I moved from the gold coast to launceston last year. On the gold coast I had a regular yoga practice, practiced jiu jitsu, hiked and surfed and had a good routine. Since moving to tassie I have yet to find my go-to fitness ‘home’ that fits. I am a teacher and find my job stressful and use exercise as an outlet/destresser/me-time. I love to go hiking but without regular exercise a few niggly injuries seem to find their way back in my knees (from weightlifting) and lower back/thoracic. I have put on weight in the last year and am really keen to establish a good practice before we hit winter. I’m also turning 40 this year and would love to be looking my best!! I have done my years of fast exercising and crossfit, weightlifting and am looking for a different way to strengthen my body and core. I have previously done reformer pilates with my physio on the gold coast and my sister and mum go regularly so I TOTALLY understand the benefits of the practice.

      Enjoy reading 🙂 Thankyou for the chance x

      • Lyn

        My why is super important to me. I’ve turned 50 this year, and am so happy to have made it! Many friends haven’t sadly.
        I am a single parent to two beautiful boys, 14 and 11 years old. They’re energetic, vibrant personalities and I live a healthy lifestyle so I can be at my best for them and me!
        I coach soccer, exercise regularly, and love to run but my knees don’t love it as much as I do.
        Pilates has changed my life.
        I’m putting in out there that I win, so that I can join my sons up with me!
        Thanks to the BB team coming to Launnie!

      • rebecca jordan

        Hi I’m a mum of 3 boys, I have always put my family first making sure that every one was all way set up I was the one that everyone would run to for help. I have never really looked after myself I have all ways been a big girl. I have made a promise to my self that this year I come first cos I matter

    • Karen Robinson

      Hi – why reformer Pilates? A couple of years ago I was fit and felt fabulous doing a variety of strength and cardio classes four times a week! I then started getting trouble with my knees – diagnosed with osteo arthritis so Dr suggested I cut out the jumping etc! Add a further 12 months of eye operations which prevented me from exercising, a job where I am on my butt all day and a reasonable dose of it is all too hard – brings me to late 2020 and I am feeling far from flash! Physically I am now able to workout and mentally I am keen! I miss the discipline and sense of satisfaction I got out of completing a class – knowing I had worked hard and was getting better!! I want that feeling back and think this is it!!

      • Tania

        I have been wanting to try pilates for many years however my weight held me back and I did not want to be judged. I have recently lost 24kg and am ready to give it a go! I have lost muscle tone from rapid weight loss and this is what I would love to work on.

      • Samantha Stevenson

        It’s time to look after myself. I need to build strength in my legs. I need to tighten my core and steady my balance. I need a reason to like the body I’m in. To feel at peace and appreciate just how much I’ve fought to be here. Id like to quit smoking and stop feeling so tired. The only way for me to do that is to listen to my body. Not just mentally, but physically. A pilates reformer membership would make me accountable for taking charge of my well-being. To find the path back to myself and to celebrate the steps needed to reach a higher plane. I’ve been avoiding trying to better myself because I haven’t known where to start. It’s possible a structured environment that stretches out my weakness will make me stronger.

    • Holly Humphrey

      I’d love to gain back body confidence after having 2 children and to assist my recovery from shin splints. Running a busy household and working part time means I don’t get much down time. I’d love to have the opportunity to do reformer pilates as a chance for some time out and get those endorphins pumping.

    • Elaine Waugh

      I am 67 years young( in my mind ) but the body keeps arguing with me! Up until the past 2-3 years nothing stopped me. I could do anything I put my mind to until a few things impacted on me. Arthritis in a few different areas slowed me slightly but then taking care of my elderly mum when she broke her hip and wrist was the start of my downfall. Lifting her in and out of the bath, bed and chair for several weeks then packing up her house to move her into residential care by myself took it’s toll. The back decided I had gone to far and went on strike! I am now on the way back to good health thanks to a great chiropractor and I would love to regain some of the vitality I use to have. Hopefully I’m not in the too hard basket . I believe any lady applying for a membership obviously needs it as much as anyone so I wish them all luck! Cheers Elaine

    • H

      I am nearly 60 and have been wanting to do Yoga or Pilates for some time however I have been very self conscious of taking the first step. I don’t know whether I can do this but am willing to give it a go! I am overweight, work over 50 hrs a week, walk/run every day, eat quite healthy however, I cannot loose weight. I have a family function to attend soon and do not want to be the frumpy person standing in the corner. I would love to take this step to start a new program that hopefully will work for me. This may be what my body needs, the best body I can achieve whilst supporting the best health program in Launceston.

  2. Meagan

    I would love the excuse for a bit of me time in a positive sense (rather than with a glass of wine, but also partial to Pilates & vino). I think reformer Pilates will improve all aspects of my life, posture, daily grind and provide enough strength to make one trip from the car to the kitchen with the groceries! That’s the goal, right!?

    • Angela

      After two c sections and uterus issues, I think this would be great for my core and overall well-being. It will will also provide some positive me-time. I also think it will prevent or limit any future injuries to my back while still having small children. I am excited Best Body is coming to Launceston, and look forward to reformer Pilates complimenting other types of activities I enjoy.

      • Rebecca Jones

        I’m fat, frumpy, 52 and menopausal .
        For the past 8 months I’ve suffered with a bad hip (I’ve only just this week had an ultrasound to discover I have a torn gluteus and tendinopathy aka dead butt syndrome), so no walking for a while. I desperately need to strengthen my core and all my jiggly bits,
        I would really love to be part of Best Body.

      • Deanne lawson

        Hi im turning 54 this year and like many during covid I gained wait . I have started eating healthier and walking daily. I do work long shifts at work and then try juggling home life etc…one thing I do not do much of is take time for me. I also have a bad back and am awaiting back surgery for a dysectomy, i have heard pilaties is amazing for core strength etc. I am in constant pain with sciatica in my right leg radiating into my foot and sleeping at night is horrendous. I would love to win this membership to help live a pain free, healthier me life…good luck to everyone. 🙂

    • Angela Parsons

      Hi there! Looking forward to finding out how a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me better achieve my health and well-being goals. All through my teens/20’s I was cardio-crazy… running 1/2 marathons, teaching aerobics, playing soccer and tennis… sport was everything to me! Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes lots of painful joint inflammation and all those high impact activities have had to go. The sudden drop in exercise led to weight gain, anxiety/depression, sleeping difficulties and more pain! Parenting my 3 beautiful girls became a challenge I was repeatedly failing… especially not having the healthy mind-body needed to help my youngest with autism. It’s been a very steep learning curve but I’ve finally learnt how to manage my symptoms without medication via strict adherence to diet, sleep and new types of exercise. I love walking and biking, but not in the cold or wet weather which is pretty hard to avoid in beautiful Tassie! I’m really hoping that Best Body can help me be a healthier, stronger, pain-free and clear minded mama for my kids. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to Launceston

  3. Sue

    I need help I am a nurse with a back
    Injury and am struggling to exercise and keep gaining more weight I need help please
    I use to be so fit before a patient fell on me and all their weight prolapsed my uterus and paralysed my left side of my Body.
    Pilates I use to enjoy

    • Mikayla

      Hi Best Body,
      I would love a reformer pilates membership to help me strengthen my abdominal muscles and pelvis floor since having my first child over a week ago. It would be great to do something for myself four times a week as well as start to feel good in myself again. I have done pilates a couple of times, but have never done reformer pilates, so i am very excited to try it.

      • Ree

        After being a yogi for so many years, it’s time to step up my physique with some pilates!

        I’m excited to be part of a group environment and get myself back into shape.

    • Jenna Battle

      Hey Tarryn & Team,

      It’s so exciting to hear about this amazing opportunity for Launceston to have a brand new pilates space! Also thank you for giving us a chance in what is an incredibly generous offer to be the starting point of our pilates journey with Best Body.

      I am 8 months post partum and loving being a mum. It changed me more than I could have imagined both physically and mentally.

      Before I fell pregnant I was a personal trainer and passionate about making time to train for myself and clients.

      Since having my little girl (Grace), prioritising myself has been the last thing on the list. I’ve been trying to find my new fitness routine and what exercise best fits my schedule.

      I’m so lucky to have her and my birth experience, but I was not prepared for how much my body would change. I’ve been incorporating weights and cardio and it’s gradually becoming stronger and fitter, however making time to do it and motivating myself hasn’t been easy.

      I would love to have Pilates and Reformer along with the Best Body team, be the start of my journey back to fitness and building a new strong version of myself from the inside out.

      Thanks again x

    • Jessica B

      Hi Taryn,
      I’ve had 4 children, (2 of which were c-sections). I’ve usually been drawn to a higher cardio based exercise and I’m finding I just don’t love it as much as when I was younger. My pelvic floor is shot and the idea of jumping around in an aerobics class is a little unnerving.
      I’ve tried mat Pilates before and really enjoyed it. My best friend in Perth, WA is obsessed with Pilates and LOVES the reformer classes. Here in Launceston, I’ve found it so hard to find a studio that suits my needs around time and kids, so I’ve never had a chance to try a reformer class.
      I am so excited for you to bring Best Body to Launceston, and I wish you all the best for your endeavour.

  4. Isobel James

    Hello I’m so excited for the Launceston location to open. I think it would be an excellent way for me to improve my overall fitness, I’m 25 and while not overweight or anything I can’t do much without getting out of breath. I’m also extremely sore/tense all the time in my neck and shoulders. I’ve tried going to a gym but I need more motivation and guidance otherwise I just give up…
    I have been trying to get in shape, I don’t care so much about how I look but it’s my dream to be a police officer. I haven’t even applied yet because I wouldn’t pass their fitness test. I doubt I’d be able to get to a stage where I’m fit and healthy enough on my own, I need the extra support to motivate me to work harder!
    I would love to be a member and make some new friends while I’m at it

  5. Kellie Edmunds

    I really hope to get some tone back. I’ve spent the 4 years since I’ve had my daughter trying to but nothing seems to work. It’s only gotten worse since Covid I’ve been working at home for nearly a year now. I also need to keep looking after my mental health while working at home and this will help a lot with that. Thank you.

  6. Kate

    I’m desperate to completely changed my body shape and lose weight.i I won’t say I’m excited because I’m very nervous and hiding myself away under baggy clothes and not going out due to my dislike of my body image is my new normal. I have got myself focused but my next step is to get into a place where I receive the help and support I’m going to need.

    • Bridget Love

      I love the idea of being the strongest version of myself, physically and mentally, and have always found reformer pilates to be a great way to strengthen and improve my flexibility while being low impact. As someone new to Tasmania, I would love the chance to make some new friends with similiar interests to me.

  7. Corrissa

    I would love to win this. Our son is 6 years old and has many medical issues that have been on going for the past 4 years, in and out of hospitals.
    I have ptsd from the trauma caused by this, which in part has created anxiety and depression.
    I have tried Pilates to help with these issues and have seen a big change. Due to covid I wasn’t able to go out and we was on house lockdown for 10 weeks which led to gaining weight and losing motivation.
    I feel like this would be a great thing for me and get me back on track with my goals!
    To be the best mum, wife and be the best I can be. Healthy and happy..

  8. Steph C

    I’m sure you all know what it is like to walk down the street and think “oh f***” after coughing or sneezing. You tried to squeeze everything together, but it just didn’t work. I have that and I don’t want it anymore! It’s shit and I haven’t even had kids yet. I don’t want it after kids either.
    I want a strong core that that keeps me upright from waking up in the morning all the way through to going to bed at night. I want to build my mind and my muscles to keep me upright at my desk and not resting on the table or my knees when sitting down.
    I’d like to tone up and lose weight, but I’d like to feel stronger more and know that my body can support me in the garden, having fun, at work and throughout the rest of my life. I’m not ready to be sore and injured yet.

  9. Sharen Fieldi f

    This would be so awesome.
    I have recently retired,I am doing water aerobics twice a week, and try to walk couple of times a week.
    I suffer with bursitis, and have tried numerous treatments,pills laser treatment, specialist says an operation may not relieve the pain.
    I am extremely interested in trying your program, and winning one of the two prizes would be awesome.

  10. Lucie C

    I have been wanting to try reformer for years and have struggled to find another company in Launceston that has convenient class times! After trying mat, I have noticed a huge difference in my core strength, balance and flexibility. I want to continue to increase my core strength, balance and flexibility and I am excited to try reformer!

  11. Ness Lockyer

    What a great gift!
    I’ve always struggled with my shoulders and back, giving me regular migraines. I work in a very physical job which means my shoulders are always super tight.

    This has lead to an over imbalance of my pectoral muscles to trapezius, lats and deltoids, which I need to correct as well as stretch.

    I’m noticing that it is now tightening up down into my hip flexors and ankles.
    So, I would love to be able to work out these issues with Best Body. Whenever I have done Pilates in the past, I’ve always had great relief.
    My core is very strong as I am a personal trainer, and have always paid attention to that after having c sections and donating my kidney.

    I also need to lose weight and I think this would be a great all round experience for my body and mind.
    Thank you,
    Ness x

  12. Sandy Astill

    2020 was a tough year and everyone has a story I guess, but for me it was a year which put me on a trajectory that I was totally unfamiliar with.
    I am nearly 60 years old. That has never bothered me because my life was wonderful. I worked for UTAS and the Dept of Health doing meaningful fulfilling work, I have a wonderful husband and family, amazing friends and I live in a fabulous place. I was active and healthy and felt Very much in control of my life.

    Then COVID hit. Overnight my contracts at both institutions stopped. I wasn’t entitled to any form of benefit because of the government restrictions around lost positions in universities and government departments. My husband is retired on a service pension so I was not entitled to Jopkeeper or Jobseeker. Nothing.

    My mental health declined. I could feel it. I couldn’t help feeling Sorry for myself. Nothing I did took my mind off my situation. But worst of all, my health deteriorated. The only thing on the rise was my weight.

    I am not usually the sort of person who sits around and feels sorry for myself, and my friends and family knew that. They listened and empathised – it they didn’t sympathise. They had a good old fashion talk to me, which made me have a good old fashion talk to myself.

    I am now in a much better place. I have lost nearly 10kg, I have started a new business, and I am trying to get back that feeling of ‘strong and healthy’.

    That’s what I would love help with. I want to feel strong and healthy again and that’s what I hope you can help me with.

  13. Emma

    In early December I slipped bushwalking and broke my fibula, In a split second my life was flipped upside down. I had surgery and 8 weeks on crutches. Two weeks ago I got the all clear to start learning to walk again. I have missed out on so much these last few months. Now I’m dedicated to getting my fitness back and not take a single thing for granted. I’m swimming, doing water aerobics and slowly building my strength. A chance at a free membership would be such an amazing gift.

    • Caz

      I love pilates but I’m sick of doing it at home and need the support of a class. I can’t wait for reformer classes!

  14. Maria

    So looking forward to try something new, i am ready for some me time. Am at that change of life stage, that has been difficult, gaining weight, body aches and all sorts of other issues, so willing to giv this a go

  15. Natalie

    I am excited to try Reformer Pilates, to try something new. It has been a while since I’ve done something for myself and need to start prioritising physical and wellbeing again. I did for a while which was the first time in my life and then found myself having more inside days on the couch than normal. I believe Best Body will offer me the chance to grow my strength, confidence in myself and body, fitness as well as community; which is unbelievably important. I am looking forward to a kinder way to workout and make time for myself with something I am so sure I’ll enjoy- cherish the time spent instead of forcing myself to gruelling unkind hardcore workouts. I’m looking forward to finding my Best Body: physically and mentally.

  16. Susan Males

    When you are a teenager I wondered how old ladies “let” themselves get cankles, stop sitting crossed legged, can’t tie their shoes and need to pee every 5 mins.
    Then I had a work place injury and 2 & 3 vertebra are crush together in my late 20’s.
    Had difficult births in my 30’s , but 2 awesome kids resulted.
    Found you shouldn’t do a mother/daughter wheelbarrow race on sand in your 40’s as your Swiss cheese Achilles goes pop but not snap.
    Falling on both knees while traversing a dingy to a tiny boat in the middle of the Atlantic in your 50’s is just plain dumb.
    Then last week, thinking I could do yoga, only to find sitting on grass for the entire lesson was ridiculous as the bendy people made cat shapes I made a lump look good.
    One day I’ll be a grandmother, I need to be able to do that without wee coming out, ceasing half way or just plan not being able to move.
    I feel like I am becoming the cankle ladies of my youth and need help to stop that.

  17. Tara Keogh

    I have always wanted to try reformer Pilates.
    I struggle with a lot of lower back tightness and discomfort. So I would love to really work on my back and core strength. Overall toning and change in body shape would be an added bonus

  18. Jennifer Sherman

    Firstly this is so exciting having A Best Body studio cone to Launceston How could I benefit from a reformer Pilates membership, well not only will it give me a good bod, it would be a great way to keep fit whilst actually enjoying myself. Being a dancer pilaties helps with my strength, flexibility and overall health. I used to have a membership to a reformer pilaties studio in Melbourne and absolutely lived it!! I don’t need motivation to get up and moving with pilaties because I just really enjoy it. Being free for 6 months as a university student would go a LONG way

  19. Jennifer Sherman

    Firstly this is so exciting having A Best Body studio come to Launceston. How could I benefit from a reformer Pilates membership, well not only will it give me a good bod, it would be a great way to keep fit whilst actually enjoying myself. Being a dancer pilaties helps with my strength, flexibility and overall health. I used to have a membership to a reformer pilaties studio in Melbourne and absolutely loved it!! I don’t need motivation to get up and moving with pilaties because I just really enjoy it. Being free for 6 months as a university student would go a LONG way!!

  20. Kym Clark

    I recently broke my elbow and sustained a head injury. Until then I had been very active. I have since lost all my confidence to use my arm. I find myself gaining weight and losing tone. I have started going to Yin Yoga twice a week and this is helping my emotional state but I would love to return to Pilates. Your offer was too good to refuse! So I am throwing my hat in the ring!
    Many thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Laura

    I was so excited to see you guys opening up in Launceston. I am not one for running marathons or boot camp but I really want to get stronger and look after my body. I work with elderly people and I can see the benefits of looking after your body and keeping strong and healthy throughout life. I turn 40 next year and I think its time that I start taking better care of my body. I have just begun a healthy eating program and I feel that the reformer pilates would be an excellent compliment to this. I have tried Yoga and pilates in the past and I always feel so much better after as I also find it a great stress relief. I’m really ready to stop making excuses and take some time for myself so that I can be fitter, happier and healthier.

  22. Jodie

    I am ready for this!!! I am a Mum of three young girls and if I am completely honest I have always struggled with self love 🙁 Like many other women trying to be their best, I have been on every diet, sweated it out at the gym, but I always go back as soon as I am done! though Covid, binging on everything and anything I could find… 20kg gained and disgusted with myself, thinking enough was enough! I finally excepted an offer of help from my extraordinary boss to improve my health… My husband and I followed a program that has taught me more about food than I could ever have expected. I have spent the last 6 months making some serious changes in our family around food and understanding the importance of nourishing our bodies and we have not looked back 🙂 It now has to be my priority to teach my girls not only to understand the impact that different foods have on our bodies and mental health but how it is equally important to move and strengthen our bodies. The girls and my husband have been absolutely amazing and we have really made some incredible changes. I would love this opportunity to work with Best Body to learn more to share with my family, but to also create a body I can feel comfortable and confident in. If I want to teach my girls self love, I need to practice it!

  23. Louise

    I cannot believe I have just turned 60 !! Time to take care of my body inside and out. I feel a reformer pilates class would do me the world of good as I need to strengthen my body. I am happy with my weight but not my muscle tone nor strength. I gave up the gym a few years ago as I was not really liking the atmosphere and have not done much since. I have been looking for some type of activity that appeals to me and I was ecstatic when I found you are opening soon in Launceston. I cannot wait to see some results, to get my body moving and become more flexible. I want to look good and feel good for a long time yet 🙂

  24. Jane

    Firstly, I have girlfriends who have memberships at other Best Body Studios and they are loving it and the results are noticeable
    Secondly, early mornings are preferable for me and unfortunately there are minimal options and availability for early morning classes in Launceston so I haven’t been able to have a regular Pilates schedule and this opportunity will allow me to do so, and
    Lastly after two surgeries and COVID in 2020, I am in need of regular classes each week to assist in the healing/strengthening/toning for a broken Tibia, Fibula and a Hysterectomy. I believe that Pilates will improve my lack of flexibility in my ankles, increase muscle strength in my lower back and abdominal muscles and help with my overall muscular control. The personal time out to concentrate on me is something that will help with increasing my energy levels, assist with weight loss and body toning.

  25. Lisa

    I LOVE reformer Pilates! I used to do it in when I lived in Perth years ago. I work out at home in a regular basis but struggle to motivate myself to ‘slow down’- I always feel amazing after a Pilates/ yoga or stretch class but just haven’t been able to prioritize it. I have sciatica issues and find Pilates the BEST way to strengthen my core muscles and ‘slow down’ physically and mentally to really shift my focus on the muscles that should be working, not the big ones that take over in bully mode

  26. Deb Daniel

    Hello and welcome to Launceston. So super excited that you are here! Thank you for giving two very lucky people the opportunity to win a 6 month Reformer Pilates membership. I train every day with weights at the gym and I love it but something is indeed missing? The gym is such a chaotic place with noise and people everywhere and I need to find my inner calm which is something my mental health and mood really needs. I really believe that I would benefit from a membership as I am strong in the upper body but my flexibility and posture is poor and i would love to improve that area. I would also love to be able to improve my balance and my core strength. After all who doesn’t want to have a ripping good six pack? Something I haven’t had in years! I would love the opportunity to work with Best Body to help me become the best version of myself and I wish everyone the best of luck.:)

  27. Maxine

    As a working Mum, like so many of us, we do not prioritise time for ourselves. Now is time for me to change this, in my early 50’s, 20+ kgs to lose, previous ankle fracture (pins and plate), and a weak core. Pilates will be the answer for me to improve my overall health. I want to set myself up for a healthy and strong second half of my life. My body has served me well with children etc. but needs to be given some extra love to be able to continue to do so.

  28. E

    My ‘why’ is to become more connected with my body. I’ve had/have injuries, inclusive of a knee that I’ve been told needs replacing, that could and have previously benefited from reformer pilates when I have been able to participate regularly. This regular participation has been hampered by small class sizes that get booked weeks in advance. What I didn’t expect previously is the ability to connect the mind with the body. I found I opened myself up to listening to my body and hearing what it was telling me; when to be gentle, when to pick it up a notch, when I needed to pay more attention, how important breath is to calming oneself. To have the opportunity to attend classes regularly would mean I could start to consistently connect with myself on a deeper level. It would go a long way to assisting my journey in moderating and managing my complex PTSD in a more holistic manner, alongside the other professional services I have engaged on my journey. Of course, though, any toning, injury lessening, weight loss would be a bonus!

  29. Julie Cook

    I struggle everyday with pain in my knees,back,shoulders etc.I just turned 60 a week ago and I would love to join a exercise programme that will help with my overall well-being.I don’t expect to win the free membership,as there are a lot more worthwhile people than myself.But I will still look forward to joining.

  30. Amy

    I am 30 and resist taking better responsibility for my body’s health and well being by blaming the aging process, old sporting injuries, a lack of finances, mental health issues, poor dietary and social group choices blah blah blah the list of excuses I could make to justify my resistance goes on and on.
    I no longer want to neglect, abuse or resent my body for not having the success I desired at a young age to become a rich, famous gladiator, gymnast or the capability to run 100 metres faster than Cathy Freeman. I’m still willing to make that last dream a possibility though, provided she supports it by allowing me to win in a race with her, the subconscious doesn’t know the difference right?!
    I no longer want to force my body to perform the way that it once could to impress and entertain others, only to cause further damage than growth.
    I have always wanted to enjoy being in my body without being debilitated by pain, to feel good over looking good, and although my willpower has dwindled over the last 10 years around honouring a regular commitment to physical activity that would support this, I will always take advantage of an opportunity to improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally when it is available to me.

  31. Melinda Luck

    I moved to the Launceston area two years ago & before this was going to yoga and pilates but found yoga too hard on my joints. I have in this period, been diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s disease and it had put a massive halt on life for a period of time. We have now got these under control and I am able to go back to pilates as it works for my body best to keep it active, but am needing more personalised and gentle exercise, I believe Best Body Launceston is able to help me with this and am very keen to join.

  32. Vanessa

    I would love to win a 6 month membership with best body Launceston to help me build my fitness and help manage a lower back injury. I was a pedestrian hit by a car nearby 8 years ago and sustained a pretty serious back injury from the accident and now live with chronic back pain. I would love to be able to tone up and become more comfortable with my appearance as I have put a lot of weight on since the accident plus also building up the muscles around my injury to be able to better control the pain I live with daily. I have done Pilates reformer classes in the past and they have been so helpful. I can’t wait for your studio to be open and to be able to come and attend some classes.

  33. Lori Hrycyszyn

    Hi BestBody, reformer Pilates for me is therapy to the soul! I yearn for consistent classes for long lean muscles, a strong core and to keep my body strong, agile and resilient.

    • Clarissa

      Well, where do I start? I’m a single Mum to 3 very crazy little boys. Like most other Mum’s, my needs have been put to the side since having kids. My first pregnancy was with twins, which took more of a toll on my body than I ever thought possible. After their birth I was too exhausted, and overwhelmed by two babies that I didn’t make the effort to help repair my body, and it’s much the same story after my second pregnancy. Six years on, I am now at a point where I really need to make an effort for me. Strengthening my core and back are my main focus, and I think reformer pilates is the perfect place for me to start!

  34. Serena

    I’d love to win this as it will help strengthen my body for bike riding and climbing, I have always heard about how good reformer classes are.
    I would like to work on my flexibility and to strengthen my back. Sometimes I can walk 20km and it is fine, sometimes I walk 200m and will be in pain for 2 days. I am also an avid overnight hiker.
    I also think it will be a nice way to meet new people. I am new to the area, so finding it difficult, especially during Covid-19 to meet like minded people. I also work from home so motivating yourself to get outside during the colder months is extremely difficult.

    I’d love to transform my body and help me get our and socialise for winter.

    • Lara Smart

      I feel like an unmotivated doofus when it comes to exercise. I walk the dog and thats about where I draw the line. In the past exercise classes and gym memberships are the only way to keep me motivated as I get distracted and uninterested when its all on me. Best Body Reformer Pilates sounds like it would be an amazing way to keep fit, tone up and enjoy the social aspect of health and exercise, without the stale gym. Health is not just about your weight, it’s about lifestyle, mental health and sustainable fitness. I want to look good but more importantly feel good and enjoy myself!

  35. Elle Fox

    Hi Tarryn, it is very exciting that Best Body is opening in Launceston! I have followed your companies Instagram page for a while now and have always thought it looks the kind of exercise I would enjoy and could commit to long term, however, have not been able to access it due to lack of availability of anything like it in Launceston. I have recently re-started my fitness journey, eating healthier and light exercise (walking regularly aiming for 10,000 steps per day). Now that I have started to make that a habit and have been able to stick to this I am looking for other types of fitness I can incorporate in to my routine to build on my fitness and achieve my goals (weight loss/toning up whole body/ongoing fitness and healthy habits). Additional benefits would also be relieving stress and maintaining positive mental health through the nature of this type of exercise as well as the benefits of regular exercise in general. The idea of group support/support squad to keep me accountable and motivate me sounds like a great environment to be apart of and a chance at a free reformer Pilates membership would be amazing way to start this! Thanks! *fingers crossed*

  36. Jo Rhind

    I would love to learn how to best treat my body for healing, strength and longevity. I am late 30’s and already very “broken”. Being an active sort, I want confidence to know that I can improve my own wellbeing and not be reliant on drugs etc

  37. Caroline Warr

    As a physiotherapist, I understand the importance of keeping active and respecting my body. I studied and grew up in Perth and have had many friends and family who have practiced at Best Body studios therefore I know first hand how much their regular practice has improved their well-being and appreciation for their bodies.

    I would love a free 6 month membership as I am looking at making a transition into the private system in the next couple of years, and know regular Pilates practice will be essential in progressing my career as a women’s health physiotherapist.

  38. Sharon

    Pilates membership would be the best thing for my tried aching body. At the start of Covid I was made redundant and at 60 really felt down. The way my body felt didn’t help as my hips are always stiff and my balance is shaky at best. I know I should walk but am too scared of falling. My husband is much younger and I want to be able to keep up with him even though he never puts pressure on me. I would love to feel better and lighter in my own skin and think Pilates would be just what I need.
    Thank you.

  39. Chrissie

    At nearly 62 years young and I’ve fallen out of love …..with none other than me or more specifically by body which has provided for me exceptionally well through years of nursing, running, hiking and horse riding etc etc.

    Then suddenly it was like one morning I got up and the body that had supported me so well had got up and gone and in its place came the aches and pains, lumps and bumps some of which requiring surgical interventions and then, the icing on the cake the dreaded menopause which has taken its toll on my own ability to get back what I previously had …….a body I loved as it was strong in the core, flexible and had a very healthy muscle mass to fat ratio and would just keep on doing without a grumble other than in relation to the famous ‘nurses back’ which would occasionally remind me of all the stress I put it through in the years before no manual handling!

    Im realistic in knowing I will never have the body I had as a 20,30 or 40 yr old but I have a bio age of 46 so, there’s hope well at least I think so

    I’m physically active through daily walks and little bit of jogging ….which my body has a love hate relationship with …. the hate being reflected in tight hip flexors which will then grumble for several days in my low back!
    I’ve been practicing a bit of home based Vinyasa Yoga for flexibility but I find myself limited to the positions I can incorporate into my practice. I have previously participated in mat Pilates some years ago when I lived interstate.

    I have a goal of going back to Mt. Kilimanjaro when I’m 80 and I need a healthy, fit, strong and flexible body to achieve that but also equally if not more important is a body that will serve me well as I progress into the ‘mature years’ of life!!!!
    I’m all for being proactive in prevention rather than sit and wait for the cure or manage any health issue that I could have prevented.

    Thank you for this opportunity and here’s to flexibility in my mature years.

  40. Amanda Hardinge

    I can’t wait to give the Launceston Pilates ago. I used to do Pilates on a reformer for running and this benefited my body through strength and stretch. I have now just signed up for another Marathon and need to love my body again as it will need TLC for me to perform this run. It will not only stabilize my core and give me strength for stability for running, it will also aid in the stretching of muscles to help me perform at a better level and prevent injury. And me time is always a bonus for mental clarity xx

  41. Sarah

    Hi Tarryn!

    I was so happy when I returned from Xmas holidays and saw your BB space getting setup in town that I have been stalking the website and mind body app ever since

    I know a BB membership will help me not just physically but mentally as well. I feel I have such a poor relationship with exercise that over the years exercise has become a punishment.
    It’s 2021 and I am sick of feeling like that. I have tried reformer Pilates on the mainland and absolutely loved it and would even look forward to classes!! I really want to feel like that again. I want to view moving my body as a reward and appreciate all the amazing things it can do!

    My specific goal would be to touch my toes (I have never been able to!) I can’t wait to feel longer, more flexible, increase muscle tone and just overall improve my general health and wellbeing

    • Sarah

      I’ve got three very busy kids who are getting bigger and stronger and faster everyday. My goal is to get stronger so I can keep up and hold my own on our MTB, bushwalking and wild swimming adventures. I want to carry them and cuddle them when they need it, they just keep growing! And I want to keep playing touch.
      I need to improve my pelvic floor, core and glut strength and overall flexibility to prevent over use injuries as I return to more vigorous exercise.
      I don’t want to give in to a general decline in activity.
      I need the endorphins that exercise releases to counter the stress of a busy work and family life.

  42. Bellatrix Vizcarra

    A Membership would be a great start for me to improve my self confidence. I do not look the best shape but slowly I am regaining myself to become more confident in life physically and mentally.
    This membership can help me become the best version of myself by being strong as what Joseph Pilates said, “Health is a normal condition; it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it.”
    I want to achieve and improve my flexibility, improve my back pain, and to create a leaner body.

  43. Carol Beams

    Im so excited ive been following best body for awhile now and the day I seen it was coming to Launceston I did cartwheels, well in my head im not sure if I could do one at moment, anyway I cant wait for you guys to open and to receive this 6 month would be amazing, going from being fit and health most my life to the last 5 years things have gone to the wayside with the demands of life and shiftwork, which I know I only have myself to blame. Either way im so excited and yous will be seeing me ‍♀️

  44. Carmen

    A membership would help me to become strong, energetic and confident after having my two babies (now 2 & 6 years old).

    After a traumatic labour 6 years ago, I then suffered with adrenal fatigue and my weight ballooned 10+kgs (isn’t breastfeeding meant to make you LOSE weight?!).

    The adrenal energy crashes (days spent on the couch or sleeping) have stretched to years inbetween crashes, rather than months. Even with a healthy diet, my energy levels (and weight) is nowhere near where I want it to be able to keep up and enjoy life with my young children.

    These years with them are passing me by quickly and life gets stressful, I would be so so grateful to have a membership to make my self-care a priority, with the bonus of being able to meet like-minded people.

    I have previously done reformer pilates through pregnancy and postpartum. I love the low impact style workout (not to be mistaken as “easy “ as we know this is not the case at all) and the positive health benefits it has on my mind and body.

    • Helen

      Hi, I would love some time for myself, love to meet other like minded people and try to get core strength and shape for a tired shape be more active Would like a new challenge to try. Fingers crossed

  45. Yvette Cassidy

    Hi, I would love to win this as since having 2 children I haven’t been able to find a fitness program or routine that works for me.
    I have tried some postnatal pilates on a reformer which was great!! Love the bodyweight work we did and how toned and strong my body became. But, once my bub grew too much I wasn’t able to continue going as the environment isn’t kid friendly. Fast forward a few months and now I want to really focus on me. Improve my core and get some of my flexibility back.

    I feel like this membership would allow a new, patient yet energised mum to develop

  46. Megan

    I desperately need something to get me out of my house. I had my last baby a month ago and basically never want to leave the house. It’s hard with 4 children though. The only time I do leave is running around for them. I don’t even catch up with friends very often, since everyone is so busy, perhaps I could make some new friends at Reformer Pilates.

  47. Bianca

    Hi Tarryn, like you I was a dancer and a bloody good one! My body has reaped the benefits over the years spent training, but now in my 44th year I’m finding it hard to maintain. I’ve lost the buzz I get from the gym and walking long distances, I’ve really enjoyed F45 too but my poor muscles and joints really aren’t enjoying it nearly as much. I’m finding myself injured way too often and i really need a new gig. I resonate with most of the other women, and although newly partnered, I’m a single mum, a Registered Nurse and I really want and NEED to spend my time doing something I love which will be equally rewarding to my body, I want my best body back! and I think Best Body Launceston can do that xoxo

  48. Sophie Skipper

    I have seen so many friends outside of Tasmania enjoy the reformer equipment and extended Pilates sessions, so I really cannot wait to see how they differ from general workout classes around town already. I am excited to see how Best Body can transform so many parts of my body from the inside out. I am hoping to tone up and strengthen, detoxify and sweat out the negatives, and sculpt my body. But also to see just how much it is capable of when properly prepared, coached and encouraged. Since having my baby boy, I have a whole new appreciation for my body and what it can do, however I also have to find a genuine acceptance of my body and it’s new overall look. I would love to see Best Body transform my physical body but also improve the inside to help me truly acknowledge it’s power and consider it my own ‘Best Body.’ I would love to have 2021 be the year of my ‘Best Body’ but also my ‘Best Body Image.’

  49. Kym

    I spent years doing CrossFit and other intensive types of exercise but then After years of failed IVF cycles and endometriosis surgeries I have started doing a little reformer Pilates to get my body moving again gently but mow I really want to increase my skill on the reformer and notice some changes in my core especially. After years of injecting and surgeries my core really needs some love as well as my overall body, just something kinder to my body and with more awareness than what I have undertaken in the past.

  50. Beth Carso

    Pilates is awesome! I’ve had multiple foot and ankle breaks & subsequent surgeries. Without reformer Pilates I wouldn’t be able to chase after my 3 year old daughter. It has given me the tools to become a better and stronger version of myself. I’m so excited there’s a new studio opening up near my work!!

  51. Kirby

    Hello! I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I suffer from congenital heart disease and it has had an impact on my exercise capacity throughout my life. I struggle to keep up with others and it makes me very self conscious when going to gyms as I don’t like the atmosphere. I have recently been interested in learning about pilates as I really want to work on my strength and some of my body aches and pains that I have as well as get more fit and lose some weight.
    I need some motivation and I want to find a space where I can feel comfortable, I have been looking into Best Bod for a little while and I feel like it might be the sort of place to help me make the step.

    Thanks so much x

  52. Ros

    I would like to feel better about my body, work to tone up and generally feel positive with other friendly women who are likeminded and interested to live a healthy work life balance. I can definitely see how Best Body is professional in their approach and feel confident that all aspects towards the latest knowledge is covered to help you every inch of the way. I enjoy meeting new people and having fun whilst working out and feel this could be the next positive step for me to take to achieve my goals to be the best I can.

  53. Ros

    I would like to feel better about my body, work to tone up and generally feel positive with other friendly women who are likeminded and interested to live a healthy work life balance. I can definitely see how Best Body is professional in their approach and feel confident that all aspects towards the latest knowledge is covered to help you every inch of the way. I enjoy meeting new people and having fun whilst working out and feel this could be the next positive step for me to take to achieve my goals to be the best I can be.

  54. Jessie Mansfield

    Hi Tarryn, I came here to add my reasons why I think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me. BUT, as I went to scroll down to leave my comment, I noticed the first comment on the page was from my sister in law, Lisa Mansfield, and I would 100% love for her to receive a membership.
    Yes my back and core is shot to pieces post my second baby, and having done reformer pilates in the past for a back injury I know the amazing benefits it offers. But, I would happily sacrifice a gifted membership in order to help Lisa get one.
    Lisa puts herself 5th in their family all the time. She has been wanting to get her strength and body back in shape for so many years, but sacrificing any “me” time for her family. We all do it as mums, I’m sure every single person who has made the effort to come on here to try and get a membership is deserving of one, but if I could pass my chance on to being in the running, to give Lisa and extra chance of receiving one, here it is, as I can vouch everything Lisa has put down in her comment is 100% true and she deserves it more than anyone I know!
    Thanks Tarryn, looking forward to Best Body opening in Launceston!

  55. Allison

    Why am I interested in reformer Pilates at best body Launceston? Well I’m a primary school teacher and life is busy, last year after COVID 19 lockdowns and things I got of rid of my gym membership, wasn’t really comfortable using it. These days I try to do online workouts but it’s easy not to turn them on. I need some face to face contact to keep me motivated and help me get my best body. I need me time to help me switch off from the stresses of the classroom and my family life and I need a new challenge

  56. Andrea Bonner

    Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve started to move my body again with Pilates and Core classes in an effort to gain strength, both physically and mentally, after losing a lot of confidence in these areas. I’m choosing to honour my body now rather than judge it, and am dedicating it the time & respect it deserves. Adding reformer Pilates to my lifestyle will be a beautiful and powerful addition to my transformation. Andrea

  57. Dee

    I have been waiting sooo long for this to happen and am so excited for this new development in Launceston! I work in the mental health field, mostly PTSD and as is typical of people who work in this area, we tend to give a lot to our clients and put our own needs last, in spite of what we might teach our clients. I am sedentary for most of the day, and by the end of the day, my body is telling me it’s had enough, especially my hips and lower back, which often can lead to poor sleep and then the cycle starts all over again. So 2021 is my year of looking after me and membership with Best Body will be a brilliant start to it all! I am looking forward to improved strength and flexibility, better sleep, the ability to remain and enjoy being active, a clear mind and the ability to keep doing the work I love for a long time to come.

  58. Leaanne

    Being blessed with hyper mobility joints has left me with constant pain in all activities I push myself to do, constant pain with other health issues and my stubbornness not to sit around and do nothing, I push through pain every day and my body screams at me! I just tell it to shut up and I keep going and I do it all again and again. Getting older is making this harder.
    I’m yet to find something that will help me build a stronger leaner body to cope with getting through the day and allow me to be able to do more activity’s that I enjoy without so much pain such as walking and cycling and if I’m honest even pegging out the washing! Agggh! I’ve got no upper body strength!

    Would this be the answer I’ve been looking for all my life!!!!!!

  59. Leaanne szmekura

    Being blessed with hyper mobility joints has left me with constant pain in all activities I push myself to do, constant pain with other health issues and my stubbornness not to sit around and do nothing, I push through pain every day and my body screams at me! I just tell it to shut up and I keep going and I do it all again and again. Getting older is making this harder.
    I’m yet to find something that will help me build a stronger leaner body to cope with getting through the day and allow me to be able to do more activity’s that I enjoy without so much pain such as walking and cycling and if I’m honest even pegging out the washing! Agggh! I’ve got no upper body strength!

    Would this be the answer I’ve been looking for all my life!!!!!!

  60. Aparna

    I’m looking forward to help build my core strength through Reformer Pilates while being gentle with my back (I have lower back issues since my C-Section)

    • Beck Hardinge

      Oh my – where do I start? After a couple of caesareans (30 years ago) and over 20 years of pretty much inactivity (with a couple of ‘fitness kicks’ along the way, my fifties were well and truly upon me before I realised it. And I’ve found that I’m less fit, less flexible and heavier than I want to be. I’m having some diet success, but need an exercise regime that is kind my ageing joints to get help this along, firm me up and build my core strength.

  61. Michelle

    Super excited for this to open
    Stronger body, great for posture and health & well being.
    I’m looking forward to start a health & well being & fitness journey.

  62. Jo

    Why me? I am closer to 60 than I am 50 now. After nearly four decades of marriage and two amazing children, I, like most women in my age group, have spent the previous years working and looking after everyone else’s needs in the family. I am ready to make it my turn, I don’t want to be anyone else I just want to be the best version of myself, oh and if I get to sneeze or cough without peeing that’s an added bonus 🙂

  63. Rach

    I’d love to have an amazing opportunity for a membership for best body reformed Pilates to allow my body to finally heal and reconnect since putting my life on hold to be Ma to four amazing children who are young adult living their lives.

    Since getting involved with dogs sport with now my fur babies and making sure their bodies are in top form through conditioning core muscle , backend awareness exercise and chiropractic care. I’m realising that I’m still putting my health last.

  64. Leoni

    Im 52 and have always kept fairly active mostly by running. I feel I’m slowing down and my body is changing, its losing tone and muscle mass. I also have some soreness in by back which is exacerbated by my job as a nurse. I have never really done yoga or pilates but from what I can see reformer pilates would be a great low impact yet high energy way for me to smooth, strengthen and tone my body.

  65. Coralie Barber

    A Pilates reformer membership would be life changing! I am currently pregnant, work full time as a nurse (have worked all through covid without a break!) And really need core strength to set me up for my pregnancy and child birth!

  66. Dannielle O’Byrne

    I would love to try reformer Pilates, I had a baby 11 months ago and unfortunately my pelvic floor is not what it used to be! Winning this competition would change so many things for me mentally & physically. Being able to exercise/run without feeling uncomfortable & building up my strength in my whole body.

  67. Joanne Cooper

    I’m almost 51 years old but mentally I feel like I’m in my late 20’s. I swear I could get away with being in my late 20’s, ok then maybe my late 30’s but the only thing that is letting me down is my body. Its failing me!!! I need to loose the mummy tummy, yes I have one still as my daughter is only 7 years old (you can call me a late starter). Its been a while since my last work out, I am in desperate need of support and encouragement and a firm but gentle kick up the derriere to reassure me that I can get my body back and feel desirable again with a little hard work.

  68. Jessi Mostogl

    I’m a mum of two boys. Finding the time, motivation and encouragement to build my ideal self is so difficult. I used to be a triathlete and my dream is to get back there. I think this could really help me being surrounded by like minded people & close to work. I would love to rediscover my love for my body by improving my fitness, flexibility, strength & rebuilding my pelvic floor. I’ve heard so many great things about Pilates and loved it when I tried it in the past. I really need to get back to it and this might just be the motivation I need.

  69. Taylor

    Hi! I can’t wait for you to open in Launceston! I have done reformer pilates before and loved it!
    I have suffered poor posture and a bad back (desk job and hospo job ) for so long and need a way to improve my quality of life and regain my confidence back!

  70. Debbie

    I’m 54 and going through menopause for the last 4yrs I’ve just started to take control with some weight loss and looking for a way to feel and look better no GREAT!!!! So here I am

  71. Abbie

    Hi there
    Why a Reformer Pilates membership could help me?
    I have previously tried reformer Pilates interstate and loved it! I have been hoping for reformer Pilates in Launceston since moving back home, so I am very excited with the studio opening!!! I would love to do reformer Pilates regularly to work on improving my posture and tone my body overall. I have previously tried gym memberships and am yet to find the perfect Pilates studio! I have struggled with low energy levels and hope this will help in improving them and be a form of exercise that suits my body. I am hoping for something that will be relaxing and wholesome, but also give me a good work out!

  72. Alea

    I’d love to win because I’d love to do something to look after myself. With 2 kids in 2 years, it’s all about them while they are little. But I’m looking for something to strengthen and tone my body. I’ve done pilates before and it was fantastic. I’d love to do it again. I’ve got DR and loved how controlled pilates is so I can figure out my limits and not do more damage.

  73. Bec

    I took up Pilates 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my “baby”.
    Pilates changed my life and made me stronger. I even took up running and am fitter now than I have ever been; even before having kids.
    However, with working so often I am struggling to get to classes as often and it’s showing in the form of “niggles”.
    I know the solution…to return to Pilates more regularly. Best Body will be the solution because of the great class times. There are so many times to choose from that fit my current lifestyle. I can’t wait to go to classes multiple times a week so that I can feel even stronger and become an even better version of me.

  74. Angela Toohey

    Wow there is lots a fabulous reasons why ! I love it
    My reason is I’m putting my health first and it starts now . I’m a nurse and farmer , mother of three . Had an ankle reconstruction 18 months ago , back hiking but need to stretch better and the reformer is the ultimate way to do this . I want to move and stay active into old age .

  75. Natalie

    Hi I have been a fan of Pilates for years, it’s convenient and anyone of any fitness level can give it a go! I’ve been doing Pilates for around 10 years on and off (I find it hard to commit to an exercise routine when I don’t have set dates and times) and always feel refreshed and energised after a class, however I have never tried Pilates reformer before.
    I would say I’m not very fit, but I am fortunate to have one heck of a metabolism so have used Pilates as a way to tone up and have leaner muscles. I’m at the point in my Pilates journey where I need to take it to the next level to see more benefits and I think reformer at Best Body is the key to that journey!
    I’m so looking forward to starting classes and see my body become leaner, stronger and more defined.

  76. Nat

    Wow what an opportunity! Super excited about Best Body coming to our beautiful home town! I am approaching my 40th birthday and have neglected my poor body over the past few years resulting in bad posture and a weak core…I need your help!! The intense exercise I was doing to keep in shape 10 years ago doesn’t suit my mind, body and lifestyle now, resulting in low motivation and reluctance to train. I think reformer Pilates is just what I need to bounce back physically and mentally and become the the best possible version of myself for me and my family ❤️

  77. Jan Thorpe

    Don’t have a lot to say other than I would like some help putting my body back in shape I’m 60

  78. Julia Grantham

    Like a lot of women and I’m sure some of the other answers, I am keen to work on continuing to heal my body and find a new reality of positive body image post baby. After ivf, pregnancy and an emergency cesarean my body, especially my core, feels trashed! (And sloppy!) I haven’t found the time or motivation to really focus on healing my core since my daughter was born (embarrassingly she’s just turned one and my core has seen minimal love since she was born). Now as I’ve returned to work I’m trying to find a balance between work and family life, its also super important to me to find time to self care I believe best body can help me set and achieve body goals in a safe and realistic way. I love pilates and in the past it has certainly helped my back issues and helped me to take time out and relax all while having a positive impact on my health!

  79. Claire Playsted

    I would love to win this membership because I’m in a position where I am a role model to colleagues and students alike. I try really hard to show my colleagues that balance is really important in our roles as educators and that if you prioritise what is important, you can be busy and healthy at the same time. I already have a routine in place but it hasn’t involved Pilates since I left Melbourne 5 years ago. I would like some variety to help keep my motivation up and enable me to encourage those around me through my actions. Fingers crossed

  80. Fiona

    I’ve been waiting for Launie to open. I’m looking for that commitment for a better work life balance. A health and well-being goal for 2021.

  81. Stacey

    42yo always played high impact sport and loved it! Few years ago my knees decided enough was enough no cartilage left so whenever I try to exercise to get back on track my knees are swollen for 2 weeks from the impact so can’t do anything and then the cycle repeats. 2 young kids and I still want to be the active mum but body letting me down. Please help BB regular pilates might just be the answer!

  82. Zoe Mesman

    Reformer Pilates is the way forward to having the body you dream off without the aches and pains of putting yourself through strenuous hours in the gym!
    Having played 25 years of basketball abs recently having a baby my body is in need of a change.
    I completed a beginners course at another location and continue on with another location only to feel uncomfortable when forced to show in group situations the lack of abdominal strength to complete tasks.

    I wish to win a reformer membership in a respectful environment as I wish to be kind to my body after the years of high level sport and focus more on breathing, strengthening and lengthening my body. I wish to have some child free time to breathe, relax and work hard..

    I think it’s fantastic such a facility will be located in Launceston to help everyone on their best body journey

  83. Matula H

    I have just reached my late 30’s and have a body that is overweight and I find it very difficult to find love for myself. So many times over the last 10 years I have told myself I am going to take care of my self but with 2 jobs, children and a household to look after, I keep getting put on the back burner. But now my children are older I am ready to take back myself and my body.

  84. Tegan Hawes

    Thank you Tarryn for your message so I didn’t miss the email!

    I have really struggled to be motivated to do anything for myself since having my twin boys 1 year ago.
    I had a traumatic birth ending in an emergency c section and used recovery as an excuse for far too long.
    My boys have just started day care last month and now all of my excuses are gone. I now have someone caring for them and no physical reasons holding me back.

    I just need the push!

    I do not find joy in exercise and I have never been physically fit.

    This opportunity would give me the chance to take away the ‘spending money on myself’ guilt and hopefully open my eyes to what I am capable of while being held accountable.

    I want to set a good example to my boys that health is important and I need to work that out for myself while they’re still young.

    Please help me!

  85. Leigh wynne

    I’m 36 and told I would be in a wheelchair by now and would never have children. I’m a strong a determined mother who now has a beautiful 7 ur old girl who I need to be healthy for and show that no matter what obstacles are stacked against you, only you are in control of your happiness and outlook on life.
    I suffer from lupus, stage 4 endometriosis, full body reactive arthritis and Multiple sclerosis. All incredible painful and debilitating conditions.
    I know exercise is the key to me being the best that I can be for my family to try and bring the best quality of life I can to be there to support them as much as they do everyday for me. To be stronger mentally and physically to face the challenges each new day brings with my health.
    Finances are of course an issue and this would be a huge stepping stone for me and my family. Good luck to everyone entering along too. ☺️

  86. Nicole

    As part of my new me year, I’m wanting to do reformer Pilates to open my chest, realign my posture, take full breaths into my stomach, build core strength & lengthen/tone muscles. With a healthier body my anxiety/depression/stress will be manageable.

  87. Katrina


    I’m a single Mum nursing student and suffer bad back pain snd abdominal separation from a difficult birth. I tried reformer Pilates in Melbourne just after having my son and it really helped to strengthen my pelvic floor and improve my core and back muscles.

    I would absolutely love to start this again!


    • Nicole

      Hi Tarryn,
      I would love to win!! I work full time and am studying part time to get my pharmacy degree. Life at times (most of the time) is stressful and hectic. The past 12 months I have let ‘me time’ slip to the bottom of my priority list. I used to do yoga regularly at home which I loved (and still do when I can motivate myself). I have always wanted to give reformer a go and feel that if I were to be one of the lucky ones, it will help me find the motivation I need to get back to being me again – both mentally and physically.
      Also, it is my 39th birthday next week and this will help me towards my goal of being fabulous and 40 next year.

    • Rebecca Cahill

      I think we all want to find that certain kind of exercise that we see other people get excited about and think why don’t I feel like they do about getting on into an rpm bike class or bench pressing weights ! We’re all different i suppose is the key here and for me body balance represents something that I actually feel excited about to be apart of. I’m looking to change the way I feel about my body and exercise, and im excited to become the healthier, happier, stronger version of myself I know I can be.

  88. Janine Mahnken

    I am in my mid fifties and need to strengthen my core. I have had knee surgery which would also benefit.

  89. Mel

    Hi Tarryn,
    I am looking for way to ignite my passion in exercise again. Since having my daughter 4 years ago, yes 4 years. I have tried to motivate myself to get back into a health pattern and strengthen my body to be the best version of myself, not just for my family but for ME.
    I see Best Body as the best turning point for me. A place where hopefully, no judgement is passed and the staff and members make the environment inviting.
    This would be the best opportunity for me to schedule in time for ME, to work on ME, for ME. To strengthen my body and make myself feel better, look better and get back some of my body confidence.
    An opportunity to find ME so that I can inspire my daughter, all whilst improving upon my most important asset, my body.
    Thanks for this opportunity Tarryn. I look forward to visiting Best Body.

  90. Taylee

    Good morning,

    After having my third baby who is now 7 weeks old. I would love to begin to build more core strength so I’m not using my back all the time and learn to switch my core on instead. Overall I would be super keen to see how the reformer can tone and strengthen my body.
    Very excited

  91. Jo

    Hi Tarryn,
    This timing in my life could not be any better. After 2 kids and turning 40 I am really looking for an option for increasing my strength. I need an option where I’m not throwing my body all over the place doing burpees etc as I don’t have the strength to do this and it just results in more injuries. I really need something where I can really build on my core and strengthen my body safely starting small and building up. My shoulders and knees have been troublesome over the past few years and that has limited my ability to exercise. I can’t wait to be able to feel strong!!!

    • K Anderson

      Hi Tarryn
      I have always struggled to put myself first with my health and fitness. During COVID I finally had that opportunity to prioritise my fitness goals with my core and cardiovascular in mind, unfortunately I was only able to do that for 4 weeks before a car accident limited my ability to maintain my active lifestyle at the gym and other activities. I’ve been trying to make gym classes that focus of my core, whilst also working on my inner self esteem and happiness with my body but of course, I never get around to it. I’m making 2021 my year to reach my goals and Best Body would help me get there (especially when I’ve always wanted to do reformer pilates).

      Thanks for identifying the need in Launceston for reformer pilates.

  92. Leanda Stone

    I am a busy mum of 3 who has rediscovered the importance of me time and looking after my physical health and in return my mental health. I’d love the opportunity to try BB Pilates at the new Launceston studio. I have never trained Pilates style but I am very curious to mix up my weights and cardio HITT style training and try something new

  93. Tamika Jacobson

    I’m so excited for bb to be here in Launceston launching your amazing work with us
    I to am a mum of two beautiful girls
    I work part time
    And I don’t take time for me.
    I would love to be appart of the bb clientele as I would love to impve my health and lifestyle
    Pilates has always been an interest of mine since I was in college and working for a physiotherapist.
    I wish you all the best opening and hope to be a lucky winner

  94. Shekel Jalipa

    Heya – I’m so looking forward for reformer Pilates to come and open its doors in Launceston. A membership with best body will help me in so many different ways.

    It goes deeper than just shedding a few kilos off for me – it’s about gaining a deeper sense of knowledge about my body. I believe it’ll help ease the aches I experience throughout my body, like the hip pain I experience when squatting, knee pain when hiking and lumbar pain when bending and lifting.

    As a massage therapist, I know how important it is to look after your body. I also know by strengthening the body in a conscious way, my mobility will improve in which will help the aches and pains eventually ease. By looking after me, I will then be able to give more to clients, my community, relationships and just the people around me.

    I love the way Pilates also offers the coordination between breath and movement – I think it’s really important and reminds us all to slow down. After a challenging year last year, I’m ready to get back on track and really prioritise myself so I can be the best version of me ☺️

    • Cherene Moore

      Hello! I’m super keen to get into Pilates in Launceston and was excited to hear about BB.

      Currently pregnant with my second baby, I need to stay strong and fit, not only for labour, but also post birth so that I can run around with my family and not have to be on the sidelines.

      I love my family and I know that looking after myself is the first step to looking after them. Strengthening is also super important to me as I get pain on occasion and exercise is the only way to keep it away! A good reason to keep moving!

  95. Jacinta N

    Hi Tarryn, I would like to achieve and maintain my Best Body to help prevent injury in the future, and to help maintain a positive mindset. I am 35, a mum of two, I work full time and I have recently been advised Im postmenopausal..
    Having once played Volleyball for Australia I understand the importance of maintaining physical and mental health. Being 6″4 with old back injuries I find pilates amazingly supportive, muscle lengthening and conditioning for me. Plus I would make a great advocate for BB and pilates!

  96. Heather H

    Well we all have a past and like my arse I try to keep it behind me (ample as it is). Having reached level 51 in this game of life I have renovated some of my choices resulting in downsizing this organic casing I’m enclosed within. 1/3rd of the way towards my goal. I don’t say ‘lost weight’ as I’ve no intention to find it again. They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, or in my case a shuffle as some of my structural integrity is slightly compromised, due to past injuries. Honestly I have allowed the excuse of these injuries to keep me from regaining a better version of myself, physically, but no more I roar…ok more like meow but what cattitude. I so desire some re-engineering to fortify my structural integrity and from what I have read, and seen in others, Pilates seems to be the therapy fit for me. I’m especially curious about Reformer Pilates, not only because of the general ethos @ Best Body, but it appears I’ll not have to navigate the current challenges of extricating myself off of the floor. While there is breath there is hope. My fingers are as crossed as I hope, one day, to again be enabled to sit crossed legged on the floor as in days of yore 🙂

  97. Rowie Gibson

    Balance -mines laughable
    Energy – I need some
    Sociable – new friends
    Transform – new body (healthy)

    Backbone (bad posture pun)

    I suffered for ten years of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) so I often find certain genres of physically activity hard. I have tried reformer pilates before and LOVED the process. This is the year I want to transform my body (so I feel stronger) and transform my mind so I feel happier within myself.

    These are the key words I would like out of an opportunity like this. It’s 2021, a new year, the same me but a best body version of myself.

    Also I wanna build a booty so my friends can stop asking me what I sit on


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