Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Greenwood memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Greenwood for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Greenwood studio.


  1. Debra Cook

    I miss my classes the girls laughing feeling complete bring it on BB

    • Lauren

      After years in the gym doing heavy weights I have decided I want to try something new! After giving birth to my son 15weeks ago I feel like there is no better time to start Reformer Pilates to help increase strength in my lower back again whilst getting my mind and body back to its healthy self!

    • Heather Johnstone

      Thank you for allowing me to enter your competition .
      I have suffered with back injuries for 30 years after a major accident.
      Now I have both types of arthritis, lots of back pain and all joint pain.
      Since my surgery, I now have nerve damage on my right side.
      I would really enjoy to have a qualified person to help me get back to my previous very independent, self sufficient and fit person.
      I used to walk on average 15 klms, each day on the beach, before I come to Perth. Just being able to walk a few kilometres each day with no pain, would be the bedt gift to me.
      Thank you again.
      Heather J xxxooo.

      • Emma Craske

        My mum and I usually attend BB together but I’m moving to Melbourne for work. I would love for her to continue with BB and this would be the greatest motivator to get her to go on her own.

    • Dayna Willesee

      I particularly want to work on flexibility, fitness and toning. I want a strong body that allows me to do the things my mind says I can and should do, I’m looking for a different way of exercising after being a gym member for 20+ years. I’ve never done reformer Pilates and this would give me the opportunity to try it and decide if I want to Ditch my gym membership

    • Lexi

      We just bought our first home in the Greenwood neighbourhood and would love the chance to get involved with my new little community. Coming out of isolation with that social support would be incredible. I also have weak glutes which leads to back trouble, so would love to strengthen them and gain some body balance and strength 🙂

  2. Nicki Hipgrave

    Hi Scott
    A Best Body membership for 3 months coming out of this COVID-19 will help me to refocus, regain and increase my strength (especially in my back) and get back to where I was before this pandemic.
    I am a teacher and have gone from being active in my classes to teaching online (yuk) and this has caused my back issues to resurface!
    My BB instructors had done an awesome job of helping me to strengthen it and I want to get back there.
    Also…iso drinks and snacks have not helped!! I need to lose a few kilos. Those same instructors helped me there too.
    Finally, I want that wellbeing feeling back…Pilates is form of exercise that I love and miss and I have simply have never had before!! So many BB members say this.
    Speaking of the BB members. I miss them and mis the before class chats and the after class moans 🙂
    Thanks so much
    Nicki (I will be back regardless – Already back with Keegan twice per week :))

  3. leeanne ward

    As an early years teacher I spend a LOT of time either getting on the floor or up from the floor. I also bend over children a lot to give feedback. Pilates helps me straighten out the ‘kink’ in my back and ensures I have the flexibility and balance to continue getting down to the floor. After the covid school break, children are feeling very uncertain and really need someone who is physically and mentally fit to guide them through this strange time. Pilates helps me physically and mentally.

  4. Evaline Bailey

    I have spinal fusions (S1, L5, L4, L3 and L2) and nerve damage and live with pain every day. Prior to the lockdown I was receiving physio reformer sessions with Teegan and my body responded amazingly well. Since the lockdown my pain has increased, even ‘tho I have tried to remain active and moving, I find that I am once again suffering, particularly with leg pain and shin soreness as well as back muscle spasms. It was my intention to commence as a member but the pandemic put an end to those ambitions.
    I would love nothing more than to return to the level of more manageable pain I was in prior to the pandemic.

  5. Jen Pryor

    Where do I begin! I originally joined Pilates to be able to go skiing without all of the muscle pain! I did very little actual exercise although very active (if that makes sense). What I found was a community which I didn’t expect. My regular 3 classes a week with the same instructors and the same class mates became something I looked forward to.

    I toned up? Yes!
    I felt better in my own mental health? Yes
    I ACTUALLY enjoyed exercise? YES!

    Co-vid actually had me working harder than ever. I did the online mat Pilates but it wasn’t the same. I need the motivation and social connection the reformer classes provided. I’m back again now with Keegan which is great but I am super excited to get back to “the new normal”.

    I’m a jokster. I like a laugh and give the instructors numerous feedback back. I miss that. I miss the girls and I miss the routine.

    Winning this would mean so much. As soon as those damn borders open, I’m booking a ski trip and I need to be tight, taught, terrific and strong to hit the slopes! Love your work!

  6. Kim Herman

    When I first joined early last year it was to rehabilitate my injured shoulder, lower back issues and improve my flexibility.
    I loved how my weekly classes made me feel and over time I felt stronger and stronger.
    When the studios shut I was devastated- I tried the best body home for a while, but the mat classes were not really for me and I ended up feeling more sore than strong.
    So I have walked and done some online cardio classes to keep my fitness up and have actually lost a little weight. A best body 3mth reformer Pilates membership would really help me to lose up my tight hip flexors and joint and get that real inner core strength back.
    I am so excited at the prospect that classes are returning – Yay

  7. Kathryn Navarro

    Hi Scott, i struggled with my weight and self esteem for a long time. I took the plunge and joined BB. I didn’t believe i could do any pilates. Every teacher encouraged me i felt so supported and within a month omg i could walk straight, i felt stronger i no longer hobbled. on a personal note i’ve struggled with loneliness and my 2 x pw made me feel part of something and then Covid hit. I felt like i lost more than an exercise class. It took so long to get myself to the class and then it got snatched away. I’ll never take it for granted again. Anyway i hope that’s not too personal but i was beyond happy when i knew you would re-open.

  8. Helen Pike

    I’ve been working from home now for 10 weeks, isolation can be destructive. Even though I have been walking daily, I miss the reformer machines, I miss the lovely people who go to the classes, I miss the instructors who are there to help me become a happier person. I miss the life I had before lock down. I would love to win this, but if I don’t I know it’s time to upgrade my membership.

  9. Josie versace

    Hi Scott, I started Pilates to help me get through some tough times and I needed to heal and spend sometime for myself. 2019 I lost my sister and nephew suicide. Also lost my Aunty and uncle to cancer. As well as friends who also passed away. We had about 14 deaths. I took Pilates to help rebuild my thoughts and strength. And focus on life and family.

  10. Kirsty Jones

    After struggling with neck issues for years and fortnightly treatment from another health professional, I finally took the plunge and started 1:1 sessions (including treatment). With much reluctance I then joined classes when the Greenwood studio opened (I had never been into group classes/gyms etc). I have now increased my strength and movement (along with so many other benefits) and only had to have a couple of physio sessions since joining. Since this pandemic I found I’ve regressed and gone back to headaches, neck soreness and limited movement needing multiple physio sessions. Besides missing my pilates classes, I’ve been stood down at work so a 3 month membership would be beyond amazing. When thinking about my comment one of my kids suggested I should also let you know that they are driving me crazy so I need to get back to pilates!

    • Maria quin

      Hi Scott, I joined when you opened last year as I was rehabbing from some pretty significant injuries to my arm and leg….the strength and movement I regained from coming to class was beyond what I had ever hoped for.

      I have definetly lost my way since all this madness started, i’m a nurse and my job has been crazy since everyone went into lockdown-babies, mums and mental health issues didnt get the memo there was a pandemic and kept arriving at their usual velocity!! So I’ve been balancing work and keeping my kids up with their school work while my elderly parents helped care for them while I worked. The only semblance of self care going on is way too many cakes and coffee at work and laughing with my colleague when we had time. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the studio and making further gains than before.

  11. Claire

    The difference physically and mentally in not doing reformer Pilates is without doubt noticeable. Lack of tone, core strength, stability and stamina have declined… along with feeling good about the way I look. I’d love to get back into the studio and take control over who I am physically and mentally. To have the best body I can and feel proud and comfortable in my own skin again 🙂

  12. Hannah W

    Hi Scott,

    I am nominating my Mum into this competition because she has been keen to join Best Body for a long time now but is afraid to take the first step. As a mother of 5, with the help of a free membership for 3 months this would help her so much and will prompt her to finally take the first step into her fitness journey. Best Body has changed my life in so many ways & I just know that once she joins the BB fam she will never look back and I can stop showing her the new moves I have learnt each week.

    • Antonella

      I want to change my body and see results. I want confidence, flexibility, muscle strength, focus, discipline and I know if I commit to Best Body my overall mental health will benefit and maybe I can change from “I’m gonna” to “I’m doing it!

  13. Phillipa Webb

    I need accountability in my activity level. It is so easy to be a couch potato at the moment. Classes with BB gave me focus, activity, exercise, stretching, strengthening and flexibility. I have missed this amazing impact on my life.

  14. Ally

    Reformer Pilates quickly becomes addictive and I missed my weekly session once the door had to close due to the pandemic. The next three months in my work life will be stressful as the business I am in I will need to make some tough business decisions that will impact on people lives. Attending Pilates three times a week will definitely help with relaxing my mind and keeping my body fit. Which to me and my family is super important. Happy Mummy and wife = Happy Family life.

  15. Michelle

    Best Body Pilates (Greenwood in Feb 2019 and Hillarys from July 2018) is the only exercise program I have sustained, ever! The instructors, the reformer, the schedule, the socks, my classmates, the 5.25am wake up, legs in straps, the magic circle, the ache in my glutes, even that damned jump board – I have missed them all!!!

  16. Sarah Lichtenstein

    Hi Scott
    What an amazing opportunity, I really have been very surprised and impressed with the service and support that has been provided by you and Best Body over the last few months.
    I have been using your services for only a few months prior to this pandemic and have reaped the benefits. I was diagnosed with various scary words with my back which has been pretty stuffed for a few years now mostly thoracic with stenosis amongst them. I am very keen not to have surgery but have also had moments of massive pain where only a visit to ED has managed to help with their super meds!! Since coming to your Greenwood studio my strength, balance and confidence have improved significantly. I no longer feel so frail and worried about my back condition. When the pandemic hit I thought it would all be lost but no you guys came up tops with a service which has been so impressive. I love how I can book in the classes or watch a pre-recorded if its a better time. It has been my sanity when at home studying my Masters in Nursing and dealing with 3 teen girls who are were not at school, that 3 pm class saved them many a time from the monster mum! So for me it is now no longer an option it is part of my physical care routine and also supports my family as if I’m feeling ok then I am better at being all things to them, I am going to continue with this as without it the wheels may fall off!! Who knew pilates could do so much! Thanks

    • Leanne Moss

      Hi Scott, 3 years ago my life fell apart. I lost my marriage of 23 yrs, my start up business that I poured everything into, and my family unit as I knew it. I was beyond devastated.
      I didn’t leave my house for months and avoided everyone and anything that required any type of contact with anybody.
      I was depressed, self isolated, and felt that at this time in my life there was no coming back from this.
      I knew I had to try, even though the very thought of it terrified me.
      I knew I had to exercise not only for my physical well-being, but for my self confidence, mental health and a first step towards building a new life.
      I saw an add on Facebook for Best Body and it took a while for me to take the step of making the call.
      I was many years ago, what most would call a gym junkie, but with a start up business it’s 24 hrs, 7 days a week and every other aspect of your life falls away, until that’s all that’s left.
      Making that call, was the best decision I have I made in a long time.
      It not only has given me a space for myself to become physically strong but also learn to accept support from others, the building of new friendships and the commitment to show up. I have felt very supported at Best Body, it’s a calm & relaxing environment, everyone is friendly and the instructors are just lovely.

      I have really missed Pilates And the gap it has left. Can’t wait to get back!
      And that feels really good !

  17. Karen Telford

    Reformer Pilates works for me, other than my daily walks with my fur baby Reformer Pilates really did help me with my balance, core strength but also a new found love of group exercise. One where you did not need to lose weight, have a nip and tuck to just fit in. Best Body makes you feel like you fit in and for a larger lady like me that was so important. I did not feel like I needed to hide in the back and avoid total eye contact with the instructor! So in short Reformer Pilates would get me back my Chi but Best Body gives me that Zen. My happy place!!!

  18. Mei-Ling Beilby

    Hi Scott
    Wow this would be amazing, I love the support we get at the classes, fell very relaxed. The trainers rally help you along and modify any moves to help you along. Feel non judgements going go the classes as wdd all have restricstions. Have had shoulder injuries and the reformef classes ars great. After being in lockdown looking forward to coming back. Thanks

  19. Naomi

    Coming out of isolation isn’t just about getting back in touch with everyday life it’s about getting back in touch with my body and how my mind connects to my body. Feeling where the tensions is , where the strength needs to be built up, focussing on my breathing. Reformer gives me a safe environment where I know I won’t injury myself because I’ll be guided by professionals. Everyone is on their own journey in the class and supports each other. It’s my time to focus on me, where I am at and where I want to be. I love the precise and detailed instruction on what to do and where to focus my intent and energy. I appreciate the personalised corrections to improve my technique. It’s my happy place.

  20. Lauren Mocke

    Hey Scott,

    A three month membership would help me reach my fitness goals!!! After moving to Australia from South Africa, I picked up a lot of weight due to stress, loneliness and not knowing where I fitted in. I joined BB the end of last year and this is when I start focussing on my health and getting myself back. It felt really great to get back into Pilates again after so many years of not doing it. It was amazing to get out and meet other people. I started to feel good about Myself and more confident. I became more active in my daily life and when covid forced the gyms to closed I kept up with my active lifestyle and tried my best to walk often and do exercises at home. By winning this amazing membership I will be able to keep determined to achieve my goals and get fitter and healthier the right way!

  21. Lin D'limi

    I never had time to exercise bringing Up children & working full time in the hotel & call centre industry as a Manager, work & family seems to always came first plus yes $ was tight as we lived in London for 20 years then decided to make the huge move across the globe to Perth & start a new life which we love but once again I was working full time! However, I notice the Hillarys bb studio and started looking into Bestbody & was very happy when they open Geeenwood. I decided it’s time look after myself and reformer Pilate is exactly what I needed that will complimemt my various health ailments so I joined greenwood as a founder member & for the year I attended 4 times a week until covid-19 My family is very impress with my new exercise regime & my doctor too. But I have not kept up with my healthy lifestyle since & working from home has taken over. I can’t Wait to go back to Reformer Pilate & winning this membership will be a boost. Like everyone coved-19 have been a struggle both mentally & $

  22. Diane Wisse

    I love my Pilates and I have missed coming so much, the covid 19 has been really hard on me mentally, after a few weeks of the classes being cancelled I felt really flat and depressed, I really missed the fun and all the beautiful people I have met, I have been busy working and walking my dogs sometimes twice a day, I always did 3 classes a week, I’m really and pumped to feel stronger and fitter, and make myself look and just feel happy in myself, thanks for everything BB.

  23. Katie Hobbs

    Once I made the decision to do something for me I loved coming to my reformer classes twice a week and made every effort to be there for each class. I was always very disappointed when I couldn’t attend and would try to work all other commitments around my classes. I enjoyed chatting to the other members as well as the Instructors. I could see the results from the classes in being fitter, sleeping better and mentally feeling great. Since COVID-19 I am missing all of the things pilates gave to me in the form of the exercise high, companionship and feeling great. I can’t wait for Reformer Pilates to start to get toned, get that exercise hit and just be part of the group again.

  24. Yolanda Craig

    I do alot of weight training in the gym. During covid i was forced to do more resistance training as i obviously didnt have the gym. I saw a few positive changes which made me think that something like reformer Pilates will not only aid me in adding something different but also assist with mobility which is goid when playing with weights.

  25. Bre Macneill

    I would use the membership to complete my personal Growth badge, As part of my Baden Powell Scout award, which is the highest award you can achieve in Rovers (18-26 yrs). I would love to complete the award this year. Not to mention, drop the isolation weight and get my strength back!

  26. Rebecca Thrift

    I’ve had suffered back pain for years … fortunately massages and chiropractor visits have not been enough for me .
    After 4 months of Pilates class at Greenwood I was pain free saving money on massages and chiro bills ..

    Since I have stopped going all my back pain is back so winning a 3 month membership would be fantastic .

  27. Michelle Ward

    I would love the opportunity to gain my health back. I have a few medical conditions and I am hoping if I am lucky enough to win a 3 month membership during that time I would notice positive changes on both a physical and mental level.

  28. Karen Weeramanthri

    I really, really enjoy group fitness, these last 2 months have been have been challenging to say the leas – I have missed it. Life is busy, I know everyone has had time to bake sourdough and do puzzles – not me, with four ‘adult’ children at home and working as a teacher, life has been busier with COVID. My lovely pilates classes kept me healthy and sane. Greenwood has a fabulous group of instructors, dedicated and caring. I have for the last two weeks been enjoying being back with Keegan – he has good play lists (even if he does sing along). But I am really looking forward to getting back to 3 sessions a week with our lovely instructors. I really hope everything works out well for you Scott, you have built up a terrific business and I hope it continues so.

    • Janine Morrison

      I started my journey with Best Body just before Covid-19 struct. I did the all of the pre-instruction sessions and was all booked to get started and then the closures came :(. I have been working from home and had a few visits to the physio for back problem e.g. not sitting correctly at the computer. All fixed now and wanting to get fit and strong. I would so love to have to opportunity to start this journey very soon.

  29. Belinda

    Well 3 months working from home in a chair in front of a computer day in and day out is not the best on any body. I try and get out for walks at lunch but my lower back issue that i had pre-pilates has reared its ugly head. The stiffness and pain from not doing reformer pilates was evident in the first couple of weeks and i need to feel tall again, with no shooting pain down my leg when i sit down at the desk or drive the car, and feel strong when i get out of bed. Plus the over indulgence in chocolate and alcohol has left an undesired look of cellulite on my thighs which i want to try and tone up. I want to love my body again!!

  30. Natalie

    Hi Scott,

    I have been doing Reformer on and off for the last ten years. When I’m in an off phase, I experience a lot of pain as I have had 2 microdiscetomys years ago and Reformer is the only way thing that relieves pain and brings me peace. I have really missed my classes in the last few months and the stiffness has returned. I’m saving up for a Reformer as it brings me such relief. My 40th is in a few months so I’d love to get stronger, fitter and more confident so I can fit into the dress!

  31. Sharon Goodwin

    Ahhh, so with COVID my usual active lifestyle of running around the university campus both as a student (Master of Nutrition and Dietetics) and as a tutor for undergrad nutrition students, has been all but snuffed out with having to move to online study and tutoring. I have found myself sitting for many hours a day in front of the computer screen. As a result, I have lost all the strength I had gained whilst doing Pilates, my aches and pains in my chest, neck and shoulders have returned, my legs no longer feel strong and I’ve ashamedly grown out of my favorite jeans. I do best in group exercise environments where I am spurred on by the other ladies ( I miss the banter in the 7am class!) and like to be pushed to do my best (the instructors at Greenwood studio were superstars at doing this for me -I especially miss Gabby and Hannah!! ) and find it VERY difficult to stay motivated with exercising on my own at home.
    Now, I need to get back into shape. We will be moving back to on-campus classes very soon and I want to look and feel my best especially as I teach nutrition I feel I should look like a picture of health and not like the blob I am currently feeling like. Bring my confidence, vitality and strength back BB Pilates…. please!!

  32. Ashlee Sauzier

    WOW! This 3-month membership would be absolutely perfect to kick start my fitness back into gear ready for our wedding in 4 months, it’s safe to say 2020 has been a challenge mentally while trying to plan our wedding. One minute its all go and the next the breaks come screeching on and we don’t know if we will or won’t be able to go ahead with our big day as planned!
    The 3-month reformer pilates membership would give me something else to focus on mentally and space to clear my head & refocus while also improving my fitness and flexibility (and of course weight loss & toning for the big day!)
    I found when I was attending classes 3 x per week not only did I feel strong but my mental clarity for the day was much better. I became much more flexible which assisted with some lower back pain and calf ache. I have found at the moment I can barely touch my toes and the calf ache is back causing broken sleep.
    This 3-month membership couldn’t come at a better time & would be so appreciated!!

  33. Natalija

    This gift would give me the chance of giving Pilates a real go, especially the reformer.
    I have been exercising almost every day for the last 10years and I love the feeling but I want to make sure I can continue.
    Running, riding, weightlifting all great things but I think Pilates will help me in the long run. I have heard a lot of great things about the reformer but I want to try it for myself, thanks Natalija


    As an “older” foster carer I know pilates helps me relax mentally as well as keeping me fit. It is difficult fitting in personal time whilst caring for a toddler but now that she is in daycare I have a few hours to spend on “me” time and would like to resume my previous assessment/workout.

  35. Rachel Stevenson

    I am looking to get back into reformer for a physical aspect as well as a mental aspect. I suffer from bad anxiety. Reformer is a release for me where I can switch my mind off (even if it is for only 60mins a day). When I leave, I always leave full of endorphins and in a stronger mindset ready to take on the day. I am also looking for the physical aspect to tone up everywhere, however mainly my stomach and thighs which seem to be my trouble areas. With reformer, I find it uses muscles you wouldn’t normally work out in a pump class or weight training. I find it tones you in a nice way and you feel stronger from the inside out.

    I’m needing a break at the moment from anxiety and to get myself happy, healthy and stronger again – mentally and physically.
    Thank you for this opportunity Scott

  36. Meg Trimby

    I’ve managed to loose the 7kgs I’ve been desperate to loose since going into isolation but I now need to tone my body. This membership is exactly what I need to finish my transformation and keep me fit and motivated.

  37. Steph Branch

    Being restricted during this pandemic forced me to be more active and I realised how little I was doing for myself in terms of fitness/m. I’ve been wanting to join reformer for some time now and I can’t wait for it to open again so I can start putting myself and fitness first.

  38. Alessa Franchina

    Gosh! After 4 kids (including twins) Pilates is literally the only exercise that helps me get some of my core strength back. I struggle to keep up mentally & physically & Pilates helps me with both those things just to survive my hectic life. The pandemic just set me back months & thinking about starting again is honestly terrifying; but I’ll do it because in the end, it makes me feel good.

  39. Vivien Langfield

    I have never enjoyed exercise it has always been a push for me. I will be forever grateful to my friend Linda who gave me the push in this direction. BB Pilates is the best thing that has happened to me. I am proud to say that before the pandemic I was coming 3 to 4 times a week which is amazing for me! I can’t wait to get back to it, I need it sooo badly. I have read the wonderful comments above and there are heaps of deserving people to give this to, but still wanted to express my gratitude for BB Pilates at Greenwood and the wonderful instructors.

  40. Joanne White

    I’m yet to start my Pilates journey, I’ve heard lots of fabulous stories but always been a little scared! This would give me the opportunity to get the lean and flexible body I’ve always dreamed of having and allow me to stay active and fit for my girls now that I’m coaching both their netball teams ahhhh.

  41. Kelly Cavanagh

    Hi there,
    I have suffered with muscular and joint pain from hypermobility spectrum disorder for as long as I can remember. I have two young children and work and study and the time at home during the lockdown has made me realise I need to spend time on myself. This is my goal for the foreseeable future, now that my kids are a little older and back at school. I would love the opportunity to create good exercise habits that become part of my daily routine and continue to be a priority in my life long term. Reformer pilate is perfect for my condition as I can start slow and it’s low impact which is better for my joints. I would like to tone and lose a little weight and start enjoying a pain free life with the support of Pilates. Thank you.

  42. Alex Webster


    I think winning this 3 month membership will help me very much physically and mentally.

    I sit at my desk all day for work, suffer from headaches/migraines and I feel like learning from best body will help me with my management of headaches, sore back due to working at a desk all day. Also I believe this will help me mentally for the challenges that I am going to face with upcoming IVF cycle.

    Also I think it will be great to do something new and challenging. Get to meet new people and continue working on myself.

  43. Michelle


    I had only been doing reformer pilates for a couple of months before it was closed down due to Covid. Even so I found I was feeling so much better physically and mentally. I was going to a gym 3/4 times a week before BB but found I couldn’t shift the weight around my stomach and had huge issues with my legs being so Chunky. I found pilates helped with making my calves leaner (or at least my perception of them ).

    I used to hate going to the gym and dreaded my classes but went anyway but I never had that feeling coming to BB so was gutted when it closed. Now working from home the weight has piled on – I feel isolated so my mental health isn’t great and I can’t wait to get back in the studio regularly. My husbands work has changed so financially I haven’t been able to get to as many of Keegan’s classes as i would like but reformer is not something I’m willing to give up. Between ISO snacks, drinks and menopause it can’t come back soon enough!

  44. Kathryn Gavshon

    It has been a pretty horrible year for so many people so whoever wins this congratulations!!!
    I had a pretty yuck last few months. I had to postpone my wedding this May until next year which was so stressful… I guess one positive I can take from it is that I have another whole year to get the perfect body before I put on the dress that is now hanging in my closet.

  45. Maureen Sales

    Hi I started Pilates because I needed help with my weight loss and felt the resistance training would be good for my terrible balance and hip bursitis. I had just finished the one on one classes when I lost my job then covid happened. Would love to get back into it.As a bonus I found it helped my mental health when I left the studio after a class I had a smile on my face I felt good.

  46. Dada Cuk

    Ooo it will be just a big joy to stretch the body take a big breath and go back to normal

  47. Tijana Briscan

    I joinee greenwood last year in aim to loose weight and tone up before my wedding which was september. I lost 15 kilos from feb 2019 to sept 2019 and felt soo much better. I stopped my chiro appointments aswelll !! Im not 7.5 months pregnant with my first and have pretty much lost all my muscle tone I gained last year. Would love to get back into pilates post partum to regain what I lost.

  48. Sonia Makoare

    I was just starting to feel strong again (as a relative newby of Reformer Pilates at the Greenwood Studio) – my back and neck pain had gone, I felt ‘straighter’ in my posture and my confidence was returning after a very long time of no exercise and a job with very long hours and where I ‘sat’ most of the day… and then covid lockdown hit.
    What I hadn’t noticed until I COULDN’T go to the Studio was how much the classes had helped my mental and emotional health, and how much it contributed to my daily productivity and organisation and MOTIVATION – I need this!
    Winning this would be amazing, as I would add to it so I could come to classes 5 times a week to get me back on track and into a better routine where I put my own health and fitness first for a change (and its the only way I could afford 5 classes per week, lol) Thanks for the opportunity and please…. pick me, pick me!!!

  49. Catherine Horlock

    I started out so well as a founding member last year. Unfortunately I came down with a chronic virus(no it’s not covid!) and i lost my job and went through some very tough times. I tried to come back to class a couple of times but it was too much for me and I had to listen to my body and rest.
    I’ve gotten to the stage now where I’d love to ease back into classes- the girls there have been so incredible keeping my membership on hold, so for me this would be very special as I’d be making steps to feeling strong again but not stresssint about how to pay for it as I’m still unable to work. Thanks for putting this together and reading what I had to say

  50. Tanneal Burch

    I had always been an active, sporty person until I was diagnosed with the horrible disease of rheumatoid arthritis in my early 30’s. It stopped me in my tracks as I found the simplest tasks extremely challenging due to constant pain and flare ups. Exercise was off the table as some days I could barely walk. The impact this had on my mental health and family life was absolutely crippling and I became a very negative and unhappy person…..a shell of my former self.
    Eventually I started on a high dose of RA medication and this helped with the pain however I was still struggling to find exercise I could be involved in without pain or putting too much pressure on my body. Then I found Pilates and I can honestly say this exercise has changed my life in such a positive way. Not only has my body become stronger & more flexible, I have also been able to reduce my levels of medication to the point where I am almost off it. After each class my mind is so much clearer allowing me to function at a higher level and handle stress more appropriately.
    Although I occasionally will still have flare ups, they are only minor and I have never missed a Pilates class due to this as the fabulous instructors are always adapt the exercise to suit me.
    Having this time off through Covid has been unavoidable but it has certainly cemented in my mind that I need Reformer Pilates to function, be happy and be the best me possible.

  51. Rachael McGuire

    Reformer Pilates is something I’ve always wanted to try but now after having bariatric surgery 9 months ago and losing 30kgs I feel I have the confidence to give it a go!! Laying flat on my back on a hard surface would aggravate a bulging disc in my lower back and I’d be left in pain. Now that I’m lighter and can move better my back is ALOT better and really need to address this weakness in my core. Keen for this opportunity! Thanx

  52. Tanya Marriott

    Wow, where do I start….I’m looking at other ways to improve my mental state, which at the moment like most, depression has snuck its way into my life, I never thought it would, but anyways, its here! I feel a shadow of my former self, I’m wanting to be happy, have a goal to strive towards, to have a daily mission on my mind again, so all the stress disappears, and even if its only in the 45mins I’m there, the only thing on my mind would be getting the most out of this tired body, as I know the old girl still has life in it (Geez I’m only 45!).

    I’m also hoping at the end of the 3 months, my ever expanding stress stomach, muffin top (and who am I kidding, not the best diet either) and pooch, (am I allowed to say that?, yes well I now have one of those (sigh!!!!!), all disappears and I feel alive and ready to kick butt! (I could be a poster girl! Lol…) but honestly, I have all the determination to make the most of this 3 months, there’s muscle in there somewhere!

  53. meagan Shanks

    What a great competition to have for members.
    I would love to reduce my mum tum, work on my core strength and probably most importantly my mental health.
    Ive been out of shape for many years and would love to return to my previous self in all aspects.this would be a fabulous start to get me on my way.
    thanks for reading

  54. Liz Quinn

    I used to LOVE Pilates, both mat and reformer, so much so that in 2014 I did the mat course and taught from home for a while, then in May last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The treatment, for me, was terrible and I did almost no exercise except walking. In February this year I finished treatment and then as I started to feel better and more motivated, Covid-19 struck and so all classes I might want to attend, closed.
    I feel fat, frumpy and out of shape now and anxious to get back to Pilates once again, so this would be a great motivator for me to once again get back to an exercise regime I absolutely love. Liz

  55. Debbie petkovic

    I desperately need to work on my core strength, especially after being in quarantine.
    I have a 15 year old son, who has a severe disability. He is 40kg, and I’m lifting him multiple times a day. Since I’ve had to stop going to the gym, my strength has suffered. Pilates is the one thing I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the opportunity. I’ve heard great things about it developing core strength, and as I’m going to be lifting my son for a long time, it’s something I’m in need of.
    Thank you


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