Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re opening Best Body City Beach soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give Best Body memberships (4 times per week for 6 months) to two winners: I’ll choose the winners on Wednesday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Best Body Reformer Pilates membership can help you. (Or, if you already have your ideal body, tell us why you think Best Body Reformer Pilates is the nourishment that can help you take it to the next level).

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about building a better you – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.


If you’re a current member at another Best Body studio, feel free to leave me a note about some of the results you’ve achieved, and if YOU win, you’ll receive a 6 month membership.

On Wednesday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Thursday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (4 times per week) to the Reformer Pilates classes at City Beach for 6 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award two winners.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

Tarryn x

P.S. I’ll update you next week if you are interested in becoming a founding member for City Beach. And I’ll share the exact location in my next post.


  1. Holly Keogh

    I can’t wait to join best body city beach.
    I’ve been very lucky with my body my whole life, I have a very fast metabolism. But I’m excited to build a core strength, and I’m excited to be excited about fitness and help grow a new community of Pilates people!!

    • Gemma

      Can’t wait for a new local Best Body!
      I’ve lost count of how many physical and mental health new year’s resolutions I’ve had over the years and Best Body is the only physical and mental health subscription that I’ve actually stuck to and want to keep going to. Reformer Pilates has improved my strength and conditioning and I feel great going to the class and even better afterwards. Because of the targeted exercises and informative instructors I am more aware of my strengths (arms, balance) and weaker areas (glutes, core) which makes it much easier to improve and work on being more balanced.
      Having regular classes and a strong routine also does wonders for my mental health, so for me Best Body is a very holistically healthy choice. Thanks Tarryn – really appreciate the strong service and client support!

      • Michelle

        Hi Tarryn,
        Thanks so much for this opportunity! I was a competitive athlete in my younger years and was lucky enough to play competitive sport into my 40s. In 2016 my body screamed at me in a few different ways and I sadly had to retire from competitive sport, no longer able to run or jump. I avoided knee surgery through dedicated rehab and strength training but since then I have struggled with finding a kinder way to move my body as I’m an all or nothing type and love high impact movement and the energy I gain from it.
        Last year I was offered a free trial session at another Best Body studio but it was cancelled by them so I never got the opportunity to try it, therefore I am yet to experience reformer pilates, although it’s been on my radar for a while now!
        Our family (I’m a mum of 2 and step-mum of 3) recently moved to Wembley Downs so I was super excited to learn of this City Beach studio opening. I’m optimistic Reformer Pilates will become my new passion as I discover a more suitable way to exercise and keep strong heading towards my 50s.
        I hold stress in my neck and shoulders which isn’t helped by tight lower back and hamstrings.
        I have also been off work for a while, battling work related PTSD but am recovering well. I strongly believe that great mental health cannot exist without great physical health and vice versa so I am eager to help my body become supple and strong again while my mental health continues to improve.
        This membership would mean the world to me.
        Kindest regards,

    • Mary

      Finally! – a fresh new Pilates studio close to home! I’m beyond excited.
      I’m a 34 year old mum of two girls aged 5 and 3 and i also have an 8 month old baby boy. I love my kids and being a mum, but i very rarely get any time to myself.
      My days and nights revolve around my family and running a household and its safe to say, I never put myself first.
      I honestly can’t confidently say that i’m happy with my body. I’m not as physically strong or active as I was before kids (or even after the first two) and i’m 15kgs heavier than I want to be.
      I think i’d benefit from a Best Body Pilates Reformer membership because I find myself feeling physically and mentally exhausted every day.
      My kids don’t always get the best of me and i’m at a point where I need that little extra bit of support and guidance in the right direction in order to work towards a stronger body and healthier mind.
      I feel like Best Body City Beach could achieve this for me not just through reformer pilates alone but also through physio.
      I don’t know it yet, but this could just be the motivation I need 🙂

    • Jodie Girdlestone

      I’m looking forward to joining best body city beach (now that it’s so close to home there’s no excuses)and getting back into my Pilates routine after a hideous year and finally have some me time. I love the feeling Pilates gives you of strength and the way your body looks toned and lean. I’ve really missed it. I’m hoping by next year, I would have achieved my best body!

    • Jodie Busby

      Firstly Thank you for your competition and the great offer. Obviously I would love to be able to win, but I am also thrilled with the close location and opportunity to have a Pilates studio so close to home.
      Your question did make me think, how would your studio help me and what do I need to do to change. In 6 months I will be turning 50. As I approach my birthday I am more grateful for the blessed life that I have, however, I do not feel I currently have my Best Body. I recognise I need to change this and believe your studio would support me and give me the strategies and skills that I need to be the best ‘Me’. At 50 I want to be mentally alert, full of energy to keep up with my teenage children and class of Year Ones, and be physically stronger to take on new adventures and embrace a fresh zest for life.
      I believe I can reform through Pilates and find my Best Body with ‘Best Body-City Beach’ and this is the time.

      • Olivia

        Firstly, I’ve never done Pilates so not quite sure what to expect. I’ve been thinking of doing it for some time now but I’ve been procrastinating! Lately the universe has been giving me signs to start something like this and I can no longer ignore it. I’ve had my naturopath advise me to do it but my turning point from the universe was when it was announced that its in City Beach!!! In my hood! No excuses now, there must be a reason

    • Lee

      Pilates is the ideal pathway to creating a healthy and strong physical and mental wellbeing! I couldn’t think of a better place to begin my Pilates journey, Best Body City Beach is perfect.
      I enjoy living a fit and active lifestyle, but my core strength really needs attention and Best Body City Beach will achieve my body goals!

      • Cherie Prior

        Just can’t wait to start up. Hoping to win win win a VIP entry. Or even better win win the gift membership. Here’s hoping

    • Tanya

      Where do I start? I feel so blessed that I found you guys! Best Body is giving me a new lease on life – no longer do I have chronic lower back pain. I jump out bed and feel refreshed and look forward to every class.
      The instructors are amazing and each one has a unique and special delivery that seems to work for me every time.
      I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I’ve made.
      I feel so much stronger, more balanced and most importantly pain free !
      Getting close to 50 yrs of age and having boys later in life , I felt exhausted before Best Body. Now I’m feeling Amazing!
      Comments from the boys are “ Geez Mum , You’re stronger than all of us “ I love hearing that . I’m so grateful to Best Body for helping me be the Best Me I can be !
      Huge Love,

    • Name *

      I am 60 years old and have worked part time in the fitness industry on and off most of my life I love pilates and my body has benefited greatly from the incredible benefits of attending (and teaching) mat pilates. I am going to do a reformer course and need to start practising on a reformer which I have used only a few times before. I want to inspire seniors to take up pilates and to understand that aches and pains don’t have to be an inevitable consequence of aging.

  2. caroline Ann Kelly

    Hi Tarryn, I’m in my late fifties and lost my husband two years ago which has been extremely tough. I am reasonably fit, do lots of walking and golf, but I was recommended to try yoga as a good way of finding a peaceful place while getting stronger. I tried that for a while but it was too passive for me and I am very unsupple (is that a word?!). Then I saw an ad for BB on Facebook and joined up. I’ve been coming to pilates for about six months and I love it. It is dynamic, always different, I feel connected to the exercise when I am in the studio, I am feeling stronger and I think my body looks a bit stronger with a more definition, and I definitely can feel the difference in my movement. And I think my golf is improving as my body strength is better. All in all, pilates with BB (and the lovely instructors and calm, clean studio) has been a great discovery for me. Thanks everyone

  3. Sophia Ranalli

    As a full-time student and a part-time worker, it is likely for me to become easily stressed and not engage in a balanced lifestyle. In the past, pilates has not only allowed me to take give myself ‘me time’ but also helped with my mental wellbeing. Pilates has been extremely beneficial to my body by strengthening my body, allowing me to be more balanced and having greater flexibility but also has been very beneficial to my mental state. Taking a couple of hours out of my week to go to pilates allows me to feel more relaxed which in return has been extremely beneficial to my lifestyle. Having a Best Body membership will allow me to go to reformer pilates classes and engage in a great work-life balance that would be extremely helpful to me.

  4. Kate

    I have been a member of a gym for years which I used to love but I have found that as I am now in my 40s I have had minor injuries more and more so I gave up going and as a result I have slowly transitioned into a bit of a couch potato. I work full time at a desk job and my lack of movement is starting to take it’s toll on my back. I also have early perimenopause and a big part of overcoming the symptoms of that is the right type of exercise. I have put it off for ages but have come to a point where I really need to take action now. I am a Mummy of 2 children and with that and work I have never really scheduled in any me time and that is not a good thing. I have only just discovered Best Body and I am super excited about joining and fixing my back issues as well as becoming happier and healthier in general… I am hoping I might also fit back into some of my old clothes and having some time just for me will be amazing 🙂

  5. Rhonda

    I’m so excited you’re opening in our gorgeous community! As a busy mum of four, whose husband travels extensively for work, I’ve absolutely neglected my body since my babies were born. I used to be an elite athlete training 6 days a week, and now I’m lucky to find the time (or energy) to walk the dog. I’m really looking forward to joining your studio, for its amazingly convenient location, and getting my health and lifestyle back on track. Can’t wait to see what results I can achieve with Best Body (in City Beach!).

  6. Kim Cattapan

    Hi Tarryn,
    I’ve been walking about 5km every day with my beautiful dog for almost 10 years. I love it but recently it just doesn’t seem enough. Despite my diet being the same, I have gained weight and I feel weak, especially in my upper body. Walking doesn’t seem enough anymore. I want to feel strong again, but I’m scared and I don’t know where to start. I think Best Body could be the help and guidance I’m looking for.

  7. Natalie male

    I can’t wait for best body city beach. I have never done Pilates before & I keep hearing out great it is. I have been suffering a few injuries from running and would like to build some core strength and have more flexibility for my aging body!

  8. Gemma

    Before having kids I was a Pilates addict! I loved how strong (physically and emotionally) it made me feel, how much it improved my posture and fixed my back pain. Unfortunately after having kids 11 years ago I completely stopped prioritizing myself, my health (mental and physical) and my fitness and would love nothing more than to get back to the Pilates freak I was. As a mum you tend to put yourself last constantly (from spending time and money on yourself to finding space in your life for hobbies you love) and my New Years resolution this year was to change that!

  9. Amanda

    I am so excited to begin a new chapter in my life now my 3 children are almost all grown. It’s time to spend some time on me and doing the little things I love but I need some help to get there. I need to build up my strength in my lower back and core so I can do all the things I want to including my lofty goal of completing a half marathon. I have done Pilates in the past but need the support and routine I know Best Bodies can provide to reach my goals. Can’t wait to see what I can achieve next.

  10. Anna S

    As a 43 year old woman I have noticed my body changing, it’s just part of life and I’m accepting of that.
    Reformer Pilates can help me maintain my strength, flexibility, balance, improve posture, movement and is an amazing outlet for stress after a busy day of work.
    I enjoy being part of a community that is accepting of all ages and body types. Reformer Pilates is a personal journey but for me, being active enhances my well being and self confidence.

  11. Melanie Hosgen

    I am excited about Best Body coming to City Beach for a few reasons.
    1. My sister is a member at Carine and raves about how great it is and has tried to get me to go with her, but it’s just too far so a studio do close to home in City Beach is fantastic!
    2. Since I was in a car accident when I was 18, I have had pretty much constant back and hip pain. Since having kids, busy life etc exercise has dropped off and my pain level has gradually increased and now I wake up every day with hip and back pain. My physio tells me I have weak core strength and because of this have been using all the wrong muscles to hold myself up resulting in my constant pain. She suggested that Pilates would make a huge difference for me – strengthen my muscles and reduce my pain. I am excited that I will be able to follow her advice at Best Body – and so close to home!

  12. Siobhan

    Hi Team,

    I would love to be part of the Best Body City Beach community. Not only will be great to commit to a studio local to me, but I feel it will encourage me to be more committed to improving myself.
    Ive had lower back pain for years and nothing seems to help. I have stints at gyms and yoga but it all gets to a point where the pain is too much, so then I put exercising on a hiatus.
    I have had a few Physio directed reformer sessions and would be over the moon to join something that is proven to help and manage my pain in a positive way.

  13. Carole

    Having lived with MS for a few years, I have found physical activity to be my saviour – both mentally and physically. I believe pilates will be a perfect addition to my routine given that it strengthens and stabilizes core muscles. And I LOVE the fact that I will be able to walk to the new City Beach studio.

  14. Sarah

    My 80+ yo parents are aging and becoming more frail. There’s a huge difference in the mobility of my mum who’s always been a gym going, yoga loving flexible active person and my dad who worked in a desk job his whole life. I want to be mobile like my mum into my 80s but have a desk job like dad. It’s a dilemma but the matwork Pilates I’ve done in the past helped enormously. I’m ready to take the next step and commit to this life changing membership- with body mobility and strength you either use it or lose it and I don’t want to do that.

  15. Sally

    I have wanted to do reformed Pilates for such a long time as I know it will benefit me so much. I have had back and neck issues for many years, and while I continue to go to the Chiropractor regularly I know I need to strengthen my body as well.

    Over the years I have done strength training at the gym as well as cardio but now I’m in my early 40s and I find it so hard to lose any extra kgs I want to change my approach.

    I have no doubt Pilates will benefit me not only physically but mentally as well, and that is something so important in my life.

    I would love to be a part of your Pilates community.

  16. Sonja

    BestBody Pilates has been the most transformative exercise I’ve ever done (and I’m 47!). The strength I have built is through to my core and my kids comment on my ‘six pack’. My legs and arms have definition. My back is the best it’s been. I’ve been able to continue Pilates through any niggling recurring injuries if they flare up (slightly dodgy knee after years of running). Plus, the coordination and variation is great for my ADHD-easily-bored brain. Bestbody Pilates has kept me sane through the last year of a marital separation. Changed circumstances affect my financial situation and a free 6 month membership would enable me to continue and go to the next level with an extra class each week with some financial relief as I find my feet in my different life. If I could go every day of the week, I would and City Beach is great location that I can link in with my work schedule (saw this one after the Mosman Park one )

  17. Carla

    Best body? More like Best Mind! There is nothing that helps me manage stress and anxiety more than being on a reformer, practicing mindfulness about what my body is doing and how it serves me. Life is too short to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, I can’t wait to shed that weight (and maybe a kilo or two) in a new local studio.

  18. Amanda Jane

    As a woman going through menopause I feel like I desperately need some help! I’ve dabbled in Pilates before but would love the motivation of committing to a course of classes and reaping the benefits. I’m within a healthy weight range but everything seems to be going soft and squidgy and I would love to see some improvements to body tone from Pilates at Best Body. I live close to City Beach so this would be perfect. To win a course like this would be wonderful as my budget wouldn’t stretch to cover the lessons otherwise. Thank you

  19. Sarah

    I would love to be part of the Best Body City Beach community. The studio is local to me and i feel it will improve my health and wellbeing. I have suffered from back pain for years and have joined gyms and other exercise which hasn’t helped. I believe reformer Pilates is just what i need to assist with my back pain.

    • Elaine

      For as long as I can remember I’ve always suffered from neck and back pain, thanks to long hours of a desk bound job. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s affected my ability (and mood) to be able to do everything I want to with my kids. I would love the opportunity to strengthen and heal my body, not only just for myself but for the benefit of my whole family so that I can finally give them the best version of me.

  20. Sue

    I’m excited to have the opportunity for regular exercise so close to home and have finally reached the age that I can focus on me. I loathe gyms but have enjoyed Pilates over the years and seen results until ‘life’ has got in the way. I am hoping Best Body will assist me to develop core strength, develop muscle tone, shed some kilos, develop my flexibility and positive body image.
    I would love the opportunity to exercise assisted by your reformers and Pilates instructors.

  21. Tania Robbins

    OMG…. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this fabulous competition. I have been practising yoga for a hundred years and it has only been in the past few months that the universe is telling me that I need to try Pilates. It is coming up in conversation with my friends and without searching it is coming up on all of my feeds. Wierd !! Its like my phone can hear my thoughts.
    My body needs pilates. I want more strength and muscle tone and feel that my yoga is not giving me some of the benefits that I would imagine Pilates would. I live in Scarborough and ride a scooter and would love to come to City Beach 4 times a week to train. My husband has had some major surgery in the past few weeks so I have had to take time to be with him but now that he is recovering (thank goodness) well I can get back to looking after me.
    Will keep my fingers crossed that I am chosen but will be just as happy if you choose someone who is need.
    As for being specific. My saddlebags, tops of my legs and “fadubadoos ” (see “Kath and Kim” ) need some major overhauling !!!!
    Thanks so much
    Tania 0413001253

  22. Craig Richardson

    I am local and support local. I am 6 months into recovery from a neck injury that has left me inactive and frustrated. I am on the road to recovery, cleared to exercise and cant think of anything better than Pilates to to get me back to my best form.
    I am looking forward to joining.

  23. Tina Callanan

    Morning, my name is Tina, I have always been active. But since Covid, turning 60, Netflix the excuses can go on and on, I just can’t get motivated.
    I’ve tried doing exercise solo, I give myself too many excuses. I need structure and motivation which I believe you can give me.
    Due to my arthritis in my hands I feel Pilates will be my saviour. I have done Pilates but a long long time ago at Karrinyup Physio.
    Would love for you to consider me for your membership gift, seriously would make my day
    Kind regards

  24. Gina

    I’m so excited about Best Body opening up within walking distance from home. I’ve been wanting to try reformer Pilates for such a long time. In the past I used to exercise a lot with walking/running/gym, but now I do nothing! Injuries and weight gain have taken over my body and I would love to do some gentle guided exercise to try and bring myself back to being active again. I have fibromyalgia which makes everything hurt at the moment, but I would really love to participate in a class again. I’m looking forward to being a part of new group of people who love Pilates.

  25. Gabrielle

    I definitely don’t have an ideal body! However l am hoping that Pilates will return me to a state of calmness and strength. For the past two- three years l have been attending the GP for mystery pains, in particular chest back and shoulder. All tests are clear apart from confirmation of Bursitis. I don’t won’t medical intervention and believe chest pains relate to my core strength or lack there of! so have always wanted to explore a gentle exercise regime to complement my walking routine. Best Body has landed on my doorstep and l see it as a huge sign to stop wallowing and start living again.

  26. craig roberts

    as a keen cyclist, I have always had issues with flexibility and recovery, Best Body has fixed both issues as well as improving my overall fitness and posture, its always funny being the only male in the room but I hope to continue the journey!

  27. Sherri

    I would love to join Best Body – I have friends who have done reformer pilates with amazing results, and I would love to try!
    I am about to turn 50 and menopause has struck so I can feel my body shape changing. I really want to act on building core strength and fitness as I head into this next chapter of my life.

  28. Sherryn Rietdyk

    I would love to join your community – for all the reasons everyone here has noted. What a great bunch. Community and connection around something positive – love it. Also – I read Caroline Anne Kelly’ s submission and thought this would be a wonderful addition to her life. Can we vote for others? 😉

  29. Cherie Prior

    Hi Tarryn, I really need support on my weight loss journey. After suffering some significant family trauma I have gained weight steadily and can’t seem to shift it. Please help

  30. Robyn

    Hi Tarryn,

    I need some positive friendly assistance in trying to develop my core strength and also more importantly to help me feel better about my body image. Struggling with weight management
    I also love your philosophy of community involvement and encouraging and building strong independent

    • Katherine Shelley

      I am 47 still trying to play competitive hockey twice a week. I am finding my lower back gets a bit of a twinge through to quite sore these days. It’s a combination of sacroiliac irritability and tight hamstrings. I’d really enjoy using the membership to improve the strength of my front core muscles, release my hamstring tension better. Can’t wait for you to open Tarryn

  31. Lucette Quinlan

    I used to do reformer Pilates religiously at another studio and had to stop when covid happened. I haven’t been able to get back into it since due to financial restraints and I miss it so much. As a mum of 5 it was the most amazing exercise for me and I seriously felt and saw a difference in my body. It improved my core strength so much which in turn improved my bad back, not to mention my pelvic floor muscles! I can’t tell you enough the difference it made to my life (not wetting yourself is pretty awesome) and I really really miss the benefits of regular reformer Pilates and desperately want to incorporate it back into my life. A 6 month membership would mean so much to me and I thank you so much for this opportunity. All the best for your launch and opening a new business. I think it’s awesome.

  32. Peggy Phelan

    I’m so excited about Best Body opening up near me, I am 52 & currently a member at the Leederville BB studio & have been there 3 years now.
    I love reformer pilates & I never get sick of going, no 2 classes are ever the same & it’s the one thing I look forward to every morning I go!
    My core strength has improved dramatically and in turn has helped with my lower back pain. I just feel rejuvenated at the end of each class, it’s a mind, body & soul experience!
    Anyone thinking of starting reformer pilates, whatever the reason, give it a go as it will really give you the best body you have wanted & transform your life!

  33. Lucy Read

    Hi Tarryn,

    Firstly, amazing opportunity so thank you!

    I’m a mum of one very busy little boy, a business owner and have weight trained for 10 years. The gym has always been my physical and mental release and since becoming a mum, the mental side of training has been even more important. It’s my ‘me’ time.

    I have recently suffered a disc extrusion so I have not been able to train and I’m undergoing significant treatment.

    My chiro suggested Reformer Pilates would be a great way to build my strength gently and keep me sane! I’d love to be considered 🙂
    Thank you.
    Lucy Read

  34. Jane Padilla

    I am super excited for Best Body coming to City Beach. Not just for me but for the community! It’s about time we have a studio like yours in City Beach.
    I always love doing exercise but I never managed to keep it up. Turning 50 last year and feeling more the aches and pains in my body I promised myself to prioritise and take ownership of my health and well-being.
    Best body means to me cultivating a body that feels good!
    Good mood, good energy, good hormones, good movement and good mind.

  35. Pia kinchin

    Hi Taryn,

    congratulations on your new studio, what an amazing offering you are bring to the local community.

    I could think of nothing better than winning the 6 month membership at your new studio. OMG ain’t would be life changing.

    Being a baby if 1971, I get to celebrate a major birthday this year…. shh shh…. I started the year with a focus to improve my health and stop the decline of my body and mental health. With hyper mobility and way to much gymnastics as a child my body is failing me…. I started swimming 4 times a weeks in January and following a healthy lifestyle. I have had some pleasing results, I’ve lost 7kg, need to lose another 25! But my body still aches, I know Best Body Pilates would help me improve my muscle strength, reduce the pain I am suffering with dodgy joints and help me lose the weight. I love all that I have read about the ethos of Best Body, would just love to be considered. Thank you .

  36. Marylu Baker

    Turning 70 this year, my muscle strength is so important for balance and maintaining a strong body. Would love to be considered for this offer.

  37. Bianca

    A best body membership will help me get my groove back. After having my 3rd child and then heading into life in a world of COVID my own health and fitness took a pretty big detour. I am looking forward to getting back on the reformer bandwagon to give me strength, alleviate back pain and give me energy to keep up with my brood. Can’t wait for the new studio.

  38. Cherie Prior

    Many of the reasons above I need bestbody Pilates. What a fantastic gesture. Thank you

  39. Karen M

    Three years ago I was hit by a car and knocked unconscious whilst cycling. The impact on my cervical spine has resulted in tightness, headaches and not 1 but 2 frozen shoulders. For someone who is used to being physically active this has been life changing. I have learnt patience and to really listen to my body – and I still have weekly Functional Movement sessions with my Physiotherapist using a Pilates reformer. The frozen shoulders have resolved, I am riding an e-bike and I am now at the stage where I am ready to start regular Pilates classes. I am interested in a more personal relationship with you as a Pilates instructor where my specific limitations are acknowledged and supported with safety and I get to continue lengthening and strength building over time. I am part of the local community and can attend daytime classes 2-3 times a week. BB CB feels like a good fit already. I would be most grateful to be considered for your offer x

  40. Laura

    I would love to be considered for this opportunity, I am 34 and have had 2 children (3 & 1) both by C section so my core is not as good as it should be which means I have a few back issues which is also compounded by returning to full time work. I have always been quite physically active with high impact sport but as I am getting older I no longer enjoy how my body feels after this type of exercise so would love to get back into reformer pilates as it is lower impact but will still keep me fit and strengthen my body. Many years ago before I had kids I was doing reformer and stretch and flex classes on the reformer it was the strongest my body ever felt, the most painfree I had felt with back and neck issues and more importantly most comfortable I had ever felt with my body. I would simply just love to feel how I used to feel and also get a little piece of time for myself 🙂

  41. Julie

    HI Tarryn. The last two years have been incredibly challenging for many reasons, as a result I have become unmotivated, unfit and unhealthy. Ive only done a few of your induction classes, and found them not only enjoyable (the staff were so nice and helpful), but gave me the full body workout, I was not getting at my gym! My next life challenge is to be healthy again, and I am so looking forward to starting your classes on a regular basis. Good luck with your new Studio.

  42. Larr

    I love life and the body in which I encompass – however next year I’ll be 50 and I want to prepare my physical being into the Best Body for the future

  43. Marie Burdett

    I am 61 and have Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    I am finding that walking alone is not keeping the stiffness at bay, and I so want to keep moving so I can play with my Grandies.
    I hope that a regular pilates regime will not only improve my overall fitness but will also eliminate some of the stiffness and aching that arthritis brings

    • Danie

      Having somewhere close that I could even walk to for extra exercise is a win win. I already go to a Pilates studio that I love but the convenience & extra attention you provide has got me intrigued. Having had many ongoing aches & pains over the years as well am always keen to try something new if it helps. Not to mention getting my body into better shape. It’s definitely needing some help right now

  44. Sue

    I glance in the mirror, in horror and fright
    This 59 year old body looks quite a sight
    My will-power’s been lacking, my diets a mystery
    Exercise and the gym are pre-COVID history
    It’s time to take action, a good hefty kick
    Six months free membership, might do just the trick
    My vision for 60 is to fit into my clothes
    Be fit and be healthy – and to touch my toes!

  45. Marianne

    I work full time in a demanding job and I am a mother of two school aged children. My husband has recently been diagnosed with a significant health issue and I have am the only child of an ageing parent who relies on me. With so much responsibility, it is easy to neglect my own health and wellbeing needs. However, I know that investing in my own physical and emotional wellbeing will help me to be the best version of myself, and help me to continue to support those in my life who rely on me. I attended BB Pilates a few years ago and immediately felt the benefits – not only in my core strength and flexibility but in my wellbeing and body confidence. I have suffered from headaches for years, and pilates helped with those. I would love to get back to BB and back to the benefits pilates can bring.

  46. Hannah

    I come from a CrossFit/Running backround and have been told many times that I lack development in muscles and need to work accessory work on them (who likes doing that).

    I was then told about how Reformer Pilates could help me to achieve those goals. I would like to try it out and see if I could help correct my should strength (I always have shoulder injuries) and see if I could improve my core strength so I can stop overusing my back.

  47. Tracey M

    I am so excited that a Pilates studio is opening just down the road from me! I have loved pilates for nearly 20 years but never managed to commit to it for a length of time due to kids or work. But now – being so close I can’t wait to see the physical and mental changes I can achieve with regular pilates practice. I’m looking forward to amazing core strength and everything else that goes with it. Thankyou!

  48. Brooke Tagliaferri

    Since joining the BB community I have never felt as comfortable and confident in my body as I do now. I feel stronger and I have sooo much more energy. I am tall and this is the only exercise I have been able to do that has improved my posture and helped with my back pain. My flexibility has drastically improved as well and I can now touch beyond my toes! Thank you Best Body, this would be an amazing opportunity to take my Pilates game to the next level x

  49. Lara

    Like many of the comments above, I used to regularly do Pilates classes & loved it. Then life gets in the way, kids, work commitments & all the other things that tend to get priority.
    Now after hitting the big meno age, with weight gain & new aches & pains, I am looking to get back into some movement. I was very excited to hear about BB opening in City Beach. Your Pilates reformer classes down the road would be perfect & would be much appreciated

  50. Tania

    I’m tallish but have gained a few extra kilos in recent years – prob 5 or 6 which is making me uncomfortable plus I don’t fit my fabulous wardrobe which is doing my head in 😉
    I lost my job late last year during COVID but have been doing casual work and I haven’t been exercising like I used to, apart from the odd walk/bike ride.
    I desperately need to tone my arms and legs and build core strength to help drop some weight and help with lower back pain. I’d also like to increase my flexibility which is poor at present.
    I live 4 doors down from the new studio and have been watching the progress and waiting in anticipation for its completion.
    Thanks for your consideration
    Pick me !!

  51. Anastasia

    Hi Tarryn I am really looking forward to Best Body joining the City Beach community, you will be a welcome addition. I try and keep relatively fit but am very aware that no matter how fit I am, my body will not allow me to hop, skip and jump for the next 50 years if I do not have the core strength, flexibility and tone that is required. It would be so amazing to kick start my pilates journey with a 6 month free membership…..Plus I have never one anything in my life.

  52. Karen

    Hi Tarryn, I have never done pilates before, but my friends recommend it. Having a studio in City Beach close to home, is the motivation I need to get going. I am 58 and the mother of four – never too late to start looking after oneself. Now is ME time.
    Pelvic Floor: non existent – need that !
    Core Muscle Strength: non existent – need that !
    Energy: non existent – need that !
    Promotes Weight Loss: have too much – need that !
    I would love to be considered for your free 6 month Reformer Pilates membership. Thanks

  53. Lindell Negline

    I am 47 years old and 116kg, suffer with back pain from an injury that I sustained when I was 21, and for most of my adult life I have been putting everyone but myself first. My husband and I have four children and we have moved around for his job a fair bit so the focus has mostly been on the kids and getting them into school and organising their activities and so on. Then we moved again . I don’t mind it’s my job and I love my kids dearly but I feel that it has left little time for me. I have forgotten about myself.
    Since moving to Perth and our kids are all almost adults I have a little more time to think about myself and have started Pilates. I really enjoy it, I am noticing a difference albeit a small one. At the moment I am only going to classes twice a week but this needs to change as next year my youngest daughter who has been diagnosed with scoliosis, has to have surgery and I will need to be a lot fitter and in better shape to help her with her recovery. Being able to attend classes 4 times a week for six months free at the new City Beach Best Body centre would help me not only achieve goals to get me where I’d like to be for my long term health but better able to help my daughter with her recovery.
    I am happy being a 47 year old woman who has had four 9lb babies, who’s sole purpose was to look after and care for her family, I’d just like to look and feel a much better version of it so I can live to enjoy all that is next for me and my husband.

  54. Fi

    Best Body City Beach opening is the best news because being a local I have no excuses. I have struggled with my weight since my early 20’s with PCOS and battling pre-diabetes associated with this. I like exercising but with hyper mobility I lose condition and fitness fast- and being a mum to 3 kids life often gets in the way and getting back to exercise even after a week off is hard!! Last term I took some time off from work to focus on ME!-getting fit, sleeping better, reducing stress and most importantly sorting out my back and ankle pain issues. These are really causing me issues and hampering my fitness campaign. I know reformer Pilates is exactly what I need and what will kick start a healthier me.
    Please help!!! I would love to spend 4 mornings a week in your beautiful studio.

    • Kim

      Hi Tarryn, as a survivor of my 1st cancer in 2018 i started with you guys in Leederville then my body decided to fail me again in 2020. Have lost all confidence as my shape has changed post surgery. I need to build strength to fight of these 2 cancers and rebuild. City Beach is my neighbourhood and would make getting to you guys sooooo easy to fit in around life.

      • Fiona

        I need help to make an exercise program part of my week, every week, forever. I’m an incredibly healthy, but incredibily unfit 55 year old and feel that pilates will be a good fit

  55. Melissa Lindeman

    Manage chronic niggling pains associated with ageing. My mind is 55 year young but my body is definitely 55 year old!
    Improve strength and flexibility so less nervous about being injured during exercise. Feeling fitter, stronger and more energetic so I can be more adventurous!
    Motivation. It is amazing how once the aches and pains start that resting now seems to be the go-to. COVID-19 accentuated this so at first it was weeks, then months and now years without a structured weekly exercise plan. It is a mental as well as physical. It is time to get back into it!

  56. Sara Harrison

    Hi Tarryn

    Where do I start!!

    I’m nearly 55 year old mother with a 17 year old daughter.

    I’ve dedicated the last years to raising our beautiful 17 year old.

    Time for me!!

    I would love to win a 6 month membership to FINALLY take time for me.

    I have had two microdisctomies, and my back still is not the best. I would love the help from the BB reformer classes to build a stronger core.

    Toning is another area I would like help with.

    I am doing the Gibb River Road this year and I would love to be physically and mentally fit.

    Thank you x

  57. Nina Ricketts

    I am actually hoping to win the membership for my daughter – Asha is 15 years old and 6’1” tall. She is very self conscious about being so much taller than her friends, so much so that her posture is terrible, as she tries to shrink herself down. I am hopeful that Pilates will help straighten her up.

    Also, in November last year, she underwent major hip surgery and needs help to get the muscles around her hip lengthened and strengthened.

  58. Fran Giancola

    Hello Please pick me!! I’m quite new to the Pilates world but in the short few months i have been a member at Mt Lawley I have notice my posture has improved but I have so many other areas to work on, balance, core etc. Since stating at BB I am more aware of my BODY and what it can and cant do! Its always so important to your body, its the only one we get and i want to keep it healthy for as long as I can.

  59. Jess Rowe

    Hi Tarryn,

    This is a generous and amazing gift your giving to a few lucky people…I would love to be considered for this. I an a Uni student at Curtin, work part time at Lovisa & in the film industry as an actor represented by Actors Management International. Since registering for membership with the City Beach studio I have been saving any additional funds I can to become a member when you open. Health and fitness are key priorities for me as they help clear my busy mind and stay in shape for my acting career. I currently work out at home with weights and on the treadmill, but have terrible flexibility, which results in frequent muscle strains and pain. I believe Best Bodies membership would improve this. My Mum is a founding member at Hillarys and she is always praising Best Bodies and the family environment you create. I know Best Bodies have studios across many suburbs of Perth and more recently Tasmania. A membership at City Beach would mean Mum and I could have the opportunity to eventually attend together, encourage each other and spend persious time together, as we are so busy, the limited time we do have could be spent bettering both our mind and body together. 🙂

  60. Amanda Baker

    In my 20’s, I tried Pilates 3 times before. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do and had no balance. So I kept away from it until my Oesto has told me that the best way to fix my shoulder and improve my sciatica is to do Pilates. I am now in my 40s and a mother of 2 boys. I am at an age whereby I need to start doing some things for myself to improve my overall well-being both physically and mentally.
    Having a local studio at city beach will encourage me to try Pilates again and this time appreciate what it can do to make me happy and strong.

  61. Jodie

    Unfortunately I’m now experiencing all the “aches & pains” that other people always talked about …. it’s only now I can relate . I don’t want to feel like this for the next 40 years !!!

  62. Sally

    After having 3 kids close together my core strength is non existent and with that has come back pain, weakness and headaches. I’ve decided now is the time to focus on me and start rebuilding my body. I want to heal my ab separation, build my glute strength, improve my overall strength and condition, and improve my posture. I want to feel strong again!

  63. Maddy

    I am a Registered Nurse and I have realised after working in the field for a few years now it is very important to look after my body, I have recently quit the gym because that workout style and environment wasn’t for me. I am new to reformer Pilates only having done a few classes, after hearing how amazing it is meant to be for the body! I’m excited to have this best body only 5 mins away from me in city beach and build connections with the club and community! I have recently felt my body change and it’s not as easy to keep it in shape and I feel I need something like this to assist in keeping me stay motivated and commuted to a club! Keeping me on track of my physical and mental well being!

  64. Lincoln Hood

    I’m so excited to join Best Body City Beach. I love exercise and have always done some form of it but almost always a high intensity one such as F45. However, I recently tried a class with a friend at her reformers Pilates studio and it was incredible! So challenging but the thing I enjoyed most was the sense of community and support that I could see between all the members I love group fitness because it pushes me to keep challenging myself because we are all in it together!
    I am also thrilled because in my one class with my friend I could tell that it would really help build my core strength, which is one area I know I struggle a lot with!

  65. Danielle

    I would love a Best Body membership as I find reformer pilates is a great way to improve balance and core strength whilst being gentle on the joints! As a competitive ice skater I am always looking for ways to help improve my skating and with a few other skaters on my team using reformer pilates to help improve their skating strength with great success, this could be the edge I need to help get us the national title.
    I have taken intermittent pilates classes at LA Fit studio and have LOVED them and am hoping to get more involved in a studio where I can better get to know the staff and members and get a more connected community experience.

  66. Simone Garbenis-Moe

    Hi Tarryn, I have been an aerobics instructor (back in the time of leotards and leg warmers) and a gym junkie for the past 30 years. However, my addiction to weight training has left me out of action for several months at a time with various injuries, whilst racking up physio bills and more weight. Menopause has not been kind. I am on a journey of embracing my body and want to nurture it with real food and an exercise program that will be kind to my body. I want my body to be strong, flexible, have mobility and take me well into the next few decades. I want to be led by experts ‘in the body,’ exercise in a calm, beautiful space and be surrounded by a supportive community. After a one day free trial at B.B. and listening to the numerous friends who haven’t stopped raving, I think Best Body is what I have been looking for! I would love to be considered for this AMAZING offer!

  67. Feeona

    I am weeks away from welcoming my second child and feel that I have neglected my physical and mental health since welcoming my first two years ago. Ongoing hip and lower back pain has caused me to stop exercising out of frustration that my body isn’t functioning the way it used to. I am in need of some help, a shake up in physical activity and a community that will hopefully provide me the motivation I need to rebuild my strength – which goes far beyond the physical back strength. I would be grateful for the opportunity to join BB City Beach x

  68. Jon S

    Being a 50 year old male, it is a bit daunting starting a Pilates programme particularly when you are usually the only male in the room. With a cycling and basketball background, and with lower back issues after surgery, my flexibility and core has suffered. I need a stronger, more stable core to reduce my aches and pains. I need a safe, nurturing environment with guidance to help with my body’s needs. The opportunity to have this met by the Best Body team at City Beach is really exciting for me.

  69. Kym Rogers

    I used to have gym memberships but have found getting a bit older that i was getting injuries and ladies motivation to go it on my own. The gym was not the right activity for me. I tried reformer Pilates and I absolutely love it. I loved going to classes and loved how I felt after. My body responded to the reformer classes and I felt good in my mind and my body. I am glad that city beach is opening as it is conveniently close and can’t wait to join so I can get back on the reformer!

  70. Simone Pethick

    I’ve never done Pilates but would like to try it and see if I can build my core strength and improve my muscle tone.
    I haven’t rejoined the gym since Covid so I’m looking for something new.

  71. Rachel Burrows

    As I entered the 40-49 age bracket I quickly began to realise my on/off fitness routine of previous years wasn’t going to give me the same results I needed or wanted. After years of being surrounded by fitness concepts and knowledge, I’d never tried Pilates reformer as I didn’t believe it would give me a “decent” workout. I did my first 2 month block with BestBody in 2021 and by following the process and accountability of doing 3 classes a week, the results followed. Who knew Pilates Reformer could be high intensity (options always given) with low impact!! The strength I gained benefitted my running. The calmness of the studios enhanced and forced my “me” time, which gave me a refreshed and energised energy to be present and ready again for my family, work and life. The core work gained throughout the exercises helped with my posture which I’m sure improved my confidence.
    The opening of the City Beach studio coincides with my return to working in Perth and I can’t wait to get back to it all and have it be part of my weekly process and in turn see and feel the results in my health and wellbeing that will follow.

  72. Christine

    I would love to try to get into a new healthy routine and to finally look after my body the way I should. Even though I know muscle tone is so important for bone density… 3 months postpartum and I don’t really have the motivation just yet. But a supportive program such as Best Body sounds the like the kick I need.
    Core strength and overall tone is what I would like to achieve. I’ve never really loved my body and wear scars on my belly area due to past surgeries I’ve needed for tumor removal. I believe a positive mind and outlook on life is so important and I’m just about there, but still needing to love my physical self through looking after my body now.
    I’m excited at the prospect of being surrounded by and being a part of such a supportive positive group and getting stronger together

  73. Julie O'Meara

    I am going to join the City Beach “Best Body” to get my awful body into better shape. I’m 56 and in desperate need of an overhaul. My youngest child is in year 12, about to get his license and assert his independence, which somewhat emancipates me!! I have always put my 3 kids needs ahead of my own and often used that as an excuse not to do something, but no more!! I am going to put me first, so I would love to be the recipient of your generous give away. I can’t wait for the studio to open, how do I join? When can I start?

  74. Cara

    I would LOVE to win a 6 months membership at Best Body City Beach. After carrying 3 large babies for 3 pregnancies my back and posture has really been affected. My mum is an avid reformer Pilates advocate and so I was very excited when I realised you were opening up just around the corner from my home. I think reformer Pilates will be a great and safe way to strengthen my core and body and to help improve my posture whilst giving me some important “me time.” I’m hoping a membership will be a gateway to having a better mindset, a better body and most importantly being a better version of me for myself and my family.

  75. Carrie

    YAY… excited to have a local Best Body in City Beach. I have only heard good things about Best Body Pilates Reformer classes and being a part of the Best Body family is something I’m so looking forward to.
    My goals are to increase tone, strength, flexibility, fitness and attempt to loose some weight all at the same time….the list is endless……can’t keep blaming these hips on the four children!
    That’s why I’m choosing Best Body Reformer Pilates classes. They offer a Full Body Work Out in a professional, supportive, encouraging and fun environment…..what more could a girl want…..another bonus is the great coffee shops just around the corner for those after class catch ups!
    Can’t wait for Best Body City Beach to open!!

  76. Ileana Kalamaras

    So 60 is supposed to be the new 40.
    Well I’m nearly there, and no way do I want to enter this faze of my life at a disadvantage.
    I’m at the prime of my career, have the wisdom of years gone and would like to practice what I preach.
    A good life requires copious amount of upkeep and maintenance.
    Sleeping well, eating well and moving well are the key to a healthy life no matter your age.
    What a privilege it is to live in City Beach. And now to that privilege is the opening of Best Body. To have your studio at our door step so that I and our community can have the Best Body and Best Life is amazing.
    Thank you for taking the plunge and opening in City Beach.

  77. Jane

    I am hoping that Best Body Reformer Pilates can help me by:

    Firstly, self care. I want to relearn how to put myself and my health first which has fallen to the wayside after many years of stress ending in burnout. I would love to opportunity to healthily rebuild and restore some of the strong, motivated and organised old me.

    Secondly, physical strength. These days its just walking the dog, I love it but its not enough. I know I can and need to do more but my core strength is weak. I feel so unfit, loss of muscle strength, sore neck, irritated right shoulder, weak lower back and a weak core puts me off trying the gym and gyms I have never really enjoyed. Sit ups and similar exercises have always strained my neck so I really dislike/feel uncomfortable doing this. I would love the opportunity to retrain my tired old bod to gain better posture and build my core for a general improvement in my whole body strength.

    Thirdly, pelvic floor weakness is getting on the embarrassing side! Trampolines, skipping, star jumps, even jogging sometimes are sooooo out of the question. Surely these things can be improved with Reformer Pilates?

    Restorative, balance and strength with a sense of local community, City Beach Best Body Reformer Pilates will be a wonderful addition to our lives and those around us.

    Wishing you all the best of success for your new business.

  78. Jo

    Hi Tarryn, I am extremely keen to get back into pilates with BB. I initially began at your Hillarys studio but was finding it difficult to commit to classes as my son was, at that stage, too young to be left alone so I was juggling between caring for him and work commitments. I am currently under the guidance of a nutritionist as I have really struggled trying to lose wait since entering ‘surgical menopause’ in 2015 after an ovarian cancer diagnosis. I have been having great success with the weight loss but moving forward, I really want to focus on regaining some core strength and really just generally feeling better through regular pilates sessions. Thanks, Jo.

  79. Lateasha

    Let’s start at the beginning of my pilates journey. In 2018 I fell pregnant with my first daughter and joined the Pregnancy Studio. Going from high intensity F45 training to Pilates was (surprisingly) very hard. I worked muscles I never knew I had. I managed to keep up pilates 3 times a week until 39 weeks. I then continued with Mums and Bubs in Leederville and made some lovely lifelong friends.

    Come 2019, I was back to the regular class schedule of 3 classes a week, but then, I fell pregnant again and it was back to the Pregnancy Studio for me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancies. I always felt strong and never felt like I was ‘waiting’ for my body to come back. For this, I am truly thankful for Pilates. By having the Pregnancy Studio, mums and bubs classes, late evening and early morning classes you really gave a young mum all the opportunities to look after their health.

    I’m hooked on Pilates. No class is ever the same and every class is a challenge. I’m currently a member at Innaloo but moved to City Beach last year…….right across from the new studio! I am so excited for this to be my lifelong studio and to increase my classes from 3 to at least 4 times a week.

    At 31, I’ve always been active but I’ve finally found a form of exercise I truly love. With this studio so close I can go more without sacrificing time spent with my girls….and what mum wouldn’t want that?

  80. Sandra Marnewick

    Hi Tarryn,

    Wow! What a fabulous opportunity! I am so excited to have the opportunity to join such a reputable Pilates studio in my community. I have always been active and enjoy doing long, daily walks with friends and regular gym classes for overall well-being and keeping those niggles at bay. However my wonky knees had me back at the orthopaedic surgeon. Although knee replacements are imminent in a couple of years, his advice has been to get my body in the best shape I can in order to assist the rehabilitation process after the operations. What better way to achieve my best body ever that to enrol in regular Pilates classes which will strengthen and tone not only my knees but most importantly my core and tone my whole body (including my tuck shop arms). This plus shedding a few kilos will give me not only my best body but also the confidence and pride that I can grow older stronger. I can’t wait to get started under the guidance and with the encouragement of your trained staff. BRING IT ON!!!!

  81. Lee-Anne Cusack

    Pilates is the only thing that works for my being, body, mind and soul. I have done Pilates for over 20yrs in and off! As a solo mum to a 3 yr old I have neglected my body since she was born, like so many of us women do. I’m wanting to be stronger and no longer be woken with back pain during the night so I can sleep better and be better to keep up with my daughter now and into the future.
    I’d also love to get my best body back before my 47th birthday in September and this prize would really help me achieve this goal! I have begun doing clinical Pilates with a Physio for the back pain and can feel the improvements already. I want more!!! Please consider me.
    Thank you for your kind gift!

  82. Hayley Lindberg

    I’ve been looking more into Pilates after hearing a few of my friends do it and tell me how much they love it.

    I’ve gained some weight over the past 2 years and had been struggling with motivation to lose it over the last year, I have a busy job and kind of let that excuse take over for a while.

    Over the last 4 ish months I’ve been doing my best to really motivate myself and listening to my body to get out for at least a 30 minute walk or do at home exercising, at least 4 times a week. I’ve improved my motivation and I feel the benefits of this each day but I’m really interested in trying something new to keep this going. I’m not a gym bunny so that doesn’t really interest me and when reading up about Pilates I was surprised at how many benefits it has.

    I’ve never done Pilates before so would be a complete beginner and even though it may take some time, I’m interested in weight loss but would really like to build physical strength, especially in my arms.

    I’m ready to try something new that will hopefully not only have a positive outcome for my body but also my mental well-being.

    • Kelly harris

      Oh that gut of mine it really needs to be tight
      I believe Bestbody can help my fight
      And resolve the issue with Pilates at heart and living in City Beach I want to take part
      My daughter can join and her bundle of mates
      Come on Bestbody open the gates
      Pilates is fantastic and at the moment I drive across town
      And the fat on the gut has started to go down
      But a membership with you I would work hard and obey
      I’d walk from my home I’d come every day
      I would yell your name across the town
      Until my gut finally goes down!!!!

  83. Mairead

    Hello Tarryn

    Firstly, I am beyond excited that you are opening a Best Body studio in City Beach! Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity to win this amazingly generous prize.

    I would love to win a 6 month Reformer Pilates membership for a number of reasons:

    I am a first time mother to a 7 month old girl. I had an emergency C-Section and I have a weak lower back. I really need to strengthen my core, as the only exercise I have done since giving birth is walking. With your studio being a 5 minute drive away, attending 4 sessions a week is not only my goal but it is attainable.

    Prior to becoming a mother, I worked full time in a corporate role and work totally consumed me. So much so, that I never set aside any time to exercise. I will be returning to work part-time in July and I really want to achieve a work/life balance. I want to be the best possible version of myself for my daughter and be a good role model for her by becoming a happy, active & healthy mum.

    Also, while we are very lucky to live in a State that it is virtually COVID free, not being able to travel to see my family or for them to meet my daughter, has really taken its toll on me mentally. I’m trying to stay positive and hope they all stay safe so we can all be reunited for celebrations soon. Doing Reformer Pilates 4 times a week would have such a positive impact on my mental as well as my physical well-being.

    Thank you for your consideration & best of luck with your new venture!

  84. Sarah Kelly

    I have not looked after my body for too long.
    After going through major trauma & surgeries it time I try nurture my body back.
    People I know who do Pilates look amazing. Strengthen the body & calm soul & mind.

  85. Lisa

    My daughter and I are looking forward to spending some quality time together exercising.

  86. Shannon Macfadyen

    Looking forward to taking time to myself to focus on fitness and wellbeing. Thanks for the amazing offer and making this available to so many

  87. Louise Prior

    I would love to join bestbody as I have been wanting to do Pilates for years as I have been struggling to find a form of exercise which won’t exacerbate my injuries from dancing and gymnastics. December last year I had surgery and ever since I have been wanting to get healthy and start building some positive life habits. I work as speech therapist in the community and I work from waroona to Morley, and my hours change everyday. I need something which I can go before work one day, during lunch the next and after work the day after that, or else I will never get to exercise. I find group setting highly motivating and my lovely friends rave about your wonderful business.

  88. Christina

    I’m really hoping it will help me get my pre baby body back. After 4 kids it time to give me some self love.

  89. Ashley Snedeker

    I have been doing Pilates regularly for 6 years but have had most of the last year off with life events getting in the way ☹️I am so excited to get back into it on a regular basis and see that Pilates body come back to me again! As a primary school teacher I find Pilates is just exactly what I need to switch off at the end of the day. I’ve just moved to the area and have tried a couple of studios but just haven’t found one that’s the right fit yet, and I was so thrilled to see best body opening as soon as I googled you I could tell we’d be the perfect match

  90. Jane

    A Best Body Reformer Pilates membership will help me get back to ME. Both physically and mentally 🙂

    It will motivate and inspire me – I am an exercise lover and just need to get back on track to health and well-being.

    Prioritise. Plan. And commit to my love of exercise.

    I can’t wait! Just the thought of it gets me excited.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a membership to get me kick started and for providing amazing local Pilates in our neighbourhood 🙂

  91. Lee B

    I was so excited to drive past City Beach and see the Best Body sign. I exercise every day but am new to Pilates. What on earth was I waiting for? Now, if I miss a class, I MISS the class!
    BUT, I have been doing mat Pilates and have not yet experienced the benefits ongoing reformer Pilates can bring. I have used one a handful of times but I think my body is ready to extend itself and so I think a membership will bring me; tone and lengthening, strength and core stability, consistency, results and a new local community to become involved with! Bring me my best body, Best Body!

  92. Shelley

    At last a fresh approach to exercise! I can’t wait to join Best Body to help me achieve my health and fitness goals. I’m looking forward to slimming down my pandemic hampered frame. Toned legs, trimmed tummy, tight little toosh and tiny waist. Bring it on!

  93. Michele

    I’d love to be considered for the membership. I do several yoga, pump & HIIT classes each week as I find it so good for me physically & mentally but I’d really like to try something different that would also benefit my back (I have oesteoperosis).
    Reading some of the other comments I think it’s great to hear so many people taking care of themselves. Good luck to everyone!

  94. Gemma

    I am getting married early next year and I am hoping that best body can help me achieve my fitness goals before my wedding, so that I can feel at my best on my special day!

  95. Sandra Marnewick

    Hi Tarryn,

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity to attend a very reputable Pilates studio right here i our community!
    I am just so excited to start this new journey as I have done several Pilates classes over the passed five years and loved it. I am 61 years young and positive, reasonably fit and healthy. I walk daily and have also attended gym classes at my local gym ,Regenerate, concentrating on resistant, strength and balance exercises. However, after a consultation with my orthopaedic surgeon to discuss knee surgery, I was delighted to learn that I am way too capable, active and pain free and that surgery is at least four years away. He has encouraged me to shed some kilos and get my body in the best shape ever in order to one day make my rehabilitation process after imminent knee replacements a “walk in the park”. So my immediate reaction was to join up and add Pilates to my fitness regime. I am positive and confident that Pilates is the missing link to get my best body. I love that it will strengthen my knees as well as the rest of my body, tone my “tuck shop arms but mostly strengthen my core which is so important for the body, back and all the niggles that pop up at my age! I am excited to start this journey under the guidance and motivation of your highly qualified trainers. Bring it on!!!!

  96. Vici

    Great news that BB is coming to City Beach! Being a typical runner who doesn’t spend as much time as I should on strength and conditioning I’m really looking forward to a local Pilates studio. Having tried pilates in the past, I know it would compliment my training perfectly.

    • Kristen

      MY reason for wanting to be considered is not really that exciting unfortunately……

      I am already a Pilates girl.

      My Physio told me 2.5 years ago it was the only way forward for me to become pain free.

      I joined a studio, became pain free, enrolled in an ‘Unlimited Membership’ and was motivated beyond belief.

      Covid hit. I stopped stretching.

      The studio reopened. I returned to Pilates straight away. Something is different though. I’ve lost my sparkle! I go each week and go through the motions like a robot. I’m sad about that and miss the feeling of being excited to go to class.

      Maybe your studio, your enthusiasm, your motivated energy is what I need to reignite my sparkle? Who knows? Worth a try!

      Never the less, Pilates is magic for my body to keep me pain free…so despite the lack of passion I lost somewhere along the way, I will continue to always be a Pilates girl. My hips rely upon it. ‍♀️

  97. Julia

    Looking forward to a local Best Body Reformer coming to City Beach!

    I’ve know the physical benefits of reformer in the past and am particularly looking forward to strengthening my core, upper back and glutes. I found out that I have degeneration in my upper spine and my doctor and physio have encouraged me to return to reformer as my primary form of exercise. Having a sabbatical from high intensity and weight style training inorder to rehabilitate, I am looking forward to being able to get back into a consistent exercise routine again and feel the progress in overall strength, condition and lengthening that I have previously had with reformer with well regarded trainers!

  98. Jill

    Hello Tarryn. Thank you for making this possible. I am so excited to have your Pilates Studio within walking distance which means ‘no excuse to not attend’. Now that I am 54, my focus is not so much on what the scales say, but more on being fit and healthy. I work in hospital theatre and find my lower back is hurting by the end of the day so this is something I hope to improve with support from your studio. Life has not been easy having a disabled child (now 21). This has meant I have neglected my own health at times. I look forward to the grand opening. Jill 🙂

  99. Candie

    I would love to win this! It would change my life! But I am no good at these things. I loved Pilates before I had my kids but never “found the time” after having them. This year I promised it would be more about me with both kids in school, I have been walking a few times a week but I would love to do more, need to do more, I just need a little push. Good luck in City Beach and congratulations to the lucky winners!

  100. Pippa

    *please read to the tune of QUEEN Somebody to Love ❤️

    Can anybody find me, my Best Body to love?
    Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little
    Can barely stand on my feet
    (Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (and cry)
    Covid, what you’re doing to me (yeah yeah)
    I have spent all my time working and caring for kids
    But I just can’t get no relief, Taryn!
    Best Body (Best Body) ooh Best Body (Best Body)
    Can anybody find me, my Best Body to love?

    I work hard (she works hard) every day of my life
    I need a local studio
    At the end (at the end of the day)
    I want to do Pilates at a place that feels like home
    I fold over (down) from my hips and my knees (knees)
    And I start to reform with my friends
    ‘Til the tears run down from my eyes
    Local, Best Body (Best Body), ooh Best Body
    (Please) can anybody find me, my Best Body to love? (and in the suburb I love…)

  101. Lauren West

    What an amazing opportunity, with so many worthy applicants!

    I would absolutely love a Best Body membership. Life is pretty hectic for me at the moment and I am struggling to make time for my own health and well being. I gave birth to twins last May and also have a four year old. Add a husband who works exceptionally long hours into the mix, and the result is one tired mum with little time to myself! I absolutely adore my family, but it bothers me that none of my clothes fit (thank goodness for activewear!) and that I don’t have the same energy I had before the twins were born. I really want to get back to the fit and active person I used to be, but am stuck in a bit of a rut and don’t know where to start. Being able to leave the chaos of home behind a few times a week and work on healing and strengthening my body would do wonders for me, physically and mentally.

  102. Melanie

    Hello Best Body City Beach!

    Your purpose is one of admiration. Helping women, men and all whom desire (and if lucky enough, myself!), to become the best version of ourselves possible, to build our best body and to remind us of the importance of making ourselves a priority.

    It’s your commitment towards changing the narrative behind societies unrealistic expectations of beauty; instead of focusing soley on the idea of working out for a “perfect body”, you provide a safe space of encouragement and empowerment, where likeminded individuals can support and work with one another to help reach the best possible version of themselves. For me, that’s achieving the feeling of strength in my core, length through my body and a calm, clear mindset to reduce anxious thoughts. Once we feel good on the inside, we feel good on the outside, and it is then, where we achieve our best body.

    It’s time to reach that feeling and strive to be the best version of myself possible, and inspire those around me to do the same.

    So I bring this question back to you, Best Body City Beach, can you help me achieve this? Because I really think you can.

  103. Twin Mama

    This Twin Mama of 4 REALLY needs to get back into Pilates Reformer. I would be so grateful for this opportunity!

    I’ve swum to Rottnest solo and I’m an Ironman Finisher but geez the toll carrying Twins to term has taken on my body. That’s a lot of abdominal and skin stretching!

    My goal is to strengthen and tone especially my core. It’s time to improve my posture and reduce my frequent trips to the Chiro.

    It’s my time now with all my 4 kids at school this year. YAY!

    Me time. Get into shape time. Strengthen and tone time. Time to exercise. So excited when I saw you were opening close by.

    I discovered Pilates Reformer nearly 20 years ago but when that studio closed down I stopped. Then I discovered another studio which sadly hasn’t recommenced classes since Covid.

    I absolutely loved group reformer classes, found them to be motivating and got great results from committing to attending regularly.

    I am crossing my fingers (and my toes) to be one of these lucky winners.

  104. Sue Wilson

    Thanks Tarryn for the opportunity to experience reformer pilates which I have never done before. I have read about what you as a business provide and I feel that the exercises could be very helpful to me. I had back surgery about 5 years ago and recently the sciatica has returned. Spinal fusion was recommended but I am very reluctant to go down the surgery path again. Hopefully from attending your sessions I can strengthen my back without the need for surgery.

  105. Bianca Atkinson

    I find pilates such an incredible way to strengthen my body and get/stay fit. It really helps me with my past injuries and to keep chronic pain at bay! After just having my third (and final!) baby, I would love the opportunity to get back into my Best Body.

  106. Lisa Hall

    I’m Lisa, I’m 54, single mum of three grown up kids and I work as a nurse at Royal Perth Hospital.

    I’ve spent so many years putting others ahead of myself, of course my kids who are 27, 22 & 19 now took up a lot of my energy when they were growing up. But I’ve also worked shift work for years, putting my patients’ needs ahead of my own.

    I’m currently suffering back issues and feel I need to get some of my old “spark” back. I think Pilates may be the answer!! I would LOVE the opportunity of a membership at Best Body City Beach!


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