Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body Innaloo soon to 100 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at our other locations, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at Innaloo for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you later this week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for Innaloo. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Josie

    To get a stronger core for my back and to lose weight.

    • Kylie Hutchinson

      I need reformer Pilates in my life again to improve my life as I suffer with fibromyalgia, bad posture which gives me such bad neck and back pain.
      My perfect body would be strong and pain free.
      I need someone who is experienced to help me improve my life
      So this competition would be a complete life changer to win

      • Lee Davies

        I would love to win the 6 month membership as I’m currently battling infertility and reformer Pilates has worked wonders for me already along this difficult journey. I’m due to complete my next IVF cycle in July 2020 and this would help me so much to prepare my body and give me the best chance possible to become pregnant- strengthening my core and helping me loose weight (IVF drugs pack on the pounds for me), I want to become the best body I can be for my Bub.

      • Name *

        Having had a cycling accident I have limited use in my left arm, I also have knee problems and have been told that Pilates should help me in all respects. Would love to win a few months free membership.

      • Beth Walkington

        Two kids, two c-sections and already I feel my body is falling apart I work. I have ZERO motivation for gyms due to feeling insecure and judged by others. Reformer Pilates is my 2020 calling!! To rebuild my core, to build long lean muscle mass, to feel sexy, to bring back Beth. Healthy body. Healthy mind. Reformer Pilates come at me!!!

      • Alison McGuinness

        Hi Tarryn,

        12 months after having my first baby I want to fall back in love with my body!! I need to improve my core strength to allow me to keep up with the demands of a busy life and a busy baby!
        Reformer Pilates was recommended to me by a friend and I am keen to work hard to get the results.

      • Margaret Sanges

        I’m a 62 yo woman with the mind of a 30 yo. But my aches and pains tell me every day that I’m 62! And I need to lose at least 10kgs coz I’m looking frumpish.
        I need my energy levels back and a hot body to go with this naughty mind.

      • Annie

        I absolutely love, love, love Pilates. I am an active person who loves a good sweat sesh and was hitting the gym, running etc until I discovered Pilates last year and have never looked back! I have never felt so strong, toned and balanced. Pilates not only pushes me physically, but it also helps my mental growth. When I go to Pilates, I get to unwind, relax and focus on me and feel so renewed after every session! Pilates has been a game changer for me and has helped me feel so much better about myself I would love this membership to improve my form and practise- I know the basics and would love to see how far I can push myself!!

    • Lara

      Reformer Pilates would compliment the current weight training. I have an ongoing battle with extremely tight hip flexors, so would love to work on that. I would also love to work on developing a stronger core and improving tone! I would love to win, I think reformer is such a great compliment to a healthier lifestyle!

      • Rebecca Ryan

        After breaking my ankle I have struggled to get back my fitness and motivation to get fit. I previously loved reformer pilates, but found traveling to subi or other places took too long out of my day. So I’m hoping a studio walking distance from my home, and next to my favourite coffee shop, will help me to get back in to shape.

        • Mik

          I would like to try reformer pilates to assist with building my sore strength and improving my posture. I suffer from chronic muscle tension and migraines which impact upon my daily life and ability to participate in my tasks. I am going reformer pilates can help me to be more healthy and to feel better daily.

          I have been struggling to find a type of exercise that is motivating for me, helps me to get fit and back into shape, builds my self confidence again and does not worsen my condition. I think reformer pilates could be the thing for me.

        • Natasha King

          Hi there

          I feel like 2020 could be my time to finally gain some self confidence back!!

          I’ve gained over 40kg and really let my fitness go since having my two kids, as seem to always focus my energy on them.

          My youngest daughter is starting fulltime school 2020 and I’ll finally have more ‘me’ time to achieve my goals.

          Would love to try pilates (friends doing it swear by it) and see if it can help me shape up and gain back some strength.

          Would so appreciate the opportunity!

      • Celene

        I am 5 months post partum and towards the end of my pregnancy I found exercise challenging and have been going super slow. I am really ready to work on my core strength and condition to assist in keeping up with my cherub, but also returning to shift work to build up stamina. I found it was great for my fitness but also my mental health. The downtime was a welcome reprieve.

        As a new client I live local to innaloo and dropped away from my previous studio due to location as well. I think it would be great to have just an hour of time to work on being the best I can.

      • Laura Thorpe

        Reformer Pilates will allow me to get a few hours to myself each week (mum of an 7 month old = zzz) allowing myself to get fit & happy for our wedding in September 2020.

    • Janine

      I’ve been lost in an exercise rut
      Not feeling motivated
      Loss of confidence
      Mixed in with a few health issues
      But working full time shift work, driving kids around, making sure everyone has clean clothes, good food and a clean house….
      Somehow I went to the bottom of the pile
      Sounds like a standard life of a working Mum. I’m no different.
      I’ve been searching for something I can connect with because once I start something I want to quietly challenge myself. I think it’s time I was off the bottom of the pile..
      I saw Best Body was opening in Innaloo
      Perfect location

      • Shenae

        I so need this!!!! I used to be an avid F45er but due to suffering from Gluteal Tendinopathy for over 12 months and no exercise I need to do something and reformer Pilates comes highly recommended. I feel like I need someone who is familiar with this tendinopathy and who can guide me back to feeling strong and pain free. I miss being able to exercise and feeling good!!

    • Joy Bray

      I am a senior and am finding that I am losing my mobility.With a long time back injury need to increase my core to help with this.

      • Natasha Ford

        Hi! I would love to win this membership so to help with ongoing mobility and bone issues. I had a severe accident when I was younger and fractured three vertebra in my back, broke all my ribs and shattered every bone in both my feet. As I’m getting older and working an office job my arthritis has gotten much worse and my back has limited movement due to my scoliosis developed after my accident. I know Reformer Pilates would make the world of difference to my daily pain and mobility issues!! Can’t wait for the studio to open 🙂

    • Jess

      I’m a stay at home Mum and my 2 kids will be in school as of next year. I’ve decided next year is the year I can work on being me again. I’ve suffered from crippling anxiety in the past and know exercise, in particular reformer pilates is what I need to build a stronger mind and body. I live down the road from the new Innaloo location and know this would be perfect for me!!

      • Patsy Putelli

        I have never done reformer Pilates and would love to give it a go. I have always
        done either yoga or Pilates but since having a operation on my knee that has left one leg over 12mm longer I can’t do either so I think this could help me in a huge way. I go regularly to gym and am restricted with what I can do as I need another knee op on other leg now. Your gym sounds cool and I would love to try it

    • Chris

      I have realised over the last 20 years in the fitness industry it’s time to focus on myself and look after my body. After suffering from sports injuries I want to be able to be movie for my family and be a role model to men that fitness does not just revolve around the stereotype of going to the gym to lift weights. I want to improve myself each and everyday and feel by increasing my core stents, mobility and holistic approach to fitness, will give me a better life.

    • Ale

      Reformer Pilates is the best workout I tried in my life. It helped me in define my body like nothing else. In this moment I am at home after an injury and not attending my work gym so a 6 month pass so close to my place will definitely play a key role in my rehabilitation.

    • Kendall Ferraro

      I suffer from chronic myofascial neck pain and have been doing Pilates with a physio every week for the last year to help; it has helped a fair bit so far. I know I would get more benefit if I could afford to go more frequently. This membership would help immensely to improve my quality of life in that respect. I would also like to become fitter and stronger like my old self, and this would be a great way to do it with more structured fitnees which will help keep me on track.

    • Andrea

      I would love to regain body confidence, reduce stress and improve sleep. I know Reformer Pilates would be the perfect solution to help create an awareness of my body, tone my muscles, reduce stiffness and improve my mental health as much as my physical health.

    • Kieta

      I only started at Best Body Reformer Pilates 2 months ago as I became pregnant and wanted a class I can go to to improve my flexibility, build strength all over and just feel like I have achieved something for my body and with Pilates I do that! I hope that after Bub is born continuing with Best Body will get me back to my Best Body pre mum life!

    • Nat

      I went through post natal depression and anxiety which led to weight gain and migraines. I feel my weight directly affects my mood too. With both my kids in school next year i will have the chance to go out an get fit. I feel my best self when I’m exercising.

    • Elana

      I’d love to win this 6 month free reformer Pilates membership!!
      This would help me gain more core strength, tone up, stretch & loosen my muscles & I’d love to lose some weight. I have bad back pain & muscle tension due to an accident I had many years ago & unfortunately still suffering. It would be amazing motivation to get me moving again. Winning this would be an incredible start to the new year & to help live a healthier lifestyle & get some confidence back!!

    • Tina Gilbert

      Lots of things have happened in my life over the past few years , a death , marriage break up , family falling apart … and it’s affected me greatly … my New Years resolution is to become a better stronger healthier me … so I can better deal with what life throws at me …. I’m ready it’s time for me to put myself first and find a stronger version of myself

    • Lisa Marshall

      I’m getting married at the beginning of March and would absolutely love this opportunity to look my best and feel super confident for my special day. I have a 4yr old and a 10 month old and would love to get back into shape and see my muscles again

    • Bina

      This would be a life changing for me to allow me to be more flexible and remove certain back pains and period pains that are getting worst over time. I want to re build whom i used to be 15 years ago and show others that this Reformer Pilates really works. It would be a great start to 2020

    • Michelle

      I would love this to help with my recovery from a reoccurrence of Breast Cancer. I had my lattisimi Dorci muscles removed April 2018 and need to stretch and work on the surrounding muscles. Would be awesome and I’d be very grateful

    • Debbie Greig

      I am just starting a spiritual journey with Dr Joe Dispenser that will be daily meditations and affirmations to work towards becoming a better version of myself, I believe the benefits of Pilates will complete the triangle.

    • Gemma

      I am 6 weeks pregnant and would love to be able to get into Pilates when the morning sickness subsides! I’d really like to try a no drugs approach to this pregnancy and I think Pilates will helps both mentally And physically. I tend to rage due to hormones when pregnant so having an outlet like Pilates would be amazing to keep calm and relaxed 🙂

  2. Katherine

    How exciting! I had a breast reconstruction earlier this year (made from my tummy fat). My core strength has deteriorated and I want to get back to feeling strong and healthy 🙂

    • Helen

      At my age it is time to get serious about keeping up core and body strength.

      • Michelle Schoeman

        I have suffered with a lower bad injury from a car accident for years. I did Pilates with my physio but once a fortnight is just not enough. As the years go on I find that regularly core exercise helps but I’m not confident going into these muscle type gums as I feel like I’m getting judged constantly. I honestly believe that the results people rave about with Best Body studios you will be able to help me gain confidence again in not only myself but with my body because as I struggle with lower back pain I tend to draw away from exercise more as I feel like nothing will help. The expertise of your trainers and 4 sessions a week I believe will have me jumping with joy sooner rather than later. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and hopefully give me life back beyond back pain

        • Natalie

          After suffering a bulging disc injury on my lower back I have been forced to stop the heavy weight training & encouraged to follow Reformer Pilates from my Physician. I want to increase my back and core strength so I can still live an active lifestyle with my family and be a positive role model for them. Remembering that this circumstance does not define me and channel my inner supermum powers!

    • Mandy

      Winning a 6 month membership would get me back into the habit of making some time for me. My youngest is starting school next year & I haven’t exercised properly in far too long, I don’t really know where to start & am nervous about it but I really need to! My fitness has been off the priority list for too long & my health has suffered for it, so bring on 2020! 🙂

    • Kendyll

      I have recently just moved to Innaloo from Nth Qld and really just want to find the perfect routine. Reformer provides the toning and strength my body needs as well as the clarity and balance my mind wants. I’m also hoping I’d be able to meet some other like-minded friends through the studio. I think it would provide me with the best start to settle into my new WA life!

  3. Tiffany

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me gain the body I always think about and want. Since becoming a mum Ive let myself go and have no core, no strength and a bad back. This will be my escape each week to look after myself, to make myself feel good, to help me bring back happiness within myself. A bonus will be gaining muscle and losing jiggle!

  4. Cassie

    I did reformer pilates up until 36 weeks when I was pregnant just over a year ago and it was the best thing ever. 1 year post baby and I’m ready to get back into it again! 1 to regain some muscle tone and mobility back into this body of mine & bonus to be able to loose a bit more weight, 2 to get some me time back, it’s time for me to do something just for me!

    • Jasmin Smith

      Hi Tarryn,
      Thank you for this opportunity! My story is I was born with hip dysplasia which was disgnosed at age 13, I have had an operation to put a ‘shelf’ on my hip joint to prolong the life of the hip and prolong the need for a hip replacement for the next 10-15 years. I am happy I have now reached the 15year mark since my operation and I don’t need a hip replacement just yet, which is great because I want to prolong this for as long as possible.
      As a result of this disorder and operation I have had a weak left leg, with lots of muscle wastage particularly in my left thigh and left glutes and it can be quite painful in my hip area and also right down my left leg.
      I have been doing reformer Pilates over the last 6 months to try and strengthen my whole body but in particular my left leg and hip to try and reduce the ongoing pain and improve the strength and mobility of my hip. I am slowly seeing an increase in muscle size and my left leg is slowly becoming closer to the size of my right leg and gaining a lot of strength.
      It is important for me to continue doing reformer Pilates to maintain the health and longevity of my hip to minimise ongoing pain and to put off a hip replacement for as long as possible.
      At the moment I have done your classes as part of class pass, but I think that a consistent membership would benefit me because I would be working with the instructors regularly and they would develop a better understanding of any limitations and where this can be managed or exercises modified.
      I do find it can be easy to aggravate my hip when I try new exercises that might target the area. This can leave me limping for a week or two and unable to exercise. I think consistency would help prevent this.
      So far doing reformer my awareness of my body has improved greatly, and this has helped me listen to my hip in particular and take note of what it does and doesn’t like or when to not push it as far. So far I have found reformer Pilates has been very beneficial to me.
      Thank you

  5. Jessica Rodin

    Hey!! I’ve only recently found an interest in exercise in the last couple years. I have really enjoyed how it has made me feel and noticed the way it has changed body. I have had a few injuries and have been told that Pilates would be best thing to strengthen my core but I haven’t found a studio that I love yet. I’ve had a lot of big changes in my life this year and have used exercise to help me through it and would love to continue this fitness journey at your studio!

  6. Teri

    I suffer with inflammatory arthritis and Reformer Pilates is hugely benificial for me as i cannot tolerate other forms of exercise. I really want to work on my core strength and build my muscles up and im looking forward to feeling strong and whole again.
    I also am not happy with my body the way it is and am excited to start to transform it.

  7. Traci

    I have always wanted to try reformer Pilates, I have 3 kids so wanting to give it a go to help with my back and neck problems. Plus, It seems like a great chance to gain some muscle tone and slim down abit! Will be great to win this to have a bit of alone time to work on myself for once!

  8. Ebba Collinson

    For the last 3 years I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding.
    I had my first son in 2017 and breastfed for a year, I then fell pregnant again before losing that baby at 26 weeks. In October 2019 I gave birth to my second son (which I’ve decided is my last child) and I’m currently breastfeeding him.
    My body hasn’t been solely mine and
    I’ve lost my relationship with it, both physically and mentally.
    I don’t like the look or feel of my body and I’m just no longer as confident as I once was.
    As cliche as it may be, one of my New Years resolutions is to be a stronger, healthier, happier version of myself and I feel a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help kick start that.

    • Rosemary Dowell

      I need reformer pilates as I have had a really bad back and I think reformer pilates will help improve my general fitness and help get the back better. Need to get back into exercise after a really long exhausting year and to top it off no exercise as my back has been so crap.

    • Amanda

      I am looking to change my life through excersie and gain confidence, strength and happiness! I believe that reform pilaties would be very challenging but an enjoyable way to get strong and healthy!

  9. Louise

    I did Reformer Pilates at The Pregnancy Studio until 34 weeks. Not only did I feel amazing but my chronic back pain also disappeared. Now baby is 6 weeks old I’m looking forward to joining my local Best Body (Innaloo) and get back in shape and continue to strengthen my core to assist my back pain.

  10. Sarah Ware

    After been forced into giving up long distance running from injury but desperate to keep strong and healthy, reformer Pilates seems to be the next step to this feeling

  11. Kasi Broomhall

    Health to me is both a feeling and a result. A best body membership will help bring stability, balance and strength into both my body as well as my mind. Working a desk job all day, having a place to go that focuses on my whole health is my focus for 2020 and beyond.

    • Leah Halbwirth

      Hi Tarryn, I’ve always had a sit down desk job and so had a lot of issues with my glutes, back and neck. My reason for wanting to try pilates is so that I can strengthen my body and try to prevent these issues in the future. I would really love to get healthy and achieve a level of fitness and strength where I can use it in all aspects of my life.

      • Monica

        I joined Happy Physio post shoulder surgery and in my journey to fitness as I set a post op goal to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp. With the help of your wonderful Pilates instructors,I achieved this last year & did get the Best Body experience. Now, with an ankle injury, I have let my fitness lapse.

        Not being employed for the past 6 months this membership means I could get back into Reformer as I want to return to Nepal to work as a volunteer.
        So thank you for the opportunity – it would mean the world.

    • Lisa Floan

      I was unfortunately involved in a motor vehicle roll over many years ago and broke my neck in two places. I spent many months in hospital and had to learn to walk again. I was also pregnant when this happened to me. Since then I have had multiple spinal issues and have seen many professionals. I currently participate in floor pilates and find that has been an overwhelming help with my pain management and movements. Whist I have restrictions on many of my movements, I am also grateful for everything that my body does for me. It would be wonderful to try something different and yet still stay with the pilates family of exercise

  12. Emma Chuck

    I have a two year old and work 4 days a week so I would really love to get back into shape and work on my core and to have some time to myself because I’m feeling really burnt out at the moment. I loved doing Pilates before I had my daughter but unfortunately with children the cost of living increases and I had to stop doing the one thing I loved due to the cost. I love how Pilates strengthens you, makes your muscles lean and feeds the mind and soul. It also is the funnest and quickest way to tone up which I really need as the older I get the harder it gets! I would love to try for another baby this year but I really need to work on my core and get that back to how it used to be to make the process easier and to also get some extra energy which I desperately need. I believe every woman should do Pilates it really is the best and the results are outstanding! I have heard great things about Best Body so would love to try it and the new Innaloo location is on my way to and from work so it’s perfect! Congratulations on another location that is a great achievement.

    • Verna

      As I scrolled down the page to submit my comment I saw many others suffer from the same problems I need help for. Fibromyalgia with chronic pain, lack of core strength, headaches etc.
      My Rheumatologist said my back is a mess and we will ‘talk surgery’ soon. I am a senior and feel surgery is risk taking so I want to strengthen and stretch my back muscles to help support my spine…but I need your help.
      Also, I would love to strengthen my stomach muscles so I can feel confident swimming in public again.

  13. Annabel

    I have been visiting another pilates studio for one year. I started reformer pilates to strengthen my core after two babies and also provide mental health benefits- 2 young children means i need regular breaks for my sanity! I only go to reformer pilates twice a week and my goal for 2020 is to step it up to three and work harder on abs series which is still the weakest part of any class for me

  14. Jessica Anna Lee

    I think Best Body Pilates could be the perfect option for me. I want something strengthens and tones my body but also something that works deeper than that… Like inner self – my mind and breathing.
    Increasing all over strength and flexibility are my main goals and I think this fit into my goals perfectly!

  15. Kelly Caniglia

    I Just had a baby 7 weeks ago so I’d love to work on pelvic floor, core and also muscle tone. Very keen to get back into exercise and feel good again!

  16. Kelly Sampson

    Thank you!
    The opportunity to come to Best Body Innaloo for six months would be life changing.. The unique environment you have created will no doubt bring change into my life.. not only physically but as they say, for the mind body and soul. Upon my first visit, there was a sense of comfort and the positive mind set that I can actually be healthy and happy again.. I truly think we all want this in our lives.
    New Years Resolution (for this year and the past) will have a big tick next to it, I would be forever great full to win this incredible opportunity.

  17. Kristie brown

    For the last 5 years I have had issues with my back. Been to physio, chiro and lots of remedial massages. Through the small amount of sessions in reformer Pilates I have found the issues with my back are connected to my legs. I have had 2 ankle reconstructions which has left my legs weak. My last operation was August 2018 and I have had so many back issues since. I have found the reformer sessions fantastic it has not only been the only way I have been able to identify why I have so many back problems but already I feel stronger have more energy and toner. 2020 is a huge year for me I am getting married in May and if my back is stronger I can do more physical exercise again which for my metal health is super important as well as my physical health. We are also trying to buy our first house so it’s been hard to balance budgets with health and well being. I believe best body can help me not only achieve my goals for a stronger body but fitter and happier me.
    Thank you

  18. Danae Jeavons

    I have never been a real sporty or fit person nor enjoyed sports. I think Reformer Pilates would actually be something I enjoy and would get a lot of benefit from as I have zero core and do suffer with back issues, so would love to strengthen my whole body and get fit and healthy. As I am far from healthy right now.

  19. Tracy

    I’m trying to do more for myself this year. I’ll be cutting down to part time hours to be more present with my child but also want to use the extra time I have to do something positive for my health. I have scoliosis and know Pilates will help my core strength to improve my back.

  20. Trina Reilly

    I have a neck injury and it’s impact has been quite significant but I’m over it! I need to desperately lose weight, get strong, gain flexibility and start prioritising me and my health. No more excuses. I’ve done reformer Pilates before and loved it so want to do this again.

  21. Charlotte Milne

    I’m halfway through my pregnancy with our first child and I’m currently working out at The Pregnancy Studio twice a week. Once bubs is here I’d love to continue this at the Innaloo studio and increase my sessions so that I can continue to feel the mental and physical strength that Pilates has given me. I love the fact that Best Body creates such a calming atmosphere where exercising feels like a treat. Pilates has improved my body composition, posture and mental resilience. I absolutely adore it and it’s something I want to continue for the rest of my life.

  22. Carolyn

    I broke my ankle 3 months ago after never have had an injury ever. Such a complete shock! This has motivated me to now get right into fitness as I have taken my health for granted up until now. I want to be fit and strong going into my 50’s. Core strength is the foundation and I feel like Pilates is the right exercise for me to undertake.. I’d love to win this prize.

  23. Rosie

    I haven’t done any exercise since having my daughter 6 months ago so a Best Body membership would be perfect to help me get back on track and to build my strength, muscle tone and confidence. When I was pregnant I did pilates at the North Perth studio and it made me feel energised and empowered. I would love to feel like that again!

  24. Ruth Balcke

    I have been travelling from Innaloo to south perth just to go to a best body studio I had been resisting Pilates for so long and was an intense exercise I had so many injuries and was always exhausted! I was seeing the Chiro 2x per week After only doing Pilates and walking my body has started to feel better and it has only been a month! I would love the opportunity to continue to rebuild my body and at a studio closer to home and feel the best I have ever felt in 2020 Thankyou so much!

  25. Madison Gannon

    I am a nurse at work and am keen on the outdoors at home. A best body reformer pilates membership would help with my daily aches and pains. Developing strength and resilience in my muscles will improve my stamina and ability in work and at home. I maintain a regular massage routine for muscle complaints in my back, Id love love love to see a pilates routine reduce this.

    I have tried to run, gym and play team sports after work but I do find it a little fatiguing at the end of the week.
    Before now Ive tried pilates classes and I have felt the challenging and rewarding flow of the practice. A colleague suggested The Best Body studios as a great outlet for a friendly and fun environment to exercise. So, this membership competition will make pilates part of my routine to improve my mind and body in the new year

  26. Sandra Johnston

    I think Best Body Reformer Pilates would change my outlook on life and exercise. I currently suffer from lower back pain and neck problems. I want to be the best mum and teacher I can possibly be. I need routine and expert training to help motivate and encourage me in my goals. Thank you for offering opportunities to everyone.

  27. Nikki

    I am about to have baby number two and believe reformer will be the safest and most effective way for me to build strength and regain core post baby!

  28. Victoria Kerrigan

    I’ve always benefited so much from practising Pilates at crucial parts in my life, after my car accident, pre & post partum. It suits my body, mood and overall fitness. From moving around so much I’ve not found a convenient studio, until NOW. Thanks for opening up & gracing Innaloo. Cannot wait to experience. Much love xox

  29. Megan

    I would love the opportunity to try Pilates. I was a professional dancer up until my early 20s when basic Pilates was just being introduced to the world and loved how I felt after a class. Since then I have tried many fitness avenues but in the last two years have fallen off the wagon with a 9 year old and 11 year old running them around to after school activities they enjoy and working full time when my husband lost his job my me time and affordability for something I would enjoy went out the window! The last two years I have gone up two clothing sizes and now hitting 40 and getting premenopausal symptoms I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I work next door to the Innaloo branch opening up and once I saw it was a Pilates company got very excited! I would really love the opportunity to get back into Pilates for my core, flexibility and most importantly my overall well being mind, body and soul!

    • Leanne Mellon

      I have dabbled in reformer for a few months but have never had the chance to commit to a studio. I grew up with a Dancing background and mat Pilates was a key component to our weekly schedule. Since moving to Perth and not completing these regular classes I have noticed a massive change in my core strength leading onto lower back pain. I now work in a high stress job with shift work and do a lot more sitting than I ever have before and feel that reformer would help me so much in reducing this pain and getting my back to my normal self, as well as aid in a method of relaxation to keep my mental health in check! I have started to suffer greatly with pain in my SI joint and have tried several means to fix this with minimal change. Im at the point where I will try anything to try and fix this. I would love the opportunity to join best bodies Innaloo and I feel this would be a great way to achieve this!

  30. Debbie Borrello

    I have been doing reformer pilates for the last two years, sometimes I struggle but I know that without it I know I wouldn’t be able to walk as well as I do today. I have chronic arthritis, the physios and the fabulous trainers are always encouraging, I can’t give up even though it is a struggle financially. I continue to increase my core strength, support the joints,increase my flexibility and change my outlook on life. My mind has opened to so many different life choices about my body and how I choose to live it. Looking forward to the opportunity to do that a little closer to home.

  31. Teraza

    I have a “ sit down “ job. My gluts , my lower back , my quads and my hips get ridiculously sore . I have been unable to gain much relief from chiro , personal exercises nor massage . I try my best to do my daily stretches , but As I am getting older , I’m finding it near impossible to gain control of this constant pain . I want to be able to feel free in these areas again . To be able to sit comfortably on the lounge of an evening and then go to sleep without the burning feeling through my quads that keeps me awake for hours on end . I’m at a point where my body is telling me I need to exercise and I need to do it well ! The opportunity to embrace Pilates reformer classes to tackle my pain would be incredible and received with such love & gratitude !

  32. Flavia Pinfold

    I have gone off track with my fitness (as most people do) and I really need to get back into a regular routine of building my strength; supporting my core for my lower back issues and increasing my energy levels. I know that as you get older you need to work even harder to maintain your health and recommitting to a regular exercise routine is the first step! Including reformer Pilates in that routine is what I need!

  33. Zoe Loton

    Hi! I’ve been a member of the Leederville studio for the last 5 months but want to move across to the Innaloo studio because it’s closer to home! I absolutely love best body Pilates and normally attend the mum and bub classes. I joined after having my first baby to try and get back into shape and specifically help with my pelvic floor and other muscles which changed during pregnancy. Not only have I strengthened my pelvic floor muscles to be better than ever I have also become stronger and more toned! Pilates is not only an amazing physical workout It’s also great for the mind and practising mindfulness. The instructors and other members make the space welcoming, challenging and fun!

  34. Rosalba Bottega

    My girlfriend (Lea Green) raves about Best Body Pilates and living in Stirling I’ve been waiting for Bestbody to open nearby. I’m so excited to start reformer Pilates. I’ve just turned 50 and completed a body transformation 6 week program after not exercising for years. I’m now motivated to strengthen my inner core and build strength. I would greatly value any expert guidance, support and advise that you can give me to help this 50 year old body be 45 again.

  35. Meg

    I really need this. I suffer from anxiety as a result of workplace bullying. This has caused jaw clenching at night which has resulted in neck and back tightness. So much so I am not working at the moment. I have lost motivation, stopped going to the gym, put on weight (particularly around my stomach, thighs and arms), have low self esteem and don’t really leave the house. I feel alone, broken, sad and hurt.

    I feel disconnected and it in impacting my quality of life and day-to-day functioning. I experience physical symptoms of panic attacks, hot and cold flushes, racing heart, tightening of the chest, quick breathing, restlessness, or feeling tense, wound up and edgy. I also have issues of excessive fear, worry, catastrophizing, or obsessive thinking. This makes me avoid situations that make me feel anxious which have impacted my work and social life.

    My physio and Doctor have suggested Pilates to help. Being unemployed I cannot afford it.

    I avoid the gym because it’s too busy. So I want to go somewhere, where I can be around a small group of people, strengthen and tone my body while at the same time working on calming my mind and breathing. I hope that it will increase my energy levels and reduce the physical tightness and anxiety.

    If I won this I could attend. I feel a Pilates membership will force me to leave the house. I want to be happy again, be proud of me at get rid of all the negativity from the bullying. I’ll be able to get fit again and improve my well-being, I can make new friends in a new environment and have a sense of community. It will encourage me to focus on me and being my best self. Hopefully this will set me on the right path and see me improve mentally and physically and emotionally and eventually return to employment.

    I want to do something that puts me and my health and wellness first and for me that gives back to me. I know that Pilates will work together with my other treatments to build a strong mind and body. I want to empower myself using a holistic approach and work out a plan of where I want to be in the future.

  36. Zoe green

    To help get control of my mental health and start feeling good about myself and my body. Have always wanted to do reformer Pilates

  37. Kylie Bertelli

    Hi, I’m 51 years old and like to think I’m quite fit and healthy. I try to eat well and do cardio based training 5-6 times a week. Pilates is something I’m very interested in to see how it would change the toning and strength of my body.

  38. Neisha

    I wanted to do Pilates for many years but the cost factor impeded this opportunity, as medical issues always came first.
    I can’t touch my toes, and I’d like to be able to do that without pain.
    My back has trigger points that fire off with regularity and cause pain. Perhaps Pilates can help reduce that by improving muscle mobility?
    I am also after a tummy that doesn’t wobble. Core strength that disappeared after having children and I’m over the ‘Mummy Ledge’, as I call it. Can Pilates help with that too?
    I’m not after the perfect body, just want one that doesn’t hurt, that feels good and is flexible.

  39. Clare Sigrist

    I need reformer Pilates in my life for a few reasons, to improve my core strength and posture to help ease my chronic neck and back pain, as time out from my busy life, raising 2 children and working as a midwife/nurse and lastly, it is something just for me that nourishes my soul and is good for my mental health.

  40. Charmaine Horne

    I did Pilates before having a child five years ago. I really enjoyed it even though I felt very uncordinated and awkward sometimes. It helped my back and neck pain immensely and made me feel somehow free in my body, like I could move easily. I really miss that. I have become very sedentary and scared to exercise because I’m embarrassed about my weight and whether I can still do it. I would love to be able to try Pilates again close to my home to have a chance to feel better in myself.

  41. Jasmine

    I normally keep a fairly active and healthy lifestyle, and now being 26 weeks pregnant I am bracing myself for the changes that are happening to my body. I hope that a reformer Pilates membership will help my body be in the best condition possible for birth and help my recovery afterwards. I’m someone who NEEDS regular exercise to maintain good mental health, and I’m a bit worried about losing this once bub comes. A membership would help me by providing a regular postnatal exercise and recovery routine which otherwise might be difficult to maintain once life gets a little crazy and sleepless!

  42. Sarah

    I had a skiing accident which I broke my leg and I did Pilates to rebuild my leg muscles years ago.I love Pilates and need to work on my core and pelvic floor. It is the best all over exercise you can do for mind and body- reformer Pilates is amazing.

  43. Jasmine

    Im fairly active and I have tried all types of exercise except Pilates and I don’t seem to be getting the results to reach my ‘best body’ goals. I have terrible core strength and injured myself a couple of years ago doing a dead lift so I’m now scared to lift heavy weights and can’t run like I used to due to lower back pain. I’m excited to try reformer Pilates to strengthen my core, lower back and develop a stronger mindset to achieve my fitness and health goals.

  44. Deanna

    I would love to get back into looking after myself after 2 back to back pregnancies! Plus the new innaloo location is super convenient and close!

  45. Christine

    To regain not just physical strength but mental strength I’ve lost through tiredness and juggling ‘mum’ stuff. To find myself again, to be stronger and happier in me for me.

  46. Sue Sergeant

    Hi Taryn

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this comp.

    Love to win this comp for two reasons:

    1. Love Pilates for a healthy body – awesome – currently do reformer Pilates

    2. I’ve lived locally for over 30 years and love to support small business in our area. Well done to you.

    Thx for the opportunity.

  47. Jean

    I have put myself on the back burner for a long time with a million and one excuses. BB would be the perfect environment to build confidence and believe in myself that I can achieve great things, with the results to boot! The community, health and feel good moments are all the positive things my life is currently lacking, I’m more than excited to start my BB journey!

  48. Hannah

    I would love to do Reformer Pilates as I have a chronic back issue and suffer from sciatica. I’m a Nurse and feel I could really benefit from strengthening my back and core.

  49. Roslyn Martino

    I have been doing Reformer Pilates once a week to improve my core and help with lower back and neck pain. This has been great, however current place not doing this class anymore. I would like somewhere close so I can attend more classes per week that are in the morning and I can still get to work on time. Attending more classes per week will really help to continue with strengthening my core and having less back and neck pain. Looking forward to joining Best Body Pilates.

  50. Nicole

    I have 18 month old (beautiful) twin bubbas. I love being a mum but I have put my own health and well-being on the back burner since they were born. 18 months of sleep deprivation and mummy duties and I feel the unhealthiest I’ve ever felt emotionally, mentally and physically.
    I would love some me time… to work on my core and overall tone my body.
    Reformer Pilates was always my happy place and I found I achieved my best body when doing the classes. I would LOVE to get back into exercise and this would be the greatest opportunity to take that step.

  51. Andrea Boots

    I’ve been active with Boot camps and also Reformer Pilates. Although I have recently had a bad patch health wise and have been unable to workout. Pilates increased not only my strength but also my confidence. I find the exercises to be suitable for anybody at any age. With the Innaloo location open it would be a lot more convenient for travel time too.

  52. Lauren Danker

    Now getting into my forties I know the importance of keeping active and the mental benefits of exercise and so I aim to exercise at least 3 times a week because I feel good. I have also realised as I’m getting older that (yeah okay I’m not that old!) the way your body responds and feels about certain types of exercises changes. The things I did in my thirties running, jumping etc no longer feel good when I’m doing them. Pain free exercise that gets the heart rate up and stimulates the brain with different moves on a supported carriage that can be used to shape and tone for a full body workout is my future perfect exercise world. I have been doing a pilates based exercise class for 2 years now and I love it and my body responds well to this type of exercise. I am a stickler for getting bored with exercise and giving up after a time but pilates practices and working on cores strength, stability, flexibility never gets stale. I started a reformer class about 5 years ago when reformer was something noone was talking about in Perth at a studio in Applecross. The travel became an issue and so hearing a studio was opening up close to home has peaked my interest again. I would love the opportunity to be part of the innaloo best body pilates studio and hopefully kick start this by winning one of these amazing offers. Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂 Working toward my best body ever and hopefully with your help!

  53. Miki Polglase

    At my age keeping flexible and having good core strength is vital as well as keeping on top of my weight problem , Pilates I feel is the way to go , can’t wait

  54. Michele Sharp

    I am 9 months post a second TKR and having to go back for a full revision on the first one… the prospect of3 full TKRs in 2 years is a bit wearying on a 51 year olds body! I would love the opportunity that a membership at Best Body Innaloo would give me to literally get the Best Body for me- strong, healthy and functional.

  55. Rachel

    I had my second bub 3,5 months ago and, as during my first pregnancy, ended up with diastasis recti. I’ve been doing exercises from home to help strengthen my core but would love to get started with Pilates to help me with this

  56. Caroline Trenfield

    Hi Taryn, I am a carer and also have a full time career which adds a lot of stress into my life. I constantly have a bad back, sore shoulders and looking to build up my muscle strength (particularly core muscles) to fix my physical wellbeing which in turn keeps my mental well being healthy. If I look after myself and stay well I am in a better position to look after my husband. Thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Grace

    Reformer Pilates is one of the few things that grounds, relaxes and chills me out. I was always skeptical until I tried it this year. The way it makes my body feel by the strength it builds and the mental clarity and results driven sense of achievement it gives me is addictive!
    As a hyperactive, always on the go young women who happens to also be a Registered Nurse in a very busy acute hospital, I often demand far more from my body than what it can always deliver. Physical strength, conditioning and fitness is vital for my job. While mental clarity, calmness and time to myself is vital for me to maintain a work life balance. Reformer Pilates was something I found that finally offered me both of these things in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. So as I aim to live my best life possible, my fingers and toes are crossed that I hit the jack pot here

  58. Heidi Mason

    After having a baby a year ago I have been super slack! Going for walks along the coast is just not cutting it anymore now that I am well into my 30s and have a mum tum! I sustained a neck injury (C5 & C6) from repetitive work about 2 years ago. Even though it has mostly healed now, I have noticed that when I am fit and had a stronger core I had less pain all over, including my neck.
    I would benefit hugely from going back to reformer pilates! It will strengthen my core (helping with my active toddler), help strengthen my neck muscles to relive the stress off my injury and hopefully help me lose my yummy which is hanging around way longer than it should!
    This would give me the push I need to get back into exercise and also give me some ‘Me Time’ which I often forfeit these days to do things for others.

  59. Ange Elton

    Hi Tarryn
    Best body Pilates will help me have the opportunity to do something for myself and my own wellbeing. I love that’s it’s low impact as my knees aren’t the greatest. Looking forward to fitness , core strength, better flexibility, healthy mind . Improving my overall fitness and lets face it weight loss. Thankyou Ange

  60. Nicole

    Hi Tarryn, I would really like to feel strong again. I have recently come out of a relationship where my partner suffered with severe depression, and the last few years have had no time available to invest in my own health. I have spent a lot of time this year rebuilding myself in all areas except my physical health. I would love to make this a priority in 2020, and would love to see what Best Body Reformer Pilates can do for my mind, my soul as well as my body 🙂

  61. Libby Sudden

    I think a membership will help me as I have always wanted to commit to become a better version of myself and have more self love however felt like my weight in the past was always an issue for me personally, having now lost a lot of weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I am learning more about self love and how important it is, so I want to become an even better me, to achieve this Pilates will help tone and strength and focus on my mental well being along with the amazing team that you guys have. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!

    • Toni Gardner

      I hope I’m not too late to have your consideration for this most excellent offer!
      My story is probably like most others- lose weight, core strength, getting older, aches and pains etc. Getting older sux. Rewind many years, during my ballet heyday, I found pilates (circa 1997) and moved from NZ to Sydney to train with Romana Kryzanowska - she was absolutely amazing!! I found for years later, every time I went back to pilates, my body loved it! Recently though, I have not been loving my body back – (not to mention the other excuses i have made to myself and others which have made me lazy ). 2020 & it’s time to think about me again and do something I love and get so many gains from. I might start to love me again too.
      Pilates- good for my body and my spirit.
      Thanks for the opportunity! Happy New Year!

  62. Michelle Reilly

    I’ve recently fractured 3 ribs (6 weeks ago) and just starting to move about again in pain but need serious help in assisting to build up muscle my strength again correctly. I’ve never been so injured and would love to “reform” properly.

  63. Nikki

    I think that with the consistency of Pilates through a membership will help me improve my flexibility and core strength. I have struggled to maintain these things as I have not committed to a membership in the past. I would love to increase strength in my shoulders and neck so that I do not have to continue seeing a chiropractor.

  64. Talitha Simons

    I started reformer pilates at the pregnancy studio, and after giving birth to my first baby I would really like to regain some strength in my core. I really loved going to the pregnancy studio and reformer pilates helped me to fall back in love with exercise. My aim would be to lose some weight, build my fitness and tone my body to a point where I feel comfortable again.

  65. Mary

    Reformer Pilates would be a wonderful to help strengthen my gluteal muscles and bless for long distance walking in September 2020

  66. TJ

    It would be amazing to win a 6 month membership as we are currently undergoing IVF and is quite expensive
    Having this membership would assist with weight lose, toning but more importantly assist with my well being both mentally and physically
    It would prepare my body for any chance of a successful cycle by toning, strengthening my core and working on my pelvic floor
    Thank you

  67. Amy

    After giving birth last year I learnt just how strong my body is. My mindset switched from how my body looks to what my body can do. Pilates helped me prepare for birth and manage the increasing demands pregnancy was placing on my body. It was strengthening muscles I had no idea I would even need! I was very lucky to be able to have the birth I had planned; natural, in the water and surrounded by my amazing team. Whilst luck certainly played a part, I also think pilates helped prepare me, not only physically but mentally. Now on the other side, having a young one places different demands on my body and my body has been through a lot. It is different now, a different shape, weaker in some ways, stronger in others. Returning to pilates for me would not only help to rebuild my strength but also help me reconnect to me. The me separate from being a mum, separate from long nights and breastfeeding, allowing those precious minutes dedicated to just me. Even as I write this some tears appear, I love being a mum, but it has been a while since my body was mine and I was prioritised. Whilst I wouldn’t have had it any other way, I am ready to take some me time. Pilates has had such a big impact on my mind and body in the past and I need it now more than ever. I want to be able to move with ease as I lift and carry my young one, I want to be able to run and play without pain or discomfort, I want to be able to sit at the end of a long day without back pain and throw my little one in the air with joy. I want to be able to see my body as strong and sexy again. But alas it is a tough gig for new mums, as maternity leave is a big change to finances. This has meant I have not been able to jump back in just yet. I am just waiting and trying home practice until it becomes a viable option again, which will be soon I am hoping, but a chance to get back in now would mean the world to me. And with Innaloo opening it is closer to me than ever! I am ready for my best body, whilst slightly different goals now (improved core strength, stronger arms and more flexibility), the journey there looks the same – PILATES!

  68. Melissa

    Thank you for the opportunity Tarryn. After 10 years of putting myself on the back burner so to speak, I am finally taking steps to get fit and strong again.
    I am focusing on a regular fitness routine and this offer would help greatly in both committing and achieving this goal.
    I’ve already booked an assessment at Trigg early Jan.
    I need my kids to see it’s not just working and running our household that mum can do, it’s showing them I am going to get healthy by setting goals and routines for us all so I can do this. I’m looking forward to having core strength and improved posture and being part of a like minded community at the Innaloo studio.

  69. Alison Yearsley

    Hi Taryn,

    I would like to win the Reformer Pilates competition in order to tone up all over. In particularly to reduce the tyre that has developed around my waistline! I’ve never really had much of a waist but since going through the change of life early this tyre has been impossible to shift.

    I’ve become board and lonely at the gym and would like the motivation and company of likeminded other people. I’ve also spent years at the ‘bottom of the pile’ but now my children are well and truly grown up and it’s time to put myself first and learn new things!

    I’m excited to know the location and timetable. I work quite long hours and need a class early enough for me to get to work.

    Looking forward to learning more.

  70. Catherine

    I would love to win this as I have been doing reformer for rehab from a car accident and horse riding accident I suffered when I was younger. I would love to continue my journey with you and get back on track to being stronger, healthier and happier.

  71. Melissa M

    I’m confident that the Best Body Reformer Classes will push my body to a deeper level not only physically but mentally. I find Pilates is great to slow your mind & get in tune with your body. This will allow me to get the best out of the process & see the amazing results. Good luck to everyone!

  72. Jodie

    I had a brain tumor removed in April and they had to remove my left balance organ. Unfortunately this has made exercising almost impossible. However, I have been going to reformer Pilates in Subiaco and it has improved my balance significantly to the point you can’t even tell I have bad balance. Innaloo is right around the corner from where I live so I would love to attend classes that are closer to me.

  73. Nicole Pearce

    Firstly, thanks heaps for the opportunity to be considered. It’s come at a very relevant time for me as I’m right on the brink of launching myself back into ‘wellness’. I had a beautiful little baby boy 10 weeks ago, and I’m also the mum of a very lively and energetic 2 year old (both C- sections!). Since having my first son, I’ve made so many excuses for not looking after myself… and it’s just steamrolled into baby number 2.
    My partner works Fifo so it’s a lot harder to establish a bit of a routine and make time for myself and until just recently, my folks have lived up north… so I haven’t really had anyone around to help out!!
    That changes now tho!
    I need to make changes. I’ve gotten into such a rut with food and limited activity that it’s going to take a lot of effort to pull myself out…. I’m taking all the inspiration I can from the fact that I’m carrying an extra 12kg of pure fat (Since pre babys) (and I’m just 152cm) I’ve lost all my muscle tone and strength (other then my left arm which always has a child in it!), and really, I just feel like I’m in poor health and almost ashamed of how I’ve let myself go.
    I want to look back on photos of myself with my boys and feel happy about myself, and feel like I’m setting a good example for them too.
    I used to be so fit, loved my CrossFit and running, but I then suffered from patella tendinitis, so anything high impact causes me more pain in my knee. Therefore, I need to commit to something in which will work for my body… to help tone and strengthen, help me shed some kilos and also help me feel good about myself again (especially if I’m going to go back for baby 3!!!).
    My partner and mum are both on board to babysit, and my eldest son starts at an early learning center this year, so I will make the time for me. I owe it to myself after growing two healthy boys.
    I would totally appreciate and be forever greatful if I was to win (especially as I’m on maternity leave so money is tight!!). But, even if I don’t, writing all this down feels like I’m actually making the commitment to myself and I’ll be starting a program regardless.
    So, thank you.

  74. Lynda Henderson

    I would love to win the Reformer Pilates free sessions. I am looking at starting Reformer Pilates and heard of good things about you guys and Innaloo would be the closes to me. I have never done Reformer Pilates and really would love to start, as I am a health and fitness enthusiasts. I am sure that it would really help the neck and back problems I have. With the strengthening of the core muscles.

    I am looking forward to getting involved in your classes and learning from you.

  75. Bianca Mills

    Would love to win the pilates membership as I have lost the motivation to exercise over the last 12 months. I lost interest in going to the gym and decided to try Pilates which I loved. I went to 3 sessions however most places in Perth are quiet expensive for a university student.
    Since stopping I have put a lot more strain on my posture from losing mussel which has caused my ribs to pop out occasionally. (which i didn’t know that was a thing )
    Overall I am hoping to build my strength back up again in my arms, back and core and have some guidance in learning how to do pilates as I am still a beginner!!

  76. Philippa Critchley

    Where do I start? This last year has been the first year I’ve not been able to do regular exercise in a long time and that hugely affects my mood & wellbeing. I’m also now in early stages of my 2nd pregnancy & would love this opportunity to strengthen & work my body in the correct & safe way, for pregnancy and beyond.

    • Ale

      Reformer Pilates is the best workout I tried in my life. It helped me in define my body like nothing else. In this moment I am at home after an injury and not attending my work gym so a 6 month pass so close to my place will definitely play a key role in my rehabilitation.

  77. Karla Murphy

    After my second baby I found and fell in love with reformer Pilates. It was a regular indulgence for 4 years and then I maintained my strength during my third pregnancy.
    However 18 months later juggling 3 kids, the youngest with special needs, has meant that my priorities have had to shift. My pelvic floor is in its worst shape, I am continuously having to get physio for hip and lower back pain and after losing all of my baby weight, I am now back to where I started after birth.
    I know if I can get back to the discipline of regular Pilates that my pain and restricted movement would improve. Exercise plays such an important role in managing my mental health and I am clearly showing signs of missing it’s regularity. A strong core is so crucial to all aspects of health and Pilates is such a godsend for maintaining whole body strength. I am excited at the prospect of getting back to where I was and maybe even finding a a stronger and fitter version of me as an example for my kids.

  78. alison Larter

    After bulging a disc in my spine 3 years ago , I have avoided all core work since then.
    I teach spin classes as a side hobby and while I am fit, my upper body and core is weak and this limits the amount of exercises I can perform in the gym.
    I’m excited to join reformer Pilates to build my core and upper body strength to improve my overall posture, health and physique.

  79. CATHY

    Hi Tarryn
    I’m Interested In Attending INNALOO
    I’ve Been A Member At Leederville Since November But Would Like INNALOO As It Would Be Closer For Me To Attend More Classes, As I Have A Set 3 Days A Week At Leederville Founding Member. I Love The Palates As It Helps A Lot With Strength, Flexibility And I Manly Would Like To Increase My Core Strength & Overall General Fitness & Other Issues I’m Dealing With Such Depression, Anxiety & PTSD.

  80. Tracy

    I would like to start Pilates to improve my strength in my back and core to help my arthritis. I believe that this would be a good option for me and innaloo is close to my house.

  81. Raelene Wynne

    I have never tried Reformer Pilates But it has been recommended to me by doctors, family and friends many times over the years, however I’ve been reluctant to try it. I’ve tried gyms etc but find them hard on my body. My back and neck struggle. My aim is to tone and strengthen my body, especially strengthen to allow me to pick up and play more with my grandchildren.

  82. Lynn P

    I hate exercising and one look at the shape of me will confirm that!! However, as a senior I need to maintain (and hopefully increase) the little core strength I have.
    I have heard many good things about Reformer Pilates and although I don’t expect miracles, I would at least hope that at the end of the 6 months I might be able to sit on the floor with my legs crossed (or almost!), Getting up off the floor afterwards may take another 6 months.

  83. Shoshanna

    I have a baby and did Pilates all through my pregnancy. I’m now back into Pilates after I experienced back pain from carrying my bub around. After two weeks of reformer, my back pain was completely gone. I’d love the membership so I can do classes more often! Four times a week would be amazing.

  84. Maria Turner

    Hi Tarryn after having taken steroids for a chronic condition my bone density is now low. I need to do weight training in a safe way. I feel this could really help me, not only with weight training, but with my core strength as well. I could also do with dropping a few kilos. I would like to improve my overall fitness.

  85. Hannah Palmer

    Hi Tarryn,

    I have never tried reformer Pilates and I’m super excited for your studio to open.

    I’ve played netball all my life but I quit playing two years ago because I’m getting older and I couldn’t keep up anymore with the team. I have put on weight since quitting and have been looking for my new sport. I think reformer will be so great to increase my core strength, tone my body and help me lose a bit of weight.


  86. Shirley Phillips

    Can Reformer Pilates reform me? Im sure it can. I need to build strength, improve my core and tone up. My birthday is on Friday the 3rd and this would have to be the best present ever. I’m wanting 2020 to be a better year for my health and mental well being, so what a way to start the New Year !

    • Laura Nelson

      I believe a Bestbody Reformer Pilates membership at Innaloo would be absolutely perfect for me!! i contacted he Leederville branch early this year as it was close to my work as a Year 1 teacher. I turned 50 in February and feel that if I don’t be proactive with my health and fleci, I will struggle later in life. I am physically very active in my role as a teacher but I believe your crew of peeps will help me achieve my goals…and it’s a supportive and welcoming group according to your testimonials rtc. So pleae, choose me!! Help me to reclaim the flexible, supple warrior woman that’s been looked away because of circumstance, busyiness and family life. Thanks for your time

      • Rachael B

        A Body Reformer Pilates membership would be absolutely amazing for me to get myself back into a healthy state. I used to be very fit, doing a lot of regular weight training and exercise. However, after years of battling with anxiety, depression and fatigue, I have completely lost my fitness level and confidence, and also put on around 25kgs. This extra weight is not only affecting my confidence, but has impacted on my back and my knees, as I have always had a tilted pelvis and developed a slightly curved spine, so the added weight has lead to increased pain and joint issues.
        I believe the pilates reformer classes will be just what I need to get my core strong again, reducing the impact on my back, while also helping me to begin my weight loss journey in a safe and controlled way.

  87. Wilma McBain

    I am in my 70’s – still working – apart from walking at work ( Health Industry!) I do not do any exercise – ( am always “gunna” but don’t) – used to be very energetic and sporty when younger- my body posture is terrible – slumping of shoulders etc from being on the computer- so have neck and shoulder pain. Also suffer periodic panic attacks. Being told by “everyone” that Pilates would be good for me.
    Willing to try and see how Pilates can help me. Thank you for the opportunity.

  88. Kate

    Floppy muffin top,
    when I eat it plops,
    Right out of my pants,
    can’t seem to get a chance..

    To do my pelvic floor
    don’t get far out the door- oop! toilet! -what a chore!
    ‘Abs Blast’, ‘Legs Bums and Tums’…
    They don’t seem made for Mums

    Now my back is clicking,
    Something there is sticking,
    Kids ask: ‘are you having a baby’?
    ‘How come your hips are all wavy?’

    The prolapse needs some work
    I want to run and dance and twerk
    I want to lose some weight
    maybe start to date…

    But with something broken in the middle
    and always needing to piddle
    Its easy to give up,
    starting to feel a bit fed up

    I need help to find my core,
    its just not there anymore
    I’ll never be Beyonce, Kylie nor MacPherson,
    but Best Body could find my version- I want to be that person! 🙂

  89. Sue Hunter

    I have been a member at Goodlife Innaloo for many years and attend regular Body Balance classes. Recently I had a physio assessment and it was recommended to me that I could get a lot of benefit out of Reformer pilates to strengthen my hip and shoulder problems. I attended one session at the physio but decided not to continue as they are located in Hillarys. I was really excited to hear that you would be opening a studio in Innaloo. I am still a member at Goodlife but would LOVE to give reformer pilates a go instead.

  90. Jodi Giacoppo

    I took the plunge 9 months ago and joined BB Hillarys and have been grateful ever since for the way it has changed my body, mindset and view on life. I have struggled for years with social anxiety and had a total “gym” phobia before joining.

    Like many I had tried the physio, chiro, dry needling, cupping, remedial massage, exercise physiologist and finally occupation therapy and couldn’t find something that kept the pain away long term. My Occ Therapist then suggested I see the exercise physiologist. Every new appointment he asked had I been doing my exercises assigned to me? Well of course I hadn’t! Completely unmotivated to do this at home.

    Come in Best Body! I had seen this on my facebook feed a few times. I thought the only way for me to do the exercise is to commit to a class. But I had a phobia! I checked out the photos posted of women about my middle age, about my body shape, not too scary so I found a studio close to me and thought what the hell . . . I’m going to go get an assessment.

    After the assessment, I had a few one on ones, still not so scary, then I had to book a class. Holy shit!!! Fear took over me. Waiting, waiting, waiting in the waiting room to the very last minute to go to class. Maybe I could just go home now! No, don’t be stupid you have to do it. You’ve paid for this so hubbie will be dark at you.

    All this must have been written all over my face because this lovely BB gentleman, doing his work on a laptop at reception, asked if I was ok?!!!! Christ, I wish I could say yes. No I’m freaking the hell out here!!!! So I just smile and laugh nervously. I’ll take you through and introduce you to your teacher. Thank the Lord for Daniel! So he did. And I am very grateful. The first classes I was so unco and totally inflexible but gradually over time things improved and so did my confidence.

    My core strength has improved tremendously and I am able to manage my pain a lot better. I so look forward to the classes which are the highlight to my week and I feel AMAZING after them. I love how every class is different and every teacher you learn something new. I know this is just the beginning.

    I love the way BB look at the total picture of health, mind and body. This resonates well with me. Not only am I feeling stronger, I am more confident in myself and have a greater outlook on life.

    Going forward I would love to increase my exercise time and look at healthier eating habits, which I would also love to see on the BB feed.

    Good luck with the addition of the Innaloo studio. Nothing but praise and gratitude from one very happy customer!

  91. Jessie

    I have had a rough last 12 mths working through how to manage my newly diagnosed illnesses, which has meant exercise has been very minimal over this time. Due to the illnesses I had to have a breaking from working so little to no income and with a wedding coming up 6 mths free would be AMAZING. Pilates reformer is a great way for me to get back into exercising with its great low impact on my body yet the great results on shape, fitness and toning. I have loved pilates in the past and would love to get back into it.

  92. Elizabeth Ward

    This is exactly what I need! I am on my way to becoming a better me after suffering from severe anxiety and depression. This membership would not only help me physically but also with my emotional and mental well-being. A healthy body, mind and soul!

  93. Andrea Sciubba

    I have only tried reformer pilates once with my physio and it it something I’d like to incorporate into my lifestyle more regularly. Doing an exercise which builds fitness, muscle tone and strength without severe DOMS the next day and being low impact will help prevent further injuries and allow me to train multiple times per week. Winning a 6 month membership will allow me to test this lifestyle change and throw away my other gym memberships!

  94. Kate

    I am currently pregnant with my second child, and did reformer pilates before my first and during the pregnancy and never felt stronger. I really want to get back to that place. Thank you

  95. Cassie

    I have low blood pressure which has caused me to have quite a few fainting spells in the gym! I now avoid gyms like the plague because let’s face it, passing out in front of everyone is never fun!

    I have found Pilates a great way to strengthen my muscles without having to enter a gym. I also find Pilates useful for assisting with my tension migraines!

  96. Heather

    2020 is the year that I need to look after me. As selfish as it might be.

    I am the heaviest I have ever been , A bit embarrassed, I don’t like to be seen.

    An extra 40KG if you ask, loosing this will be a task

    The last few years have been rough, and as a women we must be tough

    Even as a pedestrian hit by a car, I saw the driver run off far.

    I have got my ASD son through year Twelve, No small task if you Delve

    My earning capacity did diminish, as my work contract in 2019 came to finish

    They say you can not pour from an empty cup, so 2020 will be my up.

  97. Bec Rossi

    Thanks for the email Tarryn. I’ve never tried reformer Pilates but I know that it would help build my core to support my back injury from the gym.

  98. Dianne Webb

    Taryn, I would love to win a free membership for reformer pilates. I need to strengthen my core which in turn helps my lower back. I have done some “floor” pilates but find I don’t have the strength in my wrists and arms to do all of the exercises. I love pilates and it seems to “shrink” my body in if that makes sense! I have been recommended to do reformer pilates through a Friend who is a physiotherapist. Thank you for this opportunity.

  99. Janine Gardiner

    Hi Taryn
    I am currently in an exercise rut.
    I walk & try to do strengthening exercises but more often than not come up with an excuse not to..
    I have tried reformer Pilates & found this to be a great form of strengthening & toning as well as the mental side of it. Many years ago I did gymnastics & I find this sort of exercise simalar to the stretching I did back then with so much benefit.

  100. Shannon Berdal

    I have no idea how to exercise and haven’t got great motivation or consistency in trying to exercise by myself. I’ve done reformer Pilates about 2 years ago and loved how it challenged and changed my body. Since then I’ve had issues with my shoulder and I’d love to get back into reformer to help with that rehab and see how I can challenge my body once again

  101. S Burka

    Heya Best Body Innaloo!!!
    … I want a BOSS Body:=0!
    Best Body = Boss Body …Pilates is the future! 4 x’s per week the path. Thank you

  102. Claire Fisher

    Working as an ICU nurse I want to be equipped to survive the working environment and ensure a longevity and strength for my future aswell. I have a disc injury which has improved but want to continue to strengthen and maintain my body as best I can.

  103. Jessica

    I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful children, with 2 under 2! I had a emergency c section last July and another one this November. Once upon a time I had a six pack but with 2 pregnancies and 2 cesareans in the last 2 years, my core has gone to sh*!
    I also get a really sore back from breastfeeding.
    I did a Pilates course many moons ago (20 yrs!) but haven’t done any since. I don’t think it was reformer Pilates either, which I’d really love to try!! So this would be an absolute blessing for me to win and I would be extremely grateful!!!!

  104. Eliza

    I need reformer pilates because every physio I go to recommends I do do pilates
    for my body issues – imbalance in muscles, posture and lower back pain. I also do martial arts and really believe it will help me improve my performance. I keep getting injured and my physio said pilates (particularly reformer pilates) would help prevent this from happening by balancing out problems in the muscles and developing core strength in a different way. Stretching is not really working for me and I believe I need to strengthen while lengthening my muscles.

  105. Dayna

    I would love to win the 6 months free membership as I’ve for years wanted to get into reformer due to a bad car accident when I was younger which has affected my back, hips and posture . I train 5 days a week as is but sometimes find it hard with back pain and a small child. I also feel as though I have hit a wall with my current training and am needing an extra push to get the results I desire.
    Reformer can also be quiet expensive so winning a free membership would be a massive financial blessing and enable me to get a head start in my recovery without the financial concern.
    Would love to be the winner and come together with a bunch of like minded people who share a passion for fitness and improving our bodies.

  106. Jane Pimentel

    Hi Tarryn,

    My story is that I’m nearly 58 years old, I have suffered years of back pain from prolapsed discs eventually resulting in two major back surgeries, unfortunately the damage done to my sciatic nerve on my left side has left me with residual weakness , strength and flexibility on that side, I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus which affects all my joints, particularly wrists and feet. Despite this I have always tried to maintain my fitness levels through cycling, walking and the gym but as I’ve aged it has become increasingly more difficult on my joints therefore I decided to give Reformer Pilates a go as I felt it would be kinder on my joints and allow me to work on the difference between my leg strengths and flexibility plus improve my core strength which will then improve my back.

  107. Anna Liddle

    I need to strengthen my core muscle as they are very weak, due operations. Weight lose and improve my posture.

  108. Bec

    I would absolutely love to explore the world of reformer Pilates! I’ve been in a regular exercise regime that is currently now not working or making any change! So I’m looking for something to compliment my cardio workouts I currently teach, to help with my core strength and also general body toning all over.

    I’m keen to increase my strength and tone in my arms and also legs/glutes as I’ve completely lost it this past year and lost my confidence in my clothes. I’d be excited to see how the Pilates workout can help and compliment my current exercise I do.

    I live extremely close To the new innaloo studio and was so excited to see it as it was being built. Id be keen to add 3-4 classes a week to my schedule and looking forward to seeing the class schedule come out!!

  109. Anna MacFarlane

    Hi Taryn.
    I hope that Best Body Reformer Pilates (BBRP) can be the answer to return me to my ideal body and beyond following recently having my first baby and now craving physical and social stimulation to get there! I’ve always lived a very fit lifestyle and have primarily been a runner and swimmer – very solo and at times taxing on the body. I hope that BBRP can enable me to reach the same level of fitness but with more body tone, strength and stability to actual supersede my pre-baby body to a whole new body that I love and feel great with! Being a local, I also hope to meet great people and form some friendships out of regular classes with other people who also live locally!
    To your point about a specific aspect of me…at the risk of sounding vain, my bottom! I have a very flat lower back and am prone to hip flexor tightness and dysfunction. Lack of a good strong bottom has always been a huge contributor and I want to fix that! Fingers crosses!!

  110. Jessica

    Best body will help my mind and soul as well as my body. I want to be a better version of myself and that includes a great mindset and an active lifestyle. I would love to be part of an empowering community and Best Body supports Their members and little ol first time mum me

  111. Rocheen

    After injuring my knee last year in a group fitness class I was really disheartened, lost a lot of fitness & gained some weight when I had to give up running & HIIT. At my physio’s recommendation I started reformer. I was so happy to discover an exercise I love that is great fitness, great for strength training & also good for my injury. Reformer Pilates has helped get back into shape, & get my knee to a stage of recovery where I’m not in pain at the end of the day & I can do activities I used to love like hiking. I was taking classes at Best Body Hillary’s & I loved them. I was disappointed there wasn’t a studio close to me when I moved recently & I’m excited to hear one is opening up closer! I’d love the opportunity to keep getting stronger, & fitter with classes at the new studio.

  112. Mischa

    Hi Taryn,
    I would love to win a 6 month membership!! I’m a solo parent to a tween so rarely get time to do anything for me, and in the last few years it has taken it’s toll on my weight, stress etc.
    I desperately need to get my body in shape again and after having previous knee and ankle injuries I feel that reformer Pilates will help me immensely. It would help my flexibility, core strength and general mental wellbeing.
    A major barrier to me being able to achieve this is also finances. On a part time single income being able to afford 4 classes a week feels impossible, but it’s really what I need to get back on track.
    If you choose to invest in me and get me started on this wellness journey I promise to give it my all and figure out a way to continue more than once a week past the initial six months. I looked into trying to partake in the Trigg classes but could not fit them in with my work and daughter’s schedule with the distance. The new Innaloo studio would be much closer and more feasible.
    Kind regards,

  113. Ebony

    It’s simple. Best body Reformer Pilates WILL help me balance all my imbalances.
    After having two girls so close together, my body is still trying to recover. My core is the weakest it’s ever been and it really shocked me as to how much I rely on my core for daily movement. Now that it is weak, other parts of my body are fast becoming imbalanced and twisted causing issues that would easily disappear with a stable core and balanced strength/flexibility.
    On top of that my mind is so full and distracted it feels out of balance too, and I barely has time to just breathe.

    I truly believe that if I am fortunate to win this membership, it would be the best thing for my mind and body. Helping me be a better mum and person all round.

  114. Joanne

    My post menopausal body is not agreeing with my still young mind. Years of working in the same industry has contributed to shoulder, neck and back pain. I love my job and would like to continue for a few more years yet! Mind and body balance for 2020!!

  115. Jaimee

    I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome when at uni that has caused me grief over the previous few years (too much time spent hunched over a book). This was due to an extra cervical rib compressing my Ulnar nerve. The symptoms were intensely hot burning pins and needles down my left arm.
    It made any sort of exercise difficult and could flare up easily. This has resulted in a significant reduction in upper limb and core strength. At the age of 30 I’ve decided I need to take charge of this. I did some PT aimed around it but was recommended to do reformer Pilates to help. The cost of signing up to sessions has deterred me at this point. I want to strengthen my left arm and my core so that I can enjoy everyday activity and just be generally more active without fear of the symptoms. My hope is that with this, will come better posture which will improve my condition and my confidence!

    • Jaimee

      Posted twice because my email is incorrect on this one so this comment can be deleted ‍♀️

  116. Jaimee

    I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome when at uni that has caused me grief over the previous few years (too much time spent hunched over a book). This was due to an extra cervical rib compressing my Ulnar nerve. The symptoms were intensely hot burning pins and needles down my left arm.
    It made any sort of exercise difficult and could flare up easily. This has resulted in a significant reduction in upper limb and core strength. At the age of 30 I’ve decided I need to take charge of this. I did some PT aimed around it but was recommended to do reformer Pilates to help. The cost of signing up to sessions has deterred me at this point. I want to strengthen my left arm and my core so that I can enjoy everyday activity and just be generally more active without fear of the symptoms. My hope is that with this, will come better posture which will improve my condition and my confidence!

  117. Susan creer

    I have been recommend3d to a Best Body studio by a friend. For myself it would provide me with an opportunity to do something for myself and my well being. Healthy body is a great way to having a healthy mind. I am a senior and opportunities like this often don’t come my way. I live locally and believe in supporting local businesses, so well done for starting this studio. I wish you all the best in this venture and so hope I can join you in this journey.

  118. Kay Dyce

    In July 2019 I had my personal assessment at Best Body Leederville I can honestly say this changed my life. I felt like I had finally found what suited my body. I have tried everything over the years and exercise has been apart of my life since I was a child but reformer just felt right. I recently placed my membership into suspension as I had been facing some ongoing medical issues that required further investigation and just prior to Christmas I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and Osteoporosis of my spine hip and neck. This has come as quite a shock but I feel determined to improve my overall health and fitness in 2020. I’m hoping to include reformer Pilates in my programme.

  119. Kay

    In July 2019 I had my personal assessment at Best Body Leederville I can honestly say this changed my life. I felt like I had finally found what suited my body. I have tried everything over the years and exercise has been apart of my life since I was a child but reformer just felt right. I recently placed my membership into suspension as I had been facing some ongoing medical issues that required further investigation and just prior to Christmas I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and Osteoporosis of my spine hip and neck. This has come as quite a shock but I feel determined to improve my overall health and fitness in 2020. I’m hoping to include reformer Pilates in my programme.

  120. Nicole Thomas

    My weight loss journey started at the beginning of this year. I have achieved my goal weight and at 51 have never been fitter. My aim now is to strengthen my core and work on toning up and muscle definition and believe Best Body Pilate would be perfect for me.

  121. Resh

    So….2020 is the year I plan to have some TLC for myself after being a full time mum for 9yrs, which were very challenging but enjoyed every moment it. I will have some “Me Time” as my youngest will be at school full time!

    I have long wanted to try Pilates not only to tone up and loose weight but mostly to improve my overall health and feel pliable and energised, reduce stress, tension and pain.

    Would appreciate this opportunity!

  122. Mel M

    Hi Tarryn,
    I would love the chance to win this awesome prize you and the BB team are so kindly offering! I had started at your Leederville Studio but have taken a break from classes recently cause you know the “usual stuff” full time working/dealing with a toddler/Mum life not making enough time for myself possibly very good at making excuses??!! etc and the list goes on.
    I am super excited that I will only have to go down the road to get my fix and find some “me time” I am also really looking forward to being able to meet some likeminded people in my community.

  123. Nicole S

    3 kids later and a career as a veterinary nurse, (picking up 30kg dogs every day!) I have suffered with back pain for the last 15 years. Chiro and Physio have helped momentarily but nothing Is helping long term. A 6 month membership would definitely help get my body back on the path it should be on, I want more energy, flexibility and to focus on myself for a change. Please consider me 🙂

  124. Janet Ryan

    I train regularly and like to think I am reasonably fit for a 50+ year old but often get sore bits! I would love to address those bits that get sore and stiff and tight.

  125. Vanessa

    I was doing Pilates 3-4 times per week before and during most of my pregnancy. And I know it helped so much! Since having my baby a year ago I just feel like I haven’t got back Into pilates the way I would have liked. Hopefully have a studio close to home is the kick start I need!

    • Vanessa

      Pilates helps with keeping my back and core strong which is essential for looking after a toddler. I need it back in my life!

      • Tess Finlen

        I was always active growing up – State swimming champion in my younger years, team sports, adventure racing and up until a few years ago – a triathlete training to 6-8 times a week when prepping for race days (including the awesome Busselton half iron man!) But then my beautiful daughter was born and like most (first time!) mums, everything else took priority. A few years on and some very haphazard approaches to exercise, it’s time for me to focus on me again – to find a rewarding and regular rhythm of exercise. Reformer Pilates has helped me in the past through bith injury and pregnancy and I’m looking forward to prioritising me again and working towards getting my best body back – not only for my mental and physical health, but to also be the best mum and wife I can be for my family.

  126. Kellie

    After recovering from surgery earlier this year to remove a brain tumor, I have decided to make 2020 a year for me. I will be losing weight and getting stronger. I have been wanting to begin Pilates and this is a great reason to begin strengthening my core and starting a road to a healthier me.

  127. Melissa Thornton

    The second half of 2019 I focused on getting my food under control – and I’ve done it!
    My goal for 2020 is to add regular exercise into my life.

    Innaloo is between work and home so I truly believe this would be a great solution to support me to be my best me. As a working mum of two little girls I want to be the best role model I can be for them. I’m committed, determined and would love to win this prize!

  128. Lisa

    Best Body completely prepared me for child birth and a quick recovery post delivery! Now that i am a busy Mumma Of 2 boys, I would love to find some time for “me” and return to pilates weekly. These sessions not only strengthen you body and mind but there is a wonderful community that you meet each morning and the staff at Best Body are so supportive and inspiring, whatever your fitness needs are 😉

  129. Maria

    I have been attending Pilates reformer classes for the last couple of years. This journey started due to developing Patello femoral pain in both knees. After visits to physios and podiatrists I was told that over the years I had developed too much flexibility and not enough physical strength, this was due to my main exercise of choice being yoga due to it’s positive benefits. Reformer Pilates was suggested by my physio and I have never looked back. I now have no pain and I feel much stronger in body and mind.

  130. Jayde W

    I started my Pilates journey about nine months ago after developing chronic back pain which was limiting my daily life and activities. No one could work out the exact cause of this pain…finally my chiropractor told me to try Pilates and it has changed my life!!!
    I am now for the most part pain free and better yet every class I go to makes me a stronger, leaner, happier version of myself!
    Winning this competition would be the icing on the cake as we are currently saving for our first home.
    Finally to quote Joseph Pilates himself “Change happens through movement and movement heals”.
    And I agree with this statement whole heartedly!

  131. Julia Hilke

    After having tried out Reformer Pilates for the first next last year, I absolutely fell in love with it. It was such a great workout to strengthen by balance and core strength and I enjoyed every single session.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to continue going. A free membership for 6 months would set me up and allow me to save money for classes after those 6 months to make reformer pilates my regular workout from now on.

  132. Dana kiriakidis

    I started Pilates at the trigg studio and found all my lower back pain and other aches and pains were no longer being aggravated and I really felt my strength improve. I had been HIT train for a number of years and needed something a little less of an impact and after having 2 babies my pelvic floor has since thanked me!! Reformer Pilates is genius and I never thought such a low impact exercise would be so beneficial.

  133. Cindy

    Reading through these responses there are so many amazing, thought-provoking and in some cases, moving stories. You all sound like a great group of people and I’m excited to join Best Bosy Pilates at Innaloo, which is just down the road from me.
    My story isn’t extraordinary – I’m in my early fifties, overweight, not exercising as much as I used to. But earlier this year, just before going on the trip of a lifetime to Italy, I ruptured a disc in my back, impacting on two nerves that left me almost unable to walk.
    Big wake up call.
    Thanks to a pain blocking injection, serious drugs and some gentle physio I was able to walk again and we did enjoy our amazing holiday in Italy.
    My physio recommended Pilates to strengthen my back and help me to focus on my body and my health. Best Body looks like the perfect place for me to begin my journey to strength and wellness. Bring it on

  134. Chanel Watt

    I am getting married in 4 months and currently am happy with my training and where it has got me, but i seem to have plateaued.
    I would LOVE to look long and lean (very hard for a 5 foot nothing small framed girl) and have seen amazing results via pilates on girls looking fit and strong yet so lean and slender.
    I have a backless dress with capped sleeves so lean arms with muscle definition and a fit back is what i long for. I know pilates would be able to get me there.
    Also I have have been to one reformer class many moons ago, loved it but the cost of continuing has kept me away.
    I don’t stretch nearly as often as i should and i feel pilates would help me feel taller more flexible and probably the fittest i have ever been (at nearly 32 years old).

    Added bponus is i could almost walk to the studio as i already live in innaloo. attending regularly would be a breeze! 🙂

  135. Fiona Speer

    I would cherish a membership for 2 main reasons – I had a stress fracture in my lower back in my twenties which ended my ballet career. My back isn’t chronic now but it’s always in the back of my mind that I need to be careful with it. I did a lot of Pilates in my rehab and would love to be back to it to strengthen and lengthen my core muscles so I can feel safe in the knowledge that I’m preventing further issues with my back.
    I do ballet once a week now and I know that Pilates would be wondrous in helping me be stronger and better at the barre and in the centre.
    Also, my recall is that Pilates requires total concentration – no better way to take a break from everyday life.
    Finally / vainly I think that Pilates bodies look better and I would love mine to look longer and stronger!

  136. Candice

    I am getting married in Feb 2020 so this would be an incredible way to feel the best I can be on my wedding day! I’ve always loved pilates but havent committed to it as much as I would like to I tend to do some gym work which I have lost interest in lately. Would love to see how my body will change with a strong focus on pilates! Thanks so much!

  137. Sarah gosling

    I am an overweight 60 year old women who has been on a diet and exercise program on and off for most of my life. I am just about to take six months long service leave to try and get myself sorted out. Pilates is something i have never tried but have been looking into as part of the “overhaul” would love to include it as part of my new me!

  138. Kristy Heal

    Hi Tarryn,

    I gave birth to a baby boy on 23rd December (just last week). Our little boy was a big surprise for us, joining his twin brother and sister who are only 20 months old. Prior to children I was very fit, but naturally I need a bit work now and some peace and quiet . I can’t wait to be fit and strong again and living so close to your new studio I will be able to commit to the 4 sessions a week and demonstrate how good pilates is for getting back to our best selves after child birth! Please choose me ☺️

  139. Suzanne Jewell

    I have just lived through one of my toughest years. I’ve walked away from a marriage of 15 years with 3 kids, 2 of whom have special needs. I am dealing with ongoing financial and emotional abuse from this marriage. I am trying to do the best thing by my kids, and put myself last so I can meet their needs.
    I am overweight and have a few health issues including osteoarthritis of knees and hands. I would love to do something for myself, to work on improving my health, strength and fitness. I am not in a position to afford this sort of thing for me at the moment, but would love the opportunity to partake until things improve again and I could potentially do this sort of thing for me again.

  140. Kelly Brown

    Have always wanted to try reformer Pilates as I feel it would compliment the current gym work I do. The stretching and long movements really appeal to me.

  141. Elyse

    I am about to undertake my Pilates and Reformer Pilates training in March 2020. I currently teach fitness classes as my job, but have not done a huge amount of reformer work, though what I have done I really enjoyed. I am really keen to participate in as many as possible, to get myself used to it prior to training. I’ve always had a good experience with Best Body when I’ve used them for physio, would love to try the Pilates as well! And the best thing is you are 2 minutes down the road from me!

  142. Simone

    I suffer from Rhumathoid Arthitis & Hashimotos & find it difficult in finding an exercise I can enjoy & maintain on a regular basis due to my lack of energy & strength.

    I would like to try Reformer Pilates to regain core strength & improve my posture. Due to the nature of my work I’ve also been struggling with lower back pain and was recently advised my hips were tilted forward and thought Pilates may help correct my hip/lower back problem.

  143. Michelle Lofts

    I am working at winding up my working life so I need something to fill my day and I believe BEST BODY can help me achieve my BEST BODY

  144. Marina

    I have been doing Reformer Pilates at Hillarys for 18 months. My Physio recommended it for my lower back pain. I have have found that it has definitely helped with the pain by at least 50%. She has said that I have definitely increased my strength in my back and legs. So I am looking forward to hopefully being pain free and becoming stronger by continuing my Pilates journey.

  145. Nikki

    I’m really keen to give reformer pilates a go. I have osteoarthritis and facet joint arthropathy in my neck and back and have absolutely no core strength. I can put my back our really easily, just from not bending my knees when I bend down to pick something up 🙁 My pain specialist has strongly recommended giving reformer pilates a go and I look forward to giving it a red hot try and getting some strength in my core. The long, lean muscles and postural improvement that result will be the icing on the cake! Also, less cake for me in 2020!!

  146. Mary

    After having some of terrible situations in my life, I was in a phase where I was depressed and very worried about my life. In this time all I did was,went to work and come back home(because of some of the financial issues, I didn’t do much). I didn’t have any interest in doing anything. I knew I had to do something to be better for myself so I was checking on many activities that Perth has. Following thorough research I decided to try something new. Then I saw a video of best body Pilates and I got bit interesting to try this. The videos that I watched, made me determined to improve my health and flexibility.
    After just eight weeks I definitely felt more flexible and healthy and specially I feel happy, but I also noticed several other improvements with my body and how I felt mentally confident.
    Pilates makes me stop and think about what i am doing with my life. It makes me to think more about my health and happiness. By focusing the mind, regulating breathing and making use of internal resistance it is an extremely powerful way to tone my body. Pilates changed my body (and my mind) for the better. After only few weeks of Pilates,I noticed improvements how I performed in other work and also when I am doing exercises at home.
    I also noticed greater stability overall and felt better equipped. More obviously, I was able to advance to more complex moves on the Pilates reformer as the weeks progressed, which required a lot more balance and coordination(I am still improving on it.)
    Pilates exercises require more thought than other workouts which, of course, has the added benefit of keeping the mind active and alert. Another notable benefit that’s I had after just these weeks of Pilates was that I felt my mobility and flexibility improve.

    Sadly because of the financial issues, my Pilates sessions are end soon. I’m try my best to be in the class. But it’s it hard right now with all the expenses that we have at home. I wish that you will select me for this. I promise I would do better with this

  147. Tiffany Dawson

    Not competition related but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Best Body Leederville. I’ve only been a member for a few months but it’s now become such an important part of my weekly routine. All of the instructors are lovely but a special mention to Victoria and Ashley, they are always so welcoming. Being a busy mother of 4 my BB sessions are a chance to take some time for myself, which doesn’t happen very often!
    You’re all doing an amazing job and I’m looking forward to joining the new Innaloo studio. Ideally, being able to choose between two locations would be awesome.
    Thank you

  148. Sam Edwards

    Not sure if this entry is too late but…I have two kids under 3 and just before Christmas was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. I’m on medication but have been told the best hope of curing it is to lose weight. The gym has never worked for me. The only exercise that has ever motivated me and given me any sense of reward and satisfaction is Pilates. But I’ve found it really difficult to re-engage since having bub no.2. I’ve been so excited ever since I heard that BB was opening up down the road and reformer pilates would be a new challege to boot. Obviously I want to lose weight but in the long run I just want to be living a healthier life and have energy, strength and fitness. I want to feel like me again.

  149. Bron

    Hi Tarryn

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so excited. 2020 here we come! The last decade has been very hard on me and I feel I have completely lost all sense of self.

    Four pregnancies, three babies in three years has really taken its toll on my body. And whilst I love my children beyond words the toll they took on my health and body has been phenomenal.

    I have dealt with a young daughter with dyspraxia with whom I have had to do very intensive therapy. The effect that has on a families finances is only known by those in a similar situation. My youngest son was diagnosed with being allergic to so many various food items making my life and meal prep so challenging. He was also a very sick baby and had to have 9 surgeries in his first 18 months of life. I spent so much time in PMH/PCH leaving my two other small children at home. It was heartbreaking. My eldest child is currently being investigated for his own health concerns that make my daily life very challenging.

    Throughout all of this stress my body has failed. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which caused me to put on over 20kg. My levels were so high my doctor told me I should be in hospital in a coma. I have had appendicitis and had to be operated on At 20 weeks whilst I was pregnant with my third child. I nearly lost him. I have also had to have my gall bladder removed in a separate surgery after suffering numerous attacks. My youngest child was facing backwards and the wrong way round and I had such a traumatic birth with him. He was so stuck that he was distressed and he came out Literally holding my bladder. This has caused me huge issues with my pelvic floor which is still extremely weak. I lost one of my precious babies at 18 weeks gestation and nearly lost my life not once but twice whilst I was recovering. I spent over two weeks in hospital on life support.

    On top of being the best mother I can be to my children I also share the care of my 90 year old grandmother who is very unwell. I try every day to be positive and to smile and make life great for everyone else but now I feel 2020 is time for me! I would be so honoured and thrilled to be gifted this wonderful opportunity to give myself the gift of health.

    With every thanks and best wishes to you for a wonderful 2020. I am so excited to see what lies ahead!

  150. Lesley

    I am excited to hear a Reformer Pilates studio is opening near by, it is something I’ve wanted to try. 6 months membership would give me a head start in 2020 to build a stronger, leaner body and help me keep up with my active teenagers and husband . I don’t want to stand by and watch I want to join in!

  151. Emma Clarke

    Hi Tarryn ☺️

    I’ve been thinking about my entry since receiving your text.. and so far, the only thing I have come up with is that I know that I can feel better. I turned 30 this year and my goal is to feel better about myself from the inside out. I want to feel strong, confident and most importantly, healthy. I look forward to making these improvements for myself and my future this year. A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would be such an incredible opportunity to encourage me and improve my health Thanks again Tarryn and best of luck for 2020

  152. Margaret Sanges

    I’m a 62 yo woman with the mind of a 30 yo. But my aches and pains tell me every day that I’m 62! And I need to lose at least 10kgs coz I’m looking frumpish.
    I need my energy levels back and a hot body to go with this naughty mind.

  153. Sandra Mutch

    Over the last decade I have beaten breast cancer but also lost my mojo- eating, exercising, breathing properly are now all over the place. As a result my weight has charged up and my self esteem down. I would love the discipline of regular reformer sessions to build my muscle, work my breath and therfore build my self esteem; but more importantly the healthier I am the lesser chance of my cancer returning, so it can be a life changing experience at so many levels.

  154. Natasha Welch

    I had bariatric surgery 5 mths ago and whilst the weight loss has been good I’m very saggy
    And feel weak due to muscle loss.
    I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym but haven’t any motivation at the moment.
    I’m very interested in Pilates as an exercise routine as I think it would tone my new body make me strong and help my bad back as I head to my 50 th birthday. Thanks for the chance and listening to my story. Hope to have your help finding my best body yet.

  155. Amy D

    Over the last decade I have struggled on and off again with anxiety and depression when it was suggested to start Pilates from there I have gone for about half a year for what I can afford. Over time I have come to find that;
    1. Pilates feels lovely! – you leave the studio feeling amazing and the minor muscle soreness that comes is a feeling that I love.
    2. Pilates challenges my body and mind- there is always something new to learn. Every workout I learn something new about how my body can move or even breath
    3 – self awareness – the ability to self correct in every day life when you are standing with the wrong distribution and alignment.

    This year I am going back to university after having left due to mental health. This would be a great opportunity to being able to continue Pilates while studying and working full time and giving me an opportunity to breath and have time to myself outside of the mental pressures with a great group of people.

  156. Shan

    Having had an extremely challenging decade with loads of grief for different reasons I have found it challenging to create the wellbeing I want to be my default.
    I exercise a few times a week but having participated in clinical and reformer pilates in the past I know how valuable this would be for my core, overall strength and ability to meet the demands of a busy life and business. I want to exercise and move with greater freedom, strength and less pain. My aches and pains are so prevalent and frustrate me!
    I am also committed to a 35km walk to raise money for women’s cancer research in May 2020 and Pilates will be an asset to my training and ability to complete the walk successfully and energetically. I’m walking to support one of my best friends who is in treatment for a rare type of breast cancer. At 41 she has an 11mth old and everything to live for.
    My taking care of me supports me to raise funds so fewer of the people we love in the world have to have such experiences is the least I can do.

  157. Therese

    I have thought Pilates would help with my back issues, which to date through movement and a good conservative neurosurgeon I have avoided surgery. Additionally over the last few years I’ve been “unlucky” to have had a neurological embolisation of an av duralumin fistula of the right transverse sigmoid junction and a rare infection after a routine colonoscopy. All of which on top of Hashimoto’s has made me keenly aware of a need to improve my body strength to help me continue doing all the things I love with a bit more ease

  158. Lucy Green

    How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

    An avid and passionate exerciser of the past 15 years has brought me to you and Best Body in nearly a full circle! What started in my early twenties (as well intended but predominantly misinformed) dedication to intense and extremely hard on the body exercise regimes has now found me back at a place of treating my body as the temple it is. I cringe sometimes when I think of the load and stress I used to put on my joints and they certainly were not holding up well. I have developed a love for exercise that brings me joy, renewal and results without the long-term damage; my current routine includes a mix of outdoor walks, weight sessions, beach swims and some yoga. I have dabbled here and there with Pilates in the past BUT am so EXCITED by the reformer Pilates for what I believe it can offer me on my current holistic health journey. I would be a eager and enthusiastic addition to your classes and am sending this out to you (and the universe) with big pick me (and a namaste 🙂

  159. Leila

    I have a hip that will eventually need replacing I’m doing everything possible to hold of surgery
    and Pilates is something I feel I can still manage and I can keep my body strong toned and great core
    Please say yes need to commit with your help

  160. Sune

    I want to be fit and strong. For myself and for my family. I’ve had a few setbacks with injuries and hopefully with the right training I can avoid surgery. I’d love to feel confident in my own skin again. I need to be strong in body and in mind.

  161. Kymberley Rogers

    I am turning 50 later this year and wanted to get strong and fit. I started running in an attempt to complete a half marathon however I suffered a knee injury and then a tear in my heel. I want to get back some strength and muscle tone and lose some kilo’s that have crept on recently as I head into the 50 milestone. Pilates was suggested to me by my doctor and friends have also recommended I try Pilates. I would love the opportunity to be the best version of myself through low impact exercise. Thank you!

  162. Rebecca Rey

    I’m entering on behalf of my husband. My husband has chronic back pain due to fused vertebrae. He is in perpetual pain and can’t get much relief from medication. And surgery is not possible with his condition. The only thing that has helped him in the post has been Pilates. However due to his redundancy at work since June 2019 we have not been able to afford him keeping up with Pilates. Him stopping Pilates has resulted in increased pain. It is my hearts desire to see my husband pain free and I cannot begin to stress my appreciation if you were able to make this happen for him.

  163. Vicki Kim Wainwright

    I’d like to join best body reformer palates to get my body back to where it used to be 2yrs ago. I was a big running fan and did 4 HIIT workouts at least per week. I run my own Hairdressing business and work in the salon full time. 2yrs ago at the age of 34 I was at my best fitness ever. And I loved it! But with so much running it started taking its toll on my knees and ankles, so I focused more on HIIT. With the industry I work in and having done it for over 20yrs now, I suffer terrible back and neck pain. I have rounded shoulders and a curved spin from spending so many years in a hunchback position. Eventually the HIIT training also took its toll. I was getting to a point that my back and neck hurt so bad I could barely sleep and was interfering with my work.
    So I gave up exercise and my health took a backseat.
    The last couple of years I’ve been focusing on building my business. I didn’t seem to realise the kilos going on. I’ve become more tired, more lethargic and stressed since I stopped looking after myself.
    But now I’m ready to start looking after me again! But this time I need to do it sensibly in safe, structured environment where I won’t cause injuries. That’s why I believe reformer palates would be great for me. I’m ready to smash my goals and be my best me again and fall back in love with training and achieving my goals.
    Vicki x

  164. Louise

    I would like to join Best Body Reformer Pilates to gain strength, stronger core. At the moment I do Hiit45 training. This sort of training makes my body sore and tight. I really need to stretch

  165. Meika

    In the past, regular reformer pilates practice has helped me to become more mindful of my own presence. I have seen improvements not only in strength, flexibility and posture, but taking time each week to focus on myself and connect body and mind has also helped me to tune into and respect my body’s needs through nourishment and positive change towards a routine of self-care.

    A stressful year both personally and professionally has left me feeling uncomfortable within myself, driving me towards an erratic cycle of limited exercise, skipped meals, binge eating, headaches from muscle tightness and poor posture, and withdrawing from activities that sustain a healthy body and mind… Now, the sun is shining again and I’m ready to feel and be my best!

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will provide me with the supportive environment I need to reconnect with myself and help me build the strength and energy I feel when I am my best me.

  166. Maxine Constantine

    Hi Taryn, I started my 1st pilates session last January as a New Year resolution for 2019, being a beginner it took a little while to feel the benefit…once I did it became my new focus on strengthening my body…I was still doing my brisk walking everyday as my only exercise but realised I needed more!! After a trip away in September for 5 weeks on returning with my work and family commitments I was struggling to be able to attend my pilates. Your new studio in Innaloo is ideal as I live in Doubleview and I need to start my pilates regime up again!!

    Thank you, Maxine.

  167. Dania Guernsey

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    me lose weight, I recommend it here: .
    Kiss you All!

  168. Charise Sifre

    lot, is very well written. You can lose weight easily with this product: .
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  169. Bianca

    If I won this, this would create a better ME!!

    I have lower back issues and I find the reformer helps me to engage my
    core which I find hard to do with any other exercise!

  170. Diane

    Do you need a challenge!
    I’m your girl, or rather just over Middle Aged if I live to 106.
    I’m overweight, on the top of diabetes, lower back pain and apparently suffer lordosis.
    I have a great love of life, and It hurts to not be able to do the things I use to. After much reading I think reformer Pilates will help me with some hard work from me and guidance from you, to get back the spring in my step.
    So, pick me, pick me, please

  171. Vicky Herbert

    Hi, id love the opportunity to ease pain and restore my body, mind and soul.
    I have had 3 neurosurgeries and nerve root block injections as my sciatic nerve was being crushed by my spine and has left me with weaker, with permanent nerve damage. I then suffered heart failure in 2015 and was lucky enough to survive. However i have gained around 10kg’s as a result of it and all of the daily medications i now need indefinitely. I was always active and toned and want to increase my strength and heart health.
    I need help!
    Thanks Vicky

  172. Georgia McArthur

    I recently moved back home from up north due to personal reasons and ending a long term relationship and since then I have been stuck in a complete funk! I Used to workout at home 3-4 days a week and go for walks with my dad and my dog every single afternoon, and now I can barley get off the couch and have no motivation to go on the walks with my dad.

    I was talking to my friend about wanting to join a gym so I can have positive minds and more motivation around me when I work out and she suggested Best Body! I’m only 18 and cant afford to pay for the membership as Ive had to quit my full time job for my own mental well-being and if I won this, i feel like it would be the kick up the bum that I need to get my life back on track and in my own control.

    I’ve never really had a negative mind set towards my body but lately I’ve noticed I’ve started to criticise every small detail about it and I would love to be able to start moving my body again so I can make myself realise that myself and my body is a lot better than what I give myself credit for.

    If you could help me get back my old self and my old toned and fit body, I would be beyond grateful x

  173. Elaine Nofal

    I have recently retired and feel that reformer Pilates can help me achieve the fitness goals in my life. I will have more time for myself and would love to start reformer Pilates classes.


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