Hey there, I hope things are starting to return to normal for you – we’re excited about fully re-opening our studio’s over the coming weeks.


Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening Best Body Currambine memberships on Monday to 50 people.


We’re excited to get back to what we love doing the most – helping people get pain free, body strong, flexible, toned, and achieve their ideal weight – and becoming physically and mentally unstoppable – so they can live their best life in a body they love.


Now, check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Best Body membership (3 times per week for 3 months) to a lucky winner: I’ll announce the winners on Monday evening.


We want to make some good things happen after a challenging couple of months for everyone.


This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.


This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 


In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve. Also share details of how Reformer Pilates has already helped you!).


That’s it!


Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


On Monday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winner in the evening. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (3 times per week) to the Best Body classes at Currambine for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to help you rebound out of this pandemic faster and better…
  3. Strong, healthy, fit, and toned!


I’ll award one winner.


I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…


Good luck!

Scott ‘Excited to get back to a new normal’ Wescombe

P.S. I’ll update you tomorrow or Friday if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our Currambine studio.


  1. Craig Hatch

    Best Body helped me throughout our isolation with daily emails, constant positive support and off course the online floor pilates classes.
    My wife and I are both proud members and have returned to reformers classes which started last week. We both believe that talking to others at our classes and sharing our isolation experiences has helped us to commence the readjustment back to a normal life.
    Of course that is additional to the physical being it’s we get from each session. The wonderful staff at Currumbine go out of there way to ensure we have the best experience.
    Scott stayed in his email that he is obsessed with ensuring his members have the best experience possible and during the isolation he and his staff proved that every day.
    So in summary this is what will help me over the next three months and beyond.

    • Justine Rooney

      I am hankering to come back to Reformer Pilates regardless of whether I win a free membership or not. Although in saying that, there is no doubt that I would love to win so I could increase my attendance by that extra day.

      I have found that, although I have continued to move and exercise throughout this strange time, my body is starting to tighten and become sore again and I am desperate for this be over so we can get back to the studio sooner rather than later.

      I hadn’t been a member for long before everything got shutdown but boy did I feel the benefit of Reformer Pilates in that short time. Tori and Samina were the two instructors that I worked with mostly for my classes and they are both fantastic and I miss them a lot

      • Perri Ryan

        So looking forward to getting back to Pilates, I have really missed the classes and how fantastic I feel after a workout.

        Knowing that Monday Tuesday and Thursday are my Pilates nights iam always organised and ready to go.

        Not only do I miss the classes I miss the fantastic teachers and Staff who make exercising a great experience you should be proud of the people who look after Currambine they are truly amazing people.

        Also last but not least the amazing people who are opposite or next to me on the reformers what a great group of people!!!!!

        Thankyou Pilates for making me feel amazing.

    • Elmar Losch

      I very seriously fractured my ankle over 2 years ago, and escaped amputation 3 times. I joined the studio in August last year and after 6 months going to classes 3x per week I could clearly see the mobility and balance improving . It’s a slow process, but the specialist are impressed. I am aiming to get 90 percent of movement back, and are positive I can do this with Pilates!

      • Sarah Tickel

        I’ve lost a heap of weight and would love to tone and build my muscles back up. This sounds like the perfect way to do it at a time when I need it most.

      • Shelley Hazell

        Embarrassingly, it occurred to me quite early into quarantine that my daily routine had not changed much from my ‘normal’ of not really moving too much outside of my comfort zone.
        As we have our own business my work is done from home so not having to travel or leave the house much didn’t change.
        As a mum of 3 boys aged 17, 15 and 12 years they made me proud over this time as they coped with changes without missing a beat taking it all in their stride. It was also however a reminder that my role will change considerably over the coming years as they become more independent and they’ll be needing me to be on call and be always around them a lot less.
        In 2 weeks time it will be 5 years since a coronary issue scared me into pulling back from anything too challenging in my life. I am now at my heaviest ever weight, considerably less mobile and less flexible with constant aches and pains and definitely more tired and less motivated than I’ve ever been. I know all this yet all the fitness and health information that was made available online over this social distancing time just seemed overwhelming and unachievable for me.
        I have now decided however that covid19 is my reminder that there should be a difference between simplifying or cutting back and giving up and I need to take action to get back some energy and enthusiasm for life.
        Then I received your email…and here I now am reaching out and jumping towards an opportunity to get back out there, get a new routine, set some goals and have a go.

        Winning your membership offer or not, I’ll be in contact to move forward

    • Nikolett Nogradi

      Hi Scott,

      I’ve been doing reformer pilates for a while and I truly believe that to start again Best Body will help to relief stress level, finding the spirit and reshape my full body.
      I’m looking forward to get back into your studio doing it at least 3 times a week. During pandemic break was very helpful your emails with many useful information living healthy and fitt lifestyle.

      Hope I’ll see you all soon!

  2. Brittany

    I’m excited to get back to reformers as exercise is a part of my routine to help with my mental health, Having a set time and an expectation to be at a class gives me the motivation to attend. I started Pilates to improve on my posture and general health, I’m excited to return as I know the friendly staff will be there to make me feel welcomed and encourage me hit my goals. I know returning to best body will improve my mental health and hit my physical goals! I enjoy committing to the AM classes as it gets me motivated to do my errands for the rest of the day and puts me in a positive head space for the day.

    • Gabriela Antonini

      I’m hoping to gain strength, mobility and flexibility. Particularly as I’ve struggle with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from a young age.

  3. Cathy Hynes

    There is osteoporosis in the family and reformer Pilates has been recommended to help as it target specific muscle groups also I would love to tone up and improve my overall health

  4. Donna Millington

    I’m reclusive by nature so lock down has appealed to my inner hermit. Unfortunately I need something like gym membership to prompt me to activity. I tried the online programs but I found rolling around the floor uncomfortable. I’ve stiffened up. I have missed the friendly staff and I was just beginning to talk to fellow reformer. So Pilates for me he both psycological and physical implications. Can’t wait until you’re open again at Currambine.

  5. Megan Hall

    Just before this bizarre time, I came to Best Body Currambine for my pilates assessment. As excited and ready as I was to begin my pilates journey, unfortunately, the coronavirus situation put an end to that. I was so bummed! I have been wanting to start pilates for some time now. As a law and psychology student, I spend most of my time studying and I believe that pilates is not only a great method of exercise and fitness, but also immensely helpful in mental health and well-being. A 3 month membership coming out of this time would be so delightful, it would really help me to kickstart my pilates journey all together, make me feel better and more active and would help me be able to focus more on my studies with guided and personal pilates training. As a student, a free membership is all one can dream of with things being a bit harder on the financial side of things. As discussed with the Physiotherapist at my consult, pilates would help work on my posture when spending hours studying and would assist with the strengthening of my shoulders (a weakness and source of injury for myself). Another way that pilates would help me coming out of this strange time would be by toning me up and working on strengthening my core. I have always wanted a stronger and more defined core and I have heard so many positive reviews about how pilates at best body can achieve this! I would love to win this membership and be able to pass on the only positive and glowing reviews I hear about pilates with you!

  6. Karen Clark

    I joined Pilates as part of my journey to once and for all change my life. Last year, after having lost 20 kilograms through a change of diet, discipline and walking 10 kms a day, I was confident enough to walk in the doors and take my first reform Pilates class. I loved it. I loved the stuido, the instructors, the friendly faces on the desk and I began to look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces each week for some friendly banter. I set myself a goal to do 3 classes a week. I booked all my classes in advance and I modified my schedule to ensure that doing these each week became my priority.

    Six months later I was down another 10kgs and the dim light at the end of the tunnel started to shine as my 50kg weight loss goal was now within reach. Bang, then without warning COVID-19 happened. My work become very pressured and I was working very extensive hours, my much loved Pilates was not open and bad habits began to creep back in. Coming out of COVID-19 for WA is great and we should all be proud of the efforts that we have achieved as a community, for my work which is predominately dealing internationally, the stress will continue unfortunately for sometime but I very much look forward to rejoining Pilates and using these sessions to get back on track to reach my goal in 2020.

  7. Yvette Bluett

    I would like to say thank you to the staff at best bodies currumbine. Firstly for keeping me in formed with what is happening during the isolation. Offering support and online classes. Im excited to start classes again.

  8. Sinead McCarthy

    I feel getting back to best body will give me back structure, commerarderie, Direction, accountability, fun and most of all get my body strength and tone back.

  9. Tracey Hay

    Being a frontline worker in ED at Joondalup has been challenging, stressful and very distressing. I fell back into my old eating habits to cope with my stress, and had little time or energy to exercise.

    But when I was going to Pilates 3 times a week last year, I felt the best I have ever felt. I felt strong, flexible, tall and slept well. I am dying to get back to reformer Pilates. I want to feel the strength flow back, decrease my neck and shoulder pain, decrease my headaches, and let go of my stress. I want to sleep well again, and feel good in my skin. I KNOW I can achieve these things with reformer Pilates! I also can’t wait to see the amazing staff and other clients! The staff will encourage me and push me when I feel like giving up. And my “gym buddies” will help to build me up when I am feeling down and unco-ordinated! Bring it on! I want to feel good before my 55th birthday in August – it will take much longer than that, but it will be a great start!

  10. Trudi Hatch

    I believe being a member of Best Bodies will help me in many, many ways. Firstly, I have been a member since March last year and I have NEVER found a physical activity that I have stuck with.. Pilates has been the exception. I have Ankolysing Spondylitis in my thoracic spine so pain is a fairly common occurrence for me. I am also overweight. I also struggle with balance issues. Since doing Pilates all of these things have improved. My strength has increased and now allows me to have confidence in my physical bodily function in that I have much better balance, I have the confidence that if I fall I CAN get up, I have previously fallen many times.. one time I fell in the street whilst walking the dog and I had to sit in the gutter for more than 10 minutes before I could summon up the strength to get up. That was painful and embarrassing. My mobility has increased remarkably and I now walk and move with a lot more ease and ‘fluidity’. I have also lost weight..9 kilos! In a year!! I have also changed shape, my waist is back, my hips have shrunk and my clothes fit better. People have noticed, not only my weight loss but my improved mobility. Whilst the weight loss has been a great personal achievement, I am more proud of my vastly improved balance and mobility. On a social side, I absolutely love going to the Currambine studio. The girls on the front desk, the physios, the instructors and also my companion Pilates participants make it a great place to go and and a fun part of my day. Whilst I persevered with At Home Pilates which I found a bit tougher, I so missed the company of all these wonderful people. Along with the absolute support from you guys, Pilates has been a massive benefit to my physical and emotional well being already, so not only would this be of valuable assistance for the next three months, it will aid in my ongoing Pilates journey.

  11. Annie Mills

    Well I became a Currambine member in August last year after having treatment for breast cancer , I had lost a lot of strength in my left arm , and generally under par in many aspects. Best body has given me back my strength and a better mind set. Through this Covid period I have done the mat classes on line which has been fantastic and very proactive on Best Body’s part . I have been attending Tori classes and it’s so good to get back on the reformer …. loving it!
    To be honest I think Pilates will be something I do to the end of my day it gives me a sense of well being, commitment and strength …. this has been so evident over these pass few months .

    My commitment over the next 3 months will be to push myself a little further and continue to enjoy my time at Best Body .

    Thank you Scott, Tarryn and all your fantastic staff for all the commitment showed over this awful period and special shout out to the staff at Currambine

  12. Peta

    I have missed Pilates so much! I started 12 months ago to get strong and get better flexibility and came away with so much more. It broke my heart to have to stop but coming back means a lot.
    Right from the front door, the friendly welcome and seeing the regulars in my class, who are happy to have a chat before one of your instructors torture us – always with a smile and good humour of course- “welcome to a Wednesday!” well it is where I want to be 3 times a week!

    I never felt as good as I did when doing regular Pilates , it works for me, so I’ll be there anyway.

  13. Cristina Nutt

    Hi Scott & Team,

    During COVID-19, the automotive business (well the ‘small businesses’ in automotive) have been devastated! We are a small business (husband and wife) and we are “too small” to receive much help from the ATO because we don’t have employees. In fact, my husband and I have to ‘share’ our subsidy because in our case as a small business, only one person gets JobKeeper whilst my daughter gets the full amount from Centrelink JobSeeker and she lives with us!

    We have been struggling for work and income since March now and it’s taken a toll emotionally, financially and physically. Scott you may relate to this. My every waking moment has been dedicated to literally get work in the door! Advertising on FB, neighbourhood sites, Google and anywhere else that may need car glass. Watching small business webinars, seminars, zoom sessions and at the end of the day, not sleeping for days. We are getting a couple of jobs a week but nothing much to shout about and then dealing with banks, car payments, loans, bills, Centrelink and the ATO; well let’s just say that my blood pressure tablets are not strong enough for the stress levels that Covid-19 has brought!!!

    Anyway, I would really love a membership to give my poor body some strength, resilience and become stronger to deal with what I suppose is the aftermath of what we are going to go through on the other side as a small business. We still need work, that hasn’t changed but hopefully I will be stronger both physically and mentally to deal with what’s on the horizon and to keep going.

    Wow! This is about as honest and raw as I’ve been in a really long time with anyone! Hope it hasn’t scared anyone away too much! Cristina

  14. Andrea Yeo

    The drama that we have all experienced on a global scale, has truly made me aware that nothing stays the same and things in life just can’t be taken for granted.

    Best Body transformed my health and well-being for the whole of last year and the closure, as a result of the pandemic, resulted in a huge blow to the way I felt about myself, both physically and mentally.

    Without the routine of getting up and going to the studio three times a week, everything that I’d worked so hard to achieve at BB slowly began to unravel.

    Best Body is not just a place to go and exercise, it’s a vibrant community. The team at Best Body and the friendships that I’ve made, have created a dimension in my life that, when brought to a grinding halt, left me with rather a large void.

    I was so excited to have the opportunity to begin group Physio sessions when some of the government restrictions were eased recently. Now that things are looking brighter for Western Australia in terms of the virus being controlled, I just can’t wait to get back into a regular routine and regain my muscle strength and definition, as well as a more positive mental attitude.

    I know that when I’m feeling good physically, I’m automatically put into a better frame of mind. Best Body has always been there for me and I know that this will be the case when it fully reopens.

    So, in short, I know that Best Body will help me be happier and healthier once again. I want to achieve muscle and core strength, a more toned appearance, flexibility and a calm and positive mental state.

    For the next three months over Winter, Best Body will be my safe and happy cocoon where I’m going to use all the support I can to emerge as a butterfly this coming Spring! Butterflies are proof that there is always another chance.

  15. Debra

    When I started with Best Body I was very sceptical that it could help as nothing else had. I was staring down the barrel of gradually losing my capabilities to walk as every step was excruciating. At first I didn’t think Pilates was helping at all however, I started to notice the pain was subsiding and friends and family were commenting that I was walking “better”. The encouragement that I received to keep going has been brilliant. Since not being able to access BB I noticed the pain level accelerating again. Over the past two weeks I have been once a week and again after the session and with physio tips to continue at home I am again being reminded of what BB does for me with the routines in the studio and encouragement of staff. Thank you so much.

  16. Karyn West

    Having access to BB for three months, three times a week would certainly bring me back from the brink!

    I have already been working out with BB team, coming back to bringing both my physical and mental health to where I left off last November.

    What I have found to be useful in coming back to BB classes has been the encouragement from friendly staff who are always welcoming, along with understanding that the physios who are taking the classes are aware of any potential injuries that may occur in our enthusiasm to have a good workout after being away for so long.

    Giving clients different options for each exercise, from basic to advanced, so that we can choose our own levels according to how the body feels that day. A few flex and stretch classes would be welcomed as well.

    Maybe start with an initial assessment to give us a starting point from which we can now work – although I KNOW where I need to make changes with regards to diet and sleep patterns! Really it would just mean getting back in to the routine I had before COVID of coming regularly and enjoying each moment that is mine at BB.

    Since joining BB Currambine last year, the change in my mental, physical and emotional state underwent a transformation that made a noticeable difference in my life in terms of relieving pain levels (I suffered, and I mean ‘suffered’ from fibromyalgia for six years), increased my strength (I began to hold a plank!), increased my sense of balance ( I felt stronger and more confident in holding poses), my ability to endure was also increasing. BB has been the single most positive experience I have had with regards to my overall well being. I am confident that I will be able to return to the same levels in a shorter period of time, once I reestablish my routine.

    Being away from both the atmosphere and opportunity to use the magnificent machine (which I did hug when I came back to class), was difficult and although I did what I could to maintain a regime at home, it did prove to be overwhelming. I love routine and so to be able to get back and establish a health routine of exercise and meditation is top of my list.

    Thank you for your support and well wishes throughout this difficult period. I really do hope BB gets up and running to where it left off last year.

    Best wishes…

  17. Joann Demunck

    My story is a simple one. I don’t have a disease or disability or work in the front line. (Cheers to those who are doing an amazing job in the front line and best wishes to our members who are unwell).
    What I do have, is a lifetime of unused gym memberships and inability to motivate myself. Only when I joined Best Body, did I find an exercise regime that I enjoyed, that worked for me and that I attended regularly twice a week.
    Then came COVID…I had to push myself to do the mat Pilates but found it quite difficult and could only manage the over 55 classes or beginner classes. I had lost the strength, stamina and fitness from not being on the reformer. The weight also started creeping on again. I want to look good for my daughters wedding in 6 months too.
    That’s why I would be so grateful to receive the 3 months of free classes, 3 times a week. I need it to get back to where I was, if not further along, and can only do that with your help.

  18. Valli Morrell

    I’ve always had a love of yoga, especially inverted poses and I practised everyday.
    I have Dupuytrens Disease in my hands, so after having carpal tunnel surgery 2 years ago, It has increased the growth rate of DD and I am now gradually losing the ability to do inversions which is also taking away my upper body strength as well as grip strength.
    During COVID19 restrictions I was constantly looking on line for yoga solutions, alternatives, padded gloves etc until I stumbled across Some Pilates tutorials.
    They looked pretty easy so I gave them a try.
    I was wrong. The next day my abs were so sore and I could feel my core muscles hadn’t worked that hard in quite a while. Even my shoulders hurt when trying to put my bra on .
    Ive started following Pilates teachers on Instagram and even ordered a Pilates ring and a ball .
    I can honestly say that in the last 6 weeks I have noticed a difference in upper body strength and no sore hands!! But 6 weeks isn’t enough.
    My body needs continuous on going Pilates training to maintain strength and tone.
    But what I have seen online is people doing the reformer Pilates and the benefits it delivers.
    When restrictions ease, I’ll definitely be continuing Pilates but in a group setting.
    6 weeks at home on your own is down right boring.

    • Name *

      * Keen to give the reformer a go and I’m certainly not going to assume this time it looks easy. I need to be able to dress myself the next day.

  19. Simone

    I just want to say I am so excited to be getting back to classes!
    I love the team at Currambine and all the members that I’ve met along the way. I attend 3 times a week anyway and will continue to do so.
    Reading through some of these posts I can’t possibly take a 3 month membership from someone who really needs it but possibly can’t afford it at the moment. I hope someone very deserving gets it.

  20. Tracey riley

    I have been on worker’s compensation for 6 months ( as Maddie & the girls on the desk would know), where I was having one on one Pilates through work which is just coming to an end; apart from. My 8 weekly cancer infusion I was feeling pumped to get back to it, which should work out just right as I’m Wrighting this in hospital from just having second sinus op( very unplanned but very nessasary )After two more weeks off I should be raring to go ; and quite looking forward to getting this bod somewhat back on track

  21. Tracey riley

    Sorry that was short and sweet but drugs are wearing off lol

  22. Tamika

    A best body reformer Pilates membership would mean a lot to me right now,I am a mum of two (8&1)struggling to lose weight and get fit before I walk down the isle specially through this horrible pandemic we are going through. It would not only help me physically but mentally aswell give me the opportunity to work on my whole body inside and out.

  23. Natalie

    Ummmm, how do I think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help me over the next 3 months, coming out of this pandemic?
    Given the comments on this page, the pandemic has hindered many in their aspirations to get well, or remain well. It appears that the difference between BB and other fitness centres is the more personalised care. It also appears that the reasons for attending BB are varied, disabilities, diseases, weight loss, fitness etc. Therefore that personalised service will bode well. Also from a psychological perspective, the pandemic has isolated some, but others have felt safe within their own homes. Those people may be apprehensive about going out and returning to a semi-normal routine.

    I would think that challenging people to think about what their individual goals and motivations for returning to BB are. Then slightly tailoring the approach (and I realise there are already programs at BB that cater for this in a more detailed and nuanced way); but something simple like a set of scales for those who want to check their weight in a safe environment, or a tape measure for someone to look at body changes. A quick flexibility test before class (I’m not even sure you can do these as I’m fairly new to BB). Despite the reason for attending (disabilities, diseases, weight loss, fitness) what is evident is that by simply ‘doing something about’ their issue, people do feel better mentally because it allows them to take control over something they might have been powerless about before. So along with the physical changes, psychological changes and mental health improves too. Even just stress relief for having 45 minutes to listen to an instructor and halt the inner voices. So I guess that is a long winded answer but knowing the goals and the small wins along the way assists.

  24. Cheryl Taylor

    Hi Scott and all of the Best Body Team
    Thank you for the opportunity to share our appreciation. We are already winners
    The regular emails keeping us motivated have really helped in this difficult time. Thank you very much for using your platform to check in with everyone. Every day when I click on a message from Best Body or see a Facebook post with positive thoughts it feels good to know that everyone still has a connection to the Team. Over the past 18 months I have had one of the most difficult periods in my life for many reasons. I have a supportive family which helps but it has been so nice to have the support of the staff at your Currambine studio on days when I just can’t seem to see the light. When Best Body first opened, I was emailed asking if I wanted to join as one of the first members. At this time, I had just received devastating news from overseas resulting in me making a mad dash back home and never followed up on the offer which I regret enormously but I guess my priorities were elsewhere. I am not one to share on daily basis about how I am feeling but at times it has been pretty low. Exercise has always been my saviour and I have attended many different gyms and exercise classes which I have always enjoyed but after difficult times I lost motivation when I needed it most. Last year seemed like I would never be able to enjoy my exercise the way that I have been able to in the past as constant injury seemed to plague me. The injuries were caused by me pushing myself too hard to be able to deal with the extra stress. I pushed myself to exercise again and as a result pushed myself too far. After meeting with a friend and seeing the benefits that Reformer Pilates has had on her I decided to give it a go and I am so pleased that I did. I had physio with Tori, and she helped me to recover from my knee injury that was preventing me from even walking and listened to me when I was having a bad day. Tori told me to be to be patient and kind to myself which I have said to many people myself in the past but for some reason didn’t think it applied to myself. I trusted Tori’s professional advice and did everything that she asked of me and so on a personal note a huge “Thank you”. Once I could start attending proper classes, my job became more demanding and I was struggling to get to classes on time and had to cancel more than I could attend and not by choice, so I had to forfeit a couple due to last minute cancellations. The ladies, Maddie and Courtney know me well as I couldn’t even organise my sessions without them. I was just getting myself organised when the Lockdown hit. Like many people this was not a good time.
    During the lockdown I have joined in the @home sessions after being offered a free trial which at first I thought would not be for me however because of your wonderful Team I really look forward to doing the classes and this has kept me motivated and healthy during this difficult time.

    All of your staff are a credit to your business, and this can never be undervalued as they are the pure essence of that you and your family promote.

  25. Nicola Wotherspoon

    I can’t wait to get back to ‘normal’, (what ever that now maybe) I have really missed my classes at BB :(,
    I can hopefully try and get back to my pre-Covid-19 body by coming back BB!!

  26. Kim Boscarino

    I’ve sat and pondered over my answer all morning. Do I say something catching that includes your vision statement, or do I mention that I’ll tell all my friends about your business and how great it is? What do I say to make my comment stand out amongst the others? In the end, I thought I’d just be honest. The isolation period has been very bad for me – both physically and mentally. I’m a social person who always went to Pilates or the gym and over the past few years life has been so busy and I’ve prioritised everyone else in the family over my wellbeing. I decided earlier this year, on the recommendation of one of your clients, to join BB. I procrastinated and then the lockdown hit 🙁 So here I am, feeling mentally and physically unhealthy and strung-out and wanting to give myself the best possible option of living my best life. I want to get my body and mind back – relaxation, happiness, fitness, toning and particularly stretching these guitar-string tendons and muscles of mine. I’ve never succeeded with any stretching program and I’m hoping BB is the answer! I know that by attending to my body, my mind will follow suit.


    Hi Scott


    Starting reformer Pilates a year ago was so much more life changing than I anticipated.

    It wasn’t long before I felt not just physically stronger and more energised, but mentally stronger also. This equated to being more rational in my decision making at work, less emotional where it wasn’t warranted and generally much more “even keeled”. Having always dealt with insecurities and also holding down a senior position in my workplace, these improvements were very significant and have opened the way for me to reenergise many parts of my life.


    Interestingly with the pause due to COVID and having started back after 3 weeks of small physio supervised classes I am feeling that same mental uplift and physically can only describe the return to muscle work as “feeding” my body again. It’s so interesting how it all makes you feel – I couldn’t do without it!


    …And such a great team and spirit 🙂




  28. Liz

    Have heard such great things about you all. Unfortunately I heard just before lockdown so wasn’t able to do anything. I have been a runner for a few years but as age and injury has taken hold I am not as good as I used to be. I have also gained weight and need some positive motivation to get moving again. I get knee back and hip pain. you were recommended to me to help reduce the pain and that everything you do will be geared towards me and the needs of my body. I will be joining you even if I don’t win the free membership

  29. Sue

    Due to so many hip issues I had to stop my membership prior to the pandemic, over the last few months my body has been very sore to the point I struggle to sleep, I found when I was doing Best Body pilates I had so much more flexibility and strength. I have missed not seeing all the happy faces from staff and the ladies I have met over the time I have been there. I would love to have the opportunity to win a 3 month membership to ease my way back into this again, plus being a small business owner ourselves times have been really tough and money has been very tight so this would help get my back into something I love and help with these tough times.

  30. Megan Nearney

    I personally have been looking at doing reformer Pilates for a long time and the research I did lead me to your company and I’ve seen good things with your team and how you interact with all your customers and provide them with support. I have fibromyalgia and I have been told that this would be of great benefit to me and help with my fibromyalgia without creating extra pain. I would love to win the membership for reformer Pilates as I’ll be able to maintain my health and meet my weightloss and healthcare goals.

  31. Kirstin Leibbrandt

    Hi all
    I have read many of the comments submitted and could duplicate most as my response.

    I’ve been an athlete most of my life. Harder, faster, win or lose, no place for second and if I wasn’t gasping for air at the end of my match, ride or run then I felt I hadn’t given it my all. Never leave anything on the field (my team would hear me call out!)

    The onset of advanced osteoarthritis in my knees and lower back prevented me from continuing my beloved hockey and running so I turned to swimming (far easier on the joints) except it’s a very lonely sport, so that didn’t last long.
    I tried Bikram Yoga (really for the heat in winter) but my joints were so stiff they wouldn’t allow me to get into many positions so that didn’t last long either (also it was too slow for me, being used to fast sports).
    So I gave cycling a go.
    Stationary back and no pressure on my knees. I joined a group and rode on the weekends, got fitter and fitter, faster and faster (the old me was back! Conquering hill after hill and rapidly progressing to faster and extended distance groups).
    Soon I was cycling roughly 600km per month.
    I started clean eating (fanatically) and dropped 18kgs in 12 months. I was on fire. The osteoarthritis was no longer the Bain of my life because I was in control.
    Then I tweaked my back gardening.
    I was off my bike for almost a year. I was going through a divorce, selling my house, moving house, starting a business and had an ailing father overseas plus a lot more at that time that’s just so unreal I’ve been told I should write a book!
    I had to get back on my bike to decrease stress levels because that’s all I could do to increase me serotonin levels, so I took the nerve inhibitors prescribed by the doctor and used a portable EMS on my lower back to enable me to commute daily to the city for work. This worked at the time but I ached afterwards and after a few months I had to stop again.

    Fast forward to February 2019.

    Well, finally my head matured to the same age as my menopausal body and I realised I had to slow down and get my injuries sorted.
    I was reading about this ‘Reformer Pilates’ for rehabilitating and happened to spot an invitation to apply for foundation membership of the new Currambine Best Bodies Studio. So I applied.
    I had never engaged in this before, never seen a class or even knew anyone who had done it either but I had nothing to lose.
    I received the notice that I was successful in becoming a foundation member when the studio opened!
    So now I had to give it a go (not really keen on the slowness of what I perceived).
    The whole point in doing reformer was to get my core stronger to help me get back on my bike.
    I did not expect to enjoy my four classes a week as much as I did. I didn’t expect to make as many wonderful friends as I have.
    I didn’t expect to feel so blessed to be part of such an incredible community. I certainly didn’t think I’d be out driving to the studio in the dark winter nights, but I did.
    I did not expect this ‘new to me’ exercise to become such a part of me that I feel a little lost without it, without the studio, without the camaraderie, the awesome reception gals, the Constant positivity from Scott and I most certainly did not expect to feel physically as good as I do when I’m regularly doing my classes.

    My flexibility has improved immensely.
    My core is definitely strengthened.
    My balance has become balanced.
    My Pilates breathing is now my stress buster.
    My sense of belonging to a community has returned.
    My yin and yang are reunited.

    I am back on my bike. Goal achieved.

    Will I stop Reformer? Not a chance!

    I didn’t name ‘jump the hump’ day to leave it!!

    Thank you Scott for everything you do and have done for your BB family through these uncharted waters we have all found ourselves in.

    There are many worthy winners in the comments but did I mention it’s my 50th birthday on Saturday!???

  32. Loren Wallace

    Some of you might remember me as the loud one who often makes jokes or laughs during class or while lying next to Barbara on a Wednesday morning. I am pretty out there and most people generally know when I am in the room, but I have been missing classes since the end of last year, not because I don’t love you all, as I still do, but things have definitely changed, not only for me, but for all for us, so it seems right now.

    I had all good intentions of returning, when this lovely virus hit us all all. After being diagnosed with a condition called vestibular migraine syndrome, on January 2nd and ending up in hospital, my health really took a backseat and I was in for one hell of a ride. I suffer up to 100+ migraines per week which are vertigo linked (great when you are going to be standing on a reformer) ringing in my ears, sky rocketing bloody pressure, speech problems, pins and needs in my hands and feet and a number of other things too, many to boring to list.

    I have lost just under 10 kilos now, (this is due to my medication) and to to be honest I really need to come back really soon as my arse is so floppy its bouncing around all over the shop and so is my stomach and lets not even talk about my tuck shop arms right now. I need some help Scott!!!

    While I am aware this will be more of a challenge than when I was previously at the studio, the instructors were very patient and gave great options for me when it came to overcoming my balance issues, I am eager to get back into it again.

    I just wanted to say though, the fitness and exercise isn’t my entire main goal though, i drive past the studio many times a week, for coffee and maybe the cheesecake shop (cough cough) and I really miss you guys. I miss the laughs and the friends I have made there. I miss seeing the Wednesday ladies for lunch at the Currambine after class for a healthy lunch option (again cough cough), I miss laughing and joking about funning things that happen in the class and out of it.

    Best Bodies isn’t just about the way I feel about my body getting physically stronger, its about my healthy brain, I feel better when I am there and everyone laughs at my jokes too, which my husband finds really odd. Laughing is good for the soul and so is smiling and meeting new friends and we can never have enough of them, even if its just once a week at class.

    I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again, I hope you have all been well and can we also have drinks at the Currambine when we start again (non-alcoholic) for me if anyone is keen, love Loren xx

  33. Melissa Seed

    I am really looking forward to getting back on the reformer and getting back to having that me time without any distractions to work on my body, mind and fitness goals. I have missed the social side of going into classes and the whole Currambine crew who have done so much for me this last 8 months since I joined. I have struggled with injuries and pain since 2008 after a basketball injury to my knee, then I injured my foot and later my shoulder 🙁 I had given up on exercising just before I joined Best Bodies it really was a last ditch attempt to find something low impact I could do around all my injuries. I love how much stronger I feel I am now. Winning this prize would make my life a little easier financially but regardless I plan to prioritise my health and body goals. I am thankful to Best Body for how far they have helped me come and I look forward to seeing where I can get too. I really believe nothing is off limits for me now if I take the time to learn to move and exercise properly and put in the effort to build a strong healthy and hopefully one day in the near future fully painfree body.

  34. Nicki Kefford

    Hi Currambine Best Body Buddies,

    I couldn’t wait to get back to Reformer Pilates so as soon as I could, I did.

    I knew that attending two classes per week for the last year, not only helped my muscles and body all over, they helped my mental health with motivation, encouragement and positivity, without judgement and with love and kindness.

    The frequent communication during this uncertain time from Scott and the team on the FB pages and through email, have helped me to feel included and informed, every step of the way. For that I thank you all.

    Although I still miss the energy from the regular lovely ladies from the early morning classes, I am so grateful that Currambine BB have done their best to accommodate their members and for making me feel motivated again and back with the BB family as it slowly and surely returns to normal. My body is welcoming the challenges and the benefits are already showing …thank you Tori 🙂

    So, regardless of the competition….Its so great to be back…thank you 🙂

    Good Luck everyone 🙂

  35. Julie

    Since my son was born I have not taken the time to prioritise my own health. I have started to feel aches and pains and have had consistent lower back pain. I am out of shape and felt intimidated by other fitness facilities full of super fit people. I found your website, read the reviews and watched your videos and I am hopeful I have finally found a good fit where I will be welcomed as an out of shape beginner. I hope to have found a new start and the end of the aches that have become part of life for me. Your business looks approachable, and focussed on supporting people to become strong and feel good. I would love the opportunity to give it a try and give myself a new start!

  36. Karin

    I’m new to Australia, Obese, never exercised and at 56 need motivation to help me stay healthy and enjoy this beautiful country.

  37. Marianne Thoroughgood

    I only just started reformer Pilates before the close down. I really enjoyed it and thought I was gaining strength in the short time of my membership but was not very good at it. On shut down I hesitantly started BB at Home and surprised myself at how much I enjoyed it and still do. I have ordered a reformer and am looking forward to being able to do reformer classes at home.
    I fear I am very comfortable with the home classes and the ease of attendance and flexibility they offer. I need some serious motivation to get back to a real class and get my strength back on a reformer.
    It will be good for my all-over wellbeing especially my bone strength for my osteoporosis. I also need the accountability.

  38. Deb

    I’m very ready to get my sexy back!

    Started at BB in Oct last year after spending years looking for a fun way to exercise both my body and my mind…. I had found it!

    BB gave me a welcoming place to look forward to going every week.

    Now that my buisness has been closed for 2 months I unfortunately won’t be able to return as soon as I hoped. A 3 month membership would certainly give me the chance to return sooner.

  39. Katie Mills

    I started at Best Body in February this year just before the Covid Crisis. Months before I was hospitalized for a mental illness that has cost me a lot. As a consequence of an eating disorder, I am in my 20s with onset osteoporosis. I spent a lot of time before doing cardio and wondering why I couldn’t gain muscle or strength. In order to help my weak bones, I was told to do safe resistance training, which is where Best Body came in. I had my first class and I loved it, I was sore and after a few sessions, I could actually see a difference in my body composition. Then covid came and I started at home classes, which did help, however reformer classes are so much more motivating. I am a student who works in a private hospital, it’s a private institution and as surgeries got cut so did my hours, with no ability to claim any benefits. To get three months free would be incredible, I’d love to see how much stronger I get both physically and mentally after 3 months of reformer classes as I know difference the online classes have made. Reformer and Pilates has taught me a lot about my body and it’s capabilities, but more importantly it’s taught me acceptance when I once would have felt hatred and gratitude which was once judgement.

  40. Deb Hollands

    Thanks for this opportunity , I love reformer Pilates. I have scoliosis and hyper mobility and bursitis. I find reformer helps me push myself to achieve my best results without injury. Unlike Bikram and high intensity classes I have tried in the past and obtained injuries. I have missed Pilates so much and would love to win this amazing prize. Thanks again.

  41. Vanessa Saunderson

    This time last year my partner and my life was turned upside down – we had lost everything and were struggling to survive. We lost our home, our possessions and everything which meant anything to us. We were at an age where time was not on our side However, I managed to join BB, but I did worry terribly about paying monthly membership but I was truly blessed……the mental strength, physical strength, commaradary and sense of well being blew me away. We got through those difficult times and we are so fortunate to have come through the other side, despite covid 19. I feel privileged to be a part of BB and I don’t need a free membership ( I did last year!!) but I just wanted to tell you guys that you have been totally awesome through these dark days and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it’s your business but the care and support you’ve given has been second to none…. I feel like I’m part of a very special family

  42. Kerensa Patterson

    You know those moments in life when something just keeps coming up? A word, an ad, advice from a friend. For example, I have a lordosis and my chiro strongly recommended me to do pilates. I am trying to compete dressage on my horse and my instructor tells me to get out of the gym and get into pilates. A mutual horse friend posts on facebook that she is doing rider based pilates classes and know currently I have, what they believe to be tennis elbow (constant pain and weakness in my arm) I have tried chiro, massage and red light but to no avail – you guessed it a friend suggests pilates. It is something I am really want to try but then sadly covid hits and like most of us, my husband has now been out of work for 10 weeks, so budget cuts prevail. I would be thrilled to be the winner of the 3 months and see if pilates can sort out my issues.
    Signing off future pilates poster child.

  43. Karen Wheelwright

    Apart from the personal gain in my health and well-being over the last 2 years, I would like to make a positive contribution to the special BB Community we share. There is always a smile to be exchanged, a word of encouragement and a hand of friendship offered and I would love to contribute to that spirit that I enjoy and appreciate!

  44. Anke Martins

    I really felt cared for during the lockdown time. The instructors online were truly amazing making us laugh and work hard. And everyone joining with their dogs and sometimes cats. You kept us accountable during this time. I have been back at the studio and it has been great the last 3 weeks. Just still missing our beautiful instructors from my home gym Currambine.
    Glad to be back to norman again.
    You guys are awesome, thank you


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