Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Hillarys memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Hillarys for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Hillarys studio.


  1. Andrea Chaplin

    Reformer pilates has helped me so much over the past 18 months to be stronger in myself including my mind and body. I’m looking forward to future improvements including weight loss, movement, stronger body and mental health. I’ve been a “at home” member also and have done at least 2 classes a week which has been a huge benefit during these tough times to keep focused.

    • Louise Tilbrook

      This one is not for myself as I am committed to return with gusto anyway.
      My son Matt has been seeing Urge for headache related issues and has attended a few of the “special” Pilates classes you now have.
      He is keen to attend now but after being a student for ages and working for wages for less than a year I am hoping he continues into general Pilates on going.
      If he was given 3 months it would become a habit which is a great way forward. He may even commit to this himself but every parent wants what is good for their family and encouragement is what I’m after.
      Love the studio and what it has done for me personally.

    • Davina Muscat

      I cant express how relieved I am that I will be returning back to reformer pilates soon.
      I need to get the strength back in all areas of my body but especially the strength and focus back in my mind. As we all know the mind is a powerful tool and doing pilates gave me the strength mentally to have complete awareness of my body.
      As we are all experiencing hard/challenging times its very easy to forget about number one. Im still walking and doing the exercises Urja has taught me, but its time to get back to what has been my life saviour over the last 18 months and the fact I love it, from the girls at reception, the amazing instructors and the overall positive energy that everyone has.

    • Megan Ross

      I am a year one teacher who needs to be just as active and energetic as my students and boy do they set the bar high.

      Reformer is the very best way for me to maintain flexibility and build strength to help achieve this.

      Reformer is the only exercise that also minimises discomfort from neck issues and I can really feel the difference over the last few months.

      Reformer is gentle yet so effective, challenging yet never impossible. It feels like a workout for the whole body but also the mind.

      • Eloise Bolam

        Best body is the best I am a national horse rider and I want to to get better with my health and fitness

    • Marnie Bell

      One of the things I love about Best Body is that it encompasses being the best version of yourself in all areas. As well as being great for the body, it is just as beneficial for the mind. My journey with Best Body started over a year ago after many years of back pain. I’d visited physios, chiros, massage therapists all of which would help temporarily but soon enough the pain would return. It would seem only my symptoms were being treated, not the actual cause. With Reformer Pilates, I’d finally found a solution. I felt and saw real progress. I realised just how much after only a week or two of no classes due to COVID-19. My back became stiff & sore again. l made an appointment with Urja. After a couple of treatment sessions, I was back into Pilates and have been attending some small group sessions. I’ve particularly missed Urja’s Stretch & Flex classes. I just love the positive messages (and the essential oil spray at the end!). It’s a time to breathe and relax – something we often forget to do in our day to day lives. It would be amazing to be able to attend 3 times a week. I know I would see even more improvement in myself and be closer to reaching my goals. I really want to focus on strengthening my core. After the break from classes, I’ve realised just how much I need Reformer Pilates and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  2. Robin White

    Best body membership can definitely help me in the next three months. I lost my job in April and except for walking I have had no exercise. As I have been in isolation for a lot of this time I feel that all my hard work in the past few years coming to reformer Pilates has now taken me back to square one….I am nearly 60 and need to get back on track and start feeling like my old self again before all this COVID 19 began.

  3. Montana Moran

    Best Body has been apart of my weekly routine ever since I promised myself in January that 2020 was going to be my year.
    Unfortunately, as we all have since discovered, 2020 was not my year nor anyone year! I have had two open-heart surgeries (the most recent only being a few years ago) and only being 23 I really thought it was time I gained some strength and mobility back to that area. I really saw a difference after 3 months and finally (after a long time coming) I could finally touch my toes.

    I would love to continue with Best Body as I have tried every exercise under the sun and have finally found one that works for me and my ability. I found that with other high-intensity gyms and group sessions and then not be able to walk for a week and never return! The support the physios and instructors have given me, especially with a complicated history, has been invaluable. The 3 months would be awesome as it gives me the opportunity to continue my progress as I continue to find a new job (unfortunately I lost my job due to Corona) and gets me out of the house!

  4. Cathy Wilson

    Reformer Pilates has been the best form of exercise for me over the last 18 months and one that I have stuck to. It is my me time plus the added benefit of improved flexibility and balance. Looking forward to getting back into the studio with all of our wonderful instructors

  5. Anna Visser

    I started at Hillarys nearly 12 months ago, as I was having considerable back pain. In that time my back pain has improved considerably. I had become stronger and slowly my core strength had been improving. Since isolation I have struggled to maintain the core strength I had developed and my back pain has slowly been worsening. I can’t wait to return to reformer Pilates, so that I can once again be pain free. I also miss all the friendly faces down at Best Body.

  6. Shirley bowtell

    I need lots of support to recommence my effort on exercising , I also need the smiling faces off the staff to make it A pleasant event, I was starting to enjoy coming every week especially the coffee with friends afterwords.
    If I can get fitter I know it would be beneficial to my future.

  7. Bhaveek Savadia

    I have only had a brief outing with the Reformer Pilates at Hillarys in which both my flexibility and core strength improved. Unfortunately I had surgery after and have since not been able to continue. I am not training twice in Strength training and running thrice a week on average 7-8Km’s in preparation for a half marathon when things open up again. I think the Pilates would be the most complimentary and vital exercise to incorporate into my training over the next three months to get that result. If I win I will not miss a single session if possible. If not I will still see you guys once a week.

  8. Natalie Vickers

    How this will help me coming out of the pandemic! Well. When the pandemic hit I was homeschooling a 4 year old and caring for a 4 month old! I haven’t yet gotten back to recovering my body after giving birth and I am chomping at the bit to spend time and invest in myself, my strength and mental health in order to be the healthiest, happiest mum that I can be!
    After the babies and many years of nursing, my back needs strengthening and everything really just needs a good stretch and a lot of strength building!

  9. Mark Hendon

    I reluctantly began Reformer Pilates as part of my Physio rehab And at the pressure of my wife. I don’t like many forms of gym or group work outs but fell in love immediately. I hadn’t slept well for months and found I had the best sleep every night after I had my session. “This time is for you”Mariana states, is how each session began and it truly is. I started with two sessions each week and found I needed three. I used the evenings during the week and then Saturday mornings (what a great way to start the weekend – full of energy and feeling positive).
    My instructor changed and I thought perhaps it wouldn’t be as good an experience but I was wrong. It is the process I loved and the people who presented were just a bonus, although different, they weren’t making negative comments or barking instructions, instead providing a calm and encouraging environment in which to work out and it was the workout that I love, (its all about that base, ‘bout the base, now worries).
    I Have found I stand better (no more round shoulders), I’m more flexible, my appetite improved (I lost the hunger pangs) and my attitude improved towards life’s stresses and it’s positive – I no longer have those mounting moments of frustration, “relax your jaw, just smile and breathe” Urja.
    I suffered with the pandemic closures as this was my major de-stressor during a time of mounting stress due to my employment. I found myself longing for the return to our new normal and was grateful when I needed Physio to be able to begin reformer again.
    The name depicts my attitude towards this exercise as it has been a true Reformer for me to look after myself. Now I take time for myself, smile and breathe. I’m a better me because of it. Thanks to the staff at Best Body Hillarys for showing me a new way. Wow, for me this is the New Normal and I cant wait to be back.

  10. Gina Klein

    I have been struggling with a hip impingement issue for nearly a year now and wanted to join Best Body as I believe from all my research that reformer pilates can help me manage the hip, as well as build and maintain muscle strength and tone. I have done years of yoga and and weight and fitness training but the recent hip impingement has really made certain movements restrictive and painful. I need something new that gives me all the physical benefits I enjoy, without damaging or stressing my joints. I was really looking forward to joining Best Body before the covid 19 crisis, but obviously had to put that idea on hold which was very frustrating! I have managed to keep up some strength and muscle tone through body weight training at home as well as online classes, but it’s difficult to keep up the motivation without a class to attend in person and like many other people, I’ve put on a couple of kgs in lockdown! I know that reformer pilates is the next step in my journey to keeping fit, toned and flexible and I cannot wait to start! Thank you for this opportunity.

  11. Nicola Plenderleith

    I tried reformer Pilates last year as part of an effort to lose weight and get in shape. I gave up because it didn’t feel high intensity enough even though I LOVED the workout. I loved moving my body, stretching and feeling the mind effects afterwards.
    During the covid lockdown I realised a few things, one being that exercise should be something I enjoy not how many calories I burn. And also, it should be something that is just as good for my mind.
    I’d love a 3 month membership to truly give Pilates my all and enjoy just moving in a way I love. And at 3 times a week I think I would see better results than the 3 runs I was doing a week!

  12. Jo Popzeleff

    I have being doing pilates for 18 months it has improved my core strength and kept me more flexible . My back has defiantly improved and I am looking forward to getting back I have definitely missed it .

  13. Kim Parham

    I commenced three months ago at an age of seventy one years old and as a younger person did martial arts boxing high level of football and competed at running to an high level.this three months I ached every day for at least two months then all of a sudden I felt forty years younger recommend to everyone I’ve come across. Best thing that I’ve done

  14. Dorota Pelc

    I’ve started my journey with reformer pilates at Hillarys back in May 2019 after not doing anything specific exercise wise for few years. I did CrossFit before that and dabbled in pilates once or twice per week on occasions but nothing gave me the results I got from doing my 3-5 classes per week at Hillarys. I can’t believe the difference in my flexibility and body toning. I miss my studio based classes and can’t wait for the restrictions to end. Everyone comments how much slimmer and toned I am looking and I have been able to go down a size or two with my clothes. I feel stronger not just physically but also mentally. Love the fact I can get a whole body work out without the injuries and niggles acquired in other exercise regimes. I am a very happy convert and preach to whoever listens.

  15. Lana dyson

    After recovering from major abdominal surgery / the end of a 20 year relationship and a partially torn Rotator cuff reformer Pilates at Hillaries has helped me get back on track. I had lost my way and after being a gym junky for most of my life I would walk in and walk out unable to get motivation to train. The strength I have gained and continue to gain (core) has given me abdo strength and it has meant that I’ve avoided surgery on my shoulder.
    Reformer Pilates is something I really look forward to. I’d go each day if I could and as I get more fit Im hoping to include it daily as part of my regime.
    I love the reformer, I look forward to the classes and I adore the staff. I’m now feeling younger, fitter, more toned and my general outlook on life is more positive accordingly.
    It’s been tough during covid, but we look on the positives and getting a positive fitness regime in my life has been my positive. I’m so glad I found you – Thankyou

  16. Vanessa

    Hey Scott Firstly to say that I have missed my reformer Pilates is an understatement. It’s my time out, time to stretch and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead as a teacher supporting teenagers with Autism. Covid has really shaken them up and we’ve still got a long way to go helping them to regain their valued routines.

  17. Sharon white

    My husband suffers from a rare degenerative muscle wastage disease called Kennedy’s disease. He was especially vulnerable to Covid 19 so we as a family had to isolate . As a consequence he lost his job . During the time of isolation he became more depressed and frustrated due to his condition. I found sanity in joining the Best Body at home programme (the 2 week free membership) as finances were tight. Eventually my husband suffered a mini breakdown and left us . To say we were devastated is an understatement. We have been married 23 years and have 2 beautiful girls. We haven’t seen or heard from him in a month except the odd text and our world collapsed. He is in a very dark place . As my 2 week BB membership ended I found I had no release for my anxieties and devastation…. and so my mental health has deteriorated. The same weekend I found out that my mum had the carona virus in the UK.So my metal stress has been unbelievable.Miraculously she recovered. I find now even when the studios re open I will not be able to continue my membership as finances are extremely tight. A three month free membership would do wonders for my overall well being as well as helping me cope with my drastic change in life. I’m hoping that my husband will seek the help he needs and come back to us…. and I’m hoping that I will be in a good enough place mentally with the help of the hugely beneficial effects of reformer Pilates …to work through our difficulties and be together again
    Thank you so much for taking the time to consider me xx

  18. Deb Smith

    From my first assessment with Urja in Jan 2019 to date, I have gained so much strength and flexibility. Reformer Pilates has helped me with my weight loss goals, my mental health and has meant that I no longer require regular remedial massage and trips to the physio. My one on one sessions when classes were unavailable have been critical to my mental health during this period of isolation and working from home. A focus on strength and training the brain to ensure core support when working from home and sitting in a status position for long periods is quite simply life changing – I will now change my working patterns to work from home for at least 50% of my week, which will create a better work life balance for me and my family.

  19. Dayle Jarvis

    Before joining best body Hillarys, I worked out with a personal trainer a couple times a week. It got to be a bit expensive so I decided to try Reformer Pilates. Having a ballet background, I thought I’d really enjoy it. Turns out I love it and it’s been such a good escape mentally and physically. Life gets pretty busy with a 1 and a half year old as you know. I was so sad when the studio had to close but I got used to escaping to a room in our house, in front of my laptop to do mat Pilates. I realised it’s the community and the teachers that really make the workout what it is.

    Now being 25 weeks pregnant, I want to be able to stay strong over the next few months. I want to have the strength to give birth naturally and have a shorter recovery time. The less kgs I gain and the strength I maintain, the sooner I’ll be able to get back into the studio after I give birth in September. I have more energy every day I do a Pilates class, go for a bike ride, or walk, so in the short term I need to keep moving so i can keep up with my toddler. :):)

    • Narelle Sumner

      A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership would be the perfect way to start my transformation as we hopefully leave this pandemic behind. I’m in my early 40s and need to make time for me. Not only does Pilates tone muscle and improve posture and core strength, it also promotes mindfulness. I’ve learnt during covid19 that our mental well-being is just as important as physical. Pilates is a way to achieve a holistic wellbeing!

  20. Kathy Oleary

    I was with best body hillarys for a while a year ago and I was amazed at how my.body and all its injuries responded. I am dance and fitness instructor and it helped me immensely gain strength that I needed in weak areas and I coped better when instructing myself.
    Would be great to restart , money is tight as I lost a lot of of work the last 2 months due to the situation surrounding everyone .
    All the best everyone:)

    • Cherie Winton

      I have returned to Perth due to COVID-19. I had to leave best bodies over a year ago due to having to move to a regional area for work. I am currently back and would love to start up in the studio again as the instructors give the best guidance for wonderful results on even major injuries. Been trying to work out at home but been unsuccessful getting the results that come with a pilates reformer and trained friendly/ skilled staff. Would love the oportunity to be considered for this whilst back in Perth and off work to get back on track.

  21. Emma Bott

    Best Body Pilates wow where do I start? Well we all know that doing Pilates under the instruction of a best body teacher will increase your strength, decrease your fatty tissue %, increase your flexibility and mobility, Prevent injury, heal injury, increase your fitness and tone everything up. But most importantly what I’m looking for and need is the huge benefit Of doing Best Body Pilates – improving mental health. And I don’t just mean ‘me’ time I mean the friendships I’ve made, the companionship of being on a journey with a bunch of people of all different shapes and sizes – these people that always have a smile for me, when it’s getting tough in class someone always cracks a joke – laughter is the best medicine. I know no matter what day or week or month I’m having Best Body Pilates will always welcome me with a big hug (at a distance) and I will always leave with a smile on my face and a giggle in my heart – and of course quivering legs hehe!

  22. Georgina Arch

    I would love to receive a Best Body membership to help get fit and back to feeling like ‘myself’ again. I spent about a year at BB Hillarys and knew instantly that I had finally found the one exercise that I loved, was excited to go to, gave me some much needed time out and helped with my hip/back pain that would pop up after having two children and teaching EC Education full time which means bending down all day. I had to give up my membership a year ago because we decided to have our beautiful baby boy and he gave me terrible morning sickness aka all day sickness and I was still working full time and feeling exhausted. He is the best little bundle to complete our family but wreaked havoc on my body and now I’m trying hard to try and repair my bad case of diastasis recti by watching online videos because my physio appointments had to be cancelled due to the pandemic ☹️ Whilst being on maternity leave the fees have also been a bit out of our reach and I am counting down the days until Term 4 when I am back at work and I can come back to Best Body!

  23. Karen Mattioli

    I first started reformer Pilates to help manage my back pain
    I am a nurse and I’m required to move patients and equipment, and I found I would suffer with back pain
    I’ve been attending Best Body Hillarys for more than 12 months now, I no longer have any back pain, I feel stronger than I ever have.
    I get great sense of well being and self care during my workout and have increased my energy levels.
    I love my Saturday and Sunday morning classes, and look forward to them restarting soon. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect.

  24. Sue Moriarty

    In lockdown, I was losing the plot, food and exercise wise, so I started to take control, firstly with my weight/diet, I was eating anything and everything and splitting in the couch.

    After careful “awakening I decided I needed to do something so I started on a weight loss journey, I have lost 9.1 kilos and would really love to get back my exercise program @ Hilary’s to cement my efforts. My Hillarys family would do just that. I was not enjoying Mat as much so can’t wait to get back to moving my body. I’m 68 and need the Reformer movement and your fantastic instructors to make my journey complete. Thanks for all your generosity, love my socks. Sue

  25. Tracey Edey

    I started Best Body Pilates in Aug 2018 for 2 reasons, one I was turning 50 in April 2019 and didn’t want to be 50 and frumpy. I hadn’t had a regular form of exercise for a few years and felt flabby, was adding kilos and just didn’t feel good physically or mentally. The second reason was due to my job as a dental nurse, I just didn’t have the core strength to hold myself in some of the positions I had to work in and constantly had aches and pains.
    Pilates is the first exercise I have ever really enjoyed and wanted to keep doing. All the others like boot camp or the gym were just because I knew I needed to do something!
    Pilates is something just for me and I feel better physically and mentally, I have met some really lovely people and the instructors are fabulous.(I miss Thursday mornings with Mariana!) Thanks for all the contact and support we have been receiving while staying home, it was really appreciated. Also look forward to the flexibility of trying other studios when we get back to the new normal. The membership would be just the perfect way to recommence my Pilates life! Can’t wait to get back to Best Body.

  26. Mary Pawski

    The lock-down has allowed me the opportunity to re-assess a few things regarding my health, body and general attitude to exercise. I am 46 with a solid build (and a little overweight), have always done strength training, and for the past couple of years I have been an avid CrossFit fan. It was great from the social aspect but I found that I was constantly getting injured, I don’t like the way it bulks me up, and I just never lost any weight while doing it, aside from the constant lower back pain it caused.
    I dream of having the lithe body that is evident in Pilates practitioners, improving my strength and flexibility while being kind to my body. I feel this is my time to get back in tune with my body and mind, shed a few kilos and have the body I’ve always wanted, and I believe reformer Pilates is the perfect vehicle to achieve that.

  27. Roisin Hogen-Esch

    A Best Body 3 month Pilates membership will help me to strengthen, tone and re-align my body, post-lockdown.
    I have several snow-sport injuries that rear their ugly heads when I don’t regularly attend Pilates. I feel my weak left-knee MCL when my leg muscles aren’t strong. My injured shoulder clunks and grinds when I haven’t been to Pilates and strengthened and aligned the surrounding areas. And I suffer more general lower back and neck pains when my core hasn’t been strengthened.
    I had a close look at my spending on Physiotherapy treatments for my injuries VS attending Best Body Pilates classes, and the results were totally obvious – I should spend the money on Pilates to strengthen and align my body, in order to:
    1) Prevent flare ups of my old injuries and subsequent spends at the Physio;
    2) Have a more toned physique and FEEL GOOD about my body, with more confidence to wear what I want;
    3) Be fit and strong as a Mum of a young boy with boundless energy – I love to be able to keep up with him!
    4) Maintain a strong skeletal system through the resistance-style training, which will support me as I age;
    5) Exercise helps to improve so many other areas of life like my sleep, appetite and eating habits, and reduces stress and therefore cortisol levels in my body, which thereby improves my cognitive function, decision making and mood, and reduces toxic load on my cells, and improves my immune system.
    In summary, Pilates is non-negotiable preventative therapy for me with a host of other undeniable additional benefits. I have inspired many of my friends and family to also join Best Body as they have seen what a blessing it has been to my life. It is part of my core health strategy and i can’t wait to get back into regular training!

  28. Karminder Sohal

    I broke my leg last August and I truly believe my regular 4 – 5 reformer classes gave me the much needed strength to go through the process of recovery as I got back into it within couple of months of my break and their has been no looking back. Would highly recommend to anyone who has had a leg break, as I could still work out with one leg on my back, without putting pressure on the broke leg as I would wrap the strap around my thigh and my arms , abs all we’re getting regular workout. No need to give up reformers Pilates even if you have one broken leg

  29. Sue Moriarty

    I don’t want to be one of these old people sitting on the couch gathering dust and seizing up so please consider me for the wonderful prize you are offering.

    • Vanessa Stothart

      Best body Pregnancy pilates helped me bounce back extremely fast from my second baby… I was amazed and shocked!! Now my maternity leave has come to an end and bubs is 6 months, I’ve missed pilates so much! It will give me a boost to support my training even more so now I have functioning abdominals 😉

  30. Lorraine Arden

    My 74 year old body has not reacted kindly to being denied my usual pilates classes during the shut down. I have a few physical issues which was very well managed with the reformer classes and previously I was able to get to to a feeling of fitness and staving off the inevitable age-related stiffness and other problems. Reformer pilates is so important to my wellbeing.

  31. Karen Wheelwright

    Apart from the personal gain in my health and wellbeing over the last 2 years, I would like to make a positive contribution to the special BB Community we share. There is always a smile to be exchanged, a word of encouragement and a hand of friendship offered and I would love to contribute to that spirit that I enjoy and appreciate!

  32. Linda Barile

    As much as I have absolutely LOVED, Best Body at Home. I’m very excited too see all the friendly faces at BB and get back on the reformer. Isolation has been difficult at times, but I honestly think it has given us all time too set back and re-navigate several issues in our lives. Whether it be our fitness, eating habits, work, life routines etc, but believe whole heartily for our mental health we need get back into the community. I myself have got a bit of ISO waistline at the moment and need get back into a routine of going too my classes 3 times a week and reset my lifestyle habits. Thanks too all the BB team for not forgetting about your clients and offering the BB at Home, it has kept me sane in this trying time

  33. Toni Ralston

    I was hoping Best Body might reward the loyalty of the members who have continued to support Best Body by doing BB @ home, rather than giving 3 months free to one person.
    Maybe a discount for 3 months for many.
    Just a thought….

  34. Michelle Shepherd

    I started my Best Body pilates journey when I first fell pregnant with my now baby son around 12 months ago. I was hoping to increase my core strength and maintain muscle during my pregnancy, with the hope of having an excellent recovery. I heard how great it can be during pregnancy from friends who also love and rave about Best Body.

    To be honest, I didn’t love pilates at first – I had historically been more attracted to high intensity training. It’s also really hard at first, especially for someone lacking flexibility and totally out of my comfort zone/different to anything I have done! However, I pushed through the cold and dark early mornings before work. Slowly but surely, I grew to love my pilates sessions and got so much more from them than I expected – mentally (relaxation and stress relief – I have a very stressful job and the company I work for was going through a time of significant change and uncertainty) and physically (toning and strength) – I even felt significant improvement in my overall strength and flexibility, which I did not expect to achieve given I was pregnant. I attended my final class the day before giving birth to my son at 38.5 weeks, still standing on the reformer and getting into deep lunges. My recovery following pregnancy was incredible and I truly have Best Body to thank for this. I also believe that this has in turn allowed me to feel good both physically and mentally, which is incredibly important post partum.

    However, the pandemic hit very shortly after getting home from hospital. Having a newborn is really not the best time to isolate yourself from the world, but I had no choice. While I have been walking as much as possible, the restrictions have delayed my return to a more formal exercise and strength training routine. I also have some abdominal separation that I need to work on and I know I will greatly benefit from returning to pilates regularly in order to repair it.

    Winning a three month membership would keep me motivated to achieve my goals and continue my recovery even when exhausted from late nights looking after my little one. I miss the wonderful community too and support and guidance from the beautiful instructors. It would also be so incredibly helpful – being on maternity leave obviously means significantly less income.

  35. Taylor Gersch

    Hi I am 17 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12 . For a couple of years the pain in my chest and back was incredible and my spinal specialist was insistent that i try Pilates so I did and now 2 and a 1/2 years at Best Bodies Hillarys I am pain free. I only have been going once a week for that time but my specialist was astounded at my last appointment at the difference in my x-rays. Although it can not be fixed, he is most pleased with my shoulder placement and it showed my core is now balanced and stable. In fact he only wants to see me one more time to make sure I have continued with this as as he said this is a lifelong commitment I have to make to ensure my body remains stable. I absolutely love my Saturday classes and have missed them so much during our recent lock down. I have tried to continue doing exercise at home but it has not been very successful and I am already feeling the effects of not going to Pilates. So excited to see we will all be back in the near future. Thanks so much.

  36. Lianne Hulse

    I’m middled aged, over weight and have knee, foot and hip issues. My core strength is zero (until BB At Home at least which started to make a difference). I started my journey with Andrew from BB Hillarys last year with several personal sessions in preparation for me joining Reformer classes. For the first time in a long time I was feeling pain free exercise.

    Then I broke my wrist, in 5 places and I had to have extensive surgery. My journey stopped, both mentally and physically. My wrist healed, with some restrictions, but I didn’t return. Until BB At Home that is. I was doing pain free squats and throwing high 5’s at the end of class. It gave me so much motivation to come back and start the Reformer programme Andrew had worked on for me. Specifics?…

    *COVID time spent alone has slapped me back to the reality that I need to address my lack of condition for the sake of my physical and mental health
    * Reformer pilates seems right for my body, only time will tell.
    *Modified movements inline with my body condition will see me continuing
    *BB personal attention and an instructor who knows and/or listens to my limits, regardless of class size is sadly what’s missing with other fitness orgs.
    *Motivation and discipline where necessary….I respond well to being pushed to my limit 🙂
    * Going somewhere where there are other people like me..not just for super fit, super disciplined

    Thanks for your consideration.

    • Michelle blower

      Pilates is a total body workout that tones the body without putting any pressure on the joints. Pilates has made a huge difference in my all over body function and tone and particularly core strength. Covid has made me realise how much exercise helps mental health and how great it makes you feel. As the saying goes strong body strong mind.

  37. Sarah O'Leary

    Before this pandemic, I had completed 18 months of thrice weekly classes. I was super happy with the transformation and the easy motivation to get to these wonderful, friendly classes. Then, the pandemic. What to do? So I committed to run on the beach, paddle and try to surf but toning? Just not much is happening there. Just recently signed up to the online classes after a friend recommended them. I am so disappointed that I didn’t join those sooner. They are amazing. most like the real thing. Anyway I’ll be back with a bang..

  38. melanie

    I’m not necessarily after weight loss. What I am after is the opportunity to strengthen muscles, gain mental clarity and spend time “for me”. The chance to breathe, leave the “to do list” for later and gain improvements to my posture and core strength. All essential to help live life to the full.

  39. Deb Noddings

    I need to get back into my reformer Pilates as going start our IVF journey for the second time. To say it just helps me become stronger physically is understatement it helps me emotionally and mentally in ways I can’t even describe. With a fifo husband and a 2 year old I have let myself go a little but I am more determined than ever to get back my fitness and become stronger for what ever my little families new adventure brings

  40. VP

    Before the pandemic I was a recent convert to reformer Pilates and I have to say that even though I was sore after the first few sessions I loved every minute of it. Reformer Pilates is helping me to become more flexible, fitter, healthier and has helped me to shape my body. I am so happy that I followed through with it.

  41. Karen Riches

    I’d really love to win as I have never done reformer Pilates before and since having my second baby in jan I have experience abdominal separation and feel it would be the perfect way to rebuild my core. It’s been impossible to work on this while the pandemic has been happening and I really want to change my body back to what it was so I can feel confident and get back into wearing all of the the dresses I have in my wardrobe. I live in Hillarys so it would be a perfect location for me to attend classes. Please help me!

  42. Emelie

    Reformer Pilates did wonders to help me strengthen my core after a injury sustained working as a Paramedic, and has allowed me to get back on road and be confident lifting patients and performing my duties again. The break in my weekly Pilates during COVID has definitely had an impact on aches and pains so I’m really looking forward to getting back to my old routine of Pilates 3 days a week.

  43. Iona Berrill

    I am a single mother and a teacher at a special needs school, so have not stopped working since the start of the pandemic. I stopped Pilates and have not done exercise regularly since March. I have had a bad back for a long time and when I was doing Pilates regularly in 2019 it greatly improved my core strength, fitness and dramatically decreased the back pain that I’ve had for many years. It also improved my mental and emotional well being. My back pain has returned and winning a free membership would definitely give me the motivation to start regularly exercising again through Pilates. I love the physical and mental benefits Pilates brings and really enjoy doing it.

  44. Amy Connop

    This would be my first time joining bestbody. I’ve been wanting to join since becoming a mum. Now my youngest of three has turned one it’s time for some me time! I’m wanting a regular program to improve strength, mindset, and help loose some weight. But mostly I need help with strengthening my core after having three Cesareans, I could really use professional help. I have 6 months left of leave before returning to work and I really want to be healthy, active and happy so I can tackle life with three beautiful children whilst working back in the classroom next year.

    • Jacqui von Horsten

      I looked at a photo of myself recently that my hubby took of me on the beach at the end of 2017. It was the best body transformation I have ever had through my lifetime so far, not only did reformer Pilates change my figure, it also shifted my fixed mindset into a growth mindset. I had to move away & have thankfully returned, however with a few extra kilo’s that I would love to release. During my time at Best Body I achieved my goal weight, toned my body & revamped my mindset, it’s time to do this again! Oh & my lower back ache also disappeared!

  45. Rebecca Rance

    Best Body and Reformer Pilates classes are amazing, I am stronger, healthier and have more mental clarity since attending and can’t wait to keep attending. The biggest win for me and my excitement moving forward is to continue improving my lungs and breathing. Over the past few years I have suffered with severe lung disease. This has had an impact on my whole body with loss of overall strength, fitness and flexibility. Every class I leave stronger and with my lungs expanded. Can’t wait to see where I will be in 3 months time ! Thank you ❤️

  46. Louise Chalwell

    I thought the lockdown hadn’t affected me at all either mentally or physically. I continued on with my normal routine: going to work, looking after the kids, trying to make sure we were all getting some outside time and making sure their mental state was as healthy as it could be.
    As soon as Best Body opened up again I booked my first Physio class and what a transformation. After the class I was uplifted, my mind seemed clearer, my body felt invigorated and the social connection made me realise the lockdown had indeed affected every part of me both mentally and physically.
    It’s so good to be back at the studio, I’m so appreciative I am able to do classes again and I’m feeling stronger and more motivated than ever because of it.

  47. Vanessa Fernandes

    I’ve struggled for a long time with weight and recently found out that I have a condition called lipodema which causes fat cells to grow abnormally. This has caused physical and mental strain but I’ve tried to stay positive with good eating and low impact exercise. I would love the opportunity to see if Pilates takes my body to the next level in my transformation.

  48. Lynda MacRae

    I have never been much of an exerciser. I only do it because it is good for me but never really enjoyed it….until I tried Reformer Pilates at BB. Even with the initial 3 one-on-one’s I had with Andrew, I just knew it was the thing for me. I have never stuck with any exercise – gym, group classes etc. for more than 4 months. Over 18 months later I am still here and I still love it! I have missed it terribly over the isolation period and realise all the things I love about it….It has made me both physically and mentally stronger, I am far more confident in my abilities and realise that it’s ok to push myself to realise what I’m actually capable of in my mid-40’s. I show off my abs to my super athletic son (who is impressed BTW), I feel more body confident, more flexible and it’s a fantastic motivator to get me out of bed in the morning and gives me a positive and energetic mindset for the rest of the day. I’ve had hip, back, shoulder niggles along the way that just disappear. I’ve walked into a pilates class with a severe headache and come out feeling fine!! I’ve missed one class due to gastro and that is it!
    I cannot dismiss the instructors here – they are truly the best!! I walk in and feel an instant calm, somewhat like meditation. I am there for me, this is my time, my body and everything else outside of that is forgotten in those 45 minutes.

  49. Lynn Carey

    I am so looking forward to starting reformer pilates back in the studio. Pilates gives structure to my week and helps me to mentally frame my fitness and eating habits. It is the basis for a holistic approach to good living mind, body and soul. I am in my 50s and I’ve always struggled with an exercise regime, I’ve never found an exercise that I really love, until I found reformer. Without my pilates I would feel incomplete.


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